Monday, June 5

Knocking On Heaven's Door...

Knock Knock...
Who's there?
A lost girl...
What brings you here?
I'm in search of liberation...
You had so many souls who gave it to you but you left them!
But my heart was bleeding...
But these souls didnt leave you??
I know. I received so many letters from Heaven so Im at your door now...
Come in then and liberate yourself in the love of those who really cared!

HUGGGGGGGGGGZ Guys I'm back! Thanks EVERYONE for all the emails/comments giving me so much strength and love since last Friday. No more tears and no more silly dramas, I promise. Cos I realise that so many people here truly care about me and that's a rare considering the experiences I've had in the past. So I must be thankful for having you all as my friends who brighten up my day in countless ways. I'm sorry I was blind and was lost for a while, but I somehow found my way back to Heaven and that's YOU. I'd like to thank each and everyone for not losing faith in me and for speaking great words of wisdom in their genuine efforts to get me back here and guess what guys, it worked like a charm :) I'm here earlier than I thought I'd be mainly because of
JD, cos he said that he's going to be away in the Middle East soon and that he doesnt want to leave in my absence. So J here I AM!

I would like to share with you a few great quotes from Buddhism that I have been pondering upon over the weekend:

--There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.
--Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else-you are the one getting burned.
--It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.
--Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
--Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery. Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds! Shine.


And my own revelation from my many experiences:

Relationships are tough, espeically if you are serious about it. If you're not in it for real, it's quite easy, cos it's easier to pretend that everything is sugary and rosy than to really go through it. And if that novelty in a relationship is lost, it's lost for good. It's like how when a drop of ink falls into the milk, the milk is no longer white and pure. Therefore I'm not going to torture myself with the loss of any friends, cos I haven't really lost anything here but my realisation of SELF. We all cry so much because we are so hooked up on SELF, even though we crave for love from one another - cos it's SELF that we really love so we constantly want to pamper it. I realised that I could have a zillion friends but I can never force them to love me and no matter what, I will always end up by myself. When the curtains are drawn, people go home and the lights are switched off, I will be all by myself. It's any man's story. That's what will always be and so I realised that I need to learn to rely on myself.

Have a great day folks and THANKS SO MUCH for always being there for me!
Current Music: All By Myself by Celine Dion.

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Vivhyd said...

Good to know u r back.. and those are very nice quotes..

Anonymous said...

And we r happy again :)
Good day Keshi!

saby said...

the tots are beautiful kesh
i wont say more

except dat real life is different
there is no book dat can teach u how to live your life

but we oldies can
but i wont

its no use
youth never lissens


be happy
and make us happy

carry on blogging
and never stop

saby said...

the oldest oldie on the net is

the youngest is me

and there are girls too
but girls never grow old

like good wine
they only get better with time

i found me a girl from dis crowd
she is an angel

i aint naming names
but if i were not already married

i wud have gone down on my knees
3 months ago

dats when i saw she is an angel
now if u will excuse me

my angel waits
and she is extremely jealous

if she new i been flirting wid u too
u wud be dead

or me

Kumar Chetan said...

helos keshis,
hows the are you, goods to read that you is the back.
sh33r5 ooops

Dawn....सेहर said...

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”

Am glad your are back that too with strength, courage and faith :D...thats like ma kinda gal ;)
Huggggz n lots of love to u dear

:P fuzzbox said...

Don't doubt yourself and in the words of Jessie Owens, 'Don't look back someone might be gaining on you.'

tulipspeaks said...

good gal..



uttara said...

hows ya :)
u have a gr88 day hun ..:)

Sujit said...

Thats great!!.. hip hip hurray! keshi is back into action with some enlightment ... who would shine all the way!.. :).. good to see you :D

Shikha said...

wow..great quotes!!
hope u have nice day and that you are gonna watch omen :P

kannan udayarajan said...

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.

I guess most of us around need to do that first...:)

burf said...


SamY said...

** I will always end up by myself

wait till u get married ;))

Zombie said...

oh wow. what a song! the strength and modulation of Dion's voice leaves me speechless.

and hey, welcome home.

Madhu said...

keshi,good to have u back. the way i see it, take it as a learning experience and never lose hope.

btw the anger quote was very good. very true.

Known Stranger said...

welcome. welcome. hmm many of us does the mistake of graving the fantasy and missing the one we get.

by the by .. the comments of saby makes me smile

:: The Protector :: said...

Glad to hear you are back....hugssssss.... don worry i'm here for u.....


WhatEver You're said...

Ohh... our keshi gal is back... miss u much... hugz....

desperado said...

good to see u back here
n beautiful lines
stay happy n cheerful
take care

Gangadhar said...

Glad that you're back...Let's be happy..

take care

GuNs said...

Hey !! Good to see you back in good cheer again !! 'The day follows the night in an eternal cycle', I read somewhere.

Hope to see some humourous posts up front now.


Mr. J said...

Relationships are tough, espeically if you are serious about it.

Sigh!! Right on spot.

SamY said...

@ 1st I thought it was something to do with the track by GnR :-" ... nice mushy danx post aside now that ur in grips ... put up a good post in ur strip will ya chiquitita :p ... Imma getting mighty bored @ office with the monotony of wrk

Kumar Chetan said...

do u know Keshi sounds as KC, my batchmates at polytechnic used to call me KC and some still call me KC.
I dont know why ppl copy me.hmmm. any way this is normal. gr8 ppl always act as source of inspiration.
shameless self promotion.

visithra said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ure back

AmitKen said...

cool.. good to see you back in your original spirits :)

keep smiling and keep being the reason for others to smile.


Dewaker Basnet said...

seems missed being around when u were down...:( but glad that there was a whle bunch of fellas like me to see u through:) glad that u are back keshi:)

happy to c u back in action...:)

Keshi said...


thanks viv :)


:):) thanks to u!


hey Saby u always get me wrong..I didnt say I dun like criticism...I only said Im not happy when good friends use my posts to cut all connections with me just cos they dun agree with me.


thenku KC, v arr bot chaaimlesshhhly poromoting our!


**To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved

spot on!


** 'Don't look back someone might be gaining on you

so true..thanks mate!


thanks for always being u Amu!


Uttsy huggggggz Im well hows u?


thanks and ur a shining star too u know!


lol Im shivering tho but yeah I'll tell u if I see it tonite :)


ur spot on Kannan!


mmm mmmm mmm :)


a great motivating post will come soon ok..just for ya :)


Misty isnr Celine a beauty with a beautiful voice!


Thanks Madhu :)


hey KS thanks! :)


**worry i'm here for u

that itself made me smile Vishnu...huggggggggz!


hey Wendy thanks :) but did I even give u enough time to miss me, lol!


hugggggggz Dhruv!


lets be happy then :) thanks mate!


** 'The day follows the night in an eternal cycle',

thats so true, thanks Gunz!


yes, isnt that so true :)


thanks sweety hugggggggz!


Amitttt thanks n hows u?


Keshi said...


heyy thanks matey :)


lil _kath said...

...aww i can see u now smiling dear sweetie ^_^ hugggsss uuuu!
..and hope u dun go away again ok?

Let's Party now!... squeeze,kiss and hugss Keshi girl hehe...u dun drink naa?? that's why :P *wink* luv yaaaa!


anuj said...

hey keshi .. m sry gal .. i wasnt here since few dayzz .... so didnt knw wht was happnin ..

u hav got it right .. rely on urselves .. its true .. we will be there besides u .. bt thn at times we might nt be arnd .. some bsy in their only lifes with their own problms ..

self is the best frnd .. ( if u hav heard tht song THERE'S A PEACE INSIDE US ALL by CREED )

nd m fine . how r u now ??
so chilllaz gal .. there r all kinds of ppl .. jst gaze on d better ones :D

TC & smile ( shd i tickle u :p )

sophie said...

keshi sweets...i m happy tat u r back

I use to have a Comfort Zone
Where I knew I couldn't fail
The same four walls of busy work
Were really more like jail.

I longed so much to do the things
I'd never done before,
But I stayed inside my Comfort Zone
And paced the same old floor

I claimed to be so busy
With the things inside my zone,
But deep inside I longed for
Something special of my own.

I couldn't let my life go by,
Just watching others win.
I held my breath and stepped outside
And let the change begin.

I took a step and with new strength
I'd never felt before,
I kissed my Comfort Zone 'goodbye'
And closed and locked the door.

If you are in a Comfort Zone,
Afraid to venture out,
Remember that all winners were
At one time filled with doubt.

A step or two and words of praise,
Can make your dreams come true.
Greet your future with a smile,
Success is there for you!

"Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone." - Robert Allen

i read this somewhere on net....and i thought i will share it with you

hugzzz sweetie

Sunita said...

Thats the spirit:)

Jeevan said...

Nice to see u back soon dear. i am also trying to be myself with out any expectaion on others, its very hard for me, with out craveing on others.

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey...sowie...been so long!! was busy with exams,then internship.
came to check on u...
n hugs!! sorry wasnt here before...but this was a good post...and lovely 'wise' quotes girl! take care...have a nice day too!!

Het Waghela said...

Hi Keshi

yipppieee... u r bck :)

Now you have got so many fans around, how is it possible for you to go like that, none of us would let u go :).

u know, i just loved the quotes of Buddha. I am his fan, same way as I am of Swami Vivekanand.

Really nice to see u, Kesh.

amitsinha said...

hello keshi , I like reading ur blog though due to sudden urgent commitements, have not been able to read this article. neways, I know u r a no-nonsense grl, but sorry, hehe I have tagged u.

Alapana said...

Yes,relationships of all genuine feelings are tough to handle,we use caution,because we care,care for others and are scared that we might hurt the other person whom we care for somuch,that makes it tough yet the challege makes such relationships beautiful,with the sharing of those smiles and tears together it becoems to survive the situations.
Fake relations are easy to handle and easier to discard off,Dont ever worry abt that fakeness in ppl,they wont be able to hide it for long,Keep on living and loving the way you do,Life is what you want it to be:) Glad to see you back,i always come here,read and walk back with a smile,We sure used to come to eachothers blog long back,Just that now i changed my blog from being a famous blogger to a silent blogger with a few close blog friends visiting it:) maybe because i have been through Fakeness here.
takecare and good to see you back.

karmic_jay said...

Welcome back :-)

praveen said...

im happy to see ya again...don't worry abt those who have betrayed ur trust and played games with ur have many great frens around who care abt you...they should be ur priority rite...

be happy gurl...enjoy life...and u might not realise that certain things happen for good

SaffronSaris said...

Keshi-doll! You're back! I knew you are too strong to be sad.


Hey Lady!! I do sometimes feel tht most love is because we want it, not because we want to give it...I love someone so tht he loves me more than I love him unconditionally....Many will say this is wrong n my hteory is bull and maybe it is! Anyways glad ur back....:)

prithz said...

Hey... so nice to you back and in high spirits... :)

i jus remembered this quote-

"To the world u mite jus one person,
But to one person u mite be the world"

Cheer up keshi girl... Have a wonderful day :)


milo said...

thank god! nw will get to read sm more gr8 stuff..

Keshi said...


gives Kath a bone-crushing hug! :)

Thanks babez...u rock! I may not drink alot but I still do drink a little bit na ;-) so give some and lets party!


ur right...deep inside everyone there's a peace...thanks so much Anuj!


Sophie girl that poem was BRILLIANT! It really really really opened my eyes..thanks so much for sharing it with me. This is why I love the blog world cos so many ppl bring so many new things into my life and make me grow from all their words of wisdom!

Ur spot on...I was in a comfort zone where I gave so much love to these friends....and then I realised that they dun value me the same way..I was just a blogger to them that they could poitn fingers at each time I wrote a post. Otherwise they never even bothered to say HI. But I was in this comfort zone for far too long and then last week was the last straw...I had to get out of this zone cos I was locked in their and crying all the time. So I walked away and I feel so much better now!

Thanks so much for ur words of wisdom Sophie, HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


thanks Sunita mwahhhhhhh!


yeah it's hard...but after a few difficult experiences, it'll all work out...wait n see Jeevan, n good luck!


hey girl WB I missed ya! It's ok..u've been busy, I u'stand. But I really appreciate u coming here every now n then and saying HELLO. That shows u really care abt me...thanks n huggggggggggz girl! Take it easy.


Gives Het a bone-crushing hug...


Thanks Het for being there for me...u guys rock! I cant leave such wonderful friends just cos few friends dun want my friendship.

**u know, i just loved the quotes of Buddha. I am his fan, same way as I am of Swami Vivekanand.

oh r u? WOW good to hear that. I have heard abt Swami Viv. but dunno much abt his teachings. U should put some up in ur blog.


hey Amit thanks a lot :) I will check the tag soon....have a good day Amit!


hey Alapana WC and thanks alot for ur great advice! I really appreciate that. Yes fake relations r much easier to handle and easier to get rid on!

**i changed my blog from being a famous blogger to a silent blogger with a few close blog friends visiting it:) maybe because i have been through Fakeness here...

so u had a different blog b4? I cant recall this name...was it under a different name? awww...Im glad u came back here. I will check u out soon. tc and have a nice day Alapana!


Thanks Jay, twas a very quick return :):)


hey girl hows u?

**...don't worry abt those who have betrayed ur trust and played games with ur feelings's so much better to be TRUSTED than to be LOVED, just liek Dawn stated. And I feel these ppl didnt trust my not worth crying over something liek that.

I hope ur doing well after all the heartaches u had last few days. Take care of urself and Im here for u always...huggggggggz!


hey Saffy doll!

hehe yes as much as the weakness that I am, the strength is also me :)

Thanks for having faith in me Saffy, hugggggggggggz!


hey Scribblez thanks n hugggggggz!

**I love someone so tht he loves me more than I love him unconditionally

ur spot on! that's what it really is! We love ppl cos we want them to love us too...this is the truth. Cos we want ourSELVES to be loved. For those who say it's wrong, ask them if they can love someone who hates them...


huggggggz Prithz!

**"To the world u mite jus one person,
But to one person u mite be the world"

thats so true...thanks so much for sharing that Prithz!

Im back and so happy to be with u all again :)


awww and Im so glad that I can blog-hop to all ur lovely blogs again...mwahhhh Milo!


The Phoenix said...

Welcome back. I've missed you.

sittingnut said...

hey mate!

glad you are back ! :-)

yes in the end we have only ourselves, but only on an abstract level.
most of us do have friends and loved ones who will be there no matter what. and i think you have more than most , rightly so. if some ppl leave you you do not lose. they are the ones who lose.

have a great day!

uttara said...

hey glam cam ...

hows the sexxyy B doing 2de ...

i guess it was ur birthday yesterday ...loll


hope u had a gooooood day :D
as in devilish day

BTW i too celebrated as we r TWINS na :p

HUGZZZZZZZZ have a lovely day 2de

luvwannabefree25 said...

Hey Keshi,
Thanks so much for your post. I love to read your thoughts. You seem to have so much more substance in your words than anything that I could have hoped for. I will continue to read your posts and of course, visit you as often as I can. You are awesome.

Keshi said...

~~The Phoneix

aww thanks mate :)


hehe ur right...I have so many loved-ones so Im certainly NOT by myself!

thanks n hugggggggggz!


hey my devil sista! MWAHHHHHHHHHH!

lol hows ya today Uttsy? I did meet alot of other devils yday and had a blast :):)


hey J huggggggggz! So good to see u here!


Nikita said...

Am glad you are back. Take things in your stride and live life to its fullest.


Die Muräne said...

Hey hey Keshi, good to have you back :D

Ghost Particle said...

hey hey....WB! And great great Buddha's words.

the girl said... much easier than hope

Anger...always more simple than forgiveness

Self...fixing others is a breeze compared to facing your own problems

Lighted...sometimes we see the shadows cast by the light instead of the purity within the bright beam

Shine...when we shine our hopes and dreams onto others it is magnified within ourselves

Keshi said...


heyy Niki thanks n huggggggggz!


Murannnnne mwahhhhhhh! :)


thanks Ghosty thanks! :)


Kat WC and thanks a ton! That was a very nice interpretation of the words I highlighted in this post...very very inspirational! THANK U and keep shining ur bright light on us every now n then.


Autumn Storm said...

Kesh - so wonderful to see you back!! :-) Made my week, that's for sure!

Autumn Storm said...

(Having some probs loading the comments page above, so will be back to try again later)

AnonymousBlogger said...

Great quotes. I agree with them all.

I also like your thoughts on relationships. Very true, and I think we sometimes forget those points at times.

Keshi said...


awww HUGGGGGGZ n thanks Autumn!


hey girl WC and thanks!

yes..we forget those points sometimes cos we get carried away waith ourselves...


Sudeep said...

let me tell u why..
i dont read comments on ur blog coz there r so many of them.. just i go to Post a Comment link
n while i was clicking the link i glanced above n saw tht

hey girl WC and thanks

he he he.. if thts the A/B i know n saw ur comment over his blog.. it shld be guy :)

u were on a break?? gosh so much happening on this blog while i was away.. huuugggssss for coming back

n sorry i wasnt here to mail/comment to bring u back :(

Keshi said...

ohhh is AnonyBlogger a male? oooops sorry AnonyBlogger for calling u 'girl' :)

hehehe Sudeep!


White Magpie said...

Anything will cause a problem (including relationships) if you take it seriously. The trick is to be sincere, not serious. Also, to be completely aware of every moment; to experience them as a whole. Yearning and hankering is caused by incomplete experiences.

A person's maturity:- consists in having found again the seriousness one had as a child, at play. In general, maybe free spirits prefer to fly alone.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've come through some great lessons, congratulations and welcome home,

give us a visit

cheesemeister said...

Doubt blows. It has truly held me back in my life. I actually don't enjoy confrontation which makes life rather a dichotomy given that I hold some "controversial" beliefs. I really need to stick to my own advice:
Joke 'em if they can't take a fuck!

Keshi said...


hey WB I missed ya!

**The trick is to be sincere, not serious.

so true! Thanks for that. I really like that...I learnt alot in just that one liner.

**A person's maturity:- consists in having found again the seriousness one had as a child, at play.

Love that too wow! Very inspirational and so true.


hey Digger thanks! I did visit u bak then but there's no place to comment...u have a great blog tho.


**Joke 'em if they can't take a fuck!

lol good one!