Tuesday, April 26

Destiny or Chance?

I have always wondered whether each one of us has it all planned even before we arrive here or whether things happen because of pure chance. As I grow older and with certain events that have happened in my life, I'm beginning to firmly believe that each one of us has a destiny of our own...no matter what I try to do, my life will be what it's supposed to be here on Earth. Now don't get me wrong, by saying that I don't mean that trying anything is worthless because life is going to be what's it's planned to be for us! But what I mean is even the things we do, chances we get, people we meet, places we go, relationships we have, every little step we take are all many threads that we are knitted with...we are our entire destiny working it's way through to the end. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts too.

29 Cranium Signets:

saby said...

growing older is fine
evry body does

but ru getting wiser ?

saby said...

..hope u dont mind Kesh
but i gotta leave a message for SEBIA here b4 she arrives

i hate u
ur a pompous princess in yr castle guarded by eunuchs

u cant tolerate a view diffrent from yours
u look for flattery
u cant tolerate debate

ur doomed to reamin a frog in the pond
the stats proove it
i counted the mice u killed

am gonna complain to the google guys
yr web site is gonna be de-listed

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

i agree with you kayshe.....destiny does play a big part in our lives.


De.vile said...

na, this is all horseshit. something u wud never if it didnt happen. i know things arent planned. its jus a way of shifting blame. destiny an kismat an all that is for ppl who think a few offerings to god can get u good karma. fuck it all. FUCK it all.

Zero Tolerance said...

What is Life?
(1) Tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
(2) Dictionary definition in biology (chemical process within organic
entities involving metabolism etc.)
(3) Mrs Woolf: 'Life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope
surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.'
(4) Series of actual and hypothetical behavioural data which differ in
certain assignable ways from data defining dead or inanimate entities.
(5) That which the Lord infused into Adam. See Genesis 1. 4 [sc. 2. 7].
Mental Cramp.

---- Isaiah Berlin

Another question from me? ;)

Keshi said...

Dumb are the people who go out of point...just comment on the post not about my cranium levels Anonymous people - it's that simple :) I may be dumb but you are dumber because you're bringing in ur IT battles here?? Sorry all of them go to the bin.


Keshi said...

I agree with u too NV...I dunno chikka and saby but I believe in Destiny...call me dumb but I do :) Chikka but I do not believe that offering some flowers will bring u favors from God - lol! Destiny cannot be changed...

Dil whoaaa great stuff where did u get that from?


Ashes said...

~~destiny..hold my hand and protect me from the world~~radiohead song

I don't think much if everything is mapped for us or not.It's like thinking if we are reincarnated or not.Or if there is something after death.One can't be sure.So no use thinking.To each his own.

Anonymous said...

these guys are funny
they spend so much time talking abt life

life is for living silly guys
-Anony Mouse

Anonymous said...


I had been reading your blog of late and I wish to thank you for your timely and pertinent articles. You are such a romantic and beautiful person that often, I wonder if thats me writing.

And to all of you,..She imparts a practical lesson of self-fulfilment in God to all of us, especially to those who unfortunately concentrate solely on material gain and false joy. As beautiful as Destiny seems through our eyes, often people make mockery of romance, love, destiny, fidgements of beautiful imagination and ridicule it with temper, tantrums and immaturity.

Eternal salvation is a precious treasure and know this, ..the power that knowledge brings earlier than most.

We often lead ourselves to eternal damnation and not the destiny we had seen.

Keshi, I really appreciate your efforts put together on this blog.

Nb: Saby n' Diffy, who are you people? and there are many posts on this blog that I haven't posted, only if u could decipher it. I just see my name under every prose.

Not that I have anything to explain, not that I care,...I remain..


Dewdrop said...

I think any believer would trust in destiny. I do too. Per Islamic beliefs, we are held responsible for choosing an act but not for creating the act itself. In other words, God creates the act and by our choosing it, we “acquire” it and are thereby held responsible for it. Thus, human actions are created by Him but performed by us.

My grandma used to define destiny as knowledge that what hits you was not going to miss you, and that what misses you was not going to hit you :)

Anonymous said...


she loves me, she loves me not... I'm all about the hot me; love me; give me treats. I'm a simple kind of kitty... rub my belly and I'll pur ;)

the real charismatic stud :)

Anonymous said...

hey saby,

I'm a Christian. But it wasn't always that way. I've done my share of worldly things and I thought that there was no way out. But I gave my heart and my life to Jesus Christ and now my life is changed. Being a Christian doesn't just mean that I go to church and believe in God. It means that I know that Jesus died for me, His blood paid the price for my sins, and only through Him do I have a way to the Father in Heaven. Most of all it means that I have a relationship with Him and I will follow Him all the days of my life. But Jesus didn't only do this for me He did it for you too. Repent of your sins, Believe that Jesus did this for you too, and Ask Him into your heart. It's that simple. If He can change me then He can do the same for you and keshi.hope both of u get married :)

raj . a friend of saby

Anonymous said...

saby me tinks dat me luvs u...sigh

Miranda said...

Hi I followed you through the comment path... this is a nice blog, well written. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I totally believe in destiny and know many hot hunks just made for me, keshiiiiiiiiiiii muaaahzzz, gotta go, have a long list, laundry, shopping, 3 italians..:-)

u given up IT yet? i've n' dont wanna do it again

ur sizzlin' hot friend

Anonymous said...

btw, am in IT today hoping u would swing by..


Anonymous said...


another 10 mins and i'm gone.

drops her chiffon scarf

Keshi said...

Thanks guys - u guys make me laugh!

Annaaaaaaaaaaa ur bak awww! I will be there then - wanna catch ya somehow!


Keshi said...

Dewdy that was an exceptional way to describe Destiny wow ur granma sure has to be some very special person...know ing u, she definitely has to be! Thanks for that.

Ash I think u got a great point there...actually it's so hard to understand it - sometimes we may feel it's destiny but sometimes we may feel it's chance...but as Dewdy's granma so cleverly put it, I believe that's what it is...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Close your eyes,
let the darkness
cool your lips,
let it kiss your skin
and hide the traces,
let it carry you away
from my fingertips.

awakened by thirst,
we will begin again.

the ever charismatic stud :)

Keshi said...

thanks Anonymous commentor 10:36am...I agree with ya it has become monotonous...that must be the reason I have like more than 30 comments in most of my posts...please open ur eyes. If my posts don't interest ya don't bother checking my blog everyday...just don't come here at all - it's simple isnt it?


Anonymous said...

keshi, you ignoring me?


Keshi said...

stud I aint iggin ya...ur sweet as u always r...but I like answering to true identities :)


Zero Tolerance said...

Let me give another point of view.'Destiny' is a semantic definition of occurrences some of the things that are not in our control, shall we assume Destiny to be a cause or an effect or a mixture of two. I believe everything in this world is stripped to achieve the essence of semantic delusions. Words, keshi,, they are just words, they mean nothing beyond what they are, but still convey a whole lot of things. That's the tragedy. Didn't I say once :: English is Broken Here...

--pearl-- said...

uhmmm..i belive in destiny...n i think a lot of things that have happened to me prolly wouldnt have if it wernt for destiny...but again no one can b sure...

word_smith said...

hey!isnt life supposed to be a series of fotuitous(what the hell is the spelling of that word now?) accidents?is that what is destiny?

Joe Tornatore said...

first time visitor. destiny is what we make it.