Friday, July 3

A Place Where There's Space...

As a die-hard fan of Jacko, I seem to be grieving indefinitely. I cannot express enough how very sad I have been feeling in the last few days and how much of a personal sense of loss his death is to me. I don't feel like doing anything and I'm not myself at all, and I know my b'day will never be the same again. I'm so disturbed by his death, I don't think I'll ever be the same again. A part of me died along with his death. You may be surprised cos I didn't know him personally...but I knew him on an emotional level through his music, dance and lyrics. His life, his passion, his fears, his love, his triumphs, his demons, his last few years, his death...they have all changed the way I see the world now. Yes rockstars can have such an effect on you cos some ARTISTS BRING LIFE TO LIFE. The Keshi that was pre-MJ's death is no more. Drama? Not really. Cos if you didn't grow up with his music, you'd never know how I feel would you? You don't know how it feels when MJ's music creeps into your body and soul do you? You don't know what it is to have his music running through your veins do you? A singer has never touched me this 'personally' through his music and lyrics...he wrote and sang life.

He is moonwalking to Heaven right now. I somehow find some small comfort in the fact that MJ has left a world where people didn't leave him alone...where sadly people chose not to see the greatness in him, instead to concentrate on his personal life. It's harder and takes more guts to trust someone than to assume things about them. But most people chose the easier option and made life hell for Jacko. He stood out in the crowd, and some people couldn't stand it. He not only made great music but he gave so much to Charity and to the world, and lived in Love. He was a great Humanitarian in every sense. Yet people who wanted to make money out of him used him to their advantage. It's appalling to realise what a sick world we live in...a world where some people would do anything for a quick buck and 15mins of fame and attention. I can't believe some people are still going on with sick jokes and judgements about him. All the rumors about his hair, his skin, his sexuality, his habits, his this and does it matter to you?? Take a good look at your own selves before you point fingers at others. Just live and let live! And just STFU will ya. He's dead now...there's no need to kill a dead man, is there?

How do you say Goodbye to someone you don't want to say Goodbye to? I usually do it this way...I believe that they are going to a better place...a place that they will be happier and that they are leaving for the best. That's how I say Goodbye to someone I don't want to see leaving. Death is not a punishment...sometimes it can be the ultimate peace you waited for. Sometimes Nature has a way of claiming life when it's just better that way. I hope Jacko found Peace now. As much as I'm deeply saddened by his untimely death, I'm happy for him too...I'm happy that he's in a better place now...a place where there is space...where hearts are not small and love is not for sale. Where there is enough room for acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love. He's at a higher state of being now, on a completely fresh plane of the spirit world. Goodbye MJ, you were one of a kind! Know that with all your ups and downs, you were just PERFECT. You really healed the world. Hopefully we will get to listen to your voice, watch your cool moves and dance with you again in another time, at another place. God bless your superenergetic and beautiful spirit! XOXO

Do you have enough space in your heart to accommodate someone that is not you? Does your heart have enough room for others? Is it a spacious place for love or is it cramped up with you alone? It doesn't take much to create some space for others...just a little space?

There's a place in
Your heart
And I know that it is Love
And this place could
Be much
Brighter than tomorrow
And if you really try
You'll find there's no need
To cry
In this place you'll feel
There's no hurt or sorrow

There are ways
To get there
If you care enough
For the Living
Make a little space
Make a better place...

Current Music: Heal The World by Michael Jackson

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La vida Loca said...

Hugs my dear friend. Let go when you are ready.

vishesh said...

the world becomes a better when ever a star is born...this one might not be here any more , but its presence will always be heard and talked about...

visithra said...

I know how u feel keshi - feel empty as well - its been a week yet i still can't believe hes gone - i wish its a pr gimmick - but i guess not - even in his death he is still giving for charity - i just ignore any idiotic comments - his music is so relevant today - so fresh still - we had a tribute over here n we sang his songs - the same one ure playing - theres a video on my blog of that moment - it still moves people - u'll get goosebumps listening to them - i wish he hadn't gone so soon - do u realise hes written songs for his death? you are not alone, gone too soon - sigh - they just released the videos of his rehearsals - he looked so good - n i just love the last smile of satisfaction on his face as the lights dimmed - i so wish he had at least been around for that - n we would have had a few more performances to watch and relive - the fact that i will never get to see him perform ever just hurts too much

Devika said...

Lovely post, Keshi

It says what I got to say too...LIVE & LET LIVE :)

And artists bring life to life,

I can't really think of a life without artists, poets, writers --


Tarun said...

*It's harder and takes more guts to trust someone than to assume things about them.*

I guess guts meant, determination, trust, honest, something which is not conditional give and take, accpeting something the way it is.

Cяystal said...

Firstly. I love the song Heal the world by MJ.
No lover of his music really cares about the controversies he was envolved in, or about how many plastic surgeries he had. He gave a diff form to music.. I bow down to the king..RIP Mj.

Cяystal said...

Btw. I was out of town on your Bday.
Love you tons! Muuah!
Happiest birthday to you! (Belated though)
Saw the snaps of the three cakes. I LOVE the shoe one, but all f them are too sweet on your cuz's behalf. Big hug!
So what do you wan,baby?

ZiLliOnBiG said...

very poignant and emotional post. I would like to lend my supportive shoulder in this moment of extreme grief...I know no words would sooth you yet i would like to say to you that you are right, he has left us to live in another world; a far better place to live.

and he would be missed for Ever.:)

Anonymous said...

I swear I want to cry.

*hugs keshi*

MARIA said...

You know Keshi, really... I didn't know more about Michael Jackson.
But now, when he passed away I noticed how great man and artist he was.
Thank you Keshi for introducing me with Michael Jackson!
Your posts about MJ are very touching!
This video and song is the best!
Heal the world! Yeas, we need that

Anonymous said...

Music has seen one God i.e., Michael.
Watch : Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version)
Jack - We love you

- Sugar Cube - said...

I wasn't much into Mj's music & by the time I did listen to his music..I didn't turn into a big fan.And yet I feel extremely bad bout his death.
I cannot imagine what you as a huge fan must be going through.

I read somewhere of Mj's quote ..something like > " If you are loved when you are here & loved after you die..then what happens in between can be dealt with"

And seriously some ppl need to just shut up! & stop talking crap bout him.

ANWESA said...

can i make a place for others in my heart?yes,i surely can...
mayb then my lyf ll b happier too

Arv said...


Kunjal said...

"Death is not a punishment...sometimes it can be the ultimate peace you waited for"
very true in MJ's case I believe :)

Anonymous said...

Hugs Kesh...

May his soul rest in peace...

Take care...

Aparna said...

A lot of us who grew up listening to his music feel the same. He was a big part of our adolescence. We sang his songs, copied his moves, the boys even tried to dress up like him.
Somewhere I think life overwhelmed him and he started living a rather bizarre life. That alienated many of his fans, including me. I felt I could no longer connect with him. But still, his sudden death was a shock to me. I pray that his children who will perhaps be hounded forever, learn to live a peaceful life.

Aneesh said...

It certainly was a shock to me. I was an ardent fan of him once. Even now i am. But the definition of fan has changed as age passed. But, still, i remember the first time i saw his dance, heard his songs, it was just breath taking. I don't think there will be anyone in our generation who was never touched by MJ atleast once. As you said, stars like MJ are the real stars, who has captured the minds of millions with his talents.
As he sang.. "like a comet, blazing across the evening sky,..... Gone too soon "
Take care keshi.

Priya said...

His emotions were played with nonsense reports and leave alone his life, he is the best musician of all to remember for ever.

an experience...nothing short of it said...

"The difference is he GAVE a lot to the world and got nothing much in return. He still didn't care, he continued doing what he's best at doing".

you wrote this in your last post. i feel i myself would have written about how i feel about him the way you expressed your feelings. every sentence was tugging at my heart because its exactly how i feel about Jacko. God claimed this genius man back because he is angry with us that we didnt respect him and just let him live. people who point fingers should realize one day that such geniuses come maybe once in tens of thousands of years and if they are not given their due respect, its like disrespecting god because god chooses a select few and imbues them with His essence, jacko was one of the chosen few. a genius, a legend.

Suresh Kumar said...

Hmm.... Keshi... Ur attachment to MJ and his music surprises me... I am not his big fan, though I like his songs...

I felt like you some years back when a favorite heroine Divya Bharathi passed away.. Even now i view her videos now and then.... But that was immature one... Yours s definitely on a separate and higher level

MJs songs wud never die... They r evergreen....

Priya Joyce said...

he was really someone very special he left his impression on so many.

Entertaining so many people n having so many die hard no joke..

Yes as u said....he's gone to a better place.
n that's what we do to console ourselves..but watever we do..people who were/r special to us (Really spl) wud be there forever.

u tc swtheart....

Utopia said...

this is one of the most positive write ups i have read about MJ in the recent times. yeah he was just different and at the end we should remember him for his brilliant music and thats what'll remain always.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up! Just saw the awesome b'day cake. That was so cool and thoughtful of your cousin :) Would've loved a bite out of it.

Take care.

Chriz said...

he chose the best guitarists.. would love to do a cover for his song someday.. but its tuff to do for his song..

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-nice post and nice tribute-specially coz his songs were also part of my growing up..but then,I guess the real story will never be told-to me,it all seems to be speculation-this talk of his taking overdose of drugs,et al..I mean,he earned millions from his record sales,so how could be be bankrupt and stressed out due to it?
On the lighter side,did you see this video of a 'Billie Jean'tribute?::

Cheer up..we'll all go someday, and,some of the good ones go earlier than expected is all I can say.It should remind you of one thing'life's too short to be morose for even a few minutes'.:)

Pranay said...

Hello Keshi,
Read all of your tribute posts and I must say especially in this one. You said stuff from right inside my head. I am deeply saddened coz my biggest source of inspiration is gone and in such circumstances but I am gladdened by the fact that he wont have bear hate and ridicule anymore. I haven't seen many sadder lives, inspite of being one of the greatest humans to have walked the earth. But I feel sad that I along with all the millions of his fans around the world couldn't do anything to make his life better.And I can bet anything to say that no artist in the world commands the sort of love and admiration that man does...from all corners in the world. It's been almost 10 days since and there are still Michael's flashback shows on the news here in India, a place he came just once and that too not at his peak. I am sure it's the same around the world.
I am happy that he will still now be seen as 'The Michael Jackson' and not wacko jacko or something. His talent and exceptional achievements outweigh everything but maybe have brought all this to him.
'Before you judge me, try hard to love me.
Look within your hearts and ask,
Have you seen my childhood?'
-Childhood, Michael Jackson

Jack said...


I fully agree with you. Once a person is no more why should we try to talk ill about him or her? Whatever he or she had been is over, so why do we need to print details of all private affairs? It is just bad taste. I am sure MJ has found peace now that he has merged with his Creator.

Take care

Chakoli said...

hey dear,i dnt hav wrds to speak,just take cre

Anonymous said...

He is not actually dead you know - he is working in a fish shop with Elvis..

krystyna said...

I am with you, Keshi!

Thank you so much for beautiful post-tribute!

ZiLliOnBiG said...

hey, read your last post, felt sad. You should come back soon. I will miss your blog. TC

Ria said...

my heart has always had space for all the world....i somehow dunno how to be mean....i cant be mean to even strangers!!

Hence, o totally understand what u must be going thru....MJ's sudden death is a shocker for sure....and whts even more sad is the reason, it seems he was given the wrong drugs for his performance related injuries. Whts also sad is tht come July and he was supposed to make a comeback with a series of stage shows at the O2 theatre, London. Alas!!we will never get to see that now. :(


Anonymous said...

i wanted to comment on the next post but since you silently disabled it in sorrow... am here!

I feel the pain too.. I feel the lose..
It is something than can never leave us for good... this is the love, that we have for MJ, the legend who gave us the best!

He will be remembered by all forever.. but it's time we all let go and take in what's left of his legacy.. his last album will be releasing soon.. his voice in that will keep his soul alive forever... this is not the end!

Phoenix said...

the world shall miss the brightest star...

Mj will be missed... but he will continue to reign our hearts and mind

Tickled pink said...

Yes there's not gonna be any moonwalk or that classic smile anymore.The world is in mourning.
Touched by your dedication Keshi.MJ will live in our hearts forever.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Keshi.Have a great summer.

Cяystal said...

Its completely fine with me to not have new posts frm ya due to MJ's death.
Just take care,buddy!

Dalicia said...

Hi Keshi, Lets pray him and his family

Blue Moon said...

Wow Keshi !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read your post for the first time & it has really affected me. What a beautiful style of writing………. I am THRILLED. Each & every word is PERFECTLY CHOSEN & that’s why the entire post is radiating……… Gr8888888888 Job……..

I would love to have your comments on my post.
I’ll be eagerly waiting for your response………. So Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz visit…………

Good Luck for next posts………….

Keep Smiling………….(MJ will be happy in heaven wen he'll see you smiling, Dear...........:))


anits said...

Missing MJ :(

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

I was in home and was devasted..I hope his soul gets rest in heaven :)

Jeevan said...

Beautifully said keshi. Lets hope things happen for better and if we accept that life, it seems beautiful.

Irene said...

I am glad I got the chance to see MJ live in concert when he went to Manila. He will always be the one and only King of Pop!

Jimmy said...

we are the World
earth song

Heal the World

Beat it
it dont matter if u r black or white

I am BAD?
Michael Jackson will never die

even in death, he built bridges to HEAL THE WORLD - Michael will be buried as per Islamic rites

there will never be another Michael Jackson

Beach Bum said...

I was lucky enough to catch most of the Michael Jackson memorial service today. And unfortunately I was also exposed to many of my coworkers who criticized Michael Jackson for being "weird", "strange", and many other words that were far worse.

What got me was that these critics just could not see the forest for the trees. Yes, Michael had some rather off the wall behaviors. But then again these same people cried at the deaths of Elvis and John Lennon. Both of these men were great performers but had behaviors that could be called strange.

I dare every single man and woman to honestly bare their soul, behaviors, and traits and not have others see the strange and weird. We all have dark sides, prejudices, and obsessions that we do our best to hide.

But in Micheal's case he was unfortunate enough to be rich and famous and the only thing people do better than make heroes and stars is to tear them down.

Maybe he was off the mainstream of everyday behavior because of having to live a life always exposed to the public eye. Hell, you live with hundreds of people trying their best to literally have a piece of you and be unable to walk the streets like other people because of it.

Micheal should be remembered for his humanitarian works that were numerous and his simple statement in one song that the world will never be magically changed for the better all at once.

The world will change when each individual looks in the mirror and decides that change starts with them. That by itself is a remarkable statement in its sheer simplicity and a worthy legacy for anyone.

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

**It's harder and takes more guts to trust someone than to assume things about them.**

very well said... unless you put yourself in someone else's place you wont know how though it is to be them..

Keshi said...

tnxx all! I read each n every comment here. Beautiful!


WarmSunshine said...

The song 'heal the world', it never fails to bring tears to my eyes. He sang it so LOVINGLY, after hearing that, how can they still talk ill of him??? I don't understand the hatred we humans can carry within us.

To me, he was innocent and pure. The love you can feel in his voice, the sensitivity, it was a gift from Allah. HOW CAN A PERSON WHO IS TOUCHED BY THE ALMIGHTY CAN BE ANYTHING BUT BEAUTIFUL???? It simply doesn't make sense Keshi. Thank you for telling them to shut up. They should do it by now, for his little, innocent children who lost a father.

Keshi said...

I agree Sunshine girl...the world is too cruel, thats why.