Monday, February 23

I Can't Stop The Rains...

UPDATE: Guys I'm extremely busy at work with meetings, new projects etc. So I won't be able to come around to your blogs until I get some free time. I might pop in to 1 or 2 blogs when I can but I can't do my usual rounds. Til then, enjoy your week ahead!

I'm doing this post for a dear friend of mine. He texted me the following lines and wanted me to do a post on it (he's no longer a blogger but he reads my blog). Maybe he needs to read all your answers to gather some collective hope and wisdom that will help him get through what he's facing right now. So please write whatever you think about this line, from your experiences or knowledge. This is what he wrote:

If only...but then, o well, what's done is done. It has to be paid.

Here's what I have to say about that line. I'm writing an instant poem to get my thoughts across to ya D. I hope you'll understand what I'm saying. My apologies in advance if I hurt your feelings in the slightest way through this verse. HUGS!

I'm standing still
All alone
Hit rock bottom
I thought I died
A million times
I've spent my life
Thinking thoughts
Of what's been done
If only I could
Turn back the clock
I'd have no nights
To kiss my days
In total silence
I hear a sound
In total darkness
I see a light
In the deepest cut
I feel a touch
In the bitter-most path
I find my sweetness
As all my pictures
Fade to black
I cling to my soul
Life, it gives me back

Current Music: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John
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comfortably numb said...

whats done is done but lets be happy by remembering that its exactly what God wanted to happen...moreso, whatever happens teaches us a lesson and makes a moment of our dear they say "life's not just about roses, it's actually much more about embracing the thorns"

lovely poem Keshi...beautiful n profound!!!

Satish Bolla said...

keshi, that was one hell of a poem. so good.
n comin to ur friend, buddy, did u ever see a road that's too straight without any turns n humps? never, right? life is exactly the same.
u can't turn the clock back but u can learn a lot frm the past to implement in the future hours. i hope u come to ur normal senses soon. we r all there for u. here in bloggerville, we have a lot of healed people and a lot of people who r in the healing process. we'll guide u home.

MultiMenon said...

DEstiny!! Believe in it,face it and life will go on..

My prayers with ur frnd..


Margie said...

Hi Keshi
I think the instant poem u wrote is very powerful!
You poured your heart into it!

As for me, I can't really come up with anything significant (late here and I need to get my sleep)
So, I'll just wish ur friend better days ahead and that whatever he's going through will work out for the best.
Things actually have a way of doing so.
Hang in there, D!

I have to get up very early to go to the hospital to schedule an MRI.

Have a good evening, hun!


Anonymous said...

bitter or sweet ?
each karma has its own.

Talking To My Soul said...

If, Only, But, Then, What, Done...No place all these words now. Pay the price and move ahead. Don't regret. Life is too small a time to.


Anitha said...

Nice poem...Nice quote too :)

La vida Loca said...

onward and forward!
Hope it all works out.

Akshat said...

Well the prompt kinda indicates an escapist attitude. What ever may the price be for his actions, he'd have to pay it but it is not necessarily a burden on him. He can decide whatever he wants, if he thinks that there is no option but to pay the price then he is closing all his doors.. Bit if he doesn't want to pay the price, e just has to open his eyes....and see a million doors which would lead him away from what he wants to avoid!!

Am I making sense?? I doubt it!!

What was the prompt again!! :P

I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings!!

You Take Care K!!!

Arjun said...

pay your debts... and move forward!!

Tarun said...

I wonder if I could ever write or understand a poetry.I could never ever, even if i tried heart.


Anyways instead of para-phrasing will stick to a short paragraph.

The waves have swam to the shore and then receded.Even the wheel of time has turned an eternity and come back at the same juncture.If only I could reach out and lend a hand to help and to make amends but then, o well, what's done is done.It is only my tears that I have as a price which I can pay.
It has to be paid.Today I must, or wait for eternity again.

Jack said...


What has gone past has gone for ever. One can not undo it. So there should be NO IFs or BUTs. One should learn from mistakes of past and move on. Who knows what is in future for one? So do your best for what is present. If we start thinking about past in a manner " If it ...." there will be no end to ones miseries. So pull yourself together and MOVE ON.

Take care

curryegg said...

Hello Keshi! I am back again. Hope that you are doing good there.

I have read this poem. What a good post. Simple yet full of emotional. I hope those sweetness in the pictures aren't really turning into black. Hope that they are still remaining as colourful and fresh as before..

miss ya girl.. ;)

Kartz said...

Poignant lines there... Very.

Looking at the line he texted you though, this is what I'd say -

Actions that go around, come around. BUT, life also gives you chances. Grab them as and when they come.

Peace. Be well.

Abhishek Khanna said...

seems he hit the bottom for the first time.. dun worry dear after a while you become habitual and then you start enjoying bouncing from the bottom

Trinaa said...

he is right..what is done is done n everything has to be paid for but why worry about the future n spoil ur present?? the past is gone..its over and done with..u can do nothing to change move on, however hard it maybe.. just let has its own reasons.. n its own course.. just hang in there! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Keshi, this is some deep philosophy...

I'd have no nights
To kiss my days

Wow, that was awesome... Can't add anything, you've said it all. Cheers!

priya said...

hiee ..i jst came across your blog recently nd i really loved it :)

whatever ur frd had to tell.... iz de same which even im going through,i think even he is going through tough face of life

de pome is really good!
hope he likes it nd comes out of dis whole stuff whatever happened as soon as possible


priya said...

nd can yeah ...."i can't stop the rain..." apt one for dis...

mayz said...

really nice gesture keshi :)

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-let me interpret that as what situation I'd use those lines in:
I was at a crossroads, and decided to take one of the paths. However, after coming on the path, I'm having second thoughts, since the path is strewn with stones and boulders,making me feel unsteady.I'm wondering whether I'd have fared better if I'd taken the path more frequently used by people. But then,since I'm already midway,I'm determined to go on...the decision taken,is taken.It's only a matter of time before I reach my destination. Wish me luck!*And,I'd say a silent prayer*....and,ultimately,after all the obstacles are passed,I'd see the light!

Ria said...

beautiful poem girl!! And what i can gather from this line is no doubt whats done is done but we need to take the best of it in our stride and move ahead. Thts hw optimism works!!

Ani said...

hnnmm interestin line ..

it sounds more like an acknowlding the fact tht yes.. i cant change things.. i have to pay the price for what has happened.. n this is the price tht i am payin..

about the poem tht u wrote..

its soo heart felt emotions.. something tht all of us have or will feel at one point of our life.. its just brilliant.. :)

sawan said...

"It has to be paid" is a phrase we humans invented to cover our mistakes. we feel guilty of what we did and we try to relax cursing ourself! anything that happens bad is cos of what we did! we try to fake strength, we fake words and we fake our self. simply cos we dont want to face reality. forget the phrase and face your instincts. maybe uve done it wrong, but u still got time, either to make things right, or to cover up or to apologize! make your deed your identity not ur destiny.

Jay said...

That's a beautiful poem Keshi!

anits said...

hi keshi dear...nice poem...myself kind of busy now...u tcare my dear..

Southpaw unplugged said...

That was one heartfelt poem spicegal...

prabirsaha said...

Now now now Keshi ji,

You are an amazing poet too.

You can do anything with FAITH. This quote is for you.

When you have come to the edge of all light that you know ... and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, ...Faith is knowing one of two things will happen:
1) There will be something solid to stand on, or
2) You will be taught to fly


♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

bhagwan k ghar der hai andher nhi ...

only one line I wud like to add

Arv said...

you leave me in awe... someone still has the touch from the yester years :)

V. Archana said...

nice poem yaar... good day!

Chriz said...

i am back.. haha... and now u r caught up.. nice song kesh

Shionge said...

Yes, whats done is done so hold your head high and no regrets get wiser & gain wisdom along the way.

Hope that helps Keshi coz I always believe to not live life in regrets ;)

Take care Keshi :D

(PS: Away for a teambuilding on Wed so no computer access for a day so I'll catch up with you too :) Luv ya!)

utopia said...

hullo! well i can sense the wistfulness in your friends message but darn how long can we look back and regret. it is only human to regret but sometimes we have to let go and make our own peace.

and like u said life does give us back, it does and i truly believe that.

vishesh said...


Suresh Kumar said...

Keshi! That was a great poem.

Shrav said...

keshi, instant poetry?? woww, cool!

It's every man's wish to move back in time!

even immortality won't be a buzz-creating thing if you could move back in time.

And to you friend, there'll definitely be chances and this is not exactly rock bottom! keep hope!

Princess Mia said...

but hey whats done is done...but thats not the end of goes on....flip the page n move on

Cяystal said...

Probably we have to believe that everything in our life is not run by us..destiny exists..
So keep the faith.

Lovely poem though!

Aneesh said...

nice one :)
I didn't know you wrote poems

jyotsana said...

hi keshi,
that instant poetry was too good. it's life, isnt it?

Adisha said...

There's hurt, there's pain, but if you don't keep walking it's all in vain !!!

We can Only wish for what we want, but what we finally get is a combination of fate, cosmic karma and our deeds. What all these add up to, are what is derived of our lives !! So just keep walking ... strong, and with faith in yourself !!


яノςんム said...

wat is done is done but it has to be paid..

its okay.. tough times dont last, but tough ppl do :)

Margie said...

I had to come back and read that truly amazing poem once more!

And, thank you for the good advice, hun!
I took it...the good music helped!



Cazzie!!! said...

Keshi, take your time woman, and just breathe..ok, we will all be here hon..mwah!

Cazzie!!! said...

Keshi, take your time woman, and just breathe..ok, we will all be here hon..mwah!

Trevor Penn said...

Kesh, my fave lines are
"in the deepest cut
i feel a touch."
I wish ur friend the best.

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey Keshi....i have come to your blog after you have taken a dont know me at all....but i heard a lot about ur blog thru bout dropped in to say hi...i dunno what you are facing right now....but my wishes with you always...may you get the strength to face it and also to come back even aditi

Keshi said...

tnxx each and everyone here!

And WC Aditi :)