Friday, June 3

Not for sale

He was a very rich man. He went on upmarket holidays but everywhere he was alone. He could buy any girl he wanted but he didnt receive true love from any one of them. He bought a mansion but he couldnt find a home. Spent his money on pleasurable gambling but he never found the peace that came from indulging in pure nature. He went to expensive restaurants but he never experienced the humble pleasure of a home-made meal. He had a Mercedes but he couldnt find happy times in the car with family. He paid for a fancy party at a five star hotel but those mates left after the party. He had a mega Entertainment system at home but he didnt hear laughter. He had everything but he was a prisoner within his own self for freedom didnt exist in a shop. He became very old so he paid for doctors to take care of him but he couldnt see anyone around his bed...all those girls, mates, colleagues, party animals, mansions, clothes etc none of them were permanent. And companionship, love, home, peace, humbleness, happy times, family&friends, laughter, freedom and care were not for sale.

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Xclusive said...


Anonymous said...

Those were some hard facts of life keshi...Your posts are getting better and better these days..:)

Keshi said...

hehe Priti huggy! nope this is definitely not Saby...this is what happens to most rich selfish single dudes...they think they have it all...but they dont and by the time they realise that it's too late.

Thanks Southpaw...hehe did I use to bore u before? lol!


Anonymous said...

No u didnt bored me earlier, its just that u r getting better every post...:)

firacub said...

Quite true Keshu..
But there are some miserable souls like me who have nothing inspite of having everything..


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

true. stuff like this mostly happens to ppl who think money is everything. and dat money can buy anything they want and keep em happy, but inside they just are miserable. prolly more miserable den poor ppl wid love/family/tenderness.

rite na.
cool post

musings (m000nie) said...

this is what is going to happen to all those guys who think money is everything in the world... when they r young they find happiness..but later on they know that all this was a u would say this in sanskit..mithya...materialistic wants...

The Gome said...

hey xclusive, this guy ain't saby, if saby had $$$ he'd be livin it up @ Gome's Animal Farm. Keshi? no offence or anything, but i am undecided on what's cheesier, this post or the fact you chose to choose this post!? this is the equivelant of my amputee pictures! Contrary to what southpaw says, you're slippin hun :)

The Marginal Revolution said...

My amble pie is got ready and set
Like the shores of stiff dead ones
And marketed fees
I shall wear each downy cape of nonsense to the end. :((

Zombie said...


sebia said...

wht a nice choice 2 write abt...and yeah keshi i always say tht u r blessed with such nice expression why u waste it on poor memes and quizes...
it ws definately a nice read

--pearl-- said...

sad..but true..

saby said...

'the guy dat said money cant buy happiness
obviously didnt no where to shop'
-Bo Derek
a header for a blogg i visited
Yeah ! it was the sexy kitten

on a serious note
to die u have to let go
let go of possessions, friends , relatives and then only u will die peacefully, if u cant let go

death will be prolonged and painful

Sharukh Khan said someting of dis sort on his mom's parting

'she wanted to go, i was trying to hold her back, i was being selfish'

saby said...

i tink SEBIA is a snob,
sorry make dat SNOB!

keshis quizzes and stuff makes it interactive

SEBIA only pontificates ...
like our POPE, ...

now i better run

talldarkman said...

Yaar dildaar tuzhe kaisa chahiye....

Pyaar chahiyeeee ke paisa chahiyee....

Paisa kya karna hai..tere liye jeena hai..tere liye jeena hai tere liye marna hai :P

Pyaar ke liye magar...paisa chahiye...:(


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

How is this sad??

A person chooses between money and family...and if he/she chooses money over family and later regrets it..well thats his/her own fault.

Dewdrop said...

This reminds me of the old Mastercard ad. "Some things money can't buy, for everything else, there's Mastercard"

--pearl-- said...

its sad..bcoz he relized it soo late in his life..@rohit

kesh-it was sooo beautifully the "not for sale" bit

. : A : . said...

I guess the best things in life are free!


Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.

:) said...

very true..
keshi very nice expression ..

keep smiling..

word_smith said...

i thought i had written a comment earlier too.

u write very nicely when you want to was a very nice post.thought provoking.

KJ said...

nice blog. very touching post.
thanks for dropping a _________ on my blog.

will surely visit ur blog again.


Kerry said...

keshi-i love your blog so much darling! your writing is full of passion, love, strengh and hope...

*big hugs* thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us...

love yeah,


ps., i love the new piture it is so you a radiant blooming sun kissed flower...

Keshi said...

hehe ty southpaw :)

fira u aint miserable, atleast I hope ur not...hope all is ok with ya...

icy very well-thought of...I believe an average family has more happiness and bliss in their home than people who chase dollars.

eyezz the wise u said mithya/maya means delusion and temporary happiness...we should know how not to be over-induldged in these mithyas...the reason for misery is desire as Buddhism relates...

Gome I didnt understand anything u stated...what are you talking about?

hehe u think so marg_rev?

ty misty huggz!

Sebz thanks, but sometimes I wanna post quizes to make it not so get away from serious stuff :) But hey ur the queen of writing, I love ur style!

Saby why r u talking abt death now? lol the post was abt selfish, rich, lonely and single men like u hehehe :)

Tally plz translate... :)

Pearly n NV...I agree with Pearly as well as NV :) Both of u r right. Like NV says the man chose what he wanted, yeah it's his fault but the point is he chose money over everything...that's sad and that's what Pearly is saying.

lol Dewdy good one!

Pari hugggz and :A: thanks!

Deips yeah :) I mean if I put my heart into it, I write alright...if not, I suck quite royally lol!

Thanks for dropping by KJ :)

Kerry muahhhh mah sunshine girl! Well ur the same sweety...u have so much passion that I read ur blog (even tho I dun comment in every post) almost every day, and that's a rare from Keshi :) Thanks and huggggz Sweety pie!


Rex Venom said...

Sometimes people without money also miss out on life’s simpler and true pleasures. Sometimes those of us with love and happiness still honestly want wealth.
Basically, if you can be happy poor, you can be happier with cash. If you are sad while rich, you’d be even more miserable broke. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but neither does poverty.

Kerry said...

blog party alert:
hell yeah!

Keshi said...

very true Rex..I agree. Poor people crave for money. And people who have love and affection like us sometimes wish we had more money too. And some rich people like the one I mentioned in thi s post is love-deprived despite the fact he has money. Grass is always greener on the other side. But there are some people who live with a good balance...they are rich enough in every way...


saby said...

'dont care too much 4 money
money cant buy me love'

one of the crappiest songs by 'the beatles'

saby said...

'...all those girls, mates, colleagues, party animals, mansions, clothes etc none of them were permanent.'

my earlier post was wrt dis

hum nange ayee
nange jayenge

tumne kya khoya
ki tum ro rahe ho
-its from the Gita

in the final analysis
friends-relatives, possessions dont last forever

u gotta love yourself and love God
dats the only ting dat sustains u in life and in death

Kerry said...

keshi, *smiles warmly* i have a surprise for you love...stop by my blog soon...smiles...

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

"If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free; if our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed."

"We can not do great things. We can only do little things with great love. --Mother Teresa"

ooo i love this one "Government cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer.
-Ludwig Von Mises"

just sum stuff i found.. liked em so put em on..

and REx i agree wid ya. ur absolutely right on dat.

saby said...

i am travelling so fast
my feet arent touching the ground'

ICEY rote me a letter
said she cudnt live widout me

saby said...


i am blessed
after u turned me down

a whole lotta girls walked in
now i dont need u no more

The Gome said...

saby said the aussie is angry like hell @ me what's up!? Kesh u ever play pogo?

The Agony Aunt said...

hey keshi, saby's leaving comments all over the place under your id, though you'd like to know.

Ashes said...

reminds me of my dad.But he is married and he seems to be happy.he's on a yatch buying spree these days.

saby said...

wat the fuck!

dont make baseless allegations
u can be taken to court

and if found guilty
u will be put on Gomey's farm for 30 years

here u will find only Gomey and other animals

saby said...

dis agony lives in a castle
and never steps out

she dont no dat mice have flooded bloggdom

Kerry said...

ok, i couldnt stay away from yeah! i am back-though i dont think i ever really left-lmao!

love yeah girlie, smiles.

Phantom_of_Blogpera said...

Keshiiiii..hugggss..missed ya!! The post made me sad..ouch..kinda haunting actually..reminds me of Ebenezar Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. Beautifully written. Miss ya

Nick said...

Please Help, Seb and Keshi friends, as I need opinions from my small group of web poets and writers on opinions on my third post down in my blog, entitled "Every fret of my guitar is marked with a bruise from my life with it. I hope some day I'll remember them all."
I am planning a ridiculously hilarious expansion into an incredibly self indulgent piece but need opinions like Ice cream needs chocolate chip

The Gome said...

Got another nice pic 4 u, this is what i think you look like, gome

saby said...

NICK is a prick

saby said...

make dat PRICK
he just posted wat he imagined was a joke

it gave me a headache trying to figure out wat he was saying

sumting about Alice in nether land

The Gome said...

anything saby says then signs my name is crap

saby said...

Selected works
Being Peace
Fragrant Palm Leaves
Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers
The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching
Living Buddha, Living Christ
The Miracle of Mindfulness: A Manual on Meditation
No Death, No Fear
Peace Is Every Step
Touching the Earth
Zen Keys

dis mite interest u
gott the link from Dorky

saby said...

dont jump to conclusions

wasnt me
i was impersonated
doctored u mite say
and NICK is outt to get me

jkhkhjkh said...

My dear Keshi,

I kid thee not.

Western Australia and NW Australia, and esp. Freemantle and Perth, are in imminent danger of a tsunami. The likely date for this to occur is 22nd June 2005, one day after the Summer Solstice. Else, every full moon night (and day) after that, would be HIGH RISK. Basically, avoid the beaches.

saby said...

Heyyyyy Pithaly,
dont go my dearing Kesh
if u want to live long !

there's plenty competition
dont get possessive

watch out for Gomey
he is a mad doctor

he just mite doctor u

The Gome said...

kesh, i know u visited my site & saw pic, but no comment on mine or your blog, shit saby must be right, you are pissed @ me! or ur embarrased 2 c how highly i see u but u tink i am canadian dirt. u shud know (from bein in commonwealth, we all good) ur abstinence will only get u more gomey comments, more than the ones saby impersonates! when will he realize he can't masquerade as a maouse on ur blog! if u haven't been 2 me blog, just go and leave comment on pic i think is you then u won't hear from the gome, unless u read saby's trashy blog. oh yeah saby, by the way u've been sentenced 2 3 yrs lock up @ Gome's Animal Farm. if u think the animals rape ya hard, just wait till i get a good bottle of rye in me, hope you're not a bleeder! then again what do i care? i won't be da 1 bleedin! hee hee

saby said...

Gomey Jr. is on the chopping block for sure

when kesh reads dis

saby said...

where has kesh disappeared ?!!

u sonovabitch
have u kidnapped her and taken her to your farm?

Keshi said...

hey all,

Thanks so much for ur very valuable comments...I really appreciate all of u coming here and writing ur thoughts...

I'm on a short break for a couple of days...I will be bak soon...till then take good care and be happy :)


saby said...

Kesh told me to keep u guys entertained while she attends to more urgent biz, she has gone to Gomey's farm to get him

here are some sardarji jokes meantime

Sardarji applied to a Medical School - needless to say he never made it because these are the answers he gave for medical terms.
>Antibody - against everyone
>Artery - the study of fine paintings
>Bacteria - back door to a cafeteria
>Benign - what you be after you be eight
>Bowel - letters like a,e,i,o,u
>Caesarian Section - a district in Rome
>Cardiology - advanced study of Poker playing
>Cat Scan - searching for lost kitty
>Chronic - neck of a crow
>Coma - punctuation mark
>Cortisone - area around local court
>Cyst - short for sister
>Diagnosis - person with slanted nose
>Dilate - the late British Princess Diana
>Dislocation - in this place
>Duodenum - couple in blue jeans
>Enema - not a friend
>False Labor - pretending to work
>Genes - blue denim
>Groin - to mash to a pulp / smile
>Hernia - she is close by
>Hymen - greeting to several males
>Impotent - distinguished / well-known
>Labor Pain - hurt at work
>Lactose - people without feet
>Lymph - walk unsteadily
>Menopause - I no wait
>Microbes - small dressing gowns
>Obesity - City of Obe
>Pacemaker - winner of Nobel Peace Prize
>Protein - in favour of teens
>Pulse - grain
>Pus - small cat
>Red Blood Count - Dracula
>Rupture - Ecstasy
>Secretion - hiding anything
>Subcutaneous - not cute enough
>Suture - Gujrati for "what do you want"
>Tablet - small table
>Tumor - extra pair
>Ultrasound - radical noise
>Urine - opposite of you're out
>Varicose - very close
>Vas Deferens - extremely different
>Vein - at what time?
>Vitreous Humor - both witty & funny

saby said...

gott dis from our parih priest
he is a humorous priest

he sends humorous email and also serious stuff

he nos i am going to hell
he prays for me

saby said...

here's some more

After 45 years of marriage, an elderly Sindhi man in Bombay calls his son in New York and says, "I hate to ruin your day son, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are getting a divorce; 45 years of misery is enough!"

"Dad, what are you talking about?" the son screams.
"We can't stand the sight of each other any longer," the old man says.
"We're sick of each other, and I'm sick of talking about this, so you call your sister in Hong Kong and tell her!"

Frantic, the son calls his sister, who explodes on the phone.
"Like heck they're getting divorced," she shouts, "I'll take care of this."
She calls Bombay immediately, and screams at the old man, "You are not getting divorced.

Don't do a single thing until I get there. I'm calling my brother back, and we'll both be there tomorrow.

Until then, don't do a thing, DO YOU HEAR??" and she hangs up.
The old man hangs up his phone and turns to his wife. "Okay", he says,
"It's all set. They're both coming for Diwali and paying their own airfare!!"

cudnt figure out dis joke
dis priest must have hit the bottle when he mailed dis joke

he 4got the punch line it seems

The Gome said...

hey saby, she is comin to the farm, but not to get me. She comin for sum luvin! How you like dem apples!? LOL

sabybaby said...

Kesh wen u comin bak dis gome is holding my balls for ransom


The Gome said...

ur sabybaby link don't work, u just pulled a GOME!

--pearl-- said...

kesh..miss ya :)

Brood Mode said...

bitter truth. very insightful