Tuesday, July 26

Outlaw the monster-in-law..

Fortunately or unfortunately I don't have a mother-in-law yet and I'm yet to see that JLO movie, but boy haven't I seen enough venom spewed on this poor family member :)
I have a few married friends who can't stand the day their MIL is visiting them, yes even for a few hours lol! And my boss loathes Thursdays because that's the day his MIL is dropping by. I have another friend who's MIL nearly went to the Police because of some silly argument! I also have another friend who has her MIL living with her and all she ever does is fight with her, then ring me and we go and sort things out :)
What's the deal between the daughter-in-law and the monster-in-law, ooops I mean moth-in-law, ooooops no I mean mother-in-law (phewwww!) that they hate each other so much? Don't know if this is because I don't have a MIL yet, but I find it quite shocking and extremely stupid to see DIL and MIL constantly at each other's throats. After all they are both women, they both have/had a husband, one woman is young and should be bubbly and the other is old and should be matured, they both share a very valuable relationship with this man and they both have/had mothers-in-law...so why can't they ever make up their minds, talk things over and be peaceful for that poor guy's sake atleast? Is it because they both are an important part of this guy's life? But why should that end up in jealousy and hatred? Instead shouldn't they be happy for each other and co-exist in harmony. MIL needs to realise that his son is not a baby boy anymore to manipulate his choices, and DIL too need to realise that her husband's mother is a very important woman in his life. After all, if you really love your husband, wouldn't you love the woman who gave birth to him and brought him up to be the guy he is today? On the other hand, if you are the MIL and if you really love your son, wouldn't you love the woman he chose to be his partner for the rest of his life? You need to chop off the selfish motives and harvest understanding between you two. You have to learn to let go and reap benefits. Anyways I personally think MIL should live away from DIL...that way, they can appreciate each other better as well. And DIL, you need to outlaw that Monster-in-law thoughts and treat her like your own mother :)
I am yet to come across a peaceful DIL and MIL (almost like mother-daughter), tell me if you have...

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musings (m000nie) said...

lol k00kie i dont know the answers coz i have a fantastic relationship wth my mother in law.. shes not my mother in law shes more like a mother to me...lol i can go on n on... but not here mayb i'll write osmething abt her on my blog...

muahhhhhh to u laterzzzzzz

Arz000n said...

I read somewhere..

Mom brings up her son, only to see him become slave to another WOMEN(his wife) after marriage. How can you expect her(mom) to take the new lady with a smile.

Monster-in-law is going to be there till eternity

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

agrees with arzooon.

btw mate how r ya?

Keshi said...

aww hugggz n 3 cheers for mah m000nie for being such a good DIL! I have faith in you :)

z000nie lol whoever wrote that must have been a monster-in-law for sure :) haha monster-on-law is going to be there till eternity - gosh that was funny!!

hugggggggggz matey NV! I'm well ty...how abt ya? lol u simply agree with z000nie ha? hehehe..


Autumn Storm said...

I do not personally see this sort of situation personally, but have heard many stories. I guess, if things do not go well from the start, there will always be a battle. Both have to accept the other and appreciate the other's role. Things seem to go best, when MIL does her best to let the kids lead their own life, and the kids do their best to include the MIL in their life :-), i.e. nobody is taken for granted and no assumptions made.
"if you really love your husband, wouldn't you love the woman who gave birth to him and brought him up to be the guy he is today?"
True, but when was life ever that simple.

Arz000n said...

To be frank...my mom's gonna be monster-in-law for sure..she is very particular about small-small things..and moreover she is more possessive about me, than anyone in this world could ever be.

No wonder Im looking out for property right now, before WAR OF WORLDS-Part II starts in my home after my marriage.


Anonymous said...

My wife to be may not have to face monster-in-law since i have been staying away from my family since so many years and even my mom's ok with my decision....:)

Zombie said...

I have no comments to make on the post.

P.S. Monster-in-Law is a well executed movie. Go watch it.

Keshi said...

correctly stated Autumn thanks!

lolllz z000nie I pity ur future wifey :(

aww South as long as u n ur mum r happy with ur decisions...

heyyyy misty I want u to comment lol plz plz plzzzzzz! Yep dying to go see that movie...perhaps this weekend. How have ya been?


Gaurav said...

Interesting observations.

I guess the same won't be true with the guyz MIL, but I bet she would be irritating as hell too..:P..lol
any takers on that one??

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Yeah, I think MIL and DIL shouldn't live together. I think they should live close to each other but not in the same home. Coz couples need their space as well and difference in opinions could bring about a few clashes.

Manish said...

hmmm it will be interesting to see how u fare as a DIL whenever that time comes:)

hope more girls will think like u!

Rex Venom said...

I guess everyone we let into our lives brings some sort of baggage. A spouse brings his/her full family. We get what we ask for….
Rock on!

Keshi said...

lolllz Gaurav u sure got a point there, n hey WC to mah bloggy home :) I guess sons-in-law and mothers-in-law have probs too...as I said my boss hates Thursdays because his MIL comes ard lol!

That's so true Kroopa I totally agree with ya, thanks!

Manish I have no idea how I'd deal as a DIL, depends alot on the type of MIL I get too :) but I guess I'll be very open-minded and free of silly fits, as I'm a very independant and understanding person :)


Keshi said...

Couldnt have said better Rex, thanks!


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

Great movie monster in law.
like M000nie said dat her mom in law is like her mom.
i've seen many ppl like dat. its just dat there are rare ones like that. most of them are ok wid the relationship. and the rest stay bitter.
its just universtal thingi.
u'll find it everywhere.
but the best story was in Everybody Loves Raymond..

peace out

Keshi said...

lollz Icy I so agree with Rayomnds being the best story of DIL n MIL...they have a bitter but sweet and affectionate r'ship...I guess no DIL n MIL can ever be 100% like daughter n mom...but a good balance is what's needed and appreciated :) Thanks!


Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW what a topic u started dear :D

...my personal view is...DIL should realize the way her mother is for her..same way is his mother..:)

2ndly, i think there is no clapping sound until the two hands come together :D...then let it be for happiness or ....hehehehe

good one..!!! Respect elders and things sorts out!

Keshi said...

very well stated Dawn thanks! We have to learn to give n take...I dun mean punch n grab lol!

Take care n hugggz!

saby said...

dunno about u girls
but my mom-in-law loves me more than my wifey

and of course father-in-law hated me

PuNeEt said...

I guess this is one of the hottest topics ;-)
I feel,
Both need to understand each other’s importance in the guy’s life…
Once they respect that things should be easy for both,
Whether u live together or separately is a very personal decision to make…

In India, I strongly believe that TV serial “Kyoki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” and other such absurd (all) serials of Ekta Kapoor should be banned on moral grounds.

Keshi said...

ohhh good for ya Saby...so ur FIL hates ya but - hmmm lolllz! U must have pissed him off like usual :):)

so well-said Puneet...mutual understanding is much needed. so wut dus this serial portray...that MIL n DIL should fight continuously? lol that's awful...such attitudes should never be promoted...unless it's just a comedy.

thanks all!

Peter said...

The key to MILs is to make sure any future husband understands that while blood is indeed thicker than water...a person cannot live long without water.

Stay Gold!

Keshi said...

hehe good one Peter! And WC to mah humble blog :)

Staying gold, aiming for Diamonds :)

PuNeEt said...

Keshi... Those serials promote only family quarrels....just one logic in all the serials...
some very good women in house... some very bad women... one keeps trying to create problems and other tries to save the family :-)
what a F**K all...
and most of the ladies over here are crazy abt it... thank god these serials are banned in my home :-))
I cant stand them...

Keshi said...

Puneet I'm glad ur family dun watch those stupid serials...not my kind either...actually people can get brainwashed by watching too much of a serial...my next post is going to be somewhat related to that...will keep u posted :)

Take care!
Huggggz :)

morgalou said...

Aah, the Mother-in-Law.... now there's a story. No, mine's not the worst in the world, but she's definitely closely related enough to the Forces of Darkness to warrant an invite to their family reunion. While I have tried everything to please her, and despite the fact my husband is clearly both happy with me & well-taken care of by me, she does her best to put me down whenever our paths cross.

Perhaps she's threatened by me, perhaps she's possessive of her son, perhaps she just plain old doesn't like me. Whichever way you look at it, Mothers & Daughters in Law are rarely going to get along.