Friday, June 23

And Then A Hero Comes Along...

It may not be the same,
But some things never change.
I feel it and I trust it,
I still believe in forever
Because that's what my heart knows.
Memories are the dew drops on our petals
That re-open the buds that have closed.
Flowers wilt as seasons change,
Though they grow a little more with rain.
The sun will shine when in need,
And left behind, a precious seed.
-Flowers by H. Barnes

I just stopped to smell the flowers and say THANKS to all you beautiful blooms in my garden of life. Thanks for being there for me, Thanks for cheering me up when I was down, Thanks for the inspiration, Thanks for being the shoulder to cry on, Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me, Thanks for saying those lovely compliments to me, Thanks for accepting me for who I am and Thanks for being just YOU! Sometimes we forget or we don't realise that we are happy because of some great people in our life. I just want to make sure I didn't forget that. So guys, please accept my sincere gratitude that's conveyed from the bottom of my heart.

Also guys, I will be away for about a week from today :*( So since I won't be here to say Thanks to the many warm bday wishes that's going to come my way, I wanted to let you know that I will be thinking of you alot and thanks in advance for the wishes guys! Uttsy and Ish thanks so much for your heartfelt wishes - I was stoked to bits! I'll be around whenever I can as you guys have become an integral part of my life now and it's so very hard to be away from all of you for too long. And know that you are all in my heart 24/7! Every single one of you have been a huge inspiration and encouragement in my life - that's my reason behind celebrating this year of my life.

'And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive
So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you...'

And that HERO in me is YOU, so here's a song dedicated JUST FOR YOU.
See ya soon my friends!

Current Music: Hero by Mariah Carey

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uttara said...

yepieeeeeeeeee me first
wooooooo hoooooooooo


uttara said...

u still have loads coming ur way hun

u dont have to thank me duhhhh

u my sweetheart u deserve it :D

Rachel Heather said...

ahhh Keshi I love ya darlin

You are seriously one of the kindest girls EVER

Hugggss and have fun on your week away

we will miss ya and I will miss your comments :)

Kumar Chetan said...

a bientot keshi

uttara said...


BTW am too not gonna be here next week

going to tirupati:p

so we shall meet next week afta i come
but am here till monday

AmitKen said...

Heyyyyy! Keshi,

I dont know when exactly is your birthday, but i am glad that you mentioned that it's sometime in next week.... tell me .. tell me when is it?

Anyway, wishing you all the love, peace and success on your birthday. Have a wonderful time next one week while you are away celebrating your birthday, and btw even I am going to be away for next 10 days or so. heheh.. looks like i'll be celebrating your birthday in style too during my adventure trip :-)

here's a budday poem, which i think suits you well. i donno who wrote this, but it surely was written for someone as wonderful as you are....

The sunlight is as passionate as flowers
Bordering the sidewalk of a song.
Clouds shape its golden apertures for hours,
Shifting with each breeze that comes along.
The day becomes a mustard-colored sunbeam
Falling through the window of your smile.
Mystical sensations, headed downstream,
Sit upon your windowsill awhile.
How beautifully the choir of the mountains
Sings to its rapt audience of blue!
As dancing down a corridor of fountains,
We toss in coins and make this wish for you:
Long may you love the loveliness of Earth!
And celebrate with joy your day of birth

burf said...


in advance :D

take care

lil _kath said...

..aww seems u will celebrate ur bday for a week ?? that's a long celebration Kesh...muaahhhh let me hug u first huggggggggsssss uuuuuu sweetie before u go ^_~

...enjoyyyy and i wanna thank God too that i've met you here, ur such a special friend...a very dear one.

..i can't even think of not having any message from u everyday on my blog coz ur the one who mades me back when im almost down and tryin' to give up blogging.

..ur everyone's hero and u deserve the LOVE from us.
stay as u are and keep touching everybody's heart..luv yah Kesh ^_~ take care and dun drink too much on ur bday party hehe...ok?

...i love you!
...mama oyata adarey *wink*
...aishiteiru (in japs)
..mahal kita (in phils. language)

hugs and kisses,

:: The Protector :: said...

Keshi, wish you a very happy b'day in advance

Happy to you...
Happy to you...
Happy to you...
Happy to KESHI...
Happy to you...

have a blast...


Ekta said...

Predated bday wishes keshi!!!!
Hope the year brings tonnes of smiles on ur face forever!!:-)

And hey..its just a week..dont worry u'll be back before u know it!

christabelle said...

hey keshi, I'm already starting 2 miss ya, ur sure a sweetheart, happy birthday in ADVANCE!!!!

and by the way UR WELCOME!!
and have a beautifuk wk.

Ebun said...

Dont know your birthday but HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE. Your post is real nice. Have a great week.

smiley said...

visiting ur site and all of a sudden the music playing is a very pleasent surprise, good post :)

nishu said...

keshi, thanks a lot. happy b day. although i don know when it is.we will be missing u

Rose said...

We are blessed to have the people in our lives, arnt we?.. :)

"I still believe in forever
Because that's what my heart knows."

I luvd these words..



Manic Street Preacher said...

may ya party ur a** off..!!lolz.
have fun.

prithz said...

Oh Keshi... that was such a sweet post... Advance B'day wishes to you... may this year be a healthy, successful, enjoyable and memorable one in both your worlds(in the real one and in blogsville!!!) Have a great time... we will be missin u....

take care... huggggggggzzzz.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hero by Mariah Carey is one of my most fav songs :-) Take care

Harry said...

Thanks to Keshi for giving such beautiful writings in her blog..
I wish ur dreams get fulfilled in this b'day..may u get everything in ur life what u have ben wishing for..
Have a wonderful time in ur b'day...

Nikita said...


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! (Dn't know when it is!)

Hope you have a blast!

The nicest thing I feel that comes outta blogging is the friendships that are born and formed with wonderful good people around - so kind and warm, supportive - encouraging - inspiring. And I am so honored and priviledged to have met your acquaintance.

May your life be even more blessed a hundredfold. Once more, from my heart to yours - God bless you always!!


Hey Keshi- Having a great week of Birthday Fun!!!! You r very sweet n caring to have written this post and this beautfiul song tagged with!! May you be blessed. Have a FUNTASTIC BIRTHDAY!!! YOu deserve every bit and more of it! :)

The Phoenix said...

I feel so heroic now!

Take care Keshi.

Dewdrop said...

Wish you all the things that your heart desires and even more happiness, peace, good luck and contentment. Have a wonderful birthday weekend and a great time off. Enjoy.

Dinma said...

Nice Job viva.Thanks for making me your hero.

karmic_jay said...

Happy Birthday and enjoy the blog free week. Thou shall be missed. :)

Ghost Particle said...

hey buddy! Have a great holiday!!!


Love and Hugs,.

PRADEEP K. said...


The only word I could read in this post was "Thanks"

Wow! So many Thanks! What dis this? Keshi getting sentimental?

Come on Keshi! You know we appreciate you just as much as you appreciate us.

Enjoy your break. Come back and tell us what you did, okay?


Sudeep said...

off for a week... ohhh!!! :(
then accept my advance b'day wishes.. have a gr8 gr8 week of blast n enjoy urself..
cherish those moments till the next yr so tht u can double tht joy...

hugggzzz n muuaahhzzz on ur spl day..

RefleXtion said...

Hey...came in from Scribs' blog...Happy B-Day sweets..all the best for everything...hope you have enough friends to spend a nice b-day time with.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Happy Birthday and see you in a week!!

Homo Escapeons said...

Like a lost puppy I will wait by the door listening for the sound of your footsteps..sigh....
(It's OK old dogs like me sleep all day and just pretend that they have waited by the door, one advantage of having super hearing)

You go and have a great time. Clear the cobwebs and celebrate because your brain starts shrinking when you hit 25 anyway... so make the most of it...(fishing expedition hehehe)

Seriously K, I'll be here with all of the other Keshiites when you get back.

Toodaloo Roo!

saby said...

ME ??
a hero ?

saby khush hua

saby said...

and i love the girl who loves u Keshi

she looks hottt

saby said...

, , to the sweetest girl on planet earth

birthday wishes
, ,

go here

Sujit said...

what you have got is just cream of the cake!.. there is plenty that you will get!.. entire cake you know..!! Have a great time.. and enjoy you week!..

sittingnut said...

heyy mate!
a very happy happy birthday to you !
and a great year .
you are a perfect angel that light our lives (mine certainly). be forever!

there was i hoping to wish you happy birthday exactly at 0am 25th. (i will have a go anyway :-))
i am going to wish you next time a month in advance . quite jealous of uttara and ishita for wishing you early .(not really :-) besides i am not that eloquent.)

so you are going away again ! :-(
hope you enjoy your birthday week to the fullest . and then hurry back :-)


starbender said...

Happy Birthday keshi!
Sab sent me 2 wish u a big one!
Enjoy yourself hon!

visithra said...

Happy Birthday Darling Keshi.

AnonymousBlogger said...


Blogs are great that way aren't they? They bring together people who otherwise would have never met.

Anonymous said...

Have a nice time....:)

Zombie said...

happy birthday in advance Keshi - since I'll be away. May the year bring you everlasting peace and contentment.

SamY said...

wow NUT's having a 1 week b'day bash ;))

herz wishing the b'day baby a wonderful time ahead ... HAPPY PARTYIN <:-P

n what a mushy mushy post :((

Sudarshan said...

Heyyyyyy wish you a very happy birthday in advance:-)
According to me,you are:

1. One of the best bloggers out there.

2. A really talented and intelligent girl.

3. One of the most frank lol and cheekiest bloggers I've come across;-)

4. A great pal, who is always there for her friends:-)

I'm sure there are many many more things to add!!!

Happy Birthday, Keshi honey..its great knowing ya!! Hope you have a blast...

Hey when is the treat?? Leme know..I'll fly down to Syd after these dreaded(%$#@!) exams get over:-)

desperado said...

somebody mentioned b'day...but why havent u told d date
anyway....warmest b'day wishes from my side. May you have the best of times and d best of everything you desire...cause you deserve it.

njoy dear
n looks like many leaving for a too going home for a week

so enjoy ur time

cheesemeister said...

Thanks for all the thought-provoking posts, and for your kindness to me.

Yashita said...

hey Keshi!!

I wanted to be here to wish you on your Birthday, but sadly I am going out, will be back in a jiffy though, won't be here, so here's wishing you in advance a very very happy birthday:)

hope all your prayers come true...have fun Keshi, and I know you will:) the same and have a rocking year ahead of you:)

tata...will see u after I get bcak:)

coolvir said...

Inspiring :)

Btw...happy birthday in taking a short break from cyber world :)

Caraf said...

hey Kesh,


niki yokota said...

Happy Birthday Keshi-chan!!
u went to Germany to support the Aussie team in the World Cup?? lol
awww...we miss uuuu!!
thank u soooo much for the lovely lyrics!! glad to read it ^^

kandykane said...

Thank You, for sharing such wonderful thoughts.. they are so optimistic and full of life !

anup.777 said...

have a gr8 time buddy!!!

Wish ya a very very Happy B'day in advance!!! :)

Hope ur Hero comes along real soon ;)

saby said...

i cried when i read dis shit

dont be silly
just kidding

sophie said...

i would give you
the first blush of sunrise
that paints the horizon
but that would not capture
the light of your smile
i just have one heart to give
to a friend so sweet and true...
and it belongs to you

hugzz keshi

sittingnut said...

here i am again as promised (though a little late).
happy birthday !
and a great year only an angel deserve. !

The Smiling Girl said...

Read on Visithra's blog that its your bday tomm.. Happy Birthday, Keshi!

tt said...

Happy Birthday :D (25-06-2006)

Mr. Maverick said...

yaaay :)

Wats your yahoo id? If you have one that is :). Mine is arun_iitd


Alapana said...

Let there be joy,let there be smiles,Let there be lovedones all around,let each step you put forward takes you closer to your goal in life,Be happy always,Be what you are,we love you for that,For being VIVA forever,Many happy returns of the day,have a blast and do comeback to share all the news with us:) Its going to be a wonderful Sunday,isnt it:)
God bless you and loads of wishes on your way. have fun.

Mr. J said...

Wow.. this post is something huh!!!

Hapy B'day and have a great year ahead.

sophie said...

a special Birthday wish just for you baby

huggzzz sweet heart

Trée said...

Missing you like a flower misses the rain. Happy Birthday my dear sweet sexy intelligent bold and loving angel. :-)

ashok said...

happy Birthday keshi...have fun :)

starry nights said...

Happy Birthday Keshi...I hope u have a nice weekend. Visit my blog I have a special birthday wish for you.

Die Muräne said...

Hey happy birthday, Keshi
wish you all the best for this new year!! Love and luck and flowers ;-)
biiiiig hug!

The Phosgene Kid said...

The pleasure is all mine, great post...

saby said...

, ,
no shit
dis post is good Karen
, ,
one annony mouse commented

please respond to his comment
i value your views Karen and all u other yanks, u r invited

go here

uttara said...



~~boink boink

woo hoo uttssyy hapyyyy muahhhhhhhhhhh

lubbbbbbbbbbb uuuuuuuuuu

god bless u my sweet child

n let him shower with loads n loads of luck n love

Trée said...

My dear angel, hurry back. I miss you more than I thought I would. Your spirit has become a part of the fabric of my life. When you are gone, I start to feel it unravel. Missing you like the flower misses the rain and sun. Hurry my sweet.

Dawn....सेहर said...

A Very Happy Birthday my dear Sister :D....

If there's something that you're dreaming of then may it all come true, because you deserve it all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY

lots n lots of huggggggggggzzzzz to my dear sis..

Gangadhar said...

Dear Keshi,
How's you?
Wishing you...Many many happy returns of the day...
A very very Happy bIrThDaY to you

with best wishes

Kumar Chetan said...

Happy B'day 2 u,
Happy B'day 2 u dear keshi,
Happy B'day 2 u,
Now after all this singing where is my B'day present and piece of cake...
Ys am asking a B'day present from U

Tanvi said...

happie bday keshi:)

SamY said...

heyyyyy NUT ... happy birthday kitten <:-P ... have a blast of a time :) ... luks like I'm partying here on ur b'day ;) .. cousins bak from US so total gala down here ... catch u later

Sudeep said...

kessshhiiii gal....
wish u a very very happy b'day n enjoy ur vacn

may u get all u wished for n also wht u didnt wish too.. hehe

dont forget my choco cake.. :D


Rohit Talwar said...



Here's wishing you a great year ahead full of excitement and adventure :)'s the party coming up? :D

Wanderer said...

happyyyyyyyyyyyy bdayyyyyyyyyy keshiiiiiiiiiii
may god bless u wth all the happiness on the earth and may ur life be boulder free and free from any obstacles tat may come across

good bless ya Cheers for this sexy lady!

Lindsey said...

I haven't heard that song in soooooo long. Glad to hear you're doing well!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hey Keshi!
Happy Birthday!!! :D Hope you have loads of fun today and of course, always. :P Haha.
Enjoy your trip/vacation/whatever it is. ;) :)

musings (m000nie) said...

u celebrating ur birthday without us.. urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

hehe.. hows it going sweety?... hope u have a lovely bday.. have fun.. muahhhhhhhhh

Ashish Gupta said...

Oh cool! The big day is coming! Wen is it?

And wish you the best of the times all the year thru' :)

Het Waghela said...

Oh Keshi,

I had been away only for 2 weeks, and you going for a week. We definitely will miss you.

Come soooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Madhu said...

Belated birthday wishes Keshi. Hope u enjoyed ur day in your own unique style :)

Art said...

Happy Birthday !!!

Darius said...

Being heroes, in our own ways, instead of worshipping them - to me that's what religion was meant to be.

RefleXtion said...

hey my comments are not cming keeps saying it's gone to you for approval and then it never comes up!!! Why??? Why meeee???

the sunflower said...

hi keshi, happy b'day to you!

Invincible said...

Wish you many many happy returns dear Keshu.
Have fun, enjoy !

(I dint have internet access over the weekend. Sorry for being late.)

kandykane said...

yaar, post something new.. i love your articles.. am waiting for the next one !

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

abt the rebirth thingie , i believe our life is pure energy

if it werent , what distinguishes a living thing from non living ?

ans since energy can neither be created nor destroyed , i believe rebirths should happen tho not in the way it is spoken abt .... i dont think what you do in this birth can influence ur next birth ... there seems no logic behind that !

but i do believe there is smthg more than energy in there .. coz how do u explain "deja vu" if our lives are pure energy ?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

have a great week ....
may ur bday be a very happy one :)

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey! how's u? Im okay...hope u have a nice time...wherever ur off to...ahem..WHERE R U OFF TO?? anyways tc:):)


Jeevan said...

Its Keshi's birthday on 25th That's Nice dear. Wish You a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Enjoy the Weeklong party;) hugsss.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

wow! so many thanks...

Belated happi birthday!!

Neha said...

lol.. where r u off to?
have loads of fun!!


Known Stranger said...

hy.. by the way was last sunday your birthday ! is yes belated birthday wishes

brute said...

too refreshing blog.... :)

SaffronSaris said...

Poppy doll--tanjyobi omedeto!! (happy belated birthday!!)

The flowers smell nice, no?

*I'm beginning to think I really sick of the citylife*

shpprgrl said...

By now this is a belated wish, but hope it was happy! Have a safe trip!

Jo said...

I also don't know when is your birth day. But many many happy returns of the day... :-) Take care and we all love you lots. >:D<

Gladtomeetin said...

Hey got here through visitra's blog....

A Very Happy Bday dear :-))

Kuan Gung said...

Very nice...heart felt...thank you and happy birthday!

Dalicia said...

hi keshi,

happy birthday to you :) enjoy your birthday week!!!!

white devil said...

i am one day,2 hours and 27 minutes late but congratulations on the day of being brought into this world

Het Waghela said...

Come back soooooon Keshi,,,

missing you a looooottttttttt....


HOpe u having/had nice time... enjoy!

word_smith said...

happy birthday


alice said...

when's ur b'day hon..?
if i've missed it happy b'day ...if i havent happy b'day again....take care ..

ArChaNa said...

huggggggggggz! keshi dear.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to keshi dear
Happy Birthday to you!

hugggz! once again. :) I know i'm a little late in wishing, lemme see umm.. oh i'm four days late .. :D

I hope you had an amazing time .. or are you still having? 'coz I see that u r gone for a week? ^_^ ..... u r a sweetheart! be the same.

Happy Birthday! Chikka :D ( btw what does chikka mean? hehehe )

Yashita said...

hey, where art thou??

Autumn Storm said...



sophie said...

wat happ?? still partying?

ishita said...

hey keshi...hope ur birthday was a blast and u're enjoying ur time wid ur family:)...

i just got back yesterday...

it's weird here widout u!! so get back soon and i bet wen u do get here u'll find ur inbox flooded wid a zillion comments!! *smile*

tk care and keep smilingggggg :)

Dinesh said...

Very well written as usual! Have a great birthday!

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

My sweet Keshi,
I am a very sensitive and passionate lover of life aand the more I read your cherry posts, the more I love you. And I can even sniff the scent of your sweet soul.

Just take care and come back to post your most recent pictures. More explicit ones. Up and close snapshots.

I do really and truly love you.

God bless.

cheesemeister said...

Sorry I'm late! Happy birthday, and don't feel bad that I'm late saying this. My friends Scot and Kipp had their birthdays on the 2nd and 5th of last month and we're still trying to figure out when the hell we'll be able to celebrate them!

Keshi said...

THANKS ALL for the BEAUTIFUL wishes. I read each and every one of them. And instead of thanking each of u here, I left the thank-u notes in ur own blogs :) LUV U ALL, mwahhhhhhhhhh!


Rajesh Dangi said...

wonderful thoughts...

Keshi said...

WC Rajesh and thanks :)