Monday, May 29

Baby when you're gone...

I'm not feeling too well guys and have been this way since last week...cold, cough, flu and what-nots! It's bloody cold here and Winter is taking away my Summer wings :*( I Need a good rest thanks for all the comments in the last post and I will answer them asap.

I believe that everyone has just got to find them and fly away to directions you always wanted it happiness, peace, love and joy...and fitness perhaps - but right now, my wings are taking a break as well. So maybe they do need a rest too and baby when you're gone, I feel so helpless...

Take care you guys...I will be back soon...and oh yeah, with my wings too ;-) Mwaahhhhhh!
Current Music: When I Die by No Mercy

77 Cranium Signets:

Autumn Storm said...

Recuperate, rejuvenate, take care of you, x

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Oh take care babes ... u'll b fine ... just the change of season i suppose .. :)

sittingnut said...

dear angle, do get well soon !

and do rest, rest, and rest until you get well .
we will miss you but we can bear it, if we know you are getting well

btw nice pic of yourself . :-)

now rest.

saby said...

Get well soon Keshi-chan

blogg world is not the same widout u

and when i die??
dont even tink about it
shubh shubh bolo

saby said...

when i have the cold and when i dont

i take a stiff peg of brandy (meaning neat)

if u take another
u will grow wings

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Hope you get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Come back soon

tulipspeaks said...


take good care nah

eat ur medicine.

muuuaxxx.. bounce back soon.


SamY said...

was luk'n for a interestin post to start the week :(

anywayz tgc nut ... |-) well

saby said...


i need to see u
to brighten up my morning

uttara said...

my baby get well soooooooooooooonnn so that u can go to the wooooooooooodddsss
ok ok till then am off lolll

:P fuzzbox said...

Here's wishing you get better soon.

Kumar Chetan said...

a) chicken soup with black pepper
b) Increase the intake of black pepper
c) roast some black grams and eat them, even the aroma is good for cold.
d) RUM
e) diet on fruits
f) there is a specimen of homosepians that specialise in curing other homosapiens, we in India call them doctors, find one near you and get consultation.
g) last but not least, get well soon wishes for you.

visithra said...

take care enjoy the break and come back soon

saby said...

It's bloody cold there is it?
its fuckin' hott and humid here in mumbai

and u can only strip down to bare essentials and hope to cool down but yet u sweat

want to exchange places?
u come here
i go there

Mr. J said...

Aaaawww.. get well soon. And i'd love to switch places. Its summer here and hot :( Would do anything for the cold weather :p

Ekta said...

Join the gang sweety!
Have been feeling unwell for 4 mths now...waiting to get my wings back!
and same pinch--down with viral flu, cold, fever etc...last week and this week too!...
Huggggzzz to u...get well soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Rest more... Get well soon~~~

Yashita said...

cold, cough and flu is a regualr in my life...but hey take care, and take ur time to reply to any comments...

sometimes I like falling ill...u get pampered:) pamper urself! and muaahh!!:)

sophie said...

came across this somewhere
thought this will be good for u

Sometimes, you see nothing
With your eyes wide open,
And when you see
You perceive nothing.

Sometimes, you run your fingers on things
But the sense of touch is lost,
Even when you touch
You feel nothing.

Sometimes you breathe in air
Full of smells,
But you smell nothing.
Even when you smell,
Do you recognize what it is?
No, everything smells the same.

Sometimes, with all the noise around you,
You only hear
the sound of the silence.
A silence, which means nothing to you.

Sometimes, you walk along a road.
An endless road, leading to nowhere.
Still you try to reach the end,
As if there is one.

Sometimes, you go to sleep
You dream of things that never happened
never will.
Your pain wakes you up.
Only to remind you it was a dream.

Sometimes, you look into the future
Which only brings your past.
A past so painful,
All black and white.

Sometimes, you take a shower in the moonlight
to wash away your pain.
Light sweeps your heart
only to refresh your agony again.

Sometimes, you find yourself
amid four walls.
Walls so high that you can't even see the sky,
May be there is none for you.

Sometimes, the clock slows down,
The time doesn't pass.
Each second seems an hour,
Counting down infinite time.

Sometimes, you hope for better
hope for change.
And when it changes,
It only worsens the worst.

Sometimes, you try to show
what's inside you.
The pain the agony, the lust for love.
But to whom?
You live in a world
where you are the only one.

Sometimes, you cry aloud,
You weep with the silence of death.
You don't know why
you are the one to feel
the only one to suffer such grief.

Sometimes, you like someone
She dislikes you as much as you like her.
Then, you love her,
Hatred is what you get in return.
As much hatred as your love.

Sometimes, you wish to draw the end
to a life without any enemy nor any friend.
You want to give up all.
What stops you all the time?
What keeps you alive?

with love sophie

Die Muräne said...

Hope you're doing fine soon, Keshi!! Just take your time.

Probably you should eat a Fondue. It will make you feel happy again :-)

desperado said...

hey buddy
get well soon and come back quickly to soar high

nishu said...

ur writing is absolutely fabulous,sweet n very very nice. would love to have back. get well soon

Jewel Rays said...

hey Keshi...

Ya wings taking a short break eh...:) *HUGS * gurl thanks for ya sweet comments..*missed ya blog..So i tot i should come out here before i head off..

You sick eh..betta take care sweets..The flu bug has been around here in singapore too..I had it like for a over a week..You take righty while i catch up on ya heart in the last few posts...

*miss ya..


:: The Protector :: said...


Take care...


Jewel Rays said...

and yeah not to forget love da song..:P

TLW said...

Take care !!!

burf said...

pls take gud care

Astral said...

Hey Keshi, take good care of yourself. GOD bless!

Shikha said...

i dont feel very well seems if u are out in the first rain,u catch a cold..don't know if its true,but it seems to work for me!

Brood Mode said...

Get well soon!
Take Care

Try eating an ice cream, it helps most of the time :)

kannan udayarajan said...

I believe that everyone has just got to find them and fly away to directions you always wanted it happiness, peace, love and joy...

liked it..:)

take rest and come back with zest..

PRADEEP K. said...

Oh, Keshi!

Wish there was something I could do to make you more comfortable.

Get your rest, dear. Please take good care of yourself. Wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

Will be waiting for you :)


rebel_on_loose said...

Awwww Keshi sweetie.... u better get well soon! V'll all be missing u here !!

Invincible said...

Wish you well. Get well soon to dust off ur shoes (or wings if u prefer them :D ).

Take care, take rest.
Muaaaaaaah :)

Anonymous said...

Your post touched my heart :-) Thank u for writting such a nice post :-) Gods bless

SaffronSaris said...

Get well soon, little poppy!

ishita said...


get well soon it out and just relaxxxx!!!...

hope u're feeling better real's not the same widout u here :(

hopin u're back :) before i leave...

tk care and keep smilin:)

lil _kath said...

...oh take a good rest sweetie...and get well soon!!

...come back when ur ok naa ^_~ we'll wait for ya here!

...hugss u kesh muaahh!


Trée said...

Keshi, been fighting head congestion myself for the last few days. May we both "get well soon." Missing you already. :-D

Tarun said...

Get well Soon :)

saby said...

u take care
Miranda had a stroke on her birthday May 29

go to Caraf for the link

Homo Escapeons said...

My dear Keshi,
so sad to hear that you're feeling downunder the weather.
As for it being so in Whateverpeg cold is 30 below..well I guess that it's all relative and winter is winter.

Get Well Soon,
I certainly can't keep everybody in line without you!I'll hold 'em off as long as I can...must...

Sudeep said...

tk care dear.. be back soon

n tht pic with wings remind me more of the VS models sashaying down the ramp... aahhh!! Heidi, Eva, Laetitia, Alessandra.. hmmm
i m going home now to catch them on midnite hot..


Darius said...

Like your Untitled Title post, including the title, which somehow really fits.

Hope you're not gone too long. Maybe if it starts getting long, you could come back as a lazy blogger? (I only post a couple times a week, for example.)

Remember: "A lazy blogger's no lesser than a daily blogger, and less bother."

Blogrates, Athens, uh, I forget the precise date...

karmic_jay said...

Rest up, feel better soon. It's amazing wha a difference that can make.

Sujit said...

hey, how are you now?.. take care and rest wel.. you wings will be back into action with the vigor of rain in moonsoon :)...

Lindsey said...

I'm so sorry that you're feeling crappy. I'm sending you 'get well thoughts and energy' for a speedy recovery!

niki yokota said...

get well soooooon!!!!!

Madhu said...

Keshi, get well soon! Get ur wings soon too, for u need to spread ur warmth around :) see ya !!!!

saby said...

Sometimes, you post real depressing stuff , Sophia,

life is beautiful

and i tried posting some nasty stuff on yr blog
didnt succceed

so i posted on Known Stranger and gott my ass kicked

me tinks the guy loves u

saby said...

u need to spend some time wid yrself
as suggested by De Vile

blogging is getting u down
u get too senti too fast

and when the guy breaks yr heart
u go into depression

u r stoopid
i wonder who is going to break yr heart next

Keshi said...

Guess wut...tho Im still terribly sick sick and have lost all my bootyliciousness in the past few days (and look like a walking-hospital), I couldnt stay away from u sweet ppl for any longer than 24hrs! Im back :)


Mr. Maverick said...

If i was there, I would made some excellent ginger tea and your cold would be away within minutes :).

Take care

Kumar Chetan said...

bonjour madamoiselle, bienvenue en arrière.

Keshi said...


mwah thanks!


hugggz Cheesy! ooops better not hug u cos Im all germy right now :(


dear angel bro, I'm back cos I couldnt stay away from all of u for too doesnt matter if Im sick, I'll spread my wings and also the germs, if u dun mind ;-)


hey Saby its u who got me to blog so soon..cos I was worried that in my absence u might do something disastrous :) Brandy fine I know, thanks n huggggggggz!

Saby na u wudnt wanna be here at all...cold weather makes one feel terribly miserable...


Thanks NV!


Came bak in a hurry...:)


Amu I chucked away my meds n started to all worked well ;-)


aww will write one soon...thanks!


hows u todai girl? I miss u...mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


mate ur genuine wishes hv come true, thanks!


hehe that was so sweet Kumar, thanks a ton, it made me laugh :):)

I used to eat black-pepper, n lemon when I had a sore-throat..and sometimes honey and lemon with some milk...this time I got so stubborn n didnt take anything like that...I let my body repair on it's own :)

**) there is a specimen of homosepians that specialise in curing other homosapiens, we in India call them doctors, find one near you and get consultation.

lol I hate em...I dun like a visit to the docs or the dentists...I feel depressed just by seeing their door. Unless Im dying, I hardly go to the sis thinks Im dumb but thats me :)

thanks so much for ur tips - Made me feel better already!


u guys dun let me stay away for too long from u all..hugggggz!


the grass is always greener on the other side ha :) Im an all-time Summer girl...juss hate Winter! Yeah we can switch places but Im sure u wud wanna go back soon lol!


aww u too Ekta? Hugggggggggz! Be better soon hunny...I think we should go to the docs together n tell em off for not finding a wonder-tablet for flu yet, lol!


Im such a restless girl I neva rest sweety...but thanks so much for ur well-wishes!


Yash huggggggggz!

yup yup I got all pampered from Ma n all...and all u guys...awww...


sweety that was such a beautiful poem...where did u find it?

**Sometimes, you look into the future
Which only brings your past.
A past so painful,
All black and white.

I loved that bit the best...and the rest r so true too...

and now Saby is J of ya lol!


hey thanks mate :)

**Probably you should eat a Fondue.

Cheese? yummmayyyy!


hey how did ur bday go? And was FANAA good? I see that Kajol is in it...she's my fav Hindi actress...


WC Nishu and thanks so much for ur well-wishes! Im bak already :)


Amy mwahhhhhhhhhh! Where r ya? I miss me na....

And thanks a ton for dropping by..I was missing ur angelic presence...plz stay...


Thanks Vishnu!


hey thanks!


Burfy thanks! :)


thanks Suchi aww HUGGGGGGZ!


tc sweety...I didnt get wet in the rain...just got exposed to very cold weather last Tue and I was w.o. my usual trench coat and looked really silly in a light jumper...and I come home to find out I was catching this terrible cold :(

u get better soon sweety...


hey WB sweety!

Ice cream sounds great! And one of my friends told me the same...I'll try it then :) Hugggggggggz!


hey Kannan thanks a ton!


hey Pradeep u've done enough to make me feel better...just by being you :) Thanks!


Thanks Rebbbz...u r so sweet! Hugggz!


v000nie thank ye! :)


aww thanks Himu!


Saffy thanks!


aww Huggggggggz Ish..thanks so much for ur well-wishes...Im ok but not 100%...but I couldnt stay away from all of ya for too long...


Huggggggggggg WB Kath! I think ur absence from the blogs made me sick sniff I should be ok cos ur bakkk...wooho!! :)


awww HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ Tre! Be better soon cos I can neva see u sick...missing u too...:*(


thanks Tarun!


hey thanks mate! U always make me smile with ur sweet n humorous comments :) Feelin much betta now, THANKS!


hehe VS models :) Right now I look like a walking hospital Sudeep...SOBBBBBBBBZ :*(


lol ur funny mate! Thanks for that :):)

me can come back as a lazy blogger but I'd have to be on drugs for that..hahahahaha!


yes it really is great to rest n come back...I was in bed the whole day yday but I couldnt stay more than 5mins in bed at a!


aww thanks so much Sujit!


I think an angel brought me ur well-wishes and cured me instantly..cos today Im feeling a little less dizzy than yday and I've got a wide smile on my face...mwahhhhhhhhhh Linny thanks a ton!


thanks n huggggggggggggz NIKI!


aww thanks! I hope I dun spread germs too :):)


Keshi said...


hey Saby baby me not heart-broken amiga :) Just a cold and a silly cough...hehehe...


** would made some excellent ginger tea and your cold would be away within minutes

awww so sweet of ya! Thanks Arun!


hello Kumar lol wut was that all abt?


Ghost Particle said...

get well soon miss you!

Keshi said...

Hey Ghosty thanks Im bak already :)


still_figuring_out said...

feeling better, gal?

Jo said...

Take care Kesh. Its pouring out here. So the same cold, fever things happening here too! :-)


I was way too late in checking this out...As we had a long weekend, with Mon being a hoilday, I hardly got time to be at home n be with the comp types...Sure u r fine now...Your wings r great now! :)

Sugababee said...

Hope you're feeling better Kesh...

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Rest Your Wings

Lean on me my beloved angel
And lay your golden head on my bosom
As you preen your wings
Fluffing out your rainbow feathers
To shake out all the dust from post to post.
Then let me nuzzle you as you molt and begin to flap your new wings to begin your next flight to higher planes.

God bless.

Keshi said...


hey Im much betta todai..thanks a ton SFO!


hey u tc then...dun catch the flu!


whenever I see ur profile pic, I feel so mesmerised by it..such a beautiful pic! Thanks and I feel good..lalalalala :)


hey girl thats ok..I hope u had a good long wknd hugggggggggggz!


wow did u write that poem? It was so graphic in every sense! THANKS so much matey hugggggggggz!


Het Waghela said...

Oh! Kesh, I didn't knew u miss me so much that without me u got sick *lol*

Now i am here and i am always there with u i wil never go away from you. Always keep u in my arms and never leave u, ok so now get well soon ^_~

Keshi dear, hope u r alright now.

Keshi said...

aww Het lol so sweet! Im much betta now...guess I sensed u were coming here today :)

btw u can keep me in ur arms Hetto, but I guess ur GF will shoot both of us lol!


Het Waghela said...

Ha ha ha!

I told that to make u feel better :).

Have u got gmail id?

Keshi said...

awww how disappointing, just to make me feel betta? :)

gimme ur gmail Id's high time :)


Het Waghela said...

Why u got disappointed :(, a frenz hug will cheer u up na.

My gmail id is

Awaiting to talk to u!

Keshi said...

gotcha Het and thanks!


Dawn....सेहर said...

Hey gal the thought of get well soon seems like made u well :D...
Be good, happy go lucky and cheer up too ;)
hugggzzz n best wishes to u dear

Keshi said...

Dawny Im dancing here...maahive...lalalalala...lalallala...hai re...:)


Dalicia said...

dearest keshi,

i hope you're feeling better now! :) sucks to be siiccck....

speaking of AI, nothing is like the real thing. the may LOOK the same outside. but the inside, you can never change that someone's beauty.

Keshi said...


Im well darl thanks!

**speaking of AI, nothing is like the real thing.

SPOT ON girl! That's all I wanted to say too!


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Your post inspired me to compose that poem on the spur of the moment right here on your blog. To comfort you.

I am glad you are feeling better now.

The door into my heart is still wide open. And I am still saying welcome.

You stand at a distance and still wondering with your oval head in the clouds. And God is amused watching you His beloved daughter and He knows you are not confused. But afraid.
May His Holy Spirit guard and guide you to the fountain of the spring of your heart's desire.

God bless.

Keshi said...

Thanks Orikinla u always amaze me with ur wisdom!