Tuesday, November 7

An Endless Love

HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ I'm bakkk! Missed you all tonz and tonz jeeeeez! And yes I had a GREAT time and I thought it would be lovely for the pics to tell you this great love story. So let the pics do the talking. Doesn't my cousin sis look like a beautiful princess?? awww I miss her now. Well I'm back with another royal team though so I'm still happy :). These are few wedding pics of the 100s we took. Can't put up all and I haven't even uploaded some of the other pics yet. All the juicy 'gos' will follow with more fun pics in the next post, so stay tuned. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments in the last post - I read each and everyone of them. Te extraño mucho, te quiero my sweeties!

This song is my dedication to the brandnew couple. I wish for them an endless love that's like a river that flows unaffected, cutting across all it's barriers, going where it should go, always flowing, never hesitating to take each obstacle that comes their way as a challenge, something to learn from, never leaving each other alone, flowing together gently and loving each other forever...

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Silvara said...

Looking sexy chica!!! Heheh I'm taking all wedding ideas from those pics - your cuz looks GORGEOUS.... :D Hope yo had a fantastic time and look forward to hearing all the juicy goss lol. Did ya meet ya prince??? ;)

samuru999 said...

Beautiful, Beautiful pics!
I love all of them...
What a gorgeous bride!
And, you look so lovely Keshi!
I'll come back later, as I have to take some older folks to vote!
The polls close soon, so I have to run!

C'ya later sweetie!
I'm so glad you are back!


SaffronSaris said...

Very traditional Indian wedding! Look at all the saris. You know, I have a baju (not sure what is the actual name) that is in the same fuschia shade as your sari. Great minds think alike ;D

Calabar Gal said...

Awwww!!! She looks so beautiful and happy and her groom is so dashy!! Wishing them a very blissful married life together.

Next is ............ LOL

Anonymous said...

welcome back HUGS
looks like a love wedding...u of course look marvelous :)

Shionge said...

Welcome Back Sweetie :D...you have been missed too and what lovely pixs you snapped to show us. Lots of vibrancy of colours ya?

Hey Keshi...thanks for checking out my blog...my mum is resting now.

saby said...

do weddings like dis really happen abroad?

it is too much
i wud prefer an anglo wedding or fusion

with both western and indian themes
dis is too orthodox

we need to change

saby said...

i prefer punjabi weddings

indianangel said...

Hey Keshi girl! welcome back! hope you had great fun at the wedding! gosh! your cousin does look so beautiful! the pictures are taking a long time to download - I will take a look at them later!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.
Hope to see and hear more about the wedding in ur future posts.
Did you find someone?

Anonymous said...

cant believe that was a wedding in NewZealand! so authentically traditional!!
U better prove soon that u were in NewZealand. Just cant wait to see the other pics.

visithra said...

photos r lovely ure looking gorgeous darling n welcome back

Cazzie!!! said...

Welcome Back Keshi :) How gorgeous and bright the wedding is. Do you burn incence during a ceremony at all? I love incence :) Patchouli, Sandlewood and Naga Champ are my favourites :)

Anonymous said...

So, The Ghostess is back, and hotter than before ;)
Looks like you had fun at the wedding :D

alex said...

Hey keshi,

Good to see you back. :)
I was able to view just 2 pics.
Waiting to hear from you, the various encounters you might have had. ;)

priya said...

Good to see you back and nice pictures. It shows how much fun you must have had at the wedding party:-))

Did anyone hit your eyes!!!

Tarun said...

Keshi, why I can't see pictures...it's just the cross (missing link) over the pictures. After reading commments I think it's must see pictures.

AnonymousBlogger said...

It's great to finally have you back Keshi. Thanks for the pics. It was one hell of a wedding.

We're all looking forward to more too.

Kumar Chetan said...

keshi in saree, i mean keshi wearing a saree :P
i hav decided to wait for the perfect match or stay single for the life, but u look good, wat do u say??
do let me know about ur hots am not in a hurry ;-)

Jewel Rays said...

welcome back Keshi...:)

And great pics and colours to envelope the whole event. Same wishes for ya cousin and her beloved as well...;D E.n.d.l.e.s.s. ~~ L.o.v.e

Glad to know you had a blast!!! ;D

and heyz..fill me in on the hunkasaurus eh..neone caught the Great keshi's eyes?? *nudge nudge..hehehe..:P

And its a joy to read ya writings again..I so adore...



Anonymous said...

Wish both of them a very happy and blissfull married life...:)
Welcome back bubbzy...:)

Mumbai Guy said...

Good to see ya back Keshi. And thanks for posting pretty pics. Grand indeed. Love the colorful circle.

Hey, pink saree for wedding? Just wondering coz I thought pink reserved for pre-wedding dates ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Keshi

Welcome back to the world of cyber space.

Great pics!!

Your culture has to be one of the most beautiful and interesting cultures in the world. Live it and love it my friend!

As you know, I am a culture freak. I really enjoy watching how people in other cultures and societies function through their daily lives. Although I live in Canada, my ancestors came from a number of countries, including France, England, and Scotland. Also, I have North American Indian in my ancestry. So, that is why I am interested in cultures.



Anonymous said...

wish them a very happy married life!

great pics! the bride looks beautiful. and you too!!!

do post some more stories of that odyssey.


Sush said...

coool baby.. nice to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back VJ Sophie aka Keshi ...
So thetrip to NZ was grand and royale.
By the way Casino Royalereleases on 17 Nov. ...
Anyways pics were real good.
All grils without acception look drop deaed gorgeous in a sari ... all do I swear.

*remembers college formal day + farewell*

Let me tell all of us guys use to line up with our cameras.


Kautilya said...

Hey lady... nice 2 have ya back!
u look super sexy & yummy!!!!!!!

hope u had a gr8 time @ NZ... had all the fun in the world!

Kautilya said...

Oops.. baby.... almost forgawt....


RandomThoughts said...

That really looks like ahappy couple Keshi! You look great in the saree! Weddings are really fun1 everything looks so traditional. HArd to believe it is in NZ!

Waiting for my cousins wedding in Jan. God! the whole lot of us are meeting then!

Take care.


samuru999 said...

Hi again Keshi
I just wanted to mention how very nice it was to see your wonderful
comments on my blog....
Thanks hun!
I have had no time to reply yet...
been so very busy all day!
Well, I'm going back to watch the election coverage...
I have a big smile on my face..
as GW Bush is geeting his a@#
kicked...big time!!!
It's a great day in the U.S.A.

Take care sweets!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

How beautiful these pics are! The colors are so vivid and cheery! And yes, the bride is quite lovely!
Glad you're back. Sounds like a great time! Looking forward to more pics.

Parag said...

You look gorgeous.. Should consider bollyhood !!
I have been very tied up with life.. Will tell you .. but not on a blog..
Write to me on espn25@gmail.com

PrAcHi said...

Hay you are back :).
Seems a grand wedding it was! Hope you had a fun. Pink saree really looking HOT :D

Sujit said...

hey.. great!.. good to see you back into action:)... nice pics.. and happy couple.. hope to see you like that someday with someone :)..!.. Just one comment.. hope you dont mind.. like your pics.. you look good.. but you are having the same style.. and same look except different costumes!.. like why dont you take snaps of different actions?... like nature.. althoughts its the same.. everytime its changes providing diferent colors :).. But you dont change.. i like i lost.. in translation :)

Anonymous said...

heylo madam....Good to see you back !! & good to know you have a FAB trip !!!

ohh la la @ the pics...ur sis is surely looking like a princess....

ohh & whoz the girl in the pink/moovish saree ????

Within Without said...

Welcome back, Kesh...looks super colourful, very traditional, very beautiful.

Glad you had a great time...but where was your smile, girl?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!...colorful ones :)

Keshi said...

Sivara tnxxx babez!

I so wanna see ur wedding pics soon...HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

Wut prince? lol ok ok wait for my next post and more pics ;-)


Margieeeeeeeee missed u loadz suga! How have u been? Did Saby torture ya? I hope not :)

Voting n so busy ha? Well I hope everything works out the way u expect. HUGGGGGGGGZ and Im so glad to be bakk with all of u.


Saffy hey mwahhhhhh!

I love this pink...Im sure u'll look gorgeous in it. Why dun u put up some pics of u in that dress?


Calabr_girl hey tnxxx!

lol ok ur trying to annoy me with that Qn na? naughty chick! :):)


tnxxx LaVida mwahhhhhhh!


Shionge ty n I hope ur mum gets better fast. Fingers crossed for ya!



Saby so u want my cuzn to have a Punjabi wedding? LOL!

yeah traditional weddings still happen even over here. But I always told my mum that if i ever get married it'll be a very simple wedding in the botanical gardens or the beach :)


IndianAngel ty and yeah look at em from home :)


Kulpreet stay tuned for the next post for the gos ;-)


heyyy Soj yeah I have been to so many traditional weddings in Aus/NZ. It happens here too. Just cos ppl migrate to these countries it doesn't mean they forget their culture and traditions Soj :)

yeah next post will be full of more pics and alot of gos hehehe.


ty Visithra mwahhhhhhhhh sweetie!


Caz heyyy huggggggz n tnxxx!

**Do you burn incence during a ceremony at all?

yes...lots. :)

U r very knowledgable in this area wow!


Fleiger HELLLOOOOOOO :) yeah I had tonz of fun but ofcourse I missed my coffee and blue-berry muffins hehe...


Alex why cant u see all of em?


Priya hugggggggggz! Did anyone catch my attention...mmmm lets see LOL!


Tarun check it after a while...u will see all the pics. It happens sometimes.


AB heyy tnxxxxxx! :)


Kumar lol u wanna date me? Well Kumar and dating? NO WAYSSSS! Wut say guys :):)



tnxxx for the compliments :) well hunks? LOADZ girl lol!


ty Southy! And how have u been?


MG heyy tnxxxx!

**Just wondering coz I thought pink reserved for pre-wedding dates

lol who told u that?


tnxxx a ton Bev! I missed all of u so very much.

**Although I live in Canada, my ancestors came from a number of countries, including France, England, and Scotland. Also, I have North American Indian in my ancestry

Really? WOW!


Deepsat ty!

More will follow soon ;-)


Sush ty hugggggggggggz!


LightHouse Tarun heyyy! :)

**VJ Sophie

lol ok no complaints here!

Most Indian guys love to see girls in Saree. Must be a culture thing :)


Kautilya HUGGGGGGGGZ n ty!

yummy as in u wanna dip me in ice Cream? lol so sweet! I did think I looked like some strawberry ice cream in that pink chiffon :):)


Rashmi heyy yep it happens here too...ppl may migrate here but they wont forget their culture and traditions :)

Great to hear that u'll be at a wedding too...cousins r always great to hang ard with. It was so sad for me to leave em :(


Outdoorsy heyy tnxxx!

yep I will put up more relaxed pics later on :)


Parag heyyy!


Im considering singlehood :) lol!

awww so ur busy? I will email u soon, tnxxx for that n TC!


Prachi heyy tnxxxx! :)


Sujit heyyyy tnxxx!

no worries, I like ur idea :)

**like why dont you take snaps of different actions?

those pics r the ones Im gonna out up in my next pic :):) So stay tuned Sujit.

Hugggggggz and tnxxxxxxx!


Anonymous said...

lovely pics Keshi.But jeez! you shouldn't be posting your pics online.Some weirdos might mean harm you see.Hehe maybe I am a little too paranoid.You be safe and yeah,your cousin is pretty and you as always exude sex appeal.*smiles*

Keshi said...

ty Ektaran :) Huggggggggz I missed u!

**whoz the girl in the pink/moovish saree

which pic/pos?


WW heyyy ty!

**but where was your smile, girl?

awww I have lots of other pics where Im smiling n laughing n wut not...will put em up soon :):)


Brute ty matey!


Keshi said...

Ashes mwahhhhhhh I miss u man!

**weirdos might mean harm you see.

hmmm me not worried all that much. But tnxxx so much for being concerened Ash...ur so sweet!

How have u been? Any plans to come to Aus again?


Anonymous said...

Hola!! Hey Keshi! how you doing??? Nice pictures. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of a Sri Lankan marriage :) Looks very similar to the Indian weddings :)
Those kutti's in pattu pavadai were cute :)
Now the truth :) the 5th picture looks scary, you seem to stare at the camera and scare us :) The Last pic is awesome. But I can see that its becoming the trademark pose of Keshi :) aint it?? :)
Wishing the newly married couple a Happy married life :)

Keshi said...

heyy KK this is a Sri Lankan Tamil wedding...so just like South Indian ones. But Sri Lankan Sinhalese weddings r very different. The bride wears a white Osari (Kandyan style). Well I'll put some pics later on on that.


LOL hahaha I managed to scare ya! btw my mum says that to me when she looks at some of my pics LOL!

tnxxx dude, trademark indeed ;-) btw my next post will have more realistic and relaxed pics taken in NZ...:):)


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwww looks like Royal Wedding really ^_^ u took us with you by looking at those pics Kesh... and u look gorgeousssssssssss dear, soo beautiful on that sari ur wearin'... i love the color!
Congratulations to ur cousin and her groom, they're look soo happy and blessed... wish them forever blissfull married life!

... so did u bumped Mr. Right there? its ur turn next babe hehe...and where u plannin' to do the wedding? will luv to go to SL w/ ya muaahhh! ^_^

miss ya Kesh!


Keshi said...

oh mah Kath is here HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! I missed u so much. How have u been?

hehe tnxx for all the compliments sweetie. I will pass ur wishes to them. btw my cuzn will be reading this post and the comments...the one who got married. Cos I told her abt it. :) So she'll be happy to see all of ur lovely wishes to them.

Did I bump into him? hmmm not really lol! I will post more pics soon ok?? :)

Where will I have my wedding? awwwww not this grand tho. I have always told my mum that if I ever get married it will be in the botanical gardens or the beach. I like a quiet, simple and serene wedding...but ofcourse with our rich culture, I wonder if I could get away with that lol!

So how have ya been?


Ganesh Ranganathan said...

you a tamilian or was the wedding set like a south indian one because of the groom??

And if you are trying to look hot, you succeeded :-))

Seema said...

heyyyy welcome bakk...lovelyyyy pics of the bride n the groom...weddings are always fun n colourful..n you look ravishin in that pink sari !!!
Here's lots of wishes...a life time of TOGETHERNESS to the newly wed couple !

artnavy said...

Lovely "poola jaddai"

And the fuschia sari really becomes you

Keshi said...

Ganesh my mum is Tamil :) and dad is Sinhalese.

trying to look hot? LOL okkkkk ty!


Seema heyyy tnxxxx! She will be reading this post and comments...then she will see all ur comments :)


Keshi said...

Artnavy heyy tnxx!

**poola jaddai

wut does that mean?


saby said...

i hate it when guys spend lavishly for weddings

u set a precedent
and the poor guys tink dis is a norm

so they borrow to celebrate weddings

it takes near about 5 years to pay back their debts

get married simple Keshi
no jewellery
no expensive clothes

have a beach wedding
in a bikini

Keshi said...

Saby yeah thats my idea too..beach wedding but ofcourse not in a bikini duhhhh! :):)


Cazzie!!! said...

My Uncle had alot of incence in his house as I grew up. He was always burning it, especialy when i went to visit him. It helps you relax and it makes me feel at home. My kids love me to burn it also. This makes me very happy :)

SamY said...

grrrrr just lost a whole lot of comment all thnx to system crash

awwww howt chick is finally bak :) ... how hav u been NUTTY ... luks like u had a ball

I told na that I wudn't be around until 5th ... had 24 hrs to relax n my ass is again on fire #-o ... not even enuf bandwidth to think of a gud post :( ... I'v been checkin on ur blog ... was just waiting for ur return :)

omg, the bride does luk like a queen! will u be adorned like this @ ur marriage too :-/ ... just imagine u rocking ur booty with ur man on the mana meedai =)) ROTFL ... there shud have been a hUUUUge crowd @ the marriage considering u were @ the entrance :p ... green & PINK ... can the contrast get any better #-o ... so did u bump into any guy this time ;) accidentally as u'd call it

btw those two kids were just adorable :) ... with all the right to show off their tummy haplessly ;))

Anonymous said...

I dont mean to be a mean meanie.. :) [whatever people are is cool with me].... but, is that culture preserved only for ceremonies?? I think so. But i am very correctable if I am wrong :)

And cant wait to see the rest..
did i say that already???

Keshi said...

Caz yeah they make u relax and happy...such a wonderful feeling!


Samy heyyyyyy WB I missed u! So u were busy ha? Anyways Im so glad to see u here again. When ur not ard, it does feel really empty.

tnxxx for the compliments altho I dun deserve all that :) But yeah I had alot of fun.

LOL I will for sure boogie on the altar on my wedding day...but I hope to have a beach wedding with my mum's permission, so I can dnace alot hehehe. Will u come?

omg yes those 2 cuties r sooooooo sweeeeet! They r my cousins' daughters. The younger one in that pic is a big chatter box...she dances non-stop like me :):)


Keshi said...

heyy Soj!

** but, is that culture preserved only for ceremonies?? I think so

huhhhhh! What makes u think so? :) I mean there may be ppl who preserve that ONLY for occasions, but not all r like that. Anyways wut made u ask that Qn?


Akshay said...

Hey Keshi, you cousin looks really nice in the wedding dress and you look awesome too.. Good to know you had a blast... Congrats and Good Luck to the Happy Couple..

Keshi said...

ty Akshay :) Hope ur feeling much better today??


Homo Escapeons said...

Gadzooks! Look at the colours!
Oh the pageantry!
Glad that you are back safe and sound missy. I bet that the food was fabulous too wasn't it?
Did the whole thing last for days or what?
You looked very hubba hubba..how many marriage proposals did you get during the course of events.
Did you go up into the mountains to chase Kiwis around in the moonlight?

Anonymous said...

wow...lovely pics,and the bride looked good...loved her hairdo!have only been to the punjabi, marwari and Maharashtrian weddings...so it was nice to see the pics...and yeah...u looked hot too in the pink:) and hey, btw, how many aunties harrassed u?and hope U flirted with all the hunks at the wedding:)

Neers said...

Yayyy!! welcome back!! :) thats so sultryily (if theres a word like that) sexy!! cool! more pics... !

Anonymous said...

Heyy Keshi,

Thanks for leaving comment on my blog.

A typical Tamiliam style marriage.. The bride is looking sooooo beautiful and serene...
Good Luck to the newly wed couple..

And you?? Your seyes are so seducing
keshi ;)
Whom are you trying to seduce? ;))

Cari said...

welcome back keshi!

the wedding photos were superb darlin' :}

beautiful bride and beautiful keshi!!

Anonymous said...

just this and that.. here and there.. news and views.. odds and ends.. now and then... like that. :).. no solid grounds... otherwise i would have pointed that out :)
hey grrreattt to hear that some values are indeed valued... good for the cultural diversity in the world!! :)

cheers mayt!

samuru999 said...

I hope you'll have a wonderful day
As I head off to bed...
I am so happy...
our election today has been great!
I did my part to get people out to vote..and it feels so good!!!
Bush got a big surprise.haha!
But, I don't think he's too happy!
Well, who cares...he got just what he deserved!
C'ya tomorrow!
Lotsa Hugggggz!


samuru999 said...

Actually I should have said
Have a wonderful evening..it's about dinner time there, right?

And, bed time for me...strange!

Take care sweetie!


Neha said...

U are a tamilian?Then y is the wedding reminding me of a south Indian Wedding??
Also, have told ya that before, don take close ups of yourself...u look scary!Dont mind plz...
But the wedding looks grand!!

Anonymous said...

hey hiii keshi,
welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure all that wedding dhamaka is still fresh in your mind! lol! and gosh your cousin does look a like a pretty princess. And what about your relatives...psst.. I'm sure they too had a set of questions for you (prev post! lol!) the pictures are all awesome and you too!!!!

Vivek Panda said...

my dear friend, thnx for dropping by!! u're one of the very few genuine ppl i've met across this virtual cyber world!!

newayz... i've been down with chickenpox for tha last 2 weeks. i got it from my sister, who took spcl care so that i catch it. i was extremely cross with her!!

i've my semesters from the early dec and my national champioship in the christmas eve. full contact open heaviweight category for me. been undergoing lots of hard work for this. this pox has weakened me alittle but i've still risen from the ashes! i'm especially interested in this national tournament as the champ will be selected for the Karate World Cup.

this's a life risk game as no mercy is shown and no guards/paddings are allowed. i've to sign a bond before participating. my family is not supporting me... but i'm determined to win this!!

wish me luck!!

Cibbì said...

Welcome back Keshi!
Such beautiful pics, thanx for making us being a part of that party in some way. I love this pics, waiting for the new ones. You look soooo beautiful, lovely pictures (and lovely pink!).
And the little girls... aaawwwhhwhw, so cute and sweet!
Huuuuuuggzzzz back. TC2.

Anonymous said...

luvv d pics kesh:).....m a lil off blogging...things @ home and stuff u know:)

luks like u had a fab time! u luk wow! :))......gonna keep goin thru d pics....i simply luv wedding pis...!

beautiful! and the song i luvv....

Anonymous said...

and kesh:)... i missed u!

Die Muräne said...

welcome back ;)
Good to hear you had a good time in nz! I'm looking forward for the stories...

And also from my side the best wishes for the new couple!

Ghost Particle said...

hello miss...WELCOME BACK!

Loved all the pics...a marriage made in heaven. Such beautiful people...I cant get enough of Indian weddings...we have a great culture...even the smell of indian weddings are amazing! :D
...and endless river, charts trough time as it flows trough life, valleys, mountains and rebirths, to a grand future, a marriage lasts forever...

desperado said...

my best wishes to the lovely couple

n u looking grt..no no...hot ...as always ;)

but cant resist askin dis...most of pics i have seen of urz....all have ur head titlted to one side ...why so..lol :P

PS: Welcome back...missed my every morning routine of chckig ur blog :)

Thumbelina said...

Thanks Keshi..

Thanks for reading up on my blog..

Can see from your blog tat u have enjoyed urself at ur cousin's wedding.. ^_^

uttara said...

welcome bkkkkkkkkk
wish ur sis a happy married life..

n wen r u next?? ;)


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Sweet Keshi,
Welcome back!
I really missed you.

The pictures are of great cultural aesthetics and as an artist and poet, I find them very appealing.

You and I could pass for brother and sister from your looks.

I am working on the launching of my newspaper Nigerian Times International and the perfect template would be very impressive when it comes on live before the end of this month.

Thank you for all your morale support.

I love you 24/7!

God bless.

Anonymous said...

hey welcome back keshi...
seems u had a gr8 time... nic pic... n ya me fine.. but busy like anythin this days...

Kumar Chetan said...

hmmm no date with me.
i wasnt looking for a date...
anyway, now i have ur thots, i will remove r name from my hit list ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah kesh.. that thing i said is not about this wedding... i was just talking in general.. just wanted to get that on the record :)

cheers mayt!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures! You look awesome!

Gangadhar said...

wow..great wedding pics,Keshi..Seems like had a great funtime over there!!! And you look gorgeous in these pics..

Has to be me said...

Good 2 have u back girl! The pics r damn good. U cousin looks lovely in the wedding pics....traditional looks. Waitin fr all the "other" news!

alex said...

Well, i got to them fully. :)

What i usually do in marriages is enjoy the serenity outside the church! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely pics and welcome back. :)

punjabi~car~freak! said...

its great to see u back again!

Vikas said...

yeh at last i made it :D

you must be thinking what ??? well i have seen ur comments in many other blogs which i visit regularly and ur name in their posts as well.So i was just thinking who is the famous personality called keshi ;) :D and was very eager to post some comments on your blog.But every time i post this net dont support me and will not be able to post the comment or some wrk make me engaged.At last today i made it to post it.:))

So ur back from ur cousins shaddi!thats nice and good pics.Well u too look beautiful and sexy!!!!!!

Take Care

Foodie's Hope said...

OMG! Bride looks radiant and beautiful!! Thanks for putting up those photos! Looks like my wedding many yrs ago, brought all those great memories!! You look gorgeous!Next time SMILE to the camera!:D:D

Sarees and all that gold! I don't want food anymore Keshi!:))

So the inevitable question! When will I see you as sweet beautiful bride?! *dodging the things you throw at me*:)))

amitsinha said...

hi keshi, I am fine ...was having a roller coaster ride, these dayz, but have recovered it back to normal.
hey nice weeding and beautiful pics in sarees. I still feel ladies look highly sensuous in saree,and lol...best with a backless choli.. hehe.

Die Muräne said...

"~..beach wedding but ofcourse not in a bikini duhhhh! :):)"

you mean a beach wedding without bikini? sounds good lol!

Seattle_Smoke said...

Hey the pics are great & all..
but more importantly what was on the menu ?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Love is in the air.. everyone's busy getting hoooked or hitched..

the_ego_has_landed said...

"like a river that flows unaffected, cutting across all it's barriers, going where it should go, always flowing, never hesitating to take each obstacle that comes their way as a challenge, something to learn from, never leaving each other alone, flowing together gently and loving each other forever... "

aw.... beautiful!! so glad I made time to come read ur post finally!! missed u! been soooo busy!!

hope u had a blast! looking hot in pink missy

Anonymous said...

heyyy kesh!!

ur cousin looks like such a doll, tell her i said so! the attire looks very southindian.. was she marrying into an indian family? and you know what struck me abt your pics, the one with the two little girls wearing identical 'pattupaavadai' type clothes in maroon and mustard.. u know what.. for my aunts wedding 11 years ago (when i was a little innocent girl! ) my younger cousin poo and I were made to dress exactly like that, only difference being i was wearing a half saree as they call it and she was wearing the regular pattupavadai, in the exact same combination of colors!! :) aww, brings back memories..

and your pink saree and you in it look totally HOT, you look ready to vavavooom and vroom around the world missy.. :D love the stone studded bindi too... you have a very indian face and it totally suits ya.. would love to see a 'maangtika' on you (the longish jewel thingie worn on ur hair-where you part it in the center).. looks super pretty.. :)

yay! ur back.. :)))

Eclipsed Thoughts said...

hey hey... someone's lookin al sexy and gorgeous.... wow... nice pics and i am so very glad to have you backkk..

The Phoenix said...

Whoa! Everything looks so fancy-schmansie. I hope you had a fantastic time!

Kavi said...

Hey Welcome Back ! Missed You !

Looks like it was a a great Tamilian wedding ! Gorgeous bride you, saris, groom !

Looks like youve had a blast !

Ramya said...

Looks like u had a ball ! So much for me being born in a family with absolutely no female cousins !! Sheesh!

adi said...

although i dont like weddings as such, but i can see u'd a lot of fun there! and man, did saree looked hotter before ;)

welcome back lady. waiting for more posts.

Twisted DNA said...

Very nice to see the bride in such traditional attire, including that nose ring!

You look gorgeous as usual. Those two little kids in that pretty yellow red dress are very sweet. I was scrolling down hoping to see you in one of those dresses too :P No luck.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures :) gosh i love going to cultural weddings. how come you seem so serious?

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

ohhh u look stunning there!!!

may the couple have a long and happy married life :D

Maya Cassis said...

hey keshi!looking really good in the pink saree...very nice!
checking out the pics,I can see you had a great time.the lil flower girls real cute too.wish i could be that age again to wear lil skirts like tat again.
thanks for putting up the pics.was real nice to go through them :)

Anonymous said...

Colorful & wonderful *Smiles*

Blessed said...

how freakin' awesome this wedding looks like it was!!!! Indian wedding correct? Just gorgeous. The bright colors are so exhuberant just as the day should be.
Have you seen the movie Bend it like Beckham? One of my favorite movies. There is an indian wedding in that movie. I love the music, the hoopla, the rituals, etc.
By the way, I love Indian food.
I don't know just how authentic it is here in my little side of the world compared to the 'real' thing but it sure is tasty.
anywho, glad you are back, my dear. look forward to more pics, more posts, MORE KESHI!!!!!!

ari4u said...

Ahhh.. how predictable and convenient. Keshi's picture conveniently inserted in between the wedding pictures. I know you can;t resist posting your picture. :) Nice ones, love the pinks! Looks like you had loadsa fun and welcome back to earth now. Missed ya... huggsss :)

ari4u said...

forgot to add on Priya's comment.
Priya, no. she did not get socked, it is the result of extreme hangover and excess partying ;) =p Someone should know better ;)

Vivhyd said...

Hey Pretty in Pink.. welcome back.. missed u.. looks like u had a gr8 time.. wow.. always colorful weddings r for all except the most important two.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

Keshiiiiiiiiii,welcome backkkkkkk!!
I miss yah,gurl!!

I knew it!tha next song of ur post would be Endless Love ;)

The pics of ur cousin are superb!!
And the pics of yours are wonderful,of course,as usual :D

Great to see a wedding in diff culture.yeah,ur right,you dont need to speak more of it,the pics are enough to do the talking :)

im excited that you are back,too :)

muahhhhhhh!enjoy ur day!

Keshi said...

HE heyy how r ya mate? Hope ur feeling better now...I know it's a very hard thing to deal with...HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ I'm here for ya.

tnxx for the sweet compliments :) The food was DELICIOUS! Traditional South Indian cuisine. U'd have loved it. There were many Kiwis at the wedding and they devoured em :)

**Did you go up into the mountains to chase Kiwis around in the moonlight?

LOL u r sooo funny! Imagine myself doing that hahahahaha! But I must say that Kiwis r quite handsome...especially the Maori men...MANLY! ;-)

TC mate!


Yash mwahhhhhh I missed u!

I'd love to see a wedding from ur side...I love studying weddings of various cultures...so very interesting.

I flirted like hell alrite :):) My aunties seem to have given up on me...they didnt hassle me all that much this time...lol!


Heyyy Neers the SULTRILY SEXY woman ;-) tnxxxx n huggggggggz!


Cuckoo babez hows u?

**Whom are you trying to seduce?

maybe some guy who's non-existent? lol!

tnxxxxx sweetie!


Cari ty sweetie!

If Im ever a bride, they wont be able to stop me from takin glam photos LOL!


Soj no probs, tnxxxxxxx mayyyte ;-)


hehe Margie ur so sweet. Well Im glad the elections went well for ya and Im sure u wud have worked hard and did ur bit for the victory. Well-done! I saw it on news last nite and was thinking of u instantly..and I even told my Mum abt it :)



booooooooooooo Neha! :):) lol Im scaring ya ha? Well my mum says that too hahaha!

**Then y is the wedding reminding me of a south Indian Wedding??

My mum is Tamil (dad is Sinhalese) and this cuz is my mum's sis' daughter :)

tnxxxx sweetie!


G'day Preetha n tnxxxxx!

yes I had alot of Qns to ans hehehe but it wasnt as bad as last time...mebbe they have finally given up on me lol!


Vivek heyyy!

omg u have the pox...u poor thing! Get well soon and plzz TC of urself. It's not a great feeling to have the pox...I had it already and I hope I never get it again...it's YUKKKKKKKKZ!

Good luck with all ur plans for the end of the year...whoaaaaaa alot of things happening at ur end...COOL :)


Cibbi ty sweetie!

yeah arent those babies sooo damn cute!! They both adore me so much and sometimes fight over me LOL!


Ishi mwahhhhh! I missed u too. I mean u and Sudeep and many other close mates have been missing for a while...and I felt so awfully lonely...to be honest I felt so sad. Anyways Im glad ur bakk even tho it's for a while...I miss chatting with u guys in blogs. I guess every good thing comes to an end sooner or later...when will u be regular again? I so miss u Ish!


Murane heyyyyyyy tnxxx n hugggggggggz!

lol so u think my beach wedding will be a naked one? no wayzzzzz hahahaha! dress_code: black-tie,evening-wear



heyyyyyyyy Ghosty hugggggggggz! How have ya been? u know wut, I was thinkin of ya at the wedding...cos the caterers were Malaysian Indians and the food was just YUMMMMMMMMMAYYYYY!

**and endless river, charts trough time as it flows trough life, valleys, mountains and rebirths, to a grand future, a marriage lasts forever

I love love love wut u said. Mind blowing! ty.


Desperado HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Missed u too. How have ya been? awwww....

**all have ur head titlted to one side ...why so..lol :P

LOL hahahaha! U know wut, my mum says the same!! And she asked me if my neck's broken ROFL! ok I will put up more natural pics in the next post :):)


Elina hey tnxxx! :)


Uttsy mwahhhhhhhhhhhh I missed u sooo very much! Wish u were there too.

When is my wedding? When u come to Aus LOL!

And wut have u been upto?


Ori heyyy good luck with ur work WOW! n tnxxxx so much for the compliments.

U and I look like siblings? WOW Im honored :)


Dh@v@! hey tnxxxxx and take it easy mate!


Kumar heyyyyy!

**anyway, now i have ur thots, i will remove r name from my hit list

lol awwww I didnt mean that. What I said was that I ant imagine u in a committed r'ship :):) Am I not correct? hehehehehe...

Put me bakk in ur list now! LOL!


Contented heyyy tnxxxxxxx! :)


Gangzzz awww tnxxxxxxx!


Has_To_Be_Me awww ty sweetie...I missed all of u so very much! Great to be bakk.


Alex thats great u got to see em all :)

I like the serenity of Church weddings too. Actually Indian/Sri Lankan weddings can be too much..I mean too grand. I like simple church/garden/beach weddings. Thats the kind I will have if I ever get married :)


Sanjay heyyyyyyy hugggggggggz n tnxxxxx!


Punjabi awww ty!


Vikas heyy WC to my world! Nice to have someone like u here...someone who really wanted to check Keshi out :):). I'm glad ur finally here hehe.

btw is that u as a lil boy in ur profile pic? SOOOO CUTE!

Do visit me again whenever u can and have a good day Vikas!


Foddie heyyyyyyy I missed u but I was thinking of u too. Cos of all the yummy food ard hehe. Wedding food and all the sweets my aunts made...I think I'd have to jog daily to burn the calories now :(

**When will I see you as sweet beautiful bride?! *dodging the things you throw at me

lol ok here comes a frisby towards ya...duck baby duck!!!


Amit hey take it easy now...ok??

**I still feel ladies look highly sensuous in saree,and lol...best with a backless choli.

I think so too :) I love backless anything lol!


heyyya Seattle!

**but more importantly what was on the menu ?

oh there were too many things. It was South Indian cuisine (vegetarian ofcourse) so it was really yummy. As far as I can rem there was buriyani rice, fried eggplant curry, potato curry, vadai, cabbage stir fry, paneer, curd salad, kadju curry, okra curry, greens stri fry, pappadams etc etc. Dessert was traditonal paayasam :)


Johno heyyyyyy how have ya been?

**everyone's busy getting hoooked or hitched..

d u feel left-out in the rain? Join the club mate, ur not alone. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


hey Ego_has_landed HUGGGGGGGGGGZ I missed ya babez! So busy ha? I hope u get to blog more often soon.

tnxxx for visiting amidst ur busy schedule. TC sweetie!


S0ul heyyyyyyyy HUGGGGGGGGGZ! Missed u alot girl.

**in the exact same combination of colors

OMG I so wanna see that pic! U when u were a lil girl. D u have a pic of it? I so envy those lil girls cos look how cute they look with those crop-tops!!

tnxxx for all the compliments :) Now when do I get to see ur face?


KAP HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ n tnxxxxxxx! Wut have u been up to? Missed u too sweetie. I really wished that ALL of u were at the wedding too. How much fun would that be!

So tell me...wut have u been upto? Tho it was only like 10days, it feels like a 100 years w.o. all of u...seriously I missed u all so very much!


Phoenix I had a GREAT time :) ty!


Kavi twas indeed a BLAST, ty sweetie HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


heyyy Ramya tnxxxx!

aww u dun have many female cousins? I have tonz n tonz of female cousins. I will show em in the next post. :)


Adi heyy tnxxxxxxx :):) So how have u been?


Twisted_DNA heyy hows u? I missed u HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

**including that nose ring!

OMG that was my fav piece of jewellery too! I told her that too. So exotic...I just love it.

**Those two little kids in that pretty yellow red dress are very sweet. I was scrolling down hoping to see you in one of those dresses too :P No luck.

haha! U know wut, when I fisrt saw their attire done by my aunt (bride's mum), I told her that I wish I could wear something like that for the wedding LOL! I really liked it.


Cheesy ty for that sweetie, she will read ur comments soon :)

btw d u have a blog where I can keep in touch with ya?


Maya heyyyy hugggggggggz!

** i could be that age again to wear lil skirts like tat again.

I said the same to my aunt...only difference was I didnt mind wearing em now LOL!


Mysterious hey tnxxxxx n WC!


G'day Blessed MWAHHHHHHH!

yes it's a South Indian style wedding. Traditional Sri Lankan Hindu wedding. Buddhist weddings r different.

**Have you seen the movie Bend it like Beckham?

lol yes. And have u seen 'Bride and Prejudice'? it's another beautiful movie.

tnxxxx sweetie and oh I missed ya!


Keshi said...

Ari heyyyyyyy HUGGGGGGGGGZ dude! :):)

I do like to boast a bit lol!

btw on Priya's comment.

**socked, it is the result of extreme hangover and excess partying

cmon Ari matey u know Im such an innocent non-partying homely kinda gal ;-) now dun spread rumors okkk lol!

wussup on ur side?


G'day Viv!

ur spot on...the couple was exhausted by the end of the wedding while we were still partying :):)


heyyyyyyyy sweet sweet Ghee MWAHHHHHHHHHHHH! tnxxx and Im excited to be bakk too...I mean I missed u all so very much. It's funny cos it was like I was away for 100yrs or something haha! NZ just next door and it's only a 3hr flight from Sydney but I felt like I was gone far away from everyone...mebbe Im so used to the blog life now.

so u knew my next song wud be this? LOL Im becoming predictible or wut!

wuts new on ur side sweetie?


tulipspeaks said...

sweetie.. u r back ;)

nice pics as u promised! ur cousin looking lovely. showed to mom too.

but where are the details on the hunks? yaarum illeya? :/


Keshi said...

Ammmuuuuuuu mwahhhhh! I knew it that u wud luv these pics..so u took some ideas for ur wedding ha? :) WOW!

hunks? Wuts that? LOL ok ok...wait for my next post ;-)

Huggggggggggz n tnxxxx sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Well waiting for your next post.. to see more of your relaxed photos... will make that as your screen test for the video :)
Nice to know about Sri lankan weddings. Will look out for your post on Sinhalese marriages.
Well the 10 days when you were not there were difficult to push... :)

Keshi said...

KK u really missed me that much? awwwwwww how sweet!

My next photo post will most probably be put up in the weekend...cos Im yet to upload so many of those pics on to my PC. I will only get time in the wknd. So stay tuned anyways :) U will love some of those crazy pics LOL!


samuru999 said...

Thanks for sharing your sunshine and smiles with us!

A smile is like the sunshine
it brightens up the day!
It gives the eye a twinkle
and chases frowns away!


Hope the rest of your day is great!
lotsa hugggggggz!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

beautiful photos!

alice said...

i love wedding pics...they r all so nice...and which one's u kesh ..pls pls pls tell me..

Anonymous said...

Wow...very nice!

niki yokota said...

i want to marry keshi-chan :D
u looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yummy in the sense.... very much edible...

now don't ask me since when I turned a cannibal!?


PRADEEP K. said...

Hey Keshiiiiii!
Welcome back, girl!

Romba miss pannitten. Inthe post nethi thaan padichen, but couldn't comment immediately. Had to rush out of office that time. Sorry about that. :D

Lovely pictures! Had a great time, illeya? :)

Ungal eppadi irukinge, Keshi? Naa nalla thaan iruken.


mojindro said...

hi keshi,
i think not a single blogger was left behind to welcoem you back...
anyways..love to see traditional weddings..nice pics..

Gandhi said...

Who is the handsome guy in the fifth pic ???
PS : Mallika She..... :-O

:)) :)) :)) :))

KJ said...

hey keshi..

congrats to the newly weds..

u look super in the snaps..touchwood!!

beautiful eyes..




Anonymous said...

somehow, weddings like these intimidate me...

Jeevan said...

Welcome back after a great fun with your family. Very beautiful photos dear:) u r looking great in the Sari!! My wishes for the couples.

Neers said...

more pics???

Ghost Particle said...

Keshi! Naan onnu marenthetein! O forgot something..okay I did not...I simply did not say it...so who was that super looking girl in that pink saree? She was really beautiful :P

Ahha! Indian food...oh man Im hungry now!

krystyna said...

Welcome Keshi!
I hope you had a great time.
All the best to the newly married couple.
I'll be back to look at the pictures. Now there are empty place.
Have a wondeful great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you should have told me, I would have sent them your way ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back sweetie!!! WE all missed you soooo much. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time. Hope we get to hear more about it. Any luck at finding a mate there???



SamY said...

** WB I missed u!

whatz WB :-?

** When ur not ard, it does feel really empty.

awwwwwwwwwwwww ... so is nutty's absence ... blogsphere was dead silent without our glamour gal ... I never felt like blogging

** but I hope to have a beach wedding with my mum's permission, so I can dnace alot hehehe. Will u come?

I wudn't dare miss c'n u dancing :D

** younger one in that pic is a big chatter box

like u :p
btw chk this out - http://www.indianpad.com/story/15119

its quite humorous ... tho the RJ's a jerk :D

my life.... said...

congrats to yr cousin sis on her marriage... she looks pretty... i miss my childhood days looking at those small children... enn eniiyankanintha thirumana nalvaazthugal:)

Jodes said...

dang girl, you are popular!!! 1st time here and thanks for coming by with your sweet comment. how did you find me? anyway which one is one in those pics? you are all gorgeous!!!

Miranda said...

Wow beautiful pics, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Waiting..... :)

Anonymous said...

Waiting..... :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Pics...They look so happy together & I love the jewellery she is wearing in her braid with jasmine flowers :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Jo said...

Hey Kesh, looks like you had a great time out there! The pics say it was a Big fat Tamil wedding! :-) Hope you had a great time.

ari4u said...

Junta = crowd / group of people :-)

Autumn Storm said...

Wonderful photos, full of smiles, colour and happiness, perfect wedding photos. :-)
Good to have you back, Kesh, you were missed.

starbender said...

those beautiful photos are just soooo colorful! Glad U'r back, and glad U had a good time!
' ]

Keshi said...

Margie deary my day can never be bad as long as u r in it. ty for being my sunshine...HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


WC Andrew! Nice to see u here n tnxxxx!


heyy Alice wussup?

awww I thought u already knew who I am hehe. I'm the one in the hot-pink saree...the last photo and many others in between :) Check it out sweetie.


Kuan heyy tnxxx!


Niki u wanna marry me? awww me not les but I wish I could marry u too and Im wishing I was a man right now LOL!


Kautilya I like cannibals ;-)


LOL Praddy that was CUTE! D u speak tamil at home or was it a very sweet gesture just for me? ty so much that was so darn sweet.

naan nalla irrikirren...neer romba cute-a thamil pesirai...:):)

btw my Tamil isnt all that great lol! Cos Im fluent in Sinhalese as that was my 1st language in school.

Hope u have been well Praddy. Missed u all so very much!


heyy Mojindro WC to my world n ty!

yes Im so glad to be bakk with such a loving and wonderful crowd. Such a warm bunch. I have met some awesome human beings here in blogs. Really!


Gandhi WC n tnxxx!

lol thats me and Im not a guy ok???



KJ omg I missed ya! How have u been sweetie HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

ty so much. I will be in ur blog soon. TC n MWAHHH!


Phoenix lol why do they intimidate ya?


Jeevan heyyyy HUGGGGGGGGZ! ty and yes I had lodza fun mate. Nothing like being with ur family. My cousins r just awesome. I love them so very much and I hated to leave em all n get bakk to Aus :(


Neers sweetie I will put em up in the weekend or latest Mon. Cos I still have to upload more pics from the camera onto my PC...yet to do all that :)

tnxxx for stopping by!


heyyya Ghosty!

**Naan onnu marenthetein


ty for the sweet compliments but it wudnt mean anything to me if u forgot me :( :(

hehe trying hard to get ur attention ;-)


Fleiger that wud have been a very sweet surprise :)


Krystyna heyyy tnxxxxx sweetie!


Megzz mwahhhhhh missed u too hun!

had tonz of fun enough to last a lifetime hehe. A mate? not really ;-)


heyyy Samy baby! :)

WB = Welcome Back


Im not a chatter box na awwww...Im a mega chatter box lol!

ok I'll check that link out and let u know what I think, tnxxxxx!


My_Life heyy tnxxx a ton for ur wishes to em! I will pass it on.

yeah I wish I could be sooo tiny and wearing those lovely dresses once again...those were the best days of my life...


G'day Jodes and WC to my world!

**how did you find me? anyway which one is one in those pics? you are all gorgeous!!!

Im sure I found u through one of my blog-mates' comment sections. Im glad I found ya :)

Which one am I? Im the girl in the hot-pink saree. tnxxx sweetie!


Miranda ty sweetie HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


KK lol ok soon it'll all be up.

Now dun forget to have ur sleep, shower, coffee, brekky etc by waiting here on guard for the next post :):)


Sugarlips WC!

awww tnxxx for all the compliments, ur so sweet :)


Jo it sure was a big FAT wedding LOL! There were abt 400 guests and tonz of work to be done b4 the wedding. It was all fun and very exciting :)


Ari heyy tnxxx now I get it :):)


Autumn heyy HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! I missed u too!! Now ur travelling ha? COOOOOOL!


Starbender hey ty matey :) MWAHHH!


mommyof2 said...

Welcome back:-)

Beautiful pics of the wedding and you look beautiful & mysterious:-) Can’t wait to see more pics..

Anonymous said...

Won't forget next time ;)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Gorgeous – you and the pictures! What beautiful fabrics, fascinating women, and the bride and groom look so happy. The richness of the colors and the pageantry are exquisite!! I will bet the wedding was a real hoot – hope nobody pestered you about when you were planning on jumping the broom…

Sunita said...

Looks like pearly had a great time:)
Convey my best wishes to the couple!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Ever heard of a male bellydancer before? My friend had one at her sister's hens night in Sydney yesterday..fabulous she said, very exotic :) And..he kept his clothes on, :)

LERA said...

Awesome Images !! capturing lasting memories of the bride, groom and of course ,the effervescent & beautiful Keshi:)

Anonymous said...

oh those are beautifull pictures. They look so happy. I hope you had a grand time. Thanks for stopping on my blog. When things die down here a bit I'll have to go through your archives.

Keshi said...

Mommyof2 heyy tnxxxxx :)


Fleiger next time? Well that'll be soon then cos Im planning to go on a Chrissi break too...somewhere in Aus...I havent thought of that yet :)


G'day Phos hows it going?

yeah everything was so good and I had tonz of fun. My aunts? Well they did pester me but not as much as last time :):)


heyy Sunita HUGGGGGGGGGZ n tnxxxxxxx!

how have ya been?


Cazzie na never! I mean I have heard of male exotic dancers but not a male belly-dancer. Where in Sydney was it, d u know?

**he kept his clothes on

LOL I'd faint if he took em off.


awwww TY Lera huggggggggggz!


Dino WC and tnxxxxx! :) Glad to see u here.


Sunita said...

I m fine, having a great time with our princess(bigman's youngest sister), hv been sanctioned a week's leave so we r flying back to mumbai soon and looking fwd to hv some more fun at home:D

Keshi said...

hey thats great Sunita. Enjoy! :)


:P fuzzbox said...

Those are some awesome pics. It looks like a fairy tale wedding.

Neers said...

Thanks Kesh!! and Hugsss back!! :)

PRADEEP K. said...

Hahaha... :):)

I can speak about 7 languages, and can comprehend a few more.

Hmmm... My knowledge of Sinhalese is limited to a few Dutch words, like advakat and notaris. :):)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Everything here is pretty good. Glad the aunts weren't trying to play matchmaker!!

Anonymous said...

hey keshi,
forgot ot mention last time the background music is also lovely!!!!!!!! cya!!!!

How do we know said...

CONGRATULATIONS Dear, and heres wishing you all the luck for what lies ahead!!

Hazel Dream said...

ahh so you are back , it was so peaceful without you .. and you came back to make us struggle ..
but when there are options who wants peace .. keshi is better :)

Rex Venom said...

Romance and beauty!
Good stuff.
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

heyy! well hney.. you dont have an email id.. attached to ur profile.. wd send you my pics otherwise! or just send me an email to mine, so i will get urs too.. ;)

De.vile said...


Im good, thanks for asking. By the look of the pics and your pretty fuschia sari, im sure your tired but happy, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, looks like you are having a lot of breaks currently :)
And, anything happen at the wedding? ;)

saby said...

i wonder if someone can tell me how to say U SUCK in 7 languages

Kalpana said...

They look gorgeous. You look good. Wish them Happy Married Life from my side.

Rajesh Soni said...

These pictures have shaken my understanding, till now, of south Indian marriages. I have spent 5 years in Bangalore and was of view that south Indians marriages are pretty simple with very less pomp and show. But got a different view from your pictures. The couple looks made for each other. Keshi, What are your plans !


Anonymous said...

hi hi

Pecos Blue said...

Great photos looks like a wonderful wedding and wow what a response you have had. Congrats to your cousin.

Aditi said...

oh my god u look fabulous.. u wont believe that i bought a near identical sari recently..
your cousin looks sooo pretty...
I hope u had a blast..

Anonymous said...








ann said...

keshi... you have 169 comments, welll this will be your 170th here...that is awesome... wowowowowow

I wanted to thank you for visiting my london-love-verse blog and for the lovely words you said about my poem.

this is an amazing blog and the wedding photos are fantastic... looks like everyone had a most wonderful time

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Anonymous said...

yo kesh!
still dreaming about the wedding?? :)

Anonymous said...

hehehe, we missed u too:) and lucky u! now that ur aunties have stopped their "harassment" hehe...enjoy!!!

Cinderella said...

Hey Kesh...party time...huh??

Finally finally finally got net...hurrah !!!!!!

Nw m gonna bo able 2 blog shop like a maniac..hw I've missed it ya.

Looks like the girl's been travelling places ...huh??
good thing.

D picx wr lovely bt ya knw I think d saree cost u a li'l 2 much.
$129 for dt chiffon thingie..???
Naah !!!

India is much b8r..dnt ya thnk??
I love my place.

Neway glad u hd a nice time.Looking 4ward 2 hearing 4m u.
Until then take care.

Luv ya.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures! It must have been the best time. And thanks for stopping by my blog! : )

samuru999 said...

Saby left a message for you at my place!

Hope you are having a great day...
in every single way...
nothing else to say...

gotta run...
to try and catch the sun...
the snow is coming in...
looking kind of grim...
but, I'll just smile...
all the while...
no matter what the weather...
my heart is as light... as a feather!

C'ya later Keshi

lotsa huggggz!


Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW finally I got thru... :)
Hey it was awesome to see the couples decked up and you...! Well, I liked your pic the 8th one...you know why??? coz I could only find you smiling there :)
One suggestion or request...next time when you take a pic think of me ;) and give a terrific smile ok... :D....so am waiting for that pic now :)
Glad to hear you enjoyed...
Cheers and lots of huggggz dear

The Phosgene Kid said...

Have to ask, how come you aren’t married yet - just kidding, couldn’t let you go a day without hearing that question. Looks as though you are doing just fine to me.

Anonymous said...

Heyy Keshi ..awesome pics!!

seems llike you njoyed a lot :)

krystyna said...

Pictures are sooo beautiful !!

krystyna said...

Girl in the beautiful pink dress is soo pretty!

Keshi said...

Fuzzy ty! :)




Praddy lolz tnxxx!

**I can speak about 7 languages, and can comprehend a few more.

WOW thats just awesome!

**Hmmm... My knowledge of Sinhalese is limited to a few Dutch words, like advakat and notaris. :):)

thats quite good. Sinhalese is alot like Hindi...most words r the same as Hindi words. It's Sanskrit dialect.


G'day Phos!

lol they were being the usual aunts and uncles :):)


Preetha hello!

Glad u like the music..thats one of my fav wedding songs ever!


How_do_we_know heyyy ty!


Hazel hows u? :)

**it was so peaceful without you .. and you came back to make us struggle ..
but when there are options who wants peace .. keshi is better :)

haha ty!


Rex hello!

ty so much!


S0ul heyyyya I'll send u an email soonm ty sweetie!


De.vile how have u been? HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

Tired yes! but my heart is all brandnew with love and happiness...ty so much!


Fleiger :)

**Oh my, looks like you are having a lot of breaks currently :)
And, anything happen at the wedding? ;)

yes...the wedding too place..LOL! :):) ok ok nuttin great happened to make a break-through in Keshi's life...but I had lods of FUN ;-)


Saby heyyy!

**i wonder if someone can tell me how to say U SUCK in 7 languages

In Sinhalese
U SUCK = Oya hari kadayak



Kalpana hi sweetie n tnxxx!


Rajesh Soni WC n tnxxx!

**But got a different view from your pictures.

This is a typical Sri Lankan Tamil (Hindu) wedding. I dunno exactly how they do it in South India but must be similar. Cos Sri Lankan Tamils r originally from Kerala of South India.

**The couple looks made for each other. Keshi, What are your plans !

tnxxxx! my plans? Well to have fun everyday of my life and to live as if today is my last day on Earth :)


Swagato helllo! :)


Pecos_Blue heyy tnxxxxxx!


Aditi heyy tnxxxx sweetie and put up som epics of ur's to see na...plzzzzzzz!


Heyyya Bev!


thats so true! The underlying controller in all of us is our culture no matter what. Even if we copy some other culture temporarily, the effects of it will be eventually decided by our original culture.


so true!

tnxxx so much for that clarification Bev! I hope all will read ur comment.


G'day Ann!

**this is an amazing blog and the wedding photos are fantastic... looks like everyone had a most wonderful time

ty darl and ur sooo sweet, MWAHHHH!


Yo Soj!

**still dreaming about the wedding??

lol kinda :):) Its like a dream I dun wanna wake up from...


Yash heyyyyy!

**now that ur aunties have stopped their "harassment" hehe...enjoy!!!

yeah, thy were alot easier to handle than last time...how? I wasnt ard them this time LOL!


OMG look who's here! Cinderella HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ I missed ya!

Im so glad u can blog regularly now...YEYYYYYYYYYYY! :):)

**d saree cost u a li'l 2 much.
$129 for dt chiffon thingie..???
Naah !!!

yeah in Aus they keep all those xtra charges...:(

ty sweetie MWAHHHHHH so glad to have u bakkk!


Anali WC n tnxxxxxx!


Margieeeeee I missed u in the weekend!

Saby left me a msg? ok I'll check it, tnxxx!

**no matter what the weather...
my heart is as light... as a feather!

way to be girl...HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Hello mah sis Dawny!

**next time when you take a pic think of me ;) and give a terrific smile ok... :D

ok the new post is all for ya..SMILING AT YA BABEZ :) HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


White_Forest heyy tnxxxx!



Krystyna hello n tnxxxxxx!

**Girl in the beautiful pink dress is soo pretty!

hehe is that me? ;-) if so ty!


Vikas said...

yeh keshi thats me and my big bro

Keshi said...

So very sweet Vikas!


Priyanka Mahanta said...

Hi Keshi, welcome back. I can see what a wonderful time you guys had at the wedding. You and your cousins are gorgeous... and yeah, you DO look like VJ Sophie...HOT DUSKY BEAUTY. My sis is getting married in Jan and I am getting more excited after going thru your pics. C ya around....

Keshi said...

Priyanka tnxxx HUGGGGGGGZ!

Ur gonna have a great time at ur sis' wedding WOW! Plzz update with pics ok.

VJ Sophie? WOW Im stoked ;-) tnxxx sweetie!


saby said...

u by side
dats how i saw us

her folks and mine
happy and smiling

She is till by my side now DAMN!
and my folks and hers are stll smiling

the jokes on me

Keshi said...

LOL Saby!


Anonymous said...

looking gud in sari :)
n why didnt i find any gossip in the above post?? :D

Keshi said...

heyy Sudeep ty! :)

Gos? mmm I thought it will bore u all :):)