Tuesday, July 12

Punctuality rules

Folks I'm a bit pissed today. When someone promises you he/she will meet you at a specific time on a specific day, why would he/she not turn up? You can call me a more-than-perfect Ms.Punctuality, hence I expect the same from another and I don't think that's unreasonable. And if for some reason I won't be able to make it, I will always make sure I let the other person know that well ahead, so that they don't miss out on their lunch or their sleep waiting for me. I certainly will not make anyone feel stood up unless I met with a serious misfortune that left me stranded in an island with no human civilisation, mobile phones or computers..not forgetting a rescue plane!
Now I guess my friend got busy with some very important matter last night that he couldn't let me know before I was about to be stood up for, ehhh like one hour?? And now it's today and he hasn't still emailed or called me for a well-overdue apology. Some people think that it's ok for others to sit around waiting for them and then go back when they reach the point of no-turning-back in boredom. And then they expect everything to be ok the next day?? But I think it's really slack, out of character and lack of consideration to make someone wait for you for a long time, not turn up at all and not call atleast in the next 24hours to say sorry! Don't you think so? As I already left a message for him while waiting yesterday, I'm not going to call him again neither am I going to meet him atleast for another few weeks, even if he's going to turn up a day ahead of planned time.Fullstop.
Have you been stood up by someone or have you stood someone else up this way and if so what were the reasons and do you think it was fair?

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saby said...

i am pretty sure
dat was Pithaly

Arz000n said...

I make my friends wait up for me...I know thats not good on my part.

But if Im meeting a female, I see to it that Im well ahead on time ;)


saby said...

Obviously Kesh dont no about IST

Indian Standard Time
one hour late is not late, DUMMY !

KJ said...

i never make my friends wait for me :)

KJ said...

saby: IST also stands for Indian Stretchable Time

--pearl-- said...

lol indians r known fo this..

as fo d friend of urs..mayb therz sum prob at his end...

i hate people makin me wait..n i hate making people wait 2..its unfair to take up sumone else'z precious tyme :)

display_name said...

Yes,I do!

My Crime is beyond crime!because I forget:p jokes apart..

I couldn't wish ___ birthday (specifically voicemail),being 'first one' of its kind ...of our togatherness!after fixing up the 'Time-to-call' across Seas....n well it was the very first call ___ gonna attend by the charm!... ___ waited for hours..while charm was sleepin...

n we broke up!

thats it.. 18 months.. waiting..for ___ :p

so me experienced both ways..

otherwise.. i dont make others wait for me...because most of the time i need them morethan they do:p

ram_saran said...

keshi bituwa aapne humka cheddi kahi dekath hai ka? pata nahi kidhar gum ho gaya?

Anonymous said...

Initially it used to happen a lot due to my stupid work hours, but these days things are absolutely cool, since i have stopped promising anybody or should i say plan to meet anybody in advance, if i am free then only i give somebody a call and if he or she is free then i proceed, sameways the people whom i meet usually know my schedule well so if i am in town they usually drop in at my home after 8 in the night or at my gym before 9.

Miranda said...

Yes, its also my biggest pet peeve when ppl are constantly late. Though it could be that Im anal about being on time to meet ppl.

jkhkhjkh said...

This is about office meetings?! I thought...Oh! what the hell.. I am sorry.

Dewdrop said...

Im usually before time on my appointments, and so obviusly I find myself waiting more than making others wait. Btw, waiting is painful.

Rex Venom said...

Don't take any crap from anyone! Ever!
You deserve better.

Rock on!

Keshi said...

hehe Saby...I know that Indians r not very punctual lol! But I'm of Indian origin and I'm punctual so why cant others make an effor too? Actually it's not in ur blood, it's in ur head.

Arz000n I can imagine u getting ready way too early for a meeting with any girl lol!

KJ good on ya!

Pearly I so agree :)

Charm lollz gosh u made a girl break up with ya because of ur slackness???

South that's real a good approach to dealing with misunderstandings such as these...ur cool!

WB Miranda muahhh! hehehe so ur just like me :)

Pithaly wake up duh!

Dewdy I definitely expected punctuality from ya :) cos u dun sound like someone who'd be really slack as not to turn up on time. Ur a very organised gal.

Sure I do Rex n u too! Huggz n thanks :)

Ram I dun u'stand what u wrote...someone plz translate. thanks!


Keshi said...

ok I broke my promise :) I called him yday to find out why he missed our lil meeting and why he hadn't called in a day...I was worried he was dead lolz! Well he wasnt dead, he was very much alive and his excuse for not turning up was that he was supposed to fly back home Mon morning and meet me that evening, but unfortunately he missed that flight so he flew in Tue morning (he goes to remote areas on work)...and where he was on Mon was a mobile blackspot n he thought I'd u'stand anyways?? How am I supposed to know abt that? And he wants to meet me this evening hmmm...am I supposed to forgive him, because he DID arrive on Tue and did not ring me till I rang him - duh! Whateva...I guess good friends need to be forgiven...what d u say?


Arz000n said...

Good friends needs to be pampered and accepted for their stupidity ;)

Keshi said...

thanxaton Arz000n...I dunno abt the pampering :) but I sure do accept good friends for whatever they r...be it stupid, late, big-mouth,forgetful,smart-ass or just plain dumb...as long as they have a good heart...hehe.


Tanvi said...

ok did my comment get deleted or sumtin...i could've sworn i said sumtin!
oh n keshi..forgive the poor guy..

Keshi said...

lol tanvi oh ok I will then :) hahahaha!


Arz000n said...

Think we both will gel along together...coz me have most of the qualities mentioned....forgetful, just plain dumb, stupid, late and you've a good heart..

And thanks for the HUGZZZZZZZZZ

*Z000n Blushs here*

Keshi said...

aww Arz000n that was soooo sweet!!

Now hopefully Tanvi n Eyezz arent eyeing us suspiciously lollz! Just kidding gals :)


Dawn....सेहर said...

Hi...the first post I saw on urs and gosh...I found myself here :D

Yes...ppl call me perfectionist..but you know what...am like you...I cant wait...if a time is given one should maintain & respect...as time never stops for anyone !!! It doesnt see what origin ..cast creed or country :) just that Ausies get to see the sun before than we canadians ;)

good one..I support you!
Thanks for visiting my blog..hope to see u more!

PuNeEt said...

Hi Keshi... thanx for droping by my Blog... my first visit here...
Me 2 like you wen it comes to waiting for anyone... hate it... i hardly keep people waiting unless i'm struck in typical mumbai traffic jam... I loose my temper when i dont find people reaching on time :-(< (specially for movies ;-))
Nice Blog...
Cheers :-))

KJ said...

Keshi forgive the poor guy but make it lil hard for him so that he never does that to u again :D

KJ said...

thanks for the compliments for my baby.



saby said...

first kick his ass
then forgive him

for spoiling yr nice new pair of boots

Stud said...

I have come back to you like the memory of sweet lover past, my dear babesterness


use it :)

Keshi said...

Thanks Dawn and welcome to my blog! You do sound alot like me :) I really luv ur blog!!!

Puneet heyya Welcome you too!I know how disappointing it is when people dont turn up on time for a movie or a special show...I simply cant understant people like that! U have a great blog too :)

haha KJ I did forgive him, thanks! Yep I will make sure he doesnt do this sort of uncivilised act again lol! U do have a very pretty babi :)

hahahaha Saby I cant kick him - only I'll get hurt cos he's 6'2 in height and quite a strong guy :):)

Studddddddd muahhh! Where u been? Ok got that down :) we'll catch up soon ok.

Thanks All!

musings (m000nie) said...

alrite i know i m late here...but yeah i got something funny to share...

i was waiting for this frnd at a bus stop for quiet sometime n he was stuck in some important meeting... we were waiting for this ac bus which is very infrequent...the moment he came the bus left..so we took n auto n had a race...lol it was so funny... if u know the bylanes of mumbai u'll know that we couldnt overtake the bus for quiet a while...it was only after 3-4 stops that we overtook the bus... the auto stopped right in front of the bus n we jumped in...lol we were laughing all the way...we still laugh over this ;)

Keshi said...

haha thats a funny story Eyezz, goshhhh u guys r crazy lol!