Tuesday, October 26

Smitten kittens!

Ever been bitten by the big fat Love Bug? Once you're bitten you're smitten and you become a love kitten. Actually this big fat bug resides in your body and it slumbers till it is awaken by an external kitten that you will meet some day in your life. The immediate symptoms from it's bite are mostly respiratory related - short of breath proceeds. Ah, I lost my breath! What happend - how can this bug take away my Oxygen?? You may experience some skin reactions too, such as extreme blushing or going pale and passing out. Your heart raises and you lose your composure. You start to sweat and your blood pounds like thunder. You can hardly speak because you freeze. You become silly and you feel like an idiot but you can't help it. The bug's taken over your body and there's no way you can control it now - it controls you! So do as it asks you to, for you are under it's spell now - you have now got a permanent/temporary 'Love' seizure. No doctor would be able to help you so don't waste you time and money on Lovelogists - btw there're no such doctors :)

However, this bug will not bother you if you don't ever meet that triggering kitten. Perhaps you already got exposed to that kitten which has become another bug in your life or perhaps which has helped you to become less of a bug to others :) However, the besotted kittens' life changes forever then onwards...they become Romeos, Juliets, Shah Jahans, Mumtazs, Hamlets and Ophelias...what not! Along with their new found kitten, these smitten kittens fly away to new horizons, entertaining each other with that bizzare seizure called 'Love' that has now been inflicted upon them by this awaken bug. They would now do anything this bug commands them to do. These smitten kittens would even die for their external 'bugs'! The bite leaves that powerful an effect on you.

As time goes, some kittens are able to 'maintain' their Love seizures forever and they start living and growing old together which is the way it should be. And life goes on for them. But some find their seizures stop abruptly. It seems that the bite was real but the effect wasn't permanent. When this happens, the once smitten kittens go their separates ways...and the bug goes back to sleep. It may meet that trigger again some day or it may not...but life goes on for these kittens too...

Watch that bite!

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creepingking said...

Nice post Keshi.
When you mention "...Romeos, Juliets, Shah Jahans, Mumtazs, Hamlets and Ophelias..." -- How about adding "Julius Creesar and CleoPrashra" too ? ;-D

Keshi said...

heheh Crawling_Monarch...I know who you mean, yourself and Prash na :) awww...you love bugs! LOL!


Dewdrop said...

All you need is love. And love is all you need. Hey, its not me. Its John Lennon ;-) Nice write-up girl. Before begining to read any further the bold red words 'love bug' nade me think you are probably talking of some computer virus that readers should beware of ;)

Dewdrop said...

Hey Keshi
Im added you as a link from my blog. Hope you don't mind.

Keshi said...

Hey Dewdy!

Hats off to John Lennon, the best song writer ever - his songs made us realise that Love was much more than just Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da...hehehe. And about the computer virus, omgg I cracked up - LOL! Thanks for your comments Dewdy :)

Dewdy I'm honored to receive wonderful comments from someone like you, someone who writes so well...your posts are thought provoking and soul-reaching - I mean it! And you considered to add my blog as a link in yours' - I'm stoked Dewdy :)

Thanks and huggggz!

meisme said...

Hi Keshini,

A day is not spent without thinking of you....I tried to convert the mushy feelings I have for you into some lines...and I remembered this....

nilaavae vaa sellaadhae vaa
ennaalum un ponvaanam naan
enai needhaan pirindhaalum ninaivaalae anaiththaenae

kaavaeriyaa kaanal neeraa pennae enna unmai
mulvaeliyaa mullaippoovaa sollu konjam nillu
ammaadiyoa needhaan innum siru pillai
thangaadhamma nenjam neeyum sonna sollai
poondhaenae needhaanae sollil vaiththaay mullai

poonjoalaiyil vaadaik kaatrum vaada sandham paada
koodaadhenru koorum poovum aedhu mannin meedhu
orae oru paarvai thandhaal enna thaenae
orae oru vaarththai sonnaal enna maanae
aghaayam thaangaadha maegham aedhu pennae

It is from the movie "Mouna Ragam"....and dedicated to you, my "Foxy-Cleopatra"!!

Yours ever,

Virus said...


Keshi said...

meisme would you be able to tell me who you are...please email me, thanks!


Dewdrop said...

Hey Keshi
Haven't ever talked to you, but just knowing you via your writings and our blog convos gives me a clear insight of your warm and friendly personality. You always have such commendable words for me. Don't elevate me to such heights, Im a bit acrophobic you know :)

Anonymous said...

Poem: Flower of Love

Sweet, I blame you not, for mine the fault
was, had I not been made of common clay
I had climbed the higher heights unclimbed
yet, seen the fuller air, the larger day.

From the wildness of my wasted passion I had
struck a better, clearer song,
Lit some lighter light of freer freedom, battled
with some Hydra-headed wrong.

Had my lips been smitten into music by the
kisses that but made them bleed,
You had walked with Bice and the angels on
that verdant and enamelled mead.

I had trod the road which Dante treading saw
the suns of seven circles shine,
Ay! perchance had seen the heavens opening,
as they opened to the Florentine.

And the mighty nations would have crowned
me, who am crownless now and without name,
And some orient dawn had found me kneeling
on the threshold of the House of Fame.

I had sat within that marble circle where the
oldest bard is as the young,
And the pipe is ever dropping honey, and the
lyre's strings are ever strung.

Keats had lifted up his hymeneal curls from out
the poppy-seeded wine,
With ambrosial mouth had kissed my forehead,
clasped the hand of noble love in mine.

And at springtide, when the apple-blossoms
brush the burnished bosom of the dove,
Two young lovers lying in an orchard would
have read the story of our love;

Would have read the legend of my passion,
known the bitter secret of my heart,
Kissed as we have kissed, but never parted as
we two are fated now to part.

For the crimson flower of our life is eaten by
the cankerworm of truth,
And no hand can gather up the fallen withered
petals of the rose of youth.

Yet I am not sorry that I loved you - ah!
what else had I a boy to do, -
For the hungry teeth of time devour, and the
silent-footed years pursue.

Rudderless, we drift athwart a tempest, and
when once the storm of youth is past,
Without lyre, without lute or chorus, Death
the silent pilot comes at last.

And within the grave there is no pleasure,
for the blindworm battens on the root,
And Desire shudders into ashes, and the tree
of Passion bears no fruit.

Ah! what else had I to do but love you?
God's own mother was less dear to me,
And less dear the Cytheraean rising like an
argent lily from the sea.

I have made my choice, have lived my
poems, and, though youth is gone in wasted days,
I have found the lover's crown of myrtle better
than the poet's crown of bays.

saby said...

dis keshi girl never ceases to amaze me .......
how cud a grown up adult rite such mushy stuff ! ...

i guess she is mentally retarded

if jeremiah chick were a guy,
i wud recommend dat Keshi marry jeremiah...
at least their off spring wud be balanced..

- Dr. Lulla

Jeremiah.... wud u consider sex change for Keshi ?

Keshi said...

Saby you're gonna get bashed up one day...from Keshi...LOL!

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