Monday, October 19

The Candy House

I'm reaching for it, slowly but surely. The enormity of it's beauty is distinct, and is just verbally inexpressible. O I want to go, I want to go! I want all the candies and I want to live in that sweet sweet 'house'. My life lacks all of what the Candy house can give me, please let me go in there, o please? All my white pebbbles are gone and all my breadcrumbs have been eaten, now I can't look back. This is what I have been waiting for all my days and all my nights. This is my one dream and I don't ever have to shed tears again. And I don't ever have to wake up to Nothing. I want to reach it, I want to reach it...

o the many Candy 'houses' I have been to, the many 'gems and the many 'witches' I have come across in those houses, the many 'escapes' I have had, the many 'dreams' I have realised and the great 'wealth' that has been brought to my life by stepping into those 'houses'. It's better to have reached your dreams and then have them broken, than never having reached them at all. It's better to have passed the gates of Hell than to lay in bed all day dreaming of Heaven. It's better to have 'felt' what it really is like, than to have 'imagined' it all along..

PS: Hi all, how are ya? :) Feels good to be here again after almost a month and a half. Thanks for all the comments, emails, msgs in the last few months! Though I have not replied to your recent comments here in my blog, I read them all and I'm deeply touched by the Love right along. Do not for even a second think that just cos I'm not regular in blogs anymore, that you are all out of my mind. Infact you are all in my heart all the time. Sometimes I wonder where you all may be, what you must be doing now etc. I have been extremely busy at work and at home too - alot of new beginnings etc. Life goes on as usual. I'm happy, I hope you are too. Time and our lives don't wait for anyone, and I'm taking Life as it comes towards me. Sometimes I sit by the window as I gaze the twilight skies and think about all the times we've spent together here, and it makes me smile. Blogville was another Candy House I guess. I loved the Stay and I learnt alot from it all. I don't regret a single thing. The 'wealth' it has brought to me is just priceless. The knowledge, the wisdom, the endurance, the love...I came face to face with it all, and gained all of that through my blog experience. It's unbelievable, it's magical. However, though I'm writing occasionally right now, I'm afraid I don't know how long this is going to last either...somehow, the inclination to write is slowly fading away. Folks, I have no control of it. It's something that is happening naturally and something that I cannot manipulate. I have always depended on my Instincts, when it comes to making decisions. So let them guide me, like they always have. Depending on how I feel over the long haul, this blog may continue at a much slower pace or it may even cease to exist altogether. Either way let's hope the Love prevails. THANKS a bunch everyone I love ya all, God bless! Keep it real. X

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Anonymous said...

Love you.

Ratzzz said...

It's better to have reached your dreams and then have them broken, than never having reached them at all.

a gem aka a candy by itself... :-) Hugzz...

hows u girly...

Utopia said...

Keshi good to hear you are doing good, all hale and hearty. Take care. :-) Hoping to be reading more of your writing. Love and Luck.


Devika Jyothi said...

That was A GOOD WAY TO COME BACK, Keshi dear :)

let LOVE prevail...and you will find the right way :)


Priya Joyce said...

looks like we've got our old keshi baak :)
hehe nice to see a happy post ..
n nice to hear tat u r happy...


Lucifer said...

good to see u back keshi :)

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

it is a passing phase and don't worry it will pass too :) so... it is kindda okie dokie..but do come and write even if it is not beautiful sometimes writing ur heart out has pleasing experiences ...

glad to see u back


V. Archana said...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear god! What did you just write down? It just took my mind away from this artificial world. I cannot tell you how happy I feel that you're back. Guess, we all love staying in the candy house. It never closes on you. So don't close on it. You were missed. Yes, life has been bitter and we need to accept it as the way it has been. I'm with you. I'll always be with you :)

This post made me smile, Keshi.

Margie said...

Sweet Keshi, how wonderful to see this post from you!
I'll be back later as I'm actually out the door in a few minutes on my way to take care of my darlin' little kiddos.
When I saw your new post in my reader I was just so thrilled had to come by just to say "hi' and now "bye"

Tonz of *HUGZ*

Back much later as I'm with the kiddos all day.

Love ya!


Anwesa said...

I'm waiting for my "experiences" while my "imagination" runs.I loved this line-

**It's better to have reached your dreams and then have them broken, than never having reached them at all.

How true!!! I wish I had realized my dreams.....Ah!!!!

Michelle said...

Ironic how I visit the blog just when you decide to not be that frequent...Same way I haven't been as frequent with mine...I do understand though.It eventually turns into the need to write when you really shed your emotion into words.

All the best Kesh :)

rainboy said...

i hope u never leave us.
btw i sent you a mail keshi


Chakoli said...

Hey... good to see you back :)
just take your time and do come back soon :)

Love said...
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Love said...
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Priya said...

Good to see ya keshi. Hope all is well at ur end.

Jimmy said...

Buddhist New Year when?

Jimmy said...

pass the wishes to Devika too
and the love

Jimmy said...

It's better to have reached your dreams and then have them broken, than never having reached them at all.

it is better to dream
the real World SUXS

follow your dreams
- the Alchemist

I wish u wud experience Marriage
though its not all WINE and ROSES

Margie said...

Well, I'm bck again but only for a minute as hubby just called and wants to meet me downtown for dinner.
I just want to say I love this post .....wonderful post to come back with!
Love you too, Kesshi!
The card you sent me was just too are such a good friend to me...that card was just what I needed to feel better!

God bless you Angel.



Whitenoise said...

Thanks for the visit. Hope all is well :-)

Suresh Kumar said...

Welcome Back... Nice to c u bac....

Thats ok, if u'r busy and .... bt a post now and then from keshi would make us definitely happy

Beach Bum said...

...though I'm writing occasionally right now, I'm afraid I don't know how long this is going to last either...somehow, the inclination to write is slowly fading away.

Writing is tough, especially when the demands of life press down. I have been placed on the 11:00pm to 7:00am shift at work and it has really thrown a monkey wrench into my writing. By the time I get up in the afternoon I soon have to help my daughter with her homework, make dinner, and do a few other chores around the house. Makes following a thought or urge to write difficult.

Anyway stay as long as you can and even then nothing says you can't come and visit us.

krystyna said...

It is so good to see you here, Keshi.
Your site is really like a lovely Candy House. Always.
Be here, even sometimes... will be perfect.

Love & blessings for you!

Shachi said...

Wow - nice to see this post and ur comment on my blog....I echo the other comments hear - u can be less frequent but don't let this space cease....

Devika Jyothi said...

Keshi, if i can use this space to convey my wishes to Jimmy...his blog isn't loading,

Jimmy, thanks dear friend :)


anits said...

hi keshi...glad that you r back...tcare..n cheers always...

La vida Loca said...


Toon Indian said...

really great to hear/rather read your comment on my blog :).....don't force yourself to write..friends always remain friends whether you write,visit a blog etc. etc. or not.

Tk care

by the way I am on let me know when hop on that social fad :)

A very happy belated Diwali to you..and a Happy New Year according to the Hindu calendar

Anonymous said...

Hey Keshi, how have you been? Good to see you back, though only intermittently :)

And what exactly is the Candy that you're referring to? ;-)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Welcome back! Its good to see you!

- Sugar Cube - said...

Hey Keshi! So nice to hear from ya! Glad to know you are happy :)

Let the blog continue at slower pace if you like it that way but do not end it !

Take care..miss ya!

Vest said...

How's the kids? xxxxxxxxxx

Vishesh said...

Every man has his own heaven,
And we do live by believing :)

Nice to see you back :) Hope you write a lot more..its seems for like a century rather than a month :P

Rià said...

The post was a welcome change from what i have been reading on the other blogs. Missed u a lot Keshi!! I m sure u know that....nothing feels the same. Anyways, i am happy for u, i just want u to be happy doing whatever u feel like. And like u said writing here is totally upto u, u cant force urself to do what u dont feel like.

And u know i will always be in touch with u, whether u blog or dont blog. But i do hope to see ur posts every once in a while....hopefully!!


Jack said...


True. Instead of lying and imagining one needs to reach for what one wants. Life and time wait for no one so one has to face it boldly as it comes. Nice to see you, may not be as often as I would like to but again it is upto you.

Take care

Tys on Ice said...

yeah yeah yeah....i have only one question : are u having some good lovin done to you?

Talking To My Soul said...

Love does not die. So it will remain. Wherever we are, whatever we do.

Take care and bless you, Kay.


AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-I thought u might be back...a big welcome back!!:)So god to see u're feeling better(It's visible from the post.:))
Candy house and blogville?Quite an adroit comparison:)..I see a sort of inner struggle within u,to continue writing regularly,or,just post occasionally or stop altogether..I'm sure, ultimately,the first or the second one will win.:)Till then, keep updating whenever you feel the time is right,take care and have a great time!(You know what I miss? The great posting and chat days all had on BUF):)

MARIA said...

Love you Keshi.
Love your writing.

Have a wonderful day, my sweet friend!

Tarun said...

Diwali greetings.

I guess this blog,comes around just at the right time.
Diwali is New year for many of us.


Now blogging resumes to makes sense again.


Festive Greetings.

!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

saw it late,
i am holidaying a tonne,
i am also dozing off a lot these days, but i guess, its over today.
Now i need mundane activity around, need to be sane(atleast in worldly way!)
BTW, even i dont feel much like writing but i have tonnes and tonnes of stuff to write about.

Romeo Morningwood said...

"You gotta go where you wanna-wanna go,
Do what you wanna-wanna do
With whoever you wanna-wanna do it with.
Mamas & Papas

I'm sitting at post #599 waiting for the Freakin Green Elf Shorts to arrive from last year's winner in Denmark.

Once they arrive, I'm planning on posing in the nude on a bearskin rug and calling it a day.

I feel like it's time.
I had a good run for 4 years but all of this oversharing has taken it's toll...and it's just waaay easier on Facebook.HAHAHA!

I sort of think that you and I are going to stay connected wherever we are..;)

rayshma said...

absolutely! if you never attempt to reach your dreams, it'll always stay as a regret... for not having tried.
once you try, you know... and knowledge is power, isn't it?! :)

good to have you back, keshi... you've been missed. :)

Tarun said...

Why are most of the pics have dark background?

I cannot ever associate any element of darkness with you.Gray may be but dark never.


Hiren said...

heyyaa keshi .... hope u doing great .. and i share your feeling of subsiding inclination to write ... u take care mate ..

Annapoorani Sivaramakrishnan said...

yay Keshi is back!!!Glad to see your writing after a month...ALways love to read ur writeups..Keep writing!!

Usha said...

:) :) :)
you made me smile!!

so good to see you back girl.. be around, na.. you love this space, dont you?

Love said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keshi said...

tnxx Hobo! ;-)


Keshi said...

it sure is a Candy in itself Rat, ur spot on :)

u hv been so patient with me over the last few months and u were always there. I cannot thank u enough. ur an angel for sure.


Keshi said...

ty Utopia n u too luv!


Keshi said...

tnxx for the LOVE Devika! :)


Keshi said...

aww Joyce I never changed...just that the Callings changed :)

ty for always keeping in touch with me and checking on me. u r a true friend!


Keshi said...

tnxx Mayz!

Im not 'back' like I used to be. I dun think it will ever be like that again. But Im here here today :) and I know not what the future holds.


Keshi said...

I agree bro, it's best to write out honest feelings. However I dun think this is a passing's here to stay. I dun think I will write like i used to. But at a slower pace or even a 'still' pace :) Im afraid those golden days will never return.

Anyways tnxx a tonn for ur love!


Keshi said...

tnxx for the smiles VSA! :)


Keshi said...

aww ty Anamika! u hv been so kind to me right along. I will never forget that.

In a world where ppl find it so hard to LOVE, there were few ppl here who showed me that there is indeed something called unconditional love in friendship. And u were one of them.

The Candy house took me to a beautiful world too..just like how it was for Hansel & Gretel :)


Keshi said...

Margie u hv always been there for me! All ur uplifting comments and emails almost every single day, even tho I wasnt here, really kept me going. Tho I hvnt replied to any of them, plz know that I loved reading them and each time I read em, I felt so loved n appreciated. u r a gem in this Candy house! :)


Keshi said...

Anwesa sometimes we've got to wait til our Dreams r visible :) So it's ok to wait sweetie.

And tnxx for ur love!


Globescoper said...

Hi Keshi


Reading your post is like having the best sex of one's life. I still have not had the best sex of my life, but I expect to before I die. LOL

Reading your prose has risen me from my sick bed. I was away on a project when I came down with the flu, not swine, but a severe case of good old flu.

One must reach out for their dreams, and once achieving them, realize that the have captured their dreams. Too many fail to appreciate life.



Keshi said...

Michiiiiiii!! I so missed ya. So nice to see u here after a long time.

I hv been infrequent for the last few months. I think Im done here, in the sense of regular blogging.

TC n all the best to ya!


Keshi said...

aww Vicky :)

Rem nothing is forever...


Keshi said...

Chakoli tnxx hun!

Abt coming back...I dun think I'd blog the way I used to sweetie. Those days r gone.


Keshi said...

ty VistingHell!

me too...this is one of my fav songs ever.


Keshi said...

ty Priya! :)


Keshi said...

Jimmy what New Year? :)


Keshi said...

Jimmy its better to dream and to hv a taste of em too...even if they get shattered later on.

Me n Marriage? Never ;-)


Keshi said...

hey Margie ty! :)

ur the inspiration u always send me the best ones.

Hope ur hvn a beautiful day!


Keshi said...

twas my pleasure Whitenoise!


Keshi said...

aww Suresh u r so sweet. ty! :)

And hey ty for checking on me every now n then. u r a great soul!


Keshi said...

BB ty! Im sure u u'stand and thats great.

ofcourse..even tho I wasnt writing much, I never forgot to say Hi to my fav ppl :). I remember. It's something I live by. Never forget the ppl who were there for u even in some small way.


Keshi said...

aww Krys how lovely of ya to call my blog a candy house! :) I love it.

And ty for remembering me all the time. ur love is real. X


Keshi said...

ty Shachi! :)

I hope ur keeping well? What r u reading now? Im still on 'Never Say Die'.

ty for all the emails n pics etc! I love em.


Keshi said...

Sure Devika.. :)


Keshi said...

hey Anits ty! :)


Keshi said...

hey Lavida HUGS! I came over to ur blog yday but u hv made it private. Its ok, I know u quit blogging.

I hope ur happy :) So lovely to see ya here again!


Keshi said...

hey Rahul Im really happy that my comment could make u so happy :)

wow ur on Twitter now? Im not a Tweety bird u see :):) But I hope ur enjoying it and hey all the best too!

ur cartoons always make me laugh hehehehe..

Keep up the good work! yep, friends will always be friends, no matter what..


Keshi said...

hey Rakesh ty!

**And what exactly is the Candy that you're referring to?

Candy candy ;-)

I mean the Cake roof, the cookie walls, the candy door-knobs and the lolly windows, as in Hansel & Gretel's experience in the woods. hv u read it, it's my fav fairytale btw.


Keshi said...

hey the-other Rakesh ty! :)

Hope all is well with ya. u did a very great thing by ur parents btw. I respect ya even more now!


Keshi said...

aww Sugar ty so much!

I'll keep this space open anyways...even if I decide not to blog for a long time. Making it private or deleting it is certainly not my style.

Luv ya Suga! :)


Keshi said...

Vesty o our jungle-kids r doing great! ;-)

Hope all is well and that ur as healthy as ever! X


Keshi said...

Vish thats so true!

aww did it feel like I was gone forever? Im so sorry if it bored u :)

I hope all is well with ya.


Keshi said...

aww Ria HUGZ!

I know u miss me alot...and lately I hvnt seen many regular posts in ur blog either. I guess we all go thru a phase when a fellow-blogger takes a break or leaves for good. I think ur experiencing that right now. Cos we were quite close and bloggged together for a long period. It suxx doesnt it :(

but I hope u will gain back ur enthusiasm and be ur lively self again soon. I know u will. Also I know ur feeling a lil down cos ur BF is overseas too. It all came together didnt it! :)

**nothing feels the same

really? I dunno if I should feel good or bad abt it :( Im so sorry to do this to all my friends here, but Im sure u know that everything eventually changes, therefore every good thing comes to an END. ur a wise girl and I know u u'stand.

The memories remain somehow.

Love ya! And I know we'll KIT somehow. :)


Keshi said...

btw I luuuurve ur new profile pic Ria!


Keshi said...

hey ty Jack!

Nice to see ya too :)

yes, nothing/noone wait for us..we just hv to get on with what we want from life.

TC Jack!


Keshi said...

lol Tys!

Im always LOVED no matter where I am or what I do, u know that mate! ;-)


Keshi said...

aww so rightly stated there Soul! Love does not die. How true.

And hey tnxx for always keeping in touch with me! Ur a gem.


Keshi said...

aww ty Amit for the warm WC! :)

Nah I aint 'struggling' at all hehe...this is what it is at the moment. I never hold back something I WANT to do. And when I blogged regularly, that was something i WANTED to do THEN. But right now, this is the pace I like. No fuss, no hassle, no struggle at all. Im doing what my Instincts r telling me to do. Strange how they tell me different things from time to time :)

Those good ol days r gone Amit. But I'll try to write every now n then. It all depends on how I feel.

**The great posting and chat days all had on BUF

hehe yes...I was thinking abt em jusy yday. Where r all the BUFers gone? I guess all good things remain only for a lil while. Everything has an expiry date, sadly.

I hope all is well with ya and that Baroda is treating u well :)

KIT as always

Keshi said...

Love u too beautiful Maria, ty!


Keshi said...

aww ty Tarun! :) I hope u had a good Diwali too?

Lets hope my blog remains here forever, even tho Im not blogging like i used to.


Keshi said...

Anuz heyyya! :)

**Now i need mundane activity around, need to be sane(atleast in worldly way!)

lol ok! so what WORLDLY thing r u going to do next?

Abt Writing...yeah, mutual feeling here. I guess tha passion's/fad's gone?


Keshi said...

hey Donno LOL u crack me up mate!!!

**and it's just waaay easier on Facebook.

oyeah maybe Blogging fad has reached it's last lap?

However Twitter and FB r not my favs, I still love Blogger. For me, Blogging always had a purpose and a sense of SMARTS attached to it, unlike the rest of the fads.

u TC Donno and oyeah we will stay 'connected' for lifetimes to come, Im sure of that! ;-) X


Keshi said...

tnxx Raysh!

**once you try, you know... and knowledge is power, isn't it?!

u got the gist of my post hun! bravo.


Keshi said...

hey Tarun!

**Why are most of the pics have dark background?

I blv the first one is very bright! :)

Darkness is very much a part of me as much as Brightness is Tarun. I cannot know BRIGHT unless I know DARK.


Keshi said...

Hiren hey I hope all is well :)

Write only if/when u feel like...


Keshi said...

aww tnxx Anna :)


Keshi said...

Usha Im glad i could make u smile :)


Keshi said...

Love hey!


Keshi said...

Hiya my dear Bev!!! So nice to see ya here :)

** I still have not had the best sex of my life, but I expect to before I die

LOL! ok I take that as a compliment! ;-)

u expect to get that before u die? I wish for ur DREAMS to come true haha!

u r so must feel they hv captured the DREAM, irrespective of hvn them shattered later on or not. u r spot on! Too many ppl dun appreciate the short life we live.

Get well soon...u say u didnt catch SWINE what was it..WINE flu? :):)


Margie said...

Oh, what a treat it was to read all your kind and loving comments to everyone here!
It's been so long dear Keshi.

I do know you are never going to go back to blogging the way it used to be for you and that is the way it shall be ... you know what is best for you.

I hope you might post every now and then though as it's such a joy for me to read your posts ... there is noone in the whole of Blogland like you .... YOU ARE THE VERY BEST!!!!

Well, time for me to spend some time with hubby .... he's needs some TLC as he had a rotten day at work.

Talk later.

Joy and blessings to you .... always, my kind and good friend!



Jimmy said...

if I can use your space ...

tell the Devi I too love her

Jimmy said...

there is noone in the whole of Blogland like you .... YOU ARE THE VERY BEST!!!!

CORRECTION Margie dear
I am the BESTEST

Jay said...

Hiya Keshi babe! I miss you lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and ... well, you get the picture. ;-)

Tarun said...

Well,Thanks for the change keshi,its just that, the dark background of the pics, neither the blogs you write nor the persona which comes through from the blog.

Hemanth Potluri said...

hello keshi it was nice seeing ur comment in my blog...hope everything is going on well...u take care..have a nice time...hope to see ya around more ...


Thousif Raza said...

first of all i was so happy to see the post, and i am very very very glad to hear you are happy, though there is sad news that you will be irregular, that i can adjust, you just blog ya, whenever you do that i will be there, its very good to see you in your good mood, hope this lasts forever, have missed you ya really, thx for bringing back the sun into your readers life again :)

take care and keep writing.........

Princess said...

hi keshi,
I'm also back after many months should say..
how hv u been?
missed ur blog so much, and learnt u were also on a break.
do keep blogging otherwise many will loose inspiration to write la! (including me)

loads of luv,

ash89 said...

I've missed u Keshi...

aritra the daydreamer said...

thanks for dropping in and also commenting...thanks for ur advice...
take care..and pls continue writing and also if u have time visit my blog and continue pouring in ur valuable advices

My Unfinished Life said...

well dear keshi..i for one love and respect your take on it...stay on the blog or leave it...ill always be ur friend!!!

Nirmal said...

tc gal..

ZB said...

missed you.terribly...and glad you are back...there is no reason to be away from blogging....its one of the best things that has happened to me. I am sure its the same in ur case too. Catcha soon. thanks :)


good to see u back..
seems ur friends dont wanna let u go so easy, n i know they will make sure d same.. :)

Rashmi said...

hey... was happy that u atleast posted something after a long long time...

i know the feeling that u are going thru... just do what u feel like doing though for selfish reasons i do hope that u shall start writing regularly again..

take care...

goatman said...

I've always liked Jujubees.
Many candy houses we engage only to discover the bitter taste of actual life. A great post . . .

krystyna said...

Blessed and happy weekend for you, dear Keshi!


sanely insane said...

so ure back...daymn :P

so howz u missy? watz been up wid ya...u got my email id...mail there if u feel like...and i'll also give u a lowdown on stuff :)

Preeti said...

I love you Keshi.. I cannot say I love to read your blog. We cant love to breathe can we ??

talldarkman said...

keshi, how do i get in touch with you, if i were in your town? At least gimme an email address on :)


PS : i just hope you keep writing. though infrequently. how can we live wihtout your blogs? :(

Margie said...

Monday again ....ARRRRRG!
Oh, it's just Monday there ...hehe!
I still have a few more hours to go so I'm going to enjoy them!
Hope you had a great weekend Keshi and make it a good Monday!



Tarun said...

Refrence: last image on the post.

Wake up Dame, happy monday.ENjoy the week.

Hows u?

Nikhil Menon said...

Love.. :)


Unknown said...

Good 2 see ya!

Neha said...

Take your time honey...we are always here :*

Jeevan said...

Sometimes life is beyond imagination and we never know is there a world exist alike we imagined. Imagination is up to a limit and when we have heavens in hand, why do we look for something imagine. I do know imagination and dreams extend our search and thoughts, but when we have something true to realize, we must give first preference to it.

Very nice to know life is as usual at your side and I wish happiness, peace and love along with you. hugs

Vest said...

Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation.

trinitystar said...

Keep it real yourself Keshi ... it was a lovely surprise to see your message. I know what you are going through ... although I am not a prolific writer as yourself.
When you have to force some through one needs to stop and step back ... and look at the blockage. The frustration asks for stillness
and above all be good to yourself.
Values are more important than outcome. I hope you dont stop writing completely because you truly have a flair.
hugs for you

Margie said...

Have a wonderful day!



Margie said...

Think happy
Of course, I do
Right now
for example
I'm thinking
of you ...

And because you're
in my thoughts
and heart
we're never really
far apart ...

Nite nite, Keshi ...


ani_aset said...

hey nice to see you back >:D<

Love said...
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Love said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Phosgene Kid said...

Lucky for you it is almost trick-or- treat here - all the candy you can eat, for free!!!

Swetha Padakandla said...

huggggggzzzzzzz keshi..

nice to see your post after a long time!
keep smiling always


Rex Venom said...

The beauty in the truths.
Rock on!

Jimmy said...

a wonderful post by REX on FRIENDS ARE FOREVER current post


Jimmy said...

if I can use this space ....

Jimmy said...

reduce the frequency if u want to
but dont quit BLOGGING

u and me are the oldest BLOGGERS
and I am OLDER

I turned 59 on September 20

Margie said...

Just one more day and the weekend is there .... I know you are glad!

Have a great weekend Keshi.

It's so wintery here!
Freezing cold with snow!
I love snow but it's just too early.
I want fall to come back.

Lots of *Hugz*


Love said...
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Mallika said...

This blogville has been the reason of my demons.....
is it really good to see it and then have it shattered. sometimes i wonder whether it wldnt have been better if i had never reached it at all. never seen what is possible.atleast i would have had excuses for my weaknesses then. now i just need to keep striving. isnt it.

Iriz said...

i always enjoy reading it through, stay around and keep those words bloom. glad you're back!!!

curryegg said...

Dear... good to see you updating in the end of this post. Will you come back again? *hugs*

Hope that you are doing good with your new beginings.. I believe your insticts are working well for you. Listen to them. Will always miss you. Love from Malaysia..


Anonymous said...

Please come back. I miss you. :(

Amandeep Singh said...

So True!!

How have yo been Keshi?

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

hey hun!
lovely post as always ... leaving a comment after a long time ...
hope all's going well at your end ... wish you all the luck with the new developments you mentioned.
take care of yourself!

lots of love and mmmuuuaaahhh!! ♥♥

Jimmy said...

thanks keshi
for the love

it is never too late
to tell that some one
u love him

Jimmy said...

I love u Devi

Jimmy said...

I love u Margie
I love u all

Jimmy said...


only the girls here

Kelvy said...

Ahh i can undertsnd the situation dear... i am struggling to keep mu blog going and the inclination to write is almost dead...wat to do...

Tarun said...

Feeling a snese od Deja Vu' ... again.


Whats up with u pretty Kesh?

SeePearrl said...

"It's better to have reached your dreams and then have them broken, than never having reached them at all. It's better to have passed the gates of Hell than to lay in bed all day dreaming of Heaven"

I love this one!!

The Storyteller said...

Hi Keshi,

Good to see you back.
Hope all is well with you


ash89 said...

hey...been ru?

Tarun said...

Hmmm ...
next post awaited.

Satish Bolla said...

well said, keshi. as usual. good to see u back yaar. do come to blogger at least now-n-then and post a line or two. we feel happy to read ur posts.

Tejas Lakhani said...

Hey keshi,
good to see you back....

Shionge said...

Definitely not out of sight, out of mind Sweetie :D

Muwah and big hug :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ohhhh hiii keshi :)
i didnt even know you're back .
hope u get all the candy pebbles and everything you want. :)
good to have u back

Dawn said...

Hi Dear...
It's always a pleasure to be here...makes more connected!
What you said here - I am also going through the same and lot of work has taken away that opportunity...these days in my mind I blog :) it may sound funny but true...! Something comes up and then it's gone! Last week onwards I have been thinking...and yes I was able to reach out to blog ville :)
You have shared some of your experience which has given a good quote and learning for everyone :)

"It's better to have reached your dreams and then have them broken, than never having reached them at all" :) brave!

All I want to say is be in touch no matter whether you write or

You are one girl who is always in my thoughts and I think we will meet some day :)
Till then good luck and lots of hugz
Keep smiling

Perplexio said...

Heya Keshi... It's been long, far far too long since I ventured over here. I hope you're doing well. I don't blog quite as often as I used to either so I "get it." Life & fatherhood have kind of gotten in the way of my blogging.

man in painting said...

good to see you back

Mallika said...

for me it was a diff reason all together. running into his blog shattered the fantasy world i wa sliving in. i know for a fact i would have been happier.lighter.

n hey jimmy. i think u r d guy who was such a fan of my guy.

Aneesh said...

Nice to see you back. It's been a while since I came on blogging too.
But, once in a while, like this, just put up a post, so that I can fight with you :P

Take care

The Phosgene Kid said...

Don't forget to brush your teeth after eating that house!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Lovely as usual Keshi!

Margie said...

Hope you have a great Friday ... don't work too hard Keshi ...
And have a wonderful weekend!

So glad we keep in touch!
I have found in you a true friend!!!

Love always ...


Romeo Morningwood said...

Hey Keshtar XX

Still lingering a bit eh?
I found a great song by a gal named you may have heard it..TiK ToK
really fun & catchy

You take care of yourself now y'hear

Margie said...

Hope you grace us with another post soon .....PLEASE!!!



Whitenoise said...

Keshi, where are you? ;-(

Vest said...



Tarun said...

Here today gone tommorow?

maverick said...

keshi..hey beautiful..long time..hope u r doing good..well the feeling to write will find its way bck on its own :)


Thousif Raza said...

hey keshi hi ya, how are you??? no updates still, i miss you girl, i miss you so very much, hope you r in the best of your health and wealth for that matter :P

just wanna see you back... take care ok and keep smiling :)

MARIA said...

Have a relaxing and blessed Sunday, dear Keshi!

amitsinha said...

Hi Keshi.. coming to ur blog after 6 months. missed many of ur posts, but remembered u every day and honestly..dont stop writing, I know it becomes tough and some times you dont feel to write any more, it happened with me many times, but we blogeer love reading and dont take my breath away...

Globescoper said...

Hi Keshi

Sunday night here, and yes, I'm working. I'm no longer writing new material for my blog. I have plenty of work to keep the blog posting for the next 10 years.

I thought the current post might interest you. I wrote it last year, but sadly, it's not funny. It sends a very serious message concerning cyberspace.


Margie said...

MISS you Keshi ....a whole lot!

Happy Monday!

Love ya!


Tarun said...

I thought I could understand why you not blogging, but wondering what stops you from updating comments. :P

Hows u?

Prats said...

Havent been around for a while...but now i'm slowly getting back to blogging....will come back adn read all your lovely posts soon, until then have fun and great to have u here

Jimmy said...

I never imagined I wud miss u soo fucking much

Love said...


Devika Jyothi said...

Keshi...dear girl, quite a long time...please be here occassionally,

I can't believe you can go like that...Please come back would add smiles to many faces :)


- Sugar Cube - said...

Hey Keshi! How ya doing ?! I'm sure you must be rocking as always :-)


Arv said...

Come back soon :)

Jack said...



Take care

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

wont you be back?

Tarun said...


Well I also guessed that your are not blogging much these days ...

Hows life been, Oh vivacious Keshi?


The Phosgene Kid said...

Howz things in the land down under - going well I hope!!!

slipperythoughts said...

stumbled on your blog, and i just fell in love with it.Great going girl! hope u never stop writing,will be a big loss to blogville.

Anonymous said...


AmitL said...

Hi, Keshi-just dropping by to see if there's a new post.:)Sighh!!No luck.

Will drop u an email.:)

SaffronSaris said...

Hiya Poppy doll-pearl, how have you been????

I've just returned from a short trip to Cambodia. Saw the temple at which Tomb Raider was filmed! Will be writing about my trip soon.

Hope all's well with you as Christmas approaches!!


Tarun said...

How shalt thou be?


Come on Kesh, take a break ... BLOG


Margie said...

Have not been here for a while so just came by to say "hi"
Miss your blog posts but am so glad we keep in touch with each other.
It's a very gloomy day here and I'm not feeling very well today but I'm happy as I'm wearing the beautiful necklace & earings you sent me ...they are just so beautiful and I love them so much!

Take good care, my dear friend Keshi!

Love always
Margie :D

Beach Bum said...

Just stopping by to say hi. Hope thing are going well.