Wednesday, February 6

(Un)Do Me!

Straight after a successful 24hr-long Mental Backup (refer last post), I'm all freshened up to the last cell in my body WOOHOO! And now my brain is clean and ready for another phase of information overload ***rolling eyes***. With Valentines' Day approaching fast, Keshi feels the need for some Cyber Loving cos in real life that man of her dreams is supposedly RIPing in style (shhhh don't say anything please!). Love God says that apparently he died mid-way through his own Backup, aha aha! Anyways, who's gonna be my Valentine this time? Better be a super horny man who likes passionate, noisy, bed-breaking sex. LOL ok I'm just muckin' around with ya...remember right now my brain is feeling like Tom Jones with undies on his face, so just forgive it ok . Anyways this post is about sexy music...not about puke-sappy Valentines shit ok! ***Keshi vomits while 'Right Here Waiting For You' by Richard Marx is being played at the back! urrggggg don't get wasted waiting Richard, get a frikkin life, or better yet Shoes!***.

Ok have you noticed that weird things make you lusty sometimes? Apart from certain sexual fetishes such as lingerie, feet, food, drinks, masks, handcuffs and even ropes (bondage babez oww yes yes yes!), there is music that makes you super lusty. Some songs can turn you on just like that. Well atleast it does the trick for me. I'm such a music maniac..I can't live without music. If it was possible, I'd even put my iPod on in the shower. Yeah, the love of music runs through my veins every second of the day. So back to the post...just tell me, what are the songs that make you moan in pure lust? haaaaaha I'm imagining you all moaning! Well, basically it means songs that are great for, ummm, getting cosy (gawwd you know what I mean!). I have too many songs that get me in the of which is the current song, it totally makes me lose my self control. dammmit I'm at work right now...go take a cold shower Keshi! So get on with your song(s) now (please include the song title and the singer or band). One of the BEST suggestions by you would be applied to this post's 'current music' at the end of all your entries. Thanks my dahlins, now dive in yes yesss yesssss! ;-)

Current Music: Self Control by Laura Branigan

154 Cranium Signets:

Sweetstickychewy said...


the song that never fails to turn me on is....

Red-Blooded Woman by Kylie Minougue.

Moanz Crazily...LOL!!!!:P


Sugababee said...

Rapunzel - Dave Matthews Band no doubt!
A bit off beat for this 'genre' but don't know... its juss yummeh:)

George said...

This is an easy one, Keshi ... David Sanborn and anything on the Pearls CD ... the entire CD is one continuous turn on.

J said...

hhhmmm... left those kindsa genre long time ago. But hey psy trance too has some sexy turning on tracks.. the whole trip infact.

J said...

Arabian Wave - DJ Yoni :D The dark hypnotic world of psychedelic. You gotta listen to it to believe it.

Keshi said...

Amy I like that song too, tnxx hun!

meowwwwwwwww! scratch scratch LOL!


Keshi said...

Suga u listen to DM nice one, tnxx hun!

yummmmeh to the core...ok Im need another cold shower now!


Keshi said...

George hey I never knew David Sanborn b4 today...I listened to his music on YouTube just now. Just WOW! The Sax music rocks! I love it..getting too cosy here ;-)

U hv a great taste in HOT music.



Keshi said...

hey Jono tnxx mate!

I love the video of 'Self Control'...cos there's a man in a mask ;-)

**Arabian Wave - DJ Yoni

where do I listent to this at?


KAYLEE said...

Yes i went to the doc and thanks keshi!!!!!!

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

Okay, hands up, how many had an orgasm while reading this sexual-soup mixture of a post? LOL

The song playing in background should be Exile's I want To Kiss You All Over. This one-hit-wonder came out in the late 70's or early 80's. 1980 I think.

There is another group by the same name. The guys who did this song are very weird looking. They look like psychotic killers. Hunt it up on YouTube.



Jim said...

I get turned on by elderly women with boobs that sag a bit

an ass that is not too firm
ans shakes like jelly when she moves

perfection turns me off
a perfect woman is usually a fake

Jim said...

most guys here wud like to do u
not undo u

BUMBLE!!! said...

I can't say I listen to music that makes me feel like I'm out of control sexually (maybe I should), but alas...


Ben Folds "the Luckiest"
Moldy Peaches "Anyone Else But You"
Polyphonic Spree "Younger Yesterday"
Bobby Darin "I'm Beginning to See the Light"
Jayhawks "All the Right Reasons"
Evan Dando "Hard Drive"

and anything by Slayer (just kidding).

Shionge said...

Wooo....self-control for now is good KEshi :D

Keshi said...

good on ya Kaylz!

TC of ur sweet self.


Keshi said...

heyya Bev!

**how many had an orgasm while reading this sexual-soup mixture of a post?

**hands up** x 1000! LOL!

**Exile's I want To Kiss You All Over

man I checked it out on YouTube! LOL u crack me up Bev. The song is great but the dudes singing it r a big turn off. hahaha I laughed so much watching it thinking abt wut u said.

:)'s a top song!


Keshi said...

hey Jimmy boi ;-)

**boobs that sag a bit

how long d ya want the sag-length to be? LOL!

**an ass that is not too firm
ans shakes like jelly when she moves

ooh lala! I agree...jelly butts r nice. but not wrinkly.

**perfection turns me off
a perfect woman is usually a fake

true I agree!


Keshi said...

Jim again..hi! :)

**most guys here wud like to do u
not undo u

shutup u mofo! LOL!


Keshi said...

heyy Bumble tnxx mate! :)

U've got a unique taste in 'lusty' it!

**Ben Folds

good choice!

**Moldy Peaches "Anyone Else But You"

listened to that song for the first time on YouTube..I absolutely LOVED it. tnxx for letting me know abt this one!

**Jayhawks "All the Right Reasons


**anything by Slayer


tnxx Bumble u rock my boat! ;-)


Keshi said...

hehehe tnxx Shionge!


maverick said...

"would u go to bed with me"


just d song !!

Keshi said...

LOL Mav and the singer/band is?


maverick said...

Touch and go...

Keshi said...

did u just touch me and leave?

LOL ;-)


@purV said...

Mea Culpa - Enigma.. or for that matter Sadness.. can't think of any other..
psy trance ain't bad.. or for that matter rave could classify as well depending on what u've had.. :D

Zhu said...

Ah, don't think of Valentine's day honey! This has been invented to make women feel bad, whether they're taken and don't get gifts, or whether they're single and feel bad about it!

Friendly hug anyway ;)

Keshi said...

Apurv I ADORE Enigma! I hv played many Enigma numbers here in my blog b4..for lusty posts ofcourse :)

Principles of Lust is one of my favs from em!

Rave? Its a band?



Keshi said...

Zhu tnxx! I dun feel bad in Vals Day...I feel like puking. LOL!

btw where's ur song?


Iceman said...

check out what do wise ppl think about LOVE ...

Anyways... for humping, my song would be Principles of Lust, Enigma.

Keshi said...

hey Iceman tnxx!

**Love is something that gets in the way of sex. Women need to understand that time wasted "snuggling" them is time that could be spent humping them.


yeah and thats one of my favs too (Enigma)..I mentioned that just above in my reply to Mav as well.



AVIANA said...


ummm..don't have a particular song's a particular sound...i won't reveal it here cuz the whole world would know!

i was listening to it at work yesterday and today and i had to stop listening to it....

only me can know what it is for now..hopefully i'll meet someone who will like the same sound so we can make gut wrenching, toes curling, sheet grabbing sounds together...



Margie said...

Hi Keshi
**i pod in the shower!!!** LOL!
Do you like Barry White?
My song is.... I'm Gonna Love you Just a little More

Played it this weekend on my getaway to the Mts!

HUGS Keshi!


Keshi said...

Hola Lisssa bonita! :) HUGGGGGGGGZ! Good to see ya girl.

**...i won't reveal it here cuz the whole world would know!

oww cmon dun be so mean. LOL! So wut if the whole world gets to know it? Thats the point of this post. LOL! Pretty plz?? :)

**so we can make gut wrenching, toes curling, sheet grabbing sounds together...

oww owww owwwww I need a day off now!


Keshi said...


**I'm Gonna Love you Just a little More

I so know that one! That big Barry is a sizzling sex machine! ;-)

WOW u played it on ur mountain break? oooh lala I can imagine some mountains erupting LOL Im so bad!

so nice to hv ya bak hun, tnxx!


Keshi said...

Mav hey I just listened to it. WOW u hv some taste!

Really unique song.

This post is revealing all the different LUST tastes ppl hv :) SO COOL!


ALI said...

There are a few which involves me fully....

1a. Mr. saggy... :)
1b. It wasn't saggy... :)
2. Eminem.... :D
3. One by Enrique...not able to recall it...n
4. Making love out of nothing at all. by air supply...this one's romantic...:)



Paul said...

Glenn Campbell's famous "Ann" would have to go at the top of the list I guess:

"I know I'll never meet another hunka woman like my Ann
Oh she makes me feel
Like a great big man
I'm gonna go tell her daddy what I
think about her say thank you man
For givin' me
Your daughter Ann."

I apologize. Song lyrics have always stuck to me, whether I like the song or not as in

"Torn between two lovers
Feelin' like a fool
Lovin both of you
Is breakin' all the rules..."

"I am woman here me roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And I know too much to go back to

OK, I'll stop now.

Keshi said...

Heyya Ali some cool hits there...aww u sound like a very romantic bloke?

I like Air Supply!

Enrique is not bad at all. Altho sometimes he drives me up the walls :)

ty so much!


Keshi said...

hey Paul tnxx mate!

**Glenn Campbell's famous "Ann"

I tried searching for it in Youtube...cudnt find it :(

The lyrics sound pretty good too!! :):)


Jim Dean said...

I am in a fix


Keshi said...

JD ur in a fix as in?


WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

Someone mentioned the song Ann by Glen Cambell.

(Billy Ed Wheeler)
« © '68 Quartet Music »

I know I'll never meet another hunk of woman like my Ann

Cause she makes me feel like a great big man

I'm a gonna go tell her mama what I think about her say thank you ma'am

For giving me your daughter Ann

She sure is stacked from her toes to the pretty little nape

Of her neck she's packed like a seed in a grape she's smooth as marble skin

When I see her I believe I'm a real young guy

And every time I go to work I think I might die if I can't hurry home again

If the good Lord worked all night a makin' me a female plan
I'd say no thanks Lord I'll just keep Ann

[ strings ]

How could I ever look at any other woman when I've got Ann

Oh I feel so good when she takes my hand

I'm a gonna go tell her daddy what I think about her say thank you man
For giving me your daughter Ann

When I come home and I feel like I've been run over

By a ten-ton truck she can rub my shoulders and soothe my aches and pains

If I lose my job and I'm down to a silver dollar

And I feel like a dried up gourd in a holler she soothes my brow like summer rain

If the good Lord worked all night a making me a female plan

I'd say no thanks you Lord I'll just keep Ann

Oh no thanks you Lord I'll just keep Ann

These I think might be the lyrics.

I can find no trace of the song hitting high on the charts.


Keshi said...

tnxx Bev those lyrics rock! I was imagining if a man wud ever write that kinda stuff abt me..o I forgot, baboons dun write!

btw, I searched for the song on wasnt there eitehr :(

Sounds like a very special song to me!


Keshi said...

Need u tonite by INXS is another one I love. Do ya listen to em Bev?


Margie said...

Yes, you are bad, bad, bad!
But, sometimes it's good to be bad!

MWAH, Keshi!
I'm off to Dreamland...nitey nite!


Silvara said...

Ohhhh....some sexy sultry RnB rhythms get me going, but I also love Rob Thomas and Santana's - Smooth - reminds me of hot, sweaty summer lovin'!! :P

Keshi said...

heyyy Silvara gimme some song titles babez.

btw I love Santana and sweaty s..



Keshi said...

lolz Margie nitey nite hun!


Anjuli said...

LOL for 'right here waiting for u' song....

All the Enrique songs turn me on...especially "may be I am addicted"....its one of my favoutites and my URL also is ispired from thr...

and enjoy the Valentine's day anyways...U don't need a guy for that....this will be the first year I will have a virtual celebration on Valentines' so looking forward to it!

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-that's a nice mental backup,I see.:)

Speaking of lusty songs,let me think...right now,I can remember only some deadly oldies from the disco era,
- Love to love you baby-Donna Summers
(youtube link:

- Love in C Minor- Cerrone:

Heard them?

@purV said...

Yeah, actually Principles of Lust would suit better here.. ;)

Rave: Rave music consists of forms of electronic dance music that are associated with the rave scene. Most often, the term is used to describe high in energy music, including some forms of trance music, that features samples, loops and synthesizers. Less intense forms of rave music include ambient music, and chillout music, usually used in separate areas of raves known as "chill rooms" that provide a place for "ravers" to rest and relax from the intense dancing. (Courtesy Wiki)

Well, take my word, its one helluva zone if you can enjoy rave..

maverick said... back. :) u liked the song eh?

Bla said...

Kylie Minogue - "Slow"

CombiChrist - "Get Your Body Beat"

Marilyn Manson - "Slutgarden"

Orgy - "Stitches"

...and many more!


Jim said...

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Jeevan said...

oh that was fun watching song and there is a different face in white!

Nadine said...

Too many to mention. :)

Nadine said...

I thought you would think my last comment was funny.

gunj said...

***Keshi vomits while 'Right Here Waiting For You' by Richard Marx is being played at the back! urrggggg don't get wasted waiting Richard, get a frikkin life, or better yet Shoes!***.

love ur attitude gurl
n my song wud be...can i touch u there...touch you deep michael bolton
ahahaha...jus d thot gets me turned on :D

Anonymous said...

songs dont turn on
but when i'm turned on, songs help :)

Hush deep purple is a favorite.. i have got great memories with it :)

Cinderella. said...

Aww...girl...this post's made me want some right now !!! Ok, not some, I aint the one to settle for with "some" anytime..I want lots..he he !!
And about the songs, bebe there are so many. And recalling them right now ould be torturaing myself to death..
But anyway,I'll take that..just to feel that yearn again and wait for 21st to come...
*winks like a devil*

1.Lets make a night - Bryan Adams
2.I wanna be your underwear - Bryan Adams
3.Erotica - Maddona
4.Lust - Nirvana
5.You make me wanna - Blue
6.Love to see you cry - Enrique
7.You got a way - Shania Twain

Thats a lot for now, also too much for my patience i'll stop at that.

Love ya !

Die Muräne said...

I think 'simply red' is very sexy and erotic. Unfortunately it doesn't fit to have sex then, because I like to push very hard and fast ;DDDD said...

Brian Adams wants to be ur underwear Keshi :D LOL

In mischievous mood 2day so plz excuse.

How about going on a date? I know I'm a bit of introvert but seems you hav a lots of stuff to talk on;)(i mean u speak about a lots of topics.) said...

Hey we must not forget Enrique for Hero and Addicted. It makes me feel like I'm a butterfly sucking honey:) LOL

the stygian sailor said...

Did you levitate out of a bad block to rejuvenate for an information overload??? A strange fetish you have there.
Mush melody apart, I like the idea of a cold shower, a joint shower if I am allowed to suggest :)

Lapa said...

Better after visiting you blog and these great pictures.

Seema said...

Nice to be here always :) keshi u are really innovative on each and every post:) keep it going sweets it was a pleasure to cya at the Clouds :)

Helen said...

Um, most definitely D'yer Maker by Led Zeppelin. Those opening chords and then Plant's moans just do it for me every time.

But I've always been the love 'em and leave 'em type and I love to see a man beg ; O

Asha said...

HeHe!! Glad you are back!

Valentine's day is so commercialized here, it has become ridiculous.If something makes you depressed instead of making you happy, it's not worth celebrating in my opinion! Romance is overrated anyway!:)

Paul said...

Bev, LOL, I can't believe someone else on the planet remembers that.

I'm afraid that in junior high or early h.s. I went through a Glen Campbell phase. I was duped. I'd heard "Galveston" on the car radio, which actually I still kind of like. But it was downhill from there...

Kind of like "I'm a Believer" from the Monkees, the very first pop song that caught my attention and let me to buy it as my first record with my fifth grader's allowance - a single that I think had Not Your Steppin Stone on the flip side. That wasn't bad and I think was a hit for them too, so kind of odd that it was used for a B-side.

Keshi: But for pure animal sensuality, we can't forget Australia's own Olivia Newton John:

Let's get physical, physical,
I wanna get physical
Let's get into physical...
Let me hear your body talk
Your body talk...

It was her delivery though, that really made the song. At this point in her career, she had apparently achieved fame without orgasm. It was like listening to my mom sing it, or like it had been written for but wisely left out of the score for The Sound of Music. (Sorry mom...)

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Hmmm quite a hot post we have here now,don't we!

One song which instantly comes to my mind with regards to being a turn-on is

"Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai" from the movie "Jism" :)

Sam said...

Butterfly - Crazytown
Outrageous - Sherlyn Chopra
My humps - Black eyed peas (used hate it once!!)
I wanna be your underwear - Bryan Adams
Kuch kasme - Shaan (god!! the dance that you can do this one.. trust me it drives me wild!! ;))
Principles of Lust - Enigma
Could I have this kiss forever - Enrique & Whitney
La Isla Bonita - Madonna
That don't impress me much - Shania Twain (let teh girl play this song.. and i'm not responsible for anything after that ;))
There was this song way back in '87 called Boom Boom... i dunno if you knw dat one.. dat ws the first x-rated song i heard!! Was still a few summers short of 10 i suppose!! :P
there were a few more.. can't recall offhand!!

Jim Dean said...

I have 2 women that love me
and the other found out about the other

captain corky said...

I'm a big fan Sarah mclachlan's. Her music is amazing for... every occasion. ;)

Stace said...

I'm tagging you Keshi! Check my blog for what to do :)

Ravi said...

# Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
# Wicked Game - Chris Isaak
# Against All Odds - Phil Collins
# All I Want is You - U2
# I Love You - Sarah Mclachlan
# Love to Love You, Baby - Donna Summer
# Enigma CDs

Keshi said...

Sex Goddess is bak!




Keshi said...

hey Anjuli :)

'Addicted' by Enrique is a very romantic song! I like it.

**enjoy the Valentine's day anyways...U don't need a guy for that

yep. I hv done that for many years now...spent it all by myself, with no guy n all. Guess who I buy chocs for on Vals' mum. LOL she's adorable!

tnxn hun MWAH!


Keshi said...

heyya Amit hows it going? :)

**Love to love you baby-Donna Summers

ofcourse I know that one. Cool number!

**Love in C minor

Just listened to it on sounds like a cool Disco number. Love it!

tnxx Amit! :)


Keshi said...

Apurv Im gonna be 'rave'n soon ;-) tnxx for sounds like really cool music!


Keshi said...

Mav yes I like it ;-)

btw now that ur bak Im bak from ER as well LOL!


Keshi said...

Bla mah boi hows ya?

Slow by Kylie is super hot. Personally I think Kylie is a top sedcutress..a born queen of passion :)

**CombiChrist - "Get Your Body Beat"

checked it out. It absolutely had me in awe. Something so very erotic abt the music. WOW! ty for that.

**Marilyn Manson - "Slutgarden"

This guy is eerily hot..for some reason he scares me as well as intrugues me. I love this song. Knew it before as well. VERY SEXY.

**Orgy - "Stitches"

Bla u hv TERRIFIC taste in hot music! WOW I love these guys.

tnxx a ton! UR SUPA HOT ;-)


Keshi said...

LOL Jim u crack me up!

** I am not a good


**sister complity marred

ofcourse, cos she's MARRIED, she has to be MARRED. LOL!

**iam doing postal sarvice and tailor master

LOL he's a postman plus a tailor hahahahahaha!

Very Valentines-dayish...tnxx! :):)


Keshi said...

Jeevan dun u think the man in the white mask is HOT ;-)

Where's ur song btw?


Keshi said...

hahaha Nadine! :)

love ya!


Keshi said...

hey Gunj ;-)

**can i touch u there...touch you deep michael bolton

I know that one....quite NOTORIOUS! :) I always wondered WHERE Michael meant by 'THERE'. LOL!


Keshi said...

hey Lash!

**can i touch u there...touch you deep michael bolton

that too :)

**Hush- Deep Purple

great song! And the video rocks too.



general_boy said...

Massive attack - Be Thankful for What You've Got.

But trust me Keshi... you will *NOT* be putting the video clip for this one on your site. ;)

Keshi said...

heyy Cinderella sweetie!

**this post's made me want some right now


**And recalling them right now ould be torturaing myself to death..

haha Im quite used to doing that!

**..just to feel that yearn again and wait for 21st to come...

ooh lala!

**1.Lets make a night - Bryan Adams

I love it! BA is soooo darn hot. I want a BF like him. LOL!

**2.I wanna be your underwear - Bryan Adams

Bryan can be my underwear anytime!

**3.Erotica - Maddona

she's hot! Like that song too.

**4.Lust - Nirvana

Im such a BIG Nirvana fan but I never heard of a song named LUST by them. U sure this is by Nirvana??

**5.You make me wanna - Blue

Just checke it out...great song!

**6.Love to see you cry - Enrique

This one's got such hot music!

**7.You got a way - Shania Twain

love that darn romantic!

Nice list girl, MWAH!


Keshi said...

heyya Murane!

**'simply red'

they r hot yes!

I like 'Stars' from them the best.

u like to push hard n fast? LOL too much info thats making me wild ;-) ooh lala!


Keshi said...

hey Mayur hows ya?

**Brian Adams wants to be ur underwear Keshi

I hv no COMPLAINTS whatsoever! I'll wear him everyday LOL!

I love Bryan...he's HOT.

Enrique's songs r very romantic..he's not one of my FAVs but the guy made some good music.

tnxx Mayur!


Keshi said...

heyyya Stygian!

**A strange fetish you have there.

Fetishes r supposed to be 'strange' ;-)

**I like the idea of a cold shower, a joint shower if I am allowed to suggest

SEXXXXAAAY! shower or bath? LOL!

btw where's ur song?


Keshi said...

haha Lapa thats good to hear! :)


Keshi said...

aww tnxx Seema MWAHHHHHHHH!


Keshi said...

Helen ty for comin here amidst ur busy schedule. MWAH!

**D'yer Maker by Led Zeppelin

OMG thats one of my favs too! The opening moans sends shock waves down my spine. LOL! LOVE IT. It's an erotic song to the core.

I love to see a man beg too hehehe...

tnxx hun n hey dun torture him for too long ;-)


Keshi said...

hey Asha HUGGGGGGGGGZ n tnxx hun!

**Romance is overrated anyway!

I so agree. I hate Vals Day for it's corny commericialism. Red roses and teddy bears? Fuck em all.



Keshi said...

heyya Paul tnxx!

I like the Monkees too oyeah :)

** she had apparently achieved fame without orgasm

lol! Olivia NJ is ok...she's got a cool voice...but she never tempted me off my limits, if u know what I mean ;-)


Keshi said...

hey Sameera tnxx hun!

**Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai" from the movie "Jism"

awwwwwwwww thats one of my fav HOT Hindi numbers! Wud u believe it if I said that it's in my iPod as well. Btw I even played it on my blog for a naughty post long time ago. Good choice hun!


WP2007 said...

Hi Paul

Hi Keshi

I don't remember Glen Cambell or the song. I have access to one of the largest data bases on the planet.

I'm a fan of Jimmy Webb the writer of most of Glen Cambell's songs.

I know this may sound weird but my favorite song is MacArthur Park.


Keshi said...

hey Sam tnxx!

**Butterfly - Crazytown

hey thats a very cool song!

**Outrageous - Sherlyn Chopra

nice one! thats a hot chick too. She looks a bit like Priyanka Chopra...

**My humps - Black eyed peas (used hate it once!!)

I hate it LOL!

**I wanna be your underwear - Bryan Adams

o Bryan ur most Welcome! lol!

**Kuch kasme - Shaan

cudnt find this one on Youtube...

**Principles of Lust - Enigma

One of my favs!

**Could I have this kiss forever - Enrique & Whitney

I like Enrique but not to the extent that I go gaga over him :):)

**La Isla Bonita - Madonna

Nice old one!

**That don't impress me much - Shania Twain

cute one :)

I dunno that Boom Boom it by the VengaBoys?

tnxx Sam!


Keshi said...

Jim u n ur WOMEN probs!


Keshi said...

hey Captain!

**Sarah mclachlan's

Love her!


Keshi said...

Stace sure hun..will come see ya soon. :)


Keshi said...

heyya Ravi!

**# Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers

awww such a romantic one. I love it.

**# Wicked Game - Chris Isaak

This is a HOT one! perfect song for foreplay...;-)

**# Against All Odds - Phil Collins

one of my old FAVs!

**# All I Want is You - U2

cool number! LOVE U2.

**# I Love You - Sarah Mclachlan

She's a great singer.

**# Love to Love You, Baby - Donna Summer

yeah hot 70s number!

**# Enigma CDs

My favs!

tnxxx Ravi that was a cool list!


KAYLEE said...

I AM sO HAPPY TODAY :) hows u?

Keshi said...

hey Boy!

**Massive attack - Be Thankful for What You've Got.

:) I watched the video. Great song btw. And I like Massive Attack.

Ur spot on...I dun think I can put it on my site..purely for one she really a woman? LOL! Somehow she looked like a transvestite.


Keshi said...

G'day Bev!

**MacArthur Park.

LOVE THAT SONG! U know some really good music Bev.


Keshi said...

Kaylz Im so happy to hear that. Since ur happy today, Im happy too! :)


jitendra said...

"i want to be your underwear" is a lust-inducer :D

KAYLEE said...

oh good to hear that a happy dayy to me is a day that I am not suffering!!!LOL:)

Keshi said...

tnxx Jitterz :)

Love BA!


Keshi said...

And for me too Kaylz :)


Rex Venom said...

You know, having spent my time on the Sea, I am pretty handy with a knot....
Rock on!

willlheim said...

i haven't heard that song in a million thousand years!

Music is my love and my life!

Vest said...

I know what turns you on, having spent 10 years with you in the jungle, + 3 kids.
My Shlong is my song.

Jim: So Jim loves Tits that head south, just like his dick.

Jim said...

u can have all the young girls
just let me have all the old girls


KAYLEE said...

so glad hope today is good?

Jim said...

today is Ash Wednesday
christians are reminded that

all the cosmetics and boobs enlargement aids and dick pills and viagara

wont help

u r going to age
and die one day

u will soon just be a memory in the hearts of the guys u have loved

and that memory too will soon fade
dust thou art
and to dust
thou shall return

EBEZP said...

Well Keshi there really is only one......
Feel like Making Love by Bad Company

Rock Sex!

Keshi said...

haha Rex tnxx! ;-)


Keshi said...

WC in here Willz! :)


Keshi said...

hey Vesty LOL @My Shlong is my song! U funny guy. :):)

hahahahahahaha @Jim's saggy boob love!


Keshi said...

Jim u can hv alot of granmas but u'd hv to wait till ur next bday to get turned on?



Keshi said...

Im glad too Kaylz :)


Keshi said...

hey Jim its Ash Wed is it.

**u r going to age
and die one day

I know. but lets not die today ;-)


Keshi said...

heyyy Simon u ROCK too ;-)

**Feel like Making Love

checked it out on Youtube. It ROCKS! mainly the guy who's singing. Whoaaaaaa he's something!


Keshi said...

tnxx Guys..competition closing soon...

tick tick tick tick...



Jim said...

i get turned on by movies and songs such as

Mrs Robinson
the summer of 42

a young guy loosing his cherry to mature women

Beach Bum said...

Back before I was married in my wilder days I came home on leave from the army and met a college girl taking a semester break at her family's beach house on Pawleys Island. We hung out together for a couple of simple movie/dinner dates but after a few nights of just hanging out on the town she made me dinner at her place. It was raining after dinner when she grabbed my hand and lead me to the bedroom. She put on Van Morrison's "Moon Dance" album and we made love to those songs all that night.(Dammit I don't mean none stop, we would go at it like rabbits, rest and go again.) Sometime later I bought the CD and still get that "feeling" when I pull it out (the CD) and play those songs. The girl and I drifted apart and lost contact but many times I think that if a few things had been different I would have married that girl.

Jim said...

the first time it happened to me

i was reading BATTLE CRY
a soldier on shore leave
and he has limited time with his girl

thats the day i realized that my dick doesnt just pee only

Keshi said...

Those 2 songs ROCK Jim! I love em.


Keshi said...

BB that's a soft, sultry yet romantoc experience. WOW it just blew me away! The emotional contact like that w.o. any sex is really kinky.

** Van Morrison's "Moon Dance"

I LOVE IT! One of my favs too.

aww u wish u had married life, alot of things dun happen the way we wish for em to...



Keshi said...

hey Jim!

**thats the day i realized that my dick doesnt just pee only

too much info urrrrrrrg!


Jim said...

I envy BEACHBUM and american guys

in india if u want to have funn in bed

u gotta marry her first
or promise to marry

i gott all my sex
by paying for it

when i cudnt afford the payments
i married

KAYLEE said...

Hey keshi are you somewhere where you can get an email? i have a question too ask you but dont want to do it here can i email ya?

Jim said...

u r hungry for food or sex
and the girl next door
gives u food or sex

dont mean
u gotta marry her

Vest said...

Ok everyone. The winner of all time was 'Dead eye Dick'

Google: 'The Ballad Of Eskimo Nell'.

That man knew how to bonk.

Jim said...

I am curious
what does KAYLEE want to ask u?

Jim said...

who the fuck made u judge VEST?
all u think of is bonking


Keshi said...

Sudeep said:

Hiya babes.. wassup? Since blogspot is blocked cant come arnd to comment (though have been reading stuff thru google reader)
For the song ques on ur recent post.. i can think of Bheege Honth Tere from Murder movie. It always reminds me of someone ;-). I m rushing home now frm office so will give u a link tomorrow.

keep posting.. keep smiling :)
tk care.. hugzz

Keshi said...

Jim, if u want u can be American in ur attitude altho u live in India, when it comes to r'ships.

**when i cudnt afford the payments
i married

LOL u serious?


Keshi said...

Kaylz shoot!

email ofcourse ;-)


Keshi said...

lolz Vesty will check it out soon tnxx!


Keshi said...


**all u think of is bonking

isnt that the same with u? :)


Keshi said...

heyy Sudeep long time mate! Hows u? :)

tnxx for being 'current' with my blog anyways..u r sweet!

**Bheege Honth Tere from Murder movie.

LOVE that song...its one of my Hindi favs too!

TC n stay in touch like u do!


Jay said...

WOW! Am I late or what??

How bout "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole

And "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker.

Maybe some good mood music by Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra?

Keshi said...

I cudnt find that song Vesty...:(


Keshi said...

Jay nah u aint late. Just in time :) tnxx!

U hv some very FINE taste in music my friend...WOW! Nat King Cole, Joe Cocker, Dean Martin and Sinatra..I LOVE!


Vest said...

Keshi: It isn't a song -just a bawdy poem, but not for the faint hearted, explicit to say the least.
'The Ballad of Eskimo Nell' on Google.

Anonymous said...

* blinks in astonishment :)

er! i read this post and went off to hunt for a song.. :-|

and i still feel the one that WAS on your blog yday was sexcy!


Keshi said...

oh ok Vesty I'll check it out. tnxx! :)


Keshi said...

aww really Veenz? tnxx hun MWAH!

So wuts ur song? Its ok, u can tell me.


Judge Arse said...

Personally I'm so damn old and tired and have so many ailments that sex is the last thing on my mind. Any more the only thing I like about valentine's day is the candy, which is the thing I liked as a child. I think the older we get the more we turn back into children! Next thing you know I'll be in the park swinging and scaring all the little tykes.

Keshi said...

ur not old Judge...

HUGGGGGGGS n tnxx for the funny comments :) u really crack me up!