Thursday, March 24


21 Cranium Signets:

Anonymous said...

ahem .....
i am the first evil mind to scan dis post

did the Buddha say dat ?
abt evil friends who fuck up the mind ?

dat fits my description
i got gr8 potential to raise evil tots in minds of angels

i almost got u to suspect TANVI of talking behind yr back ... remember?... on chat some time ago ...

its very easy to make girls fight
girls by nature are devious
so they suspect evrybody else is devious too

so they read btw lines...
even when the post is unsigned
they are damn sure dat saby or diffy is the author

and they cuss us poor guys...
and when they are prooved rong
wont even apologize

woomen are like dat only
if not for Eve

Adam wud still be strolling in the garden of eden
in the nude

- Saby

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

hey kesh,
real nice blog. where do u get all the stuff from. real neat stuff. dude saby, dun u think u were a bit harsh on the race of women, u shud scan the nature of men first also. n e ways. cool stuff keshi.

firacub said...

Hmmm.. Good thought. Btw how have u been? Ahem..ahem.. Still waitin for ur detailed mail.. :)


Kitten said...

Kesh...I think you are wise way beyond your years,,,,,

Very inspiring posts......

Anonymous said...

i hate cats and kittens and cat lovers viz Fira

- Anony mouse

Anonymous said...

love pussies though

Anonymous said...

Keshi, read this. he he he


Anonymous said...

dis footy requires a kick up his ass

the damn article is about as long as a mile

and we all no Kesh is a slow reader
she gonna be occuopied for 2 months now

we sure gonna miss keshi
tanks to footy

- Anony Mouse

Brett_FLX said...

That's right, trust no one completely. Even family and friends have to be watched with a slight edge of caution.

You know what they say, "the people that love you the most, can hurt you the most."

De.vile said...

that buddha always got a good thought for all occasions

Anonymous said...

buddha is saby or footy?

saby said...

Heyy Kesh

Where T F ru ?

we miss u like crazy
its EASTER uno


Keshi said...

Hey All!

Wow I'm smitten by all your love and caring for me :) Thanks all for the grt u guys rock!

Saby hmm grt big this post has nothing to do with u or diffy...u havent damaged my mind, don't worry even though u guys have given me many migraines :)

Icey hey thanks for visiting...n thanks for all the compliments...ur blog is way too cool too, just like u :)

Fira hang ten I hardly write emails :) I'm on Easter break at home and will be back at work on Tue...I will try to write to u then, if not hey u still kno wI will write soon na?

Kitten yep u can call me wise beyond my years but I find it a disability in many ways...I wish I was not this informed and was carefree and careless... Thanks for visiting babeh :)

Footsi hey wb to mah blog :) I sure will read that in a jiffy...

Brett those words are golden words...I so believe in it and I have experienced that many times...thanks!

Chikka Buddha's philosophy is the the pure truth of our existence...

See ya all soon and hey have a Happy Easter!


saby said...

hehehehe ...
not depression Kesh
u may call it a high

it happened ever since dat Austraylayan introduced me to blogg and loving

i am like a kid wid a new toy, and
i never had so much funn b4 in all my 54 years

and, i got a fantasitc fan following
tanks to fan-fucking-fantastic Rex
who introduced me to all his girls

Anonymous said...

i tink i got power over minds, but ...

'wid gr8 power
comes gr8 responsibility'


catennacio said...

hi kesh,

i wonder where did u find those cool stuffs..

really nice ideas.

Zero Tolerance said...

The most interesting part of any blog is to read comments. Not defintely a comment-starved blog like mine. I envy you, lady. ;)

Phantom_of_Blogpera said...

Heyyy Keshi!!
First, I gotta say, I loved the colours!! That rich maroon and the shadows and tones of the orange..treat fer the senses in totality. I got a chance to read the Gospel of Buddha (an English translation) in Thailand n it was filled with some pretty profound words. Thanks fer posting this!

Keshi said...

good for ya Saby :)

ty spidey...

Cat now Im in love with ur blog becos of all the cool music...I have it open when I do work's just great! btw I get these pics from the net...I'm an avid net surfer for cute and inspirational stuff :)

Dil...cummon u write very deep stuff and I aint anywhere near ur skill...hehehe...

Feathered muahhh! I miss ya. U dun need much of Buddha's teachings to inspire u...u r a girl with a clear mind and pure thoughts anyways...u r a beautiful soul.


Chula* said...

That's all true right there, and it's very inspirational.

TLW said...

Hey Keshi,

TLW here....I wld like to catch up with ya on something of my own personal interest. If you are willing and do not mind giving me some information of very generic nature and not about you or anyone that you might know, you can add my yahoo msngr id balajisaranath (@) yahoo...I'll try to catch up over the weekend.

Oh I chose this post because I do not want to share my id publicly and not to request you to share yours in a blog thats recent.

Infact, you do not have to allow this comment at all, as this was only a means to communicate with ya, not a comment in the first place.