Friday, September 11

In Utero

I'm in this dark hole now. It's pretty though. It's the prettiest thing in my world right now. No light. Just sheer darkness and me. It's all good. Something keeps me wanting to live amidst all the chaos, all this death. No noise. No light. No clutter. No racing. No tears. No smiles. No one to let you down. No one to give you glory. No friends, therefore no enemies. Life in it's purest form, sitting right beside me, saying nothing, doing nothing...just being itself giving me silent glances, yet not beckoning me to do anything. Life and me, staring at the walls. No need to cry. No need to ask. No need to validate my thoughts. Not the faintest need to be acknowledged either. Not the smallest want to be wanted. I'm quite content with my beliefs that they need to be neither approved nor validated. I don't need your salutations either for they don't do anything to me anymore. I'm on the most content road ever. Im back in my mother's womb. I'm fresh and unaffected. Humans are programmed to receive. But in that reception lives a huge lie. A giant fake. A humungous disappointment. Cos nothing is really forever. Nothing can be kept with you unless it's given to you by YOU. Everything else is temporary. People, friends, words, promises, gifts, bonds...everything is nothing. They will all be consumed by Time and Nature some day. Is there something that won't be swallowed by Time? Is there something that won't be forsaken by a mere plethora of Expectations? The sense of peace I feel right now is surreal. One I never felt before. A territory I dared not tread before. It's amazing. I no longer suffer from the need to make or have friends. I'm quite 'blissed' out here. No one knows what they are here for, or the wheres or whys. No one cares what you have to say. There are echoes from a distant past, and I see lips moving...but nothing can really be heard in this dark hole. And it's good. I have forgotten to smile but I have forgotten to cry too. I don't remember your name but I remember your face. In this nothingness lies a real sense of peace. Once you're broken beyond repair, that's when you realise your full potential, your purest form, yourself. Until you're 'broken' you will never really know what it is to live without will never really learn to live as 'you'. I'm somewhere between life and death, but I'm not with you. In utero I shall remain.
- An ode to my broken spirit

Music: Echoes by Pink Floyd

123 Cranium Signets:

ZB said...

hurrrryyyyyyyy...Keshi is let me read..:)

ZB said...

humm...i too need some darkness, some detachment, solitude...

**Im back in my mother's womb. I'm fresh and unaffected. Humans are programmed to receive. But in that reception lives a huge lie. A giant fake. **well said...we came alone., we should learn to be alone. Hope to read more from ya. :)

Ria said...

This just reflects what u said u are going thru. Am sure all those people who wanted to know how u r will be delighted to read this post. Although not entirely coz this post doesnt really mark the return of Keshim which everyone here has been waiting for.

But i am just happy to know that u wanted us to know that u r fine...and that u care and that u want us to know that u r good.

Thanks a ton for writing this post


Anonymous said...

A person's best friend is The person him/herself.
A person's worst enemy is The person him/herself.
Welcome back...

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

ahhhhh !!! felt so much negativity...... unlike my sissy... ..

Bla said...

I'm "dark mooded", too. Hugz.

Hemanth Potluri said...

i miss u sweets thats all i can say ...hope my silence also speaks my heart sometime...u take sweets...pls be safe and have a nice weekend...take care...


Hemanth Potluri said...

and yeah i always miss my sweets standing by my side :(..take care...


The Rat... said...

annnndddd U r Back!!

((hugzz)) missed u sweet heart.. now get out of the womb and have a fresh start...

Talking To My Soul said...

An ode to the free spirit.

Good to see you here.

Take care


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Good to hear from U girl! Glad to know that alls kewl!

Devika said...

Many thanks you are back, Keshi :)

All the thoughts here....I agree and I am sure you (and me) have lived this state a thousand times,

Yet, being with people (don't categorise them friend or foe) will make us better people...I think,

Be here...I am off for two weeks...going home..

will come back to see you by month-end, in a better spirit :)

love, always

Utopia said...

what happened keshiiiiiii? is everything alright? miss your posts.

Margie said...

Gosh, I don't know what to say Keshi about all this...
I don't really have time now anyway as Jake is very sick and I'm heading out the door to take him to the vet.
I'll try to come back later.

But this post did make me sad!


freudian slip said...

first of all,
glad to have you back.
I was fighting disappointment each time i came here and found the words "i know i wrote a goodbye post last night". :)

In utero. hmmm. How i wish we could back in there and live life subsequently with the knowledge of what we went through the last time we were on earth.
but life has to be lived. it is after all beautiful. we may not want companionship right now. in that case, its best not to concentrate our efforts towards a handful who have hurt us and detest mankind. but look at everyone in general and smile. smile at the big picture, smile mentally at some cute guy across the world who is probably by the times square, imagining smiling at an old woman at florence/ venice, imagine a beautiful woman in singapore and smile.
might seem strange to you but i do it when i i am consumed with the negativity of people around me. so seek imaginary solace from imaginary beautiful nameless, faceless strangers.
hey this makes material for a post on my own blog. will sit down and write about this sometime. :)

again, glad to see u back here.
take care.

Mili said...

somehow you remind me of myself. Once you realise that you are enough. And there is no NEED of nething and neone, you will see how beautifull life becomes. And yes this is one of my favourite song. 'I am you and what I see is me.' Maybe I will write smthing on it.

akanksha said...

Hi Keshi,
I wasn't around for some days...and when I came back, u were out of blogosphere :(

Hope all is fine at your end.Hugs>:D<

This was such a pure post!Life,in its unadulterated form...Reading this post reminds me how fake we all become as we grow old! As kids, there is still an innocence that surrounds us...But, God Knows where we are heading as adults:(

Nice reminder from u dear,about what we are and wt we were!

akanksha said...

OOps forgot to mention tht I started another blog
Visit me when u get time dear

Take Care!

Tarun said...

Guess the Pandora's Box has more than one opening.

Our life itself is an evolution.

At times even Pain is flase.

Personally only true things which seem real to me is the buss in my head and the feel of my heart beat when i get up.

Guess life one big bumpy ride.

It get scarier then u can imagine and at times the scenery is simply beautiful.

Shikha said...

morose :(..but still beautiful

Margie said...

Hey Keshi
Reading this again after a long day with Jake (I think he'll be ok)
and after talking with you ...enjoy your morning coffee)
I see this in a whole new light now & I totally understand it so much better.

All is good with you and I'm happy about that...stay 'blissed' out!

Talk soon.


P.S Oh, have fun on your night out!


Hi Keshi

Sometimes when we feel low, we need a jolt of reality.

This blog will give you that dose of reality.



preeti said...

Am not ok with your post. It doesn sound too good. I want you to come outta this blues soon. anything you need please let me know. always ready to help. you really mean a lot to me.
love always
9448456620 ( i don really care even if this is a public forum)

vishesh said...

For the stillness is my movement,
For the thought is my action.
The world just flows by,
Everything born must die.
I feel me everywhere,
I can see that this is rare.

Within the world is as it is meant,
Nothing does matter,
In this state where,

The darkness shows you light,
Where you know you don't need to fight,
Where you know that everything is right,
That it is we who can haunt ourselves and blight.

Arms out stretched, the world I possess,
And the world does possess me.
From where I came I do not know,
But I do know my way home.

The path maybe right in front of me,
But duties and goals do stop me.
Fear not I tell myself,
For though in illusions, we all dwell,
The truth we know is all and well.

Where am I do not know;
Neither do I die nor grow.
The world sways no more
And I do not move to and fro.
In this stillness, I can see the peace,
I can feel I am within reach.

If only I could dissolve in this,
If only I live forever in my bliss.
Words are mere illusions,
Life is when there is penchant.

Ultimately, there is one thing.

There are no more boundaries,
No more are we left with sad memories,
One is all
And all is one,
If you can't see doesn't mean there is none.

Raise your sight and feel the fire,
Raise your eyes and feel the calm.
There is something,
That we call God,
Now you know what was that rise and fall.


The light shines the brightest

Rashmi said...

hi... good to know that ure writing again...

but felt sad to know that all's not quite ok with u...

even if we want to live in the state that uve mentioneed, we still have to be back to our old lives for there are other people who care about us and we have to be back for them...

take care...

Anonymous said...

What's going on Keshi? Hope everything's good. If you like being there, we won't turn on the lights :)

La vida Loca said...

i missed u...

WarmSunshine said...

I am happy to see you finally post Keshi but I had wished it was a return.

I agree about the part where you say we realize our full potential when we are broken.

I hope you come out stronger!

Anonymous said...

Yipee!!! You are new, fresh, and out of not a womb but a web of unfiltered thoughts, emotions, and perceptions..Glad to know you are here and here to stay!
The post was kinda grey in shade, but you know; an emotional start is always good for bombarding tomorrows..
So be here, write more and I seriously don't wanna see this post being static on this blog for long..keep writing....spill what you think and make us ponder like you always did...**hugs** don't leave ever!!

Suresh Kumar said...

Welcome back!

Yups... We all live in a illusionary world.... illusions created my own mind.. All Relatives, friends and so on are created by own mind.

Real life may be so simple that we may all have missed it... Its so difficult to be simple

SMM said...

How are you Keshi? How have you been? Are you returning to blogsville or this just a one-off.Just know your loved and missed around here and you have alot of friends here to hold your hand and lend you their shoulders

Beach Bum said...

You got me worried sweetie and I use the term of endearment only as a friend whose posts, both happy and sad, were the most fully human, open, and unselfish I have ever read.

Humans are programmed to receive. But in that reception lives a huge lie. A giant fake. A humungous disappointment. Cos nothing is really forever.

I have often found that term "forever" quite disappointing and unrealistic once I understood enough of cosmology that even the universe itself will eventually fall to entropy and the cold darkness. However the universe we share seems to have a clever way of fighting that fate.

We and all the possible intelligent species of the universe are made of remains of the exploded stars. These elements through evolution, chance, and God if you wish after billions of years have to come seek out others and to try to understand the very nature of the universe itself. In essence we are the universe trying to defeat the eternal darkness that seeks to consume us.

You are right, humans are programmed to receive without regard to the costs. But, maybe we can learn to override that programming and actually develop the traits to give and to learn about others seeking more than our own shallow satisfaction. And maybe that is all forever we can hope to achieve.

Take care and send me an email.

Kirthi said...

hey keshi... i know its been long, i manage to read your posts on google reader, and have been wondering as to why there has been no recent updates from your end...

hope all is well... good to see you back :)

Shachi said...

Wow - good to see u BACK :) I kind of know what you mean....remain peaceful!!!!!

Mayz said...

sounds like u got into my mind n penned down my thots...

Bla said...

Sometimes, when I feel dispirited, I look at my beautiful wife and the world is bright again. :P

Margie said...

Hey Keshi
Happy Monday.
Great that you had fun at the dina on Sat nite.
Me, I was just taking care of Jake all weekend (poor doggie, he was miserable!) and never got out but it was so cold here anyway and we had lots of rain....BRRRR!
Can you send me some of that really hot weather you are having over there?

Jake is a little better and when he's all better I'll be back to posting again.

TC, hun!



Cazzie!!! said...

Keshi, I miss you woman, take it easy ok :)

tulipspeaks said...

time to heal your spirit & pull yourself together.

come back strong.


- Sugar Cube - said...

That's very dark.I do not completely understand it...but am sure you've been able to realize something that was irking you at the back of your mind.

Hope you get in high-spirits soon :)


goatman said...

Perhaps non-attachment is not so bad after all?
(I always thought that it would be)

Dalicia said...

hi keshi! nice to see your post :) glad to know you're fine :)

White Forest said...

this is very insightful...ultimate silence is wat is acheieved after denying all :)

Peace :)

trinitystar said...

Through darkness comes light. You must follow your instincts. Sometimes doors close to make room for others to open.
I still think you should attempt to change your diary here into a book. Change the negativity into a positivity. Turn it round.
You have an exciting life ahead of you ... Believe it!
Hugs for you
Glad that you took the time to drop by me.

Priya Joyce said...

hmmmm u r baak it's almost a month after that u r writing a post....

it ws nice to see something written by u...I saw it just lately..
ws out of net..well

Well i just hope u r fyn dear..I feel unable to bring back the old keshi..the happy girl...

I just hope that time comes back....those old days.....

tc dear :)

Thousif Raza said...

Well keshi i just dont know how this has happened to you, i mean the pain you have shown through your words is so deep that i cant even imagine what might have happened to you that is hurting you so much

why does this happen to good people, i just cant figure it out!!!

its like a eclipse has come over a sun, keshi i just with all of my heart hope that, everything will become all right, you know its so much pain getting to know that you are not writing regularly, but its more pain for me to know that you are in pain, i am so very sad that it has come to you, i just can wish this phase of your life will pass and you be back to your smiling self, i sincerely hope that

take care and keep writing..........

La vida Loca said...

Hi Keshi Gurl!
(Plese dont publish this comment if you can)

I am saying bye to blogville(deleting the blog) and obviously wanted to say bye to you as well. See the blog if you have time. There is a picture of me :-)

Take care and Love

Margie said...

Happy Wednesday, Keshi
Wishing you a day full of cheerfulness as a day of cheerfulness is like a kind of daylight in the mind and fills it with a perpetual serenity.
I know that is part of a quote from someone but I don't know who.

Only a few more days till the weekend...and you shall be glad!



Shionge said...

Just wanna say hi and nothing else but lots of love from me to you.

krystyna said...

Nice to see you Keshi!

I came back from Canada, there is my mom.
Greetings from my mom to you!

Sometimes we need to be alone with our authentic self.

“Solitude is such a potential thing. We hear voices in solitude we never hear in the hurry and turmoil of life; we receive counsels and comforts, we get under no other condition.” - Amelia E. Barr

Hugsss & blessings

Margie said...

Hello Keshi
Just wanted to tell you that you always brighten my day with the emails.
Friends like you are a rare treasure ... thanks for all you've done.
May you be blessed for the kindness you have shown me.

Hope you are having a great day!



SamY said...

You beginning to sound like an Enlightened person. Couldn't agree more with you on many things you've said here :).

Our being lived in bliss in our mothers womb, alone and yet in bliss and peace. Over time we've come to forget that innate godliness and bliss within ourselves and we search for it in the outside world.

We bind our happiness and blissdom to all things external rather than within ourselves. Over time society bonds us even more and we become slaves to it.

If we let go and just be, life would be so beautiful no matter what. BUT, we just can't. Not so easily.

And we scoff at sanyasis and great sages! They so lived true to their heart and being. And us?

Dawn....सेहर said...

I am here after a long gap - dear work is what is keeping me away otherwise you are always in my thoughts :)
I am hoping you are doing well and happy as sunshine :)
with love and hugz

Jeevan said...

It sometimes feels good hiding away from this world. There’s lot of peace, eternity and space for self. Take care keshi.

The broken things could be fixed, but the crack may remain. Sometime remaking it could turn better than original.

hugs and love

preeti said...

hope you are ok. im havin a blue time too :(:(:( why cant emotions be bundled up and thrown deep down the sea? why do we 'feel' stuff?

Margie said...

Now it's Friday and I know you are glad ... Yay!
The weekend has arrived for you.
Have a great day and an awesome weekend.
I still have one more day to go ... sigh!



Toon India said...

hey that nothingness you experience is the purest state of meditation when the mind, heart are at rest..and we become one with the soul..seems like you're on a spiritual journey..keep going girl

And yes that peace is not dependent on any person,place or thing!!

!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

sorry babes,
i read this one the very day, but really have no clues as what to write.
ur state is indeed real, i guess only thing permanent is change, and yest its biggest cliche of our times.
So if change is real, we should change too, we should move on, we can't have things for long, i mean eternity is merely a thought, the only thing eternal is we to ourselves. rest all tend to fade away.

Vinz said...

Everything fine..??

take care...

N J said...

Firstly, NEAT post! Secondly, I'll follow this blog for just one song that you have uploaded in here. ECHOES, and... Yeh... PINK FLOYD rocks!

Hemanth Potluri said...

stopped talking to me sweets angry on me :(....hope everything is going on ok..pls take care...miss u so much ...have a good weekend...


ani_aset said...

Thank god you are back :)
You have discovered few secrets it seems :) and thanks for sharing them with us. I am glad that you are fine...praying to god to give you more strength each day :)

AmitL said...

Heyy,nice to see you back,Keshi,albeit,a somewhat disturbing post.Hope things are under control and working out as YOU want them to,and that all the Thoughts help you to the extent you want them to!Good Luck.

Rex Venom said...

I see that return is well greeted.
And the thoughts are gripping.
Rock on!

Margie said...

Have a good Monday!



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White Magpie said...

You're back. Great!! A rehab - mental or physical does wonders for the spirit and gets the right things flowing within.

Enjoy the solitude.

krystyna said...

Hope you are happy, Keshi!

Send you
much hugsss and positive energy!

MARIA said...

Greetings from Canada to you my dear friend!

♥ Love & Blessings!

Margie said...

Hey Keshi
Oh gosh, that red dust storm you had there was scary, huh?
The pics you sent me were amazing!

Thinking of you and sending good thoughts.
Hug Snuggles n Otis Jr. for me.
How cute that they are always under your desk.

Happy day!


Jack said...


I feel so sad that I did not check out earlier and am almost 2 weeks late. One can make ownself happy or sad. One has to realise that everything is with expiry date, even life. One needs to look at the positive side and keep peace with oneself. Be nice and polite to all without expecting anything in return. Live for one's own peace. Please keep writing.

Take care

Mysterious Mia said...

soemtimes we need to take a break n its i guess once u r outta the dark hole u will appreciate the beauty of the outside world

miss ya n hoping the dust storm didnt bother ya

hugs dear

Thousif Raza said...

hey keshi how r u yaar? you still dint gimme the email of yours i am waiting for it ya.... i just hope this phase will pass by you and you be back to normal, missing you and your writeup's like crazy, literally, love you :)

take care and keep writing..........

Anonymous said...

Wonderful read. I missed you a LOT, gurl. Please keep writing :)

c'est la vie - bhargav said...

thank you for coming back. love.

Anonymous said...

XXX I hope you are OK.

Margie said...

Thinking of you dear Keshi.
It's the most gorgeous day here ... summer has returned and I am loving it!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



Margie said...

Hey Keshi
Oh, guess what?
It was my fav too and I also think it was my best.
We are so much alike, it's amazing!

Love ya...


SaffronSaris said...

Wooooo, I'm teleporting happy dust to you (pun not intended, i saw the dust storms in the papers)


PRADEEP K. said...

A wonderful summary of "living in the present moment"!

Cheers to you, Keshi

Ash said...

Sending you love and hugs from England


Margie said...

It's a beautiful day here and as I was out walking with jake I had you on my mind so here I am saying "hi" and wishing you a most wonderful day.

Joy and laughter to you, my friend.



Die Muräne said...

hallo? did you get lost in the sydney dust storm, or what?!

hope you're doing fine!

Sun Follower said...

Keshi... I leave for weeks at a time. Mainly because I am out there - living. I love to write- but sometimes I just like to live my very full life. Your words are lovely - even when they are expressing disappointment or sorrow, in utero or in birth. I haven't had comments to my blog in weeks... but that's OK too, it's for me and whoever reads me. *hugs*

Tarun said...

Sand storms whistling in your part of the world?


Hi Keshi

Nice to hear from you.

Hope you are doing well.

I'm doing very well considering a tornado hit just down the road from where we live. We were not home at the time.

Besides, I'm not ready to follow the yellow brick road. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hun, you are awarded at my place.

* hugs *

Now, come quick, and take it xD

krystyna said...

Just send you
hugsss and smile!

There is sad in Blogland without you, you know it?

Hope you have a good days, Kashi.

Devika said...

This is sad Keshi,

I know you must have been broken once (who isn't'), and you were taking life head-on and living it cent percent....Now why don't you be you...i am quite sure this isn't the you!

Come back Keshi for good,


Margie said...

Have a good weekend, dear Keshi.

Be happy and know how much you are loved.



iriz said...

i'm always stunned by your writing keshi. you are so deep yet your thoughts floats with buoyancy.

there's so much to say about this post. just wanted to say i do really love it.

keep on posting! you have a great day!

VickY said...

i hope all is well.
sometimes all we need to do is runaway n be alone.
I hope whatever it is...will be forgotten.

tc n hugs

Margie said...

Enjoy the long weekend and the days you are taking off from work.
Have a fantastic time...Ok!



shooting star said...

lovely post....reminds of ur earliest writings..around 2004...glad ur posting again...

shooting star said...

lovely post....reminds of ur earliest writings..around 2004...glad ur posting again...

The Phosgene Kid said...

Let the sun shine in doll...

Rookie said...

I don't have tiniest inclination as to what is going on because I don't know you. I just discovered your blog and while going through the archives, came by your goodbye post.
I look forward to read more of your writings and of course complete the pile up of archives as and when I can.
Jst hoping that you won't disappear making your blog unavailable to read.
Hope to learn more about this journey of yours. Cheers.

Whitenoise said...

This and the previous post made me sad. It comes and goes, Kesh. It'll be back and you will feel differently in the future. Leave the doors open.

Margie said...

Hi Keshi
Are you still away on the mini holiday?
If you are hope you are having a great time!!!!!

Miss our chats!
Miss you lots!

A whole lotta hugs to you!


anits said...

hi keshi r u?

Margie said...

Hi Keshi
Today I wore the earrings you gave me ... I had my hair pulled back so they could be seen .... they are so pretty ... they must be seen!
Anyway, the little boy that I'm nanny to told me, "your earrings are so shiny & pretty, I like them!"
I told him they are my most favorite earrings as I got them as a gift from a sweet and dear friend!
He said, "oh, that is nice!"
He is just 4 yrs old .... such a sweetie!
Just wanted to share that with you as I was thinking of you and wanted to let you know how glad I am to know you and have you as my friend!
And I'll always remember your kindness to me ... thank you so much!

Hope you are having fun wherever you are.



Margie said...

So, you are still on your mini holiday ... I was wondering.
Well, enjoy every minute and I shall look forward to hearing from you!
Can't wait to hear all about where you been and what you have been doing.

Take care, Keshi.



The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope you are feeling better

Bla said...

BTW, "In Utero" is one of my all time favorite albums. :) Hugz.

Anonymous said...

Whereever you are Keshi, Wish you luck and happiness.

But just one thing: We don't always live in this world for ourselves - our point of view, our rights and wrongs, our opinions. It is sometimes (I give 20 %) good to allow others take something away from you. You end up living for them. It comes back too, though not always.

In nutshell: The world is common, so, let's just share common emotions as well. Take care girl!

Thousif Raza said...

hi keshi how r u? missing you ya still, well i dont know what you will think when i say this, but i cried yesterday thinking abt you, abt how life has played its dirty tricks on you, well i miss you and your write up's, just wish all becomes well and good with you, i just want that smiling, bubbly, keshi back, hope to c ya soon, misss ya take care

Gledwood said...

Bloody hell 101! That's a lot of comments...

... NE way I was just going to say:


Margie said...

Hey hun!
Happy Monday!



Satish Bolla said...

keshi, good to see you back. as usual, u just made sure that u top my list of fav bloggers.

hope u r ok. will drop u a nice mail soon.

rayshma said...

you're being missed, gurl!
just dropped by to say hi... :)
hope all's well... stay happy, keshi! :)

Swetha Padakandla said...

hey keshi,
long time.. am back to blogsville! :)

howz u, girl?
looks like u r idle from past few days!
waiting to hear from u!


Margie said...

You are missed, my dear friend!



Anonymous said...

When are you writing again?

Margie said...

Gosh, it's Friday there already.
Hope you have a great weeekend, Keshi.

Are you still real busy at work today?



krystyna said...

Greetings & kisses
to you Keshi!

Thanks for fantastic Pink Floyd!

Beach Bum said...

Just stopping by and saying hi. Hope you feel better soon.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Still on the down-low?

Margie said...

Oh, thanx so much for all the wonderful pics Keshi, I loved them!
You have such a beautiful family!
So glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

Talk soon!


P.S Have a great Monday! ARRRRG! I know you are not a fan of Mondays' though!

SaffronSaris said...

Poppy-doll pearl!! Dya have a good Diwali? I was out last Sat and the Sun was blazing sooooo brightly, I didn't think anybody needed any lamps....;p

I read in the papers there are bush fires in Sydney. Is it okay where you are??

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keshi, great advice, something I need to reflect upon.

Die Muräne said...

you have no broken spirit hun

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