Thursday, November 30

Scary Movie 5

Genre:Drama (rolling eyes...)

I was watching a horror movie last night. It was truly frightening, gave me big fat goosebumps and I was having my pillow over my face for 3/4 of the movie. I was muttering 'wuttttt oh nooooooooo someone help meeeeee before I start running down the streets in my pyjamas' etc etc etc. Screamed the whole time, at one point I fainted and woke up immediately with a big smile - yes with a smile, out of cruel fear that is. Well anyways, this is the story:

Ishek is a young woman who lives and works in the city. All her life she was perfect and wanted to have everything perfect in future too. She does quite well in school, brilliant in Uni, superb at work and had a couple of cool romances too. But right now she is single and didn't mind that much cos she is a very independent woman, bearing it all in style. But one day she sits alone in her room and thinks to herself about her life. She lost her father in her teens, she isn't lucky in love at all, 2 of her best friends have gone to far away lands, she didn't feel all that peaceful as she used to feel etc etc. And then there were these 'muhahaha' kind of voices always asking her 'Ishek why arent you married and not making babies by now?'. And there were others who looked at her like she was a failure cos everytime she went out they tried to find her a boyfriend. Then there were men who looked at her like she was some object and nothing else. And there was Ishek who fought all of those battles and tried so hard to stay cool and calm in the middle of a humungous thunderstorm. She looked at herself in the mirror and she saw this scary monster staring back at her. It was so ugly and so frightening. It was a monster of expectations. A monster of perfectionism. A monster of time. A monster of many others. A monster of a programmed life. A monster of societal pressures. She sat there screaming so loud cos she felt so frightened by what she has become. A monster of so many external expectations have overtaken her life and is trying to swallow her completely. She then realised that she had to trim those expectations before it's too fact get rid of the ones that shadow her true self and live the life she was really born to live. And then she smiles, finally! Read 'Ishek' from the end to the beginning. What do you get?

I so hope that this movie has a part-6 with a monster-less storyline and that I can watch it with some pop-corn, coke and without having to run down the street in my night shorts going 'Can someone kill me now' :).

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Wednesday, November 29

On Life Support

Have You Ever...
walked the streets of a loveless town
felt the warmth of those invisible tears
touched the hands of someone dying
thought what this world would be like without you in it
felt the need to run away and hide from all this fake
closed your eyes and felt peace in the dark
felt so lonely that you made friends with a bird
realised you're not needed all that much
wanted to end it all so you can just stop trudging along

reached out to someone that your life felt worthwhile
wondered what you're really looking for
known what it is to lose your soul
felt that life is just a passing destination

wanted to die before your time?

I have.

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Tuesday, November 28

Dawn Breaks

Ok I broke his heart. Right after he broke my heart. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't in love with him in the first place for him to break my heart. Neither was it the fact that he is engaged that broke my heart. But what broke my heart was the revelation of his motives behind all this Love talk. Yes Homo_Escapeons and many others here were spot on about him (from last post's comments). After alot of questions about him and his fiance today, I got to see the real face of his heart. This is what he told me today: 'I just want one last fling before I get married'. How's that for a guy who has just committed into a relationship with his woman who he claims he truly loves? I'm not angry with him cos I have no reason to be. I did not blast him either cos I can never do that to someone this honest LOL (atleast he was honest to me from the beginning), so I just told him in a cool and pleasant way that I'm not that kind of girl and that if he truly loves his GF he should be faithful to her. I guess he got my message and he was very abrupt with his answer...he said' 'Yes I totally understand that'. But I'm not too sure if he does. Cos if he did understand that in the first place, he wouldn't have asked me to have a fling with him, would he now! By doing that he was already being unfaithful to her.

Boys will be boys ha? Though I replied to him with some courteousness and I will still talk to him as a friend, I really feel bad for his girl and I have in some small way lost a bit more faith in men. What about that girl who will marry him now and perhaps get cheated for the rest of her life? Is honesty such a lonely word? Why do most men lie often? Why is it so hard to be faithful? Why all this love talk when all they mean is SEX? So why cant men just say 'I want your boobs/ass' instead of 'I love you'? What a waste of time! What has Love got to do with this anyway?? Sorry gentlemen I'm truly disgusted. Right now I wanna sit in a corner and pray. Not for me...for her.

Current Music: What's Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner

Monday, November 27

Perfect Illusion

NEWSFLASH: A guy who works with me but has never seen me in person in is love with me . duhhh!

There's this guy who has worked with me for over a year now. He and I just communicate via email only for work purposes. We have never seen each other and have never talked on a personal level even through emails. But last week he just asked me casually if I'm following the Ashes series (Cricket) and we got on to a nice friendly conversation. And then we got really comfy with each other cos he is a true gentleman and a lovely person, and I guess he found the same qualities in me. Then we wanted to see each other so we exchanged photos (after 1 whole year of not knowing how we looked like!). Girls let me tell you, he's a cute HUNK - my jaw dropped at seeing his pic hahaha! Dark-brown hair, tall and slim and very attractive eyes. I was like WTH was I doing one whole year not checking him out :):). And then we talked more - but only as friends. This conversation went on only for few hours and he's in love with me LOL! And this morning he emailed me asking me if I had a BF. And I said No to which he said that he's got a 'small' problem...that he's engaged to be married and that he's sorry if he lead me on. Guys now is that a small problem? LOL I think not. I said it's ok cos we are just friends. But he says he has strong feelings for me and that he and I would have made a great couple. HUH! I only talked with him as a friend for just one day and he's already changing diapers of our future kids?? OMG we can fall in love so easily :). So what about that poor girl who's to be married to him soon? I'm not a marriage-breaker so I wished them both well, and I told him that we have to be friends and there's no other way. He's sad now. I find it confusing. This is just attraction I guess but yeah maybe if he wasn't engaged I'd have taken it further, who knows. He said that he finds me really interesting, attractive and that I'm a really cool girl. That he hasn't come across someone like me before. Sounds all pinned up? I dunno. I'm lost. But I can't imagine being engaged and falling for another person in one day hehe. When you're engaged, you are apparently totally in love with each other, right? So how come he's like this towards me? To be honest, he's a decent guy and I know he's not just trying to get into my pants and I know he's not joking about his feelings for me. And guys I'm also a bit disappointed with my love-life cos each time I really like someone and hope for some spark in my life, he ends up being engaged or married or what-not! There are so many people around me but it is very rare that you can strike up a good conversation with someone and really be attracted to each other. So yeah, I'm a bit tired of being told 'I'm taken' after being shaken hehe. If I'm so interesting, so great to be with, beautiful, lovable etc etc how come I'm always on the run...on the run in the race of love without ever reaching that finish line? Perfect illusion it seems like.

Btw if this was the man engaged to me, I'd have dumped him then and there and through email, LOL!

So guys have you experienced something like this? Have you had feelings for someone else while you're in a committed relationship with another? Could this really be love? If not WTH is it? It could be lust but we didn't even meet to be on a lust-fest already. Is love an illusion that can come into reality only for a while and more than once?

Current Music: Heaven Help My Heart by Tina Arena

Friday, November 24

Stay With Me

You have become my strength when all is peace of mind when no one understands resting place when I wanna stop and renew...the candle that burns day and night in my darkest moments...shoulder to cry on when everyone has left...that sweet sweet smile on my face everyday. I long for you my dear, for you have become the only magic of my life. Thanks my blogger's you who keep me alive.

Just wanted to stop and say how much I aprreciate all of your presence in my rather chaotic life. Without you, I'd have nothing. And it's you who reminds me how to dance again and it's you who make me forget my blues. I just can't get you outta my head hunnies :-). This may not be forever but I hope we'll stay this way for a very long time. THANK YOU my truest friends!

It's the weekend and guys I wanna play a little game. Just tell me this. If there's anything you want from me, what would it be? Ok I'll give you a clue to this game. I asked this question from a friend and he said 'I want one whole day with you alone'...yeah right buddy! And I asked another friend and she told me this - 'Keshi I wanna be able to watch you from afar when you're trying to hit on a hunk'. Yeah she knows how desperate I can get (rolling eyes!). And another friend said 'I want your style'...woohoo I'm not complaining there LOL! So yeah, that's the sort of thing I'm asking about. And after your answer, I will ask for something I want from you too. It's just a game so don't be too serious and say 'I don't want anything from you Keshi' duhhh...let's just have fun :). ok shoot and hey have a good one!

This beautiful song is dedicated to all of you.

Current Music: Please Stay by Kylie Minogue

Wednesday, November 22

Handle With Care

We have been given the ability to think, say and do things in this life. So when we think, we give birth to thoughts. When we say, we give birth to words. When we do, we give birth to deeds. Thoughts, words and deeds make our lives and others' lives. What we think can lead to words and then actions. And those words and actions can either make or break a person. They can make someone else feel really loved or downright hurt. Yes, they all eventually lead to the feelings you give birth to in others. Isn't that amazing! So when you say or do something, you create feelings in another and those feelings can really stay in them for a very long time.The words and actions have such great power. I personally feel a slap is bearable than a very harsh word (I can hear alot of slaps landing on my cheek - face I mean haha!). Cos the feelings that come from the memory of a mean word will remain forever embedded in my head. But the pain that comes from a slap goes away the next day. I rememeber so many very harsh words few dear ones have yelled at me with, and when I think of them even today it hurts me. So powerful those little words are! I also remember a slap but it don't hurt anymore - not as much as those words do. So yeah, it's very important to choose and use your words (and actions) carefully. Cos how you make someone feel will always remain in them. When did you last say a mean word to someone? I can't remember. I think that's a good sign :) Have a happy day folks!

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Tuesday, November 21

One Way Ticket

Heyy guys how's it going? Hope all is well with all of you. Recently I came across a dear blogger mate's post regarding WHAT-IFs. You know, wondering what if he did this that way or that this way etc etc. We all think of this kind of thing every now and then. I have so many What-Ifs too. I mean my life would have been very different then. But would it be any better than what it is right now? I really can't tell that can I? It would have been better or even worse! And who knows what I will be thinking then? I probably would be thinking the same What-Ifs :). So yeah, what I wanted to say is that though we can't totally avoid thinking about the What-Ifs in life, there's really no point in worrying about such things or thinking that you'd be better off if you did that than this etc. Cos we can never go back in time and change that. What we have right now is what we were supposed to have. That's how I think of it. Have you seen the movie Sliding Doors? it's something like that. Yes we may be on a different path if we made a different choice, but even then we would be wondering about the other path that we didn't take. Life is all about choices and you can only make one choice at a time. That's what's been given to us and I like to think that where we are right now is where we are supposed to be. Life's choices are like a one-way ticket. Once we make the choice to go on a certain path (in any situation), we are travelling down that path and there's no way we can come back. Even if we choose to take a different path after a while, we have already travelled that previous path. So all I can say is enjoy the ride and grasp the beauty of that trip. Never regret the path you took cos it's part of your learning process and it's where your instincts took you. So even though that path may not turn out to be the best or the most beautiful, the ticket was purchased and you're on your you might as well make it beautiful yourself and learn what it tries to teach you.

Having said all that, right now I feel like buying a one-way ticket to nowhere hehe. Would be nice to go on a trip that I don't have to return from, somewhere far away, away from all the mundane stuff, somewhere where I don't have to worry about waking up to routine or where I'm not treated like a blown-up bimbo. Yeah I'd like to go where there's no heartache...where I'd be alone on a ride to nowhere...going without an aim...going without a specific destination...and I'd stop at heartbreak hotel for a while...and then I'd continue...and I hope I don't forget to take my notebook so I can tell you all about it ;-) yeah blogging is a must even on the moon. Stay gold guys!

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Monday, November 20

Turn Me On

Icecreams can kill a guy. That was my weekend revelation. Well I was out on Friday night having dinner with some close friends and cousins. An old friend of our's is here in Sydney for 2 weeks (all the way from London) and so we took her out on Friday night for dinner and some quality time around the harbour. Dinner at this very popular lovely Malaysian restaurant in the heart of the city was lovely and then we wanted to hit the nightclubs, just for some innocent dancing you know ;-). Guess what? They asked us for our IDs (LOL do we look less than 18 or what?), so we showed it to them and then just cos this friend from London didn't have an ID with her, we couldn't get in at all. Bummer! Cos it was the Schoolies' week and so we were all out of luck that night. Nevermind. So we headed off to the Icecream shop and bought few of the biggest scoops and walked around the harbour eating em. That was nice but one guy who was with us couldn't take it anymore. Cos he said just watching us girls licking all that icecream made him wanna melt right there ahaa! What is it with you guys? Is a girl licking an icecream an extremely sexually-arousing act that you get traumatised in your pants? haha! Well anyways, he was alright as we walked well ahead of him not wanting him to faint right into the water by the side. And then we drove back home cos it was getting close to 1am.

If licking an icecream turns you on, I'd avoid having an icecream with you for sure ok. Let's see what turns me on now. One thing that turns me on is when a guy smokes. I don't know what it is and I don't like smokers (with that unbearable breath and yellow teeth sometimes), but something about that act turns me on. And when a guy is really busy, working hard not realising that I'm watching him - that kinda turns me on too ;-). And a slow movement is really inviting. You know...a tender and slow touch, ooo lala! And songs turn me on big time - songs such as 'I'll make love to you' or 'A girl like you' are HOT numbers. Good music is my biggest turn on. I have a friend who gets turned on by watching his girl cook hehe. And I have another friend who gets turned on by watching a guy drinking something. Now I can understand that ahemmmm! So what turns you on guys and girls? Be free to say whatever you want. Righteo it's Monday and I so wanna be turned on phewww!

(btw these pics were taken before I left to work this morning LOL! So now you know what sort of a crazy girl I am and why mum says I'll miss the train. I hope you're not getting tired of my face and I hope you don't think I'm such a showoff which I am anyways haha! Just that I'm bored with the FOTOSEARCH pics for a while hehe. KK cmon mate I'm smiling here :):))

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Current Music Update: Buttons by Pussy Cat Dolls

Thursday, November 16

A Complete Story

Do we ever become complete at some point in our lives based on what we have achieved and who we have met? Or are we complete as we are right now, with all the imperfections included. I think Im complete as I am right now - along with all my flaws, mistakes, unfulfilled dreams, and yes even with my single status. What makes me write this post? Well a friend of my mum recently told me this - Keshi you won't be complete without a man. I was terribly shocked by what she said and was thinking if I could really be hearing such a thing and standing there not digging a hole and disappearing. Not because I agreed with what she said but because I thought it was a really stupid statement and that even an ounce of my cranium should not be wasted at attempting to explain my views to her. But she's my mum's friend and she has a very conservative Indian background. I can't expect much more than that from such a person so all I said was 'Aunty dear (I felt like making it 'Dear Agon-ising Aunt'), I don't really think I need a man to validate my Complete status, neither do I need a man to add value to my self-worth. I don't need to live upto society's expectations and I like to do things my way, even though the the entire world may try to stop me (that's me standing at a No-Dogs area going well against the so-called rules). I'm complete as I am right now and I'm very happy with myself okkk'. She wasn't happy with that but do I care...cos I feel complete.

In my life so far I have achieved many a dreams, done well in studies and work, been a good daughter to my parents, haven't killed anyone (not yet), have lost sleep over few men, kissed a coupla hunks (who later became toads), gave my 100% to some people who crossed paths with me, made a huge bunch of friends from my blog (yeah you sweeties), laughed too much, cried more, partied hard, been stupid many a times, hassled people with my annoying habits, lost many loved-ones, even walked down a highway last Sat looking really lost, had great many disappointments, told some people off, learnt to accept defeat, got very close to death and have known life is never complete without being incomplete...that's just my way and that's complete to me. Well this may not be the picture-perfect life that some girls' lives turn out to be, but I think this is what my Perfect is and what I have been given. I know I haven't been given much in this life - I lost my dad too early, never found a man who could honeslty love me back, haven't got a shoulder to cry on when I really need to, get walked all over all the time, have hidden heartaches that no doctor can cure, there's 'something' that might kill me some day etc etc. But who has everything in life? So yeah, I can wallow in self-pity and cry for what I don't have but then I'd be wasting the time I have right now. I wanna make this moment go unwasted and live it to the fullest. That makes my life complete.

Everyone has their own definition of what Complete is. Mine goes like this...I'm complete cos I know who I am and I know what I want in life...even though I can't have everything I want in life, even though I have a thousand flaws, even though all my dreams may never come
true, I am complete because I was, am and will be me always. As long as I haven't lost my original soul to material needs and societal pressures, I have all of me in me, and for that reason I'm complete. No one and nothing but only I shall define me.

How would a small path look like if it didn't have any wildflowers on the side? If not for the wildflowers that grow without any special care or need to be appreciated and looked at, we would never have known how beautiful a walk down that path would be. I'm happy for the wildflower that I am and maybe from my very 'imperfect' life, others can get some pleasure and grasp some lessons, and that'll do folks. I'm not a well looked-after commercial Tulip, I will never be sold in exchange of someone else's needs, therefore I'm complete in the eyes of nature. So what's your definition of Complete?

I'd like to finish this post with a song that Belinda Emmett (see previous post) wrote and sang while she was fighting Cancer. This song was released today on the eve of her funeral. Have a read of the lyrics. It's called LESS THAN PERFECT.

Looked into the cards
My fate amongst the spread
Following my stars
And analysing what's been said

Been writing down my dreams
Which later I'd dissect
Just trying to find some meaning in this life
Less than perfect
This life less than perfect

Looking for a signal
A sign amongst the throng
A glance into my past
To see where I went wrong

Been writing down my feelings
Which I fiercely protect
Just trying to find some meaning in this life
Less than perfect
This life less than perfect

Have you ever wondered
What it would be like
To be somebody else
With their perfect, perfect life?
But it's mine to carry
Mine to own
And it's not so scary
To carry it alone

And the wonder of it all
Sometimes it's hard to see
Sometimes I wanna crawl away
And go to sleep
In this life less than perfect

Have you ever wondered
What it would be like
To be somebody else
With their perfect, perfect life?
But it's mine to carry
Mine to own
And it's not so scary
To carry it alone

So here I am with my
Less than perfect life
Here I stand with my
Less than perfect life
Less than perfect life
Less than perfect life.

Have a good one guys and don't let anyone cramp your style. hooroo!

Current Music: My Way by Robbie Williams

Tuesday, November 14

The Battle

Is losing a hard long fight always a bad thing? I think if you fought the battle with all your heart and strength, then whether you eventually win it or not, you're a winner already. My heart goes out to Belinda Emmett (former 'Home and Away' star and wife of Rove McManus of 'Rove Live'), a 32yr old Aussie actress who died on Sat after a long battle with Cancer. I don't like it when newspapers have titles that read 'Belinda loses battle with Cancer' etc. Cos she did not lose, neither is she a loser. She had an incurable disease so how can you expect the girl to win? No one can. Not even the doctors can help certain patients so we cannot really term it as 'losing the battle'. I like to call it 'surrendering' or maybe 'co-operating' with the disease. Sometimes in life you can't always have things your way. Then you just have to surrender or co-operate. That's what happened with Belinda. She just had to accept her fate and go with whatever plans it had for her. But she didn't go without fighting. That's what really matters. It's not in the ultimate victory where true character resides. It's in the battle. And boy o boy she did alot in that short 32 years - she was a popular actress, she touched many hearts with her beauty and kindness, she fell in love, she got married while she was fighting Cancer, but through all of that, never did she allow Cancer to get to her. That's where her victory is. In life's many other situations, it's the battle that we must concentrate on. For the end results will surely come around some day...but the battle is what you have in hand and there lies your true is in the strength and heart you put into that battle.

I still remember when I first saw Belinda on 'Home and Away'. She was a natural and she was one of the kindest human beings ever. I hate the fact that someone like her came down with a terrible illness like this and that she had to leave this world at such a tender age. This is the kind of thing that amazes me about life. People are just here only for a while...some for a very short while...and then we go and hurt each other. It's just a big waste of time guys! Last Sat was not such a great day for me. I was having a crappy useless argument in the car with someone close and I wanted to be dropped off then and there, rather than having to put up with that kind of shit. I can be pretty stubborn and if someone don't treat me with respect and that too for no fault of mine, I switch off totally and I want to be left alone. So after being dropped off instantly on the highway as I asked to, I walked down that road with alot of drivers passing me by, giving me strange looks and some men even whistling at me cos it was a strange place for a girl like me to be walking. I felt weird and then rang up a Taxi and asked them to pick me up from the 'nowhere' I was at. I went home shortly after that and heard about Belinda's death on TV, and I was thinking that she would have been breathing her last breaths when all of that shit was happening to me. What a sad life we live and this is mockery at it's best. While some are dying unfair deaths, others are scowling at each other over trivial matters. I wanna be a better person and I think I am already a good person in some ways. But I don't understand why people walk all over me. Maybe cos I allow them to walk all over me. I tried and I tried and I tried...but I can never get some people in my life to appreciate me. It's a battle on it's own and even if I don't win it in the end, I know I tried my best to be loved. And the most important thing is that I appreciated and loved everyone who came across my life and I gave them the respect they deserve no matter what.

With Belinda on my mind, I wanted to say this to all of you. Treat your loved-ones with love and respect - mother, father, sister, brother, friend, neighbor....they are not just labels. They are hearts beating every second, wanting your love and appreciation. If you want love and respect, treat others the same way. You've got to give a little in order to get a little. And battles need to be fought, not necessarily won. We are all fighting many kinds of battles each day...and what matters is that we are fighting without giving up. And when the time is right, it's ok to surrender and that's not losing. It's accepting your fate. And if someone don't appreciate you the way you want them to, then just surrender. Just let it be and do your thing as usual. Never stop appreciating and loving others.

Have you ever cried for a total stranger? I have many times before and now for Belinda. I'll make it upto her...I won't let a single day pass me by without having fun and showing people I care. May Belinda's soul rest in peace! She died being her, giving her 100%. And that's a sure winner.

I dedicate today's music to Belinda's beautiful soul.

I have updated current music with a video tribute to Belinda that has been done by a youTuber. It captures many memorable moments of Belinda's life and is done with the song Angel by Sara McLachlan. Have a look if you have time.

Current Song: I Could Fall In Love by Selena
Current Song: youTube video - a tribute to Belinda

Monday, November 13

Kiwi Smiles

Hi there I'm Meera!
And I'm Keshi ;-)
We are 3 silly monkey-babez on a tree!
This is the kind of HUG I always give u all HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!
This is only a very few of my very large family!
Bride and Keshi on a coffee-spree.
Now he's a hunk or what, shhhh let me get closer...
And this is my dearest cousin ever - I love u swt hrt!
4 wanna-be stunners LOL!
And another darling cuz with her sweet sweet man.
ahhhhh those alluring eyes!
This is a man with a golden heart - my dearest uncle ever!
Auckland city and Skycity Casino - a car's view.
A group of truly beautiful hearts...
Who's clicking it this time?
A beautiful place and beautiful smiles...
Yeah who else, I'm smiling at you...:)
3 glamour queens...
Taking a shot at Charlies Angels :):)
My sweetest baby cuz Anu...
I like that look...
Look who's walking...
Hey guys I'm Dylan and I'm 3yrs you like my smile and whyyyyyyyy?
Gossipping in the back of the car!
3 glamour queens again...
Yo wussup dudes?
Hiiiiii I'm Lihini and I have the biggest smile ever, dun u think so?? I win yeyyyy!
Geeez give us a break from all the wedding drama plzz!
A thorn among the roses...
My BESTEST brother ever!
Don't the boys always wanna play!
Dining and wining...
Yeah I know u like my sweet sweet smile :)
Without a song or a dance what are we....
Thank You all you lovely people for being here!

Guys here are more of those magical moments from Kiwi land. Most of you wanted to see me smile and so here I am :) And it was truly heart-breaking to leave my dearest cousins, aunties and uncles behind. Life is such that all good things must come to an end. I say this is all we need in life...good times with loved-ones. The feeling that comes from being with them is just priceless. So guys make the best of your time with your loved-ones today. For tomorrow you or they may be gone. Have a good one guys!

Current Music: What A Feeling by Irene Cara

Tuesday, November 7

An Endless Love

HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ I'm bakkk! Missed you all tonz and tonz jeeeeez! And yes I had a GREAT time and I thought it would be lovely for the pics to tell you this great love story. So let the pics do the talking. Doesn't my cousin sis look like a beautiful princess?? awww I miss her now. Well I'm back with another royal team though so I'm still happy :). These are few wedding pics of the 100s we took. Can't put up all and I haven't even uploaded some of the other pics yet. All the juicy 'gos' will follow with more fun pics in the next post, so stay tuned. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments in the last post - I read each and everyone of them. Te extra├▒o mucho, te quiero my sweeties!

This song is my dedication to the brandnew couple. I wish for them an endless love that's like a river that flows unaffected, cutting across all it's barriers, going where it should go, always flowing, never hesitating to take each obstacle that comes their way as a challenge, something to learn from, never leaving each other alone, flowing together gently and loving each other forever...

Current Music: Endless Love by Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie