Friday, August 14

The Dream Is Gone

I know I put up a Goodbye post last night. However, I had to take it off for the only reason that reading it made some good friends and regular readers very sad. So it's not here anymore, cos I didn't want to appear selfish and break hearts along the way. But my thoughts about this place remain the same. During my small break in the last few days I realised that this place has lost it's novelty for me, and I can no longer feel that sense of purity it once held. Neither do I feel like writing here anymore. I have lost that beautiful, exciting, 'wow' feeling that I get whenever I sit down to write a post, comment or read blogs. Everything seem to have lost it's genuine touch. Everyone (except very few) seem to have very quickly forgotten their own words, their own illusion. Some have moved on, some became strangers overnight, some are still here but seem not to know me anymore, some have made their blogs private without notice, some always keep in touch no matter what. Pretty much like the real world right? There used to be a time that I got all sad about such things. Not anymore. I don't feel a thing anymore, trust me. You can slap me on my face or kiss me gently, I'd just stand still. What's happened to me? Guess I have become quite comfortably numb. I have become something I thought I'd never become. This used to be my passionate playground. I associated this place with my emotions, unlike most people did. I do connect with people here on a deeper level than just for the posts' sake. I'm not here just to blow my trumpet or to show you how I can write or to brag about my life. I am here in my full 'human' form, I gave my 100%. I don't draw lines with friends, I don't hold back when it comes to expressing and I don't suffer from 'selective' association. I'm not afraid of FEELING. But I realise alot of people here are just for the experience...not to connect...they are here just to receive, but never to give. And I do know that expecting everyone to be just like me is not fair. So how does a person like me live in a place that they don't seem to belong? God knows how I survived here for 5 long years!

I know, to each his own. That's why I don't feel for this place anymore. It's become just another real world. Just like how a child grows into an adult, and ceases to see the magic around her, this place seem to have ceased to surprise me. Familiarity and predictability have moved in for good. The dream is gone. Now there is no pain, I am receding...

Music: Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

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Priya Joyce said...

I too feels the same at times..But the only consolation is the fact is ..even if there's sorrow all over..even if people are cold in their dealings..
life moves on...sadly it has to...
I juss feel it's going on in everyone's mind these dys..many on the blogsvivlle are tired n sad about wats going on but many more are joining..we make new our old friends quit..
but wat...
trying to find happiness in small joys wud do..i think blogsville is not going to be the same agn's reely lost it's beauty..
now it's kindaa...blogging to keep in touch with friends...that's all..
I juss hope this phase of life gets off..
Hope against hope hmm

Priya Joyce said...

lot's of error..:(:( TyPos :( sorry

Jay said...

The primary reason I have my blog is to make connections with people. I'm going to miss you lots and lots if you shut down this blog Keshi.

I understand that at some point we all have to move on though. You should join Twitter Keshi. You could still connect with people that way if you're tired of blogging. ;-)

Margie said...

Hey,I'm just happy that you were here for as long as you were & shared some of the most amazing & beautiful posts!
Thank you, Keshi.

I'm so sorry to know Blogville has lost "the magic" for you.
But I completely understand why it happened!

I think I'm starting to feel a little like you as I don't have much desire to visit bloggers.
Does that mean I might be ready to call it "quits " too...cud be!
I just came back but maybe might be leaving just as quickly.
I was talking to another blogger friend today & she was telling me she hates all the "fakeness" here in Blogville.
She's someone I have known for 15 yrs and only came on here because of me but she gets quite tired of it.

Oh well, whatever will be, will be!
Just know we will always be friends & I'm so glad to have met such a special friend as you here in Blogville!

TC, hun & do enjoy ur weekend!




Hi Keshi

Came around and found you were gone. Kinda sad.

Once, you told me this might happen. If I remember, I think I told I also might quit, and I have. I no longer blog the way I once did.

I changed the name of my blog so as to take myself out of the blog completely.

At one time, I could write and post some funny material. Now, I can no longer blend in the comedy.

I still write comedy, but you may have noticed that new comedy shows are scarce. Hopefully, it will change when Jay Leno goes prime. Maybe, the end is coming for the reality shows.

If you leave, I'll understand.

If you stay, I'll will still visit you.



Suresh Kumar said...

Gosh! I missed a lot during the last one week!

Keshi! Extremely sorry... cudn't comment on earlier posts....was tied up with sumthing else...

I dunno... may be sumtimes we get very numb after experiencing all the joy and sorrow.. I have made some good friends on the blogworld...

But sumtimes I too feel that it may have lost its magic and I too want to disappear... But then some good friends pop up and ask 'what happened? no new posts!" It brings me back. Let me see how many years I survive in this world....

Niway... whenever u write, I wud definitely read them and try to understand your thoughts.....

Take Care... Keshi....

Margie said...


A new chapter begins
Page by page
day by day
they turn
and step by step
I learn

There is unlimted
opportunity in life
to be giving
and it's a blessing
to be among the

As all ... one day will
be gone ... and
my path here will
end ... leaving
behind my pages
that I'll never live

Just wanted to share that with you!
Wrote it very quickly...

Love always...


Rex Venom said...

All things become as they must be. And all things move and change. In circles. They Roll.
Rock on, Beautiful!

Margie said...

Hey, I'm writing a song for you... here goes ...

Cruisin' (Keshi's Theme Song)

Well, I ain't got no problems ... no worries ... no fears
All I've for to think about ... is this thing between my ears ...
I'm sometimes looked at funny...
I sometimes
get the stares ...
Some folks can't seem to understand...that I
ain't got no cares ...

Chorus: Cruisin' down the highway...on this road
Of life ... just a singin' a song of happiness ...
Amid the pain and strife ...

Some people think I'm crazy ... some think I'm smart ...
Don't matter to me ... whatever they see ... 'cause
whatever I am ... I art ...
Some people say they love me ... and some say they'll try ...
And there are those who laugh at me ... and
some who only cry ...

Yes ... people see me happy ... and ask themselves "Why" ...
They only see the clouds of fear ...
I see the clear blue sky ...
But, you see ... I love everybody ... and there's
nothing you can do ...
'Cause .... when I say I am your friend ... I am
a friend to you ...

If you think you like my happiness...and want to have it too...
Just play along with me and soon you'll see ...
We're all gonna make it thru ...
It may not take forever ... it may only take a day ...
Just ... learn to live ... and learn to love ...
and learn to give it away.
Do you like it?
Hope so...

Well, time for a cuppa hot's quite chilly here tonite...

We sure share a lot of them there *HUGZ* don't we?


Anonymous said...

If not writing makes you happy, follow it - All I can say.

Utopia said...

I wonder what happened for you to react the way you did. Sigh! So you are not gonna be writing?

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:( i hope that doesn't happen to me.

La vida Loca said...

Never thought as know goodbyes are a part of life. But the memories will always be there. Speaking for myself- yes i will miss you... but I give u space to do what u think is right... you know?


Quest said...

The devil is not afraid.
The devil knows no feeling.
The devil knows no pain.
The devil doesn't have a physical form, it can assume any shape.

---These are taken in its purest form from the doctrine of devilshness. And as you satisy 2 or more of the above, you are being inducted to world of devils (this is the first induction of any human) :)

Welcome to my world ;) :D

vishesh said...

I know what you mean..thats why I keep moving blogs , this and that...there was a time when I wanted people to read my poetry...not that I don't want to now , but I don't really care...if someone wants to read it , it is out more trying to market myself etc , for I have met people like you , in whose post I have learnt a lot.
I think you are one of the few who has seen me grow..and I know that while I might sometimes seem cold hearted , I am so because I don't want to look at that , for I think that would hurt me too much...

Don't leave, for your posts have helped me see my true self when I have been lost...I read that too late to comment , in my google reader..I have seen bloggers come and go...I have evolved to suit the current bloggers, but I think you have always seen me as the boy who started blogging all those years back..

I remember the time , when I first landed up on your blog , I was quite intimidated to see someone talk about men and people in the way you did..but your reply to my comment , showed me what you really are and I understood that you don't stereotype and I misunderstood you..

Now I look forward to your comments, they still have a charm about them...You are one of the few who is part of the old crowd and who knows I might soon be the only veteran(except maybe the celeb bloggers) left here :P

Devika said...

This a passing feeling Keshi....i have felt it so many times in the pas, but being here amongs all, it all goes...knowing it will come back too...Let it,

This place is as real as the world outside..This is no magic world, as far as people here are real...and these feelings come and go in real life also...infact thats what life is about...and art is an extension of life NOT the other way round..

& One has to be realistic above all here, as in the real world,

Rest as I see it, blogs offer an oppurtunity to share your creativity....if you feel the urge to share you are here, else we recede...

On the way if we find some good friends thats a bonus :)

and You, I shall always remember :)

be happy and do things that make you happy

love, always

Margie said...

And so it's time for me to day "good nite"
One more for you before I go...

It's time to write ...
To shed my light ...
On what is right ...
the future's bright ...
"Out of sight" ...

Without a fight ...
I'll sleep well tonite ...
and I'll take a flight ...
to a higher height ...
and to my delight ...
I'll come to lite ...

That's friend, good nite!

P.S And, happy, happy weekend!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

The dream has grown and the child has grown said Pink Floyd! But they never asked to kill the dream or to abandon it!

For it is the dream that propels the person.........

Dont take me wrong when I ask this question about life..... What do you do when life's novelty is worn off????

On the same note, it is my request to you to reconsider your decision!

Deepti said...

I know exactly how this feels. I haven't been blogging for a while now. Somehow I cant put up anything.
But please do keep in touch Kesh..
my email(
Will miss you loads .. Hugs and muah!!!

- Sugar Cube - said...

Keshi it has been a pleasure reading you , your thoughts.
You are a wonderful writer who expresses amazingly.

I understand every thing in life has a saturation level.5 yrs in blogsville ? Frankly I started getting sick of this place only within few months.But again , I'm back to enjoying it.Reading others & reading myself over & again :)

All you need is a break.Try something different in your absence from blogs.Then maybe when just sneak in here , you might feel like writing once again coz am sure there's a 'single' Deigo somewhere waiting for you & you wld be too excited to share your feelings once again ;)

Keep rocking! Keep having fun with friends & family.Wish you the very best! Warm regards for baby dee :)

Do come back ...sooner or later..take all your time but do return.
Will miss reading ya :(

Tarun said...

You know as soon as I saw this update (just read the title), I knew what it would be along.

At times our posts and comments are pretty much writing on the wall (nothing to with facebook and all ... :P)

But yeah ... I mean with the pace that u upload,in the hindsight I saw it come ... I mean the good bye post.
I am sure it wasnt the first one, I wonder if it be the last.

*I have become something I thought I'd never become.*

If u consider honest frank opinion (u have to u got no choice Girl) I think you write well,no doubt. But everytime you finish writing a post, read it yourself couple of times and reflect.

Its just that, you give it all to your blogs, so if u start to feel emotionally empty about ur blogs/life its ok.

Being patient with ourselves is one of the most toughest test v face each day.

Ria said...

i know what u r going thru...and i am sure u know what i mean. My mail must hav said it all.

But i m just glad to see here now. I am happy to see a post from u. I remember telling Kartik abt ur sabbatical and my fears abt u leaving blogville for ur own good. I also told him, that somewhere i am becoming selfish and i want to stop u from shutting down this blog coz this is the medium which brought me across u...and i cant imagine not coming to your blog.

U knw the other day i was acually going thru ur posts, and i ended up reading the posts till 2008! And guess what did i realise, i realised that i havent missed a single post of urs ever since i got hooked to it!

And i hav never done that with any other blog....its jus so close to my heart and what i read is almost something tht i must hav been thru sometime or the other. I am sure i dont need to say that, u knw how exactly how i feel.

Somewhere down the line we do feel the need to become numb to a few things else it becomes difficult to survive in this harsh world. But one thing that i knw we may or may not blog forever!but i do know one thing for sure...that we will stay in touch for as long as we can. Isnt it! :)



♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

Keshi, im going to miss you like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

youre the best writer ive ever met ( im not exaggerating)


at least give me your email id and if youre on orkut or facebook, your username.. i dont want to lose you altogether. youve told me youre there for me when ever i wanted to talk to you.. so at least keep in touch..
this seems like a very selfish comment, i know.. and im very sorry

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

Yeah !!! nowadays I m feeling the same... but I guess I have this particular sensation every other it will pass one day... and so i think of urs :)

ZB said...

Keshi, Please don't go, keep writing.

Tell you one think, you are one of the finest and best bloggers we have around. Your writings are crisp, clear and makes the readers stop and take notice.

I will tel you one more truth, i read 95% of your blog posts from the first word to the last, which i very rarely do in other cases, baring some close friends of mine. You should write, not just blogs, perhaps some literature too. So, if you want to leave blogger, it should be for a worthy cause. If you want to go to the next level of writing, then please take a break.
Hope to read you soon. TC:))

Anonymous said...

Not that I don't wanna be supportive of your decision, but I don't think leaving in the solution to everything. Girl, I feel the same way too at times and I almost walked in to the ''delete'' button but just think : will that be it? Today, you might leave blogging but then tomorrow, you might lose interest in living. Does that mean you'll stop living? No, honey. It doesn't work that way :)

Infact, don't think of how blogsville has changed, think on the terms on how much you can express yourself here. Alright, maybe it has lost its own charm and everything but there's no pressure. You can always take some time off and be back when you feel like writing something. Nobody is going to be mad if you do that. But stay! Don't leave forever. :)

We all will miss you. It's been a tough time, I understand. But we're here for you, Keshi.
Think about it. * big hug *

- Sugar Cube - said...

I'd like to keep in touch with you.
Do you mind giving me your e-mail id ?

Here's mine :

AmitL said...

Sigh!Keshi,I can understand what you're feeling.Just like,deep down,I know u'll be back someday(anyone who loves writing,cannot go away from it)...till then,you take care and enjoy life to it's fullest,as always,and do what gives you happiness!Once you radiate it,others automatically feel happiness,too.:):)

ani_aset said...

I stood still
devoid of every emotion
I saw you leave
No empathy compassion

I stand still
strong rejuvenated
I am back
to the love that has waited :)


Do i say you saying this soon keshi :)
I happen to be the unfortunate one to have visited your blog so late, only to find that keshi does not want to write anymore :(

Akshat said...

Hey K...

You know what....for the first time I cannot ask you to stay..... I have been dealing with the same feelings lately....though not as much as you are... I've been here for a short while....not even a year....and I has lost its has lost the charm that once charmed a 16 year old....

The time I came back from my break...I had the feeling that I would be whole again....but I do not feel like logging into my blog anymore leave alone posting much...

Yet i am grateful to blogger for a lot of things.... I've made a lot of very good friends.... (though most of them are leaving now...)

I've learned that I am not as hopeless a writer as I thought I was...

And K.....I am ever so grateful I got to know you.... I love are one of the best persons I know....and I mean each syllable of what I am saying....

K,... I am leavi8ng blogger infinitely..... I don't know if I'll come back.....but one thing is for sure.... I'll never forget you..... how can we remain in contact???? FB????


Love you..


WarmSunshine said...

Hi Keshi

I'm sorry to hear that. To be honest, I too joined this place for the genuineness. Some of it has departed for me. I too come here off and on. There are people who are still the same to me like they were when I first came here. Change is constant, right? So I guess we have to live with it. Please don't leave this place. We, I for one, will surely miss you. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive such people, because even they can't resist the constant factor of change.

Please stay in touch through emails. Would wait for you to come back.

Lots of love.

Sandy said...

I am glad you took down the goodbye. I am glad that you blog for yourself and not for others. Do not let other people's behaviour mar your experience here.
Keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Am so happy you are back..Juz' Missed a couple of hings there..
So happy that this was all a bad dream..!
I love all your posts and your subsequent comments on our posts too..Be around but not required to be so active if you don't want too..
Too much of anything is anyways dangerous!! So juz chill and take the fun...enjoy our posts, post a couple of yours own at times..
That is fun and you'll enjoy the intermittent reading of others' perspectives..:)
Plz be there babe!! We can't be without reading what Viva is up to... **winks...God bless you!!
This is just a phase, you'll get over it and then we'll be back to where we were...!

Nothingman said...

bye bye, have fun!!


Margie said...

I just called answer :(
Hope u r out having fun!
I'm just about to go out & have some fun myself...well, fun eating as I have a craving for lemon meringue pie (my mum made the best in the world and I so loved it) and hubby is taking me out to a restaurant that has some real good lemon meringue pie!!!!

So, bye bye!



krystyna said...

Dear Keshi,
you were, you are, and you will always be the Queen and the real guide in our beautiful adventure that is blogging.
You did beautiful piece of work, we all admired you, and truly loved. Your posts attracted like a magnet.
From the comments of others, conclude that, without you ....the beautiful era of blogging will be... end.... it is so sad (weep)
How most of people said, I completely understand you, and I have exactly the same feelings.
Already a couple of times I tried to quit blogging too,
but to me it has not yet time.
As you know, blogging is a beautiful thing. We know each other, learn from each other, but also attach each other, and we also have the disappointments. It's sad when someone leaves suddenly, without a word, or close her/his blog ....for only private friends..
I think that after a few years of blogging we need to change something. Blogging takes a lot of time, and there is no longer time for learning other things. Honestly say that I like my polish blog, because there is no comments, I write whatever I want and whenewer I have time.
Of course I love so much to read my friends' posts, as well as comments, but really it takes too much time and very often I feel sooo tired.

I think that our friendship will be forever, whether we will blogging or not.
Maybe longer break be refreshing... who knows?

What do you think Keshi about something like - "Forum"....
I saw a lot of interesting Forums, and so it seems to me that you will be a great guide....
Try to think about it....

I will always knock at your door .....

love & hugssss

Beach Bum said...

Its a strange feeling to just be going through the motions. I should know because I find myself doing it at home and work. The nearly constant battle of dealing with the mundane saps the strength and dulls the senses making real passion for anything difficult.

As much as I criticize those around me sincerely happy just to sit at home and watch television it does have the numbing benefit of pushing an overwhelming and sick world to the sidelines.

Blogging for me has been/is a way to connect with others wanting to know more about the world than just what we see in nice highly sanitized video clips.

Keshi, if you do retire you will be missed greatly. You have been a window to a part of the world that normally we never hear from here in the United States. That is unless some actor/actress goes and does something that draws attention.

Take care and know that if you do leave we will be here.

Jimmy said...

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Jimmy said...

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with whatever you do... Obviously 5 years - anybody would be bored! Take care...

comfortably numb said...

I so understand what you're talking's a sort of detachment that has set in, words don't seem so alluring of numbing and comfortably too:(
But hey, that's how I feel about life too and yet leaving my life and turning away on it is the last thing that I'll ever think of and I guess it's the same with this space also!!!

Take care, be safe, have peace...Love ya:)

Jimmy said...

and then we EARTHIANS will join hands with planets VENUS, MARS, SATURN, JUPITER,etc

and we will become one UNIVERSE

its not going to happen in my lifetime and yours Keshi

Oye Sardar Manmohan Singhji dont dismantle our Army Navy and AIR FORCE

we will continue needing guys like VEST for a much longer time

I too dared to DREAM and IMAGINE

but alas it wont happen buddy
We guys KESHI and ME will be shot too

most probably by VEST

Talking To My Soul said...

This is a small world. I will find a way that leads to you, K. Blog or no blog.

I want you to be at peace. And I can only help. Peace you'll have to find. May be, peace will find you soon.

Bless you, darling.


Thousif Raza M.B said...

keshi lemme tell you, its the way people are living their life that is making them so taken away from their emotions that no body has time, father doesn't have time for kids, kids don't have time for their family

its the (dumb) way the modern society is living

you know i too hate it, when the person first shows the care and then suddenly he/she just doesn't and when we ask is there a problem that is bothering you or if we try to comfort them they just flair up for no possible reason

i know its very hard on you but be brave yaar, its just the way, you know many people smile because of you, your writing is so inspiring that i get emotional everytime and wish i could be like you,

you know i always expected from others but now i don't, you know why, cause only when you said find love in yourself, that's a way i did

i now apologize even if i don't commit a mistake, thinking that the other person will get hurt

i can just say please don't leave the joy your spreading you are very important at least for me, your joy bring joy to me, cause i find happiness through my frenz

will you make me sad too, by you being sad???

now c'mon smile for me please please please yaar, i hope you did and be smiling like this only :)

take care and keep writing......

Jack said...


Good to see you here. It is your decision but I feel why not carry on with what you have been doing and let others do what they feel like. Write for your own sake. It is still the same forum but you have changed your way to look at it. Hope you do continue.

Take care

shooting star said...

oh dear keshi!!!
wat do i say....only this....u are a pure soul and no matter what , u shall remain so.....and about being numb....well it happens sometimes!!!!...
ull be back to your passionate self sure of that!!!

c'est la vie said...

everybody feels like this...but belive me time is the best elixir. time is the best healer.

venus66 said...

Hi Keshi, I too feel the same many a time. I almost walked away for good but I still stay just for a few wonderful souls. Hope you will stay. Hugs!

Nadine said...

Sometimes we just need a break. I've been feeling a little out of it myself and until today, I hadn't blogged in weeks.

I hope the magic doesn't go away for good and it becomes that special place for you again.

Margie said...

Hi hun
I got your emails but right now I can't reply...some technical glitch....hope it will be fixed by tmrw.

We had the most wonderful time at the wedding reception & yes, the band did play Lionel Ritchie songs (but not Diana Ross)
Got out there & danced with my daughter & her friends & had such a FUN time!

How great that u went to the beach on Sat...summer is arriving soon in Aus...Yay! That is AWESOME!

I'm just completely exhausted so taking a bath & then going straight to bed...I was thinking of doing a post but it will have to wait as I can barely keep my eyes open...we did not get to bed last night till after 2:00 am.
It was one of the most fun nights I have ever had daughter & her new hubby are the most happy couple...just too adorable they are!

Nite, nite ...
Arrrrrrrrg! I know it's Monday there & you hate em!
Hang in there!



!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

why so serious?

joie de vivre said...

you moving out of blogs :O

this is very true..the feeling u wrote..that is how humans are..not at all many emotions.. instability..happiness..expression..

even i dont remember when did last time i came to your blog or vice versa...

so that is all ok..hope to see you soon some will be missed..


иidhi S said...

Hmm.. its a known feeling... but then.. U can never expect more from others than yourself. Are you matching up to your own expectations..??
People may come and go but there are really few who leave their marks ass they pass by... whether good or bad but nonetheless important enuf to teach us stuff about Life..!!

So just be easy with yourself... ok... and dont think much... SMILE ((Huggggzzz))

Cazzie!!! said...

Love you Keshi :)

usha said...

just another real world, it is indeed, Keshigirl!

I hope a li'l break from this alternate world would help you realise the magic around in the real world as well as the blog world, again! :) really.

you do take care, girl! *hugs* n I'm sure you'll be back with a bang, soon!!

ps: please don't go. it isn't such a bad place afterall, is it?


hi.. i have been visiting ur blog for a long time, but might not had left many comments.. its always been a good read.. :-)
i m just 7-8 months old on blogvilla, and even i this short period i had many time lost interest.. but there is something about it tht always attracts- friends. whts happening in their lifes? whts they r planning?? and alot to tell them about ourself...
i dont know why i m saying so.. v dont even know about each other.. bt one thing i felt when i read my old posts and comments.. there r many who care for me, whom ever it might be, wht ever they r, where ever they belong, they r wid me somewhere here.. so i think why i should run away frm them bec of some crooks..
wht ever u decide, blogvilla will surly miss ur charm.. enjoy ur life.. :-)
Hope u keep on showering few droplets too keep in touch..

White Magpie said...

Know exactly what you mean. So no explanation needed really at least for this reader. Would be nice to connect but I don't know where to. All I know is, this will pass too.

Margie said...

My email is working in touch tonight.
Just wanted to share this with you before I get started on my busy day ahead.
It's a page out my diary from over 10 yrs ago...

There comes a day when you might be tired and weary and wonder why you have no answers. There comes a day when all the work that you have done seems to be in vain. The road ahead looks so long and you have come so far, and there seems to be no end in sight.

On these days know that the road is not as it seems, that reality is just not clear today. The sun is always there, even if the clouds block you from seeing it.

Rest. Slow dowm. If at all possible take the day off.
And if you cannot do this, take some time to be very good to yourself today.
Be gentle. Rest and be renewed.
Know that you are OKAY NO MATTER WHAT!

Funny how as I'm reading this as I'm writing it here, I feel so very good!
I used to write little "pep" talks to myself almost every back then.

TC, hun!
I'm always here for you!



rayshma said...

your space has been rather thought-provoking for me. there've been times you've really made me sit up and take notice.
and most of all, i have always admired the fact that you give this space it's due importance. this space AND the friends who comment here. i love the way you make the time and take the effort to read our blogs, reply to our comments and comment on our spaces. this, despite the fact that you do have a real, vibrant life. it's rather special, keshi.

and if you decide to stop blogging, you will definitely be missed.
take some time off... i can only hope that the child remains alive.

Jimmy said...

So long Keshi
I just posted my last post on my BLOG


goatman said...

It may be from having to read all of these comments, sheesh, start a new blog as toad girl and try a new approach!
World is variant

Tejas Lakhani said...

Your post keep me re-think about
"Familiarity and predictability have moved in for good. The dream is gone."....

Quite right, there's nothing more to write.
Can't forget the famous line from The world is not enough where bond says "There's no point in living if you can't feel alive?"

Love and Regards,
Tejas Lakhani

Tejas Lakhani said...

I think that line was spoke by Renard in the movie TWINE.

Jeya Anand said...

How sad!! I come back to see you bidding farewell..

Jeya Anand said...

How you been doing these days? ur blog says u r not it so?

Thousif Raza M.B said...

hi keshi saw your comment on my blog i am still worried though, please take care of yourself and be back soon will miss you very much, and keep smiling ok :)

take care and keep writing......

Cazzie!!! said...

Loving you still Keshi :)Mwah xoxox

Jeevan said...

I just come to a conclusion that people who want to read will read, if not those none can push or force anybody. This is a place to share, and if those can’t understand what sharing means, we can’t to anything. We learn from each other about life and share love, and support when we’re down and encourage we do something good. Everyday sunny days are bore, so we need some shower to refresh and thus these brakes do. keep blogging dear.

swati said...

hey Keshi u may not knw i have been a regular reader of ur posts n ahd a personal liking fr ur blog though i didnt comment much cudnt resist myslf frm commenting on ths one..
i have also seen alot of ur motivating comments on my pal bloggers..
i completejy agree wid u..
wen u start ur journey its full of as days passes by as u get in the becomes monotonous n maybe sme incidences shook u frm within..
i wud jus say..tat hold on wid the good memories whch u had wat ur..coz one day we are back to the square one whr we start from..
Smile wen it hurts mosts :)
Take care dear :)

talldarkman said...



talldarkman said...

will you meet me over a cuppa coffee if i am in sydney?


Margie said...

Good morning Keshi...very early morning here and you are probably sleeping now...sweet dreams, Sweet Keshi!!!

Sharing another page from my diary's actually so good to be reading it once more...
(I am so pleased you liked what I shared yesterday)

When the day comes that you might feel so tired it is hard to put one foot in front of the other, when all you have done seems to get you nowhere, that will be the time to just hang in there. That will be the time to just hang in there one more second.

That will be the day you will see a sunrise or a sunset or a rainbow or a smile from a little child and you will know. That will be the day you will know that it is not all about the struggle you have been up to or the results you want to get. YOU wiil know that it is all about being touched with the JOY OF THIS DAY!


TC, hun
I'm off to start my day.



Dalicia said...

oh keshi..gonna miss you lots! well, it's only a blog. i don't think i'm going to blog forever.

wish you the best :)

Mili said...

i need to speak to u urgently keshi. this mallika this side. I hope u remember me. I met u along with ash in an IT chatroom. can i have some kind of e mail id or nethin. pls. otherwise mail me or add me at yahoo.

Mili said...

n pls reply on the email id i gave u. sinc ei dnt frequent these blogs. pls

Margie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Margie said...

You cracked me up with the funny card...hahaha!
So, I took down the sad comment!

Going out to dinner with hubby now as he knew I was feeling sad's all about my brother.
I'll email u and explain

TC and have a great day!



Pooja said...

i get d same feelin' wen i get back 2 postin' stuff after some months 2 find ppl who valued my posts a lot or atleast pretended 2, obviously saddens me 2 find my page out of their blog rolls...but isnt dat life..virtual or real..

Satish Bolla said...

keshi, i almost had tears in my eyes when i read this. am not exaggerating or trying to impress u.

u r the one of those wonderful early bloggers whose posts i loved and sadly, u r the last one to continue blogging after all the others left. and now, even u decided to call it a day.

u remember solitaire(sneha). i still visit her blogs to check whether she came back. i never dreamt even in my wildest dreams that i should the same in ur blogs too. shit, am hating it already.

Satish Bolla said...

these days, am pretty busy with my shitting life and hence took a sort of hibernation frm bloggerville. still, am passing by every few days n checking out all ur blogs. now, it seems that there's not much need to return back to bloggerville.

keshi, can u please add me up in ur yahoo messenger/gtalk/facebook/orkut? my id is "satishbolla" in all of them.

i can't ask u to stay back as i know that u take ur decisions wisely. so take care and enjoy life and keep caring needful souls

иidhi S said...

Remember itnot somethin for others but for urself that u are doing so just be easy on urself, take some time off and chill out. And I know, U'll come bak coz I want u to ;) :P and also coz, U just cant stay away :D
Take the time off till then, Ciao.


Nirmal said...

tc gal

Margie said...

I wrote a little poem last night (it was actually in the middle of the night as I could not sleep...during those sometime sleepless nights I get up & write)

Sharing my little poem with you as I think you might like it...nothing earth shattering about it...just simple words...


I wish I was a fairy
And could vanish in mid air
And never have a worry
And never have a care
And could bring the gift of happiness
To people everywhere...


TC Keshi....



Shachi said...

howdie? i'm missing your posts already :) hope everything is going well for you....whats the news on the house front? did u move in?


Hi Keshi

Just dropped by to tell you that you can still reach me though my blog. The blog has been changed because I no longer write it. At times, some of my material may find its way onto the blog.

Times have changed, and I don't know how to describe it. It seems everyone in Blogville has had a major brain fart. :)



Anonymous said...

Thank you for have making this post. If there are no surprises left, and the exercise does not make the same sense as it did, five years ago, I guess it is all right to go lose yourself. People like me will miss you terribly. But I guess, we don't dictate terms to others for our own sake. Whereever you go, whatever you do, remember, you have a heart of gold and you will find a lot of happiness and love. Kulz!

Margie said...

Have a wonderful, splendid and fantastic weekend!
TC & always keep smiling!


Vest said...

I have recently returned from the land of hope and glory - mother of the free etc. My birth place.
I returned to re-unite with my relatives and friends, we that is my wife and eldest son were well recieved and it was enjoyable.
However, our thoughts after four weeks of absence from OZ were identical. We were pleased to be back HOME in OZ. Any pangs of concience for leaving merry England are receding fast. Nostalgic moments will crop up occasionaly but home is where the heart is and this is my home.

Keshi, cheer up lovey, whenever possible I shall continue to give you a call.XXX.

Kunjal said...

welcome back:)I understand sometimes we are just not in a mood and need break from everything:)
I was also in a break hopefully I will also start with my blog soon:)

The Phosgene Kid said...

El Mirage could burn to the ground and I'd just stand there and laugh.

MARIA said...

I miss you Dear Keshi!
I'd like to send my love and blessings to you!

aritra the daydreamer said...

i am one of those millions who cant xpress our feelings by our writings...We with faint heart take pleasure by reading what others write.....for last few mons reading ur blog is one of the must -do thing for me..and if u shut down i feel a part of my life will become pls pls pls dont quit....plssss

Tarun said...

Guess u blog in ur dreams these days?

Get a break from the break
Get a alive Keshi.


The Phosgene Kid said...

really need more pictures of Keshi.

Margie said...

Thinking of you, dear Keshi!
You may not be in your blog but you are always in my heart!

Miss you a whole lot!



Jimmy said...


we cant let this go on any more

its the end of hu man ity if it happens

we have to procreate the species
as per Gods command

Devika said...

ha! Keshi....I just thought You have been here for five years, and you very well know how it all works....By this time, you should be too conversant with it all here...and I am in no way convinced of your receding!

Why why Keshi do you want to recede....there's a blog-point in every life situation you face...then why not blog it out!? :)

Please do come back Keshi!


Margie said...

Hope your day is going well, my friend!
Mine is coming to an end!

Leaving you with this....

While we are apart
We will simply hold hands across time ...
Smile into each other's hearts
And bask in the warmth of our friendship ...

Take good care, my dear friend!



KK said...

//Lets hope that some day we'll blog together again. //

//Neither do I feel like writing here anymore.//

These were some hard to digest words... :(

Hey! come back soon...

Trinnie said...

hey come back! i miss ya

muthu said...

yeah, people always grow out of things...

It's like the hidden agenda of growing.

I can understand how you feel...

Yeah, sometimes when I see kids lost in hogging down a ice cream I feel the same way..

I kind a think that I have lost my joy of eating the ice cream somewhere when I grew up..

but really, Is that the truth.

What i don't wanna see is that, I am forfeiting myself the chance to go, say hello to the kid. Get another ice cream & share it with him.

That way, I can still share the joy of the ice cream with the kid and the kid will share the joy of his innocence with me...

Yeah, people change. A few stay with us. A few move on. A few break hearts... I am not gonna say -- it's all a part of life. Things will happen as they do happen.

But, When U were with those people, you shared something. Didnt you?? You laughed. You cried. You rejoiced.

You made precious memories... Now thats more valuable than money. more valuable than life itself.

Treasure them.

I once remember one of my college mates, getting into rage @ a girl for not loving him back. He was so much in love with that girl, that he simply did not understand that she did not see him that way, may be as a good friend but not as her lover.

He almost took to abuse her, but thank god.. He had a few guys to knock some sense and love into him...

What he did not understand was that, when U love some1, U love them without expecting anything in return.

They give you a cause to love. A heart to share. Nothing is more important than that.

Yeah, I can get you, when U say that, you have grown old for blogging.

But all i want to ask you is that,

Do you want to grow old...

May be, you just want to be reborn.

May be you just wanna feel what You were feeling when you first started this blog 5 years ago.

May be You just realized that somewhere along the way, not all go according to what we wish.

May be, you are just angry @ yourself for letting some1 close to you drift away.

All, I want to say to you is that...

It s OK. Things will change.

All you need to do is put faith in tomorrow.

Yeah, You may ask me.. whats the use of doing so. After all, you have one gotten bored of it. whts the use of doing it again??

But I think deep down in you, You want to do it.. You want to always blog your heart out. that why you are afraid that you are missing your old zest...

I know I have taken a lot of liberty and space to write this comment in your blog. Pl do not take any offense...

Though I visit your blog only once in a week or so, Comment even less... I still remember your lovely posts...

& the memories they created in me..

The post that discussed about the burglar near your house, the post that showed your passion as a Sri Lankan, the post that showed your tears for MJ--

I just dont want to stop these memories abrupt....

What do you say??

I am foolish enough to believe that life, people, blogging and what ever it is can be fun forever. Because I am still not beaten enough by fate to give up on everything in a fit of depression.

So what abt you??

Are you foolish enough??

Margie said...

Wishing you a rainbow
for sunlight after showers ...

Milles and miles of lovely smiles
for golden happy hours ...

Flowers at your doorway
for joy and laughter too ...

And a host of friends that never ends
each day your whole life through.

Keshi, have a wonderful Wednesday!



Boldnbeautiful said...

Hi Keshi

How are you? Whats happening at ur end?

I was under health crises since more than 18 months. So I could not catch up. When I come back u r on break. So sad.

Hope everything is well at ur end.
Take care

Silvara said...

I know the feeling's partly the reason i've been away for so long as well...that and other good and bad news...

i hope u come back soon kesh - always love reading ya stuff :)

Ravisekharan said...

Good to see you back KESHI.. Keep writing.. Keep entertaining...

Take Care. Cheers.


trinitystar said...

Oh Crumbs ... I have missed out Keshi ... Gosh! Keshi ... we have followed your life like watching a movie. You write well and maybe that is where you should focus ... write a book.
Gosh! Keshi Im sure lots of people on here have seen you as a sister.
You have written some funny things and we have laughed ... you have written some sad things and we have felt it.
I have not been here blogging for sometime ... almost 6 months ... my focus turned to images and not writing.
I hope that perhaps you will consider coming here a few times in the month if not every day.
We all need a change.
A breather.
Trinity leans in and gives you a huge hug. Good luck. And try not to dismiss us all completely eh! :o)

Margie said...

Happy Thursday, Keshi!
May today bring you joy!

A quote...

I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.
-Rita Mae Brown

Going on a nice walk with sweet baby Jake now...he is feeling so much better my doggie!



Margie said...

Friday there...yay for the weekend!
I know you love your weekends like I do...make it a good one, my friend!

A few lines from a poem I wrote some time ago ...

"Life is a song, a thrilling, willing lark on wing ...
Oh let it sing, my friend, sing, sing! "



Crusader said...

can anyone tell me where is caraf
is there anyway i can contact her

i really miss her and want to talk to her .

let me know

Cazzie!!! said...

Where are you woman? Come baaaaackkk!! :)

Stupidosaur said...

Nothing wrong with blog world as such. It is same as it always was. As 'fake' as it always was. As 'real' as it always was. As 'beautiful' as it always was. As 'ugly' as it always was.

Just the law of diminishing returns at work for you I guess.

Do blog if you change your mind.

No goodbyes. I know you will blog :). You are the kinds that get over the 'ARRRRGHHHHHHHH!' phase!

Anonymous said...

Come back! Please :)

I miss you, hun.

Shrav said...

heyy, sorry, i wasn't here for long, for the fact, i wasn't on any other blog too :( I was just busy :( now I come here and see this, it hurts me to see this :( please come back :(

sorry if i had hurt you somewhere, you're always close to me wherever you are :)

krystyna said...

I'd like to send you

Jeevan said...

Hope u r doing great dear, take care and we're looking forward... Hugs and love.

SaffronSaris said...

Awww I'm still here. I dropped by previously and saw "that" post where I couldn't leave my comments. :(

The world is complicated huh? But I have to agree with you. People move on sometimes, when they find other stuffs, or their blogs go private without warning, then I get all :O why can't I access their blogs anymore. But there are still some that are going strong for many years, and they are like old friends. Some leave and come back later, and some are just pure tardy, like me (time is such a precious commodity).

Muaks!!! and Huggssss!!!! I'm still ard. Just wave and be patient. Haha, I'd find time to come online eventually :D

VickY said...

i can totally relate...

i have ben busy but i do remember all my freinds here...

The volcano died
it was sad
It'll return when the rabbit does
sometimes these things take an eternity...

tc n hugs keshi

i am back at smell..

Tarun said...

Blog Day Greetings for u Keshi.


Margie said...

Hi Keshi
Well, at least Monday is over...ARGGGG!
Happy Tuesday my freind!

Oh, I so loved the pics you sent....thnx so much!
You are so beautful and your eyes are so full of light!


Tarun said...

I thought of giving ur e-mail id to police and request them to check out the lost and found section under blog writers category.

But then ... never mind.
Good to see ur comment.

Rashmi said...

Guess everyone goes thru such a phase...

But I feel that we should write becuse we like to and not how others shall react... it takes all kinds to make the world...

Wish u would continue writing... Take care, I shal miss u

Cecilia said...

hey Keshi...cmon write coz u want to write girl! :) For everyone who leaves one more comes to stay..its a journey :) u meet some..not all wait around..yet thats how it is..stick around :)

sanely insane said...

and thats why i dont segregate my relationships...for me the online world and the real world are the same and i connect fluidly through the two keeping no barriers in between

- Sugar Cube - said...

hey have you been ?? Hope you're just as great as always :)
take care!

White Forest said...

Dear Keshi, defly it would have broken my heart to know if i had seen your gud bye post.

I just can feel everything that you have written here... i have known u more through your posts :)

This blog is like a medium (telescope/microscope which ever suits better:P ) to let people know.

and i could bet on any given day..if i am bored i cud Keshi's blog, and i can find a update(sometimes interesting, sometimes amusing etc)

I also know its very difficult to write when you have lost that interest. but i am hopeful abt you :)

Hope to see more of u here :D

Make it a grt day!!

N said...

Maybe you out to take a little break....see after some time, if you want to return back...

Mili said...

I have a blog now. this very username. you may reply there. i Hope u will

Mili said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anits said...

Hi my shoulder for you to lean...hugz....stay happy always...god bles u

Margie said...

Much joy to you on this beautiful day!
It was the most gorgeous day here & I had a wonderful day in spite of my knee being a big pain!

Hope you are having a splendid day and it's not too boring at work like it was yesterday!
Did you have those some of those choc bikkies when you got home last night? YUM! YUM!

Well, past my bedtime so time to get some sleep.

TC, Keshi and know you are missed by so many!



Bernie said...

Keshi, my friend Margie speaks so wonderfully about you I just had to pop over and see for myself.
I am so sorry that I didn't get to know you when you were posting, you seem like such a beautiful soul. I am still happy I visited as I have seen and read your beautiful blog. I will return just to see if you have had a change of heart, your true friends miss you so much. In the meantime I am sending you a big hug.....:-)

Twisted DNA said...

Takes guts to do what you did, Kesh. Good luck with everything in your life.

Margie said...

Aren't you glad it's Friday?
I just know u r!
Me, I have to wait one more day...sigh!

I have been trying to write haiku but it's not easy!
I know this isn't really haiku but I'll share it with you anyway as I do love it....I wrote it last night....

Beautiful white clouds
Beckon me to follow them -
My mind floats away

It's been a wonderful day for me!
A very busy day and now I'm very tired!
Going over to my friend's (neighbor) house now for a cuppa java.

Hope you have a great day & fantastic weekend!

Love ya....

P.S Awwwwww! I see Bernie came by to visit you...that makes me happy!
She so sweet & sincere!

Devika said...

If a friend's words can make you change your decision..i am here to ask you again Keshi,

Normally i am not affected by an other and like to be left alone when i take a decision....thats why you don't see me here asking again and again...But I do rethink/review my decisions, anyway...

i wish, sincerely wish you come back Keshi, :)



Here I am burning the midnight oil with a brain cramp blocking my creative juices. So, I noticed a link the Keshi's old blog. The blog is now a ghost in Cyberspace for Keshi no longer resides in Blogville.

But, life moves forwards, and we must keep in step, or we all will become ghosts of future's past.


Mysterious Mia said...

hey here after long cos i myself was underground....n i have mixed feelings....i know exactly what u mean cos i am going thru the same thing...but am also sad that i wont get to read u so often. :(

S.A.M.B.I.T said...

the days sorrow days will be over..

Srivalli said...

Thats really sad to know that you say good bye!...

I know the people with whom you interact matters a lot..but people change. Thats only fair that you got to accept that! But any space or place we create to have our own corner can't be determined by how others are! It doesn't matter how others have changed, when you haven't then you should just continue...

or maybe take a short break to get back to old self!...but every day we change, we evolve! we out grow our thoughts, our wants and so many that sense this space can only be true if you want to express your true feelings here..not to just keep blogging!..hope to see you soon back!

Donn said...

Hey Keshtar

Why not sneak over under a alias and visit me?

Send me an email once and a while to let me know how you are can bounce stuff off me too! I understand WHY.

Miss you :)

krystyna said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Keshi!

I'd like to send a lot of hugsss!

Thousif Raza said...

hey keshi hi, how r u yaar?, you know i am very very worried abt you, missing you and you life filled blog posts like crazy, really there is a pain i my heart that you are not here really, come back missing you very very much,

take care and keep writing..........

Tys on Ice said...

okie then...that does it...where the hell are u?

theres a limit to self indulgence get ur arse back on that chair and let me know how ur weeks been..

hey girl...dont get down...dont put it all out here in a place which borders on a semblence of voyeurism....dont expect loyalty or love in a relationship that has its foundation in a weekly post...dont get hurt by anothers judgement...they are relating with wht little they know of u...

so come an another avatar..thts the beauty of this isnt it?...reincarnation is possible here...

MadhaV said...

You have an awesome blog man.

freudian slip said...

keshi! come on now!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

i wish i never read this...i really wish this post disappear and something comes that ur back ....sweets there are lots of things i want to talk talk and keep on talking to let me tell..i am always here and i mean always may be i am late in talking to u when u most needed a frnd thats my bad as i was away busy :(...but now i promise i wont be that busy again and i hope this phase passes away soon and u come bac very soon u lots...take care sweets...


Margie said...

Hi Sweet friend
You must be sleeping now, as it's the middle of the middle of the night there, well sort of...about 2:00 am...sweet dreams!!!

It's a holiday here, Labor day weekend and it's the most beautiful day, so hubby & me are heading out on a hike soon with jake.
Then going to a movie in the evening!

Glad you had such a good weeekend.
Thanx so much for the email.

Take care, hun!

Love ya!


La vida Loca said...

Heya Keshi Darl
Am busier than ever! got finals.(oh the excitement). That's ok coz break's coming up.

How u doin?


Margie said...

Have a great day, Keshi.
Sure was fun chatting with u!
Time for bed here...nite nite!

You know I'm still missing u in ur blog & always will...that is just a fact that cannot be denied.
Not the same with you gone in Blogville!
But, I know u r happy and that makes me very glad!



Ria said...

just dropped by to say that i miss everything about this blog, the posts, ur way of expressing....ur sense of humor!!

Its almost like i am missing a part of me! :( please come back hun!!

Margie said...

Hey, it was lovely having you visit my blog today so I am here at yours....

Wrote this last night in my journal...thought you might enjoy it, Keshi

Bliss out
Bliss out on joy, bliss out on pleasure, bliss out on love.
When you think you've reached the ceiling of your bliss, ride the bliss train right on through.
Bliss out on nature.
Bliss out on the smell of pine, the feel of moss on your cheek, the awesome sweet tartness of wild mountain cherries.
Bliss out beneath a golden sun in a cloudless sky, beneath a shimmering full moon, below a never-ending canopy of starlight.
Sit at the water's edge and bliss out.
Bliss out on watermelon and fresh- from-the-garden salsa and on strawberries dipped in chocolate.
Call up the Bliss Goddess and when walks in, bliss on out!

Guess I was feeling just a bit of bliss!

Have a great day, Keshi.



Ekta said... am wondering...are we making tooooo much of a blog!!!!!????
I mean its just a blog!!!
Sure--people will read and write and connect...but that also happens when we watch a 2 hr movie..u feel bad for sometime then its forgotten!!
I mean...I dont think we shld give more importance to things than they deserve...
Its ur blog..and if ur writing for yourself...then u shld do what u want to do..right??
Its not a movie keshi...that u need to make to necessarily please the "fans"....u write if u want to not becoz ur frds want u to...I am just confused now at the purpose of the blog!
So if u hearts not into it..move on girl and find something that make ur heart flutter again!
Life is simple...keep it that way!

Hemanth Potluri said...

hiiii sweets hope everything is going on fine...miss ya...take ya...


Hemanth Potluri said...

hiiii sweets hope everything is going on fine...miss ya...take ya...


Thousif Raza said...

hey keshi i was glad to see your comment, hope you have become better, missing you so very much on the blogging circuit, its like the blog wold has lost its sunshine

so to brighten u up i have written a lil something abt you in my blog hope you like it, do visi,t cya soon there

take care and keep writing........

Rex Venom said...

Baby! All is good and hope the same can be said for You.
Rock on!

Thousif Raza said...

hey keshi thx for dropping by and i am glad you liked it, hope i did justice to what you are to me by my words, and can i plz have your email id, so that i can stay in better touch with you???? mine is

take care and keep writing..........

Nirmal said...