Wednesday, April 27

Beware people!

Warning messages that some products should have according to me :)

Levis Denims -Hazardous material! Attracts lustful creatures!
Condoms - Caution! Causes baby-less homes!
Singapore Airlines - Extremely hazardous! May suffer withdrwal symptoms when leaving the plane!
Colgate toothpaste - May hinder your chances in staying single!
Crocodile boots - Beware! You could end up standing on the top of Everest!
Red Bull - Warning! May cause punctuality!
Dulux paint - Caution! Produces copy-cat neighbours!
Baci chocolates - Caution! Could make you boogie with your worst enemy!
Sealy beds - Beware! Encourages absentism from work!
Schwarzkopf shampoo - Beware! Could force your hairdresser to change careers!
Dymmocks bookshop - Beware! You might start living here!
Rip Curl bikinis - Caution! Breaks other people up!
Anna Sui perfume - Warning! Could cause a temporary affair!
Contiki tours - Beware! You may not want to come back home!
Sony Playstation - Caution! Causes drowsiness when playing anything else!
Hello calling cards - NOTE: Keeps your in-laws from visiting you :)
Tangara trains - Beware! You might give away your car for free!

11 Cranium Signets:

saby said...

now i am convinced
u really are dumb

dat dstiny post had gathered critical mass

was sure to cross the 100 comments barrier, dat even SEBIA hasnt crossed so far

-Anony mouse
Heyyy be kind to animals
dont kill mice like SEBIA does

Anonymous said...

old jokes

--pearl-- said...

lol keshu..gr8 way to put it :P

Zero Tolerance said...

:)). Not a single product for me, you could have kept Gillette shaving cream to hasten my slow-growing moustache.:(

Keshi said...

wats ur prob Saby? If Im dumb I am then...dun rub it in like I need to hear that daily! If u dun like my posts dun bother reading them and I told ya not to comment abt authors...just comment abt the post will ya. Thanks!

And dun use my blog to throw stones at Sebzz...she's a friend of mine besides comment sections are not there to criticise people - only to comment on the subject of the post.


word_smith said...

hey kayshay!!there is one u left!!
ad for an IT id:

KESHI_GAL:beware,you may fall in love! *winks*

saby said...

Heyyyyyyy Kesh,
do u honestly tink i cud call u dat!

these annony mouses are getting computer savvy

they hacked my signature / pass word

i suspect it is BHAALU
he a real smart ass

De.vile said...


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

hey kayshe...thats soo true..i can't live witout me playstation...and can't live wit ne other :D

btw i wrote a blog...bout ahem a topic which mite interest you...would lov it if u read it n commented on my wirting skills...need to improve...n i know u'll help moi.


Anonymous said...

Hi Keshu,
I aint mad at ya buddy. My comments are not my only means of communication. If I dont comment I email you. So balance is maintained. ;) Why do I always hafta clear the cobwebs muhself.. hehehehe...... So how are you btw? I am still waiting for that DETAILED mail of urs. So get your lazy butt of the seat and type some words. Everything is fine on my end :))


mia said...

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