Wednesday, May 13

Living On The Edge...

I'm sure many of you must be wondering what my disappearing act was all about. Hey I'm still alive :). Thanks Ria, Mayz and Rakesh for being so concerned. I got too busy at work and things at home took a sudden and sharp turn. Changes. Yes that's what I'm going through right now. And it's not a slow change. It's a very fast one where I have to make on-the-spot decisions without much time left to ponder upon. I have always been a self-made person. Nothing about me is borrowed, bought or forced upon. So, for a person like me, I have no one to turn to or ask for help. I don't like asking for help unless I'm totally near-death :). Even then I'm not sure if I will ask for help...I might die with some dignity. Why do I sound so proud? Well I did ask for help long time ago, and I have given the dues in return too. But I learnt a big lesson. Depending on others often makes you a slave. Some people help without any expectations and never remind you of the help so generously offered. Some others spew venom on you for years and years. And yes I have been at the receiving end of it and I know just how it it rips your heart and makes you bleed. Something that someone said recently shook me totally. But it's all good. Cos I believe that God or nature (or whatever it is) don't put you with people and circumstances that you want to be with. We are put with people and situations that we can learn from...where our personalities grow and develop from those very experiences. If not, it will be one big happy party you will never wake up from. Though it sounds good to be like that, I'm sure we will all get tired from it, especially when there are no challenges. Life is about challenges. And those challenges come in the form of people you can't get along with, situations that make you feel like you're better off dead, sudden changes that don't give you ample time at all. I'm in such a situation right now. Though I'd like to be somewhere else right now dipping my toes in cool waters of Haiti or Hawaii, somehow I see that I'm walking fast towards my distant dream right now. Difficult situations in life sometimes pushes you towards reaching a dream much faster than you thought you would. A dream that slumbered at the back of my mind as a 'some day' kind of realisation, is now approaching me faster than I ever thought it could. That's the good thing about sudden changes. It wakes you up from your sleep and makes you work harder...under pressure it may be, but I know that from almost all the achievements in my life so far, I've worked the best when I'm pushed to the limit and when I am given no time and space to flirt with.

Right now, I'm living 48hr days, packing as much time as I could into my schedule, balancing both work and the personal issues at hand. And I'm proud of myself. Cos now I realise my potential even more. I can do amazing things. I will survive this. And I know I will walk out of it unscathed. Cos my instincts say so. And I believe one's Instincts is the best mentor one else. I don't want your help, I don't want your guidance, I don't want to cry on your shoulder, cos I have my Instincts. And with that, I will get by and I will live, be it on edge or not. And I promise I will show you what I'm capable of by myself. I like taking risks and I don't mind seeing myself dangling at the edge of the cliff. I'd like to test the unknown territories of my survival instincts. Cos if I don't get pushed, I'll never know them. You gottta be pushed to KNOW your potential. Your wings need to be ripped off and stolen from you for you to find new skills in you...

btw I won't be regular with blogs as much as I'd like to be for the next X amount of days/weeks, I don't know. It all depends how my fate unfolds in the next couple of weeks. But I'll be here checking comments, publishing them and dropping by your blogs whenever I can. I will reply to you all and I will also post whenever I get time, I promise. This doesn't mean I'm leaving Blogville, so don't panic. Just that I won't be as regular as I used to be til I sort out the current issues, that's all. Please bear with me and I hope you'd understand where I'm coming from. Thanks to all those who keep dropping by my blog even though I haven't been visiting you for some time means alot to me. Send me alot of positive vibes and your love please :). Stay gold maties MWAH luv ya all!

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Suresh Kumar said...

We will miss you, Keshi...

Just remember this quote which was shared with me by a good friend of mine, ""I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!""

***Cos I believe that God or nature (or whatever it is) don't put you with people and circumstances that you want to be with. We are put with people and situations that we can learn from...where our personalities grow and develop from those very experiences.***
This is quite true. I partnered with this person for my new venture some six months ago. Now the same person whom i thought of a caring nature has bcom a type of irritation.

Kartz said...

Oh yeah, I agree. It is good to be independent. I can quite relate to what you say. But in my opinion, nothing wrong in asking help. 'Cos, more often than not, U *know* the person you'll approach. But what you dunno is whether they are still the *same* person that made you approach them in the first place. ;)

Happens... People change so much! Anyway... I wish you well, Keshi! Good things happen to good people. :)

Always a buzz away... Tc.


my life.... said...

Good luck in watever u do dear :) Lve u always

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

too much work is harmful for health :P

u need to take a break ..or perhaps a spring break

wait..i will come with u if u take a sprring break... :P

yeah u will have to pay for it..u got the bucks right..why else then u r working so hard... :P

take care of u...and stay away from dark circles

love ya

Ria said...

Aww...feels sad to knw tht u wont be around as often as usual. But i m glad tht u r not leaving blogville. Else u knw my technique, doncha!? ;)

Take care hun, and u knw u can depend on me. So if there's anything tht u want to share please dont hesitate from mailing me. For all u knw i might hav gone thru such a situation b4 too...and besides v share so much in common tht i can definitely relate to hw will u respond to any situation.

Take care,

Utopia said...

okie dokie!
hoping to hear from you soon. :-)

venus66 said...

Hi Keshi, hope things will be just fine with you soon. Take care dear.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Good luck with your schedules Keshi, I'm sure they will lead you to progress and betterment!

More importantly, it will make you a more self sufficient person!

Lena said...

Just dropping by to say hi and wishing you all the best... life might be tough at times but its important to know what you are worth and then only we can face the challenges and win them!!


Take good care, keshigirl

PS: me shifted to
The Colors Magazine if you feel like dropping by some time :)

d gypsy! said...

olrite grlie...

hoping ur life unfolds well in the nest few weeks and u get back to blogging as always :)


Arv said...

am bogged down at work too da :(

hope you get through this soon...

do take care and have fun... keep smiling lotus :)


Swetha Padakandla said...

:) keshi.. u r always one of the best!

*Depending on others often makes you a slave.

i just loved this sentence!

hope al ur things wil get sort out and u be back to regular bloggiee kind soon! :)


Talking To My Soul said...

Heyy Kesh d,

Of course you need no support from others. Why the hell should you be saying it all.

Take care dear. Be well and return of course when you have time. Will find us here.


Talking To My Soul said...

Heyy Kesh d,

Of course you need no support from others. Why the hell should you be saying it all.

Take care dear. Be well and return of course when you have time. Will find us here.


Adisha said...

Hey babes... All the very best for the " changes " that you're going through... Being self made is hard going, but it gives you a reason to be proud of who you are, every moment :) Keep facing challenges head on and rock life to the fullest !!!

I too have found, asking for help comes hard to me. It's like an art, you need to know just who would be kind for the sake of being kind and not collecting debt for later on.

Don't worry about Blog ville.. Everyone will still be here, waiting for u always :) Take care of yourself.

Cheers gurl ,

Chronicwriter said...

i wanna go to hawaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii too...

and kesh! i have done the covers for "something over the rainbow"//.. my next post is on that one.. :)


Mayz said...

u need a tight hug :)

Priya Joyce said...

keshi is missing these dys

heyy..actually u have become a pert of our lives..

some show it some don't..
but am certainly gonna miss u dearie...

come bakk soon... I mean post something least tat wud..make up for ur presence re

tc ..

яノςんム said...

I feel so proud to know u :)

all the best for ur ventures, do ur best, explore ur capabilites. I know u can do it!!

And, for the time being, we ll miss u :)


La vida Loca said...

Hope everything works out well and/or to your liking.

Take care. I'll see you soon.

Jay said...

"You gottta be pushed to KNOW your potential."This is very true. You really never know just how far you can go or how much you can handle until you push yourself (or someone else pushes you) to the edge and beyond. I think a lot of people would surprise themselves with how much more than can handle than they think they can.

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

ill miss you!!!
but i wont stop u from going ahead!! youre absolutely right an i totally stand by you :)

will keep visiting though..

ps- my instinct told me to come ol cos i felt u would have posted. and the irony is i was thinking of how many people are missing from bloggerland and i said to myself "but keshi is here.. and she always will be. "
take care and good luck.

preeti said...

you rock the way you are dear.. am i ll be off fora while again now. going to Bhilai again for a month.. still will bug ya now and then :)
take care
and do miss this sweet innocent little dumbo :P:P

Mike said...

You know what they say - there isn't pleasure without pain.

Good luck on your journeys.

Cess said...

It s not the circumstances that make our lives... but the way we react to them... if u have a strong will ( actually it s not a question but more of a statement :) cz i m pretty much sure u have a strong will ) ur emotions will follow behind... you have the power..keshi's power and the freedom... to choose your good luck for whatever u re facing at the moment..
Sorry haven t been regular... ;(... i m back in a place where i don t belong.. hard to find time to blog... still reading you...
take care girl


Hi Keshi

Another great post. I agree about not depending on other people. A person must depend on themselves in order to travel over the hills and into valleys of life.

When we are old and wearing diapers, we will be forced to depend on others, but until that time, diapers should only be worn during a kinky sex romp. LOL

I'm back!


Salil said...

Good luck with your engagements. Hope to see you back in full swing soon.

Tabitha said...

Hey Keshi

Sad to know u wont be around dat often..All the Best 4 ur new ventures...I love reading your Blogs....Take Care

joiedevivre said...

even i have so busy with things..i cudnt even look at blogs properly..nyways
come back soon

and yeah you shud definitly feel proud not only because you can manage things but also manage things in a quite managable way :P

Devika said...

Living life on the edge is all fun, if you know how to :)

Yes, Buddha is the way, :)
those who are too caught up with material things will be ever left to gather himself/herself

Have a good break and come back soon, Keshi :)

I am sure you will be back in full spirits as 'Keshi' as ever :)


!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

so as u have already said.
Help should be done and forgotten and shuold not encashed! but we are surrounded by cheapos!

u r packing ur bags and relocating?

SMM said...

Hey Keshi...hope things are fine at home with you.

Anyway take care and don't worry abou tus. You take your tme and give a holler if you need a shoulder or any other form of long-distance help :)

Jack said...


" When the going gets tough, the tough get going " .

" Adverse situations separate men from boys " . In this I will say strong from weak.

Follow your gut feelings and mostly you will be right but if you go wrong you will at least have the satisfaction of not having been misled.

Hope to keep seeing you. Best of luck for all that you are stepping into.

Take care

Ash @ thy...Call sign:Humbug said...

We miss the vibes u hv been sending us...miss ya..

all the best...god bless!

Rashmi said...

hey all the best for whatever u are doing... guess there is a major change happening in ur life...

i agree with u on the help part... i am pretty much the same.. am too proud to ask anyone for help and belive that i can manage things on my own...and totally agree with you when you say that u surprise urself when u achive much more that u had thought

try to write often... i shall miss ur blogs... take care..

- Sugar Cube - said...

Challenges make us grow into smarter people.
I'm myself going through a lot of changes in life , so I can imagine how anxious you must be with the changes in your life!

Wish you the very best!

rahul said...

best of luck keshi for this rollercoaster in the adventure called life!!

tk care.

rayshma said...

u know.. the amount of time and thought u put into blogging... it doesn't matter if u're busy or even slack for a few weeks or months.
when i don't see u over at my space, i know u're ties up with work or life... and u'll be back when u can. :)

take care...
wanted to ask u something... did u mean stay "good" or gold?

sanely insane said...

go do ure thing gal... :)

sawan said...

48 hours a day!! wow!! inspire me grl, these days i dnt find time to even go and pis at my will :(

Phoenix said...

miss u keshi..

but i know you are busy and thats long as you havent quit... you are one of the brightest spots of the blog world...dont abandon us...

lots of love


Diya said...

Hey Keshi,
You sound do upset dear, sounds as if something is terribly wrong...? :(
Am refraining from commenting how you wrote the post, coz itz as superb as if, not to mention separately.
But what has happened to the superb Keshi? Remember Diego? Mocha? Aare they are their na... :D Please cheer up, please, hope you do smile, even if it is a very lil one. :) Will be missing you, :)
Nevertheless, please stay well. :)

Diya said...

Huzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsssssssssss :)
A big one for you. :)

Mysterious Mia said...

hello darling...first of all a big warm hug to u.....

why is it that everytime i return back on blogville yur going away :(

anyways i hope whatever yur chasing and whatever yur after, i hope it all falls into place for u in the best of yur interest....
my best wishes r with u

lotsa hugs babes btw u have to check my blog i habe some new for u

see ya around

Trevor Penn said...





... positive vibrations... :D

Take care.

Sumit said...

well, whatever it is girl, give it your best!! :)
otherwise, we can wait but your life won't!! give it the attention it deserves and then tell us about it :)
btw, dats a lovely song u have on your blog now.. love it!!

Whitesnake said...

Baa Humbug!

Must have been the long hot shower comment!


Dawn....सेहर said...

My dear Keshi...I was so busy as lot of lay-offs in the company so many work load coming to me ... :) but then one can't complain in this economy isn't it?

But after reading this post...I really dont have words as what to say? Coz I have been hearing things like this...about my other friends too!! I am trying to boost the moral...will it help dear?

Tell me...I have seen you the matter how windy and how tough storm it is you have survived...and I am sure you will as you are strong like a rock! Yet we should not forget that there is a delicate heart inside it too !

My prayers are there always and dear if I was near you all I could give you want a tight hug!!!! May God listen to my prayers and make you happy !

Luv u dear

WarmSunshine said...

Be back soon Keshi... I'll miss you... i will write to you in detail when I'm home.. and if i don't find ur email address in ur profile, i'll ask Soul about it :)

lots of love!

Amit said...

Hi, Keshi..grt to see this's great hat you're coping as best as you can with the changes..yes,trust your can take other's opinions but trust only your own instincts-they'll never fail you..:)
Knowing you,you'll come out much stronger at the end of these challenges!!Cheerio and TC.


Jeevan said...

I really hesitate more before asking someone’s help, and I don’t like disturbing anyone in sort to help me, because it disturbs me a lot than those help me unwanted. In no way I can’t do many things in life without someone’s aid, and this sometime stops me going beyond them in seeking my dreams and interest.

As usual, this post gets me some courage to look into self confidence. Take care dear, Hugs

The Phosgene Kid said...

I have gone over the edge. The world really is flat!!

Vani said...

We'll miss ur regular posts nd comments Keshi..But nyway u r still here..Dats gud enough for now:))

**You gotta be pushed to KNOW your potential. Your wings need to be ripped off nd stolen from you for you find new skills in you**
Yes indeed..! U gotta get out of ur comfort zone to get the best of u ..

Good luck with your works Keshi. I know U can cope up with it..:)

Trinaa said...

everybody seems to be playing hide and seek..hmmmmmm :(

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Good to know, you won't miss me (and my advice) since you've your instincts in place :)

Be real! Have fun.


vishesh said...


Suma said...

i work te best when pushed to my limit...

here's wishing all teh best and take your time...

Adisha said...

Hi Keshi,

Needed help. How do you add that you tube video as is on the right side of your blog ??

I only got the " youtube widget " and that doesn't allow me to add the video I want ... I want to add some specific videos from you tube to a personal family blog that I've started.

Thanks for your help


Iceman said...

good luck & god speed!

Tarun said...

I guesss thats a welcome break from blogging ...


Take care Keshi.

anits said...

hi keshi....i agree wit you that we should not depend on others always. some ppl wil help us with expectation...this is what i dont like. I think its better for them not to help us..right?

i had many experience on r a good motivator for yourself..i really admire that..keep it up gal...i think i hv to be like that as well...

anyway gal..hv fun in whatever u r doin n best of luck...


Anu said...

KEshi girl..

Hope you dont over work and get sick.. And wrt people who hold a favor over your head, never consider them friends..Friends will never do that..
Take care and have fun too between all the work

Keshi said...

tnxx each and everyone!

I'm not back yet, but I hope to soon :)

TC all!


Satish Bolla said...

all the best with all ur issues, keshi. u r the best.

Nora said...

Sending you love and best wishes. x


Keshi said...

tnxx Satish and Nora! :)