Monday, July 25

Spring is for blossoming...

Today as I was ordering my usual coffee , a pregnant lady walked in. Her belly was swollen and heavily protruding, but since she was quite a slim lady her pregnancy was extra visible. She looked radiant and glowing and showing every bit of motherhood unfolding. I instantly thought of a fresh flower exuding it's beauty to the fullest...a rose that's in full bloom while buds around her are yet to see the light of the world. However, you don't have to be pregnant to blossom naturally. When you're happy and content with yourself, you will be in full bloom inevitably. My point here is don't forget to blossom and radiate beauty always, wherever you go, whatever you do. Young people today worry about too many unwanted things that they forget their very basic nature - being yourself and being happy with simple things in life! Like with the fact that you may have a family, good education, opportunity to be a parent, enough money to keep you off the streets, decent job and a great friend or two, quiet moments with nature, 5 senses that you're blessed with...just think about all those people who can't confidently say that they have any one of the above - trust me there are many out there. So just be happy with yourself, do things that you are happy to do, be happy for others, think of happy thoughts, be around happy people and most of all be at peace with yourself...and when you learn to see joy in simple things in life, your health will blossom naturally. And your true beauty will begin to radiate. For a flower only blooms for a short while...don't deprive yourself of that beautiful and colorful Spring season of your life...

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saby said...

Vinu said...

i totally agree wit u...

And one thing i need to mention is that, i had watched lots of pregnent women. More than their hubbies they enjoy that period. Though its very painfull, i feel thats th blissfull time during a womanhood...


Keshi said...

thanks Saby n Vinu...I just want people to realise that there is beauty within them already, without having to look around too much for it...


Janice said...

i agree vinu.... starting months can be horrible but by mid term u kinda enjoy the pampering :)

Keshi said...

hey jannn muah! Hope all is ok with ya n that ur a blossoming beauty right now :)


Autumn Storm said...

Like the rose analogy. Most can stand to be reminded of all of this - few ever appreciate their blessings.
Cut and paste the link, if you are having problems, but it could be (not that I know anything about such things) because your computer is unable to show a video.

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

hey kesh..
u know wat i think theres one way also to be in peace wid oneself, and dat is of not to care of anyone around u. speak ur heart/mind. for examples: wenever m out wid frnds or family and i have to say sumthin i just say it, and if my frnds/family tell me to watch my mouth cuz of sum ppl around dat really makes me upset. now m not sayin dat i say foul stuff. i mean just regular stuff dat cud be a bit stressed topic. dun u think so.. i mean why shud i care bout other ppl if m not related to em or ever gonna see em. its not like m makin fun of em..
but again dats my way of thinking.

peace out

Keshi said...

I think ur absolutely right there Icy! I do the same...and my mom n sis sometimes kinda gets embarasses lol...but I just say what I feel and it's not a lie nor an insult...just the honest feelings...and guess that's why I'm at peace with myself too :) Well-identified Icy, thanks!


PuNeEt said...

Very rightly said Keshi... there are a lot of people who keep worrying about things they don't have...
One should alwayz feel blessed... it automatically generates a lot of positive energy...
:-))) Cheers

Keshi said...

yupperzzz Puneet :) thanks!


musings (m000nie) said...

wonderful post k00kie... i think all of us will blossom like a flower (read b satisfied with life) if we dont bother about things we cant change...

also we keep on stressing our heads about certain things people think and talk about us... i think its all uncalled for n we should again not bother... to hell with such people...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true keshi.....

nin said...

"Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!
Look to this Day!
For it is Life, the very Life of Life.
In its brief course lie all the
Verities and Realities of your Existence.
The Bliss of Growth,
The Glory of Action,
The Splendor of Beauty;
For Yesterday is but a Dream,
And To-morrow is only a Vision;
But To-day well lived makes
Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness,
And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope."
nice topic Keshi......
take care....

Jay said...

Uhm... sorry but I have to say this.

You would love to be in her place but deep down your heart, it still hesitates in some way you couldn’t explain.

Did I say or think wrong, my dear?


Dawn....सेहर said...

hey keshi...I see that love for nature in u too ;)

but as they say..'life is imagine the one who is giving birth to a life..would be on top of the 9th cloud' :D

I loved this post..ur true feelings n comparisons...keep it up babe!!!

saby said...

read again on the comments of my blogg

er, u need to improve on yr posting, if u wanna get a book contract

dat applies to Jay too
all he sees is the beauty in cats

Boldnbeautiful said...

I have seen many people, worrying is one of thier hobby.

They dont need a reason too. These are the poorest soul on earth.

saby said...

Psssst !
hey Gomey is Kesh preg?

saby said...

i miss TANVI

Arz000n said...

Pregnant lady scares me...I dont know why...maybe the thought of pain that she'll be going through while delievering the baby. But I spoke to few of my female friends about it, and there reaction was like, its one of the beautiful moments of give birth to another living being.

Boy, I dont know how am I going to witness my wife going thru this one day. Hmmmmm...

Anyway, nice post...yet again.

tulipspeaks said...

truly inspiring..

julia said...

i dunno
but mostly pregnancy happens by mistake
and mostly his

and as for janice the Pope is to blame, probably

the catlik church forbids artificial means of birth control,
hence the only option is russian roulette, or coitus interruptus

and if u make a mistake, u cant abort,

we gotta ask Janice about dis, i am qualified but not experienced

julia said...

i share ICEY's views
speak yr mind at all times

wid wateva lang has the beegest impact, and the fuck word wid -ing is very often the best adjective, and it dont matter wat the guy opposite u in the bus tinks of u ... and if he tries to point out dat by raising his eye brows, u just raise two fingers upwards

WTF u have only one life to live, and u gotta make yourself heard

julia said...

Pssttt !
if u want to no how and wat happened to janice visit here

The Gome said...

i don't wanna sound sick or anything but i find pregnant women very sexy. saby come visit my site, i have pics of ur favorite rock bands!

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

I agree Keshi. We are all very beautiful deep within, we just don't realise it. :-)

jkhkhjkh said...

There's no lying about it, there's no crying about it, a spoonful of precious love will satisfy the soul.

Dewdrop said...

Beautiful thoughts enuff to make my day. Happiness and pregnancy are symbiotic, yet true happiness lies within ourselves. The greatest happiness is derived by a sense of achievement, contentment, cheerfulness and the ability to make others happy.

Justin Thyme said...

Very well stated, Keshi!

Keshi said...

Thanks m000nie :) Like u say I too dun give a damn abt wut others say or think abt long as I know wut I'm doing...I keep telling this to my sis, I hope one day she'll realise it's wasted energy to worry abt wut others think abt us...thanks!

Thanks South!

Avik no one said it better than you...that's a wonderful and complete poem for all of us to learn from, thanks heaps!

jeeeez Jay no ways! As if I want to be pregnant and not fit in any of my skimpy clothes LOL! Just that I see beauty in natural gifts that God has given us...not that I'm envious of anyone! And if I am, that'll contradict my post mate, duhh :) Thanks for dropping by.

Gosh Dawn yesss! The feelings of someone who's giving birth to life must be just inexpressible!

:) Saby ok I will read it again. And hey I aint pregnant, could u stop that now plz! LOL!

B&B that's soooo true, worrying is a total waste of energy and time!!

z000nie aww ur scared of em? lollz! U will be alright I guess when ur more older n ready to be a cuzn's husband was right beside her when she delivered her first baby...although I'm not sure if I can witness a delivery that close -I might pass out lol! Just that it's hard for me to look at blood etc...but I'm sure u'll be right - ur a man :)

Thanks Amutha!

lolzz Juless! Yep true, we have only one life n lets all be heard :)

Gomess there's nothing sick abt thinking pregnant women as sexy...they are! They are the symbol of having made true and passionate love to give birth to fresh life...nothing can be sexier than that, trust me :)

Hey Kroopa hugggz! Thanks sweety!

Pithaly?? U ok?

Dewdy wut more can I say...u complete my post, that was just lovely -thanks n hugggz!

Thanks for dropping by Justin!

thanks all :)

Keshi said...

I miss Tanvi too :(


saby said...

and i hope TANVI dont forget wat her mama told her

'never let go of dat coin held between yr knees'

dont want her blossoming too

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Keshi said...

gee thanks Dr.Howdy :) I visited ur blog and realised that comments r not possible..hehe but u have areally cool n funny blog! I enjoyed it n will be visiting often :)


saby said...

and dat Dr Howdy,
post like he owns dis blogg

KISS Dr. howdy
Keep It Short and Simple

Manish said...

Ur posts always good to read!

saby said...

read,taste, smell,feel and ....

but hard to digest