Friday, May 8

Read My Heart!

It's Vesak! Vesak encompasses the Birth, Enlightenment (Nirvana), and Passing (Parinirvana) of Gautama Buddha. In my childhood days, I used to make Vesak lanterns like this one with my cousins and friends, and hang them around our house during the Vesak period. It made me very happy. The light that resonates through the Vesak lanterns lit my heart up. It was such a joy and I still love them so very much. The significance of Vesak always played an important part in my life...the birth, enlightenment and the death of the Buddha is very similar to anyone's life. We are all born, we all LEARN something or the other, and then we all die some day. Although not everyone can be a Buddha, I believe each one of us learns something 'significant', to the best of our abilities during our lives. I just wanna wish you all a very happy Vesak! May your hearts light up with love and may your lives stay 'enlightened' always!

Also, there's something I need to tell a Sri Lankan blogger who visits my blog regularly (yes I can trace the time you spend here, and your IP and what-nots), and then goes back to his blog and writes abusive things about me. You know who you are. So, on this Vesak day, I'd like to tell you that freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom of abuse. There's a slight but very sharp difference. I don't know you. You don't know me. But I've been watching you over the years in total silence, how you just pick random people at your own will and abuse them in your blog. It's not very cool btw. Today is the day I wish to break the silence for your own good. I hope you just live and let live. If not, I have about 500 very smart blog friends here from all over the world, that I could bring over to your blog, so they can read your 'wonderful' posts about me and perhaps give you 'suggestions' on how to be a better blogger. One who doesn't trespass on others? Not a threat here, just a good ol' solution to people who seem to need some help with 'sensible' blogging. Words don't get to me. They are mere words. Just cos someone abuses me using harsh words, that doesnt mean I am any of that. When someone abuses you, it is usually a cry for help and I aint gonna lick anyone's wounds. I will keep silent. The one who refuses to cop any abuse and does that in total silence, is the wisest of all. I just want you to realise how much damage you're doing to yourself by abusing people this way...people you don't even know (it baffles me that anyone would really wanna do that...such people must live empty lives). Now sharpen up and good luck!

On to materialistic things now. Take a good look at this pic. It was taken 2 days ago. Well I'm going to give you a list of possible things that I may be wishing for behind that 'look' on my face. All you've got to do is guess the right answer. Kapish? Let's see how many of you can read my HEART or how many of you are good psychologists or clairvoyants, whatever it is! :) Good luck!

What do I want from Genie right now? What am I thinking of right now?

1. Wedding plans with Diego *whopppa!!*
2. Brief getaway in Europe

3. Making a Vesak lantern *and shoving it over someone's head!*
4. Buying a brandnew unit of my own
5. Hoping some people would get a life, if not some therapy!
6. New shoes Keshi new shoes yes yes yes! *orgasmic yes!*
7. Going to Hollywood and trying my best to become the next Penelope Cruz!
8. Breaking into Diego's house at night! *there's a reason for choosing NIGHT btw lol!*
9. Enrolling for a Spanish degree at Uni *como estas Amigas? right now I'm only a Google dependent Spaniard
10. Saying yes to a hot Aussie bloke who asked me out

There could only be 1 answer for this pic. So go ahead, have fun guessing. btw I'm yet to come around to your blogs..I have been pretty slack lately, sorry, too busy at work. Will do so as soon as I get some time ok. Thanks for being so patient with me. And please continue to pray for Ne (re: my last post). And hey have a good weekend all!

Current Music: Genie by Christina Aguilera

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Saim said...

Happy Vesak hv ya been?
ust read ur I-hv-a-crush-on-Diego post...n I wanna updates now...whts up on tht front:D

Sri Lankan blogger...u hv been warned, one more mistake n an army descends on ya 4 sure!!!

I go for #5....i.e Hoping some people get a life, if not some therapy.

Rià said...

I m guessing the answer is no.2.

As far as tht Sri Lankan native is concerned....i dunno wht does he get by doing such things!!Besides i wud suggest give us hsis blog link, we will tell him how good a writer he is!! Sick ppl and equally sick thinking is all i can say.

Anyways, wish u a very happy Vesak. :) I hope u spread the light of awareness thru ur beautiful posts always!!


Devika Jyothi said...

Happy Vesak Day, Keshi :)

Ignore all else and be happy, dear

to me your heart just says Diego, Diego, Diego ;-))

had his coffee today?? :)


Devika Jyothi said...

Having said that I guess '3' is your choice....don't we always want to do those things we did in childhood days :)


Swetha Padakandla said...

Wishing happy vesak to u too.. :D

and for the look on ur face.. i think its "6" may be keshi has plans to buy shoes or already bought it 2 days back! :D just felt like it must be this.. :)

and for tht srilankan blogger! as RIA said give the URL, we wil give him a nice answer on his blog.. he has to be sorry for wht he has been doing..

bt dont u worry, keshi!
u r wht u r! and we like u as u r.. forget abt his abuses. let him go to hell..

ok, then now am logging out..
take care

Tabitha said...

Happy Vesak Day :)
Sri Lankan Blogger needs to wacked hard on his head.

Take Care

Swetha Padakandla said...

in btw..
howz Diego..? and howz coffee time going everyday with him? :P

keep us updated. :)

Menchie said...

Gee, let's see. It would be a toss up between Diego and shoes. My bet would!

Sig said...

Happy Vesak Keshi...!

Man you're so beautiful :D

Stuff the SL guy - trolls need to go back udner their bridges lol

PhilO♥ said...

Happy Vesak to you too :)
You know, I love the song Viva Forever. :D I was listening to it when I came across your blog! hehe!
The pictures of the lanterns are beautiful.
Glad I came across your blog.
Take Care!

Priya Joyce said...

Happy vesak dear...
and abt that blogger...he'd get the message for sure...

and abt the answer....
I so so wish its the first one but i think u're thinking of making a vesak lantern


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Happy Vesak Keshi! Thanks for this post! To me, Buddha signifies knowledge and liberation from material wants!

And, regarding this SL blogger needs to be hit out real hard.....! Please lose not time in doing so!

Arv said...

Happy Vesak da... :)

Hope the genie grants ur wishes :)

next penelope he hee... u r better than her :)

Anonymous said...

Talking about Material things on Vesak - Is that allowed :P

Wish you a very Happy Vesak too...

And about that look, well it's very tough for me to think when you're staring :)

Unknown said...

thts a lovely pic dearie..

aheem aheem.. an aussie whats stoppin u from going out..

and about reading ur heart :) hnnm i think i would go for 5..

but on the other hand i would have said.. that u were thinking.. i wonder what i should really be doing next with my life :)

Toon Indian said...

A very happy Vesak to you.

Well, I wish it's #7, but I guess it's #3(plz. don't shove it over my head :P))
tk care

Preeti said...

oyekeshidear, happie vesak :):)
and you srilankan wat-eva, FCUK off :):) move your dirty beeeepp from here.. leave your link on my page and let me tell ya how great a writer you are..

back to keshi-I guess its #6 sincewe both are aussie shoes crazy freakos :):)

Asha said...

XOXO Keshi, see you next month!:)

Why is it always our own people who tries to pull us down? Puzzles me. Jealousy?

Flip the bird to that desi creep, and enjoy Diegoland! Hahhaha!

Vishesh said...

oh I didn't know about Vesak...let the world see peace soon... :)

P.S: check this out for whom the sunshines

Jeevan said...

Nice knowing about Vesak and have a wonderful time keshi. I can’t guess what reads your heart, but I see happiness behind those beautiful eyes. I wish the one realizes his stupidity soon and worry for being like that.

Anya said...

LoL at the orgasmic yes...

hope diego gains wisdom by sitting under a bodhi tree too


4) brand new unit... is that what you are thinking now?


Suresh Kumar said...

I think you would go with simpler joys of life and believe No 3 wud be ur choice.

Happy Vesak Keshi.

And for that blogger, if he is reading this comment, here is an simple advice to him , "If you have something good to do, do it immediately and If you have something bad to do, postpone it indefinitely"

Jack said...


We all will get what is in our destiny. But this should not stop us from striving for what we wish to achieve. Parents are always a source of comfort. As long as they are with you, you feel carefree. Vasak, thanks for enlightening us about it. I too had a visitor who was very forthright in his comments and it shows their upbringing & culture. Your photographs show how starry eyed you are. May your wishes be fulfilled. May you lead a very blissful life with Diego.

Take care

Phoenix said...

happy vesak keshi...

i ahve been meaning to mail you... but i thought id rather write it here... thank you keshi.. for everything... i read what u wrote for Pj..I know it isnt for me.. but in general.. but im glad at least someone thought of things from a different perspective instead of reacting to what is given in front...

thank you...


olots of love...

r u angry with me? y dont u visit me anymore?

Ratzzz said...

vesak wishes Lady..

someone abusing our dear Kesh... yaar adhu?? address kodu, aal vaichi adichiralam.. :-P

and a damn sure it is a trip to europe that makes this Keshi girl pout like that.. No 2 it is, rite?

Sameera Ansari said...

Suba Vesak Pathum Kelle!I miss being in SL this time of the year *Sigh*

How are ya doing?Just dropped by to say Hello and have a nice weekend :)


Nirmal said...

hey have a gud Vesak.....

and bout the snap guesses im bad in tat..

only ine thing..

u looking great..

have fun

pisku said...

Happy Vesak to you too!

That pic does have a naughty look about it! Is it a pic you want to send to Diego's mom.. hehhe..

Hemanth Potluri said...

Happy Vesak Sweets....i have serious fever and cold and i am late to wish ya chorry :(....

leave the losers sweets i have some loser on my tail to..and he is from hyd...

i need to come back to comment mind is full of heat :(..

and u r thinking right now to buy shoes...the ans 6 ...i hope i am correct and i get a choco :)..


Anonymous said...

happy vesak keshi!!
my guess wld b 5.

hws coffee time goin n ?
reminded me of my gym instuctor..n my new found enthusiasm 4 workouts he he

n wot u wrote 4 ne...wise words n a loving heart. hope she is doin better.

Anonymous said...

Happy Vesak Kesh! :) I'm sure the Lankan blogger will get the message...

Take care & have a good weekend... Kido :)

Tarun said...

Happy Vesak ...

First to the loser blogger and then to u.

I mean if people have time to blog about what other blogger are doing, and take a pot shot at them, then there are definetly better things to do for them in life.

I see a whole brigade of blogger standing right next to u (of course me included) be it for good and bad.

Enjoy the weekend.

Kartz said...

Vesak Greetings, Keshi! :)

I was on a miiiini hiatus. Well, to be honest, I was told to reduce on my computer usage. :P* So, 4 - 5 days of abnormally reduced surfing. :(

And that Sri Lankan blogger can well... Go rot in hell. :P* Oh no! That's my abode! He can... Ummm... Ok, he can stay in my abode. I shall roast him over slow flame. *devil grin*

And my guess - 5! :)

Ok ok, off to read the other posts that I ve missed. :)


Jimmy said...

Beautiful change in Avtar Keshi
u have come a long way baby

May u live long
may u have a 100 kids
all boys

Jimmy said...

Please tell Devika to allow comments

I wanna talk with her
Dil ki baath

Lucifer said...

Happy Vesak to you too...

ummm leavin for europe keshi??

btw d last time a girl had that kinda look on her face i lost lotsa money...

abt dat blogger...well as i always tell ya its jus plain jealousy

Phil said...

Happy Vesak to you too. BTW, don't mention the Sri Lankan blogger or even take a moment to trace his ip etc. He's obviously an unhappy, petty person who is not worth your time. He doesn't deserve the words you wasted writing about him. THat will only fuel his idiotic narcissism. He'll probably read this and start stalking my blog now too. Dude needs to get a life.

Sam said...

simple! what you are thinking is, "get the pic right!!"
the rest are thoughts which cud precede or succeed this one.. but at the moment u clicked, dats ur thought!!

amitsfavourites said...

Happy Vesak,Keshi!And,tks for the info about this day-the lanterns,specially.
Re. the SL blogger-I can only tell you to ignore him..I can't understand what pleasure he(or anybody) might be getting by doing what he does..probably the anger at something else coming out this way as an outlet...enlightenment should be beckoning!!
The pic-the look-whoopsy-it's definitely the 'new shoes'on the way look...:)(That reminded me-I still didn't go shop for my walking shoes..sigh!!:)Maybe tomorrow,if u say my guess was correct..haha!Have a lovely weekend.:)
(posting via my other gmail id):)

Adisha said...

Happy Vesak Keshi .. Sorry to hear about the Srilankan Jerk !!!! Hey you there... get a LIFE man ..

I go for #5 or in the spirit of the festival ... #3

Sorry for breakin the rules and choosing two .. but both seem kinda same for me .. :) hehehe


Cazzie!!! said...

You are amazing Keshi!


Yeah, I have two idiots carrying on like that.The net draws obsessive crazies,sadly ,nd you can't always spot them right away.

Apparently intellectual said...

I am finally gonna be a regular reader of your exams end on 13th! yippee
happy vesak!:)
and sorry could not see the slide hostel comps dont have the required flash player..
but i will watch it as soon as i get home!:) said...

Hey Hey :-)
I liked something on your blog and tried to copy it. But this disabled warning message is coming. Its cool really. Would like to do it for my blog as well. Could you tell me how I do this? My e-mail is

BTW, nice blog. You have been added to my Google reader as well.

Thank you.

Talking To My Soul said...


Of course you are hoping that some people would get a life and that's why making a Vesak lantern for what you know.

Hi, Kesh. Who's that blogger? Can I have his URL?

I am planning to move to Spain and get a citizenship, rechristen myself, call myself Diego and run a coffee shop. When are you hitting Europe for the getaway, by the way?


Unknown said...

Happy Vesak, Keshi.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy Vesak!! Looks like a cool ceremony I'll have to learn more about it.

Have fun with the Aussie Dude!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Heya Keshi, do you mind spreading the word for a friend of mine. She is a lovely friend and an awesome Mum who has put together a business from home of Home made Organic products..and awesome business called LIP GUNK. Anyone with allergies or who wants to do away with skin and hair products that are full of chemicals can use this stuff. The postage is really cheap..and free if orders are over 20 dollars Australia Wide..Aussie Made, Home made cool yummy smelling stuff..

Huggs all round sexy woman :)

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

hey sorry for coming over this late...
well happy vesak, belated though.

and who IS that loser anyway?? youre such a sweetie not revealing his name though i hope you did, :(
wanted to give him some 'suggestions' ;p

and well i think its vesak lantern you want... though i have a feeling its none of the options..

Shachi said...

Happy Vesak Keshi!

Would guess #4 w.r.t to your look?

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

I offered my wishes to lord Buddha too on that morning and I am ver fond of the jatak kathayes and needless to say I have read them all ...

and about blogger abuse...get over it sissy..u kno I love u why u need more love..some hatred is also important as it gonna balance my love for u... :P otherwise u might catch lovibities :P


Sinduja said...

Hmmm if i'm supposed to choose only from d ist I'd go wid 7 :)

Otherwise my caption to dt pic wil be "Pwetty Pwetty Keshi" {Seriously nice pic}

Happy Vesak :)

N I don think u shud bother anymore abt dt guy...(Not dt it bothered u now)
Wise decision to remain silent Keshi...! Way to go :)

Keep postin!

Vest said...

I presume you will fit the lantern over your not so nice SL bloggers nut.X

SaffronSaris said...

Heyos poppy doll-pearl, hope you had a good Vesak Day. I saw those news reports from Sri Lanka and they kinda spoiled my mood :(

Haha, you're making me think I SHOULD go pick up another language too! How does Spanish sound like to you??

Tys on Ice said...

gimme that guy's blog...i luv people like that...damn, it must make interesting reading to have a guy who goes thru blogs to dig up dirt to write abt...nice...

happy vesak...

Iriz said...

great lanterns!

just be yourself gurl!

umm..maybe # 5.
" Hoping some people would get a life, if not some therapy!

have a nice day!

Utopia said...

no idea. what about buying a new unit?

Utopia said...

no idea. what about buying a new unit?

rayshma said...

heyy... happy vesak gurl. tho a bit belated by the time i got here... but hope u had a good one!

ppl who have so much time to visit others' blogs, read.. and then go back and bitch... amaze me!

MARIA said...

It is an interesting post about Vesak. Happy Vesak, dear Keshi!

Sri Lankan blogger - what do you do to others it will come to you sooner or later, but with double power.

What are you thinking of right now?
I don't know, I guess:

Have a good days!

Whitesnake said...

I refer ta Number ten!

Ï did NOT ask you out!"
All I said was "It would be nice ta spend and evening alone with you!"

This does not constitute taking long hot showers with you nor buying you new shoes nor does it involve a night of gratuitous love making I was merely stating....?????

Well maybe just once, or twice or a few times more!

Whitesnake said...

It's New shoes New shoes For Keshi!

Lucifer said...

where r u????

Anil Sawan said...

Happy Vesak to you too swty :)

those lanterns look awesome!!! you made them?? creative indeed!! :)

lol @ "and shoving it over someone's head!"

rofl @ "orgasmic yes!"

busy busy u r?? same pinch :)luv ya swts, u take care :)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing 10.

But son't mind me, I'm starved for some hotness myself ;)

Rià said...

Hey there!!jus dropped by to check how r u?? Havent seen u around from the past four days!! Missing u. :(

krystyna said...

I read your heart and I think you like to learn and you like Diego's coffee,
so nr 9.

Beautiful post Keshi!

Sri Lankan blogger - why do you do that?

Beach Bum said...

I have about 500 very smart blog friends here from all over the world, that I could bring over to your blog, so they can read your 'wonderful' posts about me and perhaps give you 'suggestions' on how to be a better blogger.

What am I thinking of right now?
I would say number eight although number six is high on my list.

tulipspeaks said...

verbal/blog abuse again huh? *sigh.. will these dickheads ever learn?

As for the look on ur face.. I would guess it's #6 - the shoes.



Glennis said...

Looks like thoughts of weddings to me.

Vani said...

Belated Vesak wishes Keshi..
I too used to make vesak lanterns when I was a kid..Now I juz go out to watch the colourful lantern decorations..:)

Who is dat SL blogger who keeps abusing u?? Dat one must be really sick!!!
**Freedom of speech doesnt mean freedom of abuse**

As for the picture-
I initially thought dat making vesak lanterns was the meaning of dat look..
But then decided to go for num 8..Lolz :)))

Keshi said...

tnxx ALL!

Will tell u the right answer when I return to Blogville :)


Dalicia said...

hi keshi, i'm glad that you celebrate vesak day! i find that buddhism is such a peaceful religion

tqmcintl said...

VEST is not well Keshi
it looks bad

Keshi said...

ty Dal n TQM!