Tuesday, April 5


Inspired by Dewdy's post...it's such a good avenue to figure out what my mates think of me...thanks Dewdy.

Judging by whatever you know so far about me, if you ever wanted to dedicate a song to me what song would you choose and why?

29 Cranium Signets:

Anonymous said...

Keshi is a copy-cat!...... Keshi is a copy-cat!...... Keshi is a shameless copy-Kat ,..... and

Keshi SUXS in caps !


Anonymous said...

lolz saby yes I am in this instance :) come on it's an honor to copy Dewdy :)

btw I will dedicate a song for u...that is:

knock knock knocking on heaven's door - Guns n Roses


Anonymous said...

'she is more than a wooman'
-sang the Bee Gees and CYNO cried


word_smith said...

what song do i choose?
"feeling hot hot hot?" lol

listen to this one==
:when the blue night is over my face,
on the dark side of the world space,
when i fall in love with the stars above,
you are the one i love"
it is by MLTR;the song i was talking about;"BLUE NIGHT"
lol;just kidding about the song.

i think it would be;ummmmmmmmm;lets see;
yes,here you go-
"its only words;and words are all i got;to take your heart away"
ranan keating IS stupid
make me sound like a moonstruck teenager.
the song to watch would be may be
again ronan.
or maybe:"oh,carol!"by smokie.

but the best song;for you,(and maybe me;winks)would be i think

there.a lot of thought has gone into that choice;hasnt it? :)

elle said...

other subject ) ... thx )

Dewdrop said...

Keshi, good you followed the meme. Im glad we are on the same page...
I already dedicated Smashmouth's All Star to you on my blog, but since you are having your own post I'll dedicate a different one here.
A thousand miles by Vanessa Carlton

Anonymous said...

'i dunno why
i dunno whyyy'

'am so in love wid Kesh and Dewdy and Caraf and Icey and Fira'

hey diify ..love u too
and i tink Kesh does too

saby said...

and heyyy
i love Carol
Oh Ohh Ohhh Carol

i love u soo
dont ever say u will leave me

coz i love u soo
and the hindi version too

Keshi said...

Guys u make me laugh so much! Thanks alot :)

Saby u have far too many songs for me...and how would u know Im more than a woman - lol!

Deipss...wow Blue Night sounds out of this world...I better check out MLTR soon. Thanks so much for all the songs - hehehe...so another day in Paradise ha - By Phil Collins...hmm I luv his songs!

Dewdy awww thank u sooooooo much! All Star wow! And hey, I didnt know A thousand miles before...so I checked the net and when I read the lyrics I really cried...it's such a beautiful song that brings amazing feelings - thanks and huggggs Dewdy!

Saby even tho ur a real crazy guy I love u too for ur craziness - ur extremely unique :)


firacub said...

Jeevan ke har mod par,
Mil jate hain humsafar.
Jo dur tak saath de,
Dhoonde usi ko nazar.


firacub said...

Life aint good keshu so thats why I aint posting anything new these days.


firacub said...

Hmmm... A song for you eh..

I have already commented the hindi version.

I dedicate 'Aisha',sung by Khalid, to you. :) Hope you like it...


word_smith said...


i CHANGE my choice:

ESCAPE;enrique iglesias

De.vile said...

hmm just saw the song an then ur blog. thot this is for u...
THERE SHE GOES by six pence none for the richer

Keshi said...

Fira baby what's up? You don't sound that enthusiatic - tell me what's wrong. I know I have been slack - didn't reply to ur email but I hardly write emails - this is my weakness :( But I will soon...please dun be mad at me ok. Ty for that wonderful song dedication to me...Aiysha is the Arabic one na...translate that Hindi one for me plz :) Hugggz!

Aww deips I luvvv that song!! Muaaaah ur a cutey pie -
~~You can run, you can hide..
But you can’t escape my love~~

Chikka wow nice one - I'm racing ur brain ha :) thanks hunny - muah!


Keshi said...

OK time for me to dedicate some songs to all of u - my best net mates.

Saby -> Knock knock knocking on Heaven's door...
Guns n Roses.

Deip -> Have I told you lately that I love you...
Van Morrison

Dewdy -> You're so far away from me...
Dire Straits

Caraf -> A girl like you...
Edwyn Collins

Fira -> It's raining men...
Weather Girls

Devile -> Spanish Eyes...
Engelbert Humperdink

Kitten -> You sexy thing...
Hot Chocolate

Qzine -> Viva forever...
Spice Girls

4u2nvau -> Quit playing games with my heart...
Backstreet Boys

Priti -> Heyya...

Fridze -> You fill up my senses...
John Denver

Feathered_Mask -> Baby I love your way...

Ice_Princess -> Ice Ice Baby...
Vanilla Ice

Cattenacio -> Bohemian Rhapsody...

RexVenom -> Call me...
Blondie ;-)

And my dedication to me :)
Killing me softly...
Roberta Flack

Have I missed anyone?


Tanvi said...

ummm..u missed me!

Keshi said...

awwwwwww Tanviiiiiii huggggggggggggz! I'm cho cholly :(

Tanvi my deary this is a special dedication for ya babeh...

Lost without you...
Delta Goodrem

Tanvi sweety I hope this dedication tells u how I feel without u around on IT for weeks now...miss u like crazy!


saby said...

i missed you too
gimme a hugg

Zero Tolerance said...
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pearlfille said...

Leah - Roy Orbison ;)

firacub said...

Jeevan ke har mod par,
Mil jate hain humsafar.
Jo dur tak saath de,
Dhoonde usi ko nazar.


On every turn in life,
We come across a wanna be partner.
But the one who will accompany me till eternity,
Is the one my eyes look for.

P.S: I aint mad at u sweetie. Its just that I aint in the right mood. I would definately post something new on my blog soon. Till then take care.

Qzine said...

Hey Keshi...thx for dedicating a song (or urself??) to me...hehe

I dedicate to u "say a lil prayer for u" by diana king.

So how are things coming along?
miss u guys..hope to catch u on IT sometime soon...take care until then..ciao!

Tanvi said...

aww heyy...thank ya for that sweet song...i miss u too!..ill be back i dunoe wen..but tc!! muaah

saby..no huggin..

Keshi said...

Hey Dil...cool...I have to listen to that song then :)

Fira awww sexy song there...and that's for me? Woww ;-) I know ur not mad at me...just making sur eok babeh...

Mistuuuuuuu muaaah! I'm so glad to see u after a long time...hope ur keeping well and that ull be back to blogging soon. And thanks for that hip song dedication- I like that one very much!

Tanvi darling hugggz - plz do something abt the IT id...we asked many people and they said no one's banned...it's got to be the IP address...are you able to check on that an dchange it perhaps...wanna see u soon on IT - tc babes.


genius05 said...

Hi keshi!
Well this is the first time i am blogging and u r honoured to have mah first blog....
Hey dropped in to say that u forgot me.....
hmmm what song will i dedicate to ya.......
for now it would be
Here i am, this is me.....by bryan adams....

Zero Tolerance said...
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Keshi said...

Thanks Gen ur in mah blog...this is awesome!! Wow Bryan Adams..I have a crush on that guy :) For u Gen I would dedicate..
Baby one more time - Britney Spears :)

Hey Dil that's out of this world! You write to swell mate...wow I was stoked!


--pearl-- said...

uhmmm quit playin games wit ur heart 2 4u2nvau?hmmm hehe anyways i love your blog keshu.. n u have some real good stuff here..u rock:)luv ya
ohhh n tanuuu i mishh yaaa cum backk jaldi jaldi :)