Monday, September 18

Saturday Night Fever

Guys I'm still living in Sat night. It was a FANTASTIC night - the best I ever had I could say. I'm so glad I went and I guess the man upstairs knew I needed a beautiful surprise and in a grand style it came. Now hang ten and let me first tell ya how it all went. First I cut my long long hair short and layered on Sat (1st pic). I needed a change. Mum liked it so no probs there hehe. Got myself in the best dress - a dress to kill/murder/mutilate wuteva. The black halter neck and the long black skirt I was telling you about (2nd pic). And then a bit of makeup (not too much) - just black eye-liner and a light touch of silver dust on my cheekbones, a dash of chocolate berry Revlon lipstick, long silver-stoned-earrings with matching waiste-chain and sexy black stilettos (boys I know you are not interested in this but that's few tips for the hot blog chicks here). What else would a girl need to look and feel great ha ;-). So 7 of us met at 6pm and off we drove to the venue (btw mum joined us too. She loves this band and she's a dance maniac just like me - anyone surprised? guess not). Oh I forgot to tell you what kind of concert it was. It was a concert of a pretty famous Sri Lankan pop group called The Gypsies (check out this Wiki link). They are on tour in Australia and this was their Sydney concert. I'm sure some of you may have heard about them already. They not only sing some very catchy and extremely popular Sinhalese numbers (for Baila dancing) but they also sing English, Tamil and Hindi songs. Now Surprise #1: One of the first warm-up numbers they sang was 'Hotel California'! Why the surprise? Cos I had put it up as my current blog music on Fri and was jaw-dropped when they sang it, whoaaa! I felt like it was for me and they sang it sooooo good. I thought about all of you then awwww. Surprise #2: Boys boys and boys ooo lala! Girls there were some very hot Sri Lankan dudes over there...goshhh I was thinking WTH I was doing all this time in Sydney LOL! Well not only were they hot, they were pretty tuned in towards my table ahemmm...cos I could see alot of guys straining their necks looking my way - poor dudes ROFL! Anyways when we were dancing non-stop on the floor (3rd pic), 5 guys asked me for a dance each. I managed to dance with all 5 without any probs cos they were decent and didn't cause any problems like last time. 3 guys asked me for my mobile number and I didnt give em cos I wasn't interested, but to 1 guy I now don't look at me that way cos we became good friends and that's all...nothing else alright? Surprise #3. Now THE BEST SURPRISE EVER- drum roll... .... ....when we were dancing in the front, the band asked me and one of my cousins to come on stage!!! I was jaw-dropped like crazy ...omg I coudn't believe it! Uttsy, Kath and Ish I was thinking of you guys just then cos you love dancing. And I rem Ish telling she has stage fright. But this Keshi didnt have any fright hehe. But I was shocked they asked us when there were so many hot girls around. LOL they must have been drunk? Anyways no they were not drunk but they wanted us both on stage for the final 3 numbers. We went in a hurry and BOY O BOY what a feeling up there on stage (4th pic)'s just UNBELIEVABLE! The great band singing and dancing with us, the crowd waving at us, the lights, the excitement, the rock-star's just beyond words guys! We danced on stage for 3 fast numbers and guess many guys were taking our pics from their mobile phones! I must be on their mobile phones now goshhhh imagine that?? But I had so much fun I just can't express it in words. Cos that was the highlight of the night and we never expected it. Both of us were spellbound (partly cos it was a childood dream of mine too - I wanted to be on stage with a famous singer some day. Guess some dreams do come true ha?). I was totally FLOORED. Did you realise how many exclamation marks and caps I have used in this post...haha that explains how much fun I had. So when we came down to the floor after that mini 'stage performance' of our's :), some guys came to us and asked if we knew the band personally...ofcourse we didn't. And then some other guys came and asked if we were movie stars in Sri Lanka...hahaha that was so stupid. I guess they just needed conversation. One nice guy came and asked if I worked in the city...I said yes. And he said that he has always seen 'this pretty-thing moving'...those were his exact words LOL! Then I asked him if it was a bad pick-up line and he said no, and that he too worked in the city and it was true. So yeah I made alot of friends from the opposite sex that night ;-) and no my dear blog-men dun worry, I didn't fall in love with any yet :):). Just alot of fun and excitement, and that was enough to keep Keshi happy for a very very long time. Remember I said I wanna dance to forget...well that night made some beautiful memories I will never forget. Guys it was just AMAZING!

btw we took too many pics and I cant put them all up here. I have selected only these enjoy! btw the menu included seafood, chicken, beef etc basically everything under the sun. And na I didn't get drunk - I never do. I had one glass of red wine and that was it - yeah I know, baby girl lol! Uttsy and Raj you should have been with me then I wouldn't have been too chicken to drink up a bit. Some boys were totally smashed but no one was misbehaving. This last pic is of me and Shash, my fav cousin sister - she's an angel in my life. As you can see most of my pics are with her hehehe. We are very close and she has never ever said anything to hurt me - she's always there for me too. I love you Shash! Now I hope I didn't bore you all with this very long post :) and guys I hope you had a great weekend too. At the moment I'm very busy at work so I won't be able to answer the previous post's comments as yet and check alot of blogs as usual. But I promise I will get it all done soon. So stay tuned ok. Thanks guys for all the great advice you gave me last week...cos it was well worth it - HUGGGGGGGGZ! Folks just live life King/Queen/Prince/Princess size ;-) cos we have today don't we. TC!

Current Music: Dancing Queen by ABBA

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samuru999 said...

Hi beautiful kesh!
You are so gorgeous in all those pictures!
I have been waiting to see them!
You look so happy...
And I am so very happy you had such an amazing time...
Well, I have to run... I am still
dog- sitting, and my little friend
needs to go for a walk!

C'ya later sweets!


shpprgrl said...

You are a dancing queen! Sounds like fun and looks like you were having fun too. Glad you had a great weekend. Great hair too! :)

Foodie's Hope said...

Halloo Keshi! pretty runs in the family, hah? looking gooood! I am sooo happy to see you there happy and carefree! Enjoy every moment! and happy to see your smiley post, not morose for a change!! Keep it up and I don't have come here often to cheer you up!! just kidding! seeya around girlie!

KK said...

Wow! seems like you had a blast at the party. Nice to hear that you had lots of fun. So did you get the call on you mobile phone yet???? Sidney just got hotter on Saturday I guess :)
BTW, I love Dancing Queen of ABBA.

Anonymous said...

Someone had a blast on saturday...:)

RefleXtion said...

Lookin hot babe!

uttara said...

"You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life...
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen....."

wowwwww first of all i shoould tell u .. u look sexxyyyy , drop dead gorgeoussss

now lemme dig into ur post... :D


it sooo nice talking with ya.. but wheneva i call i talk to the god damn machine.. GRRR
get that voice mail out of ur fone system...:D

samuru999 said...

Hi again Keshi!
While I took my walk with the little doggie... This little poem came to me...
Not my best... but, I will share it with you anyway!

Beautiful Keshi
you danced into the night
just being happy
your joy was a wonderful sight!

You bring joy
to my heart
have a wonderful day
you are kind, beautiful and smart!!

Time for me to hit the sack... it has been a long day!



uttara said...

after reading i can u have missed me all night .. wow...
now congratsss for lot many things.. its a real good feeling when u dancing on the stage..:D i did a similar stunt in the cruise at goa.. too many click click.. hehehhe

n ur hair cut is really good y dont u streak it , it will give u a different look !! me too planning since years but MOMMYY!! hehhe ya right she will kill me .;)

oh my my .. guys guys n guys.. thats ahem ahem ..;)

n yeh this time ur lipstick colour is better than last time it suits ya :)

any srilankan guy ur mom liked for ya ??? heheheh

where is mums snap ..mail me ..
OMGG am soo excited rading this .. i can imagine how much fun u wud have had ..

lubbb ya..

me u n raj will groove one day.. am sure !!!

Pri said...

wowww!!! thts sounds like fun...
great to know u had a lovely time babes...
n real nice pics, u look amazing in tht halter top n "layered" points for guessing why they called u on stage ;)...
keep rocking!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

What an awsome weekend, I love to dance and ,love great music too, you rock girl!!!

deepsat said...

seems u had a blast!!!

good pics!!


s0ulasylum said...

whose that girl??.. *whistle whistle* :))

hahaha... wow u look gorgeousss!!!!
and to think you were going to miss on this one.. moral of the story.. nuthg and i mean NUTHG is worth giving up on a night of fun for! loved loved loved ur waist band.. and stilletos.. yay! ur my groove chick already! :)
im soo glad u made contact with intelligent non-brain dead members of the opp sex.. lol!
i had promised myself a quiet weekend and ended up partying myself.. im gonna term it the kesh effect now! :D

have a super week babes!!

ghee-ghee said...

oohhh la la!! Mama Mia!!!

Keshi,you really had fun out there!!
Its so good to be on stage,feeling like a star,hahaha!

And your hairstyle fits you,you look sexy with those make ups and black out fit too! :)

Lots of works and play a little,not bad right?

And hot dudes,huh?hehe,I know the feeling,though i have no right,you have all the chances,just grabbbbb themmmm,gurl!! haha!


Sush said...

Keshi, as you usual, looks fab and she is the best... the bestest when she dances :-).. Have fun and be happy always dear.. i love this side of yours..... *hugs!

sanjay jha said...

keshi i love the way you live the fullest...
and om shanti-shantih -shantih for the pic'

Die Muräne said...

hooohooo, sounds like you had a blast on Sat! ;D
And cool pics. I like your new hairstyle. No wonder that everyone was running around you lol

Tanushree said...

hi keshi,
wao!!! enjoying saturday night....

all your snaps are just amazing..
keep enjoying the parties..

musings (m000nie) said...

oh boy!!!.. hot pics of a hot chick... hugzzz babeh.. ur looking darn sexy...

n u know what?.. went our partying sat nite too... n naah dun u expect ny pics on my blog... lol...

we (my cuz, a frnd n myself) partied till 3 am!.. n whn i got home.. moms like.. is this the time for gals to get home!!!... hehe... oh what a lovely evening i had.. n u know what!.. i missed u too.. coz i had read u were gonna party sat nite too.. hehe..

so can i please borrow that hot dress?.. mayb i can get some hot hunks asking me for a dance next time i go partying.. :p

hugzzz sweety.. darn i aint forgetting sat nite either..

psst.. i even got high.. lol

desperado said...

*desperado opens keshi's blog
jaw drops and eyes become wide as one by one d pics open up
words are not coming out...n whos reading d post...glued to d pics...wanders off into dreamland with evil wolf like look..more so after eading tht she still hasnt given her heart away d odd phone no is okie....oooohhhhh wonderland is good...ummm*

well tht was d initial reaction ;)
nice to see tht u had a wonderful time...keep smiling like tht always buddy...n keep enjoying these lovely moments to the fullest

god bless u

Ajit Chouhan said...

Hi Kesh...u look awesome and looks like u had a g8 bash..enjoy

Mehak said... Keshi had a great time.. !!!!!

Never heard about the Gypsies well ya don't know much about Sinhalese music....Will look for their songs...hope can find something on the Internet.

The pics are FAB !!! No wonder sooo many guys asked you for a dance/cell #/staring @ ur table......

the sunflower said...

Hey dancing queen... those pics are cool and they way you've written this post seems that it was one magical night for you... and to think that you almost didn't go for it...

anonimply said...

oye ojaye :))

saby said...


i miss my bachelor days

Jim said...

can dance every dance with the guy dat catches your eye

but dont forget who is taking u home tonight

save the last dance for me

Jim said...


a married girl cant party
not if u were married to me anyway

Jewel Rays said...

Hey KEshi

You look GREAT and you looked like you were truly a dancing queen havin lotsa fun! thats awesome really!!!

And also i am glad you rocked it away that night!! and a new hair cut..!! Looks great..Love DA Fringe gurl!


Nanyaar? said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Akshay said...

Hey.. you look awesome in those pics. Also good to know that you had a real good time. Even I had a party on Saturday.. but it was no where as good as yours. But had fun nevertheless. Keep smiing and enjoying. :)

Nanyaar? said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alias Fleiger said...

Now remember who told you to go to the concert? (Forget it, that's a rhetorical question)

Anyways, looks like you had a lot of fun, gave your number to a guy and met another... Busy weekend huh? So that's why I was wondering why no comments from you over the weekend. Seems you need some time to get back to earth ;)

P.S. Rhetorical question in this case means the one to which I don't want an answer. Coz I sure don't remember saying anything about the concert ;)

alias Fleiger said...

Err... forgot to mention. The name of your blog should be "Diva forver" for at least some time now ;)

(Ok, now my eye is stuck in a wink)

niki yokota said...

oh i was looking forward to these photos!!
thank u soooo much, keshi-chan!!!!

>some other guys came and asked if we were movie stars

yeah i would have asked the same thing if i were there....
u looks soooo gorgeous and sexxxy!!!!
and i love ur cousin's dress too.
glad u had a fabulous day!!
next time, the photo of that guy who gor ur phone

Ghost Particle said...

oh man...this made my saturday night pasta cockout so miserably childish...!

You looked great! and those gypsies are a great band i gather from reading the wiki entry.

Hemm...glad u had fun, coz my soccer team lost and my weekend was poopep as usual.

BTW...can I have ur number? :-|

Cinderella said...

Whoa girl....had a blast...huh !!!

Wow...I feel like I've grown old all of a sudden,gona are those days when my gang had all the frolic in the world at the tap of a phone call !!

Lucky girl !!!

And hey sexy dress ya,especially the halter,wish i could wear something like that... :(

And hey I think you've put on a bit,have you???

Take care neway.

karmicjaydeux said...

You look good in the pics, dressed to kill and you did.. (cliche I know.. but can't think of anything else).

Glad you had fun..later

Jeevan said...

That's cool dear. Looks that this party will be in your memories for years, so happy u got wonderful time in concern. “guys came and asked if we were movie stars in Sri Lanka...” keshi is getting famous in Sydney:) You look cute in the pic, your cousin too:)

:P fuzzbox said...

It looks like you had a great time. And as always great pics.

Kath said...

Wowwwwwwww!! someone here really had a blast huh?!! good on ya ^_^ but i want u to know .....i hate that kissable lipsssss grrrr!! soooo jealoussss hmm!!! ;(;(
... new hair cut looks good sweetie ;) it fits ur dress that night awww u look gorgeous!
... boys,boys,boys lol!!! i envy u ;( but yeah, u remember me when ur on stage so i will forgive u muaahh! ^_^ yup i agree w/ ya Sri Lankan dudes are hot ^_^ i told u i have few friends na ...and they're sooo cool! And i love listening to Sinhalese pops hehe.... u remember ive sent u before right?
... hotel california?? woww!! its really for ya sweetie , ^_^ u deserve it that night.... and like what am expectin' u made everybody crazy for ya! ^_^
... then that one guy... how he looks? tell me...tell me, did u talk? how was it?... not the " Mr. Right" still?? hehe ^_^ yeah, i know its hard to find Kesh Mr. Right ;P

well, its like im w/u too that night after reading ur post dear... u deserve all that smiles in this world! ^_^ muahhhh! and stay happy and smiling....;)

...thanx for the new pics.^_^ will save it on my own Kesh album lol!!
... give my hugss to Shash... is she the one on the pics. that u've sent me before? shes beautiful too... regards to her!;)

have a great week ahead sweetie!


White Forest said...

awesoem pics of yourself again :)

Gorgeous and lovely Keshi :D


Kath said...

... Kesh sorry i deleted the 1st comment... had a wrong typo ^_^ but again had a problem when i published the 2nd! luckily i copied it first and just pasted the rest, so hope its ok ....;) muaahh!

seems u had a busy day na? ^_^

goodnight sweetie muaahh!!

Hazel Dream said...

ahhh what a relief , you didnt fall in love with anyone ...

White Magpie said...

So I say thank you for the music..Must've been some experience Keshi? eh..Hair today gone tomorrow :( ;) Enjoy!!!!!!

Kavi said...

Looks like you had a great time ! Am happy that you did !!

Autumn Storm said...

"Oh, what a night!"
Your excitement is bursting off the page, I'm so excited for you that you had such a memorable night! Dancing on the stage no less with the band :-)
You looked fantastic - no wonder you were practically swamped by male attention, who could blame them.
Grinning from ear to ear after reading that post, Kesh, thanks for spreading the excitement. :-)

Happy Monday to you, and a great week ahead, xo

dfg said...

Hi Keshi
How are u. lots of pictures doing a round. I hope everything is ok. Pictures are great. its nice to see u.
Looks like you had a great time on saturday.

Cherrypie said...

Your Saturday night sounds just up my street. I would have loved a night out with such a stunning group.

I'm pleased you said that was your cousin. If you'd said that was your Mum I would have had to start disliking you and I really wouldn't want that to happen.

AnonymousBlogger said...

Keshi, it's great to hear you had a great time!

Just wait till your picture ends up on blogs everywhere as all these guys update their blogs about this hot girl who was dancing on stage at the concert they were at.

Great call going to the concert. Good thing you didn't listen to me when I said you shouldn't :|

Tanvi said...

hey kesh..u looke prettie .. i love the hair in the first long has it been? lol ive been good..hows everythin wit u

Mumbai Guy said...

I have to say all your surprises were real cool. All of them. And you look pretty there!! No wonder guys falling over you.

Right - Life life max size. ;)

Dalicia said...

hi keshi,

looks like you had a great time!
i love ppl who knows to have a good time! u look hot any guys hit on you? :D

sittingnut said...

heyy again!
good morning!
hope its still saturday for you :-)

you look great in those pics.
you must have blown everyone away. no wonder they invited you on stage and took lots of pics . too bad i wasn't there to see you dance.
great to see you so happy. its quite infectious. :-)

gypsies certainly know how to provide entertainment . and one can certainly dance to their music.

hope you have many more days of the same !!!

Within Without said...

What a huge surprise! Alert the media!

Keshi decides to dress herself up and be beautiful and make herself available and go crazy...

And the guys are all over her!

Funny how that happens, huh?

OK, so we all know you're gorgeous. And that you looked ravishing and enticing.

Has the guy phoned you yet?

Glad you had a great time...

La vida Loca said...

hey the layered look suits you just great!!
The whole thing sounds absolutely fantastic!!
Well heres hoping you will fall for one of your fans :P....will make a great story later
picture this "I was dressed to the nines...danced with the band....we met..fell in love..50 years ago.." :DD

Sujit said...

good.. great!.. enjoyed finally.. cool..

Blessed said...

Awesome pics, what a totally electric post! What a fabulous time! I could feel the happiness, delight, fun, joy pop right out of your writing.
So glad you had such an amazing time!


I have goose bumps...So damn coooool!!!!!!!!! I too would just love tht glory or hall of fame n center of attraction! :)

karmicjaydeux said...

Just saw your comment as I was putting up a post. You may like the post about men. Later..karmicjay.

Vivhyd said...

U r still living the Sat night and am glad tht night is ovver.. what a contrast hehe.. good to knw u had a good time.. :-)

oh btw u will knw the ans y when u read my post

Homo Escapeons said...

You are my favorite GoGo Girl!
Margie and Uttara are absolutely right Abba's Dancing Queen sums it up perfectly.
See that girl...

Where is my Keshi Calendar?

saby said...

TANVI eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

if u dont drop by on Sept 20
i will surely cry

mebbe i wud die too

musings (m000nie) said...

k00kieee... lol naah baby no pics... sorry.. we went to this hot n happening place called 'czar' at the intercontinental... whn u come to mumbai we'll go there partying :D... come soon... hugzzzz

r u over ur weekend?.. i guess not.. nor m i.. hehe

Eclipsed Thoughts said...

Wooohoooo KAP....
Seems like someone enjoyed a lot. My weekend was too long and tiring.

You look gorgeous and happy... ahem ahem... too many guys drooling over ya, well, poor things, i am not surprised!

Kumar Chetan said...

get back to u soon...

Keshi said...

guys as m000nie said I'm still stuck on Sat and will be for helppppp Im frozen in time! No actually dun help - cos I love it like this ;-)

will be bakk soon to reply. ty so much all of u!


The Light-House. said...

I have been waiting to write this for a long time....

I think u resemeble a VJ on M=TV India, called Sophie.
Just googled them to confirm.

Comment on the post laterz

visithra said...

ooohh u had fun ;p looks like a great nite - n women ure looking gorgeous

Akruti said...

You look gorgeous,Beautiful,stunning and so very happy with yourself.And nothing being love with oneself,isnt it my dear girl:) Rock on.

Aditi said...

Ohmygosh.. first of all u looked great.. the haircut does look nice..
you are one bindaas babe to go dancing on stage like that.. i woulda frozen.. literally frozen!!

Noushad said...

hai keshi,
nice blog!!

Kautilya said...

Rock on!
looks like u had awesome fun!
and nice n cool pix!

Het Waghela said...

u r awesome.

Yes, u should live life to its fullest.

starry nights said... look beautiful ( and hot if I may say so) and in deed a dancing queen. I love the song"hotel california". I love to go to concerts and really wanted to see Abba when they were performing here but did not get look gorgeous in those pics.some handsome dude is going to take you away.ha ha ha .

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Sweet Keshi,
John Travolta would have loved to dance with such a pretty woman as you.

You must have had a great time from the details in your post.

Be happy always.

God bless.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Looking good!!!

niki yokota said...

keshichan tired? ^^
please get some sleep....

Syam said...

wow you guys had a hell a lot of know what I missed that party wish I were in Sydney :-)

Ashley said...

You chose the perfect song for this post! LOL!!

I am glad you had such a great time!

priya said...

Keshi: this is for you. (a+b)sq= smart; intelli; witty;sexy and awesome.
You just rock girl. Good you had fun and love ur hair...

I just turned on the news and they said earthquake. Did you guys feel it coz it said some island.

ari4u said...

Dancing queen.... drama queen..... its all the same :-) :-)
You look totally different in each picture. I like pic 1 and 5. Some serious advertising and dont try convincing me :-) Glad you had fun at the concert. I want to write more but im short of time, gotta run. Later...
-ari :-)

Keshi said...


aww dog-sitting lol cute! tnxxxx hun ur an angel in my life for sure. And that poem was too beautiful TY n huggggggggz! Yeas I had tons of fun and I had all of u in my mind that nite. I was wondering how nice it wud be if all of u were there too. Just imagine that!


ty sweety mwahhh!


hey ty sweety and yeah I had fun unlimited ;-) HUGGGGGGGZ!


hehe yep Sydney was on fire Sat nite :):) Wish u all were here too, really!

did he call me? lol NO :):) Guess he was drunk that night. But one other guy who made friends with me that nite got my number from one of my friends that nite..can u believe that? and he rang me. I was surprised. But he's only a friend :)


indeed Southy :) When r we gonna do that tango?


Keshi said...


ty ;-)


'Friday night and the lights r lowwww...
Lookin out for a place to go...
Where they play the right music, getting in the swing
You come in to look for a king
Anybody could be that guyyyyy...
Night is young and the musics high
With a bit of rock music, everything is fine
Youre in the mood for a dance...'

Absolutely love that song!! :)

Uttsy I really wish u were there that night...we could have had sooooo much fun. Goshhh! Ofcourse I missed ya! But i couldnt have called u that nite cos the music was HIGH :):)

So when r we meeting on a dance floor?

btw I never put streaks on my hair...I dunno...I like it natural. why dun u get a nice layered cut for a change? It can do wonders to the mind too trust me.

**any srilankan guy ur mom liked for ya

na my mum was too bust dancing hahahaha!

lipstick is nice ay...nice color for me.

Huggggggggz babez!


hey thanks alot Pri hugggggggggz! :)


Dances r always the best of fun, tnxxx sweety!


ty Deep :)


hello groovy baby ;-)

** loved loved loved ur waist band..

yep and some of my cousin's kids want it after my death lol!

**im soo glad u made contact
with intelligent non-brain dead members of the opp sex.. lol!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one :):) One guy had a drink in his hand and he was stoned. And he came and danced with me - I was like 'u ok man u look like a brain-dead zombie' - only in my head lol!

**i had promised myself a quiet weekend and ended up partying myself.. im gonna term it the kesh effect now! :D

o really! WOW! Pics plzzzzzzzzzzz - Im dying to see this hot chick!


hey pretty babe :)

**Its so good to be on stage,feeling like a star

LOL yes! When they called me I ran up to the stage and danced straight away. And I did feel like a SUPERSTAR :) Cos this is the BEST band in Sri Lanka for years. And to have danced with them on stage was a dream come true. Really.

ty for all the compliments. It goes to all of u lovely ppl here too. U guys r truly beautiful! HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


hey girl I hope ur better now...plz tc n ty so much, MWAHHHHHHH!


Keshi said...


G'day Sanjay! ty :)


** No wonder that everyone was running around you lol

LOL na they were all too drunk I suppose :)


WC n ty sweety :)


mwahhhhhhh m000nie! So good to see u here.

**went our partying sat nite too... n naah dun u expect ny pics on my blog

woohoo GREAT! Bombay Intercontinental ha? RAD! I wanna go there dance with some hot Indian hunks ooo lala. Did u score? lol ;-)

Mums always ask that. Thats why I took mum too this time :):)

I want pics awwwwwwwwwwwwww...plz pretty plzzzz...??


lol cmon Im not that pretty...goshhh Im just average. Im serious. Pretty is someone like Aishwarya na?

***more so after eading tht she still hasnt given her heart away.

hehehe thats just to keep my online men hooked. LOL na Im kidding :):)

ty n u tc HUGGGGGGGGZ!


WC Ajit n ty! :)


ty :) U can find out more abt the gypises thru the Wiki link I have given in the post. Check it out.


tnxxxx girl!

yes to think that I almost missed out on it! :):) Thats why they say never give up easily.


Keshi said...


Oye ojaye oye ojaye...Oye ojaye oye ojaye...

:):) that my FAV song by the Gypsies. I do this wierd dance to it with ruffling my skirt lol!


'Son be a bachelor boy until ur dying day...'



**save the last dance for me

they sang that song too!


hey Amy tnxxx n huggggggggz! Yes I had absolute FUN FUN n FUN!

btw these days I flirt with my fringe! Right now it's my one true flirting weapon ;-)


** even for Ram Navami remember? lol

ROFL! that is COOOOOL! :):) When it's diwali i ask my mum if we can have a dance party..she scolds me lol!


I know - she's Sri Lankan and she's quite a good singer.

hehe ur dad scared ways...I was only joking :):)


heyyy Fleiger matey!

**Seems you need some time to get back to earth

LOL yes. Im still stuck on Sat nite and Im in another world...perhaps Venus. I need to get back to Earth man :):)

yes yes u all told me to go to the concert and thats why I love u guys so much, HUGGGGGGGGZ!

**Diva forever

Mayur told me that too :) TY!


Keshi said...


hey sorry I missed u b4 Fleiger.

tnxxx :)

**but it was no where as good as yours.

nooo u should not say that. Every party is fun and Im sure ur's wud have been exciting on it's own way. Im glad u had a great weekend too :)


mwahhhhh Niki ty!

btw that I got my fone number isnt so great-looking hehehe. But he's sweet and funny. If he rings me I will see if I can get a pic of him and also get permission to post it here lol!


Ghostyy u had a pasta weekend? awwww :) Nice n quiet...thats good btw.

**Can I have ur number?

LOL ur serious?


mwahhhh girl!

**And hey sexy dress ya,especially the halter,wish i could wear something like that... :(

why cant u?

**And hey I think you've put on a bit,have you???

yes! I have put on from what I was few months ago. :):) Rem we r just finishing Winter! But I hope to start walking again since it's Summer now and lose a little bit of weight. Not too much but to be a little bit more fit.

ty sweety huggggggggz!


Sanjay! :) Luv that name.

tnxxx for all the compliments. I love it when it comes from hunks ;-)


ty Jeevan :) Im famous only on that!


tnxxx Fuzzy :)


mwahhhhhh Kath I missed u tonzz on that day! Cos I know u like Sinhalese Baila music etc. U wud have loved it. It rocked.

**.....i hate that kissable lipsssss grrrr!! soooo jealoussss

LOL cmon look who's talking. U have nice pink juicy lips too!

** then that one guy... how he looks? tell me...tell me, did u talk? how was it?... not the " Mr. Right" still??

haha na Kath he's not a absolute hunk but he's cute alright. He was funny and thats what I liked abt him alot. But na we r ONLY FRIENDS. He hasnt called me yet btw LOL! one other guy got my number from one of my other friends (they know each other) and rang me...he was just sweet...just a friend too :)

**hehe ^_^ yeah, i know its hard to find Kesh Mr. Right ;P

LOL Kath u know me too well!

yep thats Shash and I think I have sent u some other pics with her. She's a darling. So kind and beautiful. I will pass ur regards to her. ty and MWAHHHHHHHHH babez!


ty Im blushing now :):)


Keshi said...


**ahhh what a relief , you didnt fall in love with anyone ...

lol so green ha ;-)


**So I say thank you for the music

Indeed! Thats another beautiful number by ABBA.

yes here today gone dance today away :)


ty Kavi :)


mwahhhhhhhh Autumn I missed u so much! WB!

**Oh, what a night!"

whoaaa that was my initial title for this post and then I changed it to Sat Nite fever :)

tnxxx for everything girl and I hope u stay for a long time now. HUGGGGGGZ!


long time mate! Hows u?

ty :)


:) tnxxx hun!

** If you'd said that was your Mum I would have had to start disliking you and I really wouldn't want that to happen.

lol why wud u dislike me sweety?


hey AB :)

na I hope they wont put my pics in blogs lol!

u may have told me not to go to the concert but u told me to rock the skirt...rem? And that I did and I was thinking of u too :) Hugggggggggz!


hey Tanvi ty!

**how long has it been?

I cut my hair last Sat...on the day I went to the show :)

how have ya been? Hows life? D u still chat on IT?


hey tnxxx for that :)

Live life to the max and live each moment to the fullest indeed! ty.


Heyyyyya Elaine!

**i love ppl who knows to have a good time!

I love them too. Cos I know some ppl who just dun know how to have a good time even at a party like that. Some just like to complain, sulk and do nothing. I just make the most of whatever it is. We have to.

**u look hot any guys hit on you

hehehe ty :) Hit on me? Many many many. I was a bit uncomfortable cos there was a group of guys next to our table...they were staring at me all the time! Im not saying Im gorgeous or something...but these guys were makin me uncomfy lookin at me like that. It was kinda annoying lol! Few danced with me :)


u kno wut I was thinking of u ...:) I wondered if u like the gypsies...d u?

ty n huggggggggz!


:):) tnxxx WW mwahhhh!

**Has the guy phoned you yet?

Nope lol! I guess he's still sleeping cos he was dancing liek crazy too :):) Or he just took my number for fun. Dun u know guys hehehehe. But one other dude rang me. He's a decent guy who works close to me. Good friend, thats all.


Ur a darl :) tnxxx n huggggggz!

** "I was dressed to the nines...danced with the band....we met..fell in love..50 years ago

haha that wud make a beautiful love story but lets see if it comes true :) TY so very much MWAHHH!


Keshi said...


tnxxx for ur advice Sujit huggggggz!


I feel blessed ;-) tnxxx n huggggggz babe!


**I too would just love tht glory or hall of fame n center of attraction

yes that 15mins of fame was just WONDERFUL! :):) ty sweety.


awwww I saw that...what a bad thing to happen...Im so sorry Viv!


HE Im ur fav GOGO girl ha? cool ;-)

**See that girl...

Watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen.....

**bbtw;Where is my Keshi Calendar?

will publish one soon and post it to ur address :):) D u want bikini pics too ;-) lol just kidding!


and where was my KAP on Sat nite??? I missed u sweety HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


:) tnxxx!


heyya Tarun!

**I think u resemeble a VJ on M=TV India, called Sophie.

hehe I checked out her pics. She's gorgeous! Im flattered :) ty!


tnxx sweety!


mwahhh Alapana ty!


tnxxx sweety!

**you are one bindaas babe to go dancing on stage like that.. i woulda frozen.. literally frozen!!

lol really? wud u have gone up but?


ty Noushad!


ty :) hope ur feeling better?


Het where have ya been???


Starry mwahhhhhhh! U ok sweety? I mean I felt so sad reading abt ur mum yday....

**love to go to concerts and really wanted to see Abba when they were performing here but did not get to.

when was that? wow I wud love to see ABBA perfom LIVE. Cos my dad bought me some of their cassettes when we were little. Thanks to Dad I fell in love with their music and still sing em on karaoke.

**you look gorgeous in those pics.some handsome dude is going to take you away.

hehe ty and I hope that guy is not dead LOL!


ty Ori!

Travolta is CUTTTTTTTTE!


awwwwwww tnxxx matey ;-)


lol cute cute niki I aint tired..just stuck in another world...:):)


awwww it wud have been GREAT then!


lol tnxxx sweety!


hey that was a great compliment...TY so much Priya and same goes to ya babe! All my girls here are smart, beautiful, sexy, witty, kind and lovely ppl MWAHHH!

Earthquake? Where? Im still in Sat nite so I must have not felt it Priya lol!


Ari lol na na I aint advertising! Trust me mate :):)

**Dancing queen.... drama queen..... its all the same

hehe so true! U got that right Ari hahahaha!


Eclipsed Thoughts said...

i was figthing with a big snob that nite... lol.... i hate ppl who keep claiming they are right and i am wrong, okay its true... what the big deal, but do they always ahve to gloat with pride and humiliate someone else??
Whatever. Does not matter much! BTW, did i mention, your haircut was really good!

Parag said...

you look gorgeous..
where were you before :)

Keshi said...


lol fighting? awwww who is he? U want me to come ard and try out some of Keshi karate on him? ;-)

tnxx for the compliments but what really happened? U ok?


hey tnxx Parag Im all red now :):)

**where were you before

how d u mean?


SamY said...

hey awesome pic :) ... tho shameless marketing :p

omg omg keshi goin boogie on stage 8-> ... those ppl must hav falled for ya right away to pull u up on stage ... he he

n whats that rope like thingy on ur hip ... was that supposed to be holding onto something? :D

5 hot knives aiming for the butter ... he he

** 'this pretty-thing moving'

what does that mean :-/

desperado said...


for me only 2 people are pretty...
one is Priety Zinta...special special Pretty Priety

n second all those people people who love n live rock n roll....u qualify perfectly can u be average.

so take care pretty Keshi ;)

Aditi said...

i used to have horrible stage fright.. conquered a bit of it .. i honestly am not sure whether i woulda gone up or not .. probably run in the opposite direction

Anonymous said...

what a night!!!! and u luk totallyyyy hot!!!:P.....the hair cut is totally you:)..!

*sigh* i'll have to rushhhh thru this comment coz d power just went offf:((....m having a terrible time wid my net connectivity and a lot of stuff to take care of at's maddening...:(((

i wanna partyyy tooo lol...this post makes me want to do that so so much! ohhh and i got myself a lovely pair of high highhh highhhhh black heels...too!! lol...uncomfy yeah but who cares right ;-) luks reallyy sexy!

oh my...suchi gave me this short cute spaghetti strap black dress...but m not getting a chance to wear it..! lol we (you and i cld luk like twins if we dressed in all black!)....wish u had a video of the evening kesh..wld luv to see u dance:)...!

thanks for sharing the pics and such a memorable evening wid us kesh:)...

*huggss* so much for rushing thru...i'll be backkk!:) laterrzzz...:)

Anonymous said...

Ohh wow.. finally I can post comments.. damn this beta blogger I tell you.

Anonymous said...

woohoo.. a gr8 time u had eh
nice pics.. n i can see someone shooting u on his cell.. now m gonna contact him for forwarding it to me.. lol

hope u have many saturday nights like this.. :)

KK said...

What kinda person will he be to be so drunk and forget to call you... useless guy :)

Hazel Dream said...

hmm for someone Pink like you .. There is always green this side ..
Wish its green that side too
Show me the signal

Anonymous said...

Keshi, I know that I am way late on commenting on this post...but I just have to say that it sounds like you had the most wonderful time..I hope that good feeling is staying with you all week long. You are such a beautiful girl - in more ways than one - don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise - ok? Sounds like a blast and I wish I was one of your friends - ha ha....Oh, and I agree on your dancing theory....100% :) take care Keshi girl - HUGGSS!!!

Twisted DNA said...

Oh my, you are one gorgeous woman, aren't you.

It would've been qually fut to see the pics of the guys (or girls) drooling over you at the party :)

Anonymous said...

Eart to Keshi, Earth to Keshi... enjoy your stay... And we miss you here ;)

Keshi said...


hehe tnxxx Samy :)

** whats that rope like thingy on ur hip ... was that supposed to be holding onto something?

LOL it's called a waiste-chain. It's a fashion accessory :) Me being the fashion-queen (apart from being dancing and drama queens), I love to wear accessories like that.

**pretty-thing moving

well thats what he said :):)


** whats that rope like thingy on ur hip ... was that supposed to be holding onto something?

awww ty :) that means alot to me. Huggggggggggz!


** probably run in the opposite direction

:):) awww...well Im a bit like that too but the energy of dancing and the music got me spellbound and there I was instantly on stage..lolz!


mwahhhhhhhhh Ish ur here! I so wanted u to see the pics and read the post cos I know u love fun, dancing and all the glamor :) Yes I was thinking of u alot. Wish u were there Ish!

** ohhh and i got myself a lovely pair of high highhh highhhhh black heels...too!! lol...uncomfy yeah but who cares right ;-) luks reallyy sexy!

WOW great! Put up a pic na. lol yes they sometimes suffocate me but I wanna look fashionable so who cares! :):)

**oh my...suchi gave me this short cute spaghetti strap black dress...but m not getting a chance to wear it..

why not? it wud look GORGEOUS on ya! btw we def wud look like twins if we took a pic both dressed in black! Im so ssure of it cos we share some features and hair etc.
How nice it wud be to dress up n take some pics together...awwww.


hell na lol! d u wanna faint? :):)

tnxxx Ish and have a good day! HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


I think they have fixed it now.tnxxx ME! :)


lol u wont be able to track him na? :):)


**What kinda person will he be to be so drunk and forget to call you... useless guy

lol yep. He could be married who knows..hahahahaha!



**Show me the signal

huh? lol!


Meggzzyy u ARE one of my dearest friends! ok?? HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ n ty!

**don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise - ok?

yeah some ppl try to hurt me from time to time etc. But I try to hold my head up high and with all of u lovely ppl I feel BLESSED! Mwahhhhhhhh sweety!


ty :)

**It would've been qually fut to see the pics of the guys (or girls) drooling over you at the party

lol @girls! hmmmm nope...cos I was dancing and someone else was taking pics. I forgot to take some pics of the crowd too LOL! I was way too busy boogying ;-)


hey dun miss me when Im here ok...haha just descended to Earth!


Dawn....सेहर said...

you and your eyes....:) amazing!

You always n must live life Princess size ;)
good one
Be happy always sis

dumbdodi said...

Keshi beauty

You must have dropped some jaws that day, you looked stunning, absolutely stunning.
Glad you had a great time. You desrve every bit of it.
As for me I back, back for good. Will see you more regularly. Bye love

Keshi said...


yes sweety :) tnxxx!


hey thats great ur gonna be ard for good MWAHHHHH I missed u n tnxxxx!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back...

Known Stranger said...

men need not do all those extra stuff - a fragnance, a bit gell ( if needed) a smile and just nice at dance floor energetic.

after one month last week while in singapore had the fun on dance floor - oh it was like back living the life after 45 days of penance to beer & hard music & gals around hte dance floor

Maya Cassis said...

hey doll
i almost missed seeing your pics.Man!you're a total babe.and looks like you had another lovely saturday!wish we could party together sometime

Keshi said...

Fleiger :)


Good on ya KS!


Maya tnxxx so r ya! :)

awwww when r we gonna boogie together?


Neha said...

Madam getting all overnight celebrity status and all!!

Rock on babe....

Keshi said...

tnxx Neha :)


Parag said...

What I meant by "where were you" was .. where was a pretty lady like you before.. Why did I not meet you earlier !!

PS - you can write to me directly at

Stud said...

"I'm a n all :) ...tall and tan..."


Keshi said...

Parag :) wut wud u have done then?

Stud :)