Wednesday, May 3

What a boy!

I know I said that I wont post any bday posts again, but I just cant let this bday go past me without saying a word about this great soul. Funniest part was that he told me some time last year when his birthday is and I forgot all about it until yesterday...yes yesterday. Yesterday something told me that I must check with him again when his birthday is 'cos I vaguely remembered it was somewhere in May. So I emailed him and his reply comes back saying that it was indeed yesterday (2nd of May)! I'm so glad I didnt forget it completely and it wasnt months later that I asked wouldnt be that great a feeling for me then. He just needs to know how much his presence has changed me as a person and a birthday is the ideal day to say it all...:)

Well he's one of the very few genuine guys I have ever made friends with. He's decent, caring, sweet, honest, very very very intelligent and makes me feel quite dumb with his very deep posts lol! He's a very independant and brave soul. He taught me how to be brave and how not to be intimidated by cowards. His calm and collective nature amidst strife, always drew me closer to him. He's a very special guy and he's none other than my good mate Sittingnut. He's truly a beautiful person both in and out, and I want to thank him for being the person he is...for all those times he was around when it seemed like most people left me for good...for all of those times when he offered me a shoulder to cry on when I had none...for all the sweet emails he sends me every now and then to make sure that I had a good weekend...for being the pillar that I thought would be hard to find in a place like this...for not asking for too much but for giving me his true friendship always. I love you my mate and I wish for you always sunny days, love, peace and joy, good health and every dream of your's coming true...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!
Music dedicated to you: Cherish by Kool And the Gang.

73 Cranium Signets:

Rex Venom said...

Awww! How nice of You! Happy B Day to your friend.
Rock on!

musings (m000nie) said...

hey sittingnut happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... have a blast... may God bless u

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Happy Belated Birthday to sittingnut.

saby said...

He's truly a beautiful person both in and out,

i dont like the sound of dis ....

Happy Birthday Sitting Nut
wats dat supposed to mean any way

i mean sitting nut
not beautiful person in and out

i can make a guess here
after Jays post

Jewel Rays said...

awww.........Keshi that is an irresistably sweet, heartwarming and overwhelming post. Loved every bit of it. and luck you! sitting nut!! lol..i know not who you are but happy b-day!

Keshi you are such a sweetheart..*hugs* i was so touched when i read that post though not for me.:)just the way you go about it.. its a beauty really!! Irresistable sweet!!!

*big big smiles*

saby said...

i bet Rex has posted a sexy pic on his blogg

Anonymous said...

Sittingnut Happy birthday....:)

The Phoenix said...

You are the queen of birthday posts!

Sujit said...

Its glad to have a frind like him to everyone :).. happy birthday sittingnut

Outdoorsy Girl said...

How sweet, Keshi! Happy b-day Sittingnut!

Will Powers said...

felicitations s'nut...

Sunita said...

Belated b'day wishes to your friend sittingnut:)

SamY said...

now thats some way to make his day ;)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Happy birthday, Sittingnut! Have fun! And enjoy the oh-so-delicious cake that Keshi has presented to you through this pic here. ;)

uttara said...

happyyyyy birthdayyy sittingnut...

have a lovely yr ahead :)


burf said...

yea yea... i can recall, there was one guy [the MIB u dumbo :p] who was looking more like a girl. :D he was a little fat for a MIB [oops... i mean curvaceous if (s)he was a girl], man! i musta accosted u then and there, what next? ;)


Dalicia said...

happy birthday to sittingnut :)

ishita said...

HaPpPyYy BiRtHdAyYyY:-) to ur fren!!

the song tuk me back in time to some bitter sweet memories:)

see...u can never be unhappy or sad for long keshi coz u got some truly special ppl to cherish around u:)

Keshi said...

Saby said:

i really envy dat sittingnut

i wish it were my birthday too
and Elaine and Uttara and M00niee .. (not u Die Murrane)
wud kiss me too

burf said...

now kesh is being cruel :(

sittingnut said...

i am quite lost for words
i am quite touched.

a big thank you to every one! you are all so very kind

i feel like i am having two birthdays in row.

rex venom
thanks you , rock on !

musings (m000nie):
god bless you too, you are too kind :-)

thanks! :-)

Jewel Rays
thanks .yes i am lucky to receive wishes from all of you.

keshi is a sweetheart and angel.

thanks a lot :-)

thank you :-)
i am the one who is lucky to have keshi as a friend.

the phoenix
yes she in the queen of b day posts . i am quite lost how to thank.

outdoorsy girl:
thank you very much :-)

will powers
thanks. i appreciate it .

belated or not i don't mind thanks:-)

the girl who sold the world:
i am still enjoying the cake you are welcome to share it . :-) thanks

hope you have a lovely year as well

thanks for wishing me in my blog !

thanks for the wishes :-)

thanks !
keshi is easy to cherish :-)

Yashita said...

1st of all happy birthday to Sittingnut...

and thanks to Keshi, this reminded me of my one frnd's falls in may too...but I somehow had completely forgotten...this post reminded me of's on 10th...and Iam bad at rem dates:(...but Noe I'll make sure I wish her:)thanks...

sophie said...

keshi so sweet gal
Happy b'day sittingnut...

and this damn naughty...

desperado said...

the cake looks yummy ..hehe
n a sweet post

belated happy b'day sitting nut

praveen said...

happy birthday dude!!

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Belated Birthday Wishes your way Sittingnut :)

Hope u had a great day ... so how many birthday bumps? ;)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

best wishes to sittingnut !!!

may his dreams come true !

karmic_jay said...

Lucky you, to have a friend like him and you obviously know it too.

PRADEEP K. said...

Many happy returns, dear Sittingnut. Great to know you through Keshi.

God bless.


Wow...U just made it at the right time...Shows tht your wishes mean a lot to him! I have to be reminded of my best friends birthday and for some reason I can never remember the date....Sitting nut sound slike my friend....BLated Happy Born Day to your friend and good luck to your fantastic relationship:) :)

Zombie said...

happy belated birthday sittingnut.

Die Muräne said...

so happy birthday then sittingnut! only the best.

I hope you enjoyed my little dance in front of the pc :-)

sajini said...

Hold on to those friendships Keshi!!! Its precious as I am learning!!!!

smiley said...

good u remembered ur friend's b'day. have fun :)

Darius said...

It's good to have a friend. In an earlier post you talked about being deserted by some past blogosphere friends - just had that happen myself for the first time.

It is a bit unsettling. The person can "vanish," and for all you know, something might have happened to them. So to editorialize, I think blogosphere friends shouldn't pull "vanishing acts" when they decide they no longer wish to participate in an online relationship.

Sudeep said...

Happ b'day Sittingnut.. have fun n do share the cake with me :D

n whoa!!! i can see the video too Keshi... :))
Lets cherish every moment we have been given

Dewaker Basnet said...

happy bday dude:)god bless..

Dewaker Basnet said...

sorry keshi..sent the right message to the rong blog:) actually the previous message was for ur fren...nevermid i will post it again..this time at the right blog:)

Jeevan said...

you got a lovely friend, very sweet post:) whished him in his blog.

Stud said...

Happy Birthday, sonnie boy!

wish I knew you better to say more.


Manish said...

hey keshi thats beautiful way to say things.. very nice..
Wishing Ur friend Sittingnut a very Happy B'day...
May all his dreams come true..

Navin S said...

geez i m pretty late i reckon

Happy buffday,mate

since you are lankan, i pray for peace and happiness on the Lankan soil

Let peace prevail



Apy said...

Belated Happy B day to Sitting nut

and I know that one more person's b day is also around the corner .. i just know ... its June but donno the exact date ......Keshi.. u kno who... please help me out ...

ANKIT said...

hey keshi,,i think you r one of the most sensitive and caring person ,,i have come across( i mean it )....and this post proves that deeper....!

AmitKen said...

happy birthday sittingnut ...

and keshi,
so wat if u said u wont post bout b'days again.... u can always have a change of plans ;-))

hv fun! how hv u been lately.... i am toooo busy with work these days :-|

ArChaNa said...

hey sittingnuthAppY BirThdAy

keshi, that's a very sweet post!!


Keshi said...




m000nieee mwahhhh n thanks!


thanks mate!


lol ur so J...thanks anyways!


hey Amy awwww, thanks! :):) Beautiful people deserve beautiful gestures...and beautiful people identify such beautiful u just did mwahhh!


hey thanks South!


lol yep I can get pretty senti on bdays :) Thanks mate!


so r u...ur such a great friend to many n thanks!


Thanks sweety :)


hey thanks Willz!


mwahh babez thanks!


awww thanks Samy! :)


hehe ur so sweet girl...thanks!


mwaaaaaaaaah Bubzy and thanks!


**he was a little fat for a MIB

omg ur so mean! :( sobbbbbbbz!


hey girl thanks!


hey thanks Ishhhhhhhh!

**the song tuk me back in time to some bitter sweet memories

aww...this song has very special memories for me too...goshh it makes me cry every time I listen to it...very dear memories...

yes I have loads of ppl to cherish ard here...including a lovely girl called Ishita...mwahhhhhhh!


whoaaaa thats good u I forget too but somehow something reminds me b4 its too late :)

thanks so much Yash, huggggggz!


hey Sophia thanks!

lol yes Saby is annoying as hell but he's only joking...I used to get damn irritated with him bak then and used to have MAJOR fights with him...but now Im taking it easy cos I realise he's only testing one's patience...and he never means harm to anyone, thats why I like him...hehe...


hey mate thanks :) yes it looks so YUMMMAAAYYY na?


hey pretty dudette thanks ;-)


hey Cheesy muaaaaaaaah n thanks alot!


hey Deeeepzz thanks sweety!


yes Im lucky to have a friend like him...he's good just as he is..I didnt have to change anything abt him to suit me u know...thats why I like him :) Thanks Jay!


Hey Pradeep where u been? Missed u! And thanks a ton!


hey girl..hehe yes I too forget some times...but somehow I rem b4 its too late to wish :)

Im glad Sittingnut is like one of ur friends too...he's really a nice guy.

**BLated Happy Born Day to your friend and good luck to your fantastic relationship

awww thats so sweet, THANKS!


mwahhhh Misty and thanks!


awww thanks mate!

**I hope you enjoyed my little dance in front of the pc

lol u really danced? Now ur becoming like me..hahahaha! so sweet!


hey girl hows u?

**Its precious as I am learning

aww thanks and I hope ur ok...huggggz sweety!


hey Smiley thanks!


thanks mate!

** I think blogosphere friends shouldn't pull "vanishing acts" when they decide they no longer wish to participate in an online relationship.

how d u mean PULL?


hey dude thanks!

**n whoa!!! i can see the video too Keshi

what?? u mean u never saw the previous videos in my blog? goshhhh Sudeep! :)

yes Cherish every moment we have..for we dunno when we'll ever be this way again...

thanks sweet Sudeep!


heyy Dewaker thanks!

Wut d u mean wrong blog? lol! U ok? :)


hey Jeevan thank u!!


hey handsome Aryan ;-)

**Happy Birthday, sonnie boy!

thanks hehehe @sonnie...


hey Manish thanks so much!


hey thanks mate! :) Better late than never...hehe...

**since you are lankan, i pray for peace and happiness on the Lankan soil

One of my next posts will have something along these lines...stay tuned and thanks for wishing for peace, we really need it!


hey Apy so sweet, thanks!

btw who's bday is it that u wanna know? Gimme the name, lol!


Hey Ankit!

**,,i think you r one of the most sensitive and caring person ,,i have come across(

lol yes..Im actually too sensitive mate...I wish I wasnt cos sometimes I feel too much and it's a pain to be like that...hehe..

thanks so much!


hallooooo Amit! Where were ya? aww u've been busy? I thought soo..missed ya heaps!

well yep...I did say I wont post bday posts again cos I forget everyone's dates and then friends might get upset over not having posts for them I thought I will stop it for good...but I just couldnt let Sittingnut's bday go past by...I couldnt be frozen just like that forever I posted this..I hope none of my other friends who had recent bdays got upset over this :(

Thanks so much for the encouragement Amit! huggggggz!


mwahhhhhh pretty eyes!

Thanks a ton :)


Keshi said...


I wanted to reply to u separately so I read ur comment last...hehehe and realised that u have thanked each and everyone who had wished u b4 ur comment...that was so sweet! Thanks!

U deserve every bit of the celebration mate...and Im so sorry it didnt come exactly on the 2nd of May...atleast I wasnt too late :):)

Im glad u felt like u had a 2nd party..woohoo that was the aim!

u tc and have a good rest of the bday I celebrate my bday for a week haha...yes, too vain!


saby said...

Sophia thanks!

my birthday is on September 20
but u may kiss me today

for tomorrow sometimes never comes
i miss Janice

Keshi said...

hey Saby ur up so early? :):)

**my birthday is on September 20
but u may kiss me today


on the cheek that is :)

**for tomorrow sometimes never comes i miss Janice

awwwwwwwwwwwww :*(

no one ever found anything abt come?


Keshi said...

~~Cherish the love we have...cherish the life we have...

it's good to be happy right now..and cherish this moment...cos I know these times wont last forever...but the moments ur heart...

Thanks all for wishing my mate well and thanks so much for joining in the fun always...u guys will never be forgotten wherever I may be in many years to come...MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


saby said...

wherever I may be in many years to come.....

u aint going no where
u will just be old

and your boobs will sag
and your ass will ....

some one help me here .... Jay ?

saby said...

i say the meanest tings

but then that's life
there will always be jerks in God's world

where the fuck is dat jerk JAY ?

niki yokota said...

Happy Birthday to ur sincere friend!!
May ur friendship with him last forever!! ^^

Keshi said...


**u aint going no where
u will just be old
and your boobs will sag
and your ass will ....

lol no way...I'd be gone long b4 that happens...


mwahhh Niki thanks!


uttara said...

hey babes...

dropped in to say hi !!!!

have a beautifulll day
am off now ... c u later ...:)

Anonymous said...

u aint going no where
u will just be old
and your boobs will sag
and your ass will ....

lol no way...I'd be gone long b4 that happens...***u might feel like changing ur mind after reading this...:) our wise man has gotta wonderfull blog out here.

Johnny B. Good said...

, SHIT South,

now all the young girls Elaine, Moonie, Burf, Uttara, Sophia will be in a hurry to get old

Keshi said...


hey thanks babez...hugggggggz!


lol na I dun mean getting old is a curse (tho it may well be lollz)...but u never know if I'll even live that long..

yep yep this Saby dude's got some 'divine' advice for alot of us here...all must read his many many many many many many many blogs..hehehehe...


yep..expect a swarm of ppl coming to ur blogs now :)


Anonymous said...

u r saying as if they dont...

But u still gotta prepare urself...:)

Keshi said...


true I gotta prepare myself :) And old age cant be that scary a thing when I could handle someone like Saby hahahahaha!


PRADEEP K. said...

I've been right here, Keshi. Last weekend just extended by one more day, Monday being Labour Day.

I was around in blogspot and chat. Missed you much, dear.


Sudeep said...

yeah videos n pics were blocked frm company... but dont know how n why the systems got blogspot out of the banned list
m happy :))

sittingnut said...

thanks and hugs to everyone who wished me .
it was great . i will always remember :-)

thanks for the wishes :-)

thanks for wishing here and in my blog :-)

thanks a lot :-)

thanks dude

thanks :-)
i had a great day and another day

~*. d e e p a .* ~
thanks you :-)

pradeep k
thanks for the wishes . great to know any of keshi's friends :-)

scribblez to wakeup:
keshi's wishes do mean a lot to me

thanks very much

die muräne
thanks you . lol.

thanks. i will share the cake with every one. :-)

dewaker basnet
thanks, god bless you too.

thanks for the wishes in my blog

thanks i wish i new all of keshi's friends:-)

thank you :-)

thanks, yes we really need peace hope your wishes will come true.

thanks a lot.

thanks very much

hey thanks :-)

niki bakshi
thank you very much :-)

sittingnut said...

thank you very much
as i said i will cherish this forever.

Im glad u felt like u had a 2nd party..woohoo that was the aim!
you achieved that, it still feels like it in fact :-)

so i will follow your advice and celebrate all week :-)


Keshi said...


oh ok...thanks Pradeep and I missed ya too...awww...


whoaa fantastic news! But u missed most of my earlier fav videos...hehe stay tuned for more ;-)


awwww Im so happy for ya! This is the least I could do from here mate..I wish I was there in SL and joined u on ur real party...;-)


Dawn....सेहर said...

I might be late but best wishes can be given always :D

Many Happy Returns Of the Day to you dear friend.

Am sure he is a nice guy when he makes my friend so happy ;)


Nikita said...

Appy Budday to your friend.

Wishing him success and all the happiness that comes with it!


Keshi said...


hey Dawny thanks and huggggggggz!


Viola said...

Nice Blog:)

sittingnut said...

thanks for the wishes

thank you very much

sittingnut said...

I wish I was there in SL and joined u on ur real party.
i wish that too. :-)
i will spare a cake with icing esp for you :-)
and i wish i can send a piece of cake to all your friends if they cannot be there as well

Keshi said...


hey thanks :)


** will spare a cake with icing esp for you :-)
and i wish i can send a piece of cake to all your friends if they cannot be there as well

awwww ur so sweet!