Monday, April 11

Too much

I believe too much love can kill you...I'm one who loves too much and I think it' s killing me tenderly as the waves of frozen memories wake the sands of tears...

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Anonymous said...

Exactly, what the heck do you mean?

Keshi said...

It's for you to figure out Anonymous...if you can't then you don't exactly know what the heck I mean...hence no need to comment :)


Anonymous said...

Ok wait. I get it. Who is it that you love so much?

Zero Tolerance said...

Too much love does not kill you.. it gives you Wasted Nirvana. :p. watch come te nessuno mai( but forever in my mind), an italian movie, beautiful is not the proper word to describe it...

word_smith said...

oh do not love too long,
i loved long and long,
and grew to be out of fashion;
like an old song.

guess who is the poet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah !
i hate old songs too
even my songs

there is a brand new dawn out there
dont linger in the past

-Bob Dylan

julia said...

heyy Deip
u had me worried sick
and i cot Kesh crying

Phantom_of_Blogpera said...

If you you love so much that love kills you, then, my queen, I have three words for are beautiful.

Dance the love away..or dance to embrace it..just will give you the answers you seek

saby said...

is the feathered mask a fairy ??

Anonymous said...

Sheeet !
i am making an ass of me self
why do i finger all the asses dat step in to visit kesh ?

i need to talk to my shrink ...

-Saby, the ass hole

Dewdrop said...

Keshi, first a song for you by The Eagles
Victim of Love,
I see a broken heart
You've got your story to tell

Victim of Love;
Its such an easy part
And you know how to play it so well

I think you know what I mean
You're walking the wire
Of pain and desire,
Looking for love in between.

Now my say,
An overdose or anything in excess is harmful. There is no such thing as 'too much love' If there is its sure to turn into hate, dispute or even tear you apart, so good luck and wish you well.

firacub said...

Hi Keshu,
Whats up smitten kitten?? Love doesnt kill anyone as long as you know how far to go. It only makes you strong. Its a very pure relation that we share in one form or the other. Love is the fuel that keeps our memories alive. Learn to take the warmth love offers rather than burning your soul in it. If you wanna talk I'm always there. Be happy friend.

Peace Forever,
P.S:Check ur mail kid, hope that brings the smile back ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Fira
dats true wat u said
and if it were true wat Kesh said

Kesh wud have died a 100 times each day


Anonymous said...

it is better 2b an old man's dahhling
than a young man's slave

-Anony Mouse

saby said...

Heyyy guys
wasnt me who said dat !

Dont hit me, Firaaa

Jay said...

I hunger for love and to be loved.It wont kill me...

Keshi said...

thanks guys u guys rock.

I'm not saying that it is the LOVE itself that kills is the consequences of loving too much that can lead to's a huge let down when u realise that the one time u loved so truly and so deeply is all in vain...


Anonymous said...

le plaisir d'amour est d'aimer, hai na?

Anonymous said...

for his eyes only

"those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young".

arthur wing pinero

Anonymous said...

i will be 18 till i die

-Bryan Adams
Love is bliss
but mostly its pain

Love is orgasmic bliss
but orgasms dont last forever

when u love
why must it be forever?

coz in the ultimate analysis:
evryting must change
the young become the old

loves flames once kindled
will one day extinguish

there is nothing in life dat u can be sure of except

evryting must change

-George Benson
(am i right Dewdy?)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe love's so complex
this is la la la la...

Anonymous said...

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
--Charles Darwin
quoted by

saby said...

u have such a beeg heart
must u love just one ?

Love is but a song to sing
Fear's the way we die

You can make the mountains ring
Or make the angels cry

Though the bird is on the wing
And you may not know why

Come on people now
Smile on your brother

Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now

Some may come and some may go
We shall surely pass

When the one that left us here
Returns for us at last

We are but a moment's sunlight
Fading in the grass

Come on people now
Smile on your brother

Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now

If you hear the song I sing
You will understand (listen!)

You hold the key to love and fear
All in your trembling hand

Just one key unlocks them both
It's there at you command

Come on people now
Smile on your brother

Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now

Right now ... Right now.....

-posted by

display_name said...

:-) TC KC

Keshi said...

Ren_of_heavens alias Manya need to get so!

Anonymous commentors who left such lovely words of wisdom, thank you all so much...I was really touched.

Saby that's awesome...especially the line 'We are but a moment's sunlight...fading in the grass' it! A BIG thank u and huggz!

Muah all!

Amar1982 said...

Love doesnt exist therefor you could never have to much!

It is merely your own insecurities and need that force you to want love, then you tell yourself you want more because the pulse feels good.

If love was real and genuine then surely people couldnt fall out of love, if it was true then why do we change who we love more then once in our life.


Love is an imaginary place where your brain goes and thinks everything will be happy and last forever then when it doesnt your brain is disorientated. Hence the feeling of doom and gloom.

Take my advice get a fish, they have a three second memory span, it'll never fall in love.

Keshi said...

hmmm food for thought Amar...good side to the topic...maybe you're right but why do I feel I can love so truely?


Zero Tolerance said...

You say that love is nonsense....I tell you it is no such thing. For weeks and months it is a steady physical pain, an ache about the heart, never leaving one, by night or by day; a long strain on one's nerves like toothache or rheumatism, not intolerable at any one instant, but exhausting by its steady drain on the strength.

Amar1982 said...



These Feelings

These feelings here and there
These feelings everywhere.
These feelings inside me
These feelings being set free.

These feelings pounding away
In my mind and heart everyday.
These thoughts thats going through my mind
Is what keeps me unhappy all the time.

A friend once told me
To hold my head up high.
To be positive and learn
From these things that have made me cry.

these feelings I have to let go
these feelings that hurts my heart so
In order for my heart to grow
I have to let these feelings go.

saby said...

Heyy Amar,
loved yr post here
ur a good man Charlie Brown

check out my recent post on main page

we tink alike
we are both destined for immortality

Caraf said...

I simply AGREE with Kesh.

Love hurts as much as it feels good.
And you die of it eventually.

Some people die because of not giving in to it.
Some people die because of giving in to it.

So well... we're all going to die of love related illnesses. Sooner or later.

Might as well make it clear we want red roses at our funerals so people know WHY we died.