Wednesday, July 27

Fear factor

What am I afraid of, I mean really afraid of? On a lighter note (but I'm serious when I say this), I'm petrified of cockroaches(couldn't find a single term for this phobia) and spiders(Arachnophobia). Basically my fear of these creatures is not because of any other threat but simply because they are incredibly disgusting! I remember once my cousin brother carried a dead roach and chased me all around the house till I reached a dead-end and fell in to the bath tub crying my lungs wasn't too long ago lol! And I believe I have a serious phobia here, let me tell you why. I initially chose Bio Science for my A/Ls. But in my first week of classes I realised we had to dissect cockroaches and that was the last time I ever saw the walls of that lab or any Bio lab for that matter. I immediately switched to the Maths stream and here I am working as a Computer Specialist instead of being a doc, my long-term dream. Yep those roaches ruined my plans of a medical career, unfortunately or should I say fortunately? :) On a very serious note, I'm also afraid of disability/disfigurement (don't know the phobia term for this). I'm not afraid or ashamed to say this but since I was born able and good-looking, I'd fade away quite profoundly if I ever become disabled/disfigured due to some accident. Because that will swallow my self-confidence, self-esteem and my identity that has brought me this far in life. Call me selfish but yeah I'm terrified of losing my self-confidence. Everything else in life I can cope with.

Here's a list of phobias you may identify yours' with

So what is this fear factor? Basically all of us have some kinds of fears in us (rational and irrational fears). Fear of public speaking perhaps...some fear of flying and some of heights. It is believed that most people can deal with these rational fears and go about their normal lives. However if a certain fear is persistent and interfers with your daily life, it is considered a phobia (irrational fear) and needs to be treated (as my cockroach-phobia, duh I don't need treatment I'll just avoid them:). As quoted in an article relating to fears "Rational fears on the other hand, serve as self-protection mechanisms. When rational fear is activated, your body and mind become alert to the dangers in your immediate reality and respond accordingly. Fear of snakes, poisonous spiders, fire, and falling are examples of rational fears and are based on your instinctive self-defense responses...". That means fear can be quite useful for us as much as it can be irritating. If not for fear, we would never know the goodness of security and comfort. As long as your fear is not going to end up as a persistent phobia that makes you avoid the source of it (like not visiting the dentist because of your fear of dentists), it is natural and rewarding to be afraid of some things in life. It wil make you try harder, more alert, bring out the best in you and enjoy the comforts in avoiding them.

Tell me what you're afraid of and why...spill it out, discuss it, be prepared, manage it, live happy, brave and free...

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Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

know wat
m too scared of roaches.. ewww.. gives me the chills. i dunno the reason though. i only remember bein scared of them since well since i dunno. i just cant stand the sight of any. and i cant even kill any if any come near me. along wid them m scared of any bug. be it butterfly too. i wud just look at it from far and admire it, but never go near or try to catch it. my mom use to catch it wen she was kid. ewww i dunno how ppl do dat. m also afraid of height. wenever i m on freeway and on the very top one.. i hate lookin down. m afraid dat ill fall off. but den i go there more on purpose to get rid of this phobia. but insects ewww... in my bio class wen i was in 10th. we dissected crawfish and worms and stuff. i dinnt touch any. just put gloves on and watched.
and dats my raam kahaani..
hope u enjoyed
peace out

Keshi said...

lollz Icy according to Keshi's phobia list ur diagnosed with roach-phobia and according to Fredd's phobia list ur diagnosed with Entomophobia - fear of insects. Well I guess ur's isnt as severe as mine that u had to quit an entire career plan due to the fears lol! Atleast u sat n watched them being dissected...hmm good on ya gal!

Heights hmm I'm afraid of mea dizzy feeling with nausea...but I can say I aint too afraid of heights cos I know some people who cant even climb the Sydney Centrepoint tower becos they feel nervous...


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

know wat. i wasn't scared of heights till i came came to USA. den for sum reason i remember being scared of heights. wen i was kid i wud jump of stairs and stuff. u know all dat dangerous stuff dat made mommy call 911.. he ehee. m so proud of myself. and i also got blood phobia. but m fine now.. i took care of dat myself or else i wud have had to change my career plan which i wont do at all. be it anything.


Keshi said...

I guess when we are much younger we don't have much fear...the older we get and the more we become informed, the more we fear...that's what I have realised. Even I used to jump from a high flight of steps, right from the top to the very bottom - we used to have competitions on who would be the highest jumper lol! That was when I was like 7yrs old...I would not even think of doing it now!

Good girl...never compromise ur dreams out of fear...


Autumn Storm said...

Hi Keshi.
Fear of falling - i.e I am fine in planes and being high up as long as I have some sort of barrier around me...I scared of walking down stairs, rollerskating, standing on a chair and other such rediculous everyday pursuits.
I am terribly frightened of cockroaches too, bees, worms, large spiders, rats and cats.
Great idea for a post!

Keshi said...

WC to phobic-club Autumn lol I too am afraid of all that u stated :) Just that I didnt think of em before...hehe. Talk abt rats ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! If I ever share a flat with ya n u want me chucked out, the best way to do it would be to bring in a rat lolz!


Caraf said...

hey Kesh,
i used to be afraid of lots of things, now its restricted to falling ill (i was very ill at one point - so weak i could only stay awake for 4 hours at a time- couldn't enjoy life)

so now i really try to be healthy...

and im afraid of my loved ones being hurt or sad.... even if they look like its not so bad, I find myself unable to bear it... go crazy...

word_smith said...

afraid of human beings!!!

and of someday ending up physically challenged.i could imagine life without a body part;like a hand or an arm.i fear being dependent on;i guess...................

i did come to your blog.i missed the last two posts i think.i just did not write comments because i could not think of anything fit to have been writing too serious stuff.

besides i have increased my frequency of time online per week from only the last four days.

excuses;i know.but still.............hope u understand.

Keshi said...

heyyy Caraf I'm not really afraid of falling ill, although it can be a real pain...I cant remember but apparently I was also very ill when I was very mum said I was going to die according to the doc ( I got a bout of measles and a viral infection together that simply couldn't be cured). And then mum was crying and signing the final documents at the hospital, when I decided to live...hehehe...

On the other hand, I'm way too afraid of losing a loved-one or them being hurt...yep I totally agree with ya there, even I cant stay still if I know a loved-one is hurting...

Thanks girl!

Keshi said...

huggggggggz Deips WB! I'm so glad to see ya muahhhh! I DO u'stand n I was only mucking ard with ya lol! Thanks for dropping by :)

so ur fears r similar to mine in that u too r afraid of being physically too, I dun ever wanna be dependant on someone for simple frightens me like hell!


Keshi said...

Teratophobia- Fear of bearing a deformed child or fear of monsters or deformed people.

This I believe is close to deips' and my phobia...although we r not afraid of disabled people nor monsters, we FEAR of having a disability...this is the closest phobia term I could find.

People please realise I don't in anyway intend to hurt anyone's feelings by saying I'm afraid of being's just a fear in me. This does not mean I despise disabled people or that I invalidate the enormous amounts of courage these people have and the way they carry out their lives on a daily basis without a major whinge (like most of us do for silly things)...I simply admire them more than any others in this world!


word_smith said...

hey kesh;its been such a long time.where are you?

word_smith said...

hey kesh;its been such a long time.where are you?

Keshi said...

hehe yep's been a long time deips...I dun even log on yahoo nomore :( just that I've been tied up both workwise n homewise...lotsa stuff happening...but I do miss u, nv, priti n the whole regular gang on IT...but u know I will come online one of these days just for u deips...I really miss talkin to u...


word_smith said...

hope that happens soon..............

if u got time to waste;log to my blog now;if u will.u may like what u see....

and to tell me when u will get online>

UberDragon said...

Whatever you do, DO NOT move down south lol. I grew up in Minnesota, I had only seen a roach on tv during a news broadcast of some house they didn't take the trash out of for months.. Then I moved down here to New Orleans. They actually have covers for their telephone jacks, I had no idea what it was for so I asked the phone guy. He said, "Oh if you don't keep it covered up roaches will go in there and lay eggs." I nearly had a heart attack, I explained to the nice phone guy I was not a slob! He was right though, they are impossible to get rid of and they are everywhere down here. If have had occasions to be in some very expensive homes during my cyber career and they are everywhere. They were in Trent Resnors studio , Anne Rices Mansion (we did live internet broadcasts of her events a couple years).. Chuck Rileys House (tabasco family).... lol everywhere

And I'm right there with you regarding the phear of disability. And really I could do my work if I couldn't walk, as long as I have both my hands (I'm a computer nerd).

I think anyone that is born with all their senses and fingers and toes etc and then become disabled for some reason have it the worst. They know what it was like to be complete, they know exactly what they've lost.

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

yaa ur right kesh.. its just soo tru dat wen one is lil is not afraid at all dats why most kids end up eatin worms.. cuz they dunno wat it is.. they just pick up anything and in it goes. u already know i wanna go sky diving. even though m scared of heights i wud still jump from heights..and den sammy wud get mad at me, if she wud be around.. its fun kesh u shud try it.. i dunno i have funny phobia..
oo one funny fear i have.
i have fear of tollways.. shiverssss.. i just hate going there.. i dunno why. but my heart beat starts racing wen i get closer.
dun laff naaa

FlirtinFelicity said...

I must say that you got a remarkable post right there..See my blogs, they're fine too!

Justin Thyme said...

Why do some people bungee jump, skydive or ride rollercoasters? To face their fear because fear was meant to be conquered (although I will admit a fear of insects and snakes).

Keshi said...

heyy uberdragon WC to mah bloggy! No wayzz Im ever gonna be in Nww Orleans lol! Thanks for the tip :) Yukkk covers for phone jacks?? Omahgoshhhhhhhh!
~~They know what it was like to be complete, they know exactly what they've lost.~~
Thanks mate, u just beautifully completed the reason for my fear of disability.

Icy lollz why d u have a fear of tollways girl??

Thanks Felicity u got a great pic of ur's there, wow hoot!!

Very true Justin most of em do it to get rid of the fear...although I would never bungee jump nor sky dive sorry :( me an eternal chicken.


strawy said...

m scared of 3 things
1. old age
2. getting marry
3. all insects

Arz000n said...

My fear factors:

1.Bizarre List of Phobia's I carry
2. Fear of elevators


Dewdrop said...

I have a weird fear of spiral staircases. Although they fascinate me to no end, I feel scared climbing on them. Didnt find a term for this phobia.

Another fear I have is of holding a bird in my hand, regardless of how cute or fuzzy they are. The list describes the fear of bird as Ornithophobia, but my fear is not precisely of birds, its of holding them in my hands.

I've had encounters with bees and lizards and they scare me too.

And yeah some diabalities can lead to dependability and thats what I fear. More than losing an arm or foot, becoming majorly dependant on someone is my real fear. Two of my close kins are disabled, one a 4 yr old by birth and other an old lady cos of medical prbs. Trust me, they both go thru the hardest times. My heart goes out to the lil disabled boy cos he will never knw what being normal is like :(

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

I hate cockroaches!! Lets call it cockroachophobia!!!!

saby said...

Dawn....सेहर said...

:) I hate cockroaches..just coz there legs are hairy hehee...otherwise I can face them n get rid of them..and this feeling came in since I started disecting rats, fish, cockroaches n frogs..!!!
But I really get scarred of lizard eeks...can't stand even the view of them...dunno but I find them eeks...yukky n poisonous :)

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Im scared of only 3 things

1. kayshes hissy fits
2. kayshes anger
3. kayshes smart ass comments


julia said...

hahaha .....

Keshi said...

Strawy according to Fredd's list you have been diagnosed with these phobias...

Gerascophobia- Fear of growing old.
Gerontophobia- Fear of old people or of growing old.
Gamophobia- Fear of marriage.
Entomophobia - fear of insects

Dun worry Strawy many of us have these fears :)

z000nieeeeeeee hmm nice post! So ur afraid of heights, deep water, perhaps driving amidst heavy traffic and dog bites...thought I'd let u know u just found a friend z000nie :)

Hey Dewdy very interesting new phobia I have come across...I'm not all that afraid of spiral staircases but I can understand the eeriness of it...becos I have seen alot of spiral staircases only in horror movies :( I couldn't find a phobia term for it but lets call is Spiralophobia :) About bird, omahgosh I have that same fear in holding birds in my hand, although I do it hehehe...I even have a pic with a cute cockateel in my hand :) Yes fear of birds is called Ornithophobia...but ur not afraid of birds, just holding lets call it OrnithoHoldingphobia hehehe. Hey I'm sorry to hear abt ur relatives...but I guess the lil one will cope somehow cos he's born with it...I have a young relative who's both deaf and mute n it's so hard to watch him when the rest are having loads of fun.

lolz cockroachophobia good one Kroopa...cockroachophobia it is!

Dawn Lizards OMAHGOSH YUKKKKKKKKKKKZ! Once I saw a blue-tongue lizard in my bush walking track and I scared the hell out of that Lizard by screaming sooo very loud lol! It disappeared within miliseconds :) They disgust me n scare me to death!

lolllz NV that's called Keshiphobia? hmmm glad to know I'm in Fredd's list of phobia sources :)

Oh alright Jules laugh ur fears away lolll!


Keshi said...

Saby cud u stop directing me to ur posts (I check em anyways) n tell us wut ur worst fears r lol!


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

alright im back to blogging kayshe mate...check it out. cheers!!

saby said...

i no Kesh
but am not targetting u

a lotta hotties
visit u

i gott the hottz for these hotties
GOD! how i miss TANVI

saby said...

i am scared dat when i die
i mite go to heaven

while all the hott girls and u end up in hell

Keshi said...

I did check ur blog NV. glad that ur bak buddy! It's a great feeling :)

Saby wuttttttttt? me going to hell? no wayzz...I have place in heaven already booked by my yep I will meet u there then, so cast away ur fears mate :)


Gaurav said...

I fear Change.

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

keshi plz cumon IT now!!
plz plz plzzzzz im so boreddd

Keshi said...

Spot on Gaurav! It's something that most of us fear of...change in self, health, status, youth almost any change that shakes us from what and where we are...

NV lol I'll try :)


Keshi said...

NV as usual the IT server went down...down...n down lol!

twas great chatting with ya for even 5mins...


Arz000n said...

Me undergoing SSE-CMM training n Certification for 3 days now...will post something new next week...from Delhi :

saby said...

saby said...



Keshi said...

lolz Saby I see ur Ash-phobia is intensified...


Keshi said...

ITCC Before u even spread ur odour here once again and leave anonymous junk, here's a message for u:

Shuttup ITCC u just stink now...n mega boring for that matter. for a while u existed yeah but now ur just annoying boring crap...just cut it out will ya? ur stale style of writing with DEAR BLAH BLAH BLAH and signing off as YOURS SINCERELY YADDA YADDA YADDA is really REEKING because it does not suit ur filthy pseudo personality.

Not only ur demeaning urself further, ur just hovering in everyone's blog that has brought u to a complete stagnant 'moron' state. thought u should know that.


Keshi said...

n dun even bother stating ur phobia here - we all know it's fear of the intelligent LOL! And Rhabdophobia- Fear of being severely punished or beaten by a rod, or of being severely criticized.


Leon said...

Are guys allowed to be scared of cockroaches too?.. without being thought weak and "unmanly".. :p

The best things about your blog are the variety and frequency of updations.. :-). great work..

The Gome said...

when i was in college i was takin biological sciences. it was cool, we dissected crayfish, salamanders, dogsharks & cats. my fear is the dentist. when i was a kid, the school i went to had a school dentist which was college kids taking dentistry who had to put in hours towards their degree. anyways we were like practice mouths to them. Once they were making a mold of my teeth with plaster and made me bite into this plaster then had me sit back. that shit started running down my throat. they also were hit&miss with the local anesthetic. the worst is the sensation of them drilling when its not froze! So a few weeks ago i swallowed my fear and went. The fucker pulled out 5 in one visit! it was sore for awhile but doesn't hurt as much as an abcessed tooth. I'm goin again tomorrow. It's not that bad now but as a kid i was terrified when the dental assistant would come to the classroom door and one by one we were escorted there. yeah I know Kesh, i'm justa big puss right?

Michelle said...

yep i found mine... Dromophobia-fear of crossin streets
i hate crossin roads i get soooo scared!!!!
hee hee as for roaches yea they r yucky nd all...but y'kno...if ma bro wud run behind me wid a dead roach,i wud find anotha live one and run behind him...:P
super post

saby said...

i was a lousy student
we had a system of repeating the courses we failed in, in the summer vacation

i spent all my summers at Kanpur where it is real hott
40 + in the shade

i still get nitemares
i wake up in a cold sweat
wid the tot

i failed in sexology 101

PuNeEt said...

HI Keshi....
I think most of the girls have phobia of cockroaches… my sis still calls me if she figures out a big or flying cockroach…

We have irritated a lot of our female friends by holding cockroaches in our hand ;-)

I hate lizards coz I have still not figured out an easy way to kill them.

I have snake phobia… I fear them the most.
One strange phobia, which I have, is while riding my bike, when I’m getting down a fly over I feel my bike will skid (during rains), because of this I ride very slow when I get down the fly over…

Zombie said...

I'm scared of darkness, ghosts, accidents, heights, depths, animals, birds, crossing streets, getting lost, losing, failing, separating...the list goes on...I think I'll make a great case study for psychiatry students

:) said...

iam afraid of dogs..earlier i used to scared of dentists.. but its ok now..

julia said...

Pssssttt! WORDY,
GOMEY loves animals
watch your rear

Keshi said...

Leon WC to mah blog and thanks for the compliments! I guess being afraid of cockroaches is very normal my friend, whether ur a male or female. So yeah ur just fine :) I guess cockroaches suck and the world should not have had them in the first place lol!

Puts the microscope over Gomess' head and woka! You have been diagnosed with:

Dentophobia- Fear of dentists.

:)that's according to Fredd's list mate...I'm not afraid of dentists but I just hate anyone putting their tools in mah mouth lol! It's just yukky n messy that's all.

Hey Ice_Avrillzz u have been diagnosed with:

Agyrophobia- Fear of streets or crossing the street.

I have no fear with crossing...I quite often J-walk lolllz!

Puneet sweet Puneet :) Fredd says u have:

Ophidiophobia- Fear of snakes. (Snakephobia)
Cyclophobia- Fear of bicycles.

I know ur not exactly afraid of bicycles but going down hill on it...well I used ride a chopper bike as a kid and I was speed demon lolllz! U guys wrecked some poor girls' day with the roaches na? Naughty naughty! Actually if I was one of em, I would have passed out :)

Oh mah darling Misty...I spent quite some time researching ur list of fears lol n here is ur phobia diagnosis:

Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.
Dystychiphobia- Fear of accidents.
Phasmophobia- Fear of ghosts.
Acrophobia- Fear of heights.
Bathophobia- Fear of depth.
Zoophobia- Fear of animals.
Ornithophobia- Fear of birds.
Agyrophobia- Fear of streets or crossing the street.

Well quite a long list there hunnn :) Well dun u worry but, I think I have most of em too lolllz! I guess I'd also be a good Psychiatric specimen for a diiferent but massive list of fears lol!

awww Pari Sweety, Fredd says u have:
Cynophobia- Fear of dogs or rabies.
Dentophobia- Fear of dentists.
I'm afraid of other people's dogs hehehe..but I used to have lots of dogs as pets...not too afraid of em unless they look eeri lol!

Gaurav forgot to tell ya, ur phobia is:
Metathesiophobia- Fear of changes.

And z000nie mah mate ur fear of elevators suggests u might have
Claustrophobia- Fear of confined spaces

Saby so wut was ur fear? Sexology? haha!

Thanks all!

julia said...

Many of us are not used to thinking in terms of our own wants and needs, and if we do, we certainly don't expect to fulfil them. If you haven't defined your life's goal for yourself, what do you do then? It would be helpful if the universe would give us one big clue, or a giant compass, if you will, pointing to the direction we should be taking. In fact, the compass is there. To find it, you need only look inside yourself to discover your soul's purest desire, its dream for your life.

- Deepak Chopra

Keshi said...

z000nie I forgot to tell ya:

I was once stuck in my Uni elevator for 2hrs all by myself! I freaked out and thought I'd die there, all alone, in a good-for-nothing lift! Well they came n got me out from the 14th floor...the lift was broken the iron bars were falling in front of me...yeah I have been through hell lol!

For a while after that, I used to catch the steps even upto the 7th floor of the library...but I guess as time went by, I grew out of that fear and now I'm fit to travel in lifts again...hehehe...

What's the worst that can happen to u in a lift? The lift crashes down n u may die...big deal! Better than ending up limbless for the rest of ur life in an autombile accident...dun u think so?


thecoolestblog said...

Cool blog and cool message

thecoolestblog said...

Cool blog and cool message

Arz000n said...

You do a lot of research work lady!!
I liked that :)

Yes...maybe I too carry this fear while travelling in an elevator.

Better than ending up limbless for the rest of ur life in an autombile accident Truly said...I cant see myself becoming a burden on someone else.

Can imagine what you through after being stuck up in that stupid lift....aawwww...Hugz...

Take care

saby said...

there is no nice way to die
Dont be silly!

saby said...

u already are arzoon...
u taking up too much space here

saby said...

heyyyyyy !
new post post ..
u planning on scoring a 100 or wat

dis topic has been done thread bare
i cant tink of any more wise ass comments

saby said...

heyyyyyy Rohit for u2 nav is gunning for me

said he will castrate me if i step in there again

Keshi said...

thanks coolestblog I feel I have been touched by the coolest touch :)

z000nie muahhhh! thanks for ur hug hmm I kinda took advantage of that hug n muahhed ya too lol! yep I went through absolute trauma in that lift but it was a good fear-eradicating exercise I guess :) now I can do anything in a lift lol!

Saby I nice way to die but certainly there r better ways :) No I have no intention to reach 100comments here post is already up mate :)

aww leave mah mate NV alone Saby! Ur bloody annoying sometimes...u betta know that!


Janice said...

sabby my family is at palli hill but no ones picking up the lines mom tried contacting too but the line just keep ringin PLS PLS HELP ME we are extremelly worried palli hill safe i wud really appreciate if u answer as soon as possible

since ur from bandra

Keshi said...

aww jannn I really hope they r all ok!!! what can I do to help ya, even tho I live miles away from all of u?


Arz000n said...

Calm down...I spke to M000nie the other day..she's from Andheri and had power failure for past 2 days. Her Land lines started working @ around 2pm onwards. I too was not able to reach my parents in Chembur, but things got settled down in eve. So chill...I hope they are fine.

I think I shud hug you more often. Or is it my new AXE Deo showing its effect...hehehe

Keshi said...

Jannn I'm hope n praying all ur loved-ones r safe n sound...tell me if I can help...

z000nie I luv hugzz n mesmerising Axe eh? Lets start the hugging marathon lol!


Erik Mann said...

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Ed Saugstad said...

Hello Keshi - I'm a retired entomologist in WV, USA who stumbled across your blog while searching for info in entomophobia. I really enjoyed browsing your blog; you're a good writer and describer. Wishing you all the best (although my wife, a native of England, wonders why anyone in their right mind would want to go to Australia!),

Sanjay said...

I don't have any quantifiable or named fears. :-/
Your post about your dad was very touching.

Asha said...

Not scared of anything any more Keshi girl!!:)) My fav movies are SAW 1-2-3 and waiting for the 4!!