Monday, September 5


These lips are trained to smile while the heart is bleeding…closing these eyes to block the tears from escaping…somehow they flee these weary eyelids and follow the dried trails of their old mates…smile, I say keep smiling...isnt this a happy world built within a world of gloom and doom...the sounds of guitars used to strum that pain...the pain is so numb now not even those chords can reach it know I used to be it's only a faded watercolor memory...a memory of someone who used to be...a skeleton of my very soul...remnants of a chain of hopes who's dismantled beads can never be is just a moment in time...a flash that graces the Earth just once...a bag of dreams that once opened will become empty real empty recyclable bag...

Tired of being trapped in these freezing heights...tired of being misguided...burnt by the flames of Earthly desires...drowned by the sea of misunderstandings...shrivelled by the drought of unforeseen love...the rain never came...brutally beaten by stupidity...suffering by these cancerous dreams...wanna throw this mask but my wings are frozen...mauled by the sharks of emotions...I stumble, I fall, I get up...only to be blinded by the light...the more I know the more I don't see...deafened by the horrible silence...muted by the hands of fate...hush now for you shall not speak...teased by these foolish games...slapped by my own will...handicapped by the the terminal crash called life...haunted by the depths of I will not fear the fall for I have mastered it now...laugh at me for I don't care...who really knows to love anyways...I came alone I struggle alone...angered by the smirks of destiny or whatever that is...the way it should be is just the way it should's just not meant to be. No over-the-counter medication for the unquiet mind and it's loud voice, excruciating pain...prescription invalidated.

98 Cranium Signets:

Arz000n said...

1st hopefully :)

Arz000n said...

the pain is so numb now not even those chords can reach it anymore
What pain are you talking about?

I hope things are fine there.

Jeeeez...Im freaked out after reading this post of yours...

handicapped by the the terminal crash called life...haunted by the depths of shallowness...

Just hope that you are doing good and stop writing freaky things :)

Take care...and hugzzz.

Arz000n said...

And yes...since me on 1st and 2nd...lemme type in ma 3rd comment too ;)

I know Im shameless...

Keep smiling K000kie-piezzzz :D

Samudraa said...

oh my goodness.The pic there moved me!numbed me for a second...

PuNeEt said...

not bad...
i'm taking abt my ranking

tulipspeaks said...

k000kie..what happened baby??
your posts always reflect how you feel at the moment..whats with the pain now?? are you okie??


Invincible said...

K000kie!! me coming back to drop by and this freaky post !!
everything all right my dear sis !
u r a brave gurl, i know u r doing well .. take care mate !!

wd b back soon .. chill :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant...absolutely brilliant!!! keshi, i have asked u several times before, i am asking u again, where do u come up with such mind-blowing thoughts????????? would u be kind enough to share this talent of urs with me?????i m so pathetic in it.

Andrew said...

Wow! I admire you for writing all of friends would think I'd gone insane if I started writing like that!

I hope you're not in pain...

The Saddam thing was funny hehe!

btw This is my non-geeky blog if you're interested, look at the pictures :D

KJ said...

"lips are trained to smile while the heart is bleeding" i hope that u r ok. take care

Andrew said...

Hey k000kie

That really is brilliant poetic could probably get in published in a k000kie book!

I may be similar, as I can write really random things if it's late at night but I stopped doing that in case my friends thought I was mad!

Hopes you are fine...

Andrew said...

and the sands of time trickled through the pinch of the hourglass as humanity stuggles onward's great stuggle. Of survival.

saby said...

how does , Arz00n, always land up first ?

its a good ting Jeemm is not here today

Boldnbeautiful said...

hey Kookie Is everything alright Honey?

Many time we should train ourself to smile. Disclosing the agony story of ours can many time may be taken advantage..

The consoling shoulder may not be softest bed, it can be a thorny bush.

One should learn to face the life as it comes.

Be happy

firacub said...

Hi Keshu,
To make my comment short.. If u wanna talk u knwo where to find your friend :))

Be happy Keshu... is what I will always wish for you.


firacub said...

N ya one more thing.. Try be aware of your directions and you will never go astray of your path in lief ;)


Keshi said...

**Just hope that you are doing good and stop writing freaky things...

z000nie lol did u get scared? awww...hehehe...ok wut else u felt by reading this?

Samudra yep even I liked that pic so much...kinda told me that even angels get sad n fit this post n I thought I'd connect em...

heyya Puneet :)

am000nie nuttin happened...just that somethings didnt happen...:) anyways dun worry Im alright...this was just a piece of that well known melancholy visits...

v000nie soooooo great to see ya here already! I was down in the dumps u see after u went too :( hehehe...but hey Im really happy to see ya...u must be home with ur family na? how nice...

Andrew u must have got some fake person commenting on ur blog with my name...there's an insane person on the net doing that ignore the comments left under my name.
**it's great stuggle. Of survival...
Yes indeed! thanks for that lovely quote Andrew.

South aww I dun need such compliments...these thoughts r real and they come from my mind...yep that unquiet chatterbox :) Guess it's cos I've really felt that 'pain'. Once u go there u become numb to everything else...everything else is just so surreal...n u realise that only if u've known pain.

KJ me ok...and OK is defined differently by everyone na :) thanks sweety!

Thanks B&B hugggz!
**The consoling shoulder may not be softest bed, it can be a thorny bush.
Luv that quote...I never thought of it that way. Im fine ty sweety - yes we must face everything in life as it comes...but theres always a limit to that 'everything' too...

Saby any thoughts abt the post?

Fira thanks...hugggz! I know u'll always be there. Talking can help I know...but not always...sometimes silence tells me alot of things that no other person can ever tell. Sometimes it's just not worth talking...anyways thanks I know wut u mean, u have been a shoulder to cry one hugggggggz!

Thanks guys!

Keshi said...

**Try be aware of your directions and you will never go astray of your path in lief

yes we should all do that...but sometimes even with the bestest street directory on Earth, u can get lost..thats a weakness of being human..and yet a strength cos once u get lost ur basic instincts of survival kick in...


Anonymous said...

***n u realise that only if u've known pain*** and i know it came straight from the heart, its just i didn't wanted to scratch it all the more, though the comment i gave was an honest one(blown out of proportion to make u feel good). U r a brave girl and don't need any virtual symphathetic dose, so chillax and forget the PAIN.

Keshi said...

Hey South thanks...I knew sympathy for a while...but now I dun recognise it from short-term, sympathy isnt for me cos Im so hard to please and not easily convinced...the way out of pain for me is through me...

Hugggz South I can sense u've known that pain too...just that u dun express it as much..


Janice said...

wow keshi u havin the blues :((( girl n i thought im the one only going thru them... well first of all let me tell u r a real tease ... hehe givin half ur snap ... no wonder u got so many comments... ishud have taken lessons on teasin from u when i an chris were moving around :P ....

ur tough to please huh lolz ... cause they are the softest inside i guess they tend to put on a brave front... hey sorry to sound like a firing squad last time was kinda with mah usual moodswing im normally not so cranky or am rude or anythin ... just during this time i tend to snap ... chris gets subjected to it a lot :( but hes a nice guy... hesshown more patience than my brother himself lolz anyways tc honey ((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))

Janice said...

damn i cant post comments on mah blogg or granpas anyways granpa that was a nice jokes lolz after long time u sending me jokes u used to that regularly ealruer

Anonymous said...

:)Good to see ya back on track...always remember NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!

PuNeEt said...

Hey babez hope allz fine with you...

I've not seen better expression of feelings...

Take care :-)>

Paul said...

Is this the usual blog-Keshi taking poetic license, or more like where the real Keshi's at?

Of course don't answer if this is too personal.

If it's poetic license, it's striking.

If it isn't, don't worry. Unless you've got a catastrophic incurable physical illness, chances are that going deeper will take you beyond it.

Even if you had a "CIPI" it doesn't have to break the spirit, though it can sure rattle its cage big-time for a while.

In any case, you come across like someone with lots of inner resources, enough to deal with whatever it is if it's more than poetry.

Michelle said...

ur a really good writer

and i like the picture!


strawy said...

OMG , wat is this keshu ?? u ok na baby ??.. damnnn dont write such postd yaar , it gives us shocks !!!
hope everything is fine with u , is anything v can do for u sweety , aawwwwwww hope u doing fine re .... givesssss a warm , tight n sisterly hug to keshu ... hope u feeling better with this magical hug ... love ya sweets , cheers nowwww


--pearl-- said...

wow! dat wasnt a standard kookie post,i hope its just a post,a way of expressing or composing in a different manner.. n ur alrite...d post was indeed reallyy really awesum n d pic..omg datz sucha kewl pic !!

hope ur fyne ya ..!

Keshi said...

Jan huggggz! No worries abt last time :) I u'stand ya completely...hehe just take it easy. Blues u may call it...but it's kinda how I see life...this is what the raw truth of life...isnt it?

Thanks not back on track tho hehe...been on this track too long but it could be a good thing for my soul na :):) Like u say no pain no on!

Puneet thanks for u'standing...

Paul :) u a mind-reader or wut hehehe...well my blog is my personal e-dairy...I write anything I feel...I really dun attempt to achieve poetic license or anything :) Just bits and pieces from my mind...I believe we all want to be heard and sometimes when u talk to ur nearer n the dearer, they see u from a different angle...but talking to strangers is the freshest feedback u can ever get...thanks Pauldun u worry, Im fine ;-)

Thanks p000nie I'm surprised u liked it...cos most mah blogmates freaked out lol!

st000nie HUGGGGGGGGGZ! U always make me feel happy thanks. Im fine...dun worry...just a random thought process thats all :)

Pearly yep the pic was really expressive...fits my I added it...thanks hunz Im ok :)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

jeez Keshi I know you missed me but you didn't have to dedicate a whole post on me :P

How are you?? whats wrong k000kie-monster??

*n000nie gives k000kie-monster a big warm hug

Keshi said...

awww now that n000nie is bakk Im my spirits r soaring so high...HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

hehe yep I missed ya so much matey...where the hell were ya?


Me said...


Keshi said...

hey agony...chill...just random r ya?


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

lovely post i think
tried to read it but
currently have a bad headache.
will be bak later

peace out

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

k000kie Im bored :(

Keshi said...

Welcome to my world NV :)

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

But its boring..


Keshi said...

being bored is a good shows ur quite intelligent n hard to please...all these normal jargon is nothing special :)

yeah me boring wut can I do :(


Jim said...

hey Kesh
i allow annony mouses for the following reasons:

1.. i want to have the blogg oscars awards, and i dont have 100 friendz like u

2....i advocate free speech, even if the comments hurt me

3.. your commentators bend over back wards to please u, it is in-breeding

4.. i welcome feedback

5.. i was being spammed by annony mouses calling me mudda fucker, sister fucker (MC-BC), now they see me in a new light

and as some wise man said
, , i may not agree wid wat u say,
but i will defend to the death
your right to say it,

9:43 AM
Post a Comment

4u2nvau/Rohit said...


so how was your weekend?? did you do anything special??

My family came over to my place on Sunday, you know coz it was fathers day. I seriously had to kick em outa my house man, they just wouldn't leave.

Keshi said...

yes really n000nie...why dun u believe ur intelligent? :)

lolz which family? ur relatives? goshh I know how it is when they come ova...all smiley faces and so much fake love that dun really exist lol! Anyways hope u had fun. I went to a small church in the far West of Syd for a special mass for Fathers' Day...n then had lunch with family was cool but I did think too much abt my dad...

wut did u get ur dad? I was thinking abt this lol!


Arz000n said...

you need to go on a short vacation and FREE YOUR MIND

Thats the other thing instantly popped up in ma mind after I made 3 comments previously :)


Jim said...

a baby takes many a stumble
and buised knees and tears

when he feels dat all is hopeless
in grown ups despair sets in

but a baby always gets up and walks again

also a burnt child dreads the fire
i was a disaster in biz

and i dreaded visiting the site where the disaster happened

but then after 5 years i made a visit
and i was healed

its the same wid love and broken hearts

dwelling on the opost and wallowing in your tears
riting ad poetry

is a defeatist attitude
u gota tighten yr belt and chin up
and walk tall again

, read "If" by Rudyard Kipling,

its on my blogg somewhere
my dads favourite poem

he made me read it 10 times
my dad was not lucky in love

most marriages at dat tinme were unhappy narriages

but he moved on
he found happiness and laffter in his male friends and their wives at the Kuddan (goan club) in Dhobi talao

and football games at the Cooperage

Keshi said...

Saby thanks for the explanation :)

1.. i want to have the blogg oscars awards, and i dont have 100 friendz like u

fine agreed :)

2....i advocate free speech, even if the comments hurt me

they hurt some others too...dun u care abt them?

3.. your commentators bend over back wards to please u, it is in-breeding


4.. i welcome feedback

me too but u call that ass ITCC's commenst feedback?? I cant believe that! It's crap hate comments - not feedback FYI :)

5.. i was being spammed by annony mouses calling me mudda fucker, sister fucker (MC-BC), now they see me in a new light

soo? why dun u stop the spam and retain only real feedback?

***i may not agree wid wat u say,
but i will defend to the death
your right to say it,,

depends on what your saying..if ur argueing abt a topic thats fine...but freedom of speech doesnt mean just crapping on abt ppl in every other bog...blogs r abt the posts we write not abt personal grudges...thats loser doesnt get it, I believed ur wise enough to get that.

Anyways thanks's really ur wish to keep em or not...not my call...I just asked ur opinion on it and I guess I cant still figure out why allow em...anyways thanks!


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

I didn't get my dad anything..

I really dunno what to get him:(

He doesn't use any colognes, he doesn't wear a watch, he doesn't drink or smoke, he wears 1 pair of shoes, all he reads is a newspaper which we get delivered everyday.
What was I supposed to get him??

Na my relatives aren't the fake kind, just the annoying kind. My cousin I think i've mentioned her name earlier, shes 21, shes damn annoying. She wanted to wax my toe was torture man.

Keshi said...

Jim I agree..but the baby gets up n walks cos he's too young to know any real pain's nature that babies fall n get up but it's not nature when something really screws up in ur life, is it? It's not natural.

**dwelling on the opost and wallowing in your tears
riting ad poetry...its the defeatist attitude...

I strongly's not a defeatist at all! If u think this is negative ur most WC not to read my posts. ppl r afraid to read anything negative cos all they want to do is put up a brave face n pretend they r sooo happy...but r they really? As uch as happiness is seeked sadness is also very real...


Keshi said...

lol NV good on ur dad...he sounds like a nice man, not too demanding...a very simple person. Yeah u dun need to get anything to show ur luv on Fathers day to someone u luv anyways...

LOL she tried to do that? OMGGG she's funny! LOLLLZ!

z000nie heyyyy na I dun need no holiday nor any sympathy sweety...just nothing at all :)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

check ur mail

Keshi said...

ok I havent got anything as yet NV :)


Keshi said...

OK ppl I was challnged by Jim's answer...I was called defeatist but Im not upset abt that - cos this post is negative - very negative...but I wouldnt say its wrong to be negative.

SO I would like you all to honestly say what do you think of this post?? PLEASE BE HONEST EVEN IF IT MEANS BEING BRUTAL.


Arz000n said...

Honestly speaking....I think its high time for someone out there to come and HUG you.
Jaadu ki jhappi

N0000nie boy...please do the needful on ma behalf :D

firacub said...

Hi Keshu,

Babes... I think we have a serious communication gap here. I dunno why u r taking my comments in the wrong sense. I did say that I hate women who show flesh but then for me it means when a woman shows off her body when not required or showing her essentials for the heck of getting some friggin attention.

I know in the west its their culture and I have no issues to that. So even if I see them naked it wont make any difference to me and to be honest I would not even feel like looking at them. But if I see an Indian lady trying to match the same standards then ofcourse I will take notice cos simply its not in our culture to roam around half-nude.

I found this picture to be good and acceptable by my standards to post it up here. If I would have found it offensive then I would have not posted it in the first place.

Keshi for me beauty is not just skin deep. It's what within you that counts. But if its a picture like the one I have posted then it can only be judged by appearence. Thats what this post is meant to be. We can only judge how she looks.

And ya the most important thing. I am not annoyed with ya. What makes you think that??? You dissected my entire comment line by line. You never used to do that buddy. I still like you and respect you as I always have. And if I have any kind of grudges against you then I am honest enough to tell you about it.


Michelle said...

i really liked the way u try to pu things across to us thtz wat surprises me cuz it rox!

Justin Thyme said...

the way out of pain for me is through me...

Keshi, my dear friend, that is perhaps more true than any of us will ever know in this lifetime. Although the feelings you wrote about in this post may seem tremendous and overwhelming at times, there is something positive in which to rejoice... our capacity to feel pain is directly proportional to our capacity to feel extreme joy, love, happiness and well-being. Just remember that no matter what roadblocks the universe may through in your way, there are a lot of people in this world who believe in you and have faith in you, and will offer your their support, love and encouragement come what may.
Big cyber hug, my friend!

Jim said...

Heyyy Kesh,
, i love dis justice guy,
even more than i love u

does dat make me gay?

Jim said...

my best friends are my harshest critics

Justine hauled mke over hott coals
dats why i love dis guy

and coz he gott a nice sense of humour

though it SUXS sometimes

Nitika said...

my goodness my mind went blank after reading the post
such a emotional post, i feel u dotted out your inner emotions.

Though we are not familiar with each other, visiting your blog from the past view days i feel u are a wonderful girl with full of life, blogworld has made a amazing connection within the blogger.

and frankly i love to see you saying "me first me first" in arzoon blog not with this emotional post (kidding) yaar :smitten: :smile:

"life is mirror, smile at it then it is charming, frown at then it becomes sinister" may be not releavent to this post but suddenly my mind catch this quote so i dot here

take care
i wish u a great days ahead

Tarun said...

is evrything ok....little freaky little the end some hope.

Justin Thyme said...

Right back atcha, Jimbo! :-)

Dawn....सेहर said...

hey curious to know what prompted u to write this..its so painful!!!

May God Bless U...


Justin Thyme said...

Keshi, my dear friend... I would not go as far as the anonymous comment above. After all, everyone is entitled to express their opinion whether we like it or not, and we should always defend their right to do so. However, I always temper that with one piece of advice my father gave me when I was growing up - he said "Always remember, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and they usually stink."

(and before I am attacked by the peanut gallery for that comment, mine doesn't stink. I'm gay... I keep mine clean... you never know when you are going to need to put it to use...)

That being said, I will say this based on some of your comments recently to poems on my blog (and I hope I am not betraying a confidence is saying this here): I know your heart is broken. I know that someone hurt you - a lot - and that there are times you are not sure you will overcome it. I know you want to wall your emotions up to protect them and that you are afraid of feeling this kind of hurt again.

But never lose sight of the fact that if you feel this much pain that you, my dear friend, are capable of feeling a tremendous amount of love, joy and happiness. We can never have one without the other.

Even though this post is "freakishly" negative as many have commented so far, you are to be commended for it. As someone once said "The full expression of a feeling is its funeral pyre." To express yourself here, even under the veiled anonymity of a blog posting, you are taking control of it by facing it and embracing it, which means that very soon you will be able to completely let go of it and move past it to something better awaiting you in the future.

After all, why cry over the hamburger you lost when your Creator is thawing out a steak for you?

Light and Love to you, my dear Keshi.

Justin Thyme said...

Any idea what the (expletive deleted) gabrielle is talking about? From what I could tell, Kesh never posted a comment on her blog, which therefore means Kesh did not offer unsolicited advice. And my God - talk about a boring blog! I read through her posts and talk about one whiny, spoiled little, childish, adolescent brat! Her whole blog reeked of a "waa f***ing waa" mentality, as if she really knew something about life... boy, is she in for one helluva surprise! Don't take her opinion seriously, Keshi... just remember my dad's quote about opinions and assholes.

Donald said...

You have an amazing talent of placing feelings into words.

Any chance that you will match music to these poetic descriptions?

And thanks for visiting my site. I wonder how you stumbled upon my blog. I assumed it was by chance?

Keshi said...

z000nie hey thanks tc.

Fira ok.

Thanks p000nie u rock too muahh!

Justin thanks for always being there for me and mostly knowing just exactly what to say...u just got that gift - I luv ya tons!

Hey Nitika that was soo sweet...I feel the same abt ya, ur just wonderful n Im glad I met ya. Thanks for that veey wise quote...

Jim :) how can anyone not love Justin...just go to his blog n u will know what I said that...he's very special.

Tarun big deal, Im fine :)

Dawn Im ok...take it easy. I luv ya too.


Keshi said...

Justin ur dad is a great human being no doubt abt that...I like him cos he's so right.

Know one thing mate, u will never betray my confidence...Im so sure of that. I like wut u saw in me...someone just saw me...feels good and thanks for all ur solid advice...I will for sure think abt it.

As for the anonym-ass I didnt even read his comment...went straight to the bin. So i dunn wut he said n nor will I care. Anyways Gabrielle is someone this anonym-ass tickled with his rotten tail...he went there n commented like me so she came n backfired. dun care for such idiots anyways n for all I care this ass can go ard wasting his time leaving dumb comments in my name. Proves us more that he's human garbage. Wut a pathetic excuse of a human being too. Besides no one visits his retarded blog anymore so he's got to get attention in some other plain-wayne way and it aint even working lol.

Thanks Justin u r simply out of this world...


:) said...

hey gorgeous!! hhmmm so much pain.. hope u doing good re.. take care.. hugggzzzz:)


Keshi said...

Thanks Donald...I guess it's just not a talent in itslef, it's the experience that makes someone write such things...yes I was blog-hopping n saw ur cute crab pic :)

Thanks for visiting mate...come bak anytime.


Keshi said...

Pari huggggggggggggggggggggz! Where were ya? See wut ur absence did to me :)


:) said...

awww gorgeous.. smile nowww na ... n plzzz can i hope sm cheerful post frm ma gorgeous today...


Keshi said...

Gabrielle sorry to see ur rather sorry comment. It wasnt me who left those comments in ur blog...twas some idiot who imitates me cos the only thing left for him to be a complete woman now is to get a female name - he's emotionally handicapped and he needs an aged home to chill. Just that someone like u was the most vulnerable victim and he got ya...u should have more brains.

Sounds like Cereal? lol maybe ur brains needs cereal...wake up b4 it rots to nothing.


Keshi said...

ok Pari :) hugggz!


Keshi said...

Anything related to the post will be kept...any personal insecurity rants will be deleted, hence Gabrielle and anonym-ass's puke deleted.


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

k000kieeeeeeeeeeeeeee goooooood morninggggggggggg mateyyyyyyyyy :)

Justin Thyme said...

Keshi - just one final word of advice if it's not an imposition... don't let your anger over someone else's words bother you. Remember a few weeks back when I wrote about how someone's comments suddenly stifled the creativity within me (no Saby, my pal, this was not you), and the poetry that had been flowing suddenly dried up as a result? You wisely and correctly advised me not to allow those comments to affect or bother me, and you encouraged me to continue to find my voice.

Heed your own advice here and don't let their words bother you, and certainly don't allow them to weigh heavy in your mind or heart... In doing so, YOU give them the power to hurt you, and that, my sweet friend, is power that they do not have unless you give it to them. Find the positive in those incidents, however small or insignificant it may be, and suddenly you will find that their words can't bother, hurt, or effect you negatively.

Never, never stop writing "freaky" things because it may bother some of your readers. It shows that you feel and that you are alive, and in that there is never any shame.

You are truly a light of inspiration to many who read your blog and who have taken the time to get to know you, so whenever you feel your own light growing dim, there are many around you just waiting to share their light with you to lead you out of your time of darkness.

A friend of mine wrote this to me, and now I share it with you:

You are strong.
You are focused.
You are amazing.

You will persevere.
You will continue.
You will triumph.
You will succeed.
You will not be alone.
You will be happy.
You will know joy.

Your laughter will travel on the summer breeze.
Your sparkling eyes will reflect in the blue water.
Your smile will light an undiscovered universe.

I envision these things for you.
I believe these things for you.
I desire these things for you above all else.

They are my most sincere and fervent hope.
They are my heart's most intimate wish.
They are my solemn prayer.

Keshi said...

Gooooood morning matey NV! Hows ya?

Justin goshhhh dun make moiiii cry now...I was spellbound by that comment...whoaaaa had me in tears!! Thanks for the very wise advice...hehe I told ya that n now I'm struggling to follow that na :( guess thats human nature...but I will take ur word...cos u carry alot of courage behind those words...I need it. Besides, the Buddha had an experience that I must relate here:

One day the Buddha was invited for lunch at a village Minister's the Buddha and his disciples went there on time and was about to start the meal when this Minister started abusing the Buddha with filth and words beyond anyone's belief. Buddha and his disciples continued with their meal in a calm manner and once it was finished this is what the Buddha had to say:

Dear Minister, you invited me to your house for lunch which was pleasant and we enjoyed it. The words you abused me with are merely empty words and they did not affect me. You gave me food and I accepted it with happiness and you gave me abuse which I don't accept hence I have no problems with it.

And the buddha left with his disciples unaffected and in pure bliss as always :)


Keshi said...


**so whenever you feel your own light growing dim, there are many around you just waiting to share their light with you...

Thats such a beautiful thing to say...this can only come from someone so special as you are...THANKS!

The poem your friend wrote is shows how much light and love u have given to your friend...u have achieved more than any superstar can achieve in years of performance. U have reached a soul in some positive way...that's an achievement not many can call their's.


Justin Thyme said...

As always, my pleasure! :-)

saby said...

After all, why cry over the hamburger you lost when your Creator is thawing out a steak for you?

Light and Love to you, my dear Keshi.

, GOSH Justine
u gott me sobbing too


now o love dis guy more

saby said...

some more criticism for u from dis old man

, i cried bcoz i had no shoes
until i saw a man wid no feet

saby said...

and u no sumting Kesh,
if u have self esteem in the true sense of the word

u wont be bothered by annony mouse comments at all
even if it is trash

if i were u
i wudnt delete these

it will make the whole world see
what a trashy guy dis guy is

and one day dis guy will see sense and he will delete it himself if he cud

it happened wid me
but he cudnt delete as it was annony mouse

he requested me to
i didnt

its KARMA !

Keshi said...

Saby ok fine but I was born with feet...and I wud cry for shoes :)

(I really do feel for the physically less fortunate - but thats all I can do...just feel...cos I was born physically complete n thats why i fear disability - u know that)..

heheh I know this quote was not for talkin abt ppl with no feet, it was to lift my spirits up...well thanks Saby I u'stand ya...but rem I aint crying for anything and it's not that I dont see the other man's misfortunes either...but all I can do is feel for them but Im only I feel for myself too...alot more than I feel for another...


Keshi said...

Saby about anonym-asses:

Self-esteem is one thing and repetitively seeing abuse and dealing with it is another thing.

why do I delete them? Cos none of it is valid comments related to the posts. And I dun value Quantity over Quality...

So i will delete each and every abuse...blogs r not abt that.


saby said...

i used to dat too
but i lost

dis guy wud post like a 100 such comments on each post

it takes a lotta time to delete 100 comments evry day

u can ask , SEBIA, too
she tried to delete mine
heheheheehe ....

Justin Thyme said...

Saby - I completely understand and agree with your position about everyone having the right to their opinion and to be able to express it... however, that does not mean the audience has to listen to it, nor does it mean that every venue is an appropriate venue.

As an example, I work for a very large company, and in addition to my regular job, I volunteer as the editor for the company newsletter. I get a lot of submissions from employees that they want to include each month, and as much as I may really like what is written and admire the prose, there are just some things that I cannot include because it's simply not appropriate for that venue and audience.

Yes, we all have the right to believe what we want and I equally defend everyone's right to speak their mind freely. But that does not override basic decency in showing proper respect to our fellow human beings, and in this particular case, our host.

We all have a venue for expressing our every thought, wish, desire, opinion and so on - and that's our own individual blogs. If we wish to comment on a host's blog, then we must be respectful of that person and their wishes where it pertains to the content of the comments we post.

So you have your opinion and you are respectfully entitled to it and I will continue to wholeheartedly support your right to express it, but in the proper setting and context, and never at the expense of our gracious blog host.

btw, love you too, stud... :-)

Keshi said...

**it takes a lotta time to delete 100 comments evry day

Saby ur dumb sometimes.
Thats why u have an option to disable anonymous comments!


Keshi said...

Thanks Justin for that well-rounded description of what freedom of speech is abt, especially in blogs.

Saby did u read that? I hope u did and I hope u u'stand what real FEEDBACK is and what real GARBAGE is.

I value freedom of speech as much as u do...but that doesnt mean u have to value garbage. I dont delete comments that relate to a post be it positive or negative...but theres a limit to everything...if my blog is used to vent out his frustrations due to being poorly brought up, inability to see others happy and being lonely and totally f###ed up (jealousy being the main reason), then I will just put it where it belongs...THE BIN.

Saby u may have all ur reasons for keeping the trash with ya, but it hasnt made that guy any better, has it? Only more stupid by the day. Maybe u get some pleasure by reading his low-grade rants abt others, then u may continue to provide him the platform. Each time I come to ur blog I'm forced to pass his insecure abuses (even tho I dun give a damn) to be able to comment on ur post..Im not God to completely ignore them am I? Hence my infrequent visits to ur blog...not a threat but it might stop altogether if I want to...not that I cant survive it but I cant let myself see such filthy comments all the time either. Im not brought up that way.

And then I have my reasons for disliking porn too (which u most often talked abt and claimed me to be silly for not approving of it)...hope u u'stand me now cos u r in a similar situation now...


Justin Thyme said...

Kesh, my dear, you're letting it get to you... so take a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and then scream to your heart's content... :-)

All seriousness aside though... I caught a glimpse of the reasoning behind this posting, and know from personal experience that when we are hurting and don't feel we have control over the situation or our feelings, we sometimes unconsciously vent our anger, hurt, pain and frustration at the first convenient outlet. Something that we would normally find insignificant or choose to overlook suddenly gets to bear the full brunt of those negative emotions. Do you think that there is a chance that this could be the case here? It's just a thought, 'cause believe me, I've been there myself more than once.

Saby, our mutual friend here is feeling some pain, so let's just show her some respect, some compassion, and as her friends, some support and encouragement when she needs it. Don't tease a cornered starving lion with the promise of a steak, because the lion will rip you apart.

Keshi said...

Justin thanks..but Im sure it's not any other anger in me thats talking right's been this way ever since that dork started crapping in blogs. Seriously I dun give a damn cos I have control of it within my premises. And I know I cant force any other mate to disable anony comments or anything else...they can do what they want. But my Q to Saby was why does he retain abuse?


Vinu said...


~~I came alone I struggle alone...

I agree..totally..But my wishes are with u..If they add anythign to u..else also....

Post was such a poignant note.
Stay cheerful.Ur smile won cost u anything,but they can bring smile to some others..


Keshi said...

Thanks Vinu :)

~~me smiling at ya right now...


Justin Thyme said...

I am not sure then I completely understand either the question or the answer... whether or not one accepts anonymous comments is kind of moot and pointless since "anonymouse" is not "anonymous," but is a blogger whose comments aren't stopped by merely disabling anonymous comments.

Free speech is certainly one thing, but I believe that if someone has such conviction about something they believe that they must speak their mind, then they should also have the courage not to remain anonymous. To say what one wants and damn the consequences can be a courageous thing - at times - but it becomes cowardly when one doesn't believe in their own words enough that they have to be anonymous thus preventing others from expressing THEIR opinion in return. Therefore, the issue being discussed really is not free speech - it's about one "anonymous" person dictating his opinion to the masses and expecting that everyone just has to accept it.

Justin Thyme said...

Wow. I write about showing someone respect, and it's met with such tremendous hostility... what's up with that? Since when did the "blame game" suddenly become the proper way in which we should conduct ourselves with other people?

First, let me just say this - you state that I only know Keshi through her blog. Do you indeed know this for a fact? How do you know that she and I don't additionally correspond via e-mail or by IM? How do you know that we have never spoken to each other over the phone? It's easy for people to sit at the sidelines being judgmental when they don't really know the whole story...

Second... you say it has become fun for mice to get Keshi into trouble. Good for the mice, and I hope that it does provide them a sense of satisfaction - but I ask you this... what does such an act say about the kind of people these mice are? Let them have their self-appointed fun, but they should keep in mind that karma can be a real bitch.

Finally, despite how I disagree with your opinion, it is indeed your opinion and I respect that and your right to voice it. Kudos to you for having the courage of conviction in your beliefs to stand behind your words by not posting "anonymously" (which is the point I was making in the previous comment...). I just remember my father's wise and sage words - Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and they usually stink.

Keshi said...

Justin...Vicky just went into the bin straight away w.o. being read...anonymous crap again u see. Vicky now? lol!


Keshi said...

I just read ur comment was he complaining and whining abt how he got hurt in some chat site? ahhh the same old broken is his only life so he takes it very seriously. I sure kicked this nameless ass long time ago cos he was a mental disease to the whole chat his ass hurts so much that he's acting like 'mice' when he's just one cranium deprived hurting rat ass.

Justin thanks but dun even bother responding to his dumb genes...let him rot.


Keshi said...

~~sprays Mortein on ITCC...

Gaurav said...

tooo deep.
but looks like were not feeling well when u wrote it..

Hope u are ok !

Keshi said...

hey thanks Gaurav :) me ok now...yeap I was not that cheery that day but 'cheery' only pays a short visit na...thats life.


jkhkhjkh said...

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I'm really laughing my guts out at those losers.

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