Tuesday, July 19

Indian woman VS White woman

This post holds no offense to any person, no intention to spread racism and no plans to make one superior than the other. This is to bring out your true feelings on the topic of Indian woman VS White woman. As subjective as it can get we must not forget that everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, hence let's respect that and enjoy the discussion. This is not to judge who is better than the other, it's rather to weigh the strengths and the weaknesses of both and by unearthing those facts, we can try and learn from each other to make our lives better.
The Indian woman VS White woman debate has been around for years, and especially if you are an Indian living in a Western country, you would have come across this topic more than anyone else. On the strong side, I personally find the White woman independant, vivacious, bold, relaxed, realistic and sporty than the Indian woman. As for the Indian woman, she is virtuous, painstaking, graceful, homely, selfless and God-fearing than the White woman. This not to say that the other doesn't have these qualities at all. Just that one strikes out more than the other in these traits. On the weak side, I would say that the White woman is arrogant, selfish, short-sighted and careless than the Indian woman. And the Indian woman is gullible, dependant, voiceless and bashful than the White woman. Please don't take this too harsh on you :) Read below before you start throwing stones at me and say '#### off Keshi!'. lol!
Now these qualities may carry it's own advantages and disadvantages for both kinds of women. You may say that the White woman is independant hence she wins at the end of the day. But it could be at the cost of her loved-ones. And one may say that the Indian woman is selfless hence she has a long and happy married life. But that could be at the cost of her own hopes and dreams. Also, one may say that White woman is selfish which is why she might end up going through many relationships before she settles down. But it could be good for her because that gives her ample time and experience to decide on her soul mate. And you may say that the Indian woman is voiceless and that's why she gets dominated all her life. But it could be good just that way, because when too many things are argued about, the difference between a man and a woman's role becomes hazy...
So it's best that we learn from each other, and try to achieve a balance in life. Perhaps the White woman should learn to be a bit more farsighted and the Indian woman should learn to be a bit more daring, not forgetting to keep within the safe limits :) To all the lovely White ladies out there, I hope you are still smiling at me 'cos you ladies taught me how to stick up for myself and to kiss away the pain with a simple 'piss off' and a sexy smirk :), thanks girls! And to all the elegant Indian women out there, I hope you too are still smiling at me 'cos you are the essence of courage and wisdom, and you are the reason why my mother is so utterly wonderful!

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Boldnbeautiful said...

Very rightly analysed. I some how hate the attitude of Indian females compromising nature.

yes they carry on with a long married life, Hats up, Indian woman u deserve a Award for that, But how many are really happy about. What is the big deal by cheating self?

Arz000n said...

As this topic talks about Indian and "White" women....do Guys have rights to post there views?? especially Indian guys??

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

lol arz000n!

keshi...tht's true...all so true!!
Lemme analyse White women a bit more n then mebbe i can comment!

For the time being,
I strongly agree tht these Whites are 'independant n bold' ... but the fact tht disappoints me is tht Indians in a rush to copy them....hv gone worse...u'd probably know wht am talkin abt.

Anyway...momz calling now but i'd love to express more on this subject nd bore the readers! loll



Dewdrop said...

The characteristics of a person is developed based on his/her upbringing, culture and environment. Nothings gotta do with the color of her skin. If a white woman was raised in an Indian family, she probably would posses the traits that of an Indian woman, just like the basic change in attitude and mentality of an Indian woman living in a western country. Also its more about a person's individuality that either makes her stonger or weaker. Its hard to weigh both of them on any grounds. Any opinion would be considered generalization

Anyway its a fantastic topic of discussion. You have almost listed all the correct differences bet the two. Now bring on the next, Indian men vs White men ;)

jkhkhjkh said...

Sorry. Indian men vs. white men is not her domain.

The Gome said...

we can't have a fair discussion unless we see both naked! where's the good pics keshi lol i know saby would agree

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Give me a hug :-), that was beautifully written. And to you I say- You go girl!!!!

Dawn....सेहर said...

keshi..excellent topic for a debate :) but am sure you put a cork before anyone could open up hehe!!!
I totally agree every coin has two sides..and so does here too! Basically, I believe its the upbringing of an individual irrespective of white or brown (Indian)!!! As..when I read the paper..Kerala is the province where 100% literacy exists & has the most divorce cases...women are very liberated..they just dont settle for anything..they also think of there happiness..rather than society and tradition or culture...however just as you said...Indian women with there politeness try to bring there point..as at the end..we are going to be friends..:) as the culture is such that!!!
I dont disagree with you that there's a lot good things to learn from white women but ..I have seen in Canada itself..so many women get beaten & abused by there partners and still in the morning they get up with a smiling face & go to work..so I am literally finding difficulty in understanding what is it..Indian or Western/White women??? its all in the thinking and upbringing ..like Shakespeare said: "There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so" :)
Nice post ..some thought inducing..after a long time..Thanks!

Keshi said...

Hey B&B WC to mah blog :) So rightly stated there that Indian women compromise nature...and sadly some die w.o. experiencing how a woman should really feel. So true that u say they carry on a happy married life n yeah how many r truly happy? I believe most of em r just puttin up with their men for the sake of culture, family n morals...strict up-bringing in religious homes makes a woman vulnerable to even the most subtle form of abuse...

Z000nie yak away plzz I'd love to hear what men have to say abt this :)

Anna babez bring it on...let me see what u think. And when u say Desi women try to copy the White women, I so agree with u there! It's appalling to copy anyone at all. Juts being urself n deriving the good qualities from each other is the best way to go abt...

Dewdy so right analysed and stated there! The characteristics of a person is definitely based on their upbringing...I agree. Actually it is the that upbringing that we are talking abt here instead of the color of the skin I suppose...good one Dewdy! Oh n the men one will follow soon ;-)

Gosh Pithaly how would u know?? lol!

Gomess as usual u want to see naked women lol! It's not gonna happen here...sorry :)

aww thanks swt-hrt Kroopa huggggggz!

Dawn I agree times have changed n the Indian woman has come along way. She is more independant, bold and smarter than ever before. I believe even the White woman is beginning to realise that being too daring is after all not the best way to go abt life...I have alot of Aussie friends who value Indian customs and beliefs when it comes to love & marriage. Also I know that many white women too get abused and dominated just like Indian women...but I know most white women get help in some way...but most Indian women dont get that kind of help either becos of where they live or becos of fear of getting help. Why does Shakespeare always have to be so right? hehehe...good one Dawn, thanks!

Thanks all...keep bringing ur thoughts again n debating, it's a wonderful topic :)


Rex Venom said...

I must be too simple for such thoughts. I think white women are sexy and I think Indian women are sexy. But then again, I think most women are sexy. But your thoughts make for a good read.
Rock on!

Keshi said...

thanks Rex :) Guess all women r beautiful in their own way...


Tanvi said...

awesome post keshi...i totally agree with u..indian n white women both have their plus n minus pointz..

:) said...

wow.. fr whr u get all these ideas to write keshi.. nice topic..

as dewdy said ..the characteristics of a person is developed based on his/her upbringing, culture and environment.
yep its all depends on whr n in which circumstances u r.. n ofcourse the individual nature..

awesome post keshi..

Keshi said...

thanks Tanvi n Pari, 2 truly beautiful Indian women :)


Vinu said...

Too late to post a comment...

Truely amazing...But let me tell Indian women are respected just because of what u explained as their advantages and some of their disadvantages....like selflessness....

Anyways i think its dramatically changing...Indian women are emerging out like 'white women' wit their advantages{hope nt their disadvantages} keeping Indian traditional in forefront...

It really strikes the chord na...

Keep writing

Arz000n said...

I think its male dominance in India coz of which Indian women were not able to speak up...but slowly due to westernisation, good thing is beautiful Indian ladies are not at all afraid to punch back Indian hunks after marriage.

White women...I just love there life style...*hint: Desperate Housewives*

No wonder Im hollywood fanatic...

PuNeEt said...

Good one Keshi... I enjoyed reading it... This debate could go on and on forever... wondering how you found a full stop... or i guess it was semi-colan... ;-)
I feel the root to this difference is the diff culture and beliefs in which they are brought up...
hope to hear something on "Indian men VS White Men" he heh he ;-)>

Manish said...

Hey Keshi well expressed!
Agreed with what DD has to say about importance of individual's upbringing
Do implement her suggestion
waiting for ur analysis on
Indian Men vs White Men:)

At Puneet's Blog read ur opinion abt marriages! Will like u to get ur reaction on this topic from my english blog !



jkhkhjkh said...

Well, with that Malaysian thing, I always thought it was the yellows or the blacks that turned you on. tsk, tsk, missing out on entire colours!

Here's one difference from me:

White race; matrimonial ad. states colours as either white or black. Indian matrimonial ads, have probably an infinite range: Here's some:

Extremely fair (very gori), fair (gori), lighter than wheatish, wheatish, has-been-using-fair-and-lovely-for-over-a-year, homely (also deals with colour), decent family (means mother is fairer than father), complexion not important (means she cannot be seen in the dark). In actuality, the colour would be at least two stages lower than mentioned. Talk of racial prejudice.

Keshi said...

ur so right there Vinu.....Indian women r respected for their own humbleness...so r the White women respected for their boldness :)

yes Z000nie that's so true...it's becos of the male dominance in India...however times r changing n goshh I like the Hollywood babes' attitude too :)

Indeed Puneet...the diff in culture is exactly what we're discussing here...culture affects how ur being brought up n that effects ur personality. Let me see what my next post would be...lol...something along the line of men...hmmm :)

Thanks Manish...will check ur English blog soon :)

lolllllllllz Pithaly that was so funny! Indian Matr ads cud be really hilarious!


Keshi said...

ok Manish checked that blog addy...it says no such blog :(


musings (m000nie) said...

wow awesome post keshi... very well written too...

i agree with dewdy though... we all emulate the people who r around us all our lives... so now if an indian woman is brought up in say US or Uk she will have a very different way of living n thought process than if she were brought up here in india...

same way if we see the urban modern indian woman we know shes much more different than a rural woman...

musings (m000nie) said...

by the sorrie for being late on ur posts...

first of all i like to read ur posts n ponder upon thm for a while... n secondly i got to blame z00n coz the moment i answer his post he replies back n we have a comment chat session... ;)

Keshi said...

heyyya Eyezzz thanks! I guess what u n dewdy r saying is right...it's the surrounding in where u grow up that shape ur personality...I guess I should have titled this as Eastern woman VS Western woman to clear the clutter :) Bu I just used Indian n White to make it more striking and easier for some of us who r not as analytical and brilliant-minded as u n Dewdy r - well-done with ur comments girls!

And abt being late in my blog, lol u dun have to even explain my dear...I know it anyways lolllllz!


Michelle said...

very accurate girl!
and very thoughtfully written!!
liked it A LOT!
rock on! ;)

Keshi said...

thanxxx Avril ehhh Icy :) hugggggz!


--pearl-- said...

hey gr8 post sweetz..im jus feeling waayyy tooo sick to write down wat i think..but this ones awesum :)
muahh...u rock!! :)

saby said...

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nin said...

post a topic on "Indian Guys" and "White Guys".......
.....i haven't watched a white woman so closely.....if i get a chance
to spend some time with Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta Jones, Meg Ryan
nice idea Keshi ( u look like KAJOL ? WOW!!!)....

Manish said...

Have u typed it correctly Keshi!
anyway u can reach there from my profile too!

Keshi said...

Thanks Pearly muah!

Saby chill man...dun annoy Ash the way u annoy others...I know Ash dun a give a damn abt it, but plz dun make life more miserable for him than it is at the moment...h

Avik let's see :) Me n Kajol? No ways...she's too pretty :)

Manish I'll try again...thanks!


Keshi said...

I see alot of people agreeing with my post this time..:)...wonder why...where's the heaty debated I expected lol!


saby said...


It's hard not to judge people. For instance, lets say there's a police car at a 7-11. You're driving past and notice a black or Hispanic running from that general area. What are your first thoughts? Now use the same scenario except the running person is now a well-groomed white man. How do you perceive the situation?

People unjustifiably put others into categories when we judge the cover and not the book. I recall my high school years where categorizing people seemed to be the most important item of conversation. Everyone is familiar with terms such as: Jocks, Preppies, Stoners, Geeks, and Brains. I never seemed to fit in any of the other Clicks so I started my own, The Outcasts. Later, I realized that I had at least one acquaintance within each group. I found that within every clique there were individuals who were labeled the smartest, dumbest, prettiest, ugliest, and etc.

Everyone talks about peace and love, and the end of racism for everyone. If we could only stop talking about all the different covers, and start reading the books we have inside us all. Don't judge the cover before reading the entire book.

September 12, 1993
Printed in the New Port News Paper
Letters to the Editor
posted by SSB at 7/01/2005 11:15:00 PM

Keshi said...

Saby I DID say at the beginning of this post that I aint encouraging racism by this post!! What the hell are you on abt? This post was simply for fun and education, and my intentions were clearly labelled!


shantanu said...

well i have had two failed relationships with indian women and now i am seeing a white girl..blv me Indian women are very money minded n way too worldly who says they are gullible n submissive they are very quick n manipulative at least ones in USA..i wont make it a generalization ,but the reason is simple boys indian women are not bad just that they have not always sseen money like white women who can care less about it our women just want security n yes they cant compromise on that..but no hard feelings i m happy for many happy moments i had with indian girls
cheers to all

Dr. Phillis said...

everything here is purely about steretotypes -- i am an indian woman (raised in the US) and i am nothing like any of these stereotypes of Indian woman. i am
independent, vivacious, bold, realistic, sporty, graceful, PROTESTANT, confident, do not respect my elders, and have broken every tradition (American and Indian). To say that all Indian women are one way, and that all White American women are another way is just plain ignorant and just plain racist.

Keshi said...

Shantanu tnxx!

U've got a point there..abt the Money. Thats true..alot of Indian women (not all), value MONEY alot more than other things! I've seen that happening in my own family.


Dr.Philips...u r one of the Indian women that dun fall into the MOST category that we discussed here.

**This post holds no offense to any person, no intention to spread racism and no plans to make one superior than the other

didnt I say that at the beginning of the post? I hope u read it.

**To say that all Indian women are one way, and that all White American women are another way is just plain ignorant and just plain racist.

did I use the words ALL INDIAN WOMEN? I think u should read the post properly before u brand ppl as racists. I think that itself speaks alot abt us Indians? I really hope not!

And ur blog is PRIVATE...so I cudnt come ard to read ur supposedly-very-OPEN thoughts.