Monday, February 20


Hey guys I'm finally home - loving the shores of Sydney :) THANKS SO MUCH for your wonderful comments showing me how much you all missed's an amazing feeling to read such warm and beautiful thoughts coming from so many people I haven't even met in real. I cannot describe how special I feel to be around all of you people and it feels just too good to be back with each and everyone of you. HUGGGGGGGGZ and MUAHHHHHZ to all!

Flew Emirates this time. It's service and comfort are still the best as when I flew it a couple of years ago. Watched too many movies on the way and back. Watched a couple of new Hindi/English movies and one old Hindi one which I always wanted to see but never got a chance to...Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak - it made me cry! Well thank God that was on the way back home that I watched it, cos that movie really broke my heart. On a happier note, meeting my cousins, aunties and uncles in NZ after a couple of years was just brilliant! It felt so good to be with them for 3 long weeks doing absolutely nothing but relaxing, yakking, yakking and yakking till dawn. Btw my voice has changed to a huskier tone and it sounds quite bad, but a guy over there told me that it's sexier so I'm happy with it hehehe. We girls organised a bridal shower and had so much fun that night...we danced all night and drank up a bit but not to an indecent level, trust me ok :) We had so many things to do before the wedding - yep I was one of the 6 girls wrapping the cakes and putting sweets in about 400 bags...btw I ate many while doing that lol! The bride is damn sexy and the groom is sexier than that..hehehe..ok ok I must stop being silly now. The bride is my first cousin and she is just too beautiful both in and out, to mention in words. I met the groom for the first time and he is for sure someone special too...cos he stole my cousin's heart and that heart aint something ordinary. He has a calmness about him that is really intrigueing - cos you know Im hyper 24/7, so a calm person is like magic to me. I'm glad my cousin chose him as her life partner 'cos deep in my heart I know that they are the ones for each other - there's 2 less lonely people in the world now, phewww thanks to the Man upstairs, He did something right this time. The night before the wedding, we all had to go to the hall to decorate it...I was too tired from all the previous work so I stayed home with another cousin cos we needed our beauty-sleep for the next sis thought we were very selfish hehe, but hey I wanted to look fresh so get over it sis ;-) The wedding was too long (as Hindu weddings usually are) and the food was vegetarian - I was expecting chicken btw, good luck to me next time. Now let me come to a more yummy listen, there were few of them yes but I coudn't flirt to my usual standards 'cos I was too busy at the altar helping :*( For blokes, well there were some really good-looking girls too but I wouldnt say they beat any of our blog gals here wayzz! After the wedding there was a reception...ofcourse I danced and couldn't stop thinking of all of you who love to dance, especially Uttsy and st000nie my angelic babes awww...

NZ is much quieter and greener than AUS hence it's great for a holiday..but only for a holiday cos Im too used to the busy lifestyle here and for me there's no place like Sydney:) I have been to NZ many times before. I didnt travel much within NZ this time cos I was busy with the wedding so I was only in Auckland...however I did go to Rotorua (was my 2nd trip to Rotorua) where the hot springs are - a 4hr drive. It was amazing to watch the naturally boiling hot springs and mud pits...btw you wouldn't wanna fall into one of them! The whole city stinks of sulfur cos of these volcanic substances. We also went on the Gondolas (cable cars) to Mt Ngongotaha in Rotorua and had heaps of fun with many amusement rides at the top of the mountain - the view is amazing from the top! I also visited a Krishna temple in Helensville...the entire ceiling had paintings of Lord Krishna's childhood and it's too beautiful to mention in words (I took alot of photos - bear with me till I load them on to my PC). In between we went to many dinners and also movies, bowling, temple, shopping etc etc. However the best thing I ever did there was, sitting next to my many cousins (I have 10 first cousins over there) and talking to them...those were the most pleasurable moments for me.

Altogether it was a very enjoyable trip and I had a real great time with my cousins. I miss them heaps now but I have come back to the arms of another beautiful bunch...and that's YOU guys. Although I didnt come online much while I was in Auckland, I had all of you in my mind all the time...yes all the time. Cos it's you guys who know me more than any other souls on this's you guys who help me to gain more knowledge about life with your blogs and your's you guys who keep me's you guys who've got something waiting for me after my breaks and's YOU. Yes I missed you all like the deserts miss the rain (yeah I know this line is getting boring now lol :) my rain, now that I met you once again, my heart will never be scorched again...WELCOME BACK my rain!

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tulipspeaks said...


vanthutiya!!!!! me soooooooooooooooooo happy..


tulipspeaks said...

ah..finished with the post.. now waiting to see the snaps..tick tock..tick tock..


saby said...

did u catch the bouqet thrown by the bride as she left wid the groom?

>|' ; '| said...

welcome back keshi :)
seems like we are all a lil less lonely now, that u r back :D ;)

saby said...

i tot i was first

ah well
if dats wat u guys want

u must read Caraf's latest post

saby said...

i wonder wat vanthutiya me means

NO dont tell me
i tink i no

sittingnut said...

welcome back !

if we are the rain, you are the earth, and the world ... well the world is you.

glad you enjoyed yourself immensely. you deserve that
and i hope you will enjoy being back.

Jewel Rays said...

Hearing and reading the writings from ya soul has always been amazing especially after your absence. Absence do make the heart grow fonder indeeds. :)
Beena great pleasure hearing how the trip was wonderful for you and the family. Congrats to ya cuzzin. And its so good having u back blogging ya heart out again. *smiles*

Welcome back Keshi.*hugs*

Anonymous said...

Yo keshi....How u doing? good to see u back...:)

saby said...

since u been gone
i have gone through a lotta changes

i no longer wear natty shirts
no more talking like a teenager
no more chatting up teenagers

from now on i only do the waltz
cant do the jive no more

so u will find me spending more time wid the mature crowd

i mean the over 40's
ladies like caraf

and u guys tot she was 25

Rex Venom said...

Good that you are back. Hope it was all fun! And I can understand that you missed your blog buddies, but it was good to travel, right?
Rock on!

saby said...

a must read for bloggers

age/sex/location/creed no bar

wallycrawler said...

Welcome back . We missed you !

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Welcome back Keshurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Looks like u had some amazing fun eh ... ya put up da pics soon k

And good for u no chicken ... bird flu arnd ... lol ;p ;p

So when we gonna hear abt ur wedding now?? lol i kno am being corny now!

take care babez!! mmuuuuuuuuahh

praveen said...

miss u lotz gurl....great to see that u had a great time...btw, great pics...and too bad u had no time for the hunks ;-)

:P fuzzbox said...

It is good to see that you made it back safe and sound. It sounds like it was an amazing visit. I bet the temple was awe inspiring.

visithra said...

Awww ure backkkkkkkkkk yayyyyyyyy

cant wait for the photos ;) if thats ur cousin she has gorgeous eyes ;)

Sugababee said...

Welcome back Kesh!

Good to have you back and it sounds like you had a blast. Thats awesome...makes me wanna go to a wedding now too hehe.

Keshi said...


Unnai sandhippa vanthiten :) HUGGGGGZ! I will send u some pics as soon as I load em ok...muahhh!


heyy na I didnt catch it cos she didnt throw it...hehe...since it's a Hindu wedding :(


how u been Poison? Many less lonely ppl now ha? :):)


HUGGGGGGGGGZ my friend! yes Im glad to be back too...cos Im with all the raindrops now :)


muahhhhhhhhhhhh my sweet angel! Feels so good to hear from u again...luv ur new profile pic!


heyyy mate...hows life being married ;-) woohoo ooo lala lol!


yep it really feels good to have's like stopping, reviving and surviving :):) Thanks mate!


aww thanks! I missed u all very much!


Cheeeeeeeeeeeeesyyyyyy muahhhhhhhhhhhz! Missed u hunny! lol @bird flu. I dun care, I still eat chicken...hahahaha!

my wedding? ehhh...mebbe next! but thanks for asking :):) Hows life w.o. mum ard? Hope ur not starving...awww...


heyyya Praveen how u been? yep no time for hunks :( but I made up for all the lost time on the way!


yep yep the temple was AMAZING! thanks mate for dropping by...


muahhhhhhh Visithra missed u guys! How u been?


Anonymous said...

***married life...:) i hv emailed u the reply...

Sunita said...

You had a great time didn't you....:)Great to see you back baby...:)

Keshi said...


awww why didnt u come along wimme? :) Wud have been great na...

how have u been o/w suga?


uttara said...

u had a bloodyy gala time..

did u get any guys attention or no???

i missed u heappssssssss



Keshi said...


awww great to see u again too! MUAHHHHH!

Hey now while I was at a wedding, someone else got married over there na...goshhhh so many special ppl in my life getting married at the same time...Im in tears, happy tears :)


PRADEEP K. said...

Keshiiiiiiiiii !
hugggggggggggs :)
Wonderful to have you back! Glad to know that you had a great time. Congratulations to your dear cousin. Missed you, dear.
Muaaaahhhhhh :)

Keshi said...


lol yes Uttsy...I got alot of attention including the groom's hahahahaha!


AmitKen said...

good to have you back, n even better to know that it wasn't you who got married .... hehe.. I mean u dont want to decide in a hurry without meeting me even once ;-) u dont want to be at loss, do you?

:p ;-) :o)

welcome back Keshi. and convey my best wishes to the newly wed couple.

Keshi said...


aww so good to see u here again...thanks for ur good wishes and the warm hugs :):) HUGGGGGGGZ to u too!


Jewel Rays said...

Lol yeah i dun know what is up with i guess its the angel season or somethang..LOL..

maybe i am feeling like one or maybe its just a comfort thing..oh well.. i dun know man...LOL..

between ur a beautiful angel;)

Keshi said...


lolz that was cute...yep yep no hasty decisions on my side :) I shall wait till I meet u when is that gonna be? ;-)


:: The Protector :: said...

haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Keshiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..........

Gud to see u back ya.........

so u had a great time....

missed your presence.....


Shikha said...

:) the pics soon

anup.777 said...

"Btw my voice .... a guy over there told me that it's sexier so I'm happy with it hehehe"
Lolz ... welcome back!!! I couldn't imagine u getting any sexier ... but guess I was wrong ... hehe ... just a bit of flirting to welcome u back! ... :)

Missed u tooo much ... I'm glad u had a gr8 time! :)

saby said...

Silly girl

so wat if she didnt throw it
u cud have snatched it from her hand b4 she left

she wudnt have minded
as long as u didnt grab the groom too

saby said...

its the angel season

i sure hope she is 40+
dont want to go chasing teen angels too

susubala said...

Hope that u had enough of fun and indeed longing to be with us. Ur post was so touchy touchy and I am glad to see u this morning in my comments.

Great keshi, I did missed u a lot !

Keshi said...


hehe Amy sweety ur an Earth angel..that's why u have suddenly felt the need to show ur real self ;-) hugggggggz!


hey thanks matey :) hugggggggz!


will do soon :)


lol hahahaha I couldnt stop laughing when I read ur comment...hehehe...and Im laughing in that husky voice :-)

I dun mind flirting 24/7 Anup so why only now...bring it on baby lol!



**so wat if she didnt throw it
u cud have snatched it from her hand b4 she left

LOLL my cuz wud think Im a maniac and trying to ruin her I cant do that na...


Wanderer said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats cho chweeeeeeeeeeeeeet
Nywyz post the snaps too

saby said...

uy for u on my blog

white devil said...
message to keshi please relay i am unable to access her site because of the videos she has on. for some reason it just doesn't mesh with my computer, hence the reason i haven't been there much. i have been trying but to no avail i constantly get this "cannot view this page" thing that pops up every time i try. hi kesh i am still here and quite alive.thanks saby

11:23 AM

Keshi said...


HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ Sumi I missed u too...awww so good to see u all here...I feel wonderful today..


lil _kath said...

Yo keshi..good to see u again sweetie^_^ so let's talk now about ur coming wedding ok,just kiddin'^_~ so nobody got ur atention in NZ?ohh, anyway.. seems u had a good some pics. naa!


rebel_on_loose said...

Heyy there Keshi! Glad 2 c u back!
Welcome and enlighten us with sum more pics! :)

desperado said...

welcome back...
n u were missed sooo much

gud to see u playin in d rain again ..hehe
and nice to knw u enjoyed ur visit

Ash said...

Hey girl
u finally back .........
am sure glad u are ...
and the rain pic has made its way to my desktop .....!!!!

well .well ....
marriage and all and qsqt i too loved the movie but when i see it now i feel aamir and juhi are too artificial in that....acting has reached a level of normalcy that superficiality has just vanished .....

but the movie is dear as aamir is acting in it fav

enough all that raving about aamir ash girl

bye da ...
cya in a while then


Boldnbeautiful said...

hi sweetz, finally u r back..

:) so u so lotsa fun.

Take care & don go away so soon again :)

La_Surrealiste said...

OMG...WELCOME BACKKK!!!!! *beeeg huggg* Missed ya unbelievably gurl!!! there was a huge vaccum in the blog-world without ya. and heyy..i loved the travel bits about new zealand coz its a place i've never seen, n prolly might never see..but i saw it through your eyes, whatever you wrote about it in this bloggie!! do post those piccies..they sound awesome! welcome back once again..muuuuuuuahz!

Vanathi said...

Welcome back keshi...

Jackal said...

long time..welcum back......its nice to lknow tht u had loads of fun..chatting, visiting places n wonder u did not want to return.....hugzzzzzzzzzz byee tccc

Die Muräne said...

hey keshi! nice to have you back! :-)

saby said...

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeesyyyyyy muahhhhhhhhhhhz! Missed u hunny! lol @bird flu. I dun care, I still eat chicken...hahahaha!

, KESHI !!!!!
u @#%$^$# DUMBASS

u r a bloody fool
read my current post

dis is no laffing matter
dis cud be a pandemic as Pithaly warned a long time ago

meaning the end of the world

read my current post taken from WHO ALERT !

anup.777 said...

"and Im laughing in that husky voice :-)"
just the thought of listening to ur lovely (temporarily husky) voice sends feel-good shivers down my spine .... ;)

... BTW, though I'd like to be a regular blogger, my work is gonna reduce me to just a weekend (warrior) blogger for at least 2 months now ... :(

But, u're on!

AmitKen said...

***so when is that gonna be? ;-)

hmmm, lets plan for a date then ;)

Rohit Talwar said...


SO cool to see you back!!

So you had fun?

My sister's weddding was awesome. I thought of writing to you around my Sister's wedding. .but just couldnt!

WELCOME BACK Sweety! Rock on!

Nanyaar? said...

hey Keshi girl,

Good to have ya back! the blogger world been void without you.. > : D <
so welcome back

and three wow's to your post!!


Zombie said...

welcome back, sunshine.

PuNeEt said...

Good to see u backkkk...
welcome huggzzzzzzz

great to know abt ur trip babezz
wishing ur cousin a very happy married life ...

but a guy over there told me that it's sexier so I'm happy with it hehehe

I luv Indian weddings ;-)
and i love to dance. ..
cool u enjoyed all :-))


The Phoenix said...

Welcome back. Sounds like you had a great trip.

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

I missed u
we had many sexual fantasies with Caraf so come over

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

I missed u
we had many sexual fantasies with Caraf so come over

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

I missed u
we had many sexual fantasies with Caraf so come over

Jigal.. said...


Well Come Back

Good to see u here after long time


take care

Sudeep said...


luk who is back.. back again.. Keshi is back :))

so u also watching hindi flicks... hoping to read some review then..lollzz

gr8 to c ya back... huugggzzzz dear

Dawn....सेहर said...

Hurray...u r back...its awesome feeling....even though we havent met...but when u said u were indeed created an emptiness...& now when I read all that excitement things that you so is a rejuvinating I want to see now all ur read..:)
Awesome pic of ur cousin....My best wishes to the couple ...may there life be filled with love and love and more love :)

am glad ur back :)

Manish said...

Welcome back!

Vivhyd said...

welcome back keshi.. seems like u had a gr8 time.. qsqt - old movie and a very goodone..

pradster13 said...

welcome back keshi babe!
and i was a song writer before as well....just wasnt

Autumn Storm said...

Hey Kesh :-)
Sounds like you had a great time and its good to see you back in the blogshere - saying that, this is the first time in I don't know how long that I haven't encounted any problems entering your site - don't know what was up, but hopefully it'll be fine from now on.
Take care, x

sittingnut said...

heyy mate, good day to you!

cos Im with all the raindrops now
well i hope we wont drench you :-)

it's really good to have you back.

Tarun said...

It seems you had lots of fun there in wedding.

dfg said...

Hi keshi...
Welcome backkk...seems like u have had a great time.....
i also had a 5 week break in sri lanka...
looking forward to the pics........

Keshi said...


hey thanks for passing that msg from White_Devil. I will go to her site and leave a msg for her too.


hehe babes na I didnt end up getting buggered...;-) I just had fun...u know, low-profile flirting..lolz!


hey Rebbbbbz! Glad to see u all again too :)


yep yep me playing in the rain...n the refreshing raindrops r u guys...:)


hugggggggz Sweety! that rain_tail pic is great na...

yess Aamir looks good anywhere ;-) n him dying was the last thing I wanted to see :(


heyyyya B&B na I wont be going holz for a while now - duncha worry :)


FM muahhhhhhhh Milady! :):) I missed u all too...awww...huggggggz!

**prolly might never see

why not? Ur still young and u have a long way to go in life...never say never...visit down under n hop next door to NZ - it's only a 3hr flight from Syd...


thanks girl - huggggggz!


lol yess I didnt wanna come back cos I was so relaxed there...but all good things must come to an end na :( but heyy wait...I have come to another good thing...that's all of Im very happy again :)


thanks mate :) good to see u again too...


lol Anup my voice now sounds like Rani Mukherjee's - u know the husky and breaking every now n then...hehehe...but it's fading now :( not fair :*( :*(

aww dun temme ur gonna stop blogging soon...


heyy Amit setting a date wud be easy but I'd have to fly over for that date lol!


HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ Rohit, aww I missed u! And I so wanted to write to u too ard the wedding, but it was just impossible...too hectic. I just had 5mins to post Uttsy's bday post which I had written b4 I left Aus :)

Glad to know that all went u miss u sis now?


hey mate hows ya? Thanks for such a warm WC...:)


Mistyyyy hugggggggggggz how u been sweety? And who has been flooding ur inbox?


PU BEAR! HOW R U? :):) Hugggggggggggggz! Question time didnt u leave a msg for me in my prev post????????

***Keshi bats her long eyelashes n awaits Pu's reply***


heyyy mate thanks :) Hope ur doing well...


aww u missed missed ya too :)

HUH @Caraf! Whatever lol!


heyyy Jigggzy thanks! How u been?


G'day Sudddddddz! yep yep I watched Hindi called Socha Na Tha..did u see it? It wasnt too bad tho...

How u been btw? Missed u all so much u know!


heyyy thanks baby - HUGGGGGGGZ! Yes I had loads of fun...I will put up pics soon - the ones Im allwoed to lol! So how u been? I missed u too...tonz actually... :(


hey Manishhhh thanks! How u been mate?


elloooo Viv :) yes twas a good movie...very sad ending tho...


oiii cool Composer ;-) thanks for the WC! So u were a composer b4! Write a song for me na :) There u ur buggered lol!


hey babez! how r u doing? what sorta site probs? Mebbe cos of my videos...let me see what I can do...thanks very much for that! hugggggggggz! Love ur new profile pic btw...


lol yep yep dun wanna get too wet...hehehehe...


yess Tarun I had lots of have u been?


heyyy Prakash u were in SL for 5 weeks? aww not fair..I havent been there ever since I came to Aus...goshhh I better go there b4 I forget what SL looks like :(

Thanks all for all ur warm WC msgs and the love u all have for me - Im stoked :)


Keshi said...


aww I will soon ok :)



saby said...

why i love dis blogg world more than the real world

, dis must be heaven,

uttara said...

hii keshiiiii

how u doing sweetyyy... my rassberryyyy :D


missed u
yepieeeeee we spoke yesterday .. but the god damnnn network was bad yesterday ... :((

n i couldnt talk properly hun ...


but my whole office came to know u called :D
u r famous now ... lol



Tarun said...

that's good me to having fun with my new web site

Anonymous said...

Good day keshi...

still_figuring_out said...

welcome back, lovely keshi :)

this post was a fun read :) the henna design is awesome.

i wish your cousin and her hubby a happy, wonderful, amazing, rocking, married life!


PuNeEt said...

coz I didnt feel like :-)

Jewel Rays said...

KC and JO JO nice one girl..;)

anup.777 said...

Hey Keshi, I must confess that I find Rani's voice very alluring and sensuous ... ;) (grins)... But, I'm sure that ur original voice is all that and much much more ... ;) (grins some more)

... and no, I won't stop blogging altogether ... just on weekends ... but I'll try 2 visit a few dear blogs on weekdays too ... as I can't resist the call of love ... :)

C Ya!

Keshi said...


why so emotional? :) werent u the one who told me to stop being so!


Uttsy Mitsy baby! heyyy hpw come ur whole office knows of me now? omg lollz!


G'day South how's it going? All ok? Hopefully ur calm and not stressed out...


oh Tarun I saw ur new site...GREAT STUFF! All out posts n!


hey babe thanks :) Guess ur's is the next big wedding on blogland ha? woohoo!


huh u didnt feel like leaving a msg for me? great :(


Amy yeah...that song is def a wedding one :) thanks!


Known Stranger said...

people are dumb but not the love
love finds its way to get expressed even if the people are dumb thatz what i meant. hope you got it.

SonnyBoy said...

heyyyyy im not old already!!! so u can stop callin me that :-)
So welcome back to blogging!! :-)
ROck on!!!

Keshi said...


heyy mate ;-)

** But, I'm sure that ur original voice is all that and much much more..

lol the only way u could find out is ask Uttsy...she has spoken to
me on the phone..hehehe...

I still think Rani's voice is much more beautiful :)


Gangadhar said...

Keshi dear,
I'm so happy that you've come back to blogging..And I missed you verymuch..In addition i'm glad that you had wonderful vacation..


niki yokota said...

heyyyy keshi-chan!!
thank u very much for coming back to the blog world(^o^)/
lemme read the post and comment later...

Keshi said...


**love finds its way to get expressed even if the people are dumb thatz what i meant

I got ya, that's a beautiful way to describe it..thanks!


lol I was only addressing u in ur future status :) ok ok just kidding mate...all smiles now :)


Hey Gangzz thanks very much! Im so very glad to be back in the company of all u lovely ppl...


awww Niki thats a very sweet WC - hugggggggz!


Known Stranger said...

Keshi. wrote in my blog to the reply of amutha "

no's better that he didnt marry me cos I had more BFs after!"

my comments

ha aha ha aha ... you had more BF after him. how about now ? and hey keshi.. whatz wrong you can still get married and have male friends _ i believe you mentioned boy friends in the context of male frineds . I strongly believe you can plenty of male friends but not every one can be your boy friend , still the passion and emotions you could share with only one man and i believe he would be your boy friend.( No 's i mean no boy Friend's')one boy friend. if you meant what you said You had more boy friends - i just want to know did you have boy friends at the same time . I am just trying to understand the other side from emotional involvment - No offense please. Just a word of sharing. I am not sure many a times when i speak blunt and honestt - i irk others ego i want to confess my intention is not to do that . Just trying to understnad can a gal have more boyfriends at a time. just wondering. trying to understand how a woman's mind work.

PuNeEt said...

I hope u recd my card ;-)
wasnt that better than leaving a word :-)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Wooo hoooo ....

that was great ... loved reading every letter of this post !

Great description ... truly !


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

now , get back to all of us here

saby said...

another 100 coming up soon

Life is just not fair
Why Oh Why?

why wasnt i born beautiful ?
i wish i was born sabrina

and not saby the creep
everybody loves to hate

kannan udayarajan said...


welcome bacL...!

kannan udayarajan said...


welcome bacK...!

Yashita said...

hey, me too is goin for a wedding 0n 24th this ujjain!!!...never been i am just waiting for all the fun!!!it's goin to be soooo i already goin part is am goin with my's a frnd's weddin, but i am plannin on having all the fun...and offcourse like you i don't plan to be at the altar all the time..hhehhe...don't want the guys to feel all lonely now:)
tc and cya:)

anup.777 said...

Her voice may be more beautiful to you .... but u r the best for me, na ... lolz (grins) ;)

My lunch break is over ... :( .. I wish we could just chat like this forever .... (sighs) ... :)

Autumn Storm said...

I'm not sure, Kesh, could be - kept getting stuck on the page and would have to shut down, but don't start fiddling with anything, it was no problem at all again today, so...fingers crossed.
Much love to you, dearest, xxx

AmitKen said...

heheh.. Keshi,
i dont want only you to take all the trouble, lets meet mid-air then :p

Queen Bee said...

Hi Keshi!!!! Welcome back!!!!!!

NZ is beautiful. Went there once in Jan. Got sun-burnt too.

saby said...

i dont believe yr counter reading
u r cheating

mine just shows 10,200

strawy said...

heyy sweety .... oopsss i m soo late...lolzzz
so u had fun haan .... nice t c u back re
dont forget to invite me n uttu on ur marriage ... v r ever ready ...just tell us the date n place ... hugsssssss keshu
missed ya soo much
love ya

Dinesh said...

Yevlo naal aach!! Comment paartapo taan nee vandutaai nu terinjud. Good you enjoyed! Wishing the couple all the luck.

Dewdrop said...

Glad to have you back and more glad to know you had an awesome time. Hot springs sound interesting, NZ sounds quite tempting to visit.

Keshi said...


hahaha u read that ans of mine to Amu? lolllz! What I meant was that after I broke up with my very first BF (at 15), I then had other BFs wrong with that na :) And HELL NO I wasnt with many BFs at the same time - goshhh cant afford such luxury :):)

But I know what u mean...a girl can still have guy friends even after marraige and same for guys...they can have girl friends after marriage...why not. As long as u love ONLY one person and that's ur husband/wife :)


hey Pu I did receive ur Val Day card :) THANKS! ok lets just leave this issue behind alright? Hugggggggz!


lol aww get back to all of u? Huggggggggggggggggggz babe! How have u been?


lol wut r u talking abt? d u think I have so many visitors cos Im beautiful? Hell na :)


heyyy Kannan hows ya? And thanks for the sweet WC :)


hey sweety ur going for a wedding too?? WOW! And a friend's wedding is much more fun...Im so excited for ya!

lol yeah dun be at the altar and make the guys feel too lonely, liek I did...rem THOU SHALL FLIRT TILL YOU FAINT ;-) And where is Ujjain btw?


awww Anup that was soooo sweet of ya...huggggggggz! What did u have for lunch?? We can chat forever long as there's Internet :):) and as long as we dun go! :):)


hey bday girl! Thanks for that info...wut did u do yday?


Meet me halfway...across the skies....

d u know that song? It's a beautiful number by Kenny Loggins...


heyy which part of NZ?


hey I wanted to get at ya for some thing...thank God ur why cant I comment in ur BLOG???? I MISS YAKKING WITH U THERE st000nie! Got it?????? Turn it on straight away - NOW!

**Glam Cam awaits st000nie's comments to be turned on immediately...**


Neer thamil pesum endru enakku theriyillai...romba nalla thamil pesurir...THANKS for ur sweet WC :)


Muahhhhhhh Dewdy dooooo! I missed u and ur cool posts...yep u should visit NZ some day...a very beautiful country with lots of exotic places to visit...


Known Stranger said...

ha h ah a.. good one.. love every one have passion for the one. if that passion is lost - find the passion for other.

I know it doesnt sound true - but i am practical. there are few who just dont find the passion again .

Keshi said...


yes u r right...some dun find that passion again after the first one...well too bad for em, they r missing out on so much :)


Yashita said...

hahha...flirt till i faint...good advice...will make sure i follow it;)

and Ujjain is in Madhya Pradesh, it's one of the seven sacred cities of hindu's...also place where kumbh mela...if u knw wat tht is held:) has so much history...i am just excited to go there:)

Keshi said...

Thou shall flirt till u drop that's my motto for life ;-)

Have heard of Madhya Pradesh...but dunno much abt Kumbh Mela..tell me abt it, sounds very interesting! I must say ur very lucky to get an opp to go there...


Rohit Talwar said...

MISS her!

Yes. :-(

niki yokota said...

arey?? i cant find my second comment(>_<)????
it disappeared. *tear*

Keshi said...


well me a big sis to u too na :) so plz dun miss her so much...hehe..


oooops did ur comment get lost? aww...


UD said...

hi keshi, u had lots of fun there,welcome to blogging world.
wen ur posting the pics, waiting for thm..

Keshi said...

Arun WC! :)


icyblue said...

hmmm...didn't I comment on this post... I'm sure I did...

Anyways... in case i didnt.. Welcome back girl... Good to hv ur presence around :)

Keshi said...

Icy muahhhhhhhh! Comment or not, I love to see u ard...thanks babez!


Art said...

Hey gr8 to know u enjoyed a lot :)
More stories on the wedding plz..

Keshi said...


hey thanks mate :)

Ok wut more d u wanna know abt the wedding? lol u ask me and I answer ya...hehehe...


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