Wednesday, September 7

The unfelt touch

Have you ever had a forewarning of something that's about to take place? If you did then you have a gift...not necessarily a pleasant one though. Everyone is aware of their five basic senses, touching, smelling, seeing, hearing and tasting. But did you know every one of us has a brain region that clearly acts as an early warning system (the sixth sense), one that monitors environmental cues, weighs possible consequences and helps us adjust our behavior to avoid dangerous situations? Yes each and everyone of us has it, just that some of us have it tuned better than the rest. You may feel these people are gifted - yes they are when it comes to avoiding danger but not when it comes to seeing the unseen and hearing the unheard. Eerie as it may sound these are the people who can communicate with the spirit world. I'm not sure if I totally believe in spirits but I was forced to after seeing one...most of you know that story and actually I don't want to make that the highlight of this post anyways.

I read this somewhere: 'Following the Asian tsunami, scientists struggled to explain reports that primitive aboriginal tribesmen had somehow sensed the impending danger in time to join wild animals in a life-saving flight to higher ground'. That situation I believe is the sixth sense being useful and helpful as it can be sometimes . But everyone is not so conscious of their sixth sense, that sense of otherworldliness, a connection to something greater than their physical senses. This untapped territory of your brain is the doorway to the world of the unfelt touch, unheard communication and unseen encounter of a being from the spiritual world trying to make a contact with a being in the physical body. Whatever the religious beliefs you may have about spirits sometimes prevent you from believing in the sixth sense and ofcourse most people fear the unknown. There's nothing to fear about this because it's a normal part of the human psyche. If one should fear something it should be our fellow human beings because they can beat you up just to get your wallet but the supernatural beings (if any) won't and can't do that :) Look at this concept through scientific spectacles...when you want to listen to the radio you need to tune it to a particular frequency to listen to what you prefer, which is done by mechanical means. Same as this you need to tune into the frequency of some other element in the unseen world to have contact with it and that uses the means of mental focus and the desire to do so.

The strange thing is some people don't even have to tune their sixth sense...they are born with it being tuned perfectly. I don't have the ability or the desire to communicate with spirits - no I don't see dead people lol but I see alot of dumb people such as the ghostly muitilated brains with no senses at all, leaving dorky comments in blogs. However, most of my dreams (pleasant or not) come true. And sometimes I can tell what's about to happen even when the situation is nowhere near predictable. I don't mean big world events like the destructive hurricanes (wish I did so I can forewarn everyone :)), but little things in my daily life. Worst of all it's the dreams that freak me out sometimes. If tonight I dream of a friend visiting me tomorrow, well he/she would be at my doorstep the next day in the same clothes as he/she appeared in the dream. I know that I have an above average sensitivity to premonitions. In addition to the dreams, since I was about 7yrs old, I have been having a recurring vision of a car accident (one in which I see myself driving and falling off a cliff that kills me). I sometimes feel that this is my sixth sense rocking to the melody of 'Innuendo' (by Queen) but I'm not sure if that vision is 'suggesting' me something that I should act upon or it's something from a past life (if there really is such a concept). I have no idea but it aint going to stop me from driving or living life happily. If anyone of you know what this vision may relate to, please be kind enough to tell me even if it's downright torment to do so, thanks.

Having said all that what can we call this sixth sense - seeing through? Anyways, have you or anyone you know ever being tapped by the sixth sense?

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Me said...

me let me read...

Vivhyd said...

oh this is the best showing by me.. wow 2nd

Vivhyd said...

well animals are believed to be having the sixth sense and do warm of the impending danger.. interesting with the aboriginal tribemen having the same..

Well I do get this sense of Deja-vu sometimes. where I wud have already seen of a particular situation be4hand and then it actually occurs and I am like.. uh I have seen this be4.. it has happ many times and its as trivial as a discussion taking place with a few ppl around in those same positions and talking a particular thing u know.. so.. well in tht sense I have had a few of these..

Vivhyd said...

well animals are believed to be having the sixth sense and do war*n* of the impending danger..

warn not warm

saby said...

i am attacking , Justines cuntry,

tell him to visit
i want to see if he can take it

saby said...

Avik cheated
i was first in line

he claimed first entry
claiming he was a wooman
he was in Burkha

saby said...

wat ur referring to in animals and tribal ppl is animal instinct

and heightened senses as in dogs who can hear and smell a broader spectrum of sounds and smells

but pet dogs are loosing it
the wolves have it

as also cats have lost it
tanks to , Jay,

Keshi said...

Avik heyy!

Vivhyd u have had that Deja-vu feeling...hmm interesting...

**where I wud have already seen of a particular situation be4hand and then it actually occurs...

what d u mean u have already seen? how? is it dreams or real flashes of a vision?

**dogs who can hear and smell a broader spectrum of sounds and smells..

yep also I have read stories abt dogs sensing spirits...I dunno how true that is though. And wolves linked to horror stories, I dunno if theres any truth in it tho...


Arz000n said...

Glad to be in top 10

Will come back and read later....

Hugzzzz and take care K000kie-piez :)

Have a nice day ahead

Vinu said...


hmm..Intuitions..Six sense..a gud topic to dig upon..
I cant claim having such ability as far as i know..yeah maybe one or two times..but..
After reading you that everyone got that sense in them which may or may not be honed; bolsters me to try to tap that skill..lets see..

And about your dream..
You are saying ur most of the dreams come true..but wish this one doesnt..anyways drive carefully..

You said
~~I have no idea but it aint going to stop me from driving or living life happily~~

Kudos,friend..Infact u shud take that dream in all its spirit and stay sanguine..Live life as if there is no tomorrow..Happiness will be urs..


Keshi said...

Hey z000nie come bakkk! Its hard to get hold of ur glowing butt in the blog streets...;-)

Vinu heyy hows u?
**bolsters me to try to tap that skill..

hehe yeah try n tap it...u might discover somethings abt ya that u neva knew b4...ooooo...:)

**anyways drive carefully..

I try to...thanks. Well u know wut, even if it's going to happen some day Im only gonna die once, so to hell with it :) Yeah but Iit can also be just a deep phobia in me that's representing it in this manner...u neva know. A psychologist might be able to shed more light on this...

Thanks Vinu for the good wishes...same goes to u...take care!


Vinu said...


hmm..i think its working..hehe..i meant the sixth sense..After i comment on ur blog i normally check in the evening or sometime like that for ur answer and then i am of the habit of no second comment..

Anyways i just felt u might have replied to me right next after my comment..after my posting in my blog am here and whoa!..its true..hehe my sixth sense..

Jim said...

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you just might be the world"

"May the Lord Bless you and keep you,
May the Lord Make his face shine upon you,
and give you Peace.....Forever"
"Good friends are like stars...You don't always see them,
but you know they are always there.

, - i didnt say dis, Justine did,

southpaw said...

***The strange thing is some people don't even have to tune their sixth sense...they are born with it being tuned perfectly. I don't have the ability or the desire to communicate with spirits - no I don't see dead people lol but I see alot of dumb people such as the ghostly muitilated brains with no senses at all, leaving dorky comments in blogs*** :):):) hope i am not one of those keshi! anyways splendid post as usual, now i'll also try and tune my 6th sense, on second thought, first i must get the first 5 in order.

Keshi said... woohoo!

**i just felt u might have replied to me

U used the words 'I just felt'...thats ur 6th sense yep :) It's words like 'I had the gut feeling'...'I knew it was coming'...'I felt it'...'I sensed whats gonna happen'...that indicates that was the 6th sense behind ya...:)


Me said...

Hmmm..sixth sense....nice topic Kesh......

we are aware of five basic senses, seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting. What we are not so well aware of our sixth sense.

Though the scientists say that the sixth sense is a part of everyone whether or not they like it. It is a normal part of the human psyche and not abnormal or reserved for special or gifted requires a lot of tuning.....

The tribes of Nicobar island got a distinct sense of they
took shelter to higher ground which saved their lives from the disastrous tsunami.

If u are interested read this...

Jim said...

red Indians had animal instinct until the white man domesticated dem and put dem on reservations

they cud divine water
(but not oil)

they smoked the peace pipe wid the white man
they were taken for a ride

same happened to adivasis in India

Me said...

saby where is Jim ? I miss him.....

Keshi said...

Goodday South!

**hope i am not one of those keshi!

heyy u and dorky? neva! that line was abt the endless n nameless (anonymous) idiot who goes ard getting wasted leaving hate comments abt me, cos he just loves me too much...I can 'sense' his low cranium levels from so far away...hehe.

**first i must get the first 5 in order

LOL wut d u mean? r u short-sighted? deaf? mute? cant taste or touch? c'mon I think ur brilliant in all 5...

-u 'see' beyond wut the naked eye cud see...
-u 'hear' much clearer than the average guy..
-u talk loud and clear even with just 2 words...
-u touch deeper than what most ppl can reach...
-u taste more carefully cos u know the perils of sweet nuttins...

Now get on with ur 6th sense South :)

Me said...

me in Burkha ???

want to see saby ???

This is SABY

southpaw said...

Well keshi, at times i notice that i see what i shouldn't see, i hear what i shouldn't have, i m mute when i should have been loud and clear, i touch at wrong places(don't get me wrong here, i am sure u know what i mean) and even my taste sux at times thats why i said i better get those 5 in order first...:)and i am sure that if the all the above 5 works in order, i won't be needing the 6th one, what say?

Keshi said...

Hey Avik thanks for that link...I sure wanna read that! U just woke up? :)

Jim yep...tribes r supposed to know alot abt the 6th sense and seems to have it too. Like the Aboriginal n Red Indian tribes. And by polishing them up they lose the novelty of em and thats sad...


Keshi said...

na South u dun NEED the 6th sense...never assume that. No one needs it...only to a certain normal limit so that we can sense dangers. But having the 6th sense in a high levels as those ppl who speak to spirits or sense a catastrophe is altogether a different platform and I think is a pain for them...dun u think?


Keshi said...

lol Burkha pic!
Avik that post of ur's today freaked me out he Ted Bundy's brother by any chance?


southpaw said...

Absolutely keshi....

Me said...

lol...maybe has some blood relation..

Keshi said...

lol Avik but he's Chinese cant be Ted Bundy's cousin..

Or mebbe he has the 6th sense where it tells him to freak ppl out so he can close his business as soon as he started it n go bak to doing nuttin...that wud be just good :)


Sonia said...

I feel the sixth sense can be increased and diminished depending on the way you live. Some people shun it(unconsciously mebbe). some people are more 'real' than others. none of my dreams come true (thank GOD! you know how that wud be like na keshi!) but i do end up sometimes thinking of something and then it happens. simple stuff like i'm humming a tune and the song starts playing on the radio, or when i'm thinking of someone, that person calls. it happened to me more in India than Dubai though. India is so damn REAL! Reality slaps you in the face there! and sometimes there are freaky connections between people too. i was in my room at the hostel once and felt like something was wrong and i HAD to see this friend of mine on another floor of the hostel, i go there and see that she's crying her eyes out about something. sometimes you just know!

Sonia said...

btw, how old are you in the driving-off-a-cliff dream ?

Keshi said...

hey Sonzz!
So u seem to have it...cos some ppl said they dun feel/see anything like that.

**there are freaky connections between people too...

yess I u sensed ur friend's misery, I have a friend who feels it when her friends r in's freaky indeed.

**sometimes you just know

yes and I think thats becos the brain region of those ppl r tuned more than the others'. It's just like how some ppl r emotional than the rest...cos it's the way they r 'designed' if I may use that word :)

**btw, how old are you in the driving-off-a-cliff dream ?

I cant tell..I look young tho...can be anywhere between 25-35.

Can I ask if u r a very emotional person Sonzz? Just trying to make theories here :)


Sonia said...

yes, i think i am. don't like it, but i am.

btw, there was one this ONE dream of mine...

i dreamt that a friend of mine was pregnant. which is kinda weird cos she had just gotten married! she was in hyderabad at the time and i was in delhi.
i called her up and told her "hey, i saw the craziest dream. i dreamt u were pregnant!" and she was like " you know whats's crazier? I AM!"

Arz000n said...

I think Im having this sixth sense thingy...but it works only for me.

I clearly remember during my 3rd sem...I mean during preparation of ma 3rd sem exam..I had this feeling that something bad is gonna happen. Its some tickling in ma left eye...and since then whenever it happens, Im sure real bad thing is on its way.

So it happend that when its was a week for the semester to met with an accident where doc said that he might lose his eye-sight.

Thats one of the major experience I've come across and I almost predicted it too. Think I got this from ma mom.

And konw wht?
Since I moved here in Delhi 12 days back...tht tickling has again started...and no wonder my S'pore travel got cancelled. Just praying that my US trip dont get cancelled too :(

At helps...but most of the time, I hate for this six sense feeling in me

Keshi said...

z000nie whoaaaa boy u too! But u know wut I 'sensed' u had it...Im not joking...u have something abt that tells me u see through...

The ticking of the left mum believes in that too...she tells me that it's a foreboding...well she's usually right cos I have experienced it too! aww ur dad is ok now? abt ur US trip dun will happen. even if it didnt see it as something good...everything happens for a good reason na.

Another freaky thing that happened to me was that when I first bought my car, we went to the Hindu temple to do the Puja for it...and when the Priest brought the tray of flowers n fruits n incense sticks near the car and asked me touch em, I was so careless I burnt my arm trying to reach left 2 black spots for months...I dunno if that was a bad sign...becos when I went back into the car, the pic of one of the Hindu gods that mum left near the dashboard as soon as we bought it, had disappeared for one knows what happened to it.


Keshi said...

omahgoshhh Sonzz ur dream is sooo freaky mate! Ur like me...I dream alot of things n they come's actually a headache...becos when I dream something bad and even if it's not a real forewarning, i worry it might happen...

I once dreamt there was this grosss flesh-eating croc in my the next day I was so happy cos I knew now that can never happen in real!


Sonia said...

naa, most of the things i dream are way too outrageous to be true. this just happened once, i think.

Keshi said...

aha Sonzz so wut d u think abt my vision?


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Damn...tiz jez posted today...and 35 comments!!!
You are some personality!!

Nice post...i hvnt really been or known neone being tapped by sixth sense!!!

And as u have mentioned...


Keshi said...

hehe Anna :) good on ya!


Arz000n said...

But u know wut I 'sensed' u had it...Im not joking
Awwww...gimme hugz.

I was so careless I burnt my arm trying to reach it..
Oh boy....
That was freeaky...u burning ur arm when u had got ur new car..

And was all fine with 10 days or so...but only after I had nightmares in ma 3rd sem...fortunately didnt flunked, but it was kinda nightmare...

I never spoke about this sixth sense thingy though people might laugh at me to talk about something like this in 21st century...but boy-o-boy, ppl do experience something similar

Remmeber that Dreams-DEJA VU post on Pari's website few weeks back...These are 2 things which I think I possess, but never spoke abuot to...not even with ma family members :)

Glad to read something about it on k000kie-piez blog

Take care and keep smiling :)

Arz000n said...

tiz jez posted today...and 35 comments!!!

K000kie, think its high time for you to post Google-Ads and start generating revenue in dollars..

What say??

If you are not intersted in keeping em, send it across to me :)

I mean those dollars .....

Now wht do I get for sharing this brilliant tip with you...which I assume you didnt knew about. And even if you do, I was not aware of me copyrighting this idea anyway :D

ahaan said...

guess all of us r born with sixth sense but with time we stop paying attention to the sighns.

Moreover we try to think and expect the things as the way we wud like them to be and thus ignoring this intuitive feelings .

Moreover women r beleived o have a better sixth sense ....

Keshi said...

z000nie glad to hear ur dad was ok and that u didnt fail ur exams!

** never spoke about this sixth sense thingy though people might laugh at me to talk about something like this in 21st century

what?? r u for real? who said that the 6th sense is ancient, boring and old-fashioned lol! just that it's not talked abt cos it's not common to have the 6th sense...n ppl dun wanna talk abt something that's rare and unknown...fear I guess. but like I said the 6th sense is very real as much as our other senses...n z000nie u should talk abt it often...but I dunno if that will make it disappear as some ppl say that...dunno why tho...

**Remmeber that Dreams-DEJA VU post

oyeah I must re-visit that was very interesting.

Thanks n u tc too!

Jim said...

, heyyyy Avik !,

how do u provide the link
wats the html tag u type

i wanna show keshi's world yr pic wid out yr pantz

Jim said...

i gott a 6th sense dat tells me Avik is gay
and fell in love wid Saby

he made a devotional blogg all for Saby alone

Heyyy Avik,
, GOMEY is gay too,

Keshi said...

Ahann WC to my blog!
**but with time we stop paying attention to the sighns

yes thats so true...I guess thats why many kids claim to see spirits and also claim to know their past lives...heard so many kids' stories back in Sri Lanka. And yes they forget em when they grow up. Maybe with time n exposure we lose it just like we lose our innocence and purity of mind...

**Moreover we try to think and expect the things as the way we wud like them...

Spot on! U seem to know alot abt it...mind telling us whether u experienced it?

**Moreover women r beleived o have a better sixth sense..

really? didnt know that. Any chance u know why that is so?


Keshi said...

lol z000nie awww :)

**Now wht do I get for sharing this brilliant tip with you

I knew it 6th sense told me abt it ages ago n it also told me that a boy called z000nie will claim the rights to the idea but just to discard!


Keshi said...

LOL Jim n Avik wud u 2 make out ooops I mean make up :)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...


Keshi said...

Ok guys I just got a forewarning that someone called NV will arrive and smile...

omggg he just did!!!


Keshi said...

My 7th sense says I must go now...ok guys see ya all later!


Jim said...

i goofed

AVIK is a lesbian

Jim said...

, heyyyy Janice !,
bandra festak yetai tumhi ?

Jim said...

Janice dakti burgeank lain marta

chris hi bori disana
babdo chris

Jim said...

another one of Keshis friendz !

Jim said...

Keshi's friend

Jim said...

tANKS Avik
u a good sport

Jim said...

lemme try again
click here

Me said...

KESH ... Wanna see 'THE REAL SABY' ???

This is The Real Saby

tulipspeaks said...

:( 59th?? how come my 6th sense keep failing me this last few days??

Jim said...

heyyyy AVIK !
u may not no it
but ur priviledged to be one of Saby's bosom pals

but now dat u posted dat second nasty pic of me

u just mite be delisted here
Saby's friends

all thsse guys get special treatment when they come to Goa,
he takes special care to see dat they come

Jim said...

wanna come, AMUTHA ?

strawy said...

i have this sixth sense thing n had very bad experiences which i cant discuss,telling u keshu , no 1 enjoy this sixth sense thing , its hurts , its like u know wats going to happen still u cant stop it n feel helpless... u dont want to think about it but still it haunts ur brain n make u see things, its like a fish without water feeling ...
nice post babez ... this post scared me ....


Jim said...

dat dont sound propah
i meant wanna come to Goa?

Jim said...

maka zai zai zai
bareek bareek wokol
maka zai

Che janice bashin nuin
Kesh joshe

PuNeEt said...

Have you ever had a forewarning of something that's about to take place
Ye wen I met u for the first time on blog world my sixth sense told me stay away from this women else she will sweep u off ur feet… ;-)

most of you know that story
I’m not a part of “most”… keshu tell me the story…link plsssssss

I see alot of dumb people such as the ghostly muitilated brains with no senses at all, leaving dorky comments in blogs.
Hahahahahhaa….. yeee so true… dialouge from the movie sixth sense-
I can see dumb people
Where… in your dreams…
No walking all around the blog world ;-)

If tonight I dream of a friend visiting me tomorrow, well he/she would be at my doorstep the next day in the same clothes as he/she appeared in the dream
Gosh… Puneet fantasising his chances… don’t care about the clothes

If anyone of you know what this vision may relate to
Ye stop thinking about scrap… if u don’t have anything better to think… I’m there…resource getting wasted ;-) ha ha ha ha ha

People who are more close to nature, have more tuned sixth sense, unless some1 is gifted…that’s the reason tribals could foresee the tsunami… most of the animals do have sixth sense… I wish they knew English too ;-)

I get those vibes… not strong always… u can call it sixth sense…

If I figure in ur sixth sense do let me know ;-)


Vivhyd said...

******what d u mean u have already seen? how? is it dreams or real flashes of a vision?******

well.. its not dreams.. Its more like real flashes of vision.. where I see and hear something which happens later and I am like.. oh I have seen this happenning...

Interestngly.. I tend to get tht sort of feeling as things start to drift towards tht and I sit queit and let it pass and then am like hmm.. just as I had sensed.. u knw

like suppose ppl are sitting at particular places.. I can control tht in the sense I need not necc go and sit in one place.. esp when I knda start getting ths hmm deja-vu feeling. but I let things go by itself until it reaches wht I have seen... its strange...

Keshi said...

Ok Avik n Saby cut it twas funny but I dun want u 2 to fight :( Avik u know this Saby is sooo fond of fighting beware I dun want u to get hurt...and I saw Saby's new pic I like those brows...thick enough to start making a wig :) And Saby yeah I saw the pic u posted abt Avik/z000nie - jeeeeeeez ur so J that they r my friends na? :)


Keshi said...

Hey st000nie wut happened...u sound so low when u say that...mebbe I shouldnt ask u then...just take it easy. I cant believe the 6th sense has affected u too...but dun let it get to ya...we cant really help it na...just relax and do happy things...things that make u smile..HUGGGGGGGGGZ baby!


Keshi said...

Puneeeeeeet! :)

wow my 6th sense didnt tell me u wud be here this soon - I think I just lost my 6th sense hehehe...

**Ye wen I met u for the first time on blog world my sixth sense told me stay away from this women else she will sweep u off ur feet… ;-)

so why dun u listen to ur 6th sense? hehehe...

**I’m not a part of “most”… keshu tell me the story…link plsssssss

ooops no I dun have a post on this...but most of my mates know the story cos I said it in st000nie's spooky post a while back...well I will tell u the story here, in a separate comment. So check for it ok :) it's HORROR so be prepared!

**I can see dumb people
Where… in your dreams…
No walking all around the blog world ;-)

LOL good one! yep the anonym-asses who r dumb from head to toe - 1. cos their heads dun work..2.cos their toes do too much blog hopping they get dizzier than they already r.

**Gosh… Puneet fantasising his chances… don’t care about the clothes

LOL no clothes? omahgoshhhhhhhhhhh I dun think I can open the door hehe. Well but even b4 that, if I dream abt this the night b4, I wud have died anyways so I wont be there to open the door lolllz!

**Ye stop thinking about scrap… if u don’t have anything better to think… I’m there…resource getting wasted ;-)

LOL so now ur a resource...ok let me note that down ;-)

**People who are more close to nature, have more tuned sixth sense, unless some1 is gifted…that’s the reason tribals could foresee the tsunami… most of the animals do have sixth sense… I wish they knew English too ;-)

oh that makes real good sense. Nature n Tribes n the 6th sense wow! Never saw it that way b4. So guess I wud have to go bak to live with the tribes...hehe...goshh I cant do w.o. my jeans n toothbrush n mobile fone so how can I live with the tribes? lol!

**If I figure in ur sixth sense do let me know ;-)

I sure will...depends on how good the vision if it was bad I wont tell ya :) dun wanna scare ya...

Thanks Puneet have a good day!

Keshi said...

Vivhyd so u get! I only get that one car accident thing...that too only very rarely n lasts only for abt 5seconds...thats all...but the fear that's left from it lasts a while and I get irritated....


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

wat a great thot ppost.
no no keshi.
u din scare me.
the day i started readin urz was i think monday nite and at the moment istartin to have bad headache sumthin different den i have so i left a lil comment.
i din really understand your post. cuz i din read it again after dat.
so sorry if u felt dat way. tis wasn't my intentions..

now on this posty..
hmm sixth sense. so far i belive its all movies. u see. idun belive sumthin i havnt seen/ felt yet. but God is the only one i belive in widout seein. which is a total different scenario. n e ways..
now u have dat dream over and over again. i wudn't know a think, cant interpret my funky dreams. if i knew sumbody who cud do wud have asked bout urz.
ghosts and spirits. i just cant make myself belive dat ppl can talk/hear/see them.
but dats jsut me u know..

will be bak laterzz
peace out

Jim said...


He just sits down on the steps and is sad.
Evry now and then when he hears foot steps
he visibly brightens

only to be let down
its only dat silly girl , AMUTHA,

justine mon amour
i miss u soo

Justin Thyme said...

Keshi - as always, very thought provoking. I think you already know where I stand on the concept of a sixth sense... :-)

Awwww, thanks Jim. I miss you too - with every shot I take... :-)

Zombie said...

......all the time!

And thanks, I so love such spooky write ups.

Michelle said...

wow kesh the dream thing wuz cool...
hm...we got tht in common cuz wat i dream usually comes true but not a s accurate as urz!!
wow same clothes ur frnd showed up @ ur door!!
i kinna know wen i get a call,who is callin without viewin the number.hee hee which is cool!!


luvd da movie da sixth sense...

Justin Thyme said...

red Indians had animal instinct until the white man domesticated dem and put dem on reservations

My mother and her side of the family are "red Indians." Are you honestly saying that a sixth sense for them is akin to their being animals, having only the same sense that animals do? (I'm not accusing or blaming - I am just asking for clarification so that I can understand what you are trying to say...). The supposition that their spiritual beliefs disappeared when they were "domesticated" (another word implying they were just animals with which I have a serious problem) is inaccurate.

In this world we have a general sense, called the desire to receive, with five receptors, which are our five senses. Scientists too use only their five senses. Any instrument-- precise, advanced, technical, mechanical or otherwise -- we regard as "objective." But these instruments merely expand the limits of our senses so that we may hear, see, smell, taste and touch more intricately. Ultimately, it is man who examines, measures and assesses the results of research, through his five senses. Obviously, he cannot provide an exact, objective answer to what is accomplished by the senses.

When starting to study reality, we discover that we cannot study or understand that which is beyond us since it is unknown and unrevealed to us. If we cannot see it or touch or taste it, we may question whether it really exists. Only a few fortunate souls are able to truly comprehend a reality that exists outside the realm of the five senses.

Imagine that we are in the middle of the ocean, within a sea of light. We can sense all kinds of feelings that seem to be incorporated into it, as far as our ability to comprehend allows us. We do not hear what is happening elsewhere. What we regard as hearing comes as the response of our eardrums to external stimuli. We do not know what is causing it. We simply know that our eardrum reacts from within us. We assess it internally and accept it as an external event. We do not know what is happening outside of ourselves; we merely comprehend the reaction of our senses to it.

As in the example of hearing, so too is it with our other senses: sight, taste, touch and smell. That means that we can never exit our "box." Whatever we say about what is happening externally is in fact the picture we paint inside us. This restriction can never be overcome.

A sixth sense is then like a radio that is able to tune into a certain wavelength. The wavelength exists outside of the radio, which receives and responds to it. This example applies to us too. If we have at least one tiny spark of the spiritual world, we will begin to feel it within ourselves.

Different pictures of reality are painted differently by those in this world. Logic dictates that reality should be uniform to everyone. Nevertheless, one hears one thing, another hears something else, one sees one thing, another sees it differently. It's similar to how we use electricity - we have in our homes an electric socket which contains abstract energy which cools, heats, creates a vacuum or pressure depending on the appliance using it, and on the ability of the appliance to utilize the electricity. Yet the energy has no form of its own, and remains abstract. The appliance reveals the potential found in the electricity. So it is with us and our ability to tap into our inate sixth sense.

... but that's just my opinion and belief (and you already know what I think about opinions... lol)

honkeie2 said...

Proof animals are smarter than humans. They know when to run.
And proof humans are to stoopid to read the signs to run with them. Maybe a lesson can be learned here, when ALL of the wild animals are running, crawling or flying the other way; we should do the same.

Pallavi said...

Remarkble Post!!! i love it.

"Have you ever had a forewarning of something that's about to take place?"
Yes! Ever since i was a little girl and till this day. Ever since i was a little girl my left and right eye/eyebrow flickers...and the flickering is a warning of good or bad things..when a left eye/eyebrow flickers, i end up crying....for some reason. I'll get in a fight with my sister, i'll read a sad story, watch a movie or just have a bad day....something.... i end up crying. Similarly if my right eye/eyebrow flickers...something good happens, will end up hearing a good news, project will go well, meet an old friend and chat away in glory....something joyful.

I used to try and explain to ppl what it is like, and how i feel. In return...have been laughed at many many times. The only people who can relate to me are my mom and sister ( LOL yes it runs in the family) hahah! though the funny thing is their sides are for them left is good right is bad. (i CANT believe i am typing this here...sounds soooo creeepy). What is creepier is that my best friend of last 8-9 yrs... she used to always say, "Oh shut up pallu....u are crazy." AND happens to her!!!!!!!! When her eyes flicker and twitch..she experiences the bad and the good!!!!!! Sometimes i hear ppl say..oh that happens cuz you are tired..u didnt get enough sleep...or its just a coincidence...etc.etc.. and i try to believe it..but at the end.........something happens which makes me go back to thinking about the...RIGHT LEFT BAD and the GOOD... and thats when i say......If these are "conincidences" -- then damn my life is overflowing of them for the last 15+ years!!!

Another weird thing is that i have really really strong many times i know wats coming..or i blur something out randomly and it becomes the's freaky... scares me!

I so many times wish that the whole eye flickering didnt happen with me..cuz it disturbs me! It does.. i dont like it. but then sometimes i am thankful cuz it warns me to be careful. its helped -- in many ways.

Dewdrop said...

Ive only seen the extremes in movies and heard stories abt it, but have never personally had a forewarning of something that's gonna happen. I do trust my instincts strongly though

Jim said...

, Justine u ASS,,
when i said red indians and tribal ppl had animal instincts

i didnt mean animal as a derogatory term

animals are pure creatures of God
they dont hate
they dont envy
they hunt and kill to fill their hunger
they dont hoard food

they protect the envirionment
a dog is faithful

he cannot be bought
he will die so dat u live

there is no better body guard
than a dog

INDIRA GANDHI was shot to death by her bodyguards

:) said...

80th loll..
hey gorgeous.. nice post...
hhmmm 6th sense.. i dont think i hv that.. hehe actually mostly it happens just opposite of wht i felt.. hehe.. so i always try to think of worst so that.. smthing good can happen..:)

z000nie..Its some tickling in ma left eye... hehe i get this tickling too but whnever that happens.. i get sm good news... hehe guess i hv 7th sense instead of 6th:P hahaha
n u stop that tickling donno glue it..nothing bad can happen to ma mickry mau... pari gives her magic wand to mickey mau:)


Justin Thyme said...

Okay Jim, okay! :-) I get it... that's why I asked what it meant so that I would not make any false assumptions. (lol... and what's with calling an ass? I thought you LIKED my ass... hehe)

Jim said...

heyyyy Pari,
there is sumting about u
dat distracts me

i forgot wat i was going to say to justine

Jim said...

Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.
-Dr. Thomas Fuller (1608-61), English clergyman, writer

, an apt quote for dat ASS above,

Pallavi said...

ARJUN U FREAK!!!!!!!!! i didnt read what you wrote tiill i was done posting my comment... and OH MY GOD..... we are saying the SAME THIGNS!!! spoooooooky! is it a marathi thing??? GOSH i wonder!

Justin Thyme said...

I'm not exactly sure what your trying to say with that quote, Jim... does that mean you don't want to light my fire anymore? And after all we've meant to each other... :-)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Gosh!!! keshi..its dangerous...I have gone through this..twice and believe me...its not the fear is there in mind...of happening...and it did happen ...very recently...sense of an accident..and it did happen to me brushed my arm with a bus...nothng much happend..but yes...two days this fear of happening I sensed...but all I can say...nothing much serious happened...thats all one can say!!!

what a topic you bring out dear :)

Jim said...


To laugh is to risk appearing a fool

To weep is to risk appearing sentimental

To reach out for another is to risk involvement

To expose your feelings is to risk
exposing your true self

To place your ideal, your dreams before a crowd

is to risk their loss

To love is to risk not being loved in return

To live is to risk dying

To hope is to risk despair

To try is to risk failure

Yet risks must be taken
Because the greatest hazard in life is risking

The person who risks nothing
Does nothing
Has nothing
Is nothing

Self-realisation is harder than
Self Sacrifice

Author Unknown
gott dis not from dat ASS Justine, but from

Jim said...

heyyy Pallavi
ha ARJUN kutte aheth ?
disath nahi

hope u dont love him
u just sealed his fate

a mouse opinion said...


i castrated a mouse
wid a stiff ass
and a snotty nose

oh no rather a shitty nose

he wont trouble u nemore

Ok lemme try wat avik taught me,,

click here

Keshi said...

Hey Icy hugggggggggz n WB! Thats ok, I was just thinking abt u...thats all :)
Oh well so u dun much believe in the 6th sense...u say u dun beleive in something u havent seen, touched or felt...but u believe in God but have u seen/touched/felt God?'s fireworks Q lol! Expecting a fireworks ans :)

Justin that was a very deep and excellent description of the 5 senses - well done! Where did u get it from or is it ur own?

** So it is with us and our ability to tap into our inate sixth sense.

Exactly! But I didnt even tap was just there...:(

Misty and p000nie u too!! WOWWWWWW! Look how many of my mates have this now!! I was like am I the only one duhhh! :) p000nie I luved that movie too but after watching the ghostly woman in the kitchen scene, I screamed so loud in the cinemas and banged my head with my cuzn as we both tried to turn away..LOL! And with that image in my head I couldnt sleep for 6months...

Honkeie hello WC to my blog!

**Proof animals are smarter than humans

yes I totally agree...ppl think they r too smart but since the animals havent been affected by all the superficial things, they still havethat pure senses...ours have rusted.

omgg Pallavi u too? wow! jeeeez almost all my friends here have the 6th sense yeyy! Well the eye/brow twitching thing is so happens to me n I always tell ma it runs in out family too hehehe. I too wish that I didnt get that haunts me sometimes and I just run n isolate myself cos I can even hear the sounds of the's really freaky.

Dewdy heyy thats great. Yep I think having very trustworthy Instincts is also having the 6th sense...cos not many ppl have good instincts.

Jim and Justin have u sorted out the animal war? :)

LOL Pari thats sooo cuttte! hehehe yep z000nie had the twitching thing going on in him...hehe...;-)

ok now r Jim n Justin taking their friendship somewhere else? ;-)

Dawn omgg u toooooooo! Thats sooo freaky...u know wut, ur very close to nature in ur I strongly believe u have it. gosshhh u got that feeling b4 the accident? omggg and it happened! greattt now this is scaring moiii cos I see that stupid cliff thing since I was 7... :( ok so if u guys suddenly stop hearing from me then it has happend...


Keshi said...

Anonymous mice, rats, worms and cockroaches, Im done with u spineless rodents who have no purpose in life but to rot just roam ard wherever u want...not here...besides I have sprayed pesticide on ya long time ago...just that ur dumb and hanuted soul wont leave. Not that I care anyways cos it seems like u dun even have a maker - thats sad.


saby said...

Gosh Keshi !
u blaspheme
God loves Annony mouses too

and perhaps more
a saint usually had a past
a repentant sinner

as in Saul
who went on to become St Paul

Saul used to feed christians to the lions

saby said...

Keshi girl !!!!

u spoilt child
u dont criticize a man old enuff to be yr father

Keshi said...

Ok Saby I curse...n u dont? The asses dont? Ok can u tell me where did I curse in above comment?


saby said...

Before you contradict an old man, my fair friend, you should endeavor to understand him.
-George Santayana

Justin Thyme said...

Aaaahhh.... therein lies the crux of the dilemma, Saby my pal... yes, saints have pasts and are themselves repentant sinners, but there is that one little word - repentant.

Keshi said...

U said the word Justin - thanks!


yes and this worthless anonm-ass is gonna regret every bit of his rodent act. lol poor guy.


saby said...

, now shut the fuck up , girl !,

there is no way u can win an argument wid an old man
esp a wise old man


saby said...

hehehe ..

Justin Thyme said...

You go, grampa! Now, it's time to change your diaper...

Keshi said...

shutting me up wont make u right Saby. either take my pic off that list or that idiot's. I dun u'stand u anymore Saby. Dun try to make me something that Im not. I wud rather be hated for who I really am than be loved for someone I'm not...u may choose.


saby said...

, i will not !,

i will not choose
i will not take yr pic off
i will not take ITCC pic off
i will not take justin pic off
i will not stop tormenting u and Justin

i will not ....
Gee, i forgot wat i will not ...

Keshi said...

Then be God Saby I dun care. U DO CHOOSE...cos u chose me as a as u like it 'dont choose' me as anything. happy?

Justin Thyme said...

Tormenting?? Nah... you're the wise old man, remember? We put you in a home and visit on occasion to let you rant to your heart's content. Have you forgotten?

Oh dear, Kesh... I think dear old Pappy's mind has really started to slip...

saby said...

, Welcome to the real world, Keshi,
there is no way u can prevent me from commenting

u block my ISP
i will post from cyber cafes

how many cyber cafes u can block ?

i am soo sick of these sugary comments by your sugary friendz
i cud puke

Justin Thyme said...

Sabe - my man - chill! Was that actually a threat of harassment and cyber-stalking you threw out there? I'm asking because I don't want to assume...

saby said...

heyyyy heyyyy Justin !
roll downn those sleeves
we are bum pals remember?

Keshi said...

Justin I think Saby never u'stand wut I say...he just wants to be here cos he doesnt 'choose'...hehe...

As to the cyber threat Q by u Justin, I too saw it that way...Saby I didnt even tell ya I was gonna block ya...why did u say something like that? Makes me wanna stop blogging altogether now cos it disappoints me that U being a good friend came up with something like that!


saby said...

i just made a decision
i am retiring to an old age home
i had enuff wid teenagers and justine

but perhaps u guys will listen to George Santayana
if not dis old man

Justin Thyme said...

No sleeves rolled up, my friend... no worries there. I am just trying to understand why the wise old porn-master needs a yankee fag to tell him that, whether you or anyone else feels it is deserved or not, this is never the way one treats a woman...

So just leave it be - at least, for a while - and just bend over and take your medicine, you silly old queen... :-)

Justin Thyme said...

And Kesh - I don't think I need to remind you (again) your own words to me when I could not write because of what someone else said...

Oh, and to your question about where my sixth sense stuff came from - it's part of the posting I wrote yesterday for you. It's a combination of quotes, paraphrasing and my own stuff all mixed together.

Keshi said...

Saby why dun u eva ans my Qs directly? I dun want a quote from some dead person to make me understand...just tell me the answers to my Qs for Godssake!

Why that threat?

hehe Justin ur sooo funny :)

Keshi said...

twas a good comment Justin...alot of info.

ok I try so hard to take my own advice :) thanks for reminding matey ;-)


Keshi said...

See and when I expect Saby to ans my Q he just hides...this is not the way u want be na Saby?


saby said...

just one parting shot
, i just cant help loving justine,

but for me
there is only a fine line btw LOVE and SCORN

a guy who can administer medicine
but cant take it
Justine for short

Justin Thyme said...

hehehe... Saby, you are too funny, old man. But you've got a lot to learn - I could write a book on "giving" and "taking"... lol.

Keshi said...

Saby u keep saying ur wise and that wise men r usually old men...that's stereotyping...young people also have brains and sometimes can be much more wiser than many old people. U cant be so fixed in ur view that u overlook their point of view.


saby said...

wise men r usually old men...

, AMEN !,

Justin Thyme said...

And old men also tend to have Alzheimer's... now back into bed with you, or do I have to call Nurse Ratchet on you? :-)

saby said...

now for GOD's sake
move on to another post

coz i promised my self i will have the last word here

even if i have to take french leave today

Justin Thyme said...

Okay grampa. You got the last word... :-)

saby said...

Nurse Ratchet ??
dat rings a bell

wasnt she the one who cudnt find yr asshole to administer enema to u, when u were full of shit as today

Justin Thyme said...

Classic case of projection... third symptom of Alzheimer's. I think I still have Dr. Kavorkian's number on speed dial for just this eventuality... :-)

Keshi said...

Saby I think u r arrogant in every way.


Justin Thyme said...

u were full of shit...

I take it that is not a quote from any of the three wise men who came bearing gifts for the Christ child.... So which wise man said that? Ghandi perhaps? Buddha? Oooooh, I know! It must have been George Santayana!!

saby said...

one ting i no for sure Justine
it wasnt u

u dont even no ur full of shit

Justin Thyme said...

"Hello? Kettle? This is Saby. You're black."

(if that does not translate cross culturally, it means "well, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black")

saby said...

lets call a truce Justine
we are both full of shit

the diff is 'mine doesnt stink'

Justin Thyme said...

LOL... I'm not full of it! I cleaned out just for you and for that special time we had together... :-)

I have no beef with you, my friend. Haven't at all. I thought I was just having a fun banter with you, so if you mistook anything I wrote, my apologies.

saby said...

OK, i accept
but kiss my ass first

Justin Thyme said...

Oh you, you're such a flirt.

saby said...

then i take an enema too
and we hop into bed

who needs Keshi !

Keshi said...

u 2 r crazy lol!


saby said...

Friends are generally of the same sex, for when men and women agree,it is only in the conclusions; their reasons are always different. George Santayana

Friends need not agree in everything or go always together, or have no comparable other friendships of the same intimacy. George Santayana

Friendship is almost always the union of a part of one mind with the part of another; people are friends in spots. George Santayana

Keshi said...

...Pot calling the kettle black...Justin my dad taught me that line when I was abt stayed in my memory all the time...mebbe cos it fits many ppl I met later on...only my dad didnt live long enough to realise I value his teachings more than anything else in the world.


Keshi said...

Saby lol so George Santayana is ur latest God?


saby said...

another ting i learned today
Keshi needs to get on my knee at least once a week

i always carry a hair brush wid me
though i have no hair

saby said...

Dear Kesh,
always remember
u can find God in the strangest places

i found the voice of God today in Justine
He tot me how to be a good loosa
there is no better

i found God in a porn story
a son was in love wid his mom
and he saw her going to pieces as she aged (she was a lovely model)

she cudnt come to terms wid her aging
then her son told her something
that changed her attitude to life

i tink he said
'Mom ur lovable not for yr exteriors
ur a lovely person'

i have a lotta g/f's but they dont turn me on like u do

u will find wisdom in annony mouse comments too

dont be surprised if God Himself comes nocking at yr door as an annony mouse some day

Keshi said...

very funny Saby.

Keshi said...

wut kinda of pervy son is that lol!


PuNeEt said...

HI dear

so why dun u listen to ur 6th sense?
Coz I love taking risks

it's HORROR so be prepared
I love horrror ;-)

no clothes?
U got me all wrong…
I don’t care if I’m in the same clothes as I appeared in ur dreamz

if it was bad I wont tell ya :) dun wanna scare ya
come on… that’s not fair
its fun to challenge destiny ;-)

take care

Pallavi said...

Wow u can hear the sounds! keshi..thas something! goodness..

Keshi said...

hehe Puneet good on ya, yep taking risks is a must in life! oooops I thought no clothes lolll sorry!

Ok I will tell ya even if it's far I havent seen u in my dreams :) wish I did hehehe...

Pallavi I for's really freaky. :(


PuNeEt said...

so far I havent seen u in my dreams :)

gosh strange... that means u always have pleasent dreams ;-)

unlucky me ;-)

Keshi said...

lol Puneet na...I have been having some nightmares too it will be quite pleasant if u appear in mah dreams :)


PuNeEt said...

that is so sweet
i was wondering... not in dreams not in nightmares...
so actually i'm yet on the way ;-)
hope to reach soon :-))


Justin Thyme said...

** only my dad didnt live long enough to realise I value his teachings more than anything else in the world.

Actually, Keshi, you might be quite surprised when all is said and done. You father was the gardener who nurtured you into the world where you are now a beautiful flower than, like all beautiful flowers in the world, draws both the butterfly and the creeping insects to it. Although your father may not be here to physically see how his child has blossomed so vibrantly, I have faith that he does see and he does know.

Jim said...

... said the creepy insect to the rose

Keshi said...

**actually i'm yet on the way

Hurry up now :)


Keshi said...


**You father was the gardener who nurtured you into the world where you are now a beautiful flower than, like all beautiful flowers in the world, draws both the butterfly and the creeping insects to it.

How beautifully expressed Justin! Can u imagine what happened when I read it...I CRIED. I seriously did...and tears started rolling down my cheeks even w.o. my knowledge...u really really touched my heart with those words...isnt it amazing that ppl from so far away can say such beautiful things to u, touch u so deep, make u really one ever said such a lovely thing to me b4 Justin thanks n HUGGGGGGGGGZ! Ur truly an amazing person and I feel so blessed to have met ya...

**A I have faith that he does see and he does know.

I talk to him in my head...I hear his voice all the time...echoes from the past telling me, guiding me, picking me up when I fall...but I really miss his physical presence. I dun see any meaning in being this lonely...I can be the most fortunate girl in the world with all that I have...but I have nothing cos I dont have him now.


Jim said...

He just socks Justine on his beeg nose and flattens it on his face.

, 'Dont ever make my girl cry again !
U hear?
ass hole!

Jim said...

inspite of her tough exterior

...breasts of steel, F-word on the tip of her tongue, carving knife in hand ... as she chases annony mouses out of her territory

she is just a baby at heart

Keshi said...

me a baby all my life...aww Jim huggggz!


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visithra said...

i have the same kinda sixth sense - u see i rarely dream - but if i do things happen exactly opposite to my dreams - i used to not believe this but after while i figured it was true - n my first thought about a person is normally the best indication of who a person is - sadly ppl rarely listen to me - came through praveens

Anonymous said...

hey keshi
sixth sense ... yeah i do beleive we all have it.its just that some of us have it in a developed way n some need 2 develop it but with me its once in a blue moon tht i think of some thing and the very next day or wiithin couple of hours it happens n the first thought which cums 2 my mind after tht is oh...god why did i not think of some thing which i reallly wntd 2 but it does never happens(guess am not tht lucky) just waitin for tht day wen it happens ....anyways anawesome post,something u cant ignore definately....