Friday, February 8

Keshi Street

Since it's Friday and a perfect day to unwind, Im playing Miss.Tiggy Taggy today. My dearest friends Cinderella and Badshah Khan wanted me to do this tag ages ago and today is the day guys. Sorry about the delay, you know how busy I can get with my sultry posts ahemm! So yeah, finally here it is. Diving in now, enjoy!

1. Name Three Most Valuable Assets?

Emotionally: Music, Friends, Beach

Physically: Limbs, Eyes, Ears

Spiritually: Love, Compassion, Freedom

2. If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one?

I do have a chance right now to say it and they know that even after I die, my love for them that's left behind would never die. As long as they know that, my life has been LIVED.

3. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you?

If I could choose the people I wanna be lost with, then this sounds like a well-planned adventure right LOL! I'd rather analyse my strengths and abilities with the Bloggers that I end up with in the Island. So let my fate decide that.

4.Where is the place that you want to go the most?

Home. That's where my heart is.

5.If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be?

My dad to come back to life for just one day if it's possible. We have alot to catch up on. I was 16 and he was 44 when he died. I wonder how we'd recognise each other if we were to meet today. I wanna hug him and tell him everything...

6.Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most?

I don't wanna carry regrets, cos I believe every damn thing, good or bad, happens for a reason...we become who we are, cos of our experiences.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?

My mum. I can deal with even losing myself, my mind, my everything...but to even imagine losing my mum makes me tremble in total fear. I don't think I'd be able to handle that kind of pain ever again in my life.

8.What would you do if you found a briefcase full of money?

I'd hand it over to the Police.

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?

I would, for I believe tomorrow never comes.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you...

3 is just not enough! o well I'm being very honest here, Cinderella is a smart, beautiful and adorable girl. Badshah Khan is a friendly, honest and smart dude. Huzzah! ;-)

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?

Requirements? I don't 'require' things from anyone. Just be himself...that'll do, and we'll work out the rest from there. Basically I dislike pretentious and immature guys. One more thing, I love a guy with a great sense of humor. No it's not a requirement, just a great quality to have, by nature ofcourse.

12.Which type of person do you hate the most?

I hate jerks (I'm a jerk-magnet btw), people who look down upon less-fortunates, people who gossip and spread rumors, cry-babies who whinge endlessly, slaves of society, egoistic sons/daughters of bitches/bastards. ooops sorry I got carried away!

13.What is your ambition?

I used to have many ambitions when I was in school. And that was to go to Uni, earn a few degrees, acquire a great career, have my own car, live life independently etc...all of which I have achieved now. What's next? I don't know. I'm kind of awkward about ambitions right now. Actually I don't give a shit about them anymore. Cos I have realised that life is very fragile. Some people die without even achieving one single dream of their's...and that breaks my heart. While there must be dreams and goals in life to guide you, I take it very easy now. And if I'm not here tomorrow, I can safely and confidently say I LIVED my life to the fullest...cos I only lived for TODAY.

14.What is the thing that will make you think someone is a bad person?

We are all 'bad' (and 'good') in our own ways. Some people don't gel well with me and vice versa, that's all. There used to be a time when I used to go after people trying to make them understand my point etc. Not anymore. It's just a waste of my time and emotions. We all have a head and a heart each. If I can 'think' and 'feel', they should too. And if they don't, then it's not my problem.

15.Christmas is coming, who do you like to celebrate with?

HUH when? I thought Christmas was over. Ok maybe I live in Mars duh! Who do I like to celebrate it with? hmmmm my family and friends ofcourse...Christmas or any other celebration means nothing, if not for loved-ones.

16. If you could do one thing different in life, what would it be?

I have been to hospitals and hospices doing charity in small scales. But that's what everyone else does. It has become more of a feel-good factor than actual charity. So if I wanna do something really 'different' in life, it would be to try and help a family-member who's in real need. I feel that alot of people fail to or find it hard to help their own families. There's alot of friction between family members, and helping one another has become an issue of jealousy and competition. So, if I can help someone in my family without expecting anything in return, when he/she really needs help, that would be a real achievement for heart would bloom in genuine happiness.

17. Are you a shopaholic or not?

I can be quite a dramatic, hopeless, alarming, bitchy shoe-whore buying 4 pairs in one shopping trip, but at the same time I can be a careful, wise, sensible and mature shopper girl when I need to be. So, it all depends on my mood. When I need some retail therapy, I'd go for it without second thoughts.

18. What is your stress buster?

Music ofcourse. If not for music, there'll be roses growing on my grave right now.

19. How important is love for you to get physically intimate with a person ? Be honest here. Not rational.

I may look and sound easy, but I'm a real tough cookie to crack. :) I can't get physically intimate with a guy if I'm not in love with him. And even after falling in love, it can take a while to drag me to bed, perhaps a century's wait will make your wish come true. LOL! Basically, I respect both my body and soul.

20. How do you deal with a friend who has wronged you?

I have had that happening to me quite a few times here in blogville and outside as well. I have worried so much over some strained relationships. But not anymore. All I know is I'm not afraid of admitting it when I'm wrong...and if others can't accept their mistakes gracefully and move on, then I aint gonna go after them either. I get easily bored with pride and ego. Sometimes we have to open our eyes and hearts, and realise that we can be very wrong too. And it takes alot more courage to apologise than to defend yourself.

So yeah, there it is. I'm not tagging anyone in particular. You are free to do it if you want to. Thanks Cinderella and Badshah Khan for giving me this wonderful opportunity to open up to new revelations about myself and my life. HUGS, have a lovely weekend all!

Current Music: Baby I Love Your Way by Will To Power

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Iceman said...

I am a jerk! :P

Jay said...

That was an interesting meme. It's always fun to learn more about you Keshi.

@purV said...

Well, interesting.. just a couple of things stuck me the moment i read this post..

Ans 2) Tout le monde (megadeth) written all over it..

Ans 3) bloody diplomatic ;)

Ans 5 & 7) Can't say a word on this.

Ans 13) you've had the luck.. great stuff..

Ans 16) keep it up!

Ans 17) difficult to believe! :D

And 19) tough cookie to crack.. lol

ghee said...

hello Keshi dear!!

its been a while,sorry ive been too busy.

that was funny,youre a jerk magnet?hahaa!i love the number 5,i miss my dad,too,and i wish i could meet him even one day.

TGIF!!!and i know that youre gonna enjoy your weekend :)


Whitesnake said...

Beautifully put......and Baby, I love your way!

Am I allowed to say that?

Margie said...

Hi Hun
I just read your comment at my blog, and came here to leave a meessage on your last post, but see you have this new one up.

Loved it.
And, I know how much you wish you could have your dad back for one I wish I could make that come true for you.

You are a sweetheart.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Hey, I'm getting better, and am going to do as you told me...
You are BAD!!!! LOL!!!
I will....I will....nice surprise for someone...huh? hehehe!!!



La vida Loca said...

that waaas interesting :)

Nadine said...

I love the many sides of you. The part about your dad, I totally understand. My died when I was 27 and it was still tough.

Solitaire said...

Wow Keshi. You literally poured your heart. Found out so much about you through this write-up. Hugs!

Sam said...

Interesting and good to read!!

Ghost Particle said...

I say hi...jst that im so down baby.... :(

Dawn....सेहर said...

Lengthy tag but interesting to read every bit of it dear :)
and awesome pic to go with too :)

Good to explore ma sis :)

Take care dear

badshah khan said...

yeps ... It was sweet

"Iam a jerk". A man who knows he is a fool is a wise man. Don't know abt woman. Anyway I get a few more adjectives for me ..SMART...hmmmmm

Jeevan said...

That’s a different in life keshi; every one must do to make different on others life when they need us.

"And if I'm not here tomorrow, I can safely and confidently say I LIVED my life to the fullest..." loved it as always. I read enjoying your answers, some are very moving too :)

Endevourme said...

well...well...this is second time i could make out something from ur post and i enjoyed reading it too :D!!
yes we do have a few things in common too,,,keep it up!

Ghost Particle said...

oooo...BIpasha... Noice! :p

bback after sleep luv. have to read dis post properly. said...

Hi Keshi,

This post is awesome. Got to know more about my first friend in blogsville!
Be d same!


Gonecase said... to know you a lil bit better but don't even think that am gonna tell you that, lol.

PS. I couldn't relate all those chaddi-revealing pics with the post, though I liked them ;-)

Ziah said...

Girlie, I'm touched! * Hugs! *

Here's a quote from an old poem I remembered, just for you -
"Not all that is gold will glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost,
The old that is strong will not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost."

Tk care & God Bless you. :)

maverick said...

hmm..interesting tag...liked it..bahu t hi honest tha... :)..well and abt ur hindi skills...does ur profile ve to mention the expert level?? :) said...

Hi Keshi,

Some people in life logs out of life
reason can be poor connection or corrupt file
They keep coming in thoughts
And eyes becomes as wet as river nile!

May god fulfill your wish to bring your dad back not just for a single day but forever.

Have a gr8 weekend.


AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-I can't help but clap,reading this totally honest-to-goodness post.I'm almost afraid to take the tag myself(All the more reason for me to take up the challenge), for fear that I wouldn't manage to answer so well.

Going home,saying that 'life has been lived',wishing for your Dad to come alive(I wish the same for my Mom-she was 46 then),handing over a 'found' briefcase of month over to the police- all of them held my attention,till the end of the post. And,ahem ahem,to the 'sense of humour' point.haha.

Cheers,TC,have a splendid weekend.

Prats said...

There is so much to you than what you've shown here ain't there Kesh???
You are a very sensitive person...and really loving...
Great answers...

Jim said...

u r a lovely person
as a woman u have nice boobs and ass

what more can a man want?

Jim said...

dont wish for what u cant get
u silly brown blonde

your dad is history
and your mom will join him too
some day

get a man
who will be mom and dad to u
and a great lover too

i wud suggest VEST
but he is a one woman man

I am not

Anonymous said...

Keshi.. aww! I am all glad I know so many things about you.

really.. so many new new things!

Lovzz and hugzz

love u.. interestingly...I am devloping lesbian characterstics.. i m going to stop visiting your blog ;P


take care.. girl and njoi the weekend ... kisses!

priya said...

Loved it Keshi and the pics too;)

KPs View! said...

nice tag keshi...:)

where is home?

you have to give the name of the 3 bloggies....u cant be politicaly

Sorry to hear abt ur dad....I hope u get ur wish....:)

take care and have good weekend

we got game on sunday..indi vs aus....good luck to both of us!
May the best team wins!

Sweetstickychewy said...

Hello Keshi. :)Loved reading the tag. Think u did it really well sweets!:D Enjoyed the read.

You have really grown as a person.:)

Neha said...

Hey babe!!!!Nice to know ur having fun out trying to be back to this blogging world!I am happy! And married :)

Standbymind said...

:) interesting...
one long tag..
but very nice!!

just mad said...

Just one question.

How do you find time to write so much???

Vik said...

That was like a long list .. 20 questions but it was all nice... Interesting memo sorts. I can be a shopholic. I get into depression if I don't shop LOL.

Cinderella. said...

Girl, that was a real interesting tag...nicely done.
Good job !!
I liked this particular tag, coz it really allowed me to have a insight into myself...and guess it was the same for you too girl, eh ?
Good going !

BUMBLE!!! said...

Jeez... those are some personal questions.

That said, you didn't tag me, so I have an excuse for not answering them.

At least for now...
maybe later - it's time to drive the fast food stretch and get something to eat.

tqmcintl said...


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Keshi,
Thanks for your post. You had an honest to goodness revelations about yourself. It's nice to know more about you. God bless.

maverick said...

And even after falling in love, it can take a while to drag me to bed, perhaps a century's wait will make your wish come true.

really????damn :(

Steph said...

If you found a bag of money you'd hand it in???? Oh my, you're a better person than me ;)

The Grunt said...

I can tell from this meme that your priorities are right.

The Phosgene Kid said...

My ambition: make a decent curry...

Nora said...

I love your reply to #12! :)


Nachi said... the tag post!

managed to get online today after like ages...finally missing all my blogger buddies got the better of the lazy me! ;)


Kalpana said...

very interesting. :).

K M F said...

another wounderfull post

the stygian sailor said...

you re a tough cookie??? then i am the cookie cracker :)
ok. this is too much. sailor has to set sail again. bye :)

Anonymous said...

Nice knowing more about you & your thoughts...nicely done tag!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey !

thatz a lotta posts i missed out on ....

was great reading !

The Phosgene Kid said...

and she's off - to the shoe store!!

Anjuli said...

nicely done Keshi....

some naughty pics there ;-P

and LOL@ jerk magnet :-D

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Well done!

You made a tag look so interesting :D

I think am going to do it as well :D
Liked your answers .. and all of them! I like doing tags at times ... you get to know others in a better way and you get to know yourself too when you do them :)

Have a great weekend!


Miladysa said...

Hello Keshi

Hope you are enjoying your weekend :]

KAYLEE said...


Compassion Unlimitted said...

When light passes thru thru the prism,the beautiful spectra of seven colurs emerge.

And when questions pass thru the prism of Tags,what a wonderful spectra of the person emerges.

Wonderful Gal! Have a great time ahead

willheim said...

k, i don't know what is more interesting, your blog or the responses!

i like this new word "tag". I have never heard that before.


KAYLEE said...

I have ben in the er since thursday night and gothome today but hve to goi back monday for more tests :( so i might not be on monday!!!!!!!

KAYLEE said...

btw will email you tuesday!!!!!!!!! ok? cause i dont want to tell all the details here lol!

Pankaj Gupta(Harmony) said...

hi keshi-
how r u my dear frnd. i missd u a lot. well very busy these dys in job and all but will be back soon(ummmm...think so@!)and hey..u really Rocks u tk cr.bye.

Anonymous said...

Geeeeeeeeeeee Kesh, i got to do lot of catching up, thnx to my damn blogroll which gets snooty at times during last weeeeeek......

quite candid posts ha ? i love you for the way you write, total bindaas and perky!! i wrote the similar way on my 2nd blog..but for some fkin looser anony commenter, i saw lot of hate posts for me, first it waas 2 bloggers n christmas time n then last week it was one more........

damn looooosers!!!!!

BTW great tag this, i m havin this tag pendin since so many days, but wud do it!!!!!




Jim Dean said...

I am not doing tags
but i revealed my self in the raw to my self and I invited a few close friends to read this secret blog

its an autobiography that i keep updating

wud u like to see me in the raw?

mail me

gunj said...

boy i love d pictures u put up here!
tells me bou d heart uve put into this blog!!
n neat tag babe!!
as always...undiluted keshi!!
viva forever!! :)

Ghost Particle said...

//8.What would you do if you found a briefcase full of money?

I'd hand it over to the Police.// I guess you have good policemen in Aussie. Dont you wanna buy shoes Keshi? :p

U wrote a very good list here.

Keshi said...

Iceman no wonder Im attracted to ya! ;-)


Keshi said...

tnxx Jay :)


Keshi said...

hehe Apurv tnxx!

**17) difficult to believe! :



Keshi said...

aww tnxx hun @Ghee. HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

definitely White_Snake ;-) n tnxx!


Keshi said...

Hey Margie I hope u had a great wknd and I hope ur feeling better now? After removing ur clothes n all LOL! :) HUGS!

**how I wish I could make that come true for you.

aww u r def an angel in my life!


Keshi said...

ty LaVida!


Keshi said...



Keshi said...

ty sweetie @Solitaire.


Keshi said...

tnxx Sam!


Keshi said...

hey Ghosty u ok?


Keshi said...

hey Mayur tnxx!


Keshi said...

ty Dawny!


Keshi said...

hey Badshah tnxx!

** A man who knows he is a fool is a wise man.

so true!


Keshi said...

aww tnxx Jeevan HUGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

thats nice to know Endevour, tnxx!


Keshi said...

hi again Ghosty :)

yes Bips..she's HOT ay!


Keshi said...

hey Gonecase :)

**I couldn't relate all those chaddi-revealing pics with the post,

thats exactly wut my mind is like...its pretty abstract :)


Keshi said...

but..if u really look close, the pics do relate to some of my answers..;-)


Keshi said...

hey dahlin Ziah!

**"Not all that is gold will glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost,
The old that is strong will not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost."

aww how beautiful is that! TY n MWAH!


Keshi said...

hey Mav!

**well and abt ur hindi skills...does ur profile ve to mention the expert level??

not really :) But Im quite a polyglot.


Keshi said...

aww Mayur tnxx alot!

**And eyes becomes as wet as river nile!

made me cry...


Keshi said...

aww Amit tnxx mate!

**for my Mom-she was 46 then

I know..its so very sad. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! I really dunno how I'd live w.o. my mum...I wanna die b4 her, as selfish as it may sound.


Keshi said...

ty Prats! Im many things ;-)


Keshi said...

hey Jim!

**get a man
who will be mom and dad to u
and a great lover too

A husband can never replace my mum or dad.


Keshi said...

awww Veenz tnxx hun!

**I am devloping lesbian characterstics.. i m going to stop visiting your blog ;P



Keshi said...

ty Priya!


Keshi said...

hey KP :)

**where is home?

my home...wherever I go, comin HOME is where my Heart longs to be.

India Vs Aus...India did well rite? :) Did u see the SL match. LOL!


Keshi said...

aww tnxx Amy!


Keshi said...

Neha u got married? WOW CONGRATTTTZ hun!


Keshi said...

ty SBM!


Keshi said...

hey JM!

**How do you find time to write so much???

If u hv a will, there's always a way...



Keshi said...

haha Vik good on ya!


Keshi said...

aww tnxx Cinderella!


Keshi said...

wut dija get Bumble? :)


Keshi said...

will read later TQM, tnxx!


Keshi said...

ty Mel!


Keshi said...

hi again Mav!

**really????damn :(

now why r YOU sad abt that? LOL!


Keshi said...

hehehe Stepher...naughty girl!


Keshi said...

aww ty Grunty HUGS!


Keshi said...

hahaha Phoso u cracked me up!


Keshi said...

hehe Nora tnxx hun!


Keshi said...

WB Nachi! Missed ya too...:)


Keshi said...

ty Kalpz!


Keshi said...

tnxx KMF!


Keshi said...

heyya Stygian!

**then i am the cookie cracker :)



Keshi said...

tnxx Kalyan!


Keshi said...

tnxx Deepz!


Keshi said...

haha Phos! :)


Keshi said...

lolz Anjuli tnxx hun!


Keshi said...

yes Cheesy thats right. tnxx n HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

I had a good one Milady ta, how abt ya?


Keshi said...

Im good Kaylz ty and urself?


Keshi said...

CU u said it so beautifully. WOWZA!!

ty n HUGS!


Keshi said...

hey Willz ty!

u hvnt heard of the word TAG b4? wow! :)


Keshi said...

Kaylz U OK????


Keshi said...

Pankaj ur ALIVE wow! I was so worried abt ya. Im so glad ur keeping well. So nice to hear from ya mate. HUGGGGGGGGZ!



Keshi said...

hey Ashu tnxx hun!

**..but for some fkin looser anony commenter, i saw lot of hate posts for me, first it waas 2 bloggers n christmas time n then last week it was one more

Ashu is that all? :) if I tellu how many Annony losers hv been trying to get the better of me over the years, u'd be totally traumatised. I hv had annoy ppl who stole my blog Id, cloned me and left nasty comments in other blogs etc etc..for 2years. I didnt give up tho. Cos I believe that if we LET others run our lives, then they will run our lives.

In Buddhism there's a teaching that goes like this:

ppl may talk abt u, try to hurt u, say nasty things abt u etc etc...but it'll only hurt u if u decide to TAKE it all in. So Ashu darling, DUN TAKE ANY SHIT FROM ANYONE. They r only words...let em say it...and u hv the right and ability to IGNORE em.



Keshi said...

Jimmy ok lol!


Keshi said...

aww tnxx Gunj ;-)


Keshi said...

hey Ghosty hows u? :)

** I guess you have good policemen in Aussie. Dont you wanna buy shoes Keshi? :p

hehe no..not from someone else's money. I can never STEAL or TAKE anything that belongs to someone else.


general_boy said...

Hmmm... two panty shots? Am I missing something? Hey I mean that's not to say they're not pleasant... just wondered why! :)

wp 2007 said...

Hi Keshi

1. I'm crazy; I love the outdoors; I've been sober for two days.

2. Rest in peace.

3. Nobody cause I hate everybody.

4. Mars cause is that not the place where they make Mars Bars.

5. Sorry, I only have nightmares.

6. Writing this stupid comment.

7. My mind

8. Pass out.

9. No, I don't plan to meet God.

10. I don't remember who I played tag with when was a kid.

11. Must be good at oral sex.

12. Idiots

13. Ambition--Whats that?

14. When the person is sticking a gun in my ribs while robbing me.

15. Sorry, every joke I can think of insults Jews or Jehovah's Witnesses.

16. Quit writing this comment.

17. No, I shoplift.

18. Seeing an end to this comment.

19. Do I have to know them first?

20. Thanks, that reminds me. I must pay my hitman.

Excuse any mistakes. Did this in a hurry.



Outdoorsy Girl said...

This was a good post to get to know you better! It seems that you have your priorities right, girl!

Have you been a jerk magnet lately? I hope not! Wishing you all the luck! :)

Keshi said...

hehehe Boy I felt 'pantyish' on Friday ;-)


Keshi said...

hahahaha Bev ur crazy! I love the HITMAN one LOL!



Keshi said...

hey Outdoorsy MWAH!

no matter where I go, what I do, I cant seem to kill my jerk-magnet genes!


Shionge said...

Thanks for sharing a part of you with us Keshi :)

Keshi said...

tnxx hun @Shionge!

Im here, sharing my life with u all, til Im here...


Anonymous said...

Yeh keshi, i know how big shithead this anonymous commenters are, but it gets even more nastier when you see a good bloggie dude behave in anonymous way and drop shitty comments on somebody s looks or persona on cbox............

today the same happened and we found out that it was none but one f the common blogger who loves to write abt cricket but gets dickheaded when it comes to commenting.........

not only did he deny his involvement initially, but when we gave him his IP and blog url, he s gone to a hiding and changing his blog urls frequently, all thru the day....sorry to say that he is on your blogroll too and you had a bitter feud with him dint you over the sydeny test.......

it was bad for me to see that he kept reading my posts along with one of my very close bloggie friends and dropped shit comments over her cbox and wen caught red handed with blood shit on his face he did turn morale but was busted.....

such kinda fakers n loosers r more dangerous than those ppl who always hide their identity and dont have balls to come out in public, but the ppl like this looooser who are masked and are on a prowl are a menace to the society....

wish i cud cut loose and bash him right away!!!!!!!

Keshi said...

hey Ashu HUGS!

Chill I know that its a very shitty thing to happen...especially when it's one of ur own friends doing this. Am I guessing him right? I think I know the person. mmmm...o well, thats really not a classy thing for him to do to ya. Thats awful and Im beginning to feel that U trust ppl far too much here. Cos I never thought he'd be like that!

All I can say is, chillax Ashu. Dun let ppl get to ya. Show them that ur not gonna lose ur COOL cos of any them that their classless acts dun stir u up at all. Just be.



Judge Arse said...

Some of those really super high heeled shoes in the photos are giving me fear of heights! I would kill myself if I tried to walk in such a thing!

Keshi said...

hahaha Judge!

I like high-heels but not the moronic ones that make it harder to move :)


kay zee said...

i hate jerks too

Keshi said...

hey Kay WC!