Wednesday, March 9


19 Cranium Signets:

Feathered_Mask said...

That was very thought provoking! Made me realize how often we take people for granted and don't realize how precious they are until we no longer have em around! Almost a haunting thought! Thanks fer posting this!!

Keshi said...

heyyy fm I'm really happy u r here - Welcome to the jungle hunny ;-)

yup I know...we dun realise how lucky we r and we quarrel n complain with our day even before u cud say u love em, they cud be gone...but it is the human nature not to appreciate people until they are lost...have u realised how much importance people give when someone dies...all this fuss abt a perfect funeral and flowers etc when in reality they wouldnt have sent any flowers while he/she lived...


De.vile said...

gosh thats the girls pretty too. but dont all diamonds come from stones?

citrus said...

hey butterfly, you said it wasn't you. it wasn't you. i said i'm sorry :( if you don't like me i can understand, but you don't have to stop commenting on agony's blog, just because of me. i promise i won't meddle again.

saby said...

hey guys,
i mirrored dis post

if u want to post counter views
visit my counterviews

firacub said...

Hi Keshu,
Looks like a war zone in here. So whts been happening on IT these days. I feel so left out in not being able to chat with all you guys :(

Seems Saby has gone way to low on the sanity levels. Why do I have a feeling that everyone is going through a not-so-good phase. N the poor netizens are gettin blasted everywhere.

Btw.. The pic was good n the girls were cute :) Miss ya a lot. N I hope that you must have downloaded all the cat pics I sent you. I have more which I will be sending you after regular intervals.

So take care.

P.S: Is there anyone using a chat ID similar to my ID these days??I have not chatted on IT since decades..

Keshi said...

chikka yep diamonds come from stones too but what it means is that sometimes we miss the opportunity to recognise the diamonds around us while wasting time on stones...while these new stones may become diamonds some day, we still have to appreciate the existing diamonds, which most forget to do...

citrus ok forgiven n I'm sorry too if I hurt ur feelings - all said n done in anger r a waste of words and emotions...plz forget I eva said anything bad to u ok...shakes hands and hugggz to citrus :)

Firaaaaaaa muahhh hotty hehehe...u know I miss u too, why dun u come on IT so we cud talk...plz plz plz come today if u can...or just leave me a msg on my email. Nope no one is using ur ID on chat. And hey I downloaded all of those cat pics hehehe...will make ablog out of it soon - THANKS!

Hugggz all

saby said...

wont some one shake my hand and gimme a hugg or two too !

and just wat is Firacub's chat id ?
it must be 'SHIT HEAD'

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff, keshi
Yup it is very true that we often tend to take our dear ones for granted and miss them badly when they are around.When it comes to diamond and stones, I would like to add few things here. Sometime, we pickup stone considering it as a diamond. May be we are attracted by its fake shining. We treat it passionately and give it a place in a heart. When stone loses its shines and show us its true color, Then we realize that we picked up stone not diamond. By the time, we remove it from heart, it become painful experience remain with us forever. So, pick up diamond carefully to get rid of painful experience…. lol


word_smith said...

u heard the short story----------
"i was pretty down and out and was suitting by the side of the lake.engaged in my thoughts,i picked up small pebbles and began to thorw them in the water.and when after an hour or two,when only the last pebble was left in my hand;i looked on it and saw that it really was a diamond.........."


Anonymous said...

I don't know how u manage to be so lovely but u are and remain the most beautiful woman on Earth to me......

I look at myself in the mirror and I see a woman in her prime but past her youth. Sometimes I worry about what u see when you look at me. Am I beautiful to you?

I worry that you might find another guy and leave me.Our relation isn't the most stable, that's for sure.

I am 54 years old and the woman I consider the love of my life is 30 years my junior.
How can I not worry ?

When people look at me, they see a strong and confident man. I know how to deal wid the men and women of the world. I am tough, smart and resilient. I can be ruthless
if I have to be, though I loathe to do it.

There is nothing on Earth that I fear and although I will never tell u this, if you were to leave me my world would fall apart. I love u. It scares me. Before I met u, I was a rogue who chased many women, seduced them and left them.

Now I fear that the same might happen to me. The one I love might leave me. I worry so much. I lie next to u and close my eyes. I don't want to lose u. I'd die for u in a heartbeat. You don't even have to ask. I'd just do it. ……..

My insecurities bring tears to my eyes and I feel alone even though you are here with me. I have always had some insecurities. I used to think that I don't deserve love so I never sought it. You showed me that I could love. I don't want to lose that.....

Ok ……I had my say I m happy now …


Keshi said...

Buddy hey thanks - that was very valuable advice, as valuable as diamonds...hugggz!

Saby stop trying to get back mah confession would be nice for ur wife hai na...
U say u love me and u write obscene stories abt me and fira? Love is the most priceless emotion on Earth...Love isn't selfish nor doesn't will wait even if it takes many a lifetime. And there were only very few true lovers in this world...


saby said...

Heyy Kesh
some body who loves me (or hates me)
is putting words in my mouth

but i like dat post
it cud have been me

Diffy ... dat wasnt u ?
or was it ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Keshi! That is a really cute picture and very thought provoking.

Guess Who Am I

Keshi said...

Anonymous I think u r I right?

Thanks for visiting anyways :)


Anonymous said...

Rong again dummy !

dat was me, Diffy
and i aint no genius

just a plain and simple guy
who loves u and Saby

- Diffy
PS: Saby dat wasnt me who faked yr signature.

Keshi said...

ok Saby stop playing silly aint no diffy its u...

why am I even responding to ur tricks anymore...duhh!


Anonymous said...

No, Keshi I am not genius. I am dumb.

Guess Who am I

saby said...

S H E E E E E T!

i hate dis guessing game
ppl always guess rong

and i get crucified