Tuesday, July 5

What is love?

Gosh I think Love is all around me :) Since my dear friend Sebia too is on a quest for a clear definition of Love, I thought I would ask each of you to pen down a simple line or two on what you think Love is. Make it original if you can. I found this line in a book I read long time ago and I think it completed my definition of Love in a very simple yet profound way...
Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.
As I see it, true Love will withstand any barrier that comes it's way. That's all there is to it. So tell me what you think Love is.

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talldarkman said...

I guess Keshi.....Gerard will be able to tell u EXACTLY what is love. :)

Keshi said...

aww Tally stop bugging me with Gerard now lol! I told ya na he's only a friend right now...if I get serious with him, I'll put up a new post abt that too lollllz...then u can start bugging me :)

So tell me...what does the Tall Dark Man think of Love?


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

hmmmm love.. now dats a pretty tough question. cuz love cud be just anything. i think theres not enuff words to describe love, one can only feel it to the their own limit. there cud be limit to love and it cud also increase day by day, year by year. IT just grown on ya, u know. love is like an ocean keeps on fillin the space and still never overflows. its the calmin effect u have on urself wen ur with the person, its the gleamin of the eyes wen u see dat person. its the smile on ur face wen u see dat person. overall it cud be anything. there is no perfect definition for it. hell i cud just write a whole paper on it. j/k

peace out

Keshi said...

ice ice babeh so sweeeet thanks! u got that so right...

~~it is the calmin effect u have on urself wen ur with the person, its the gleamin of the eyes wen u see dat person. its the smile on ur face wen u see dat person~~

Love those words Icy! This tells me that ur an intense lover...very deep...luck guy whoever ur BF is :)


Tanvi said...

man..wutz with ppl n love!
lol ok sorrie.. love'z a lot of thingz..love'z wen juz thinkin of the significant other can draw a smile..love is wen wen u talk to them .. the whole world seemz blurry..love is wen u give them the priority
in short..love'z weird

Keshi said...

love sure is weird Tanvi...one minute ur on top of the world,in the next u could be really blue...ahh these love chemicals playing havoc in the body! lol!


Keshi said...

One of my fav songs from Boys2Men is 'I'll make love to you...'. And I always felt so in love listening to it :) And I always said to myself if I ever wanted to listen to this song with someone and feel every bit of the lyrics with him, then that's the guy I would be totally in love with...


Tanvi said...

lol keshi..exactly..u never noe wut turn itz gonna take

Tanvi said...

aww thatz a sweet song!

Keshi said...

hehe tanvi yep :)

love is a reaction that results from a frikkin chemical in the body - if u ever did Chemistry in school u would know what I mean lol...


saby said...

Love will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.,

dis was 4u
make up yr mind
lest i find another

and Kesh,
i heard a lott of heart breaks
when u posted about Gerard

and i wait in anxiety to see wat TANVI responds

saby said...

, ,Heyyyy,
is SEBIA looking for love too?
, ,

then its gonna be SEBIA
if TANVI says 'go to hell'

Keshi said...

Saby I broke Gerard's heart long time ago...and I don't know if I can ever take that back...I was so stupid and careless not to see how much he cared. But then again time always plays a part in everythig we do...there will always be a time when you woud realise what you were, atleast I did...

Now who's heart did I break this time?


Arz000n said...

Love is Loss Of Valuable Energy

& Love you Lot means Loss Of Valuable Energy and Loss Of Time


Keshi said...

awww Arz000n lolz! Well I think that's very clever...hehe...but in that case LOVE also means

Loss Of Venomous Energy...

hehehe...loving means releasing all the stresses of ur body...hence cleansing ur body and mind from all the toxic thoughts...hehehe...think about it this way...if u have a BF/GF u will obviously be more happy and positive in many ways, wheras when ur single and lonely, u tend to develop negative thoughts...which harms ur body.


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

awww so thanx kesh for likin it.. dunno if m an intense love, but i do know i dun belive in five bf in one year. i just dun get it. love is such a special, sacred feeling' it shudn't be fooled around wid so many times, and den wen it really hits ya, u dunno wat hit ya, a brick or love.
love is also excitement, its also urgency, its the waiting. so much stuff.


Anonymous said...

Yes...it is like a river a flooding river!!!!

Keshi said...

Icy Im the same...I probably had 4 serious boy friends all my life so far...lol thats abt it. I strongly believe when ur dating it has to be based on LOVE alone, nothing else. Hence my absent love-life lol!

aww South u think Love is like a flooding river...it sure is, but the flood will cease at some stage :) so keep smiling...


Tanvi said...

im sick of the word love..

Keshi said...

lollll tanvi me too :) and I wrote a whole post on it?? jeeez what's wrong with me :)

U know Tanvi, the more u hate something, the more u realise u LOVE it lol! So yeah we love LOVE...


Tanvi said...

lol..apparently we're confused...

Keshi said...

haha love bug's bitten us or scared us away?? gosh it's confused us!


Hagrid said...

keshi !
falling in love is a sweet ambition,
finding true luv is a life time mission,
but take my word, follow indian tradition and marry your parent's decision..

sweet words, but I won't agree to them completely...
but I do belive in Luv.. the power of luv.. it's there within you @

more gyan ... http://harshulnayak.blogspot.com/2005/02/falling-in-luv-or-falling-out-of-luv.html

--pearl-- said...

lol kesh..love is...uhmm sumthin i dun wanna discus here... :)cum on y ill tell ya ..lol !

saby said...

, , i just cant figure out wat dis bloke is saying or not saying
he must be in Love
, ,

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
my great beyond....
As the ketchup bottle stops spinning the head points to this chum of mine...someone randomly asks ....so y do u stay around this guy?...pat comes the reply...all giggle ...and the truth or dare continues...

Few days later n a few probes later....i realise...i have been looked up at for the most intriguing reason...sumthin pretty bizzare...'I Can't Be Understood'...nope it aint that i was misunderstood...from wot i have gathered...its not a word...not a sentence...not my funny accent...not my choices...it was a generic entirety...week after week...month after month....

I can now picture..the observer of my life...my dreams..waking up every friday n saturday..eating cereals...doing chores ..going to werk...and then saying to herself...ok now enuff of all this time pass...its beer time ....now lets do some serious business.."lemme not understand this shorty again".......on recapitulation this has been going on fer a while...a part of thisones time was setaside year in year out to - not understand me!!

Now i feel humbled by such dedication.Wot cud have motivated such single minded devotion to incomprehension? Through out my life i have been a lil afraid /nervous...n excited to be explored.Ummm....its like hide n seek...like when an urchin is hiding ...wanting to be found...yet hoping he wont be...i wud love to be understood...i wud love to be an alternative...an acceptable company ...a sponge to soak...yet look lost...lonely ...hurt!!
But a black hole...noway...Now i think to meself...for all that my freind knew..i was collapsing inside....and she was getting her share of high fives from me...i was enjoying the music and she was feeling listened to....i was dancing for meself and she was tangoing by my side...
And then it struck to me how supreme my buddy is...I now believe dat...when we know something...and we understand ...we jus stand under em'...bound by their specific limitations...stick within the boundaries...and jus try to push an elephant up the stairs.

On the other hand when we dont know sumthing ...when we 'dont understand'..
we over-stand em'...we make a vantage point...of dat thingy..which helps us to make what we want of the person of our scrutiny.....ummm...like a white cloth...on which we may project according to our fantasies sumthin wid any or no meaning at all!!!

This is somethin' i jus cant help sharing..thanks for reading...and understanding :) !!
posted by diffy at 2:15 AM

Friday, July 01, 2005
did it too....
I get goose bumps when ever i think of composing sumthin...It's the stuff of nitetmares. You dream you're dan brown... You're preparing this write up dats gonna end up as the bloodiest well written write up ...words n ideas of ...conflict...A great piece...A balm for bleeding wounds that would have taken years to heal...and a reaffirmation of faith ... in love..n freind ship... In short..it will knock the socks of my readers. The guys wud gently dab their eyes with lace handkerchiefs...move to tears...So in my head i beaver away furiously..thinking and rethinking...why are all men helplessly termed as leering...lewd..lecherous ...no...make dat y do the most intellectually virile men keep their brains in their boxer shorts....scratch shorts..replace with frenchies... and so on...blooh-blah....compose a purrfect humdinger at the end....so the men triggered a libidinous tsunami..... which would have flattened every woman within a 5-km radius of the place where de blog was opened....no make it perish....that's it...perish!!!

Whew!!! And wow!!! Was that a blog or WAS that a blog.

So i go to create a blog.. stuff of nightmares...My nightmares...I can't..nupe not an idea... Public writing fer me is not an art...nor a science...It's a question of mind over mutter.... yip all dat one speaks in real time.....The harder you try....the more Mission Impossible the job becomes....for most of u its a matter of doing what comes naturally...fer me the more self-conscious i am ...the more i try to 'force more'... the more i literally dry up....

Ummm...its like peeing...hate to be watched....unless of course an enterprising youth has installed a spycam....imagine doing the do ... when there is a long....impatient queue waiting behind you...fidgeting.....jingling keys and coins in its pockets by way of displacement activity.... urging you wid out saying .....Wot dude Just taken it out for an airing, or what....synonymous to wheres de blog ...dont u write?? oh its jus secretive eh?...cumon..... let alone hurry up and finish....you can't even hurry up and start.....

So...here i am... few words...later..still...singing...lassie come home....
posted by diffy at 3:10 AM
July 2005

saby said...

, , U know Tanvi, the more u hate something, the more u realise u LOVE it , ,

GOSH ! Kesh,
dat was an unexpected declaration, coming from u

saby said...

as a mature adult
i read wat u guys are saying

, , its a MAD, MAD, MAD , MAD WORLD !, ,

glad i passed dat age a long while back

musings (m000nie) said...

keshiiii sorrie for the late response... but babez what to do...m busy all day commenting on z00ns blog ;).....

alrite so love kya hain???

well love is the most wonderful thing in the world... n i pity all those who havent loved as yet...there r so many people in this world who die without even loving...uff n i dont believe that u can love only once... thats utter crap...

whn i think of love one song comes to my mind... kabhi kabhi mere dil main khayal aata hai, ki jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai mere liye... the way this song is amazing....

nother one is by bryan adams... its called 'have u ever really loved a woman'... what a lovely song!!!!

ram_saran said...

keshi bituwa pyaar eh hovath hai, hum, tum aur humra bhaains.

saby said...

, , 'have u ever really loved a guy?, ,

the way dat i love Diffy

saby said...


dis ram saran babu
he loves his buffalo

Arz000n said...

Yes....you are so damn right Keshi. I'm getting a lot of NEGATIVE thoughts lately...coz of which I'm forced to blog. Remember I said, I'll quit blogging the moment I fall in LOVE.
That sounds kewl right?

Keshi said...

Thanks Hagrid for ur very valuable advice and Welcome to my blog! But even if u dun marry ur parens choice, what really matters is if u 2 love each other...:):)

hmm pearly wut r u upto now? lol!

Saby yes I have really loved a guy...eh...many guys LOL!

Omg Eyezzz goshhh I was thinking of the same song when I wrote this post - have u ever really loved a woman by BA! It's such a beautiful song! Yes u r absolutely right...u can love many times and boy am I not the perfect example for that lol! But never simultaneously...Love is such a sacred thing it should never be confused with lust...thanks babez! And yeah I was wondering where u were all this time...obviously at Arz000n's bloggy racing to be the first to comment lol! U go gurl ;-)

Thanks Ram! No one is translating ur comments to me but :(

lol Arz000n so if u suddenly stop blogging we will know that it's because Love has knocked on ur door ha?

Thanks All!

saby said...

bonded forever ??
dream on, baby

evryting must change
nutting stays the same

the young become the old

-George Benson
and passion subsides
i shud no
i been married for 24 years

and there is dat 7-year itch
its a phase we all go through

both husband and wife
though we try to suppress it
but in vain

saby said...

heyyyyy !
but i still wud have gotten married to the same person i married

just dont be too demanding on the person, u marry

Maria the girl i married is honest
she says 'very often i fantasize dat its Arnold Shwarzenegger, i am making love to'

she goes all weak kneed at the sight of a hunk
me, i am puny

and most wives fake orgasm

saby said...

evrybody fantasizes after a while
the romance dont last very long

just imagine eating the same dish evry day
be it dal roti or chicken tikka

if u been eating chicken 365 days
u yearn for dal roti

usually the neighbour's wife

saby said...

Sorry !
i gott carried away

but i want u young girls to not to walk into marriage wid stars in your eyes, dont expect more than he can deliver

dats why so called love marriages break up much sooner than an arranged marriage

saby said...

Lord, i dont ask to marry the man i love

but Lord, help me love the man i marry

- A pastor's wife (Janice)

KJ said...

Love ....

One man all by himself is nothing. Two people who belong together make a world.

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; That word is love.

Only when we give joyfully, without hesitation or thought of gain, can we truly know what love means.

jkhkhjkh said...

What a confusing question!
Keshi, which love are you speaking of?

Motherly love.
Brotherly love.
Love as in "I'd love to go to the movies with you.
Love as in "love ya all, Muah!
Love as defined by Saby ("Deek love")
Love as in: With lots of love, yours truly...
Religous love

Keshi said...

lol Saby calm down :) so u too believe in arranged marriages more than u do with the love marriages..hmmm...

Pithaly I'm talking about Love...Love is Love no matter what kind it is...don't be so confused :) Write anything that you think Love is...


Keshi said...

u may be right Saby...but what I'm saying right now is all I know at this stage of my life...I cant think so far ahead when I'd be married for a long time etc etc...


Keshi said...

truly beautifully stated KJ, thanks!


saby said...

more on me, for the girls (and boyz) i love


jkhkhjkh said...

"Love" is a much misused word. Its mixed up with sexual connotations.
(Ah! I forgot Platonic Love).
The love a mother feels for a child, is not the same that you feel for Saby or Gerhard. I think, Keshi, the right word should be "Compassion".

True love has to be compassion. Compassion for your fellow human beings. For all living creatures, for the trees. It would also mean, if one fuly understands the meaning, to instantaneously become a vegetarian. Compassion love does not need time,(psychological or biologial) to exist. In fact, love only exists when time is not. At the point of orgasm (please, this is serious talk, not sleaze), see how time does not exist. And that is the state you want repeated again and again.
Unless you die to each moment and are "born again" (hey,this is a new iterpretation!), you cannot be in a state of love.

"That's it. Love is the state, when time is not. Love is emptiness."

saby said...



jkhkhjkh said...

Oh! Saby! Sorry, got it now. This is the territory I am invading?? Sorry!!

By the by, its a coincidance that on July 5th BOth Keshimama as well as Sebia put up a post on "love".

Caraf said...

Love is a natural disaster.

(im in a bad mood Kesh :| )

Caraf said...

Its such excrutiating madness when you slowly let someone go from your life and your dreams while you fall deeper in love with him every second.

i dsont know whether marriage works or not. all i know is that when your heart desires someone you dont have any choices.

Keshi said...

wow Pithaly that was a good analysis thanks!

Caraf u put that so beautifully...all i know is that when your heart desires someone you dont have any choices...wowww! And u know what, I aint in such a good mood either :( I dunno why I always desire what I can never have...


crazy said...

Every 1 thinks that they know what is love
But that it true that know one know what is love
even i, some times i think that its the feeling to be with some 1 that take care of u and u 2 do the same, sometime i think of its 2 give some 1 the happiness and make him a life, But realy what ever i think or any 1 think love is
its has bigger meaning than what we can explain

i deeply say what i have expreinced that once we love we cannot forget that person even though we hate him. their s soft feeling for him forever and ever.

Kehta hai dil bhul jaa use who tere pyaar ke kaabil hi nahiPhir kyon uski yaad mein aankh se yeh ansoon behte hai Mat kar yaad use who teri yaad ke kaabil hi nahiPhir kyon use bhul pane ke jazbaat hi is dil mein nahi Koshish toh karta hu har lamha usse dur jaane kiPhir kyon yeh kadam nahi uthte use chod ke jaane ke liye Ae khuda suna tha pyaar mein bichad ke log jee nahi saktePhir kyon nahi phat rahi Aaj yeh zameen mujhe samane ke liye

i really find ur bold interesting and will comment more on this topic soon.
its my fav topic.

Keshi said...

thanks Crazy I think u got a great perception of what true love is...but I don't understand the Hindi bit, so please feel free to translate that for me...I'm sure it'll be interesting for me to know it :) Thanks!