Tuesday, July 14

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That...

Here's a set of 4 riddles created by Keshi. Yes I'm on a mission to test your analytical skills on a personal level ;-). No you don't have to be a master of life or a great philosopher to get it right. It's only a matter of having some fun in a game with a touch of reality. All you have to do is try and solve these riddles to the best of your abilities. After all, the riddles were written by a mere mortal herself :). clue: They are all 1 word answers. *great clue there ha Keshi!;-)* All the best! You don't have to get them all right, but if you do, you'll have a surprise in the next post ;-).

1. You try to drop me, but I refuse to be dropped. You try to please me, and I can never get enough. You try to leave me, but I make you leave others. You try to climb on me, but I sit on top of you. You give in to my desires and lick my feet. I am the hardest to tame, the easiest to feel and I hurt the most even when I'm slightly shattered. So, you better take good care of me! Cos I think I'm the most 'important' thing about you, yes I am! What am I?

2. I know that I have so much potential. I am the only way people can truly be happy. By giving me to others and to themselves, I know people would finally set themselves free. I sound so easy to acquire, but in real I am the hardest thing to find and to implement. I wish more people truly understood me though, for I know that if I am utilised to my utmost potential, I can heal and even prevent alot of misunderstandings and misdeeds. I sit here waiting to be picked up by all of you. What am I?

3. I don't let anyone move on. Cos I believe in burning in raging flames. I believe in carrying on with the past somehow. I have a neverending love affair with the past. I won't let you see the present or the future. I wish to remain in what happened and not in what should happen next. Forget about forgetting, indulge in me! I won't let you progress cos I thrive in my own world...I love to see smoke and ashes of what was once fresh and lively. I can destroy everything for you as long as you hold on to me and never let go.
What am I?

4. If you find me under most situations, then you're really lucky. Take me seriously and your life will be alot less serious...yes you heard that right! Some people make good use of me, some others use me to get across a real message and some others misuse me in bad taste. I can be the best motivator even on your darkest day. But it's amazing how most people don't bother to call on me, not even once in a while although I'm free and available all the time. I'm a sense in you that you can tickle your way up to good health and a well-lived life. What am I?

Have a go. Answers and top solvers (getting all 4 answers right) will be announced in the next post. Also, do tell me which one was your favourite out of the 4. Now let's see what comes out of this post. I cant wait to read all the comments. ;-)

On other news, right now I'm 6 feet from the 'edge'. Last week I had a moment where after reading an email, my coffee and brekky suddenly went cold. Cos I couldn't eat anymore...I was shattered. But later on, that email itself made a revolution inside my head...it had lead me to contemplate a major change in my life - something that would make me shed what I'm 'used to', and tap into 'bettering' my life. So, that means even something that makes you instantly lose your appetite can be a the trigger for a hidden change that's waiting to happen...a good change. Sometimes disappointments, offense and rejection are the best motivators in life. They make you go and do things that you've never even imagined doing. They give you a heads up on new horizons waiting to be conquered. M
aybe 6 feet ain't so far down then? I strongly believe there's always something new to discover from every turn-off, every bad news, every riddle & every lost track, and I know I will find a new path somehow...I'll solve it. Always have faith in yourself. Now don't forget the above riddles, catch ya all soon! ;-)

Current Music: Six Feet From The Edge (one last breath) by Creed

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Vaisakh P S said...

1. Feelings

2. Success

3. Guilt

4. Creativity - For this one thing also needs to be there.. our imagination

Arv said...


this is so kewl :)

I hope that I have them right :)

1. Ego.
2. Smile.
3. Memories.
4. Love.

I think the first one is the best cos its a simple truth that we all must remember.

take care da...


Sourish said...

i can't name my gfs

u literally defined the qualities of four ex gfs of mine.....

m not gonna name them :P

Thousif Raza M.B said...

hmm i am a first timer on your blog, i had come earlier but couldnt fin time to come again, very sorry for that, but i read couple of your earlier posts and i loooooooooooved them all :)

so iddles hmm ok here goes

i think the 1st one is 'EGO'

2nd is 'LOVE'

3rd is 'ANGER'


the 1st one was a lil tough, but it also was a good one, nice riddles there keshi, cool yaar :)

"Sometimes disappointments, offense and rejection are the best motivators in life. " i loved these lines, so true yaar

nice post

take care and keep writing.......

Anonymous said...

1. Ego

2. Satisfaction

3. Regret

4. Humour

This was cool. I guess, I've got these close enough if not exactly right :)


Bla said...

It's harder to guess 'em than it looks.

La vida Loca said...

1. Ego
2. Love
3. Anger/need for revenge
4. God/Religion/Spirituality

Good descriptions. :)

rayshma said...

1. ego
2. love
4. humour

ok... those are my guesses. no clue abt the 3rd. will come back later and try to guess.
this was good though. :)

- Sugar Cube - said...

Wow..some riddles those were.I've figured out I guess :P

1> Attitude/Mood

2 > Love

3 > Memory

4 > Hope/Courage/Belief

L'il confused with the last one.No actually all three that I;ve mentioned fit into it.

I liked all the riddles & if I've answered correctly - then I love them all =)

Kunjal said...

Very well crafted riddles :)
I am not sure about the answers but I am tempted to make an effort. I am associating all of them with human emotions:)So these are my answers:
1. EGO

Anonymous said...

Those are tough ones..
Well, but there's nothing that time can't heal or reveal..'
So, in time, will get the answers but good ones though!
Keep writing..:)

Piyush said...

1. heart
2. no idea..
3. grief, pain and memories.
4. humour, smile.

Nirmal said...

first one being Dream....(Wife too is appropriate)...

Love is only on my mind..

all i can see around is Hatred...

Failure can never hurt me..

hey gal..hw r u beautiful...this was fun..

Piyush said...

2. experience, wisdom..

Ria said...

Some riddles ha!! Anyways after much thought i hav managed to come up with these answers, i hope they r right:

1. Pride/Ego
2. To Forgive
3. Guilt
4. Humour

I jus hope i hav interpreted the riddles correctly. :)

Suresh Kumar said...

1. EGO

Favorite is second.... if i am correct

loved the riddle...

Dalicia said...

#4 :) i believe in one thing..KARMA! what goes around comes around

Cess said...

i m wonder how or where u find always something new to talk about ... for the past 5 years my god Keshi u rock at it, i m feeling so boring when i read myself after that. Listen i m soo bad at getting french riddles so english riddles even worst!!! I feel ashamed to give answers, i could say communication is the word for n 2 and past is the word for n 3 but it is just a wild guess, will be looking for the answer.
PS: let me know if u need a rope or live saver jacket cz i don t want u to fall over that edge :)

Jay said...





Keshi said...

WOW Im impressed :) Keep em coming guys n tnxx!

btw I know these riddles can be 'interpreted' in ur own way and it can get quite subjective. But that's ok. To each his own, and it's great to see how each and everyone of u read different things out of the same riddle. It's really beautiful!

Those who hvnt answered yet, DONT COPY from others :) Take ur time, think well and answer.

I will reply to each and everyone of ya soon. But MY answers will only be revealed in the next post. :)

Good luck to all!


AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi--nice way to begin the Wednesday..let me see now..:)
1. Ego
2. Love,surely.:)
3. Bad memories.
4. Instinct/sixth sense

Have a nice day:)

Sumit said...

Hi Keshi, how have you been? As usual I was again on hibernation :P
And now for you riddles:

1. Pride/Ego
2. Forgiveness/Smile
3. Past/Memories/
4. Optimism/Hope

Feeble attempts really but I hope they count :P

Priya Joyce said...

so here I go:
1. Ego
2. Love
3. Guilt
4. Humour

I guess the second one was my favourite.

btw loved doing this keshi :):)

Vest said...

Keshi: Will Back on August 20 from U/K.X. Love to the kids.x.

4, Helpful.

Tarun said...

*Confession time* : I am not good with all riddles and all, my analytical skills are limited to cricket,so if the answer make u feel that i am a cracked nut then tehre is probably more than an element of truth in that.


Personally only unexpected things/accidents (call it what u want) can only truly chnage or be life changging moments.

I am sure email wasnt an accident.
ANyways I will get a better grip of the situation.

Utopia said...

I so know how that feels. I think failure can be the biggets motivator. :D
The first one if LOVE and the last one HUMOUR.

Vaisakh P S said...


Yeah you are right. answers to all riddles depends on a person's perspective of life.

So are you checking what others see in them?

vishesh said...





tulipspeaks said...

Let me try..

1. Ego
2. Opportunity
3. Grudge
4. Humour



Donn said...

Ok riddler..

#1 a Nympho :)
#2 unlimited line of credit
#3 ex-girlfriends
#4 your happy place

That was fun Dahling!
What made your brekky go cold and instantly change y'er life? Too much bran?
That is scary stuff.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

1)ego ( it can also be Boyfriend)

2) Empathy


4)health/fitness (Exercise )

I scratched my head real hard and this is what i get. I will come back to see the results. Thanks:)))

Anonymous said...

hands-up !!!

rabpa said...

We are Jack's answers. You reject us - we fit to someone else.

1.I am Jack’s Jack
2.I am Jack’s love
3.I am Jack’s vengeance
4.I am Jack’s +

rabpa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Devika said...

Now, here's some to think...You know I can't think and don't like being challenged, too :)

everthing seemed to have a bit of me, yes, you said that there..but overcome too -- well that's a point out of topic :))

anyway, i will have the fun reading of others! :))

hope thats okay Keshi :)


usha said...

1. ego
2. forgiveness
3. regret
4. love

my fave amongst them all is #2. im still learning to do it right.

and you're so right when you say that some of the biggest letdowns in our lives can be turned around 180 degrees. you do take care, girl! :)

MARIA said...

Beautiful music, Keshi. I know it for sure. But I'm not sure what to choose, I don't understand text perfect.

What about:
1. important
2. free
3. carrying
4. well-lived

Have a great day!

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

well, i think...

the first one is the heart

the second is love

the third is revenge

and the fourth is a smile...

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

**and I know I will find a new path somehow...I'll solve it.**

even if you hit upon a dead end, you still have the path you took to get you out of it... right?

Jack said...


I did visit you yesterday but wanted to read it in peace so I could answer truthfully. Thanks for your reminder. Here are my interpretation :

1. Conscience

2. Love

3. Anger

4. Hope

My favourite is 2.

Take care

PS : Posted new one a little while ago

CRD said...

lemme seee


Loved the first one...coz it gave me some naughty ideas [:P]

do visit mine

freudian slip said...

1. woman :P

2. communication

3. death

4. humour

comfortably numb said...

I pass
not upto any analysis ryt now...sowwie!!!

Anonymous said...

I will solve your riddles later but i am just going to copy your quote, "Sometimes disappointments, offense and rejection are the best motivators in life. They make you go and do things that you've never even imagined doing. They give you a heads up on new horizons waiting to be conquered." It has motivated me a lot as i was going through low phase.Thanks. Keep writing and motivating others.

Nora said...

Hi sweetheart - just dropping by to see how you are. Will catch up soon. x


Shachi said...

1. Ego
2. Love.
3. Anger/Hatred/Being Jealous
4. Humor.

There could be other interpretations as well, but these are today's answers :)

Beach Bum said...

I guess ego is the first one though I'm terrible at any kind of riddle. That circuit in my brain is burned out.

Truth might be the second one, although I like some of the other answers people have given.

For the third one I guess memories?

The fourth one I think is humor. But like I said earlier, I'm terrible at this stuff.

Blue Moon said...

Hello Keshi,
Good to see u back. I would love to have ur comments on my blog, So, DO VISIT.
Your post is once again exhibiting that U ARE GEM OF A PERSON IN WRITING.
I enjoyed reading it………
Keep writing such TOUCHING STUFFS……………..
Do visit my blog, your comments r really precious 4 me.
Keep Smiling…………. 

rahul said...

nnice riddle..though I am not really good at it..let's give it a shot
3.Bad Memories/Revenge

And yeah in every problem lies the key to happiness!!

tk care

Silvara said...

Hehhe...what an interesting post! ok will try...without looking at other's answers:

1. Ego

2. Humility/Kindness

3. Pride

4. Laughter

How did I go?? :P

Adisha said...

Those are some interesting bits of riddles there :D

Well, I don't knwo if I'm right coz you've thrown in a few twists here and there , but here goes nothign :))

1. Ego

2. Love

3. Regret

4. Humor/ Laughter

Well, I can so sympathize with you since currently I Am on edge in More ways than one ... :)

But I'm sure u'll get up and brush off all the dust ... walking strong and better !! Cheers gurl .. Keep walking ..

My fav one was The one I interpreted to regret, coz that's how I'm feeling these days ... Stuck in a RUT !!!

talldarkman said...

1. (mind?) *creak* i give up

2. (knowledge?)*creak creak * i give up

3. (anger???)*creak creak creak* i give up

4. (advice????)*creak creak creak creak* i give up

*sigh* it is so much more easier to wait for keshi's new post ;)


S... said...

4.hope/oppurtunity/god(may b)

kannan udayarajan said...

love this song...!


Hi Keshi

I have been very buzy, and now I'm taking a holiday for a couple weeks.

Very quickly
1. True love or friend

2. Peace or happiness

3. Depressed, depression

4. Sense of humor - laughter

I have a post up. It's funny but also gory.


KK said...

1. Girlfriend ;) on a serious note... Anger...
2. Truth or Peace of mind
3. Sorrow
4. Laughter (or even Joke)

Well I always feel change is always for good in the long run and change is good in one's life... if not life will be too mundane....

P.S - Don't think that I don't read your blog often, i read it on my phone... its kinda hard to comment from my phone...

Chaitanya said...


first time on your blog... interesting post

Chaitanya said...


first time on ur blog. interesting post :)

Keshi said...

Thanks each and everyone for taking part! WOW u guys r brilliant...loved ALL ur answers :)

Will reply to ya all soon, now that the results are out hehe..

hv a good one!


Keshi said...

And WC all new-comers to my blog :)