Friday, April 7

Grave Decisions...

If when you visit me tomorrow, you wont hear a sigh, you wont see a 'hello' and you see only a fading memory of someone who once used to be...would you think I'm too bored or too pissed...or could it be that I'm really sick or could it be that I had died yesterday? Well one thing's for sure, I won't leave the blog world without saying goodbye to all of you very beautiful have stuck by me at all times and I will never forget that, never ever! I have met some very special people here (truly inspirational) and I'd hate to leave you all without a hug goodbye...but if death comes knocking on my door without my knowledge, I'd have no way of saying how much all of you meant to me. And it's quite sad to leave without saying what I wanted to say to you. So I take this opportunity, this day and this minute to convey my gratitude and love to you all. And to say how much I appreciate all of your thoughts , time and mostly your presence in my life. And how colorful my life is because of all your pretty handprints and warm heartprints you have left here so many times.


Say your Thank-yous when they are due, say your Sorrys when you're wrong, say the Compliments when people deserve them, say the I LOVE Us before it's too late
. Death has left a huge void in my life many a times. I didn't get to say what I wanted to say...and now I'm sitting here wondering how it would be if I told him/her how I felt. It's too late to speak when that someone is not around to hear ask them, speak to them, hear them, listen to them and convey to them right now, for graves are made of stone not of ears. So I hope you heard me saying my dues. LOVE U ALL, yeah even after I've left. I hope you'll remember me too...

Now to some exciting death-related news people!
I read in the papers yesterday that the latest graves use LCD screens. So the grave has
a LCD screen and when someone passes it, it gets ativated by an infra-red sensor, and plays old videos of the dead person. Cool ha! Do you think this is a great idea or it's just plain irritating for the other deep-sleeping dudes around? I think it's great as long as I don't have a bitchy jealous grave-neighbour who couldn't afford one, lol! But then again, why would any stranger want to stop and see my life-video? Would you consider one for yourself or a family member, if so what will you include in the video? I think I'd have Nirvana and Guns N Roses playing over and over again while photo-stills of me taken with my loved ones are displayed, along with each of your names being displayed at the bottom, one by one...cos that's what I loved when I lived - music and people.

124 Cranium Signets:

:P fuzzbox said...

While I have a chance. Luv ya. Aren't those screens cool. Let's a person give their gravesite a little flava.

tulipspeaks said...

ish.. dono if my first comment get thru or not..have to re-type..ish ish

but.. ennake rombe kovemma iruke. enna achi unnake ippo? unnake onnum ille. nalla iruken, nalla irupe. okie va?


Dawn....सेहर said...

Hugggz to u many many hugggz to u my dear :)
Well...death is someone who like to give surprises...and very rare cases one can predict when they are actually gone be carried away by death ( I mean ppl who are dying of some disease)!
But yes..I believe in conveying things that one feels and we human always forget to convey and we assume that...they will understand...many times its not the understand but the words :)
And dear...I love you...and I always admired your thoughts...and the way you convey your anger on things that are injustice whether its to u or others...and blessed ur soul is a human :)
About the info that I not sure if I will be I dont know yet what happens after death!

But yes...dont quit..thats all I will say to you.

May god bless you and keep you healthy, wealthy, charming n sweet ;)

huggzzzz n hugggz to my dear keshi

Anonymous said...

This one reminds me of something which i hv been trying to forget since last 19 years....damn...When my father died in an accident when i was small, we just recieved his dead body, neither we cud see him taking his last breath so that we cud tell him, dont go nor he cud tell us that he was sorry,it wasn't his fault.

saby said...

she done it again
she made me cry

she made me tink of Janice

Anand said...

why talk about death!
Its friday evening--just the beginning of a weekend...happy times ahead and ur talking about death...naaah!--boooo hoooo!
But ur right...never think twice about letting your loved ones know u care for them and that u love them--its never too early for that!:-)

And hey girl...its always a joy to read ur thots...u dont need to thank any of us for anything!

Sunita said...

You are so very right, everybody deserves to pay and get their dues. I couldn't do that to my family and they couldn't give it me either....:(

SamY said...

ha ha :)), my resolution 4 the year had been do it all, say it all ;), as u said - who knows if I'd live to see the rising sun tomorrow

as for the LCD on the grave, I'd like to have my childhood photos (coz it always leave people smiling or laughing), n then LP, LB, Metallica and carnatic classical and if I make it up someday, me playing a piece on violin :D (of course after a disclaimer)

actually I'd like to have it like those egyptian mummies ... so to the grave with my precious belongings :D, my PC, my violin, gadgets, my music n movie collection n books ;) ... not a lot to ask is it :p

uttara said...

keshi ..

btw i was thinking on the same lines 2de ... saying dont i have the rigt to know y a person is upset ... n just stop talking out of the blue ... which is so irritating ...
i do believe in saying Thank u, sorry, love u hate u .. etc ...
if a person deserves it ...

thank u ... cos u really such a swetheart ... close to my heart ..

sorry if i was rude to u at times

i loubbbbbb u ..u r so beautifull in n out .. n sometimes verrryyyyy innocent :) .. n i love u the way u r .. dont change for others :)

i hate u :p .. cos of ur stupid behaviour at times ;) .. kidding .. i can never hate u hun :*

huggggggggggzzzzzzzzzzzzz i guess one should convey their feelings it can be negative .. but at least communicate .. cos others will never realise their mistakes .. n wont knw ur feeling till death cos it was always hidden ..

good thought sweety ..muaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

uttara said...

amuu ..

avalla orru kick taranam ... chumma ennavo nanikara ... ennaku romba kovam varadha ...
niyum variya orru kick tharathika


saby said...

i want dis inscribed on my grave stone

, he lived life to the full
yes, he was a damn fool

he was married
yet he loved more guys

made passes for TANVI
much to the irritation of her other younger suitors

and the sonovabitch still loves janice

tulipspeaks said...

@ uttara

lolz.. seri seri... aust povoma? kick tare?



saby said...

Uttara chedu,

chumma maka pon di
aun pisso zala tujhe mogan podon

Sujit said...

something happened?.. thinking about death?.. actually i was thinking to write a post about death.. but did not write!!.. Anyway.. I think grave yard is a place to be peacefull!! to rest cooly!!.. but playing is not bad.. unless.. they send a message, an experince that the dead man felt and he would like others not to follow them.. the mistakes the dead man did!!.. things like that!!.. ?????

Pri said...

heyy keshi...y speakin bout death?? :( ...dont like it whn ppl i hold dear speak like this *scowl*

heyy but on second thoughts , know wht i kinda liked the idea of a "tombstone LSD"...wonder wht i wud like to play ...
all i can think bout rite now is ronan keatings "if tomorro never comes" :)...
mmm...mebe il'l like to play "seasons in the sun" as my dear ones pass by me as i lie asleep yet...dreaming endless dream...:)sigh!

Dalicia said...

ohhh keshi :) april 5th is the chinese "ching ming" grave sweeping. did you know that? time like this i think of my grandfathers.

it's good to know you in this blog world. thank you for sharing your personal stories with us.
i feel with your blog, it's like i'm having a coffee and cheesecake with you in a cafe.'s true. and also your comments in my blog. what a FREAK i am..*LOL*

i don't like this LCD on the grave. i believe that the people has pass on. you can only pray for them.

if you do good things, than you wouldn't fear death.

musings (m000nie) said...

k00kie...such a beautiful post... death sometimes comes stealthily and leaves the loved ones feeling bereaved... all of us have gone through this and we know how heart wrenching it is...

as for the song... hmm lemme think... i think id just like some soft instrumentals going on... but again theres not going to be any grave for me...


uttara said...

saby ...

y dont u translate it ????????? i donno konkani :p

Ghost Particle said...

hemm...not thats original. goes...may we meet in any world you a reborn in to and be friends or family. May we build a future bright and colorful for evreyone, and maybe the day come when we be happy for all the changes we have done. Thank you for everything.

Ashes said...

Death is such a bloody semicolon that it leaves ya high and dry.but know what,you really are one goddamn,sweet,innocent girl.The Nirvana and GnR thingy made me smile.I personally don't like the idea of LCD tombstones,but then to each his own.

uttara said...

ammu .. wa nambal povom ;) .. ni eppo vare????loll

surpirise kudkalama avalka ...HAHHAHAHHA

Sugababee said...

And like Anand said... don't say thank you silly!

And about the LCD screen thingy's... i think id opt outta that its my grave! technology shud go only so far i think...

Wanderer said...

Life is long but ur time is short
so u should speak out ur heart before its too late.
May it be ur emotions or any type of grudge
Lol thats indeed cool
I would personally prefer to get a LCD over my grave!!
I wonder wat it will play!
All the flirting scenes or mebbe songs by eminem
But mebbe it isnt good after all!!


Die Muräne said...

I experienced that last year when my father died and there were so many things that I wanted to tell him or wasn't sure if he knew how much I loved and admired him. Made me sad. But later I knew that I still can tell him everything and he's still listening, because his being is not finished!

In the meantime I told many people, that I like them and I thanked them for everything (call it "asslicking" lol)

I think the idea of the LCD is little stupid. I'm not afraid to be forgotten. When it's time to go, I'll go.

Ben Heller said...

That infra-red idea is nice. I think I would use audio rather than video. I'm gonna find out about playing Jerusalem for my resting place I think.

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England's mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England's pleasant pastures seen?

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold!
Bring me my arrows of desire!
Bring me my spear! O clouds unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire!

I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land.

-- William Blake

Vanathi said...

Cheer up keshi dear...

Chelseajean said...

I haven't had a chance to read this post... but I wanted to let you know that the picture of the girl with chris is my sister :)

Chelseajean said...

Awww... I enjoy your blog so much!

You had posted about my bi-polar II and I have been very lucky to get the treatment that I need. :) I am doing much better even now then why I posted that. But you should check out my new pet anole :) He is very cute. I await your next post! Talk to you soon...

visithra said...

i keep thinking about this - ive seen net friends just go missing - n later found out the truth that they were gone - not knowing anyone on their side i was lost as the grieve could not be shared - life is so uncertain

i hate losing friends

n love u too darling

tulipspeaks said...

@ uttara

she is going to freak out and faint if she sees us both 2gether..kekeke.. setteiya irukume..


AmitKen said...

Why such a death obsessed post Keshi?

Life is not about death, cross this bridge only when u get there.
I agree with the part of letting ur loved one's know how much u care about them, but then it should be done anyways, it's got nothing to do with Death.

I never thought i'd read a post on ur blog which I wont like... but i had to let u know this, hope u dont mind.

anup.777 said...

awww ... this was so very sweet .... I love you Keshi ..(there I've said it!!!!) ... and I'll miss you .....

done said...

I just read your comment on my blog, and wanted to come here to say have a great weekend:) Take care, Elisa:)

PRADEEP K. said...

keshi, u wont believe wot i write here.

just yesterday i had this strange premonition that sumthin really terrible was to happen to me - that i wud probably die soon.

later during the day, another event heralded that my premonition was probably correct.

i was planning to come out with a very similar post today, with almost the exact words. but im still not sure wot it is, and when it will befall. i am too confused and tensed abt it. thats why i delayed writing it.

and today i saw this post from u.
im just in tears.
im scared, im confused and im totally freaked out.

if something shud happen to me, please know that u r one of my very best friends.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

well. .. i would wanna have any remebrances of me left behind when i am gone ... coz i dont like having memories ... and i wouldnt want any of the ppl i love to repeatedly hurt thinking of me


Queen Bee said...

Love you too, Keshi! and Thanks for being my friend :))))


Contented said...

Aww..Quite a different post. Did you hear anything about Janice recently?
Coming to this subject of death I read an interesting quote which I want to share

"When I pass, speak freely of my shortcomings and my flaws. Learn from them, for I'll have no ego to injure."
- Aaron McGruder,Boondocks

Het Waghela said...


I will feel very bad if will pass away without meeting u. I am a fan of u, ur writing have gone through many of ur previuos post, its nice to go through ur blog.
So if God doesn't have any objection then sometime, someday, someplace one fine day we will meet up ^_^.

You turned me senti yaar.

Bout that LCD, I would love to play my video after i pass away.
Nice idea :)

Gangadhar said...

yeah..keshi,I too feel the same..I'm quite emotional just like you.The thing is i expect the same from others for whom i have some nice feelings..Am i wrong,Keshi?
But we come across a few insensitive people who doesn't care for friendship..

susubala said...

Wow...Keshi....I LOVE U too !

Iam dumb found on seeing this senti post ! No words actually to convey my emotions as you been with me for all my posts with person care !

rebel_on_loose said...

Hey Keshi...y this sudden talk abt Death! Hope u haven't seen Final Destination lately...hehe.
But hey yea i do wanna let u know tht ur regular encouraging n sweet posts do bring a smile on this face n u'll always b admired for tht!
And yea don't thank shud b the other way round...
BTW that song by Hoobastank is among my HOT favs rite now!
Awesome choice!

Jeevan said...

It is a big cruelty that if we suddenly dint gets a replay form a friend or some loved ones. Hope we all will live very happy for hundred and more years.

Princess said...

Why would someone who is in no way related to you stop to see the video. It would be fine that only your friends and relatives get to see the video.
I would include my videos of me smiling.

Jewel Rays said...

:) Keshi..*smiles*

I would love to have an LCD Screen on my grave. *smiles* and i would love to have the joyful moments of my life and the things i accomplished as an individual during the length of life followed by a beautiful music of course and a few words to end the line. I don't want the message on the screen to be a sad goodbye but a inspiration to other lives.

and yes true keshi we just neva know when death will knocking on our door before we even say goodbye. *smiles and hugs*

karmic_jay said...

Since we are on those say it before you miss the chance.
Love your blog and love ya.
I do agree with those sentiments, cos we have lost a near and dear one just 6 months ago in India, and we never had a chance to say some of the things we wanted to.
It leaves you with a searing impact on your psyche, something you always carry around.
Gravestones with LCD screens and home movies?
Me rather old fashioned there, I would rather have strangers passing by wonder about moi, the loved ones would always have memories and movies/pics of me. I somehow don't want to be like a neon lit ad in a greavyard. But hey to each their own, makes it more interesting no?

lil _kath said...

...i hate goodbyes..but i love the word thank you.
...and i wanna thank Lord that i met you.'re one of the best and unique friend i have..
...i'll always be here for you ,hope you do:)

...mama oyata adarei kesh^_~


Shriedhar said...

I'l definitely not go for that LCD .

i'd like my soul rest in piece :))

praveen said...

ooh pls my dear keshi...pls dont speak about death now..not when one of my good friends sez that he feels something bad is gonna happen to him..the last thing i want in life is to lose the company of the people who r important to me...sob sob...(i'm really feeling sad here)...

KL said...

I know what you mean. That's why I have made it a point to say whatever good things I like to say to everyone, and try my best never to hurt anyone.

Seems like we both are very same - I too can't live without music or people (this one more important). As soon as I get up early in the morning, I put on my music and then start visiting blogs, my other people and friends virtually, etc, to make as much connection as possible with people around me, everywhere.

I would love seeing those lcd's - i love human beings and knowing all the microhistories in each and everyone, if possible.

Hug and love for you dear :):)...

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

if you are bored and tired of your present environs and situation, PLEASE TAKE THE NEXT FLIGHT AND COME TO MY PLACE.

The Nigerian embassy will give you visa.

Just let me know the requirements.

I will provide the accommodation with feeding. There is a nearby beach, nature park, awesome golf course, and most importantly, I will give you all the attention you need.

My people will welcome you like a Princess.
We have enough acres of land in case you want to live in the countryside.

I am very serious.
Will you let me comfort you?
I welcome you.

In one film, someone asked Tom Cruise, "tell me how he died".
Tom Cruise replied, "I will tell you how he lived".

How we die does not matter.
How we lived is what matters most.
And if I have to live the rest of my life to make someone happy and at peace, that is enough for me.

With all my sweet kisses and fresh roses,
Orikinla Osinachi.
My hotline is available on demnad if you want to talk to me.

God bless.

alice said...

beautiful post...
i love ya keshi...

Suji said...

What I wud luv to have is a webcam, so I cud see those who come to visit my grave, from UP

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey keshi..thanks for checking...I'll be back soon...kinda busy...:)

Cool_knight said...

While you are talking of graves and getting buried, herez one person whoz getting out of the grave to say " i'm back, and letz hope i stay sometime before i go missing once again... "

Itz been wonderful to know that you've kept the good work keshi.. Itz about 16 months since i met you and lost touch after about 6 months.. I may not mean much and you would hardly recollect me but you made an indeliable mark for the kind of person you are... Chattin with ya, enjoying ur blogs and sometimes scratching mah head to understand them has been a plesant xpreance...

And kesh, I think i am still unclear of mahself and I dont wannna think about death....

Catchya later hopefully!!

Love U all guys, pri kesh and all those who i can recollect of....

Jo said...

Nirvana! Oh yeah!! and hey, The Reason is a fav song of mine. I think you have my same tastes when it comes to rock. :-)

Perplexio said...

For my video, I'd include the scene from the end of Monty Python's: Life of Brian when all the guys up on the crucifixes start singing Always Look On the Bright Side of Life.

ArChaNa said...

many times I think.. what if i died suddenly.. how would I convey my message?

n abt the LCD screen .. i won't be playing anything.. guess y? at least i can rest in peace ;)


Michelle said...

i have this thing wid capturin every small lill thing tht happens in my it wudn really be a problem to have it all yeah id like every moment in my life tht i hav cherished immensely to b played over n over again...

saby said...

fear is the key

fear of death
fear of being shamed

conquer fear
and u will be superman

saby said...

heyyyyyy , Orikinla Osinachi

i am bored
can i come too?

burf said...

abe keshi, ye orikinla to sala full senti ho gaya hai tere pe ;)

bachke reheneka ;)

lol :D

Rohit Talwar said...

Why would you want to show your videos or even stills to any random person? Naah!

Zombie said...

Hey Keshi, the first part of your post is a very sweet thing to say. I try to say those thankyous and sorry's whenever I feel is the time to - no regrets on that front - yet.

as for video on grave, to each his own. I'm a very pvt person and I would like to keep the memories of my loved ones to myself. and not glorify the person after he has gone away. I'd rather do it today, when he is alive to see it happening.

PRADEEP K. said...

@ Saby
The worst fear is not the fear of death. The worst fear is the fear of uncertainty. Not even the so-called superman can conquor that.

Lindsey said...

I think that's a really great way for people to be remembered...not forgotten.

The Phoenix said...

Monuments and such are really for the living. Those departed couldn't care less about graves, monuments, or whatever.

I would think an LCD screen wouldn't hold up well in the elements, particularly winter ice.

I luv ya back!!!!

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

"Viva Forever"

Do you still remember
How we used to be
Feeling together, believe in whatever
My love has said to me
Both of us were dreamers
Young love in the sun
Felt like my saviour, my spirit I gave ya
We'd only just begun

Hasta Manana,
Always be mine

Viva forever, I'll be waiting
Everlasting, like the sun
Live forever,
For the moment
Ever searching for the one

Yes I still remember,
Every whispered word
The touch of your skin, giving life from within
Like a love song that I'd heard
Slipping through our fingers,
Like the sands of time
Promises made, every memory saved
Has reflections in my mind

Hasta Manana,
Always be mine


Back where I belong now,
Was it just a dream
Feelings unfold, they will never be sold
And the secret's safe with me

Hasta Manana,
Always be mine

[Chorus x2]

By the Spice Girls.

Jackal said...

uff why u have to talk of death......u know it i care......will miss u when ur gone but then i know i wud go b4 u .) lcds at my grave i dont want ny one to disturb me in my sleep

coolvir said...

Death is why think about it.
I think its better if we accept that we are goin to die one day and so start to live.

Read this somewhere:

"The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own.No apologies or excuses.No one to lean on, rely on, or blame.
The gift is yours - it is an amazing journey -and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.
This is the day your life really begins."

smz said...

good one...


i bet everyone loves u too :)

niki yokota said...

oh good! there was a connection prob yesterday. i couldnt open this page(^o^)???
video sounds sooo sad, keshi-chan!
i dont want ppl cry at my funeral. so simple is the best!
pls dont mention abt leaving blog world. i was shivered!!
hope u have a happy weekend!!

Maya Cassis said...

wow LCD screens on a grave...i would love that!i mean not for myself or maybe...i might have wanted my grand children and great great great grand children know what I was really like and not just a rickety old lady who told them lots of stories and fed them a lotta sugar...hee hee
a very sweet post girl,makes you stop and think that we are all perishable products and that we all come with a production and expiry date

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


I wouldnt want that ...

uttara said...

keshi .. hiiiiiii hows u baby ?????

u have a gr888 day n week ..

umm reg LCD ..
i really donno if i want it ... but then i guess i dont wanna be burried n the insects eating my flesh n munching my bones ..:)
i want to get cremated ..:)

u tc sweety


sittingnut said...

heyy mate!

thank you
you are an angel
love you and your blog.

Would you consider one for yourself or a family member, if so what will you include in the video?
no i wold rather have no marking at all.

have a great day!

Keshi said...

my gosh I couldnt reply to any of ur comments until now and now I have 75 comments to reply great!

Thanks all...will come bak with the replies soon.

btw Keshi is still alive :)

Keshi said...


aww ty mate...ur too sweet!


lol Amu u and Uttsy gonna visit me? aww now if u can really do that, that wud keep me alive for many many many more years :) HUGGGGGGGGGGZ u too!


Thanks so much dear...yes we often 'assume' that others know and u'stand us, but words and actions really matter..not just thoughts.

muahhhhhh sweety!


HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ South! I'm sorry if I upset ya by this post and reminded u of all the hurftul dad's body came home in the same manner...he had died in the night, in his the hospital authorities came and took his body away..I was still hopinghe wud come home alive and that was just a come or something...but instead he came home in a coffin.


Keshi said...


lol Saby ur grave will make me laugh if I pass it...

**made passes for TANVI
much to the irritation of her other younger suitors

hahaha wait till Tanvi sees this..if she passes ur grave, she'll re-write this to
'made passes at Tanvi and got kicked big-time'!

Yes alot of ppl fear death...thats becos of the unknown...cos no one knows what really happens after ppl fear it. It could be even better than this life..who knows...

yeah u may go visit Nigeria...ask Orikinla :)


aww I hope I didnt spoil ur Fri mood :( I didnt mean to. Just wanted to let u all know that I really really love u all and if I didnt post it on Fri, who knows it it might have been too late today :)

thanks Anand!


hey girl Im sure they r watching over u now and they must be so happy for ur great achievements in life...huggggggggggggggz!


very interesting point of view abt taking ur belongings to the grave..I have heard that in some cultures they do that..

taking ur violin with ya ha Samy? :) If Im next door to ya, play it for me some time ok..hehehe...

**I'd like to have my childhood photos

awww that wud break my heart...if I see ur grave as I pass by..somehow childhood pics of ppl make me cry...

u know I told my mum one day (much to her irritation lol) that if I die b4, to make sure she sends me with ear-rings on...hehe..cos I love ear-rings too much and I'd hate not to have em on even after Im Im that vain :):)


saby said...

, Pradeep K
the beegest uncertainty is wat happens after death

Keshi said...


Huggggggz I hear u and Amu r gonna come n see me ha...WOW when? I'd love that!! Coem na..plzzz...plzzzz..plzzzz :)

**n just stop talking out of the blue ... which is so irritating ...

aww Im sorry :*(

no I wont die w.o telling u everything...dun worry sweety...I have told u things that I havent even told some close ppl over here...

will u come to my grave n sob? dun ever do that...hehe...just come with beautiful tulips...and roses...and lilies...n watch my video :) And make sure u bring some new CDs in and update it ok...hehehehe...muahhhhhhhhh now stop being upset Uttsy bubz! It's all in the big man's hands :)


hey Sujit nothing happened...I just felt like posting it b4 it's too late...thanks for ur sweet concern.

**I think grave yard is a place to be peacefull!

thats very has a very peaceful nature abt it...Im not even scared to walk in a graveyard by myself..

that kinda msg wud be true! Thanks Sujit!


aww Pri didnt meant to upset anybody by this post...just wanted to talk abt it...:) besides death is as real as life is na...

**all i can think bout rite now is ronan keatings "if tomorro never comes

aww so sweet! I love RK's songs...especially 'When she says nothing at all' from Nottinghill...


hey babez!

**april 5th is the chinese "ching ming" grave sweeping.

really? I didnt! Tho we do have a date in the Hindu calendar on which we think abt the dead realtives and friends, and offer prayers and food...

yeah one would not fear death if he/she was a good person in this life...cos alot of ppl believe there's something after death that checks on this :)

Thanks sweety!


Keshi said...


Hugggggggz m000nie!

**... but again theres not going to be any grave for me

Even Im not sure if I'd have a grave..cos I have a hindu/buddhist background and usually we dun have graves...cos we get cremated and ashes thrown into a river or the sea....


hey that was very original :) and thanks alot! Wonderful words...


hugggggggz Ash after such a long time! Im so glad to see u here :):)

Thanks for ur words of usual u have very interesting things to say...

Actually I dun think I'd have a LCD screen if I ever have a grave too :) Only if my relatives choose it for me, then they should have what I mentioned for me..hehe...

Thanks Ash!


muahhhh Suga ty!

** its my grave! technology shud go only so far i thi

so true...and ur life is not a public true...

ty sweety!


aww u always make me smile :) thanks matey!

Ur fliritn sessions wudnt be able to fit in...u know why? cos they wud be toooooooooooo long lol! Just kidding ;-)


aww Im so sorry to hear abt ur dad's passing last year...hugggggggz Murane! yeah I believe the being doesnt end even when the body stops living...and Im sure both ur dad and my dad r watching over us...

**I'm not afraid to be forgotten. When it's time to go, I'll go.

u say some of the WISEST words Murane! TY! Never be afraid to be forgotten...cos we will be anyways.


Benny WOW! I really really loved those words! So beautiful and nostalgic...I read them over and over again...ty!


Keshi said...


hey Im ok dear, thanks :)


Chelsea sweety ty...ur sis look great! And Im glad u r taking treatment for Bipolar..excellent!


aww d u mean u really lost a net friend? They died? That's really really sad! Cos we dunno their families, its so hard to share the grief and take part in whatever assistance they need...I know wut u mean...


Amit Im so sorry if I upset u by this post :(

**Why such a death obsessed post Keshi?

why...cos death is not something that can be avoided..and it's not something to be forgotten either Amit...If I didnt say those words on Fri to you, mebbe I would never have got the chance to...thats why I said it then :)

**Life is not about death, cross this bridge only when u get there.

I disagree with u here...Life may not abt Death ONLY, but Life is very much connected to death...and death is as real as life is...and one that's inevitable...

**but then it should be done anyways, it's got nothing to do with Death.

:) U r should be done anyways..ppl should be told how we feel abt em irrespective of death. But how many of us suffer when someone suddenly dies? how many of us 'wish' we told them what we wanted to say. And for the dead person, he/she cant even wish he/she said what he/she wanted to say, cos he/she is dead now...

**I never thought i'd read a post on ur blog which I wont like... but i had to let u know this, hope u dont mind.

hehe its ok Amit...u surely cant love everything I write...:) And u surely cant love everything abt me either...there's got to be somethings that u dun like abt me..thanks for being honest dear, I like that :)


Keshi said...


aww ty Anup!


hey thanks Elisa muahhh!


really Pradeep? Is it like some vision or dream? what did u see? Care to share with us? If u dun wanna, its ok :)

I dunno if I told u this b4, but I always used to get a very brief but frightening vision of me dying in a car came to me since I was abt 8 and I still get it sometimes...I look young in it early-late 20s: )

u take care..nothing will happen to ya..ur safe always Pradeep...hugggggggggggz!


aww sweety thats ok...what matters is how u feel...

but Im sure ur loved-ones wont have zilch memories of u...c'mon ur too hard to be forgotten, atleast by me! HUGGGGGGGGZ!


saby said...

, if u r being good for fear of hell and damnation,

it is no good

Keshi said...


aww muahhhhhhhhhh Queen!


heyyy :)

**Did you hear anything about Janice recently?

Im working on it on my own looks like I'll find out something soon..and I'll let u all know...thanks for being concerned.

**"When I pass, speak freely of my shortcomings and my flaws. Learn from them, for I'll have no ego to injure."

thats such a wise quote, ty so much for sharing it with us here!


aww u wanna meet me...thats so sweet! I'd love to meet u...I hope n pray I get a chance to go to India soon so I can catch up with the many blog-mates I know wud be just LOVELY!

yep, God-provided...:)


u r right...treat ppl the way u wanted to be true, thanks mate!


Keshi said...


hey Sumi ty so much! Ur really sweeet n u have been a great source of inspiration to me too HUGGGGGGGGZ!


hey Rebbz na I havent seen the final destination yet hehehehehe..

ty for ur sweet words abt feelings abt u :)

The Reason is one of mha FAVVVS too! I never can get enough of it!


aww thats a very sweet thought and wish for everyone, ty Jeevan!



**Why would someone who is in no way related to you stop to see the video

I sounds a bit vain. But I guess everyone sees it differently...some wanna leave a voice or a memoir this way and I dun think it's too bad an idea...

aww I can see u sweet!


saby said...

**april 5th is the chinese "ching ming" grave sweeping.

the catlik equivalent is ALL SOULS DAY

its the day set aside to remember yr loved ones

when he/ she was alive
u didnt have the time to visit him/ her

the only time we guys in the real world meet are during weddings, and funerals

i tank GOD for blogmates

Keshi said...


Amy thatwud be such a lovely remembrance of! The joyful moments, the achievements one meets in life, r 2 of the BEST ways to celebrate a soul...

ty for ur beautiful thoughts...u have always been a source of courage and inspiration to me Amy!


hey Jay!

**It leaves you with a searing impact on your psyche, something you always carry around.

Im so sorry to hear abt ur loved one who passed on recently...that's terrible. Was he/she very young? Yes, it leaves a terrible wound behind...and it's there what was left when my dad died...

hehe so u dun like the LCD tell u the truth, I dun like it all that much either...mebbe just some music loved-ones will always have me in their hearts na...


aww MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHH Kath! I feel the same abt ya...ur such a sweet soul..a very rare one too!


aha...thats ok Shriedhar...I know wut u mean...a soul must rest...ty!


awwwwww Parveen dun feel sad...Im still here :) HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Im sorry if I upset sorry :*(


omg ur thoughts sound so much like mine KL!

**I would love seeing those lcd's - i love human beings and knowing all the microhistories in each and everyone, if possible.

thats just the way I think abt it too! U just put it into words for me, ty so much. I love to know abt ppl so much, their lives, their experiences etc cos I believe each and everyone here on Earth has a story to tell and a lesson to teach...


aww matey u r soooo sweet :) TY so much for that very warm invitation...hehe ur too sweet! I dunno fi I can come now but someday I will..I will keep ur words in my sweet, such a very warm invitation...

What matters in how a person true...I agree. So that's why I wanted to say that all of have Lived so beautifully...atleast in the blog world :) and I wanted to thank each n everyone...

Viva Forever is one of my fav songs from Spice Girls...and that song was infact THE inspiratuon for naming my blog :) glad u listed it! TY ur so sweet!!


aww I LOVE U too Alice muahhh!


lol @webcam hahahaha good one :)


hey thanks so much for dropping by to say ur ok...huggggz be bak soon!


hey I ren ur nic very well! WOW ur here again, wonderful to have u :)

**herez one person whoz getting out of the grave to say " i'm back, and letz hope i stay sometime before i go missing once again... "

hehe good for ya...but I dun mean to sound negative by this post..
one must rem that Death is very certain as much as life is very uncertain :)

**but you made an indeliable mark for the kind of person you are... Chattin with ya, enjoying ur blogs and sometimes scratching mah head to understand them has been a plesant xpreance...

lol aww did I confuse u ever?

**And kesh, I think i am still unclear of mahself and I dont wannna think about death....

aww :( dun think abt it then...but I think if u do think abt Death, u might start knowing ur true self and start 'living'...if u know what I mean :)

Thank u so much Knight and I luv u too, huggggggggggz!


Keshi said...


High Five ;-)


**Always Look On the Bright Side of Life.

terrific message!


ty Archie..Im sure ppl will rem u well irrespective of LCDs :) muahhhh girl!


Michii ur comment tells us how imp it is to take note of every moment in ur life and how much we should enjoy...wonderful thoughts from such a very young lady! HUGGGGGGGGZ!


elllooo Burfy :)

**abe keshi, ye orikinla to sala full senti ho gaya hai tere pe ;)
bachke reheneka

ok guess u might have to translate that - lol I didnt get it much..hehe tell me :)


I'd like to see ur vidoes ;-)

Very pvt soul u r ayyy?


I really really like wut u said...

**and not glorify the person after he has gone away. I'd rather do it today, when he is alive to see it happening.

thats so true! Do it now, not after they r gone...

Ty sweety!

~~Linny can see it that's a memoir of a life...


ur's more for the living..sadly :(

lol @Winter! hehe true...the screen might freeze...especially if it's Windows lol!

aww I love u too Phoenix HUGGGGGGZZ!


oiii sweety why wud u think u'd be gone b4 me???????


u r right..thats what im trying to say here...we have to realise that we r gonna die some day and start 'living'...unfortunately realising that is hard for most ppl...:)

I like that quote...ur responsible for the quality of ur damn true!

ty :)


hey thanks and I love u too...awww :)


hey muahhhhhhhhhhhhh Bakshi chickzz! How was ur weekend?

na na I aint leaving the blog world yet...hehe dun panic babez :)


indeed we all have an expiry date...some too soon :)

**not just a rickety old lady who told them lots of stories and fed them a lotta sugar...hee hee

haha ur sooo sweet Maya!


hmm Cheesy u ok?



**no i wold rather have no marking at all.

u have left one anyways :)



Keshi said...


**i tank GOD for blogmates

yep me too...if not for blogmates, no one would have known my deeper soul this much..and I would never have known so many beautiful souls either...

Saby the Uncertainity of Death is b4 death itself..isnt it? What happens after death is Uknown..not Uncertainity.


saby said...

dat Die Muräne has gott a fixation on ass licking

i guess i am to blame

uttara said...


hehhe hey keshi .. gooooood morninggggggg.... i just woke up few mins bk ...


huggggzzzzz have a nice day ....

icyblue said...

hmmm... talk abt death... a topic we all avoid :)

Sujit said...

tahnks..:) afternoon when i was sleeping got some real scared events of death and my hearting like hell..!! still couldn;t understand why?.. when we know that death something certain and its a part of cycle.. but when it is infornt why should one scare .. rather invite it with a smile?

Sunita said...

Yeah keshi, lets hope they are happy with whatever i have done uptill now, after all i continued the family tradition...:)

saby said...

enuff of death
lets talk about sex now

saby said...

la petite morte

burf said...


u dont understand hindi? :(

:( :(

and whats the deal with this person who paste this comment on my blog wrt to ur muslim post

saby said...

The difference between sex and death is that with death you can do it alone and no one is going to make fun of you.

- Woody Allen

saby said...

I don't believe in the after life, although I am bringing a change of underwear.

-Woody Allen

Ekta said...

Hugggsss keshi!
and well its a beautiful post!
Guess we ALL need to do this--to people we love and care about!
and hey blogs say a lot about the person and the fact that u have soo many people loving your blog--says tonnes about u as a person!:-)

Keshi said...

PPL plz read Jackal's latest's written as a result to 'Whispers of a Veil' post I did last there have been few ppl who r hurt by my post and some comments here...Im sorrry but I dun take a single word back cos I said what I honestly felt abt it. It was not abt any Muslim but was abt the if u r hurt by it, I cant help it. Im sorry.


Keshi said...


:) wait till Murane sees that...he will ans u with a very clever and witty line..hehehe...


hey no probs and WB! I missed ya!


nooooo dun dream such scary ones :) just listen to some beautiful music b4 u go to sleep...I think I gave u all an over-does of death lol sorry!


Im so proud of u girl...huggggggggggggz! I truly am!


na lol I dun get Hindi...not all that much :(

Ohh a few ppl have upset themselves too much after my Veil post...I cant help it, I said what I felt like and I believe in freedom of speech.


hey thanks sweety :) and huggggggggggz!


Keshi said...




Sujit said...

No.. i did not read about death before sleep.. but was reading some blogs where few people were telling about their horrible expereninces in life when men were acting so badly and horrible.. that drove me bad.. And may be that dove hard out!!.. can't imagine things..

saby said...

i dont tink his parents loved Murrane

wid a name like dat

visithra said...

yeah i did - lost 2 like that - never met them even - thats y have this urge to meet all friends at least ones

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

thanx u so much dear .....

saby said...

HA !
and if u believe in freedom of speech,

how come u dont allow my annony mouse friends ??

AmitKen said...

i have a lot to say about your response, but i am damn busy now.. will surely get back and discuss..
:) till then Cheers!

Known Stranger said...

good.. if you need a change you have to have a change. Everything is ephimeral in universe when universe by herself is ephimeral.

Keshi said...

Saby thats cos anonymouses arent ppl who even know what speech is...they abuse ppl and na I wont have them here...

freedom of speech and abuse r 2 different things...


Keshi said...


oh ok :) take it easy...




hehe Amit take ur time :)


aww thats so sad...:*(


ishita said...

pheww....108 comments so far! no wonder this page tuk agesss to open!....i got to dis post couple of times over d wkend but never got round to leaving my comment...

honestlyyy all this talk of death and goodbyes leaves me very :-(...

but ur belief in us (frenz in d blog world) and ur beautiful words...make me smile as i read them over n over again!:)

and m sure everyone wld reciprocate the luvv and faith u have for them...such is life na keshi...u get what u give:)...and vice versa...

i know only too well of leaving things last memory of my granma is of a senseless fight i had wid her...and wen she died later that day...all i kept sayin is come back...just hear me say i luvvv u...just one last time...well...that's the thing about is soo FINAL! second chances...

hmmm...the bit about LCD's a nice idea...though wen i die i will be cremated and my ashes immersed...*sigh* the frowns backk!....

ps: my latest post has to do wid ur last post keshi...u might want to take a look!....

Keshi said...


thanks thats so true!


hey Ish :) hope u had a great weekend...

**all i kept sayin is come back

aww thats so sad...reminded me of the scene from The Titanic...where Rose keeps saying 'come back' as she found out Jack was sad!

I love u Ish! muahhhhh!


saby said...


if u allowed annony mouses
u wud hit 200 in every post

not all annony mouses are annoying mouses

some gott class
and lovely ass too

Keshi said...

Saby na...I cant be bothered sitting here andd sorting out all anonymous comments and rejecting so many abuse comments...might as well disable ALL :)


ANKIT said...

hi there...
... we just experienced an earth quake here the other day...and felt more or less things seeing death for a moment near us..

Keshi said...


aww I hope ur ok...plzz must have been terrifying!


Sudeep said...

My grave will have "He slept in a hammock earlier... now he sleeps here.. the eternal sleeper.. Ssshhh dont disturb"


Keshi said...


hey that sounds terrific :):) awww.....


kelli_laine_DOA said...

hey i dont have a blog really set up yet, but i ran across your's when i was searching for a movie called grave decisions, which is about me & my death...(ok smart people will figure out that my mom is typing this lol)
i thought you might like to view my page sometime...
I think the things you have written about relating to death...well there are no words, except that your a really insightful person.

take care
~love from above
~~angel kelli

kelli_laine_DOA said...

forgot to tell you how i died,
i was killed when i was 18 by two underage drunk drivers racing

~love from above
~~angel kelli

Keshi said...


Thanks for dropping by...however I smell 'anonymous' here :) Enjoy r times in heaven now..thanks anyways.