Tuesday, December 23

And The Soul Felt It's Worth...

Hey guys, I hope all's going well with you. I'm so sorry I didn't have time at all to visit your blogs...neither did I have any time to reply to comments in the last post. But I will do so as soon as I get a breather ok. I have been really busy running around with family and friends...it's a mad mad rush here! Besides I nearly melted in my car yesterday...so darn hot! Thanks all for dropping by, answering the questions and also for the warm Xmas wishes in the last post. And since soon it will be Christmas day, I wanna play my favourite Christmas carol in my blog right now...I used to sing this one in annual carols, and my soul feels love and gratitude every time I hear this song...love and gratitude for what I can feel for myself and for others. So here is the song for all of you too. Merry Christmas to you! Have a good, safe and joyful one...may your hearts always be filled with peace, harmony and love...may your souls always know how to feel...to feel one anothers' joys and sorrows as your own. And then the soul shall feel it's real worth. See ya soon!

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Current Music: O Holy Night by Mariah Carey