Monday, October 19

The Candy House

I'm reaching for it, slowly but surely. The enormity of it's beauty is distinct, and is just verbally inexpressible. O I want to go, I want to go! I want all the candies and I want to live in that sweet sweet 'house'. My life lacks all of what the Candy house can give me, please let me go in there, o please? All my white pebbbles are gone and all my breadcrumbs have been eaten, now I can't look back. This is what I have been waiting for all my days and all my nights. This is my one dream and I don't ever have to shed tears again. And I don't ever have to wake up to Nothing. I want to reach it, I want to reach it...

o the many Candy 'houses' I have been to, the many 'gems and the many 'witches' I have come across in those houses, the many 'escapes' I have had, the many 'dreams' I have realised and the great 'wealth' that has been brought to my life by stepping into those 'houses'. It's better to have reached your dreams and then have them broken, than never having reached them at all. It's better to have passed the gates of Hell than to lay in bed all day dreaming of Heaven. It's better to have 'felt' what it really is like, than to have 'imagined' it all along..

PS: Hi all, how are ya? :) Feels good to be here again after almost a month and a half. Thanks for all the comments, emails, msgs in the last few months! Though I have not replied to your recent comments here in my blog, I read them all and I'm deeply touched by the Love right along. Do not for even a second think that just cos I'm not regular in blogs anymore, that you are all out of my mind. Infact you are all in my heart all the time. Sometimes I wonder where you all may be, what you must be doing now etc. I have been extremely busy at work and at home too - alot of new beginnings etc. Life goes on as usual. I'm happy, I hope you are too. Time and our lives don't wait for anyone, and I'm taking Life as it comes towards me. Sometimes I sit by the window as I gaze the twilight skies and think about all the times we've spent together here, and it makes me smile. Blogville was another Candy House I guess. I loved the Stay and I learnt alot from it all. I don't regret a single thing. The 'wealth' it has brought to me is just priceless. The knowledge, the wisdom, the endurance, the love...I came face to face with it all, and gained all of that through my blog experience. It's unbelievable, it's magical. However, though I'm writing occasionally right now, I'm afraid I don't know how long this is going to last either...somehow, the inclination to write is slowly fading away. Folks, I have no control of it. It's something that is happening naturally and something that I cannot manipulate. I have always depended on my Instincts, when it comes to making decisions. So let them guide me, like they always have. Depending on how I feel over the long haul, this blog may continue at a much slower pace or it may even cease to exist altogether. Either way let's hope the Love prevails. THANKS a bunch everyone I love ya all, God bless! Keep it real. X

Music: Red by Daniel Merriweather