Tuesday, June 14

Extreme Love

When I'm about to leave, he senses it and he screams an angry scream to stop me and holds back his tears, not for too long though. Slowly he would start hitting me, biting my arms with a mean face, scratching me like a tiger, demonstrating the longest face ever. If I put him down, he will hang on to my legs and cry with the biggest pain in his heart that shows so well in his little round face, terrified of the next minute that I'd be gone...he loves me too much that he threatens to hurt me if I leave...so very cute with those little teeth and tiny nails, he will do all the tricks to keep me. And then when I really have to go and I get my car keys, he runs and hides my shoes, with tears dancing in his large eyes...and outside when I start my car, I can hear his loud cry that I want to forget as soon as possible, because that cry breaks my heart into a million pieces. He is my cousin's 2yr old son who has become an incurable addiction in my life...I love u heaps bubbz!

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4u2nvau/Rohit said...

what you call cute...i call damn annoying.....BABIES... YUKS!!

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

loll noice post btw....about time....thot u'de neva write.

Keshi said...

Hey all, as I said before, I'm on hols and I have been having alot of fun with my cousins, babies and friends etc. I will be bak to my regular blogging scene soon.

I really appreciate all ur comments and visits to my blog even through my absence...take care all of u and have a good day!


Keshi said...

hey nv u beat me lolll! so ur hogging mah blog like 24/7 awww ur a cutey pie :) huggggggz I miss ya n pearly n all!

I will be bak soon ok...dun go to Perth man, I dun want u to die in WA...boring old state lol!


Tanvi said...

aww keshi..lol how cute!
lol i was like the only child for 9 yearz wit no cousinz..so wen my brother happened...i was addicted too..lol i still remember that
muaah miss u!
take care

Kerry said...

*hugs, hugs, hugs*

i love yeah!

musings (m000nie) said...

hehe aren't all kids the same?... ufff my nephews just 1 yr old but damn, his eyes and ears are always on red alert.. the moment he senses i m leaving him he'll do the same...lol that makes me love him more n more too...

Janice said...

hehe keshi aunty since ur soo experiencd in the baby sittin dept can i book u for life ... once i have mine :)

--pearl-- said...

aww i loveee babies..tho it breaks my heart wen they cry :(

ther lil fingers,lil toes...big cute innocent eyes..they r jus chooo adorablee !!

rohit....cmon they r cute ok?remember that kid wit u wen we were talkin lol! :p :p :p

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

yes of course how can i forget?? i even had to change her diaper and the lil brat wouldn't compromise

jkhkhjkh said...

Jun. 14, 2005

Two moderate intensity earthquakes shook the Nicobar and Sumatra coast areas in the early hours on Tuesday, Met department said.

De.vile said...

Exactly why its so difficult to love them.

Phantom_of_Blogpera said...

oooo lil brats are choo cute..heehee..give mah hugs to that lil kid the next time ya see him. hope u're having an awesome holiday! :D

Caraf said...

ohh!!! I was wondering where you were...!

Have fun Kesh!

saby said...

He is my cousin's 2yr old son who has become an incurable addiction in my life...I love u heaps bubbz!

tank God!
i got rong message

i tot he was yr lover
i was just about to book a plane ticket to sydney

and pound the guy to a pulp

saby said...

Some times i feel sorry for the Bear

he gets only 2 and a 1/2 comments on his blogg

and one of dem is Dewdy
no wonder he loves dewdy

Stud said...

It's about time you find your love, cheekilicious babesterness..

As they say... NO IF'S, NO BUT'S...........JUST JATTS :)

acrimonious_gurl said...

Aww,that is indeed such a sweet post. :-)
Babies are just so addictive,time flies away with them,they make you kids too.

word_smith said...

reads so nice..........

Dewdrop said...

Thats an adorable age only if you can deal with their terrible twos.

Dewdrop said...

Im sorry but this is my last comment on your blog. Cant see myself being humilated and degraded by your friends like saby julia and the like. If you care abt your friends self respect Id urge you to delete such sick cooments frm your blog. Thanks. Take care and all the best.

saby said...

Awwwwww Dewdy
didnt no u were so sensitive
didnt no u hurt easy

Dewdy u gotta get tuff or stop blogging
now dat u revealed yr weak point
u will be hounded more by mice

these mice are perverse
they enjoy teasing female humans

best course of action is to ignore dem or castrate dem


PS: dont be mad at saby/julia mouses are good at cloning

Keshi said...

Hi All!

I'm back :) Thanks for all the brilliant comments as usual, I really appreciate it.

And now to the people who use my blog to condemn others.


Dewdy I'm sorry I didnt see any of these messages until today hence could only delete em today...I was on hols. And Dewdy please don't be so quick to judge people...u call these people 'my' friends - how d u even know that Dewdy? There are alot of imitations going ard...remember they did the same in ur blog using my name and u nearly believed them?? I could have given u the same condition and never visited ur blog na? But I know who my friends r and I know what these stupid mice r up to...so I dun give them any attention neither do I react to them or get mislead by them. I DO care about my friends Dewdy but just deleting these comments don't prove that right...I have my friends in my heart and that's all that matters :) Take it easy Dewdy...I have deleted them now anyways and sorry about the delay...do vist my blog as usual now muahhhzz and hugggz!


--pearl-- said...

wb kesh..hope u had fun.

Dewdrop said...

Keshi, thanks much. I was really upset at that moment, hence my disposition abt not visiting you anymore. The only reason I stated them to be your friends was cos I have seen you respond to saby's comments(perhaps positve ones) in the past. As long as nothing involves me, Im fine with that. Think I feel better now and like you noticed, Im back on your haven, so chill. :)
(Update us abt your holidays now)

Stud said...

meet me again and cry not a river :)

saby said...

dat is good Dewdy
i wud hate to be the reason for u two breaking up

To all:
uno sumting guys
i like to no a person real good

so i keep on testing the limits
until breaking point

then i no yr limits
which means i no u

unfortunately in the process
very often the damage done cannot be undone

so i loose a friend dat mite have been
but the friend who survives the ordeal is a friend for life

its a lot like ragging in colleges

saby said...

PS: Fira is a friend for life

Keshi said...

phewww Dewdy! I'm glad ur not mad at me :) WB n thanks for understanding me. I do answer Saby positively, ONLY when he deserves to be - I have had many arguments with Saby and have told him off too (when he went overboard) but yeah as he says there are many imitators...so beware, they may cause havoc in ur mind. But all is well now and I'm glad :)

Thanks Pearly huggggz!

And about my break...I will update u all soon...till then take care and keep smiling :)


Keshi said...

hugggggggggz Stud where u been matey? Long time no see n ur blog is deserted? u ok?