Thursday, January 27


When you feel down
When you have no way out
When the sun never shines
When darkness rules
When you're not you
When you lost your soul
When the path is rough
When no one knows
When nothingness slips in
When times freezes
When feelings haunt
When hope fades
When dreams shatter

When tears take over
When life smirks

When death beckons
When you don't want to say Good Bye...
When that is the only way out...
How do you just say Good Bye?

7 Cranium Signets:

saby said...

Yeah Keshi
ino its tuff
when the only guy dat loves u

goes and shacks up wid Diffy

Keshi said...

that's not what I was talking about ur hooked on my ex rnt u? shall I let him know abt ur feelings mate? He mite consider ya...since ur julia lol!


saby said...

why the fuck u titled dis post 'how'
when all the time u saying 'when' ?


Keshi said...

lolls saby...the bottom line question was HOW, that's why...


Qzine said...


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Maya Cassis said...

am sorry but hope your pain finds some ease.i hate it when you hurt