Monday, December 10

True Humanity

A German shepherd, named Carts after a Police Constable who was murdered in 1997, was stabbed several times while on a call-out to a surf club at Corrimal in the weekend (these 2 pics are of Carts). Read here. This heroic police dog was on duty and was chasing a suspect when he was stabbed by the suspect himself. My tears wouldn't stop as I saw this on the news. What kind of loser hurts an animal? Carts the police dog was doing his duty and he died a hero, whereas the criminal is now double the criminal he was. Seven-year-old Carts, which joined the force in 2002, later died of injuries in a veterinary hospital. Carts was trained to track criminals, to protect the community and aid the Police in keeping the community crime-free. This is a story of true valor and about a dog that gave his life to fighting crime. Carts died a hero whereas the man who he was chasing just before Carts was stabbed, will remain a loser all his life. There's a big difference bewteen some animals and humanbeings. Sometimes animals are much more human than some humanbeings. Carts set an example for all of us...he did what he was trained to do, with no complaints or fears. He was doing the right thing and he was never afraid to even die doing the best he could as service to man. Long live Cart's beautiful memory and true valor!

Carts reminded me of several German Shepherds we used to own before my dad died. Since my dad was also a Police officer, he was an avid dog-lover. The last German Shepherd we had was Ginger (this is not a pic of Ginger but he looked exactly like this and used to sleep like this too - I have pics of Ginger that I need to scan). Ginger was a big black cuddly dog who loved to run around crazily and get tired for no reason. Then he used to crawl under the bed and bark playfully. We used to take him for walks and to play with other dogs, and my dad used to put him in his car and drive around. Ginger sat quietly in the front seat and was a very obedient and well-mannered passenger. Ginger had better qualities than some humanbeings. Ginger taught me how to be patient and stay quiet when you don't get what you want...Ginger taught me how to obey....Ginger taught me how to just be happy for no reason....Ginger taught me how to show affection unconditionally...Ginger taught me what it is to greet someone everyday from the heart...Ginger taught us that it's great to be honest all the time...Ginger taught me how to appreciate...Ginger showed me how to love and LIVE every single day like it's my last. I remember Ginger oh so fondly...he was one of a kind. And I remember my sister and I cried for months when Ginger died. I remember we held a candle-lit vigil on the day he was buried. I remember Ginger, and I learnt so much from him than I ever did from some humans...Ginger was more human than some humanbeings.

In a world full of terror, pain and fear, I still pray...cos even though some humans are like animals, I still believe in humanity cos of some animals like Carts and Ginger.

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SaffronSaris said...

That criminal ought to be stabbed!
On another notes, there's recently been some letters to the forum asking for dog owners to leash their pets and be sensitive to other religions. In advertably, the letter writers usually have a muslim name whenever the issue of "religious sensitivities" is brought up. How would a muslim criminal react to a dog on duty, I wonder?

Crazy Me said...

I have had dogs all my life and I like them quite a bit more than quite a few people I've met. Unconditional love, you don't really get that from people but your dogs, oh yeah!

Andrew said...

I bet you had some tears in your eyes after writing this post Keshi. I heard about the stabbed dog. We can only hope that the judge and jury will be animal lovers and judge the alleged perpetrator harshly.

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
Sometimes animals are much more human than some humanbeings -
It is very sad but it is the true!

You remind me the time when my two sons were kids. They cried so long after our dog died. She was normal, but very smart dog-woman.
She took care about my kids, even when a fly wants to sit on them.
Thanks for this post!

Southpaw unplugged said...

His trainer wud be proud and devastated both...
I hv a boxer he is 4 yrs old, we share the same nick. The lucky bastard spends more time with my wife than me....

George said...

Animals are loyal and loving. We often hear tales of animals saving lives, of helping people ... look a the good they do when they visit seniors residences or hospitals. All they have to do is be there.

I feel sorry for Carts

Southpaw unplugged said...

Everytime i think of animal heroic the first thing which comes to my mind is the heroics of the famous horse Chetak who got badly injured in the battle of haldighati yet managed to take his Rana, Maharana Pratap out of the chaos and died only after the rana was completely safe. The other thing that fascinates me abt chetak is that Maharana Pratap himself was 7ft plus, the weight of his weapons which r in the museum r abt 200 kgs and the weight of his armour was abt 250 kgs so just wonder how strong that horse must be carrying such a master in so many gruesome wars the rana had in those days...

The place where he collapsed is now a tourist place and when u actually look at the ravines and the valleys it just makes u respect the soul of that mighty horse all the more....

Margie said...

Awwwww, that's so sad about Carts!
Made me cry!!!!!
He was such a beautiful dog, and will be sorely missed by all those that knew him!

It really touched me about all you learned from your wonderful dog Ginger!

I love & treasure all animals, and just cannot understand how cruel human beings can be to them.

As always.... a post full of HEART!

Thanks Keshi darlin', and bless you swr hrt!



Southpaw unplugged said...

Yo Keshi Claus...:) Santa's waiting for u on something at my place...:)

BUMBLE!!! said...

Losers like Michael Vick hurt animals for no reason whatsoever.

I agree with comment #1 to the fate of the criminal, but I would also rather see him ravaged to death by pitbulls.

Nevertheless, people are crazy, and I often wonder about humanity.

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

This post reminded my of a similar case where a police dog saved a police officer who was being attack by three people. The dog was stabbed, but survived after being rushed to a hospital. After he was stabbed the dog still managed to take down two of the suspects. The suspects were also rushed to the hospital.

I was also reminded of the song 'Shannon' which is about a dog that drowned and was carried out to sea. The story behind the song is true.

With tears in my eyes.


Jay said...

In a lot of places assault of a police dog carries the same charges as assaulting a police human.

When I was a kid the place my mother worked at kept a big old German Shepherd around to protect the place when it was closed. Every morning the boss would let the dog into the office and it would run all the way to back into my mother's office, around her desk and plop all 175 lbs of it's body on her lap. LOL

The dog would also follow her around the company grounds when she had to do do things and gather time cards. She complained about that dog all the time, but she loved him. LOL

lee said...

That's so very sad.It's a strange old world we live in when some of the people act more like animals than the animals themselves. This is a twist on what krystyna said.That person should be flogged. As we already know-it is those who are cruel to animals who are the worst type of criminal -or become the worst type.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

(raising eye-brows)

Cazzie!!! said...

I did hear of this, I read it in the paper at work is so damned sad and ur right, there are some people out there who arent as human as that dog! Sounds crazy..but it sure is correct Keshi.
Love ya :)

anits said...

hi keshi I feel sooooo sorry for Carts :( animals can be so sincere to their care-takers...but humans????

i love dog as well....tey r just so cute....and can make us feel happy..
tk care gal!

Stace said...

No Keshi, I hadn't heard this story until reading it here. It's true that some animals are more human than humans - although I think that's the wrong phrase. It's probably more true to say that animals are more like what we want humans to be, or what we think humans should be.

Sweetstickychewy said...

The trainer or officer working really closely with the dog must be missing him so much.

What a talented dog.:)

And yeah animals for that matter do behave better than human beings at times.

Lovely how ginger influenced ya life in so many positive ways.


Srijith Unni said...

A truly profound tribute, Keshi..!
It`s so sad, that he was stabbed.. Genuinely heroic..! Man`s best friends has had to do with all the worst things, due to mankind itself..!

How u doin, keshi..! Sorry for not replying to your comment earlier..

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards,

Iceman said...

Well... we must learn from them whats "unconditional love".

They r happy when u r, they r sad when u r! They just love you day after day, everyday. They r just there for you when no one is!

But well.. am not really a pet/animal person... I love them... more in their natural habitats or in the zoos!

But one animal I really love is horse! I just feel so connected, when I ride. I feel happy that it understands me, and it lets me control it and ride it!

Anjuli said...

Hey girl...I am sorry....

true, Animals at times are more humans than the human beings...

We train animals, but who will train us humans...

really felt bad for Carts...

uttara said...

oh my this is such a sweet post..

i love dogs :D n btw i loved the way u learnt things even from that sweet loving animal :)

huggz keshi
hows ya??
all well?? tc


Ash said...

Indeed. They say man's best friends never have fewer than four feet :)

Jim said...

I dunno about dogs and cats
never had a pet
and never will

dogs shud be with dogs
and not as helpers or pets of humans

the ancestor of the dog is the wolf

and we humans made him a lowly dog

Jim said...

some employers bail out a man from his financial crisis

or help kids from a poor family with their education

in return the poor kid is bonded for life

its what we do to dogs too
that is OK i guess

but making a human being a faithful dog is despicable

Jim said...


the training of animals is a painful process (for the animal)

Sam said...

stabbed the dog??? dash it!!! i say hang that criminal... i really like dogs and though i am really scared of them... somehow they alays manage to find me and hang arnd me... wonder why!! :)
recently mum got a pup, have seen her only twice.. and well the bratty dalmatian fell for me so much.. mum ws like "wot's wrong wid the girl??" lol....
btw, I read wot raj has written abt Chetak... it was '91, i was abt 7-8 yrs old, dats wen i first read abt chetak.. we used to stay at Jaipur den.. and i still remember how a few months later wen we visted Chittor and Haldighati, i prattled so much abt Maha Rana Pratap and Chetak, that my parents had begged me to shut up!!! and dats how i fell in love with animals and learnt to respect them for perhaps their simplicity and loyalty!!

phishez_rule said...

That was a beautiful post Keshi. There's so much that people can learn from animals. I know that if I weren't raised with pets I wouldn't be the person I am today. They shape us in so many different ways.

EBEZP said...

I sometimes wonder whether I hate losers who hurt animals more than losers who hurt women.

Ginger looked like he was an incredible dog Kesh!

Most times give me dogs over humans you wouldn't have learned all you did from a human!

Lovely post Kesh.....xx

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Keshi,
Sometimes animals, especially dogs, exhibit more sublime qualities than some human beings do. They are faithful and patient with their masters. They live and die for their master's sake often exhibiting more sensitivity to the moods of their masters than most humans do. Too bad that the dog have to die at the hands of a criminal. In the end, he has served a more worthwhile life than his attacker. It's sad to note that some human beings behaved worse than some animals do. Thanks for the wonderful post. Have a wonderful and pleasant day.

NYD said...

Comparing animals to humans is just plain unjust- to the animals of course. While we may find the occasional human who actually posses some of the finer traits of 'lesser beasts' we rarely see any animal display any of the base emotions and awful acts of cruelty that we people consistantly engage in with each other.

We were lucky to have dogs like Carts and Ginger and Shadow and Ubar (mine) to show us what we ought to be striving for.

Great post!

Menchie said...

that is soooo sad. dogs are the sweetest pets.

Anonymous said...

First answer to the previous post that i missed commenting.
If I were to ask something from Santa it would be : Get an oppurtunity to live as happily as I do today.
And off course to meet wonderful people like you.

Second: We too had a German S which we lost about five years ago. Dogs leave a mark that gets difficult to ignore in all of our lives. Intelligent and lovable creatures.

vishesh said...

well we humans are well humans....we never put ourselves into the others place....i hate to even squash a mosquito purposely(well things can sometimes happen and they are supposed to happen)

dharmabum said...

thats a beautiful tribute keshi!

captain corky said...

I still believe in humanity too. Am I sucker?

tulipspeaks said...

i have a thing for dogs. Maybe because I was the only child (till 6 years ago) and my pet dog was the only fren I had. So I don't have to explain how I felt about Carl isn't it?



priya said...

Man is a social animal and that cannot be changed isn't it.

Alok said...

I had read abt him Keshi ... a very heart wrenching post .. someone who taught us how to be humans


KP said...

good post.....:) title really reflects the content of the post..."True Humanity".....:)It's true that some animals are more human than humans.......

Anonymous said...

ginger! wat a sweet name :)
i cant believe u had such big dogs keshi-chan!!
sooo lovely!!
my prayers are with u..

Stud said...

u got mail, babesterness


WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

Quickly, we put the song 'Shannon' on Zep on the feature bar. The song hit the top 30 charts in Canada in April, 1976 and went to #1 for 3 weeks. The song also charted in a number of other countries.


Bla said...

I love my cat and in a few days we will celebrate her first birthday! :)

The Grunt said...

That dog is a true hero. Sad to see him killed in the line of duty.

La vida Loca said...

This is so sad :(

Ghost Particle said...

RIP Cart.

They are more human than humans, and they dont lie or hurt you. they are honest, a trait not known to them, but they are. I think pets shows who we really are, both inside and in our conduct.

Gledwood said...

I know what you mean about some animals being more human than humans... they do have a strange way of picking up on our moods.

I always think of Alsatians as being dogs. So you can imagine my surprise when i found out about a region of france called alsace-lorraine whose inhabitants are called "Alsatians"...

apparently these alsatians speak French. But I just thought Alsatians barked!


Gledwood said...

Ginger the black dog = v beautiful BTW...

general_boy said...

I have soooo much to say on this topic in general it would probably fill four or five blog posts... so I'd better try and summarize!

- I feel nothing but sadness when a "working animal" dies under such circumstances. They never signed up for heroics or fame... they just did what they are trained to. In London there's a memorial to all these furry champions.

- Yes, people who are cruel to animals are fucked up, but what I really don't understand are these pricks who hold two polarized opinions on different species, e.g. "I love dogs but I swerve my car and aim for any cats I see crossing the road". WTF? What is wrong with these jerks? You either love and value ALL animals or you don't. Simple.

- "Sometimes animals are much more human than some humanbeings"

I'd go further and say some people are beneath animals - yet their punishment for cruelty to animals is utterly trivial.

- Ginger sounds like a pretty cool pooch Keshi, and you're right... it breaks your heart when you have to say goodbye. Makes the short time you have with them all the more precious. :)

KAYLEE said...

THATS SAD1!!!!!!!!! how are you? and who is your santa? I need to sopeak with him lOL!

Keshi said...

Hey Saffy!

**asking for dog owners to leash their pets and be sensitive to other religions

I wonder what kind of God dislikes any animal?


True Crazy_Me, only animals can truly love unconditionally.

I grew up with animals ard me...many cats and dogs, even a lil pig :). I thank my dad for bringing us up with a love for animals. Rite now I dun hv any pets cos the last one was a dog name Judy...when she died, it broke my heart for good. I refuse to bring up a pet now only cos Im scared to go thru the pain of having to separate from it some day...I've dealt with enough of pet deaths.


Keshi said...

Andrew tnxx mate!

yes Im still crying...the tears wont stop somehow.


Krys ur pet dog's dedication and love to ur family brought a tear to my eyes.


Keshi said...

Southy u should put up a pic of ur sweet pet on ur blog.

Chetak the mighty hoorse sounds like an amazing animal! ty so much for sharing his heroic story with us here. Animals hv done great sacrifices for humans more than we hv done for them.



SaffronSaris said...

Woo! I was 1st commentor for this post. Seems like I hv'nt been able to do that for a loooooog time ;p

Margie said...

Hi Keshi
All day long I've been thinking Carts,,and how he died!
Life can be so unfair and so hard to understand!

More sad news here today!
Two young girls (and sisters too) are dead from the gunman that went on the shooting rampage here yesterday.
They were just 18 & 16 yrs old.
It is so heartbreaking for this family!
I guess there is no place safe any longer....not a mall or a parking lot of a house of worship either.

Could you please say a prayer for the family that lost the girls? ...the girls names were Stephanie & Rachel.

I'm glad you were finally able to see my pic....I'll send more later!

Have a good day!
I'm going to try my best and have a good evening.
First thing I'm going to do right now is hug my son and hubby!
Life is so tenative!



Keshi said...

heyya George tnxx!

**Animals are loyal and loving

Spot on! Only animals can truly love iunconditionally, for they don't know how to set rules and control another being.


Margie I dunno HOW some ppl can just hurt poor helpless animals. Only thing I can think of is that those ppl r STUPID.

My love to Jake!



KAYLEE said...

how are you keshi? Did you get my last comment? THATS AWFUL!!!!!

Keshi said...

Southy that was one hell of a HOT Mr.Claus LOL!


Keshi said...

Bumble tnxx!

** Michael Vick

WHY did he do it? I cant u'stand at all! What kinda mad 'dog' is he? Its just HORRIBLE!


Bev I listened to the song 'Shannon' and cried like a baby.

**After he was stabbed the dog still managed to take down two of the suspects.

Thats so very sad! This is why I say animals r the only beings who can love unconditionally, for all they know is to be loyal to their master. If that was a human, he/she wud hv tried to save themselves first.



Keshi said...

Jay yes I hope the criminal will face his fate and do justice for Carts.

**She complained about that dog all the time, but she loved him

aww lol sounds like a very lovable doggy!


heyya Lee tnxx hun!

**it is those who are cruel to animals who are the worst type of criminal -or become the worst type.

yes thats so true!


KAYLEE said...

btw you must reaxd my post today ;p

Keshi said...

Abhi yeah its shocking that a dog got stabbed.


Caz ur so right! tnxx n HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


homo escapeons said...

Killing a Dog is about as low as you can get...unfortunately the Law will most likely not be able to provide a sufficient punishment..which is tragic.

It has always troubled me how Dogs are villified in the Middle East. is perplexing because in many social circles blind robotic allegiance is the loftiest goal to strive towards...unblinking unquestioned obediance...something that Dogs do because of their Wolfen heritage.

Of course we love to anthropomorphisize the other cohabitants but Dogs and people are a natural fit. They hooked up in a symbiotic relationship tens of thousands of years ago. They were our guides, protectors, hunting partners and companions.

It has been 6 years since our Jack died and we still can't bring ourselves around to getting a new puppy...sheesh.

Ps said...

Reminded me of my german sheperd that i used to have.
I love dogs. The criminal must have done so thinking he can escape--my heart goes out to Carts.

Jim said...

the training of dogs
of body guards
of the front line Jawan (soldier)
of suicide bombers

is similiar

its conditioning
u r conditioned not to think
it is reflex action

for humans
it is also called brainwashing

Hitler had his tribe
the japanese worshipped the Emperor
and OSAMA has demonstrated it effectively today

take a devout (fanatic) Christian or Muslim

and he can be easily converted into a formidable weapon

Autumn Storm said...

A real tear-jerker, Kesh. Glad I had the opportunity to hear about these two wonderful canines. Sometimes animals are much more human than some humanbeings is so very true.

Keshi said...

Anits I absolutely adore cats n dogs. I grew up with many.

**animals can be so sincere to their care-takers...but humans????

so true. If u ever noticed, animals love each other till their dying day. But some humans dun even talk to some of their family-members for years...just over silly pride issues.


Stace u said it the best!

**probably more true to say that animals are more like what we want humans to be, or what we think humans should be.

SPOT ON hun!


Trinnie said...

hey girl, hows ya?

keshi, i really have no words. Im so glad to see here is someone who is sensitive to animals as well... and dogs are something that i like.

im going to make my sister read this post as well...she is a huge animal lover. im so sad to learn about Carts. sometimes i feel dogs can understand us better than even humans.

i've been away, but i've been reading all ur posts. im expecting my university results.

take care keshi!

Keshi said...

ty Amy!

Yes the trainer must miss Carts alot. If I was the trainer I'd hv died of a broken heart.


Srijith tnxx mate!

** Man`s best friends has had to do with all the worst things, due to mankind itself



Keshi said...

hey Iceman tnxx!

**They r just there for you when no one is!

so true...they r always up for some loving and they never complain.

I like horses too...


tnxx Anjuli!

**We train animals, but who will train us humans

very good qn!


Tys on Ice said...

its a dogs life! how true...

we always had dogs...u r rite , sometimes an animal can teach us about being a human more than any human can...

we had a dog once, a lab cum retriver, a huge black dog, called Jerry, he was like a brother to three of us...when we fought, jerry used to always grab the eldest one by the forearm gently with his teeth and pull him away...our parents used to leave us in his care when they went out...jerry wud stand guard near the door...he used to sleep with his body in our room and his head in our parents room...

its difficult to term an animal such as tht as just a dog...

Keshi said...

Uttsy Im good tnxx hun!

I learn alot from nature and animals, than from ppl. Im bored with ppl's selfishness and egoistic attitudes, including mine :)


aww Ash thats so true..


Keshi said...

Jim tnxx!

**dogs shud be with dogs
and not as helpers or pets of humans

I agree but I disagree too. Dogs have the most pwerful sense of smell and sound. And if that's well used to fight crime, in a way that dont hurt the dog as well, then I dun see any problem in that. All sniffer dogs and other Police dogs live a good and happy life..and they r well-looked after compared to neglected animals that r left to fend for themselves.

What abt man? Man is also an animal, and if we didnt enhance our gifted skills and word towards making this world a better place, what wud become of this Earth?


Keshi said...

hey Sam tnxx!

**bratty dalmatian fell for me so much

awww sounds so cute...

I gather ur an animal lover like me...great to know that. :)


Phishez ty sweetz!

** I know that if I weren't raised with pets I wouldn't be the person I am today

Same here. If not for my many pets, I think I'd hv ended up being a selfish person.


Keshi said...

hey Ebez tnxx!

**I sometimes wonder whether I hate losers who hurt animals more than losers who hurt women

yeah, cos they r all the same.

Ginger took a big part of my heart with him when he died.


tnxx Mel!

** In the end, he has served a more worthwhile life than his attacker.

So true!

yes alot of ppl these days r worse than animals.


Keshi said...

NYD WC n tnxx mate!

**Comparing animals to humans is just plain unjust- to the animals of course.

spot on!

Shadow and Ubar sound so adorable. Dogs certainly know how to love unconditionally.


True Menchie...


Keshi said...

Kulz Im sorry to hear abt ur pet dog. They r indeed much more intelligent and lovable than most ppl out there!

**Get an oppurtunity to live as happily as I do today.

U dun hv to wait for that opp...u can 'choose' to be happy this very moment grab it :)


true Vish...tnxx!


Keshi said...

Dharma tnxx mate!


Hey Captain!

I too still believe in humanity...thats why I that it prevails somehow.


Keshi said...

Ammu dogs always used to be there for me, when everyone else disappeared. I was much younger then and the dogs shaped my thinking alot. They r a big part of who I am today.


hey Priya!

**Man is a social animal and that cannot be changed isn't it.

Animal is the word! Well-said Priya.


Keshi said...

tnxx Alok!

Most animals hv selfless qualities than humans.


ty KP!


Keshi said...

Niki my dad loved big dogs..he used to own many when we were in our teens...


Stud I didnt receive it..send it again plz. tnxx!


Keshi said...

Bev I listend to it :*( :*(

tnxx hun!


awwwwwwwww Bla I wanna see a pic of her!


Keshi said...

Grunty yeah its so very sad!


:*( LaVida...


Keshi said...

hey Ghosty tnxx!

**They are more human than humans, and they dont lie or hurt you

Spot on! And we humans r pathetic, lying, desperate group of brats.


hey Gledz tnxx!

**region of france called alsace-lorraine whose inhabitants are called "Alsatians

:):) funny!


Keshi said...

hey Boy tnxx!

** In London there's a memorial to all these furry champions.

how very sweet is that! They deserve the highest respect.

**You either love and value ALL animals or you don't.

Well-said mate!

** Makes the short time you have with them all the more precious

yes..and thats why I dun wanna hv anymore pets in my life. The last one I had was a cross bulldog named Judy. o she was a very special girl! And when she died, I was too broken-hearted I didnt wanna hv anymore pets.



Keshi said...

heyy Kayls I was very busy today..just got some times to blog now :)

Will come ard to ur blog soon.


hehe Saffy yes u r:)


Keshi said...

Margie HUGGGGGGGZ! Im so glad ur safe. I saw it on the news and was telling my mum too, that twas in Denver.

**Stephanie & Rachel.

RIP Steph n Rach! I will think of em and say lil prayer tonite...

What a very sad day!

yes life is very fragile...we dunno if we'll be here tomorrow. And the times hv changed too..ppl hv become ANIMALS.

U TC now and nitey nite!


Keshi said...

hey HE tnxx!

**unblinking unquestioned obediance...

yes...thats the sweetest part abt em.

**. They were our guides, protectors, hunting partners and companions.

so true!

Im very sorry to hear abt ur darling pet Jack..sounds like an awesome mate. This happened to me too...after my last dog Judy died, I cud not bring myself to own another pet..i just cant go thru that pain of separating again.


Keshi said...

PS tnxx hun!


Jim I agree...but training ppl/animals for GOOD purposes is not a bad thing.


Keshi said...

tnxx Autumn, yes Carts made me cry like a baby too!



Keshi said...

Trinnie hey hows u? All the best with ur results! Im sure u wud hv done very well.

yes Im a huge animal lover...I had many pets back in the days, including a lil pig names Kiri. :)


Tys ur comment made me all teary...serious! thinking abt ur great guardian dog. Thats just awesome unconditional LOVE!


Die Muräne said...

Hehehe, nice dogs!
I love them best with potatoes and sour cream ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, thats true todays world where human beings stop behaving like human, animal makes us learn lot many good things..

Take care

Jeevan said...

It’s a thoughtful and beautiful dedication to your Ginger and Carts.

Even we had a dog not a German shepherd, but a country dog which has so much founding on us, just jumps here and there, and comes around our legs to show his affection and thanksgiving. There are animals that are better than some people in kindness and behaving.

I have changed my template dear, pls let me know can u able to read and comment in my blog. I hope it opens for u, lets try keshi :)

Vest said...

saffronsaris: There is the tendancy for Muslim persons to behave in an insensitive manner when people question about issues within their various sects, the main problems being the DOGmatic attitudes regarding outdated and inhuman Sharia laws, and the present bloodshed within their own ranks. When will every one wake up to the fact that only the well fed fat priests of the Faith Industry as a whole who propogate the unsubstantiated mythical fear mongering and utter codswallop to the massess, to maintain their lavish lifestyles, benefit from the misery they create.
You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, It is important to build a new modern model suited to everyone and based on reality and not myth, a model which makes the existing model obsolete.

Thinking aloud said...

i had a golden pom...we had some wonderful moments together..somehow after him didn't really feel like getting another one...i feel so bad about about carts...

Nora said...

As you know, my dog died in Sept so I couldn't read your post Keshi. I couldn't even look at your photos.

That said, I'm sure it was written with a lot of love and I can imagine the tears that fell as you were writing. x


Prats said...

Thats such a beautiful pet,..and yes! there is that little something in a German Shepherd that brings out the cuddlies in you....
As for the criminal, he'll never rest in peace....he hurt a mute creature and nothing could be worse for him...

Thanks for bringing out this post...

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

I have a dog watching the property back in the countryside where my parents live. It is a quiet neighborhood, and teh dog is an adorable little prankster. Sometimes he barks at strangers (mostly drunks) that lean on the fence, and the morons stone him. I am usually the last person to pick a fight, but these times i just go wild.

Swami P'Nanda said...

What kind of losers would use animals, who have limited intelligence in the sense of human intelligence, and put animals to such risks? You and Me.

lalitha said...

My first friend and guardian was a dog... hes no more now.... but i still cherish his memory.
The love of animals is truly unconditional... which makes it all the more criminal to treat them with cruelty.
A really moving post.... good going.

Stud said...

see if you got it this time?


Pijush said...

Thats a brave effort. I feel sorry for him.
But now "Mans are Dogs: comment looks good for me, I will accept it. LOL

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

We have the original track of Henry Gross singing 'Shannon' on the bar. It's the one with the dog. I hope it's still on when you look.


Helen said...

Keshi, Oh that was so sad, I have to go hug my big black shepherd.

Cinderella. said... lips are sealed. I cant utter a this horror I just read !!
How can anyone even in the worst frame of mind can do to any animal..???
I lost my own canine, several years ago, pertaining to some aliment, and till date I havent been able to get over it...
And thats the very reason i havent been able to take a new pet....dont wanna go throguh the pain all over again...
Oh god..!!!

gautami tripathy said...

Where are you, girl? I hardly ever see you?


reading room

Dawn....सेहर said...

Very sad and sorry to hear all this! I feel very close when it comes to animals....! I alaways had dog as my pet all the while I grew up!!!! Words cant fill or express anything here
Very sad!
Hugs to you dear

Keshi said...

awwwww @Murane :):)


yes Mona!


Keshi said...

k Jeevan I'll try ur blog again today :) tnxx!

**just jumps here and there, and comes around our legs to show his affection and thanksgiving

awww sounds like a very adorable sweetie doggy!


ty Vesty I wholeheartedly agree with u on that one!

Why the agitation when questioned about clearly disturbing issues ha! Faith or FEAR?


Keshi said...

TA yes I hv the same prob...after Judy, my last pet dog, I dun wanna hv another....I just cant go thru the pain of losing one again...



I thought of ur beautiful dog and Stace's darling dog as I wrote this post...


Keshi said...

Prats tnxx hun!

**he hurt a mute creature and nothing could be worse for him...

yes...his conscience (if he has one) wont let him be for years to come!


Toothy thats so cruel of ppl to throw stones at that dog. I sometimes wonder if some ppl really do hv a brain.


Keshi said...

hey Swami!

**What kind of losers would use animals, who have limited intelligence in the sense of human intelligence, and put animals to such risks? You and Me.

I dun quite agree. Cos tho dogs r mute, they have the highest sense of smell and sound...even more than a humanbeing. And these creatures are very intelligent animals, or else u cant 'train' them to do things that even some humanbeings cant do! As long as the animal is not disrespected and hurt, then what's wrong in training them as sniffer dogs that combat crime?


Keshi said...

aww Lalitha u reminded me of Jimmy...another cross Bulldog we had...someone kicked it in the stomach as it went for a came back with an injury that even the Vet cudnt fathom...after abt 3 surgeries and having a tube that took his urine out (cos the kick damaged Jimmy's kidneys) for months, Jimmy finally breathed his last breath in me and my sis' arms...

I still rem that day and it still breaks my heart...


Keshi said...

Stud I got it :) tnxx!


hehehe Pij so true!


Keshi said...

Bev now I gotta check that one too, tnxx hun! MWAH!


Helen give him a big cuddly hug from me too!


Keshi said...

hey Cinderella tnxx hun!

**dont wanna go throguh the pain all over again...

HUGGGGGGGGGZ! Thats the same reason I fdun hv any pets anymore. My last dog Judy's death broke my heart for good.


Gautami I'll be there soon. :)


Keshi said...

yes's a very sad situation when a human stabs an animal that cant even scream in pain or say a word or two...


The Phosgene Kid said...

Gotta luv them pups!

Keshi said...

I know u love dogs Phos. Ur a very sensitive and kind soul.


Anonymous said...

How could it have been better if it would have been the other way around, the DOG stabbing up the criminal.

Anyways its so ironical that silent animals teach us lot of values and beliefs in life which we cannot learn by our own (in generic sense).....

Though personally i fear DOGS due to few horrid experiences from them, but this post was very touchy!!!!

Mal said...

keshi gal,

i share your feelings. i have always grown up with pets, either cats or dogs. my pet now is an australian silky terrier @ Rohit. what a glamourous name rite :) i love him like a brother. any human that can't care for an animal is no human at all.


Aaarti said...

Oh,God.. how cruel.. how can someone hurt an animal??? must have been one heartless SOb... hope he rots in hell..

i love animals.. Dogs especially,and we have always had dogs in my grandparents house.. now too i have one.. picked him off the streets nearly a year ago and he is a sweetheart... floppy is his name, lazy bugger, but adorable and i love him to bits~~ :)

Keshi said...

Ashu tnxx hun!

we r all animals...only that the mute animals seem to hv more humanity than us :)


True Mal, tnxx!

And my CUDDLES to Rohit awww cute name!


Aarti ur can anyone be cruel to an animal?

** floppy is his name, lazy bugger, but adorable and i love him to bits

aww sounds adorable! Ur a very kind soul to give Floppy a loving home. I used to pick up stray cats and bring them dad used to bring home lost dogs. At one stage our house was like the RSPCA my mum was furious LOL!


Sameera said...

Oh that's sad!Bless his brave soul.

I always have thought the same way,animals can teach us a lot than we to them.God Bless Carts and Ginger.Hugsss

Keshi said...

ty Sameera!


Anonymous said...

I had a doberman years before! and i have a dachshund now!!
I love them oth for all the reasons you mentioned!!
I too read a story of a very brave German Shephard who saved his master from a snake, killed it and got stuck by the snake on the tounge! but he is alive and his master did everything under the sun to save the brave soul!!

the story of Carl is similarly Very touching! but why do we have to think ofcriminals and police dogs? think of normal stray bitch thats pregnant! I have seen people actually chase her away and i saw one guy hit her with a stick!!

on another occassion i saw a small pup been chased into a empty drain and then number of sticks been put in to get it out, to kick it again!

not only Dogs but other animals too!!
i love animals and I hate people who are brutal to them!!
at least stray animals don't love us cuz we are from this society or belong to this creed? they love us inspite of the fact that we give them wateevr is left-over from filling our tummies! and they never complain or back-bite just coz we dint have anything to giv them one day !