Wednesday, February 22

Carry your brother...

How many of us have done some kind of charity in life? I can picture many nods :) You may think that proper charity is helping the needy, donating to a temple/church, praying for others, giving away goods to the less fortunate etc. It sure is charity, yes 'cos I have engaged in some of that kind too. But did you know that real charity begins at home? You may donate a $1000 to the Cancer Society but you haven't gained anything by that deed if you can't spend $10 on your poor brother at home without feeling stingy about it.

You may wonder why I'm talking about this straight after my NZ trip. Well I observed a very interesting facet of charity while I was over there. There's this relative of mine living there. While everyone in his family is well-off, he's the only one who
hasn't got a Porche or a 2-storey house. He's just a regular working class man. He lost his young wife last year to Cancer and he has 3 young daughters to take care of. He's trying hard to make ends meet on a daily basis and right now he's in a bit of trouble with his job too. But what I realised is that no one wanted to know his problems. No one cared what happened to him and no one was willing to give him a $1. His sisters and brothers are very rich and very much settled. They are not very bad people either. Just that they can't be bothered about his problems and they didn't want him around, 'cos he didnt fit in with their society. They mock him and make fun of his sad state. He was once a very well-off person and a very generous one too - only recently he had to face a series of misfortunes in life. Now his siblings don't even want to know him 'cos he hasn't got much to offer in terms of riches. I thought that was very selfish and very egoistic of them. But the funny thing is that some of these people visit the temples often and donate so much money to the poor and the helpless. Why?? What satisfaction do they get from that? If they can't help their brother who is in trouble, what other higher deed can they ever do?
Charity begins at home and if you can't love your brother, then don't try so hard to love some stranger - 'cos it sure is planned and artificial charity then. Charity must ignite with pure love in your heart and in your home. And if you can't help your own blood, how can you help someone else? Why is it that we often find it hard to help our own blood? I'm not like them...I can assure you on that 'cos I do whatever I can to help my family first and never expect anything in return...but it was pretty heart-breaking to watch this person's family doing charity to strangers when he was falling apart. I guess his siblings have so much to learn even though they are married with kids. We can be matured in age, marital status and our posessions but that's material maturity...spiritual maturity doesn't come with a price tag people, so you can't buy it...tap into your heart and see if you can grow it naturally. Hopefully you wouldnt' have to sit at a grave some day and cry for all the things you didnt do to help him/her...'cos that would be the hardest for you to bear. You may be the highest donor of charity in the world, but you will never feel the same Love that God has for us, unless you start Loving at home.

So what are your thoughts on Charity? Are you doing your best to help your family before the Red Cross? And remember, he cant be too heavy, he's your brother...

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saby said...

a must read for all moms and moms to be

, Kesh dis is very relevant to charity,

:P fuzzbox said...

Charity does begin at home. It is true that we are not our brothers keeper but we must take care of our own families before we can take care of the family of man.

saby said...

, dis is also about charity,
charity to the old folks who are no longer productive

Killing dem softly but surely

still_figuring_out said...

i dislike the show-off charity donors. the ones who make a big deal about donating thousands of dollars to a charity home but feel the pinch when they have to spend an extra buck for their family are total morons.

i know people like your cousins who refuse to help their brother will say "our money, our wish". but duh!

Tarun said...

very touching story and touching pictures as well. Over all a very nice and true post.

Jewel Rays said...

Excellent post keshi. Thought provoking indeed. Got me thinking and definitely directed me to reweighing myself when it comes to charity. and i surely do agree that it begins from home and should begin from home however, i notice that many often overlooked this most important factor when it comes to caring, loving and giving. MAde so much sense this post. Love the reality & awkening its brings to my soul.

PuNeEt said...

Keshu is back with her lethal posts ;-)
Jokes apart... I very much agree with u view point on charity...
it starts at home...

am so sorry to hear about ur relative... I just hope that god showers his blessings on him and may fortune embraces him :-)

For me...
till now didn hve ne opportunity to help any of my family members as such... coz the ones elder to me are nicely settled (touchwood) and the younger ones are still pursuing their education...

But I've seen my parents...uncles... and aunts helping each other during their tough times... so if I do get an opportunity I wud luv to follow their steps :-)


Keshi said...


Ur right...we cant be the keeper of our brothers n sisters, but we must reach out to them in their times of need. If one cant do that, what's the point in any other form of charity?
Thanks mate!


Ur 100% correct girl..there r so many big donors out there (even famous ones) who show-off on TV that they do this n that to help the needy...but in real, they dun even have time or the inclinations to have dinner with their mums...


what's my blog? A charity blog for advertising ur posts? lol!


Keshi said...


heyyy thanks :) lethal or not, I hope they would be effective in some positive way in ur life - that's my posts' aim...

Settled or not, ur siblings have their times of need...and Im sure u help them out during those times. Always rem u get only very few opportunities to help a make the most of it. But ofcourse never do it without love for only if really want to, cos helping without love is just as dead as not helping at all.


Keshi said...


Thanks :)


I'm glad it made u think Amy. However ur a person who would have thought abt it anyway. Huggggggz!

btw I havent lost ur just arrived late..:):)

Thanks sweety!


Yashita said...

hey i agree wid u completely...i have seen so many ppl go rush to help others but wen it comes to their own family..they will be more than's so stupid!!!it's so sad wen other family members ignore the poorer of the clan or mistreat him/her...ppl are very cruel!

Ricky said...

Spot on! Your post reminds me of the quote "Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door". You have got some inspiring pictures to support your posts. I stongly agree that the charity begins at home.

tulipspeaks said...

i came from a family where we help each other all the time.. financial support, emotional support and even physical support..always there.. i know its a place where i can lean myself.. against all the odds..

i can't understand behavior of this kind of people who doesn't value the relationship that they share..

will they be given a place in heaven? for being 'charitable' outside but mean to own siblings? i guess not.. if they do.. then, i can't help it but to think God is doing charity this time..



PuNeEt said...

thanks for the beautiful peace of advise dear...

all these days knowing me thru blogs... I guess atleast u know me to some extent ...
I dun do things I dun want to (or I dun feel like)...

Keshi said...


ur right..some ppl wanna show off to their families that they r more able than their siblings...hence they dun wanna help cos all they wanna do is laugh at their poorer counterparts...stupid indeed!


heyy WC Ricky and thanks! Im glad u like the pictures and that u agree with me.
Drop in any time u want :)


Amuuuu huggggggggz! Always so good to have ur comments wise! Im glad u come from a family that helps each other...terrific! No wonder I recognised ur overwhelming sisterly love - see what i mean :)

**if they do.. then, i can't help it but to think God is doing charity this time

What a beautiful way to put it...u r a very smart gal Amu!


anup.777 said...

"He was once a very well-off person and a very generous one too"
- I believe that what goes around comes around ... so it's just a matter of time before he reaps good for all the good he has sown ... and the same applies to the relatives who have refused to help him ...

And I agree with ur sentiments totally! Good thought provoking post, Keshi!

Trée said...

Wonderful post my southern Angel. Welcome home darlin'.

Shikha said...

I find it strange how people don't have any probs giving off buckets of money to strangers but hesitate to do so when it comes to relatives..can't they 'bear' to actually see someone prospering due to their money?god knows..
Nice pics

Keshi said...


:) thanks and yeah I should know u by now na...


hellloooo Anup hows ya? btw my voice is back to normal more Rani tones :(

yes, I too believe that soon he will be back on his feet again and the ppl who looked down on him will have to feel ashamed somehow...what goes ard comes ard...I so believe in that, thanks mate!


muah Tre! So good to see u here in the Great Southern Land ;-)


Keshi said...


G'day Shikha...

**can't they 'bear' to actually see someone prospering due to their money?

I guess that's what it is...ppl r so jealous with their families that it becomes a competition of wealth and they dare give some from what they have to a brother/sister cos it brings em one step down the ladder of riches...sibling rivalry I guess...and stupidity.


uttara said...


u have a lovely thought ..

i think we both sail in the same boat ...

this reminds me i have to do some recoveries also from my bro ...loll...kidding
na i wont i know that...

n i help ppl in some way or the other .. money is not everything in life.. n i value it .. i know how it is for the needy .. so i help w.o any expectations ..

u so much like me hun...

BTW i told my cousin that am there to back him up cos he wants to do Medicals ..
its not that his parents cant afford .. but i felt like sponsering him ...n i told his parents too.. he is my first cousin in his 11th std now...
n i could see the happiness n glow in his face .. i simply loved it ...:)

but i wil keep my promise ..:)

hugggzzzzzzzzz hun

i respect u more than ever ...
god bless u ...:)


saby said...

Tanks Kesh

i just mite beat u to the blogg oscars

Poor Yashita

Keshi said...


I know that ur an Earth doubt abt it.

Yes money isnt everything...but many family probs start with me...I myself have experienced it when I was studying...gosh how I wish I never had to borrow any money from anyone...altho I paid em back, I have to hear it till I die..I know that.

If ur gonna help ur cuz, make sure have no expectations's a hard job to help someone with financial support..only cos money is involved and it's the wallet where it hurts the most for many ppl. I know ur not such a person, but Im just giving u some advice...cos I had to borrow from a close person and I still hear those words...i helped u...


Vanathi said...

Touchy post keshi... very well written...

Anonymous said...

Good day keshi...I'll come back on this...

anup.777 said...

"...btw my voice is back to normal more Rani tones"
- hi Keshi, I'm doing fine ... thanks for asking ... :)
... regards ur voice, :(
... but I'm sure that ur sexiness hasn't reduced even a lil' bit! ;) lolz ...

there's a fav song playing in my head - "....I love u just the way u are"

Nanyaar? said...

Defintely starts at home., Im just young now relient on my parents for everything, but when it comes my turn, I hope I live up to the ture meaning of the word mature.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Whoever you're giving to, if you have the right feelings in ur heart and mind ... that's charity in true sense.
If i were well-off and someone in my family wasn't i wud try my best to help him in some or the other way, indirectly mebbe coz most people don't want favours, and self-respect issues ... even if i werent capable of doing that ... i wudn't mock him for sure .

Nice post as alwez :)

rebel_on_loose said...

A heart warming post from u Keshi...i do hate ppl who do this so called 'charity' and then make a big fuss abt it...and yea...i also agree tht if u do have 2 do any charity...then it shud begin at 'home'.

saby said...

Charity begins at home and if you can't love your brother, then don't try so hard to love some stranger - 'cos it sure is planned and artificial charity then. Charity must ignite with pure love in your heart and in your home.

Keshi must u pontificate?
u sound like Pope Keshi VI

it dont help preaching u no

the lady who gott the most converts to Christianity didnt preach a word

she just loved the destitute
she put a smile on the face of the sick and the dying and a helluva lott of embarassment to the poor guy

whom she hugged to her breast

saby said...

wat she gave
was not given in charity

she just gave of her love

it wasnt medicines or food
dat made the inmates happy

it was the huggs they gott

saby said...

u do likewise

Rohit Talwar said...

Keshi, I'm with you. Big time. Charity begins at home, well said.

There's definitely no use of donating tons to NGOs or social organisations, if you can't even feel the pain of a relative. It's infact not charity, it's just feeling good about it. But in reality, one is really not doing charity, merely wasting their money. Because it is not heart felt.

PS: Ah, The man who sold the world! :D

kannan udayarajan said...

Keshi...very very true..your post really reveals how silly people can get even with all the blessings that life can give..

well this is the way the world is...or rather people are...

I can't cheer...

:: The Protector :: said...

Excellent Post Keshi, done a very greater job...

i know there certain peoples won't help their parents/siblings, but pour to the chairt for the name shake and to maintain their class...

Charity doesnt mean money alone a small affection tat will do a more than a money...

wrote too many lines...


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

right u r !!!

but u know , even w/out meaning , we utter those words : " i helped u " ...

i'll do nething for my sis or parents ( well, almost ) but when i fight with my sis , is till bring up the history of gratitude ....

meanie ... i know ... but ....

alice said...

charity does begin at home...and u r an awesome girl Keshi....u write beautifully and its always meaningful...
god bless us all..

niki yokota said...

this is very true, keshi-chan!!!
>Why is it that we often find it hard to help our own blood?

family is such a weird thingy!!
im also black sheep of my family, so my heart hurts..(^o^;;
hope his situation will get better and find a new wife....
thank u very much for ur awesome post!!

Dinesh said...

Well said!

Jigal.. said...


1ce again a heart touching post...

I m completely agree wid u that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME


take care

sittingnut said...

hmmmmm.... charity.
well i think we should not think too much about it in the first place. we should do what comes naturally to us, not something that we artificially put on ourself on account of some calculated reason.

if we listen to our heart we will find, as you say, that charity does indeed begin at home. ppl who does not help their relatives have something wrong with them. it is the most natural thing in the world. the instinct should come naturally without thinking. if anybody wants, this instinct has very good evolutionary reasons scientifically proved.

as for other kinds of charity, almost all have a selfish motive behind them, from the satisfaction we get to the hunt for popularity. being selfish however is not a crime. so as long as we are aware of our real motives we should do what we want, including those acts of charity as well.

nice post btw.

i love when you write like this :-)

Jo said...


I was sooo glad to see the Nirvana unplugged in your blog. If you have more video files of their MTV Unplugged, please let me know. Am a Kobain fan. :-)

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Urgh, why do you have to write such massive posts??

The Phoenix said...

Wow. That is a horrible story. Who can you depend on when your family won't help?

It sounds like some of your relatives are arrogant, cold-hearted snobs. I'm so glad you're not one of them.

Keshi said...


Thanks :)


heyy South hows u? All ok?


aww u love me just the way I am? even if I can get real moody sometimes? ;-)


heyy I know u will be matured way b4 u really should be...cos u got an understanding of what's going on this's visible in ur posts.


heyy babez hugggggs!

** if you have the right feelings in ur heart and mind ... that's charity in true sense.

Spot on!

And what u said abt self-respect, thats so true...even this person never asks for help cos of that - but it's so clear he needs help but his sisters r still getting money off him (cos he's renting a house that belongs to one of his sisters). It's a shame.


Ur so right...Charity should also be done in silence...


**Pope Keshi VI

LOL nice new name for me :):) Thanks hahahaha!

I hug too btw...dun I :( I think I have hugged so many ppl here and may have smothered many in that!


hello hellooo :)

yes...if it aint heartfelt it aint any good..u said it! Thanks!

U like 'Man who sold the world' too? One of my favvvvvvvvvvvvs :)


heyy Kannan hows u?

yes...the world is full of monkeys..:):)


hey thanks so much for ur very wise words...

** small affection tat will do a more than a money...

Spot on! Charity doesnt come only in the form of money. As Saby said, it comes in the forms of Love and affection...that's where real charity dwells.


u r right...we r human so when we fight we will bring up the past and say 'i helped u'...thats ok. But there's a way to say that too. Some ppl spew it on ur face...I guess u dunno what I'm talkin abt..I better stop :)


heyy girl I love ur new VERY CUTE profile pic...awwwwwwwww!

And thanks :)


hey girl...why r u the black sheep of ur family? I cant imagine someone as sweet as u being that. Well their loss anyways...

I dun think he will marry again...he said do. He's not asking for anyone's sympathy but it was appalling to see how his siblings never cared abt his was very sad.


Thanks mate :)


hello Jiggzy thanks!


u r so's natural to help one's family first..but it doesnt happen all the time...sadly. And being selfish aint a crime...we r selfish beings no matter what. But being selfish not to care for ur brother when he's in trouble is a crime I must can one eat, sleep and breathe when his brother is falling apart?

Thanks for ur superb usual u bring light to my topics..have a great day ahead and huggggggz! :):)


WC to my blog Jo!

I'm glad u like this video of Nirvana. Im a mega Cobain fan too. U have met me for a reason I guess :) Yep I have few other videos of em...I have posted em b4 and will be doing so later on stay tuned ;-)


lol u dun HAVTA read em okaiii????


Ur right mate...some of my relatives r arrogant snobs...I dun even wanna start on be honest I have cut all ties with one aunt who lives in Aus...she's just too shocking to even mention!


Dawn....सेहर said...

Thats when we are trying to move above all family ties and get into where we care for is kinda taken for be there in need...& this is sad!!

I do charity but yes I do help not only family but some unknown people...I did tht made a family to stay in my house whom I never met in life but just the guy ws crying on the ph and I invited him with his family to share my house...but you know what...after more than a month they left and never bothered to look back also :)

Some people realize but its too late then :)

Good post...didnt expect after ur visit it will be such a serious one :)

cool dear
keep smiling


tsduff said...

Keshi, so good to have you back. Have missed you!

Great post and great pictures. Sometimes we are so concerned with charity abroad that we fail to see the need for it right under our noses here at home. You've got the right attitude.

talldarkman said...

For charity, instead of giving away money, I would prefer empowering a deserving person, to help him / her attain skills that make him / her stand on his / her own two feet to create wealth.


anup.777 said...

just the way u are? ... of course! ... would a mere mortal ever imagine asking an angel to change in any way? ... :)

Keshi said...


lol Dawn I know how u have been too kind to let some strangers in ur house...who were they? goshhh u must have got in trouble with ur parents for doing that. It just shows how innocent and pure ur heart is. Well if they dun even stay in touch with u anymore, that shows how much gratitude they have...appalling!


yes...ppl have family to help and they dun realise that often...


heyy that's a terrific form charity...helping someone to attain skills...brilliant one!


Keshi said...


lol Anup ur giving me wings now...Im flying high :)


praveen said...

yeap..i've heard about stuff like this and man it does make me sick in my stomach...bunch of ingenuine brutes..

speaking about charity, it's shocking to see how many people make millions of dollars in the name of charity..i think the singapore's cancer foundation had a case before..all those claims of charity dinner's and can be bullshit sometimes...we give with a pure heart but the truth is that we really have not much idea as to where the money is siphoning into

remember the cherie blair's case..

Varkey said...

Excellent Post ... I've always thought the same ...
giving 'Charity'to a total stranger when u are not ready to help your own family is just a farce...

uttara said...


am bkkkk hun ...:):):):)

**I know that ur an Earth doubt abt it.

aww no yaar am not babes ...:)

***Yes money isnt everything...but many family probs start with me...

yes i agree 100% hun .. but i said from my perspective .. it isnt everything for me ... life has taught loadss hun..:)

***I myself have experienced it when I was studying...gosh how I wish I never had to borrow any money from anyone...

awwwww i understand wat u saying .. cos i too have heard some point of time...loll its ok ..

NO i will never ever say that ...

***altho I paid em back, I have to hear it till I die..I know that.

yees babes i know how it feelll..

***If ur gonna help ur cuz, make sure have no expectations whatsoever...

never i will never do taht ... will do it w.o any expectations hun... dont worry ...:)

***it's a hard job to help someone with financial support..only cos money is involved

yes sweety its hard but i know to take care of it ... i will never say that ...

n till date i have never told any1.. so it doesnt matter much ...

lemme not get into the details now hun ..:)


Keshi said...


yep we never know where the money is it's best to give it to someone who we know will for sure benefit from it.

Thanks for the link..will check it out soon sweety.


It sure is a show...thanks mate!


hey sweety hugggggggz!

Yes I know that u will never spew it on ppl u love and help. But my exp was really bad...ppl i thought would never do it, did it to Im very afraid of getting help from anyone now...u dunno it's like I have some phobia of it :) It was that bad, trust me.


Kerry said...

welcome home my keshi!!!! *big hugs* i have missed you sooo much!

*smiles* your heart continues to shine keshi. your post is beautiful! i am in tears. i needed this reminder.

continue to soar angel. your wings are golden!

all my love, always from across the miles...

your american lassie,


uttara said...


u r a gr88 lady babes


mermaid ..;)

Dalicia said...

i have a lot of thoughts about charity. because i have been heavily involved with charity campaigns! what hardwork that is!

dalai lama once said, charity is not about giving a lot of money.
and it wouldn't make you a better person. if you're really sincere about helping others. you go to the center and help the less fortunate people. but don't expect special treatment or blessings. just because you donated $1million. it all boils down with your sincerity. sincerity is humbleness...

charity does begin at home. be kind to your family, as you are to others. :)

Ash said...

hello Keshi
nice topic u have touched upon this time round ........

reminded of the bible ...
love your neighbour as thyself.........
there is a reason why christ said this as it is the toughest thing on earth to love ur next door neighbour...we could love and be friends with our next to next door neighbours ......
problems do crop up very often...

well......what I personally feel is that everthing depends on ur up brining mother constantly reminds us my bro and me what ever the matter u are one ....whoever comes in ur way what ever is the position status or money or anything you guys are gonna be there for each other ....and we still are till now and we are determined we will be in future too ,...........
if a certain kind of attitude is inculcated in a child ...then it stays on till life....
in india for instance there are many households which..mothers to be infact bring up their sons as somthing different from their daugthers stays wonder there is gender discrimination....

family makes alot of differnce ....

same with charity ...

good thought.....

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...


and u r still friends with that person ?

Vinu said...

Keshi,you hav learnt smethg very precious...
charity begins at home....

i hv noticed inn real life tht many,many rich people gv donations and all to churchs temples and all..but they never notic things happening around their near and dear premises...I feel pity for them..

My uncle is someone i godfather..he is a person who believezs charity starts at education{engineering} is bcoz of him..i am what i am now bcoz of him..its just bcoz he considers and believes charity starts at home..

nice thought provoking write up mate..

white devil said...

well it finally worked! anyways to start off with i think i will have to disagree with the charity thing. at least in the sense of the family part, father, mother, sister, brother they are all humans and are just as capable as the rest. though i do think that it is quite sick when people donate emptily. i don't think you should hold some inextricable obligation to any family member. i really find that bias is a terrible crime. hi kesh i have a question.

Hermis said...

This is a very relevent u see now-a-days the so called celebraties celebrate their genorisity by doing charities,posing in front of cameras....but does that really mean they care?it's nothing but an effort to get "celebrated"in the Page3!And if u really look within them they have their respective skeletons in their closets...Some doesn't take care of their parents...Some doesn't even recognize their relatives!That glamorous side of charity is what's their main aim

Prmod Bafna said...

Very thought provoking post! Very true that because people generally seem to care for the superficiality of it all or mayb its just ignorance.. :/ Wonderful post!

PRADEEP K. said...

Did someone say Pope Keshi VI ?
:)) That was hilarious! :))

Loved the post, girl. :)

SaffronSaris said...

Hey Keshi you are back!!:)
I was in NZ once, but fall ill the day I was in Rotorua--the smell of the sulphur was too overwhelming!

Gangadhar said...

touching post,indeed...
And i've got a rare opportunity to help my nephew during his testing times...I just don't wanna get any recognition...but wanna share with you on dis occasion..

Dewdrop said...

Its a hypocrite world after all. You are right abt charity must begin at home, As for me, I prefer making anonymous charities.

Anonymous said...

For me charity is empowering a person in need ofcourse u shud be in a position to do so, i hv done that when i had opportunity and scope, will do it in future whenever i m in a position to do it again....I m so sorry for being late here...

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

can I please write a fantasy sex post about us-please

Sudeep said...

Charity begins at home... so i m gonna donate myself all the salary frm today.. he he

jokes apart... if u cant keep ur family n frnds well no use going around donating... tht shld also be done but priorities shld be made

sympathies for tht dude.. hope his relatives get enlightened soon

Rohit Talwar said...

Arre! Me a Nirvana fan re

lil _kath said...

Well said girl.."charity must begin at home" and we can help needy person too not only by means of money(exceptional for ur topic about ur family on ur post)im talking in general ..we can help also in spiritual way or just being with them when they're down and out.It's a matter of true intention and true way of giving, sharing that comes truly from our hearts.
Godbless you always Keshi..also your family.


Het Waghela said...

My votes with the charity beginning from home. Like for brother/sister charity, same goes for elders or kids or other family members. People sometimes are touched by sorrow and pain of elders at old-age homes, and help them in their pain, and when people need to help some elders at home they back off.
So charity at every front should begin from home.

exasparater said...

WOW!! keshi, u strikes with ur words...

Jackal said...

tht's surprising ppl ignoring there own brother n making fun of his state........thankfully doesn't happen tht way with us.....there are ppl in the neighbourhood who are needy, we collect money from all our relatives for these ppl so they at least have clothes n food.......

Lindsey said...

I'm a good girl. I'm charitable. I walked 30 miles for charity last year.

Keshi said...


Thanks sweet Kerry, hows it going?

well the Charity u do towards ur family is just AMAZING.. its the HIGHEST I have seen so far...and u will be blessed by Him for this...wait n see my dear. Huggggggz!




Hi Elaine hows u?

**dalai lama once all boils down with your sincerity. sincerity is humbleness...

Spot on! Sincerity is what really matters...if it's not in ur heart, then dun do it for 'feel-good' reasons...

Thanks Elaine!


I think ur Mom just knew what to do with u 2..she's a great lady.Yes it should be taught since childhood, to love and take care of ur siblings no matter what.


heyy Deeepz...u asked me if Im still friends with that person...well I cant be mad at that person cos he/she helped me when I needed it...Im bound by it now. That's why I dun want any help from anyone anymore...I fear it now.


heyyy VINU LONG TIME! Great to see u here wow!

Ur a very grateful person...Im
sure ur uncle is very proud of u.


woohoo u made it :)

**they are all humans and are just as capable as the rest.

I agree...but I dun mean to say that we have to help our siblings who just sit at home not making an effort to come up in life...I meant that we have to help each other in desperate times.

**i really find that bias is a terrible crime.

Sure is...but helping ur brother in times of need aint being biased, is it? :)


WC Hermis!

**Some doesn't take care of their parents...Some doesn't even recognize their relatives!

So well-said! That's exactly what I meant by this post. Thanks!


Hello there WC! And Im glad u agree :)


lolz Pradeep ur laughing at me ha :*(

Anyways me Pope Keshi VI in a pair of shorts and a halter neck top then, lol!


Saffy heyyyyy!

**the smell of the sulphur was too overwhelming!

lol I was bad but Rotorua's beauty made me forget abt the smell..:):)


heyy Gangzz :)

**I just don't wanna get any recognition...but wanna share with you on dis occasion..

Ur a wonderful and humble person...not many ppl wanna do annonymous charity...all they wanna do is make noise abt it.


heyyy girl hows u?

**I prefer making anonymous charities.

U got the right attitude Dewdy. Not that I ever doubted it.


heyy South hows it going? All good?

**will do it in future whenever i m in a position to do it again...

yes...u help someone ONLY if u can...

hey why d u apologise for being late here?? plzzzzzzzz stop it ok :)


**can I please write a fantasy sex post about us-please



Sudddz the man ;-)

**so i m gonna donate myself all the salary frm today.. he he

very funny..I didnt mean that duhhhh! lol!


I know :) Nirvana is THE BEST ever!


hey Kath hows ya?

**we can help also in spiritual way or just being with them when they're down and out.It's a matter of true intention and true way of giving, sharing that comes truly from our hearts.

SO VERY TRUE! So beautifully put, thanks Kath ur an Angel.


heyy Het long time, hows ya?

**and when people need to help some elders at home they back off.

That's so true...I have seen that so many real.

Thanks mate!


Thanks my dear :)


hey mate hows ya?

**there are ppl in the neighbourhood who are needy, we collect money from all our relatives for these ppl so they at least have clothes n food.......

Thats so nice of all of ya...God bless those who so genuinely help others!

Thanks all!


tulipspeaks said...

What a beautiful way to put it...u r a very smart gal Amu!

i learnt from the best *wink wink



Art said...

Hey what u say is so true.. I am so glad that i dont think twice when i need to spend for my family.... I dont stop my bro from buying things.. well he is still studying.. he doesnt spend much.. and he becomes very concerned when he is asking me a little expensive things.. But come on if I dont spend it on my brother.. .then whats the point if i give it to others...

Neel Arurkar said...

Pretty sad. Charity must begin at home. Hope this relative of yours is out of his problems soon

musings (m000nie) said...

k00kieeeeeeee.... so well written... brothers fighting with brothers... family fights... its real sad...

i too believe that charity begins at home... look after ur people first n think about others...

welcome back... missed u loadsss


Vivhyd said...

well said keshi.. many of us probably wud have come across this situation.. sadly something which is overlooked.. i think as a whole it depends on how good hearted one is.. whether he is willing to part something with someone he is close to or he doesnt knw.. I guess it doesnt matter. But defintely we must look at those around us who need help then worry abt others first.. it all starts at the smallest level and grows big.. a bit like a concentric circle.

saby said...

, She won the chloromint,

Saby and all the guys who watched
in rolling tears
But she just shed only one tear

I love Roopa

Keshi said...


thats very generous of u walks r always an encoraging exercise for many. Well done!


muahhhhhhhh Amu!


**But come on if I dont spend it on my brother.. .then whats the point if i give it to others...

thats sooooo sweet! Ur a good soul.


Keshi said...


hey Neel thanks!


m000nieeeeeeee muahhhhhhh! I missed u too awww...

Thanks for ur wisdom as always...


**it all starts at the smallest level and grows big..

so true...start from ur family to serve everyone else. but so often ppl forget that.



Sunita said...

Very nicely written keshi....i have always been on the reciever's end, hope one day i'll contribute something from my end as well.

saby said...

its like flirting
just coz u r married

dont mean u shudnt flirt wid the other girls

or boyz
if u r dat way inclined

Keshi said...


is this story for real? Abt Roopa?


U mave well have been the giver w.o realising it...that's a genuine giver...


saby said...

its true
it happened yesterday

ask M00nie
or any guy dat watches dis reality show

its more poular than AB's KBC
who wants to be a millionnaire

Keshi said...

so she lost it all? awww how sad...thats what happens when ppl become too greedy...when u win an decent amount, u gotta leave.


niki yokota said...

thank u veery much bambi-chan!!
black sheep is always poor and not
oh i think he'd better marry again! life is too long to be alone.
btw, these photos are really touchy and beautiful!! i think the second one looks like me a bit. ^^
thank u for sharing them!! hugzzzz

white devil said...

of course it is bias

display_name said...

where did the nirvana song go?

i used to visit ur blog 15 times a day just to listen to it.

please restore it back,if u can.

Keshi said...


hey girl...ur no black sheep just cos they label u with it...ur a swt hrt to many over which one wud u pick? :)


:) why is it bias?


heyy mate :) I will put back Nirvana on just for a while ok...I know, Cobain is like some drug, so addictive :):)


susubala said...

Hey, its very true and "charity just begins from home". I love this post dear !

Queen Bee said...

But did you know that real charity begins at home? You may donate a $1000 to the Cancer Society but you haven't gained anything by that deed if you can't spend $10 on your poor brother at home without feeling stingy about it.

Salutes, Keshi! I have a friend like that. He can't understand why I am so mad about him donating monthly to some charity. Feel like sending your post to him.

kkalpz said...

excellent n thgt provoking....really made me sit n think when was the last time i gave something to somebody...

icyblue said...

A nice post there Keshi... It is definitely thought-provoking...! Charity does indeed begin at home and you have described the situation just so perfectly...!

Hats off to you :)

Keshi said...


heyy thanks Sumi :)


why dun u ask him to read this post :) wud do good for him too...


hey thanks Kalpz :)


hey Icy nice to see u back..hugggggz n thanks!


white devil said...

everyone always holds this special allegiance to family.
they think they hold this bond with them. and in this no matter how screwy they get or destructive for that matter they will always stand by and support. your families are people, and that makes them just the same as the rest. i have never held any close fellings for my family, sympathy is usually beyond me. but, maybe i am just wierd and a special case. sorry if i sound negative, but i have always felt that everyone is equal and that they should be treated the same no matter who they are. the actions of individuals is what will gain or take away my trust and respect. as you can probably guess i have very few friends. but they are worth more than many i have encountered in the past. there is an unbelievable amount of fleshy waste walking this earth.

Manish said...

Well Keshi completely agree with u! Charity begins at home. If u can't help ur near and dear ones whats the use of donating it elsewhere.I think these people treat Charity as a fashion statement.

Keshi said...


u r right...there's no need to give 'special' treatment to someone just cos they r ur family...but what I mean here is that charity isnt abt donating to strangers when u cant help the ppl u know...

but I know wut u mean...the actions of individuals is how they gain or lose respect n trust from others...thanks!


ur spot on, thanks mate :)


Sameera said...

Nothing like showering it all on your loved one!Pity not all of us think that way.Keep it up :)