Tuesday, May 30

Intelligent Design 1011

Intelligent Design, now it's even a newly proposed Uni subject. What comes to your mind when you read the 2 words Intelligent Design? When I first read about it in a magazine, I thought it's an extension to Artificial Intelligence (AI) which I took up as a subject when I was at Uni. Well I was wrong...it wasn't in any way about anything 'Artificial', it was actually quite the opposite of artificial - it was about natural design, so naturally intelligent too. And guess who/what I'm talking about? God.

I know that some of you who don't believe in God would be laughing at me, but that's ok, cos you'll have to read on before you say anything about this :). What I'm trying to get across to you here is about that very grand existence you may defy by overlooking the intelligent design that's all around you that only He is capable of. Who is your designer? Can you design another human being just like you, a man, a woman? Who is the designer of nature? Can you design a tree, a river, the ocean, the sun? Can you? True, man can design many things...all based on Artificial Intelligence though, be it a dinner-cooking robot, a supersonic jet, a palm-pilot etc etc. But can he design feelings, emotions,tears,body and the soul? Can he design the Earth, Wind, Ether, Water and Fire? Can you? If you can't, then you're probably not the top-most intelligent designer that there ever was...there is someone else above all of us then. That's Him who is the only intelligent designer that no one else can defeat. And for those who have a theory about us being created just on our own, I wonder how that happened. Give me an 'intelligent' explanation please and I will see if I can make sense out of it.

I may face loads of misfortunes in life..I may not be the luckiest girl on Earth..I may have lost my dad when I was very young..I may not have found true love yet..I may see alot of evil in this world..but none of that will conquer the most natural and the most intelligent design that I see in each of us and the world around us. There has to be a God who holds the copy-rights for the splendid and priceless design embedded in all of us and the nature around us. And we hold the price-tags for the artificiliaty that got built after that. Now who designed this peacock feather so beautifully and gave it the colors that no one else could have? It would have to be a world-class artist who can never be imitated.

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Monday, May 29

Baby when you're gone...

I'm not feeling too well guys and have been this way since last week...cold, cough, flu and what-nots! It's bloody cold here and Winter is taking away my Summer wings :*( I Need a good rest too...so thanks for all the comments in the last post and I will answer them asap.

I believe that everyone has wings...you just got to find them and fly away to directions you always wanted to...be it happiness, peace, love and joy...and fitness perhaps - but right now, my wings are taking a break as well. So maybe they do need a rest too and baby when you're gone, I feel so helpless...

Take care you guys...I will be back soon...and oh yeah, with my wings too ;-) Mwaahhhhhh!
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Wednesday, May 24

Untitled Title

I'm the angel, I'm the devil. I'm the drought, I'm the river. I'm the lamp, I'm the darkness. I'm the water, I'm the flames. I'm the lock, I'm the keys. I'm the dancer, I'm the lame. I'm the mute, I'm the singer. I'm the wedding, I'm the funeral. I'm the loner, I'm the group. I'm the charm, I'm the dull. I'm the disease, I'm the cure. I'm the sound, I'm the silence. I'm the pit, I'm the ladder. I'm the shawl, I'm the naked. I'm the teacher, I'm the student. I'm the chair, I'm the standing. I'm the blue, I'm the colorless. I'm the greedy, I'm the giver. I'm the child, I'm the mother. I'm the sinner, I'm the saint. I'm the lucky, I'm the damned. I'm the ocean, I'm the lake. I'm the sweet, I'm the sour. I'm the shelter, I'm the blow. I'm the tear, I'm the smile. I'm the wine, I'm the poison. I'm the friend, I'm the enemy. I'm the maker, I'm the destroyer. I'm the soldier, I'm the coward. I'm the hunger, I'm the food. I'm the sword, I'm the pen. I'm the book, I'm the reader. I'm the tea, I'm the cup. I'm the real, I'm the memory. I'm the broken, I'm the glue. I'm the flower, I'm the bee. I'm the guitar, I'm the audience. I'm the cradle, I'm the grave. I am many but I'm just one. It's I who choose to be the many that I am. I'm the reason, I'm the result.
AND A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DESPERADO my soul mate in many ways!
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Global Warming

Any ideas for 2000? duhhh do you even need any material for that, LOL! Just thinking how much we have evolved over the decades and while doing that how much baggage we have shed, inlcuding clothes. Global warming or not, people have gotten rid of many things over the centuries and it seems like not many people like too much material on them these days. Why is that? Are we going back to the stone-age when men and women wore less clothes and some even wore nothing at all? I saw a documentary on nude-city in France where people don't wear anything at all...go figure! I guess Saby is already applying for citizenship there, good luck mate ;-)
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Monday, May 22

Desert River

He's the night...he's the day...he's the breath...he's my play. He's the secret...he's the song...he's the dance...the one so strong. He's in my head...he's in my eyes...he's all over...and he's in my cries. I long for him...his alluring touch...his tasteful scent...that haunts me much. His dark dark hair...and enthralling hands...his voice so deep...his steps in the sands. His magical kiss...his tongue that wanders...his tightest hugs...his nibbling lips. I shower him with love...deep kisses all over...my burning senses...now his forever. His caressing fingers...his luring devil...his soothing chest...his lustful marvel. He's the truth...he's the lie...he's the mirage..he's the sunrise. He's here...he's not here...he's around...he may not I fear. I look for you..I hunger for you...I follow you..I lose you. I see you...then I don't see you...I need you...but is there a you?
Music: Where Do You Go by No Mercy

Thursday, May 18

'Wander'ful Kisses '4U'...

Have you seen the shimmering stars in the midnight skies...the velvet green hills as you drive past by...the untainted smiles on a child's face...that last bit of hope in a troubled soul? Have you felt the silken caresses of a loved-one...the secure promise of a genuine friendship...the cool raindrops on your shoulder...the ageless beauty of someone's heart?. Have you heard the assuring voice of an angel...the melodious song of a nightingale...the tune of the soft breeze blowing on a Winter's night...the sweet music in a child's laughter? Have you smelt the fragrance of a baby-pink rose...the milky scent of a new born baby...the whiff of the hair of someone you love....the fragrance of your favorite perfume? Have you said the sweetest things ever to someone you adore...a genuine compliment to someone who deserves it...a sorry to someone who may be hurt because of you...a word of kindness to someone whenever you can?

Have you seen, felt, heard,smelt and said anything wonderful today? Have you sensed life today?

This post is a heart-felt dedication to dearest darling
Wanderer and my bestest guy friend ever 4U2NVAU (hence the sweet title up there :), 2 of my good mates that I missed birthdays of. They are not only just mates, they are true gentlemen, men who know what it takes to live like a real man. Love you both so very much that if I try to write all my love for you out here, Blogger will crash with an 'insufficient space' error ;-). Wandy and 4U, I'm so very sorry this post didn't come in time for your birthdays, but it's not only on your birthdays that I value you, it's every single day. Stay gold forever mates.

Song dedicated to 4U and Wandy: Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Wednesday, May 17

Just A Little Bit...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRAVEEN for the 18th of May! Luv you loads girl for who you really are...cos you are real and you are genuine. I'm glad to have found ya!
Whatever happens, whatever people say, I am just me. And I am happy about that. Are you happy with who you are? If you are not, then probably you're not being your real self. Think about it.

A little bit of love is enough to heal a tormenting pain
A little bit of rain is enough to cast away the heat
A little bit of friendship is enough to put a smile on your face
A little bit of sun is enough to get the flowers blooming
A little bit of laughter is enough to bury the silence
A little bit of beauty is enough to dull the darkness
A little bit of gentleness is enough to cure the soul
A little bit of heart is enough to go a long way.

Dedicated to all the people who really cared for me for who I really am - More Than Words by Extreme.

A Stud?

Keshi: You didn't like the post? I thought you believed in power that knowledge brings earlier than most unless it's only a copy n' paste on your profile?Perhaps I should take on writing the usual self-centered articles that must always focus on a never-ending quest and my continuous effort into wanting other's be known of tall frame, gorgeous face, sexy body and the smarts I carry?This post is truely an analysis of 'Satyam Shivam Sundram; i.e. 'Truth, Goodness and Beauty'. And if you really thank people as being the source system to your knowledge management, then, don't be so biased and limit yourself into appreciating people that only write to you in an agreement to your thoughts, unless, to gain a praise and a desperation to be right is the only goal each day.

Stud wrote this in his blog, probably after taking off his usual 'I ADORE KESHI' mask. Stud I thought you had substance but you proved to be a jerk! Sorry but I have to say it. You were someone who admired me with all the poems etc which now I believe is pure bull sh#t. You had all those wrong ideas about me all this time and yet associated me as a good friend? What kind of friend are you? My Taste-Buds post must have pissed you off totally but you know what...you are a 100% SELF-CENTERED guy who thinks that you are Mr.Know-It-All. Remember I didn't insult vegetarians, it was you who insulted non-vegs in many indirect ways. You write so much about being a good soul and all those religious debris, but how good are you if you had all of the above negative thoughts about me in your head all this time? And what about your quick temper? Your Sathyam Shivam Sundaram preachings hasn't helped that at all! I guess you are just jealous, nothing else. So what if I write about things I like to write about? Isn't that what my blog is for? So what if alot of people like me, does that make me the shallow person you think I am? Why did you even visit me here if you thought I was trying to gain praise and have a desperation to be right? Why? Well even if I'm all that you claim me to be, so why not get what I get? You're green about it? Oh forget it, why am I even bothering with someone like you! People like you continue to prove to me that this place is full of air-heads with no substance. I treat my friends pretty good but the moment I realise he/she is a mere wolf in sheep's clothing, I just dump them then and there. And yeah I will do it in public cos there's nothing to hide. I'm sorry to say this but you are no longer a friend of mine...by reading what you wrote above, not that you have ever been a friend anyways!

If anyone else agrees with what Stud said about me, please stop visiting my blog. Don't come here with 2 faces, I don't like chameleons. Just humans will do. No one's forcing you to be here. If you don't f###king like me, LEAVE. You have a choice.


Monday, May 15


Girls, have you noticed that some guys just can't take their eyes off your ass/chest or the entire body? Well I have noticed that so many times and it's bloody irritating. It's one thing to be looked at and appreciated as a woman, but altogether a rather embarassing and harassing experience when the looker is a born pervert or when he's a Phd-holder in Pervertology. Some guys just don't know when to stop staring! I don't know if guys get the similar treatment from ladies but it's mostly guys who can't stop staring at a girl's ass/boobs. What is it with these men? Why are men so addicted to a pair of boobs and that butt that they have too? Can any guy answer this please :) I mean I have had some guys basically talk to my chest, as if my face was a couple of inches below! It's like 'Hi Keshi, WOW, ok so hows life?'. LOL, I'm laughing now, but it truly is annoying. It's not like I can tell them 'Could you stop talking to my cleavage cos my face is up here, not down there...'.

When I'm travelling to work, I have seen so many guys perv at many body parts of women. Well it's ok to look at something beautiful as long as you don't touch...but there's always a limit to looking too, isn't there? I have noticed some guys staring so much that you'd just want to forget about catching the train and start walking home. And some other guys just pass these flimsy looks as if to ask 'Are you free, so can we talk...'...urgggggggggggh not in this life Mr.Jack Ogle! I have seen some guys practically freezing looking at some girls' assets and these girls were not even dressed scantily. I guess those guys may have collapsed somewhere half-way through their journey haha! And I have been subjected to quite a lot of pervy treatment that I'm even embarassed to write here (no I don't walk around in super mini skirts and boob-tubes!). Some men who are with their wives/girlfriends (at movies, mall or train stations) still stare at me and at other women...not just once but infinitely! If that was my boyfriend, I'd knock him unconscious, and Dr.Death will be called in for further help.

I know that men are made of some very fragile hormones (lol I can see rotten eggs coming my way) but that doesn't mean they have the freedom to make women feel uneasy in public places. But I do know that all men are not like this. Some dudes have fine-tuned
their habits to minimise the damages ;-) Well don't get me wrong, even I look at good-looking guys and day-dream sometimes hehe, but I don't stare so much that the guy notices it and starts to feel uncomfortable. That's sexual harassment be it physical or not. No one has the right to make another feel uncomfortable by being stared at. But no one has the right to say 'don't stare' too. It's really frustrating. Luckily my work colleagues are great guys...and know their limits. But I'm sure there are tons of other women(even men) who get subjected to such harassment in many other countless ways at work/Uni/public places or even in their own homes! So tell me your experiences. And do not be afraid to speak out next time. If someone is bothering you and doing it for too long, let them know it and free yourself of the harassment. Don't just put up with it!

Friday, May 12

Mothers In Arms...

Since it's Mothers' Day here in Aus this Sunday (14th of May), I'd like to base this post on Mothers around the world. But I don't want to go on preaching about how great mothers are etc cos I think all of you know that already. So while keeping all mothers in mind, I like to do a short weekend post on it. Just try to take part to the best of your ability (whether you're a female/male or mother/father/single etc).

What do you think is the most 'Alluring' aspect(s) of your Mother?

It has to be distinguishable from the rest so it's a good learning process/knowledge for others here. Mothers around the world may have the same motherly instincts, but I'm sure they differ in some subtle yet amazing ways among different cultures and homes. My answer is as follows:
My mother is a Sri Lankan woman (with Indian connections) and we have lived here in Australia for quite some time. I feel my mother has a very distingusihing quality about her. And that is, she always speaks what's fair, whether it's her children or not who's involved. She never takes sides. That quality about her has made me learn alot about life and I guess I approach things the same way now. Even if it's my friends or not, I say/do what I think is fair. I have seen mothers who always favor their kids no matter what. I understand that may be out of the endless love for their kids, but I think if a mother truly loves her kids, she should teach her kids the truth by being an example herself. Remember that it's a mother who lays the foundation for life inside a child's mind. If the foundation is shaky, there's not much one can do later on. Happy Mothers' Day to all mums and especially Autumn_Storm, Ishita and Kath (who are the only mums I know in blogs - sorry if I missed any others...)! Muahhhhhhhhhh all you sweet and brilliant mums!
Music dedicated to all the mums - My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion.

Thursday, May 11

Taste-Buds' Rights

I have been branded a dead-body-eating evil person :( Is this fair now? Just cos Im a non-vegetarian human being, I have been subjected to so much humiliation, SOBBBBBZ! Don't get me wrong, though I'm a non-veg I simply respect and admire the self-control and discipline vegetarians carry within them. But that doesnt make me less of a human being, does it? I mean, as much as I would like to be a vegetarian, I simply can't...call me greedy,weak, evil, worldy and what-not...but I'm human after all. I have pleasures that I'd like to fulfill while I'm alive, as long as they don't harm another human being. While I don't go kill lambs and chicken with my own hands, as long as they are provided in the market, I will tantalize my taste buds with them. Don't you drink water when you're thirsty? Don't you kiss your partner when you're hungry for love? Don't you eat what you like when you crave for something? It's something like that. I eat chicken when I feel like chicken, simply cos I have been brought up to eat meat eversince I was a baby and I love the taste of chicken.

Now I understand that we as humans have a better brain to decide what's wrong and right etc but is eating meat a wrong thing to do? Does it make you less of a human being? I don't believe that people should refrain from eating meat for religious reasons (even though I come from a Buddhist/Hindu background and I have lots of loved-ones fasting based on such a theory). While I may be a kind soul, I'm certainly not a nun! I mean if it's ok for us humans to have sex and call it a right/need, I guess the rights of the taste-buds should also be respected as long as it doesn't violate human rights. My conscience says that what matters is the color of the heart and not the taste in your mouth. Who says that ONLY non-veg people have animalistic qualities? I know a dozen of veg people in my own circle who are selfish, mean and greedy in their own ways. So it's not really whether you're vegetarian or non-vegtarian that matters. Both sectors have good and bad people. What matters is your thoughts, words and actions towards others. While I love animals (and I don't kill them), I dont consider killing animals for human survival is such a terrible thing. Imagine we didn't have any non-veg people in this world? It'll be a world full of animals trying to overtake humans and it could be quite a choatic place to live. If eating a living-thing is wrong, then I guess eating fruits and vegetables is also wrong. Only cos they have Life too, until you pick them :) If we are to become so pure as not to eat meat and call meat-eaters evil, then I guess such people need to wear robes and meditate in the woods - no sex, no alcohol, not even strip-club visits lol (yes I'm looking at Stud haha)! Please feel free to say whatever you have to say here - I wont be mad. I would really like to hear all of your honest thoughts on this. But no fighting please...an intelligent debate would be appreciated.

Tuesday, May 9

Two Star Hotel

So you think your world is boring, sad and too stressful? You think you're unlucky and that you're not looked after by the very person you have so much faith in...do you think there's so much hatred in this world...well don't lose faith so easily. Look around you...look at the amazing events that happen around you...I believe that amidst so much hatred, there is still alot of love, kindness and true human spirit left in this world.

On the 25th of April, a gold mine
in Tasmania Australia, collapsed trapping many miners 925m underground. The body of a 44yr old miner was taken out on the 2nd day after the rock-fall but 2 others were still missing. When all hope was lost, they heard faint voices of men from deep below...yes, those 2 men were still alive even after 4 days since the tragedy and they were surviving without food/water for so long, 925m below the ground! A special rescue effort began and the whole of Australia was watching and waiting for the 2 young men to come out safe. Their families, friends and many strangers gathered around the mine in this small town, helping each other and supporting the rescue efforts. Days went by, people praying at churches, some crying fearing that they will never come back up and the rescue team was doing their best. The way to where the 2 men was a hard route and they had to drill a 1m wide hole (all the way to the men) in rocks that were 50times harder than concrete! They used drilling machines, small bombs and were very afraid of more rock-falls that may be fatal to the trapped men. All the while, the trapped men were seated in Siamese-twins position, not being able to move at all, surrounded by large rocks and so deep down in extreme heat. They communicated with the rescue team and the men were supposedly in very good spirits and always sported a great sense of humor. They called their trap a Two Star Hotel and the 2 stars were them, keeping each other company. They asked for bacon and eggs, and wrote Thank-You notes to the people up on the ground for helping and supporting the rescue, in case they don't get to come out or it took longer than expected. 14 days passed in this agonising way, and this morning at 5:59am the men were brought to the surface THANK GOD, after a long and near-fatal rescue effort! The first words spoken by the rescue team to the men when they saw them was 'I can see your light...' meaning their mining helmet lights...and they said 'I can see your light too'. Today is a very happy day for many of us who were praying for the men...the church bells rang as soon as they arrived on top and you should have seen the 2 men coming out of the hole...it was one glorious moment filled with tears of joy and also so much admiration and gratitude for the rescue team who risked their own lives to go down there to get these men out. This morning I cried hugging my mum...it was truly heart-warming to see these men coming out with their arms open (looking for a hug) and to see the families surround them crying and calling out their names. It was as if they came back from death.

I'm truly touched by the positive spirit and the amazing courage and grace these 2 men showed being in a near-death situation like this for 14 long days and nights. Imagine being trapped that way and not knowing if you'd ever see your families again? I don't think I can ever match the true strength of character and valour these men have portrayed during this very dark experience in their lives. And for the people who stood by them and never gave up, those who helped these men to come back to life from the demons of death putting their own lives at risk, I feel a very deep respect and gratitude that words cant even express. The kindred spirit that binds all of us together, wanting to help each other in a situation like this is truly commendable. This is what true humanity is and this is what true love is. This is what God truly is. He's not in some temple or some text book or in your vegetarian meal or at the end of a machine gun. He's in these selfless acts of us humans..He's in the true courage and grace of these trapped men and He's in the helping hands and hearts of those rescuers. He is in you, look for Him in your heart...not anywhere else. Be a life-saver and have faith in people - there is love after all. Tell me if you came across such amazing stories of true human spirit...
Music dedicated to true valour of these men:Fields of Gold by Sting.

Monday, May 8

The Weirdo In Me...

Playing Miss.TiggyTaggy today! One of my dearest friends Dawn has touched me with her magic wand and cast a bewitching spell on me...woooooosh! The spell is to write a blog entry about 10 weird things and/or habits that I have been inherited with. Now when I was spell-bound by this, I was thinking that it should rather be about 10 non-weird things about me cos usually Im weird..lol! However let me take part in this and see if these are normal to you guys too. ABRACADABRA, you are tagged instantly! yes that's you who's reading this, so get on with it after reading my list muahahahaha!

1.I'm a manic dancer.
When I get time, I do all sorts of dances that I have never even learnt...be it Spanish, Turkish, Punjabi, South Indian, HipHop, Funk or even puke sappy movie dance scenes. My friends/cousins love to watch me doing numbers like 'Dum Maro Dum' with all sorts of facial expressions and we have so much fun laughing. btw I can dance anywhere...be it home, parties, beach, car, lifts and even in the Ladies' as long as I have music on. My feet just can't keep still. Just this morning I was shaking mah booty in the Ladies' while checking on my mascara.
2.I like to look and feel rather glamorous ;-)

If I'm going to a wedding or a formal party, I like to look my BESTEST. I don't over-dress but I like to reach near-perfection. Call me vain but I like to flaunt my movie star charms every now and then...yep that's too much to ask for, but I so wanna look and feel g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s. Even for work I like to look good and quite presentable...just this morning my mum and I had an argument over me spending too much time in front of the mirror and I just left home being angry at mum...so you see, it's that tragic.
3.I'm an unforgivable clean-freak.
If I'm ever visiting your place, you better have it quite clean and neat...cos, goshhh I can't stand untidy and unclean places...sorry but that's me. Even at home, I can't even sit and watch TV if something around me is not in it's usual place. I love to clean the house whenever I can (even though I get lazy at times) and I like the place to always smell nice and fresh. Sometimes when I get messy, I feel like I'm dying..lol, yes it's that serious.
4.Yes I believe in that pink-bubble destiny.
For some people this may be weird but I do believe that no matter what, your life is a pre-written story being recited chapter by chapter each day. We all have our own season and we disappear when it's the end of our season. No matter how hard you try to change your life, that too is pre-written for you. You may call me silly and weak, but that's why Im me na..
5.I love heavy-metal rock.
For a sensitive soul like me, it sure is weird that I love heavy-metal music. But I just think it's one of the sexiest kinds of music and even though it can get loud and crazy, somehow rock makes me feel at ease and relaxes me. Eversince I was a kid, I loved playing the role of a rock star and I also had a small guitar that my dad had bought me one Christmas cos I asked Santa for it. And all the while, my sister was sitting so sweetly at a piano looking so girly lol!
6.I have a shoe-fetish.
I love sexy shoes and I can't help but buy different kinds of shoes every season. I feel good when I wear a glamorous pair of stilettos/boots that make my legs look great and attractive. I can't but help stare at lovely shoes if I ever spot someone else wearing them. It's a pity that men can't be so sexy with shoes...but hell yeah I still check their shoes, ahemmm shoe-size lol!
7.When I get angry I can be quite funny.
When someting gets on my nerves and makes me wanna scream my lungs out, I always find a humorous corner in my soul. I just stop immediately and laugh like a maniac. Usually I make fun of my own self and it makes me laugh instantly, no matter how frustrating the situation may be. I think I'm lucky to be that way 'cos it helps me to forget the issue and calm down
quite quickly.
8.I get turned on by weirdos.
LOL yes...I get turned on by some guys who don't usually attract other girls. I mean if he's got a weird sense of humor or he's got a weird way of doing certain things (as long as it's not too crazy), I get attracted to them. I used to have an ex-boyfriend who loved to tickle my feet from under the table, whenever we were chatting etc...so you see, I was totally floored by him!
9.I'm easily shaken.
Yes as much as I sound strong, I'm very easily shaken. If someone sneezes loud, I get startled easily. Little things like that affects me alot. My mum says that according to Hindu astrology, my birth chart says that I'm a female deer...ahaaa, so that must be why. Then I better make sure I find a male deer ha ;-)
10.I don't like just hunks.
yeah weird but I don't like hunks just cos they look good. I need substance. A blue-eyed, blonde and brawny guy with an Akubra hat may get my attention but not for too long...he better impress me with some 'brains' or he's history. And FYI Brad Pitt was never my cup of tea - I mean coffee. Now girls can you just believe that!

Thursday, May 4

Food for thought...

YUMMMAYYYY it's time to pig out hehehe. Ok this post is all about food - yes delicious food! Food is something we all need to survive and it's one of the most desirable pleasures in life. No one can live without food and no one can avoid food for too long. Because it's one of our basic needs and it's also one of the things that makes this life more scrumptious :) Yes Keshi can be a greedy piglet...lol!

While I like to stay healthy (but I'm not a vegetarian), I still can't avoid some yummy but a tad unhealthy food...such as french fries, fried fish, grilled lamb, fried rice etc etc. But I have a few of my favorite kinds of food in the world. Out of the mains, I love seafood. I simply love fish, prawns, crabs and squid.
Also I love chicken/tuna salads and pastas. But nothing beats Indian/Sri Lankan rice and curry :) I JUST LOVE SPICY FOOD. My best is Chicken curry with lots of spices and curry leaves (I adore spices). I make it myself and everyone loves to eat my Chicken curry. It feels so good when someone says my cooking is good (Keshi bats her eye lashes...hehe). I also can cook very spicy Lamb curry but no
one can beat my mum on that one. She's jus too good at that. Out of the many yummy Sri Lankan dishes, my favorite is 'Ambul Thiyal' - Tuna dish cooked a bit dry with spices and it goes well with 'Kiribath' - milk rice (pic on the right here->). Indian foodwise I love Thosais (a kind of pan cake eaten with coconut chutney) , Idlis(something like thosais but not as flat ) and Biryani (aromatic rice with meat/veges and alot of rich ingredients). Out of the International cuisines I have tried, I love Italian, Thai and Japanese cuisines the best. And I'm pretty good at making Pasta (Italian) , I love Tom Yum soup (Thai) and Teriyaki Chicken (Jap). Always nice to have these with a bowl of fresh salad. btw did I forget to tell you I'm a mega Vegemite fan :) when it comes to brekky. Turkish bread toasted with butter and vegemite is a little bit of heaven for me in the mornings. I don't like sweets all that much but I like cakes with yummy icing and I always like the corner piece of a squared cake...cos it's got more icing ;-) And I like Rum and Raisin ice cream with nuts...cos Im nuts. Also I cant' resist many Indian sweets!
Out of beverages, I love coffee...mwah mah daily coffee! Ok I cant live without coffee, that's a fact. If someone wants to kill me, put me in a place where there's no coffee...anyways, is there even a place like that? I'm not much of a coke drinker but I don't mind it. I love fresh juices and water the best...I like orange, guava, mango or grapefruit juice with a bit of ginger in it. They give me a refreshed feeling and also keep me awake at work..duhh! And when I go out, I drink wine/Vodka...I can't take more than one glass and also that's only if I'm not driving. I also like mango Lassi...the Indian yoghurt drink...it's just delicious! So yeah...that's my kind of food and beverages. What about you? What's your favorite foods/drinks and how good are you at cooking? And don't forget to recommend me something I may never have tasted before (give me the names too). Eat well, be well and be thankful that your plate is full.

Wednesday, May 3

What a boy!

I know I said that I wont post any bday posts again, but I just cant let this bday go past me without saying a word about this great soul. Funniest part was that he told me some time last year when his birthday is and I forgot all about it until yesterday...yes yesterday. Yesterday something told me that I must check with him again when his birthday is 'cos I vaguely remembered it was somewhere in May. So I emailed him and his reply comes back saying that it was indeed yesterday (2nd of May)! I'm so glad I didnt forget it completely and it wasnt months later that I asked him..it wouldnt be that great a feeling for me then. He just needs to know how much his presence has changed me as a person and a birthday is the ideal day to say it all...:)

Well he's one of the very few genuine guys I have ever made friends with. He's decent, caring, sweet, honest, very very very intelligent and makes me feel quite dumb with his very deep posts lol! He's a very independant and brave soul. He taught me how to be brave and how not to be intimidated by cowards. His calm and collective nature amidst strife, always drew me closer to him. He's a very special guy and he's none other than my good mate Sittingnut. He's truly a beautiful person both in and out, and I want to thank him for being the person he is...for all those times he was around when it seemed like most people left me for good...for all of those times when he offered me a shoulder to cry on when I had none...for all the sweet emails he sends me every now and then to make sure that I had a good weekend...for being the pillar that I thought would be hard to find in a place like this...for not asking for too much but for giving me his true friendship always. I love you my mate and I wish for you always sunny days, love, peace and joy, good health and every dream of your's coming true...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!
Music dedicated to you: Cherish by Kool And the Gang.

Tuesday, May 2


Whenever someone doesn't return your call, let them get to know of you in their own time...
Whenever someone blames you for no reason, stay still 'cos they will get back to reality some day...
Whenever someone doesn't acknowledge your presence, be happy that you have acknowledged their's...
Whenever someone acts strange, be glad that you were never a stranger to them...
Whenever someone doesn't let go, make sure that you let go of the baggage...
Whenever someone laughs at your emotions, be happy that you never laughed at their's...
Whenever someone doesn't understand you, let them understand themselves first...

Whenever someone doesn't seem to care, be glad that you cared.