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WARNING:Will not be held liable if any material in this post follows you home. Read at your own risk!

It was the night of December 31st few years ago. I was stricken with a horrible bout of chicken pox and was all alone in the apartment for the very first time. My cousins had gone out partying as it was New Years’ eve and here I was lying in my bed so very tired from the illness and feeling really low. The clock strikes midnight and I get up to light the lamp, a New Year's eve family tradition my mum taught me. I go back to bed and not being able to sleep, I was thinking of my home far away. My room door is half closed giving me a small view of the pitch dark corridor outside that lead to the toilet. I cant’t seem to be able to close my eyes not only because the chicken pox pimples are killing me but also because I am alone…and I feel something in my way…some strange eeriness in the apartment. However I remain calm and am not even thinking of ghosts, while all lights were off. Suddenly I see a short woman in the corridor, in a long white gown with unusually long hair…hair that reached the back of her feet and she was floating away…yes floating as in not walking fast but feet above the ground and off she went in to the toilet! That’s it, a 6second apparition and NO it wasn’t my imagination or a dream, for I was wide awake. My apologies, the horror I felt at that moment cannot be expressed in words.

I wanted to keep quiet about it only because I wanted to forget about her. And I know most people will laugh at me even if I said that I saw her with my own eyes. This was some years ago. Just recently I met up with one of my cousins who I used to share the flat with. She came from overseas and I was catching up with her few weeks ago. However I felt like telling her about this…I don’t know why but I just felt I should, so I did. Guess what she told me…that she has seen the same woman in that apartment just once! My jaw dropped and we both got goosebumps. Now we are not kids to get so excited about ghosts but then what is the explanation to this other than it being a spirit? Maybe somebody died in that apartment long time ago, we don't know. Previously I never believed in spirits even though I have heard so many stories about them. But this apparition forced me to believe that they do exist and maybe only some people experience them.
After that, some of the horror movies I have seen sometimes get me thinking deep. I don’t mean the silly ones like The Scary Movie or 13 Ghosts that looked so pathetic I really felt sorry for those ghosts:) But if you look deep into the crux of movies like The Shining, The Exorcist, The Others, The Sixth Sense, The Grudge, the Tamil horror Shock and the Hindi movies Raaz and Vaastu Shastra (when all the silly dancing and singing is set aside :), don’t they so magnificently depict the fact (or fiction to some) that a haunted soul really woudn’t leave that easily. Paranormal activities must exist to explain so many other stories I have heard from friends and colleagues. Well you don't have to believe me and you may really think I'm being silly, but I saw her and I now know they exist. Think about it this way, when you scratch the surface paint, there's always the wall beneath. In the same way, when your body expires, will your soul too?

Have you experienced the dead, what really lies beneath?

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uttara said...

mez first .

wooo hoooo!!!


tulipspeaks said...

technically i'm second..i think..
kick that spam out..


Me said...

technically 3 rd......wooohoooo

uttara said...

me first in k000kies post ... wow ...

now am a "Dancing Queen "



Me said...

December 31st...ghosts go out hunting for damsels...ooopppsss....

tulipspeaks said...

oh baby..i think i've read somewhere in blogs about your encounter with the 'flying' woman..not sure where though..but this is a clearer detail on that encounter, i must say.. know what? i'm planning to further my studies (phd) next year in a different state, planning to stay alone, all by myself in an apartment/, i really have to think twice..ish ish


Keshi said...




Lol Amu I hope I didnt ruin ur plans...awwww I WARNED ya to read at ur OWN RISK :):) hehehe...I'll come and stay with u then...hows that?


uttara said...

heyu know what .. i was planning to write on this topic next .. thtas fine i will share here whatever i wanted ..btw i still havnt read it ..will do that in liesure...

THIS IS z000nies fav topic tooo...



Keshi said...

nah nah Uttara, go ahead with ur post...I like reading such articles so I would like to see what u say...and boy dun we share some telepathy too! :):)


Squared said...

I have exprienced dead. I enjoy dead, well done chickens.

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Something like that happened to me too few years ago. I was going through depression at that time. I couldn't sleep that night and kept tossing and turning and suddenly I saw this green shinny image infront of my eyes. I was lying in bed praying to god for it to go away LOL.

Later I told my parents a possom was scaring me and I wanted to sleep in their room.

saby said...

i dont want to read dis post
too many ghosts of the dicks i killed are still haunting me

musings (m000nie) said...

aww k00kie... i havent seen ny spirits till date... but i think they r around... when i was very young my grandad told me he had seen a spirit.. well i wasnt really scared u know.. i didnt bother i guess...

lol 12 days i was all alone at home this month... n my frnds would tease me saying theres gonna b a spirit around u... i was like awww crap... the spirit will look at me n get so scared it'll never come to see me again... hehehe... or mayb i'll have a nice candle light dinner with it...

i dont think the spirits around r there to hurt u if u havent hurt them... so y get scared??...

saby said...

the only spirit i love is alcohol

Justin Thyme said...

Incredible story, Kesh! Wow! I think you already know my answer to that question, though... :-)

Pallavi said...

Spoooooky! i'd be soooooo spooked out of my mind.. Goodness!!!!!! this is something!

I am scared of the dark..i hate scary movies and i dont like to be alone!!!!! (i pity myself for these things) :(

saby said...

Bye guys
and have funn

but, dont do any ting i wudnt do

saby said...

in case u dont no

dat means 'sky is the limit'

Autumn Storm said...

Ok, this is when I begin to get confused about what I believe and what I don't - and of course it all ties into God, heaven, and so on.
I have to say: yes, I do suspect ghosts exist.
The subject is facinating - I've never actually seen one (more detail following), but I love to listen to the stories trusted people tell me of when they themselves did.
My father spends time each year at a castle in Somerset, England, to cite an instance, which apparently has two little girls that play tricks - I keep meaning to follow him there to see for myself, but he always goes at the most inconvenient times ;-). My brothers have both accompanied him and have both witnessed the girls.
Lots of other stories too...

When we are around the table as a family, I see a shadow slowly circling us, but its a faint shadow and not enough for me to state, I have seen something.

Great post, interesting subject!

Arz000n said...

No wooo..hoooo's
Will come back n comment in few mins :))

How you doing K000kie-piez??


Arz000n said...

I remember this incident pretty had mentineod it on n000nie's blog (where has he disappeared btw,....hope ur ghosts have not abducted him or something), few months back in a comments section...

Boy...thts scary..

I never have witnessed ghost yet...but would luv too. However, more than ghosts Im scared of psycho killers. Coz I dont believe in ghosts (only 80% true), unless there are some female-ghosts or something, then I would luv to meet and get haunted.

I saw 13 ghosts...its one of ma fav movies. All ghosts were kinda scary (especially they guy who had nails, all over his face)...but the sh!t-scary ghost for me was from Ring-1(original Japanese version). I remember I farted like 3-4 times out of fear, while watching that movie late night, all alone.

I have seen few spooky movies in Bollywoood, but I thoguht they wree funny movies coz I was laughing all the while.

The others, again was not spooky, but after watching that movie, I wished Nicole or some ghosts similar to her was staying in ma apt. Bad luck though :(

Exorcist.....hehehee...I carry a good memory. I had this medical test before applying for B1 VISA. After me and ma colleague got done with the test...we felt kinda boring to get back to office, so he called up our boss n said, "After blood test, z000nie boi has fainted and I need to drop him home, so we both cant come to office now." Then we went for first day first show of Exorcist. Hmmmmm...okie..
Was not scared while watching it...

Hindi movies Raaz and Vaastu Shastra
I dont wnat to talk anything about these movies

what really lies beneath?
I really wish there was something beneath ;)

Wish me good luck..I mean bad luck

I mean ghost luck...hehehe

and hope you dont have a spooky day ahead :)

Anonymous said...

Good day keshi!!!!
Hmmmm.. quite an interesting encounter i must say...:) well i think they do exist but these days even they think twice to haunt the human-beings, coz we have become more lethal than them...:):):)

Anonymous said...

I've replied to ur question in ur previous post..:):):)

Keshi said...

Squared heyy then why not tell us a bit abt it? thanks! :)

NV...hellooooooooo huggggggz!

**I was lying in bed praying to god for it to go away

aww u poor thing...was it really there or were u watching Shrek? lol!

m000nieeeee hugggz!
So u think they exist - yes me too.

** the spirit will look at me n get so scared it'll never come to see me again.

LOL I cracked up so much reading that line...hahahaha...but i think the spirit might fall in love with ur pretty eyes :)

**so y get scared

lol m000nie u wouldnt ask that Q if u saw wut I saw that nite....:):)

Thanks all!

Keshi said...

Saby I didnt ask about which spirit u love...I asked about supernatural come u never really read my posts but just annoy others here? Sky may be the limit but ur freedom shouldnt harass others.


uttara said...

Keshi ...

i totally agree with u ....n know what u have sensed .. OMGGGG...

its shitty scary when u actually come across something like this .. boy .. i know exactly what u r talking .. i was in Goa last year .. at Bhaga .. in the afternoon i was all alone in the water( beach) cousines were at the bed side of the sea .. suddenly i saw a shadow moving in the water ..immediately looked up to see if there were birds above me ... no ...not even 1...
the water was crystal cleas

What was it???

i dint know what to do .. my ppl were far off n i was relaxing in the beach .. just a day before my cousine n me were talking abt the same .. i was too close to the waves sitting watching the moonlight on the sea.. she was quite behind ...myother cousine went to get some booze.. i then almost after 20 mins joined her she said i could see some1 walking .. i told her WTF are u talking .. i dint see any1 .. even if someone is behind i could make out coz of their shadow .. she told me no she saw a ghost ....

Keshi said...

Justin thanks, what exactly d u mean tho? I mean I cant recall u talking abt ghosts b4 :) Tell us ur views plz....

Pallavi u poor thing :) u haven't even seen a horror movie?

Autumn thats so very interesting...and ur dad and bros wont be lying to u I guess they r there in that castle. And even I have heard abt hanuted houses/castles in Tassy and Adelaide....there was a documentary on TV abt it and journalists went and stayed one night in such a house...the vidoe came out with real interesting stuff!

**I see a shadow slowly circling us, but its a faint shadow and not enough for me to state, I have seen something.

Unexplained shadows are considered as spirits...I read somewhere but I dunno how true it is...whoaa is this in ur current house?


Keshi said...

z000nie Im pretty gooood and urself?

**Im scared of psycho killers

Wasnt this one of ur TURN ONS in ur latest post? So u get turned on when ur scared? alrite then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :)

Basically ur saying that u dont believe in ghosts/spirits...ok fine but d u believe I may have really seen something? :):)

So u want to be haunted by Nicole...then go and see The Others...have u seen it? And have u seen The grudge? OMG yess The Ring (Japanese version) was SCARYYYY like HELL!

Exorcist isnt really scary but it's got an interesting something that really happened to someone I knew...

**I really wish there was something beneath

Wut the hell is that supposed to mean? LOL!


Keshi said...

South heyyyy I r harmless than venomous human beings :) good point! And I have answered u back in the earlier post :)


Keshi said...

Uttara heyyy girl!

**suddenly i saw a shadow moving in the water ..What was it???

OMG thats sooooo freaky!! It sure must have been a spirit...wut else is it??

**she told me no she saw a ghost ....

WUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Was it walking with u guys? What did it look like? EEEEEEEERIIIEE!

See wut I mean...they are ard...


Autumn Storm said...

Anywhere that has all of us around a table - sometimes consider the fact my elder brother may be joining us ;-)

Arz000n said...

but d u believe I may have really seen something
I think you shud have yelled back

"You are on candid camere dude..."


"You will be on ma blog tomorw suckaaa"

to test that ghost you know :)

Maybe its just ur imagination or something...I dont know...
It can be true too..I dont know :)

So u get turned on when ur scared?
dont talk out loud on this :)

The Others...have u seen it?
Oh yeah...
and after the movie..I prayed..
GOD I need ghosts in ma apt...
same to same like nicole
Still waiting for it to come true :(

Keshi said...

Autumn thats really really interesting...anywhere that ur family is u see this it must be a loved one...

**sometimes consider the fact my elder brother may be joining us

the brother who died in Italy? awwwwwwww how sweet it is if thats really him...wut an energy...I think it's him too cos it happens when ur family is together.

My Aunt saw a spirit in her room with her own eyes...thats what she says...then she went and inquired abt the house she lived in...they said that a man died there...the former owner who's tall and wa sin his 60s...thats the exact kinda description she gave.


Keshi said...

z000nie very funny :( U think it's my imgaination...well it's not! I saw her and so did my d u explain that?


uttara said...

Keshi ...

***WUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Was it walking with u guys? What did it look like? EEEEEEEERIIIEE!

no no .. i was sitting almost touching the beach .. waves passing thru me ..n she was sitting behind about 20- 25 feet awat .. n she saw some1 walking across...i dint see it that night ..i saw it the next day teh afternoon ...

yeh they are ...


Arz000n said...

I saw her and so did my cousin...
Is s/he blogger too?

Alwite...enough now....
Im not saying you lying about it..its true, if you are saying it...

and yes, its kinda freaky tooo

Take care :)

Keshi said...

omg Uttara thats so freaky...someone must have died in that beach...

reminded me of another eerie event that took place with mah Cuz...he was renting a flat where a young couple used to live previously. The guy died from an she moved out and my cuzz moved in...he didnt know abt this story then.

He said every night at abt 1-2am someone rings the buzzer...and he answers and no one's there...this isnt a lie cos he's not someone who's into silly things...he's too serious and he would never talk abt these things..but this is something he always said abt. And then it got so annoying so he went to the real estate that rented the flat and told them abt it...then they told the above story abt the couple...and guess wut..the guy who died was a night worker who always came home ard 1-2am...


uttara said...


keshu .. am getting goose bumps now .. ghosh! save their soul...

i was feeling eeeekksssss n getting goose Bumps when i read ur post too..
OMG !!!

hugzzz babes...

Keshi said...

lol z000nie nah she isnt a blogger and I dun think she even knows abt blogging :) And she isn't scare dof any ghosts etc...she's mentally very strong unlike me...and I believe her more than any of my other cousins...cos she speaks the truth all the time.


uttara said...

when we were in school we used to call the spirits ..good spirits during our free lectures .. take a sheet of paper ..write the alphabets half in the top line half atthe bottom a one re. coin in middle of the paper..
we used to ask question get the ans ....
ghosh !!! freaked out ppl we were..


Keshi said...

Uttara I have heard abt ppl doing that to call spirits and Ithink some ppl use Ouija boards to do that...Sonia wrote a similar post a while back. Did they really come?

btw me and my cousins tried this few yrs ago while I was on holz in NZ...I went in there with holy powder, photos of God etc etc lol! Nothing happened...I dunno if thats cos my cuzns didnt do it right...but we didnt see anything happening to the coin...:(


Jim said...

i am backk
WARNING:i Will not be held liable if ur below 18 and u read my comments

my comments have a lotta porn content
Read at your own risk!

Jim said...

Good day keshi!!!!

i like dat quaint old world charm from an oldie

how old is he really?

Jim said...

yes floating as in not walking fast but feet above the ground and off she went in to the toilet!

oh fuck!
i didnt no ghosts need to shit too

Keshi said...

lol Avik I didnt see that line from u...I only saw it now!!

**ghosts go out hunting for damsels

hahaha yep must have been a horny ghost lol...but nah it was a girl and I aint les...:)


Jim said...

why do short women in the corridors wear long white gowns with unusually long hair…??

Keshi said...


**my comments have a lotta porn content Read at your own risk!

yes u can say anything u like. perhaps in ur own blog...not here!


Jim said...

i wont read any further
unless u re-title the genre

its not horror
its comedy

PuNeEt said...

Hi Keshu...

Howzzz u doing???

Will not be held liable if any material in this post follows you home. Read at your own risk!
hahahhahaha... can't follow me home... will get stuck in Mbai traffic ;-)
I luv this risk ;-)

I was lying in my bed so very tired from the illness and feeling really low
ooh thats sad...

I see a short woman in the corridor, in a long white gown with unusually long hair…hair that reached the back of her feet and she was floating away…

goosh... ur sixth is realling getting on ur nerves now...
short woman in corridar...
u should have called her in...
some company u see ;-)
Long white gown... my goodness...
I dont think ghost have a dress code...
she was floating away...
chill baby... I'm laughing my heart out...
i thought its a scary post...

ok ok peace...
let me read this seriously...
Keshu was scared...
huggzzz baby

most people will laugh at me even if I said that I saw her with my own eyes
so true...
But I believe in Ghosts...
but ur dress code description was total filmy... that's y i was laughing...
I trust u baby u wont lie ;-)

that they do exist and maybe only some people experience them
Yes they do... and I know a lot of people who have experienced them...
I listen to their stories also...
its scary when alone at home...
(thats y I hang around with pretty girlzzz)

when your body expires, will your soul too?
No... have heard and read a lot of all this stuff...
people say unless the soul gets "moksh" (freedom)... it doesnt rest in peace...

Have you experienced the dead
Not really... but sometimes certain areas and places give strong vibes that there are things around we cant see...
and those vibes are deadly scary...

Good 1 babezzzz

Wish u a nice weekend not a scary one ;-)


uttara said...

@Keshi ...

*** Did they really come?
no was all time pass ..we used to keep our fingers over it and ans our questions ...Jeeeezzz i just hope it shouldnt have been real...;)

***but we didnt see anything happening to the coin...:(

u have heard of black majic ..or "hoo doo "
u need to be an expert in that to know that ...
how can we do it anywyas...lolll


Keshi said...

Jim WTF r u talkin abt? Me commented on NV? When?? Ur new post was abt some shit TIGER not NV - can u stop being a real jerk.


Keshi said...

Jim yeah what is not comedy to u? U r a Christian and u must be used to the term Holy Ghost...need i say anymore.

I'm really done with ya, cos u dun even know how to keep ur sh#t to urself in another blogger's territory.


Keshi said...

Puneeeeeeeeet hellloooo :)

**Howzzz u doing???

not too good Puneet cos Jim/Saby is violating my rights in my blog. It's annoying and it's a pity that he cant get what Im trying to say. Thanks for dropping by even in ur last day at work.

**can't follow me home... will get stuck in Mbai traffic ;-)

lol u mean the ghost will also get stuck in traffic? hahahaha!

**u should have called her in...
some company u see ;-)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nah I wud die b4 she walked in lol!

**I dont think ghost have a dress code...

c'mon Puneet now u too r making fun of me lolz! I saw her and thats it. But if she came to u, she wud come in a mini skirt and a strapless top lolll!

**chill baby... I'm laughing my heart out...i thought its a scary post...

ok wuteva :(

**But I believe in Ghosts...

thats better :)

**(thats y I hang around with pretty girlzzz)

u scaredy!

**No... have heard and read a lot of all this stuff...people say unless the soul gets "moksh" (freedom)... it doesnt rest in peace...

Agree....I believe in that too...and only u answered this Q so far - thanks! That proves u really read the entire post unlike z000nie lol!

**but sometimes certain areas and places give strong vibes that there are things around we cant see...and those vibes are deadly scary...

yup the eeerie feeling...thats so true! must be their energy....

**Wish u a nice weekend not a scary one ;-)

u too, thanks! TC and have a good Monday at ur new work place...I mite not be online on Mon cos it's a public holiday in Aus...Im driving to Canberra Spring flower festival tomorrow - 3hrs drive...


Keshi said...


**no was all time pass ..

u mean the spirits didnt come?

**Jeeeezzz i just hope it shouldnt have been real...;)

so they came?

**u have heard of black majic ..or "hoo doo "u need to be an expert in that to know that can we do it anywyas...lolll

LOL yess I dunno nuttin abt it and here I was ready to talk to my dad...hahaha!


Keshi said...

ok guys have a good weekend - its a long weekend in Aus - mon is a holiday...will try to be online but cant promise till Tue - see ya!


PuNeEt said...

I've got so many compliments from Keshi...
I'm flying high.....

Jim/Saby is violating my rights in my blog. It's annoying and it's a pity that he cant get what Im trying to say.
I dont read anybody's comment on ur blog... I've stopped...
firstly the comments list is too huge... n most of the time saby/jim whoever he is utter complete non-sense...
I wonder how u tolerate him...

Thanks for dropping by even in ur last day at work
ur most welcome sweeti...

she wud come in a mini skirt and a strapless top lolll!
oooh wow...
S## with a ghost... that will call for a new Post ;-)
provided she doesnt bite on my neck and takes away my blood ;-)

and only u answered this Q so far - thanks!
Somewhere I'm first...
U made my weekend ;-)

unlike z000nie
What are u telling...

have a good Monday at ur new work place...
Thanks dear

I mite not be online on Mon cos it's a public holiday in Aus...Im driving to Canberra Spring flower festival tomorrow - 3hrs drive...

Oooh thats real cool...
I'm sure that will be fun...
Spring flower....sounds cool
Envy u grrrrrrrrrr
I wish to find some hot babezzz in new office to match up to ur kind of fun ;-)
Kidding babezzzz


take care

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


That was so freaky Keshi....u actually saw such a thing???

I wud hv probably fainted then...coz i think m too weak.

but one of my really good friends was tellin me somethin like this...if u want i can write it here.

and sister's hubby...hez the manager of the currency chest of a bank in india, nd tht area is believed to b haunted...they do seeeee ghosts thre n their existence can actually b felt...the falling of coins n shuttin of doors on their own...omg...scary!

keshi...2 yrs Sanskrit teacher, who was into religion n all, told us somethin. Tht friendly souls,top to bottom white, are alwez moving arnd in the the one whoz able 2 see 'em is really lucky!! i dunno we all jez laughed off at her craziness...but....

the whole day m gonna think abt ur post now keshi....

p.s lmao @ felt sorry for those ghosts

uttara said...

keshi dear .. have a wonderful weekend ..

bye take care .. have fun...

be a good gurl ..aww.. dont .. i dont like gd gurlz...


SaffronSaris said...


emanish said...

Hey Keshi, thanks for dropping by my blog.
Yeah i am a fan of horror movies and really enjoy watching them alone and getting scared later. The fear of anonymous is fun.
I have heard stories about people seeing ghosts/spirits. I dont make fun of them, but dont believe in ghosts and all stuff, at least till i see one with my own eyes :).

you seem to hav egreat fan following here :),

Vinu said...


I might not believe what ou said till i will have an encounter with one.

I cant say i havnt seen any such things...But it was hard to believe they were ghost ony...My logical sense prevented made me believe they were just my hallucinations...Didnt have any proof to believe the other way.

Somewhere i had read that these all are the creations of the inner consciousness. Whatever scares us,or wtever we dont like have a light image in our inner conscious level which we wont know when we are awake o something...but at some point of our outer consciousness sleeping,our inner consciousness plays these dirty games which comes out like listening to something we hate or seeing something we get scared off.....

Dont know...anyways i donna believe in these stuffs till i will catch up with some rel ghost and proove myself...hehe...

On behalf all tose ghosts,

Justin Thyme said...

LOL... Okay Kesh - to answer the question, I've definitely felt and seen them. There is a ghost of a little girl who 'lives' in my closet. She's there like she's playing hide-n-seek, and my cat likes to go into the closet whenever I sense she is there. I've sensed and seen other 'presences' as well.

If you think about it though, there is a reality that exists outside of us that we cannot sense, only because our five senses are limited in what external information can be processed within us by our brain. For example, we may have good eyesight, but we certainly don't see everything around us... if we could view the infrared spectrum, what we "see" would be completely different from what we see now.

Perhaps then when we see "ghosts" we are, for a brief fraction of time, getting input through our senses that we otherwise would not normally receive.

Whatever the case, no one can reasonably use the argument that "because I have not seen one, ghosts must therefore not exist" - that logic is invariably flawed. There are lots of things we don't see or frequencies we can't hear that exist outside us constantly, but just because we don't see them certainly does not mean they don't exist.

What makes sensing a "ghost" though fall within the horror genre? Quite simply, our own personal fears of the unknown.

Invincible said...

62nd to me is like a candy bar to a 3 yr old kid.
When the comments cross double century, being 62nd isnt a trifle achievement.

Ghosts !!
havnt had any one on one with them so far (lucky !!!!) although i dont deny their existence.

Soul isnt body, as when a person dies, the body is still there, the heart, the brain, everything, but still we say Mr. X died. So who died? The body of Mr. X is lying right there infront of ur eyes.
They say the soul exits the body thry eyes or mouth, ever wondered why the eyes r rolled /mouth agape looking at a corpse.

I believe in ya Keshu.
But havent really come across anything which would comprehensibly explain why a soul should come to material world without a body. (me yakking now .. )

Invincible said...

Have u seen the movie 'the entity'. It is based on a TRUE story, worth a watch. It's not exactly @ ghosts, but a woman stalked n harassed by someone supernatural. They even tried to capture him using liquid helium :)

Paul said...

I believe that if a person came from a large family and had to wait ouside the bathroom a lot in this life, they're likely to come back and do this sort of thing.

ahaan said...

hey this post is scary ...And i know what u mean by the lady floating ...I saw the same movie(dont know the name)as the second pic in ur post in which the girl is coming down from was scary .....

strawy said...

OMG i love watching horror movies , but cant watch alone .. lolzzz i always need some 1 to hold on scary scenes,personally i have never seen any ghost or spirits but i do believe in them ..

ur story is real scary , i mean u saw the floating lady n did nothing , didnt even screamed??? ...oooo my my i wud have gathered the whole community around me ...lolzzz
hugss keshu,love ya ....


Michelle said...

kesh i am so sorry but i din read waeva u wrote cuz horror stuff freaks me out big time... i won b able to sleep so m reeeaaaallly sorry babe!!

i cudnt sleep a wink afta watchin ''the ring2'' an ''what lies beneath''
wen i went to c da ring wid my gfz...all we did was scream n say ''fuck'' every two seconds

*me wid a scared look on my face*


Dewdrop said...

I remember you mentioning similar incident on someone's blog once. Its a really spooky experience you had. I havent come across anything such ghostly, but I've heard eerie stories of this kind on a bonfire...oh my, Im spooked

a mouse opinion said...

finally i read the post
i was looking at the lady in white gown

and if her gown slips off,,
in a spooky scene

i see angels in devils too
and imagine them in bed

a mouse opinion said...

i agrewe wid Justin,,

it is only our figment of imagination dat makes us see tings

we havee fear about the unknown

only way to release it is thru our karma,,

sittingnut said...

Have you experienced the dead,

are yo sure ghost are the dead?

what really lies beneath?

we know what lies beneath us, question is what lies outside of us.

Jim said...

u guys need to no me
i am in love wid God

My God as i see Him is Jesus
a funn guy wid a sense of humor

LOVE YR NEIGHBOR AS MUCH AS I LOVED U, He says to all those who care to lissen

He dont belive in religion or Rituals

God is seen by many ppl in diff images

some see him as one to fear
and 'eye for an eye'

i dont see Him dat way
i dont fear Him

i love the guy
He is sooo lovable

so many tings have happened in my life
i speak to Him
and He speaks back

not through a Burning BUSH
not through lghtning and thunder as sound effects
as shown in the 10 commnadments
where he commands u
and demands dat 'thou shall not ...'

Jesus on the other hand
wants love not fear

all He says is Love me and
Love thy neighbour

u dont see God
u see Him through yr neighbour

i was in my most acute depression
even after theraphy

went to church or rather wanted to
but my steps took me to "the Home of Charity'

a place where the mentally challenged are looked after by sisters and the community

its not just christians
most are non-christians who help here

not just wid money
but wid their time

i knelt down on me knees and begged Jesus to help me
my eyes closed

and soon He was wid me
i felt a hand on my head

i experienced Peace

i looked up
one of the inmates a small kid had placed his hand on my head

i wept
i cried tears of Joy
as i am doing now

after dat i didnt need medication no more
i didnt need Dr Lulla (my shrink) no more

Jim said...

O Shit!

i just wanted to tell u guys
dat mouse opinion is not me

Jim said...

and i dont tink many church goers will be up there
when it is time to go

, but i am sure u will find Maha atma Gandhi up there,

Jim said...

and u dont need to be straight
to enter the gates of Heaven

but dis Pope and BUSH is very hard on gays and denying gay rights

julia said...

Arz00n, Avik, Rohit

u guys were right
dis guy Jeemm is a real fruit cake

julia said...

Oh Lord,
kesh u must really love Rohit
to be sio vicious wid My hubby Saby

Holy Ghost?
now u attacking his religion too
dats real nasty

julia said...

Love makes the world go round, they say

it also makes dem forget friends and famoly

julia said...

and Kesh hunny
i always tot u loved me
i always tot u were les too

and u just broke my heart into a million pieces
how did u do dat?

i cant even count to a million

julia said...

any way your happiness is all i want

Rohit but please take good care of my baby

she is just dat
a baby

Sonia said...

whoa! hmm. so tis woman. she didn't do anything else? u just saw her and she went off? to the loo? nothing else?

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

is dat second pic from grudge, cuz it so looks like it.
i dun mean to be chicken or anything, but aren't there sum movies dat hit u really bad. well grudge did to me.. and since den i cant watch a ghost movie.. i just cant even make myself try because the same day i saw the movie i had a nightmare.
and me who rarely ever in a very rare bluemoon get nitemares. but nothin bout ghosts or anything..

if you have seen grudge u know wat am talkin bout wen i say that it wud creep you out wenever they wud show the woman for one second out of nowhere.
and dats wat happened to me wen i was sleeping. cudnt go bak to bed till half hour.

after dat i just cant go to theater to watch any ghost movie.
i wanna watch emily rose's exorcist, but m scaref of wat it'll do to me..

i know m chkn,
but i cant help it..

i dun like dat second pic
it scared the hell outt me,
i had to cover it to read the whole post..

and i came only to see wat u had posted,
and u made m comment...
and dat too scarin me also..
sob sob


Łóòň Ġãĺ said... icey said....the second pic is too scary....last night instead of thinkin abt good n interesting ;) things....i ws thinkin abt ur post...n it reminded me of the horror movies i've seen....the ring...ewww! thnx to the medicines tht i fell asleep soon after tht!


Keshi said...

Thanks Puneet huggggz! Hey u will always find great gals as friends whereva u go, cos ur a sweetheart and a gentleman by can anyone resist ya? :)

Cheesy aww hunnz dun get scared now...I hope I didnt make u stay awake all nite :(

**the falling of coins n shuttin of doors on their

jeeeez thats freaaaaaky!! Keshi is sweating real bad!

lollz have u see The 13 ghosts? If u havent, u should. Cos u will know what I meant by that really look pathetic.

Uttara hello hello hello hello...;-)= C'mon when am I a good gal? lol I thought u liked me for my 'badness'...hehe dun worry I'm always 'goodly' bad - Some BAD English there too :)

Saffronsaris heyyyyy! yep goosebumps indeed!

Emanish WC and thanks!

**I dont make fun of them, but dont believe in ghosts and all stuff

way to go mate! yep one shouldnt make fun of something just because they dont know much abt it or just because they havent sensed it. Emanish but I dun think u would wanna see - it was damn scary! :):)

heyy Vinu :)

*these all are the creations of the inner consciousness

well maybe true..but I really wasnt sleeping then Vinu :) Im 100% sure abt that...

Justin heyyya!

aww u have a friendly ghost in ur lucky ;-) Goshhh but is that true? I mean u have seen her??

**There are lots of things we don't see or frequencies we can't hear that exist outside us constantly

spot on! Can everyone read Justin here please...he said it better than I stated...

**Quite simply, our own personal fears of the unknown.

YESSSSS! Great thinking there Justin, as usual....THANKS again for opening few eyes!


uttara said...

kechuuu babes ..

lolll... BAD GIRLZZZZ hehehheh ..
we willmake a good gang ..lolll

u take care


Keshi said...

v000nie so good to see u here! WC!

**62nd to me is like a candy bar to a 3 yr old kid.

aww so sweet :):)

**although i dont deny their existence.

knew u were pretty sensible...

**So who died? The body of Mr. X is lying right there infront of ur eyes.

exactly - wow wut an explanation! I hope everyone read ur comment.

**ever wondered why the eyes r rolled /mouth agape looking at a corpse.

omgg so mum said the same to me. U know alot of stuff v000nie....ur wisdom amazes me.

**I believe in ya Keshu.

thanks matey :)

**Have u seen the movie 'the entity'.

yesss! I have even seen the Hindi version...which is HAWA...was really scary...apparently it really happened to a girl in the US, long time's a true story made into a movie...

Thanks v000nie have a great weekend!

Keshi said...

Goodday Paul!

**I believe that if a person came from a large family and had to wait ouside the bathroom

LOL that was really funny, thanks! hahahaha!

Ahaan hows ya? :)
Yep I think I scared alot fo ppl by this! That pic is from the movie The Grudge...erieeeee one nah!!

st000nie lolllz HUGGGGGGZ!
Dun be scared dolly - no ghsot will haunt ya cos ur too beautiful. Yes yes even Im too scared to watch em but I want to lol! And I end up watching horrors with my entire family...aunties, uncles and the whole cousin gang...and I still scream a 1000decibles :(
nah I didnt scream when I saw this lady cos I was immediately too scared.

Thanks and dun u guys get scared now...take it easy....listen to some nice music :)


Keshi said...

Michelle lollllllz calm down...this aint the post I wanted u to read lol! It's the one b4...the Music one :)

**say F##K every 2 seconds

lmao! I was watcing the ring with some friends and I screamed so loud and hit my head so hard against my friend's...then we put all the lights on and walked ard like retards in!


Keshi said...

Dewdy hiya!
yep I briefly mentioned abt this on st000nie's first post - U have a good memory Dewdy dooooo :) Thanks sweety!

yess I just saw her going into the toilet...thats it.

awww Im chooooooooo cholly if I scared ya hunzz...chill now...its only my experience wont happen to everyone...dun u worry now :( I know The Grudge and The Ring were like HELL lol! Dun think Im strong cos Im CHICKEN in caps too when it comes to horror movies...but I still watch em...and then dun sleep for like months :( now calm down Icy...take it easy...forget abt my post....God bless ya and HUGGGGGGGGZ!

Sittingnut hey hows ya?

**are yo sure ghost are the dead?

well thats how I have been believing so far...d u have another explanation? Wud love to hear it...

**we know what lies beneath us, question is what lies outside of us.

didnt get that...can u explain further, thanks matey!

Cheesy awwwwwww cholly x 10000! hey take care now...dun let it get to ya. Actually Im home alone now and as I type this I feel hopelessly terrified! LOL!


Keshi said...

Uttara now I feel so scared...hehe Im home alone and Im shivering in fear LOL!

bye bye...I gtg and prolly stay in the prayer room....:(


Arz000n said...

Check out that GOSTS.pps whenevr u ge time

am000nie was freaked out....
I almost fainted :D


Keshi said...

Saby u r acting like a 5yr old...look at u...u say u love God but r u loving God when u r annoying me with those rude comments regardless my request not to post them? Loving God also is abt not making ppl uncomfortable despite their loud cries...loving God is abt respecting friends...loving God is abt not hurting ppl unnecessarily calling them names when they havent done anything wrong to u...loving God isnt abt abusing ur freedom of speech to insult others...

did u ever realise how much ur comments to others here must hurt them? Ur comments discriminate alot of ppl based on many factors. I dun like my blog to be such a place and u dun seem to respect my only wish and request I ask of u in the blog's so simple yet u couldnt fulfil it for me...for the friend who u claim to love!


uttara said...

omg ... chillax....

we all monkeys are there wit u na ..hehhehe.. wait lemme send puneet there now ..hehehhe u will not feel scared ...lolll

take care .. think of all good time u ever had .. nothing will go wrong;))

bye .. hugs .. listen to ur fav music n chill ...

c u sooooooooonnnnn


uttara said...

btw .. i just saw The Grudge .. man a freaky movie .. i was screaming ...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

omg .... god save me tonite ...lolll


Keshi said...

z000nie nah nah I cant see that ghost email now :( ONLY becos Im freaking out infront of mah PC right now jeeeeeeez - Im home alone and I feel scared and Im thinking why I wrote this post in the first place?? baaaaaaahwahhhhhhhhh!

So nice to see u and Uttara now tho....feels like a ray of light in this scary moment...hows ya z000nie n Uttara? Im so tired from the drive today, yet I wanted to see u all...huggggz!


Keshi said...

lolz Uttara did u see The Grudge - goshhh its so cary nah? Did u see teh Japanese or the English one? U should see the Japanese (original) one...u wud never be sane again lol!

Send Puneet yep...he will make a sexy ghost too lol!


Keshi said...

I meant SCARY not cary lol...see even mah spelling's become spooky now...

jeeeeeez Ima os rfeaked uot ehlp emeeeeeeee!


uttara said...

mez doing good .. at home .. getting bored .. hope u had nice time today .. lucky u ... got long weekend ;)

take care babes ...
i told u put on some loud music ..u will feel much better


uttara said...

ok i will tell u about that later not now ...


did u read the music post of urs .. i have replied ..also the other one ..u will feel much better :)))))

huggy hugggy ...

here is a whole bunch of ORCHIDS for u ...muaaah

Keshi said...

The song that's playing right now is 'Haunted' by Evanescvnce...jeeeeeeeeez wut a coincidence lol!

Yep it was good...great drive and beautiful Tulips and roses...wish u could see this flower festival...u wud collapse at the beauty of it...I collapsed not becos of the beauty but I went neat this tree and saw a huge spider lol!


Keshi said...

awwwwww thankz for the did u know I luvvv Orchids alot?? goshhh thats so freaky...cos I love purple Orchids...

ok I'll read the other posts...thanks babeh u rock!

btw how is ur weekend so far? hope it's as fantastic as u r ;-)


uttara said...

what time u planning to sleep then ???

yeh i simply love flowers ...i admire them to the core .. am crazy one nut for them ...;)

ok am sending pooo now .. if he reads this he is gonna be mad at me ...lolllz


Keshi said...

hey Uttara no matter wut time Im going to bed tonite, I'd be wide awake all wish mum comes back soon or else I'll have to dial the Ghostbusters hotline...duhhh!

aww u love flowers too....

uttara said...

hehehhe .. what a coincidence .. i was abt to write roses .. but then .. orchids i too like them ... n i said ORCHIDS ...

ghosh ...

yeh my weekend is good till now..

hope its good till the end ...:))))

hows u doing ???

uttara said...

ok i will chat till she comes .. n keep u wide awake .. dont worry ....:)) wat time is she expected ..????

Keshi said...

must be something we shared at a different time and space...:)

we also went to the Sri Venkateshwarar temple on the way...was really peaceful and I felt so close to God today than I ever felt b4...I prayed for all my blog pals...cos somehow I know that many of them r not here just for fun...I know that blogs r about therapy...ppl r hurting alot and this is an escape I prayed for all the hurting souls.

Tomorrow we r going to Bowral..a nice place with farms and flowers etc...since it's the long weekend we try to make the best of it, for mum as well...:)

Hope ur gonna have a great day tomorrow too...

Arz000n said...

Im so tired from the drive today, yet I wanted to see u all...
Me irritating...am00nie and now Dizo....


While doing MP3 transfer and listening to "Aashiq banaya..."


Then watch taht ppt...its freaky... take care lady :)

uttara said...

hey sweets ..yeh am sure we wud have shared when we met in " Hotel California "...lolllzzz

btw gimme ur mail id .. n then delete it ...if its ok with u !!!

thats sooo sweet of u .. u prayed 4 all of us ... hugzzz sweeti ..

i too do that when i pray .. others first then me :)))


Keshi said...

awww Uttara thats so sweet of ya...thanks I really appreciate ur sweetness....words cant tell how special u r...thank u!

guess wut...I gtg now :(...nah mum's not here yet....but my friend just rang me and she's upset abt some gossip abt her wedding...goshhh these goissipers ruin ppl's lives.
I have to ring her back now...:)

now u tc and have a good rest of the weekend...I'll catch up whenever I can b4 Tue...but if not, we meet on Tue ok. Thanks sooo much for lifting up mah spirits...


uttara said...

z000nie .. she is feeling scared n u r reminding her to see that ppt .. u r ok na ???


Arz000n said...

Monday holiday...

Hmmm...Does that mean you not available on blog??

Damn :((

Also one bad news today...

T000nie piez deleted all her posty's


Z000nie in tears since he heard this

Keshi said...

lol Uttara...I left my email in ur blog...byeeee and thanks again...ur a sweety pie!


Arz000n said...

u r ok na
Im listening to "aashiq banaya...aapne"

Do you think anyone will be okie after listening to this funky song...

My parents have left ma room coz they thing Ive gone crazy :D


or is that GHOSt.pps effect

damn :(

uttara said...

ok dear ..
thanx soooo much ...hugzzz!!!

n abt gossipers ...eeekksss
i can write a post on that ...lollz

u take care have fun ..

good night sweet dreammzzz. miss u till then.

megahuzzz 2u2 sweetii

Keshi said...

omgg u guys wont let me go...cos u guys r too sweet and addictive...quite like Diabetes...hehehe...

wutttttttttttttttttt t000nie deleted her posts? WTF lemme see....


Arz000n said...

how come u online on weekend??
in office kya??

and K00kie piez...nice to see u here

hehehe :))

uttara said...

z000nie ... mez at home ...:))

was watching Chocolate ...

yuk movie ..

u have a gr8 weekend ..

Keshi ..
i have added u on ma buddies list ;)

u take care ..

have a wonderful weekend
miss me .. sendme some snap of that place ..since u told me its beautiful ..i too wanna see that now ..coz our taste is quite similar ...

i will be going in some time . momma is calling me ;))

gd nt sleep tight ..

>|' ; '| said...

its a shame that we know nothing concrete about the supernatural..

Zombie said...

shit @ 2nd picture

U scared the hell out of me keshi...grrrrrrrrr

saby said...

dat shud read 'the shit outta me'


saby said...

wats wid kesh and uttara?
they are chatting on blog

Silly girls!
bloggs are for blogging
chat is for chatting
toilets are for shitting

u cant substitute one for the other ROHIT !

ahaan said...

Hi keshi
Was just going through dewdy's blog and found out that its ur blog birthday today....Congrats .Happy birthday :o)


Tommy D said...

The mind is capable of many tricks. It is not a machine - garbage in, garbage out - but rather a chemical composition. The mind plays tricks with us while we sleep, and at times it plays havoc with our cognizance. Dream on!

saby said...

Mmmmmuuuuuuaaaaahhhhh !
happy blogg birthday

heyyyyyy Rohit!
down boy! down!

i didnt kiss her
just her blogg

Dawn....सेहर said...

hahaha ur warning sign itself made me laugh and it didnt stop when I saw the pics :)

Good one dear...good to be here after a long time..hope u r in pink of ur health ;)


saby said...

i see a new Dawn rising
and it scares me

i tot i was way beyond dat

saby said...

Hey Kesh, Rohit

u gotta excuse me
, i am just a DOM ,

saby said...

The questions which one asks oneself begin, at least, to illuminate the world, and become one's key to the experience of others.
-James Arthur Baldwin (1924-87), American writer, critic
Quote WorldFamous Quotes at

saby said...

, Bolly wood radio station , fusioned wid hollywood

Mr. Maverick said...

Sounds very interesting!!

Tarun said...

This is nothing what I experienced (not personally though) and that was not just a glimpse for second or two...because that was not the visual....and that whole big episode changed our life upside-down....

saby said...

1967 Thurgood Marshall sworn in as 1st black Supreme Court Justice

Racial discrimination?


saby said...

Heyyyy watza matter !
the blog goddess is late for her darshan


saby said...

hehehehe ..
i no why

she has to respond to each and evry one who took the time to speak to her

she has to do 132 replies

tank God, i am no blogg goddess


saby said...

i some times wonder how she handles 2 jobs

one at work
one as blogg goddess

saby said...

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.
-Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931), Lebanese-born American mystic poet, painter
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, is it OK to lust for a friend? ,

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

goooooood morninggggg k000kie-monsta

uttara said...

keshi ..missing ya ...:)

ok i need to do soem magic ... i think i lost my wand ..hehehehehe .. i wil give u some FLU powder so that u come back soon...hehehhe

come bk soon .. :)))

Sonia said...

so what was she wearing? and how long before u went into the loo? weren't u freaked?? i don't know how the hell i wud've gone to that loo. rather pee in my pants!

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

ok where have u gone now snoberina??

don't go witout saying bye to me ok??

hugzzz :)

KJ said...

scaryyyyyy n spoookkyyyy

the second pic was scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

saby said...

its spoooky
she posted abt spooks

now she is gone
is Kesh a spook too?


saby said...

dis mite bring u back

on dis day,
1945 Elvis Presley's 1st public appearance, he is 10

Divya said...

oh my goddddd ... u scared the hell outta me ksehiiii :(( mummy :(

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Jeez! creepy for sure. NO I haven't experienced it but have heard many stories.

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

has saby started bloggeroo-napping??

theres soo many people missing like keshi n amu, where the hell are you guys??

*n000nie missing them both :(

Nitika said...

hi keshu

whoooo hooooo title itself is too scary how to read whole heheh
fear fear fear .....this word has capture me a lot n know what... ghost though i haven't seen but i believe
second pic....... my goodness its totally beyound the limit of plp like me ohohhouuuuuu keshu where's your hand i wanna catch them i'm afraid me alone in the room
i'm going.deer.... .mummmy..... help :kidding:
would read half portion below the pic in the day time...... night is not suitable to have such dozes

u take care
lots of luv from me

Tarun said...

Keshi is out - is everything alright? or you so scared after posting this stuff that don't want to login ;)

Jim said...

now i am concerned too
hope dat Tiger mouse has not kidnapped her


:) said...

oo its scarry.. i read this b4 too...
no i hvnt experienced anything like this ever... n i dont want to... but i do think thy exists.. but plzz i don wanna meet thm ..

hugggzzz gorgeous.. hows ya..


Keshi said...

Uttara and z000nie hows ya :) Sorry I had to leave u that day all of a sudden...missed u guys alot!

NV muahhhhh! Great to see u bakkk-wooohoo! It was the Labor Day weekend in NSW Mon was a holiday :) yeyyyy!

Poison yepp we dunno much abt the supernatural...but some ppl claim to...but we refuse to believe em...

Misty awww did u get scared...thats a pic from The Grudge...have u seen it?

Ahaan THANK U for remembering my blog birthday...that was very sweet of ya :)

Saby thanks for the blog bday wishes...:)

Tommy WC and thanks! Yess I suppose the human mind is a deep river of chemical relationships. That's an awesome way to analyse this subject, thanks!

Dawn WB! I missed ya good to see u bakkk muahhhhhhh!

Mr.Mediocre thanks! :)

Tarun what changed ur life? tell me....

KJ I scared ya nah...awwww

Sonia she was wearing a long white dress...I didnt go to the loo that nite...I was like WTF! :(

Divya, Nitika and Kroopz lollz yep its a scary pic...sorry if I freaked u out :( HUGGGGGZ!

Saby and Tarun Im right here...twas a long weekend in NSW and I was out of Sydney :)

Thanks guys for all of ur feedback and for those who missed me - MUAHHHHHHHHHH!


Keshi said...



susubala said...

I've heard many of them telling stories on ghosts, but never felt it or thought seriously abt it, but on reading this, definitely some evil spirits must be existing !!!!!

Keshi said...

I believe they exist Sumi...


Maya Cassis said...

Yes,sometimes when we see apparitions and we can't tell anyone because people think we may have gone bonkers.
we know what we saw.i have been told that it's all imagination.But heart of heart I know what the truth is
The body is mortal but the soul is immortal.It passes through many lives and has to bear with the fruit of our past

Keshi said...

Spot on Maya!


SamY said...

heyyyy, if am not mistaken it is u in the 1st photo :) ... @ least u'd fit well if u dress in a gown like that ;)

Keshi said...

Samy u got that right lol!


Known Stranger said...

i wish i can have this kind of expereince once in life -

Pijush said...

I can not believe it, neither can deny it. There must be something which can not be proved. Good post Keshi, the flow was nice, something like a horror story.

Shanu said...

I finally managed to trace ur blogpost abt ghost..scari :(

Keshi said...

tnxx KS, Pij and Shanu! :)

Shanu ur a clever girl, finding this post somehow!