Monday, June 27

Ahhh these men!

Why are men so insensitive? He wants you, needs you, loves you, longs for you but that's only when he wants to cuddle up with, you don't exist in his life. Then all he ever does is watch cricket or footy or work on his project, until he feels like cuddling up again...but you can only think of him and nothing else. You are thinking of him 24/7 but he thinks of other things. This always bothered need to be more emotional....they need to work on that. If women have come forth as strong and independant personalities over the years, then why cant men work on the 'emotional' element?

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Janice said...

Jeeez Keshi.... think about men 24/7.... srry to be blunt at this but any female who does that needs a life and a reality check... no one shud be that desperate... come on i mean cuddling n foreplay per se... thats fine but its shudnt be made as the centre of ones existence i feel or any party feels suffocated in the raltionship u cant just xpect guys to get down on one knee an start quoting poetry or songs for u now can u.... i feel it aint necessary to cuddle an stuff for guys to show how sensitive they r i mean metrosexual beckam u see where that sensitivity landed posh spice....

every relationship has its give n take...i agree u hate if the guys good for nothing an only in front of the tele... but then take the remote and throw it in the swimming pool i say thats wht i wud have threatened there are ways an means to solve everything just blaminn guys abt insensitivity or blamin girls of being too clingy doestn solve anything honey...

Keshi said...

lollz Jan u got me totally wrong honey :) When I said guys need to work on the emotional element, I didnt mean that they should practically turn gay lol! What I mean is that guys need to understand women's need to be loved and thought of too...most guys don't. And when I said that the a girl thinks about him 24/7 I didnt mean they think about any man...lolll! I meant most girls always, I mean 'always' think about their partner...most men think about sex 24/7 but not about their partners as in a caring and loving way...for example ringing up his girl to see how she's going, not forgetting her bday and her mum's bday, making sure she looks after herself, telling her how much he misses her, being there for her when she really needs him and not during bedtime only etc - that's what I meant :)

Jann u have perhaps known only caring men...there r some men who r not this way...they care only when the need arises and that's not healthy for a relationship.


The Gome said...

i bet there are guys out there you had already written off that were exactly like what you've been yearnin for. caring & sensitive guys like me actually exist out there but we usually hide it until the girl has earned it. we already know that we're a rare breed so we don't advertise knowin we're the wanted ones! :)

The Gome said...

if u click on my link then its da blue page but then just click on " my web page" under contact then it'll bring u on my profile page where u can access my blog. its a lil complicated but works hun. -your fave desert "Gomeypie!"

saby said...


who the fuck is going to make 2 clicks on his mouse to see yr ugly mug ?!

get real man !

saby said...

.... grandpa adjusts his spectacles on his long nose (i wish my deek was as beeg) and looks again

is dat really Janice ?

the dumbass has metamorphosed into a real smart ass

creepingking said...

Hey Keshi!
This is not the case... always.
In fact, life is so much more fun if you look at the exceptions, more than the norm!

Zombie said...

I differ on that Keshi. I know of one male who is sensitive, loving, and caring 24x7, even though he acts nonchalant about everything, every damn thing. I guess that's the problem with men...this is one area where they dont believe in "got-it-flaunt-it."

So, sensitive men do exist..few and far between maybe, but they do. Dunno if it's safe to generalize.

Stud said...


Why are you telling our bedroom stories on a international broadcast? You and me will still be together by the end of the day and all these people with comments will appear to be fools again :)

Phantom_of_Blogpera said...

Hehe...u know don't mean to generalize here, but i guess everythin comes with a price tag. If guys were as visibly tender n loving 24/7 as girls are, they wud've also been as 'bitchy'(pardon da word) as girls are sometimes. :D But yeah, it would be fun to watch em try..hehe..kinda like a funny movie!

jkhkhjkh said...

My Dear Keshi,

This is posted anonymous so that I cannot be indentified. Basically, its like this:

The female Homosapien has seven times the sexual urge comapred to the male homosapian. That should explai all the fanatic religons which try to supress the woman.

Since Amerika decided to "liberate" the female, a strange thing happened. All the 7 time urge got released. Next, what do you know, men were being chased by women for sex.

Now, part 3 of this sotry is that men CANNOT fake it, while women can. his astounding liberation of women in this century, (caused by the Nazi atrocities on women), destroyed thousands of years of cultured society, and women exploded. With all this pressure on male performance, the average Amerikan male, (and sadly, all the current followers of the Amerikan culture, seen as "hep", normal", whatever), was traumatised, nay, actually began to feel threatened by the female species. This brought about the rise of homosexualism in the world.

If you really look intoyourself deeply, you will see how you have been (inadvertently, since social pressures and peer approval is SO strong), have got caught in the trap. If you tuly revert to what you are, (and what you are, is what you were when you were pre-purbety, and as a young child), you can set yourself FREE. Just do it. You have come a long way, Baby! Dont loose the opportunity given to you by estrangement from your erstwhile friend. Dont wallow. Dont disable anonymous blogs.

jkhkhjkh said...

My dear Keshi,

I am so proud and honoured to hear about your impending nuptials as announced by Saby on Janice's site! Congratulations! and that too, so close to your Birthday! And you kept it such a secret! Anyway, many happy returns of the day.

Yours truly,

Tanvi said... not even gonna say nethin bout that..

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


I dunno...u're a lot more experienced ;)..but i wud like to differ!

As far as my experience definitely have an 'emotional' element, though nt as much as w e gals do...but then tht's wht distinguishes us frm 'em . Tiz jst tht we gals show it...but they keep it hidden...coz o the stupid belief that 'Men dont cry' nd they're supposed 2 be bold n strong at all times, they're alwez taken for granted, arent they? A guy who loves u not only thinks abt u bt feels u next to himself...every day...every hour...every moment!!

I hv come to this conclusion after pondering abt it a lot...nd finally ended up discussing with a few close guy frnds and my 'ahem ahem'!

I jst wrote ma heart out...u myt find it kiddish...but then am free to express ma views...ryt??

So have fun babezz...nd try to think o the positive side as well...if men become emotional...i mean 'more' emotional...u wont hv nething to crib abt in life...:P. loll...nd gals just cant do without it!!loll


Keshi said...

my my I see rotten tomatoes and eggs coming my way from some boys lollz!

Gomess ok so ur telling me ur an emotional guy who gives his best to the well-deserved gal? So yeah have u found her? :) :) I havent written off any damaged guys lol - in fact most of the guys I dated were real nice, emotional and sweet too...just that I didnt have a choice but to break up for reasons that cannot be publicised :) Keshi's dark dark side lol!

Sure it is Creepster :) But sometimes guys dont express their feelings well-enough and that's not a good thing...they got to do that often, that's what I mean by this post. I am yet to date a guy who says 'I love u' often without me having to ask him 'do u love me' lol!

yep I agree Misty, they do exist. But majority of the guys r not emotional...and I know I cant do much about it lollz!

hahaha stud ok let me keep our escapades to myself :) hugggz!

FM haha! Imagine a bitchy guy...that reminded me of ITCC hmmm :) so yeah there r some guys who r bitchy but not really emotional lol!

thanks Pithaly for the long but interesting sexology lecture :) and thanks for the bday I aint getting hitched that easily, Saby is just paranoid lol!

haha Tanvi yep better to keep silent on this one ha :)

Anna thanks that was a well-thought comment. Yep guys dun liek to flaunt it although they can be really sensitive...I had a BF who cried when we broke up, he was holding back his tears but they started rolling down his cheeks...he still tried his best to keep his face unaffected...that was so touching...

Thanks all!

Tanvi said...

keshi..i kinda agree wit u on this one..i mean im sure guyz have the emotional sidez to them..but they dun express it as much..which leaves us girlz feeling that they dun love us..they juz need to open up a bit and let us noe how they feel...
n not only guyz..i admit im like that too..i cant express my feelingz well..and i hate that....i mean..a person could mean the world to me but itz hard for me to express

Keshi said...

Tanvi I think u express well when ur ready to do so. If not ur quiet. Which is good because u dun go over the top like I do lol! And I always end up crying...I think ur emotionally smart wheras Im an emotional fruit cake :)

Guys do need to express better...that's exactly what I meant by this post. Thanks!


Kripa Shankar said...

Like someone said..Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

Arz000n said...

Lady, you know what, get your hands on Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus You will come to understand the mentality of MEN.

If you are en e-book reader, lemme know I will happy to forward a copy to that you stop making comments on MEN.


Keshi said...

hehe thanks Kripa!

yep seen that book Arz000n but neva read it...tell me abt men then :)


ram_saran said...

Keshi bituwa kaahe ko maard pe itna gussa nikal rahi ho? maard logo ne tumhe apna willy nahi dikhaya kya. jab bhi man kare tum seedha humre paas aajayio. hum dono baitke lolls karenge

Keshi said...

Can someone be kind enough to translate Ram's comment above, thanks! :) :)


creepingking said...

Got this in email yesterday!
More power to the stereotype :-D
At the college, male & female students were told to individually write a sentence using the words 'sex' and 'love.'

Females wrote :
When two mature people are passionately and deeply in love with one another to a high degree and that they respect each other very much, then, it is spiritually and morally acceptable to the society that they both engage themselves in the act of physical sex with one another

Men wrote :
I love sex

jkhkhjkh said...

Translated from Latin:

"Keshi, baby (actually, daughter), why are you removing so much anger on males? Males have not shown you their "willy", what? Whenever you feel like it, come straight to me.
We will sit together and "lolls". (Lolls??? Lolls???!!!! what in the loving name of God is that??? Saby!!! Help!!!)

"Keshi bituwa kaahe ko maard pe itna gussa nikal rahi ho? maard logo ne tumhe apna willy nahi dikhaya kya. jab bhi man kare tum seedha humre paas aajayio. hum dono baitke lolls karenge"

Keshi said...

hahaha creepster Ive seen something was about how a girl and a boy each wrote about how they spent their day...the girl wrote about one page of things she did that day from shopping to cleaning and then cuddling with her boyfriend and then making love passionately..she described every bit of it so beautifully and in full detail. Whereas the guy wrote only one line...he wrote:
~~I had some office work to finish today but then I got to have sex at the end of the day - woohoo!~~

Pithaly can u explain things in a language I can understand...that's English actually. Thanks!


Dewdrop said...

Instead of commenting something on the topic, I rather enjopyed the comic strip going on here..hehe

Keshi said...

hehe dewdy good on ya!