Wednesday, March 30

Got any assets?

Today was a blog-blank day so I decided to ask you a question...yes once again :) What do you think is your best asset(s)? Whether it be a quality about you, a person you know, an item you posess or anything else, just write it down. The objective of this is for you to find out what your best asset(s) really is/are (in case you never realised it/them before) and by finding out what it is/they are, it/they may become real handy for you in future...because you may be able to use it/them better for your own self-development and for others' good too.

29 Cranium Signets:

saby said...


another questionnaire
yes, i am bored
but not desperate

and i tink dis is vulgar - self disclosure

it is like those guys in rain coats and nothing underneath FLASHING ....

Anonymous said...

'Love is being the first to comment on her post'

- Diffy

Anonymous said...

hey Kesh

how do u get yr stats displayed? (am not talking vital stats here)

wat i mean is no. of posts, no. of words,etc.,

mine is just showing n/a

PS: i am in the race for the blogg oscars too

word_smith said...

solitaire uninterrupted

Anonymous said...

i love to play wid my self
i love solitaire

-Anony mouse, the self lover

saby said...

heyy tachyon is from austraylaya too ... i posted sumting nasty at first .. but later on i saw wat u mean

u no the guy ?

Jay said...

My assets would be people and living being I love dearly - that would include my 2 sons (cats).

Keshi said...

Saby u have many assets - like flooding people's atleast it helps us keep our blogs going :) NO saby I dunno the Tach guy - just came across him when blog-hopping.

deips u mean u like to be alone...hmm...I admire that because I really don't like to be alone even though I want to sometimes...I always end up looking for someone to yak with :)

Jay that's cool...I consider people as one of my greatest assets too...if not for people we would be nothing.


De.vile said...

smile smile smile. i look like a dopehead till i flash em pearlies.

Dewdrop said...

I think my first greatest assest is my trust and faith in God.
Also my flexibility and my ability to adjust into various situations w/o much fuss is my asset.

Anonymous said...

Sheeesh !

another Sebia'a ass loving ass ...

- Anony mouse

Zero Tolerance said...

I like being on a mountain when the wind blows, and the taste of the sea. I like Sinatra, crayfish thermidor, the weight and balance of a Purdey Royal, the sound of a little girl’s laughter. I like the first draw of a cigarette lit from a wood fire, the scent of jasmine, the feel of silk; I also enjoy sleeping late in the morning, and the thrill of forking a queen with my night. Shadows on the floor of a forest please me. And I like girls who ask fewer questions. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good morning Keshi,

Please visit sebia's site at

it does not contain porn and is all about nature.


Sebia's fan

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, I found it hilarious that few ppl think sebia is boring and they are still coming on her blog and reading her articles and commenting there too. More ever, they can’t digest if someone appreciate Sebia ‘s writing or support her. They will termed him as either boring or he doesn’t understand anything lolllllllllllll

Anonymous said...

wonder who he is referring to ?

heyy Diffy
have u been annoying sebia again ?

- the original anony mouse

firacub said...

Hi Keshu,

Oy my list would be endless yaar.
Muh family is my biggest assest. My faith, frenz, bike, muh pc. These are some of the things without which I cannot survive.


catennacio said...

my best asset is that i love my loved ones too much...a strength but also weakness..

Anonymous said...

cubassssss r u anyone's asset? keshi does not consider u her asset.

asset seeker

Anonymous said...

Sebiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I declare my love for u here on ur best frnd's blog. So all can see that I loves u. Pls tell if u love me also.

I will buy blogworld for u. You write about our love and the sunshine with rapture and cocoon and blissful earth. See I write like u coz I love u.

Sebia soon-to-be-hubbs.

Jay said...

My biggest assets would be the people love including my 2 cats.

Kitten said...

Hi Keshi..good question!
My best assets are my ability to love unconditionaly and my ability to forgive...

Anonymous said...

Yup, i can vouch for dat !
she forgave me

and Dewdy ur rong as usual
yr greatest asset is yr ass


Keshi said...

wow some assets there!

Chikka I would love to see ur pearly whites smiling at me too...Dewdy gosh you're a survivor - I admire you. Fira and Cat true family is the best asset anyone could ever have...I know what you mean Cat. Jay that's so sweet...Kitten that's be able to love someone unconditionally is quite a rare asset...and to forgive - wow!

Sebia-lover and Saby could you two sort your problems outseide my blog please - thanks!

Anonymous said...

something i realised i had not lost and hated myself for still keeping it-"my fiery temper".i thought i had lost my anger along the way;BUT I WAS NOT ANGRY AT YOU so please dont get back ANGRY AT ME.

oh;i forgot whatelse i was going to say :(
but neways;lost and found or whatever;i still dont vary in my opinions about the issue in question this day at IT.

and yes;you have are far more valuable than you seem to realise.dont lower yourself by stooping to conquer.when you cannot contain yourself;just remember;the enemy u fight is not worth conquering.whats the use of a Pyrrhic victory?

please delete this after you read it;i would never associate myself with a lecture

deip(ur friendly neighbourhood dumpster) :))

Anonymous said...

ya slda deleted it :)

Keshi said...

thanks for ur sweet and sound advice deips :) n I wont delete it - let it be here for me as a reminder...


Keshi said...

ok ok didnt tell u all about my assets it goes:)

My greatest asset is surviving almost any situation. Another asset would be my unconditional love when it comes to a relationship...I know that people love their parents, siblings etc anyways but when it comes to a partner alot of people have conditions whetehr we want to agree on that or not...but I'm so selfless and so unconditional when it comes to the man I love...not taht it got me anywhere though :) But I still choose to be myself...


sebia said...

family ,friends yes they r ones biggest assets but im nt here to appreciate thm.
I wanna appreciate my biggest assets
1,GOD blessed me with sight to see this beautiful wrld he created fr us shallow mortals to live .
2,then he blessed me with the vision to cognize and percept all the bounties with which he showered me with
3,and thn above all HE blessed me with the sensetivity of wrds to feel and appreciate everything and with which i can channelize my thoughts and give thm the form of wrds.
These r my biggest assets and fr thm im frever grateful 2 HIM

Keshi said...

wow sebzzz u have one more asset girl:

the ability to realise that u have these intangible and precious assets in u...