Friday, July 1

Raining in my heart...

She was just out of school. She went to his office for some work. The moment he saw her, there was magic. He got up from his seat and walked up to her. She was feeling a little awkward and was wondering why he's walking up to her. He came smiling with the nicest smile ever. He was very tall but by his careless laugh you could tell he wasnt older than 21. He started asking her silly questions that were totally irrelevant to work. She laughed and answered him back equally funny. They clicked just perfect. He called her almost everyday from that moment onwards. She wasn't sure if this was going to work. She told him that many times as she was afraid of making big decisions then. He was head over heels in love with her. He sent her many tokens of love. But in a few months time she left to a far away land never to see him again. He somehow found her address and wrote her some amazing letters. She responded only once. It's been some years of pure silence between the two since then. Her name is Keshi. He is Gerard. I'm really sorry Gerard but I still remember you fondly, I do care and I still have the cassette you DJed for me as a bday gift...I still listen to it just to hear your voice and boy what beautiful songs you have selected for me - Endless Love, Everything I do, Always, I will always love you, When I die, Unchained Melody etc. You are very special. Maybe we were not meant to be together. I hope you are doing well wherever you are and that you found that perfect girl you so deserve. Sometimes I hate myself for not recognising men who really care about me...when he was around it was always sunshine, now it's always raining in my heart...

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Tanvi said...

awww keshi..sometimez u juz noe that the person'z not for u .. i guess..

Arz000n said...

I didnt saw the previous comment, the only thing came to my mind was...

awwww....tht was so sweet of him. Which reminds me, I did the same thing (except for DJ'ing the cassette, but I gave her MP3 CD's), and still she left me. Were we never meant to be together??

I think so :(

musings (m000nie) said...

keshi thats so sad for him...but thn wats the use if u cant give ur 100% to him???...but isnt it cute that he sang some lovely songs for u???...

Keshi said...

tanvi the prob is I did like him alot...just that time and distance distanced i guess we were not meant for each other.

that's so sweet Arz000n...she leaving u does not mean she doesnt like's the circumstances sometimes...cant help it.

eyezzz thanks...that's so right. hehe and he didnt sing em to me...he DJed the cassette in between every song :)


--pearl-- said...


word_smith said...


gerard;u poor sod;i EMPATHISE with you!!

raise a toast-cheers!!

saby said...

Anonymous said...
the newest release of SRK
directed by Amol Palekar

has a star cast
has Lambu too (Amitabh)

5:58 AM

saby said...

why the Fuck did she change the post !

janice, pearl, TANVI havent confessed yet

and Pithaly had a lott more to confess

Dewdrop said...

Whats past is past, the question now is would you want to meet him again? I know you are a staunch believer in destiny, so if you guys are destined to meet, you will. Else, nice that you experienced some groovy momenents with the one you so adored. These memories will always intensify your feelings. Keep smiling:)

De.vile said...

You never know what is around the corner. Chin up lady.

jkhkhjkh said...

Ok, folks,

You need to read between the lines. We need to start locating where Gerhard is. start with an internet search, followed by Saby actually landing up in Sri Lanka. Since that trip is going to cost money, I will do the collecting. You may send cheques or cash to the following address.

jkhkhjkh said...

Saby, unfortunately, never fell in love. He is still searching for it.

Love. Is the feeling which brings a lump in the throat. (Yes, I know many are going to say that the lump goes elsewhere, but I stick to my views).

And when the breakup comes, it brings a cold sweat on the forehead, esp. if its sudden.

Why is first love and young love soo good. Because the action of stale memory is minimal. Figure that out. That's all that OSHO tries to say.

"Love, reign on me!
Rain on me!

saby said...

dats true
Pithaly and i were the only 2 guys who didnt fall in love

wid girls

and since gay marriages werent even considered as an option ... we married in the conventional way

saby said...

- It was only after 50
- Dat I saw beauty
- In the female anatomy
And I fell in love wid so many

saby said...

Love a gr8 mental disease
Especially when it happens after 50

- Plato

saby said...

And its kinda sad
Dat the state allows u to marry only one (at a time)

But dat lucky guy, Fira
Can marry 4

If I had to choose
It wud be TANVI

Tanvi said...

awww saby

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

wasn't this post suppose to be fore keshi, how did it end up wid saby complaining about marryin only one woman.. but den again, stuff like this always happen, kinda fun watchin the comments drift. n e how.. yo keshi.. cheers, not to be repetetive but ull find the right one.

talldarkman said...

God bless the inventor of CD writers......I am spared the trouble of DJing them CDs again and again. I can now build a stack of them...for....errr ....ahem.... :P


PS> : But on a serious note keshi....if it was first love....I wonder if it fits in later in life. I am of the opinion that it is infatuation...first love is....but it remains ingrained in our memories for quite some time...and is quite sweet. :)

saby said...

DIFFY was here
i chatted wid him

he gott the blues

saby said...

i read abt dis in the aussie newspaper

jilted lover turn les

The Gome said...

So if this far away land u left for was australia, then where actually are you originally from?

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Aww Keshi!!

That was so so so...dunno wht!

Ya..sometimez u really know tht the person u simply not meant for u...u wanna be with him...but somehow u cant!!


Anyway...good one...nd nice songs as well!


ram_saran said...

keshu bituwa aaj kal ke ladke kaaha ache hai? hum hi ko dekh lo bituwa hum kitna akele ho gaye hai. aap humse vivah kar dalo yehi saahi hoga humre liye aur humre bhains ke liye bhi. bhaison ko maa mil jayegi.humka shubkamnaye aapke saath hai bituwa.

jkhkhjkh said...

Its 3.30 AM in Mumbai and The Who has just come on on Live 8. Are you brain-dead morons asleep with your teddy bears and dolls? Momma tucked you in?

saby said...

Pithaly beta,
u shud be in bed too

watsa matter ?
cant get it up ?

saby said...

i feel real bad about dis

Tina, my daughter hates me
hasnt forgiven me yet

u see she got a fellowship to an university in Austraylaya

I said no way
u just aint going to austrayaalaya

she just cudnt figure out why i refused

well, i heard dat down under girls are under terrible peer pressure to loose their cherry

if u r over 19 and u havent lost it yet
u become the butt of all jokes

it's true aint it ?

saby said...

Pop the cock!
pour out the bubbly

Diffy is a vigin no more
Friday, July 01, 2005
did it too....
I get goose bumps when ever i think of composing sumthin...It's the stuff of nitetmares. You dream you're dan brown... You're preparing this write up dats gonna end up as the bloodiest well written write up ...words n ideas of ...conflict...A great piece...A balm for bleeding wounds that would have taken years to heal...and a reaffirmation of faith ... in love..n freind ship... In will knock the socks of my readers. The guys wud gently dab their eyes with lace handkerchiefs...move to tears...So in my head i beaver away furiously..thinking and rethinking...why are all men helplessly termed as leering...lewd..lecherous dat y do the most intellectually virile men keep their brains in their boxer shorts....scratch shorts..replace with frenchies... and so on...blooh-blah....compose a purrfect humdinger at the the men triggered a libidinous tsunami..... which would have flattened every woman within a 5-km radius of the place where de blog was make it perish....that's it...perish!!!

Whew!!! And wow!!! Was that a blog or WAS that a blog.

So i go to create a blog.. stuff of nightmares...My nightmares...I can't..nupe not an idea... Public writing fer me is not an art...nor a science...It's a question of mind over mutter.... yip all dat one speaks in real time.....The harder you try....the more Mission Impossible the job becomes....for most of u its a matter of doing what comes naturally...fer me the more self-conscious i am ...the more i try to 'force more'... the more i literally dry up....

Ummm...its like peeing...hate to be watched....unless of course an enterprising youth has installed a spycam....imagine doing the do ... when there is a long....impatient queue waiting behind you...fidgeting.....jingling keys and coins in its pockets by way of displacement activity.... urging you wid out saying .....Wot dude Just taken it out for an airing, or what....synonymous to wheres de blog ...dont u write?? oh its jus secretive eh?...cumon..... let alone hurry up and can't even hurry up and start..... i am... few words...later..still...singing...lassie come home....
posted by diffy at 3:10 AM

saby said...

Post Script:
Tina joined a hep call centre in mumbai

these guys are more western than the westerners
overnite picnics evry saturday wid the boyz
sigh .... i guess cherries are meant to be lost

the flip side: we bonded
we have a deal
u dont tell me abt me (to mama)
and i wont tell

i happened to see a hott message on her messenger from a hott male

sebia said...

aww keshi it ws so touching..v well written stuff,str8 frm the heart,,but keshi beleive tht everything happens fr the best..and those memoirs which u can cherish now ..who knows in reality they r s sweet as u think they r wn u look bak
cheers..cherish thm...but dont live in thm

sebia said...

ok so many typos cant rewrite..guess typos r my trademark now:0)

Janice said...

awwwwwwwwww keshi thats so sad re.... but then again im sure ur gonna meet many more guys all may not be mr perfect ... hey u know laura bush married the first guy she ever kissed thats pres bush... at times it wrks out sumtimes it doesnt it was nevr meant to be...

Keshi said...

thanks all. I wrote this big fat comment thanking each n everyone individually n then I posted it n then it got lost somewhere duhhh! I was bummed out!

but yeah, I read so many comforting n beautiful thouhgts from all of ya...thanks for being so compassionate towards ma cracked heart... :)


Keshi said...

guys I have news for ya...I contacted Gerard...YES I DID! I had an old number, it worked and he was shocked LOL! He sounds still the fun-loving, cute and addicted to me hehehe...btw he's still single haha - I just hung up after talking to him for 40mins...well atleast we wont lose touch now...we can be friends forever :)

Thanks all!

jkhkhjkh said...

I guess I was he only one who did not lose hope!
Now, get him to blog in your group, and lose him forever:)!
Saby will do the needful. (Probably sulking in a corner with a broken heart).

saby said...

Pssst ! Pithaly,

i pushed him in the deepest part of the lake

i mean,
how was i to no he cant swim ?

saby said...

i did wat i did for u

saby said...

kahe ko is pe mar rahe ho
woh tumare se kabhi prem vivah hoi nahi sakta

woh kabhi ek bihari babu se rishta nahin jod sake

meri baath sun lo babu
tun tun ke peeche pado

woh ha jaroor kahengi

ram_saran said...

Saby Dadaji humne aapke baare mein bahuth suna hai
Humka eh baat samaj mein nahi avath hai
Humka keshi bituwa se mohabbat ho gaya hai
Lekin yeh naari humko sirf angrezi mein thank you thank you kyu boluth hai?
Aap humka madath karo
Aur who rahi tun tun ki baat, woh humra padosan gulshan yadav ki shirmati hai
Humka doosre maard ka biwi se kya lena dena?
Jis bihari ke baare mein aap boluth hai woh laloo ji ka chaprasi ban gaya hai
Humra raasta klear ho gaya hai

saby said...

Keshi tujee kesh laam laaam laaam
Ka kaho Ram saran babu,
hee ladki apni jed kho baiti

woh pehli sri lanka ma rahat hoti
ti tyana pasand nahi (Marathi)

phir woh sochi asutrayalaya aadmi ma loving jyada hothe

kithe sangu re
Keshi la far jasthe expectation aahe

we gotta admit Gerard has wat she wants and wat we cant give

dont believe her though
Gerard is still lost

she just said dat to keep away guys like Ram Saran babu and other biharis like Pithaly

Keshi said...

lol Saby chill...I only contacted Gerard...that does not mean I'm gonna go date him, marry him and have kids with him...we don't know what the future holds but for now we are enjoying the fact that we got back in touch after such a long time! And boy wasnt he happy to hear my voice :)

Thanks all!


saby said...

u gott a point there
u shudnt be doing all dat wid just one guy

Keshi said...

FYI Saby I would actually do all that with ONLY ONE guy hehehe...when it comes to loving, caring and devoting ur life to ur one true love, I'm quite loyal and faithful :)