Monday, March 7

Pride, Bride and Prejudice

Saw 'Bride and Prejudice' over the weekend. Thought it was a classic movie with a superb combination of desi and western habits. However if you're not Indian or do not know much about Indian culture you wouldn't particulary enjoy it as much as I did. What I could relate to was many a things in that movie. Here are some:

*How my mum too chats over coffee with her friends about how her daughers haven't found their men yet and how her home misses grandchildren running!
*How everyone in the house sits together at dinner and gossips about what not and who's getting married to who etc :)
*How my mum proposes boys for marriage and warns me that if I say NO to him she would never talk to me again..but she ends up talking to me anyways...hehe.
*How a young man will never be approved to stay over at our place because there are young unmarried girls in the house...duh!
*How I'm considered immoral if I talk to a boy without elders around me...jeeez!
*How talking intelligently is not very feminine therefore to keep quiet in front of proposed boys...hmmm.
*How my mum compliments me in front of eligible young men saying I haven't forgotten my origin though I live in Aus...haven't I mum? oh ok :)
*How desi marriage proposals give me nightmares thinking what if I end up being some desi granny serving aloo curry and rice to my husband for the rest of my life, clad in a big fat saree...scary thought!
*How mum sometimes sits in front of the PC logging into Desi matrimonial sites lollllllz!
*How pride and prejudice go hand in hand when it comes to marriage proposals...hehe.
*How a rich Indian engineer guy from the US is always THE most eligible bachelor as per desi mums, irrelevant of the fact that he could be a total idiot...
*How the bride should promise to treat her husband like God and dedicate her whole life to him even if that means having no life...ahemm..
*Last but not the least, how Indian culture bonds the families so beautifully and strongly that there is magic in the love they share...there is culture, discipline and beauty in it that no matter how funny or ridiculous our traits and customs can be, we reign richly in culture...

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4u2nvau/Rohit said...

*How talking intelligently is not very feminine therefore to keep quiet in front of proposed boys...hmmm.

loll but saying WTF...and FUCK OFF is feminine??

lolll nice post kayshe...altho i din find the movie all that funny...kinda repetitive..similar to the ones i've already seen.


Keshi said...

heyyy lol I neva say such things in real life, atleast not in front of strangers...hehe..n I'm not sayinf I don't say these things in real, I'm just saying what desi mums nv...duhh!


bheema v said...

Never understood whether blogger comment system understood threads in comments,
So I generally prefer to go to the blog of the person who commented and try to talk over there.

And you said:
[quote]bheema hey Im new to ur blog :) lol stop ranting abt it n move on...go overseas or something where they pay u more...hehehe[/quote]

Well, like I say (said), to rant is to live. ;)

And, I hope you don't mind me twisting words you don't want anymore and turn them around.

[quote]stop ranting abt it n move on[/quote]

Well, I know I should, after all there are always new things in life to rant about. But then I remember that what I want to do, what I aspire to do is to take ranting and elevate it to a high science (or failing that, at least into a darrk arrt).

[quote]go overseas or something where they pay u more[/quote]

I might. I could. However, then there is something you wrote somewhere,
[quote]How a rich Indian engineer guy from the US is always THE most eligible bachelor as per desi mums, irrelevant of the fact that he could be a total idiot... [/quote] Well, go overseas or something where they pay you more, and some lovely lady somewhere would start thinking that [twisting_words] you are a total idiot[/twisting words].

Brett_FLX said...

Trying to date you sounds very restrictive, I don't know many guys who are in the habit of buying three movie for you, one for him, and another for your mum...LOL

Keshi said...

bheema wc to mah blog! ok I had fun reading ur twisted words :) hehe u aint an idiot at all lollz.

Bret whoaaa u got that right! LOL!


word_smith said...

keshi;i told you about my uncle.well;that is not the reason why i write.i will tell you.someday.....................

Dewdrop said...

Its a good comedy with intense drama and cultural cocktail. Seemed like Jane Austen wrote the novel for India :)I enjoyed the cheesy dance numbers and ofcourse this post too!

firacub said...

Hi Keshu,
Seems like Saby's non-existing brain has frustated beyond our expectations. hahahahaha........

Neways just found an archive of cat pics. I hope that its not the one that you have already visited... hehehehe lol..

hmmmmm... n how I got your pic? Nice question. Well to begin with I have a lot of friends living in every corner of Australia. It was a very tedious job, anyway here it goes:

1) The foremost thing I had to do was to lock your I.P. address. The most difficult thing to do. But thanx to my hacker instincts, got that after some headbanging on the system.

2) Retrack that I.P. address on the net to pin point its origin. Again a tedious job.

3) After that, getting your address and ph# was like a walk in the park.

4) So kicked my friends to click some of your photographs. They were 2 of my girlfriends from school. So there was no way you could suspect them even if they were standing a feet away from you. ;)

5) Ran a database check to obtain your date of birth and License number and other records.

6) So there you go.. To top it up. Got satellite pics of your home and neighbourhood(Thanx to NASA and GPS systems database)

One question for you Keshu.. Do you have the slightest of idea as to who I am and what my job profile is? At times I may have been standing right behind you without giving you the slightest hint of my presence....


firacub said...

Ok back to the cat business...

Here is a complete list of all the cat breeds. Should complete your cat knowlegde.

And hey.. did I scare you....


Keshi said...

hey dewdy hows u? hehe...yepp when I first read Pride & Prejudice in 7th grade I was just wondering if Jane Austin really is Indian or if she wrote this book for the Indians - lol! I mean the similarity of Elizabeth's mum with a typical Indian mum is just too much and the whole culture of the families...hehehe...

Deipzz it's ok take ur time but I wud like to know...

Firaaaaaa awww the kitten pics! omgg my heart just skipped a beat when I saw those pics - thankss sooo much - hugggz! AndI would SO NOT believe any of the things u said abt how u found mah pics lolllz! duhhh!


saby said...

Knock !...Knock ! ..
may i come in ?

who there ?
Saby- the creep

these days decent ppl
dont open doors to Diffy and me

any way welcome or not
i am in

i didnt see Bride and Prejudice
and i probably never will

coz i get enuff of the mushy stuff
from Kesh and Dewdy and Sebia and Caraf,........and Fira, the mama's boy ..

Me i go for raw reality
horny girls trapped in a love less marriage .... and temptation ... as in 'Murder'

and real woomen as in 'Chandini Bar'
the real wooman is no 'barbie doll'

and of course a SHARUKH KHAN movie is always the best
particularly the movies dat bomb at the box office

Man, he got class
and i heard he loves men

saby said...

Heyyy Kesh
i confess
i did not read yr post b4 commenting
i just assumed it was the same old mushy stuff

ino wat u going through girl
all i gotta say is
when u swim against the tide
u need to be tuff

there is the easy way of just
accepting yr mom's choice

like in DDLJ- the SRK movie
but if it doesnt work out
dat will kill yr mom

ultimately its yr life girl
u have to choose which bed u want to sleep in

trust in God and make yr choice
but if ur tinking abt the muslim guy
lemme tell u its not a bad choice

Dammit !.... its the worst !..

Feathered_Mask said...

Lolllll fave was the one about Indian engineers in US bein the most eligible..soo true..loll..sumfin indian gurlz all over da world can relate to!!

Anonymous said...

Did it really happen?? mom did not talking to ya when you reject a proposal??????????

Guess who am I

Keshi said...

No she didnt really NOT talk to me...she just used to say things like that, lol, not anymore though...she's a strong woman now :) thanks to her daughter who has given her advice and made her chillax :)

Anoymous must be Genius...hehe..


Anonymous said...

Does Genius loves you as much as I do????? I don't think so, think again Keshi.

Guess Who am I

Keshi said...

I know its u priti - u know way u said 'Guess Who am I '. It shoudl be 'Gues who I am'...hahaha...prituuu baby muaahz!