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Imagine how it would be if the book you borrowed from the library can talk? How fast it would be to clear all your doubts and how informed you would be by the end of the conversation! Well you don't have to imagine that anymore - it's already happening in a Swedish library! But this time it isn't a book you're going to have to borrow - it's a human being.

I read about this on the papers yesterday and I found it really interesting a concept. The objective behind this human library I believe is that as the world today grows rapidly, we have also come to face alot of different groups of people and varying perceptions that lead to alot of prejudices. These prejudices may be simply due to the fact that we are uninformed about a certain group of people. It read "If you're one of those people who thinks all lesbians are sexually frustrated or thinks all animal rights activists are aggressive, then a Swedish library project that allows you to "borrow" a human being rather than a book may provide some useful insight." What this human library attempts to do is make a human representative of largely prejudiced groups available for the general public to borrow for 45mins. Then you get a chance to ask all your questions regarding them and clear your doubts to a certain extent.

Is this a brilliant idea that's going to work towards common understanding or is this going to be a total flop and if so why? I personally think it's great way to communicate face to face and know where they're coming from, even if that means at the end of the day I wouldn't be agreeing totally. But it might help me to learn something that I was not aware of before which would have lead to my prejudice about them - that may even change my views. On the other hand I might hate that person and my prejudice might grow worse lol - that's the negative side of using human references. I'm mostly prejudice-free but I really would like to talk to a terrorist. Wonder if they would pay such a person to offer services at the library :) Well, what are your prejudices and if you were given a chance who would you like to borrow from this human library and what questions would you ask?

It read "This weekend, nine people, including a homosexual, an imam, a journalist, a Muslim woman and a gypsy, will be available at the Malmoe Library for members of the public to "borrow" for a 45 minute conversation in the library's outdoor cafe.".
Beat that!

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PuNeEt said...

Yess I made it finally
top of the world
first to be here

PuNeEt said...

I liked ur title ;-)
Amazing Concept
Sounds interesting...
Two way communication is alwayz better

@ what are your prejudices .... given a chance who would you like to borrow .....?
I'll have to think about this !!!
Will get back on this :-)

But unlike books I cant take them home... relax down and read these so called human liab...
just a thought ;-)

Cheers :-)

Jim said...

Yes, u made it finally
top of the world
first to be there

now eat shit !

Jim said...

"This weekend, nine people, including a homosexual, an imam, a journalist, a Muslim woman and a gypsy, and SABY, the creep .....

Yeah, bostiao will b there
if any one wants to give him a free and fair hearing wb4 labelling him as a creep

PuNeEt said...

Thanx Jim...
But I dont need ur diet...
U enjoy

Justin Thyme said...

As always Kesh - very thought provoking... :-)

(Saby/Jim/Mouse - just pick an identity and stick to it! You're not fooling anyone)

Anonymous said...

As usual splendid post...u seem to be picking up the best of the topics these days!!!!

Autumn Storm said...

Hmm, not sure what I think about that. Mostly because one person would be speaking on behalf of a group - I'll go away and think about it for a while :-)

Nitika said...

hi keshi
such an informative post
its amazing to hear this sorts of thing.
discussion, conversation are always good for exchanging knowledge.
I think human library is good iniation hope it will work

jkhkhjkh said...

And you all thought that Keshi would represent the blinking tooth fairy??!!

Hey! DewDrop!! Is the question mark to go first, or the exclamation mark? Always confused about it. Or does it really not matter? And don't comment with a link. I've got the hint. I've already linked you.

Vivhyd said...

Hmm.. interesting Keshi... WHile one gets to know the perspective of the human being, one must remember that what they may present is an individual's perspective and not neccessarily may mean a lot of things. Usually in a book, the author presents many perspectives and we can think in many directions and choose which we feel is right.. here we will be limited to the human being's perspective... but then it depends on the human too.. if he/she happens to be very knowledgeable then we get to gain.. and same goes for the book.. I was assuming that the author usually is good engh to prsent the whole picture rather than one or 2 aspects...

Michelle said...


saby said...

i wud like to borrow Pithaly

dissect him from neck to groin
and find out wat shit lies in him

PS: i wanted to say Justine, but i didnt, he is a lott tuffer than me physically,
and i wud get beaten to a pulp if he finds my id and tracks me to my home, and i aint insured for physical assault

Me said...

your comment section is becoming interesting day by
BTW....sorry Keshi....after reading the comments of 'Jim' and 'saby' i forgot the topic of ur post......why not rename ur blog as "The Battlefield" ???

Justin Thyme said...

Wow. Now that is quite disturbing. Saby, my friend, are you okay? You seem rather violent today, moreso than most others.

All beings tremble before violence.
All fear death.
All love life.

See yourself in others.
Then whom can you hurt?
What harm can you do?

He who seeks happiness
By hurting those who seek happiness
Will never find happiness.

For your brother is like you.
He wants to be happy.
Never harm him
And when you leave this life
You too will find happiness.

-- Teachings of the Buddha
(from the DHAMMAPADA, translated by Thomas Byron)

tulipspeaks said...

an amazing piece of information k000kie..

well, while it might be informative to get 'borrow' a person, it would be rather difficult for a person like me..i might look talkative, but i find it difficult to jump into a conversation with a stranger right away!


Dewdrop said...

Oh but I cant bookmark, make notes, scribble, fold pages, hide papers/pics, sleep with and read the human at odd hours :(

Dewdrop said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dewdrop said...

This time I wont give you a link. Instead I'd urge you pick a copy of english grammar by Wren and Martin from the LI-VE-brary close to you :)

--pearl-- said...

i wish they had better in mayb someone who knows some language..teaches a language..spreads sumthin about some culture...a doc..for medical stuff..that kinda stuff.. i dunno...

Justin Thyme said...

Pearl - they have those. They're called "tutors."

Invincible said...

me 22nd ..
thts a fast improvement.

Invincible said...

takes me back to ur post 'Hello stranger! '

i guess those who r open to accepting others' view wud only volunteer to borrow the library person.

If you are so stubborn then no pt in going there n beating ur chest. Unfortunately highly opinionated ppl are greatly stubborn :( n It wud never work wth such intolerent peasized.

I guess if general people (which r never certain of anything n have no strong views about anything) become aware of such options, they wd b definitely benefited.

jkhkhjkh said...

Ah! DewDrop! Just as I thought! A question to which you did not have the answer:)

Dawn....सेहर said...

amazing thought provoking I was reading about...people dreaming...and there you go :)

awesome is the word :D


:) said...

uummm interesting post k000kie..
humans.. instead of books.. but u'll need an appt for that na.. u cant just drop in n pick wtr u want... like books..


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Did you dream it or read it?

Keshi said...

yeyyyyyyyyyy Puneet made it to the top! WOOHOO! Well-done Puneet! :):)

***I'll have to think about this !!!Will get back on this :-)

No probs, take ur own sweet time...

***But unlike books I cant take them home... relax...

Very true! That's one major drawback of this system. One other thing, I cant slam the book on the floor if I dun get something LOL!


Keshi said...

Jim AKA Saby can u PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ stop insulting my friends here?

Final Warning!


Keshi said...

LOL Puneet that was a good one!


Keshi said...

Thanks Justin and South. I felt everyone must know abt this iinteresting new concept. And you all being so smart and really aware of what's going around you, I knew this topic will be accepted with zest :)

Autumn heyy!
***one person would be speaking on behalf of a group...

yep true...that one person could be saying things only according to what he believes...good point!

Nitika WC to mah blog!
Yep it can work in a good way that ppl who r willing to discuss n learn will benefit. But ppl who r strongly prejudiced might not even use this concept...thanks girl!

lol Pithaly go to Grammar school then :)

Yes it's WOW isnt it p000nie...I was thinking how these ppl come up with these fascinating ideas!

LOL Avik I know...I hope Saby n Justin will patch up soon.


Keshi said...

Vuvhyd hugggggz!

***they may present is an individual's we will be limited to the human being's perspective...

So true. That's exactly why I think this might fail. And also it all depends on the way he/she talks, how receptive he/she is, how unbiased and how well-mannered he/she is...cos I believe having a good conversation is also a skill.

Yep a book should cover many aspects of a topic whereas one person maybe limited in what he/she can convey...

Thanks mate, great points there!


Keshi said...

**i wud like to borrow Pithaly

hmmm n I'm sure he wud like to borrow u...infact many here wud like to do that n u might never go bak to into the library lol!


Keshi said...

Justin that's an awesome excerpt fom Dhammapada...I have read most of it and I have a Sinhalese book on all of it...great for the mind and life...thanks!

~~~He who seeks happiness
By hurting those who seek happiness
Will never find happiness~~~

I want everyone to read that and gain something from it...there's a very deep message in there through very simple words...

Thanks Justin u continue to amaze me...


Keshi said...

am000nie huggggz sweety!

*** might look talkative, but i find it difficult to jump into a conversation with a stranger right away!...

Great point...that's why it migth not work. This whole project depends on how open, honest and verbal the 2 people u said if one person isnt all that keen a talker, then it's going to be lopsided n u may never gain anything from it...


LOL aww in that case we wont be discussin anything...we will just catch the latest movie n go for a long harbor cruise n then yummy lunch n coffee n a long walk on the beach :)

oh btw any prejudices against me, since u wanted to borrow me? lol!

Hugggies sweety!

Keshi said...

Dewdyyyyy huggggggz gurl!

***Oh but I cant bookmark, make notes, scribble, fold pages, hide papers/pics, sleep with and read the human at odd hours :(

Wow in what better way can anyone else put all the disadvantages of this concept than how Dewdy just did! Terrific summary of problems there Dewdy :)

When I was at Uni I used to borrow material n sometimes forget to return...I imagine we cant do that in this case lol!


Keshi said...

Pearlzzzzzzzz hugggggz how r we today? Hope all is good on ur side. I prayed for ya last nite...

***spreads sumthin about some culture...a doc..for medical stuff..

That's an awesome idea Pearly! Wow neva thought abt it that way...I think many other groups will sprout from this idea and will be available for reference. That was just a brilliant thought Pearlzzz!

Justin tutors cant be borrowed from the Library can they be?


Keshi said...

v000nie yeyyy a whopping 22! :)

***i guess those who r open to accepting others' view wud only volunteer to borrow the library person.

Yep thats what I thought too...but if someone's open to others' view, wud they be prejudiced in the first place?

***Unfortunately highly opinionated ppl are greatly stubborn :( n It wud never work wth such intolerent peasized.

LOL true! I dun think such ppl wud even think twice abt using the system. That's the unfortunate side of this.

***I guess if general people (which r never certain of anything n have no strong views about anything) become aware of such options, they wd b definitely benefited.

True. I think these ppl who r in the middle of opinions will be the ones who use this when actually what the system intends to do is educate the strongly prejudiced.

Thanks for that very insightful analysis v000nie...u r very coherent in ur thinking. Well-done!


Keshi said...

Dawn thanks hehe...people dreaming wow...tell me abt it gurl.

Pari thanks! Yeah u have to make appt...n it's called human borrowing :)

NV I didnt dream it lol it's really happening in a Swedish library. I read it in Daily Telegraph on Wed and I even found it on the net later on...go here...

Thanks folks for the very valued opinions.


Justin Thyme said...

LOL... no Kesh... tutors can't be "borrowed" although like the women in your post about your nighttime out on the town, they can be bought for an hour or so... lol. I was just trying to be funny (note to self: remember to add smiley face emoticon when trying to make a joke...)

Glad you liked the quote... it somehow seemed relevant.

Arz000n said...

This is something new to me...though I had read some novel which was some story about future when human beings get so tied up in job that they need to send "replacements" of themselves back to there family. But lookin at the way this concept has started, I dont think its that far.

Now I just wish, whatever I read abuot ALIEN's to come true pretty soon..


Z000n sad coz he is 40+ on this post :(

Justin Thyme said...

Hey Z000n, don't be said at being post 40+... when the numbers start to get that high anyway, no one pays much attention to what was said in the top 30 any longer... :-)

Arz000n said...

Yeah I know...same with my bloggy too :D

musings (m000nie) said...

hmmm human library... whoa nice idea... so who would i want to borrow???... big question...

how abt u k00kie??? thn we can go on n on chatting n chatting n chatting... lol we'll never know when the 45 mins r up...

or how abt d00die??? awww she can teach me loads... we'll have a dictionary session where she teaches me some very very good words... hehe

or maybe wordy... hehe cozz he writes awesome peotry.. n his blog is the only one which leaves me tongue tied... so for once i'll shut up...

hmm mayb z00nie... so that i can get his ex out of his head n put some sense in his 'sometimes' thickhead...

v00nie too... oh boy he remembers everything... hes the only one who got my fib.. hehe

awww how can i forget fay... lol she'll talk muzic muzic muzic... it'll b fun :)

hmmm strawy?? we'll talk helping other beings... shes a sweetheart :)

or wat abt n00nie n pearlie?? lol i wont talk n romance will b in the air... oh guys me promise to close my eyes n pretend i m asleep... hehe

zombie... lol she's the one who started this fib thing... urghhhh she taught me to lie so well only v00nie could guess... hehe

cheesy... lol we'll talk abt food food n food... or shall i say cheese cheese n cheese... hehe

n how abt icey... hehe she still doesnt get this fib thing i have written... shes utterly confused... so we have this confusion session wth her where i can confuse her more...

hmmm n thn pari... we can talk abt pariland :)

n of coz am00nie... lol we'll celebrate her b'day...

or how abt me borrowing myself??? hehe thn i will go on n on abt my cutie 00nies... wat say babez???...

can i borrow all of them??? :)

Invincible said...

Hey Keshi !!
Happy Raksha Bandhan :) :)

-- v00nie grinning ear to ear with keshi's smiles --

Keshi said...

LOL Justin hahaha funny indeed!

z000nie muahhhh! Hows u today? Hope all is well with ya.

***human beings get so tied up in job that they need to send "replacements" of themselves back to there family.

wow wut a weird concept! U know something I always feared it may the rate this world is becoming plastic n techy, I wouldnt be surprised if it really happens...gosh u always come up with the best information z000nie..u must be reading alot.
Dun worry abt being 40+, like Justin says the comments that come later always get to be viewed by many :)

Thanks guys!

Keshi said...

awwwwwwwn m000nie that was the sweetest, most thoughtful gesture of I was touched!

yep u n i will for sure forget abt the 45min or anything we r supoosed to be'll be off cruising the harbor or watching a movie that has cute hunks ;-) chat chat n chat n go out dining in Centrepoint maybe - wow what a time we'll have! Glad they dun have me in that library lol I wud be fired on the first day itself :)

Every other friend u mentioned here r so well-observed by u n shows how much u value them for who they r...thanks sweety!

And if I borrow u I will be staring into ur boooooooootful mesmerising eyes that u'll begin to think ahemmm...lolllz...that I'm someone from the movie GirlFriend LOL!

Thanks m000nie!

Arz000n said...

Im doing pretty good today. Hope I get to leave for early weekend back at home :D

Junk User said...

~~~He who seeks happiness
By hurting those who seek happiness
Will never find happiness~~~

Duh dah! Huh hah! This isn't appearing first in Dhammapada. Prahladian reciprocativity is the first such treatise (at least in what I know, 4000 yrs old even by English calendar, could be more) on such ideas (and it just does not stays at the surface of this idea -- goes deep within).

Keshi said...

v000nieee ur the first brother to wish me for Raksha Bandhan - thanks n same to u sweety!! huggggggz!

Now can someone tell me what I have to do on this day (Raksha Bandhan). lol I have no I tie something ard my brothers' arms signifying my love to them and appreciating their support n security for me? gosh I'm so lost...


Justin Thyme said...

Have a great time Kesh! Hope you find a hottie!!! (let me know if he has a brother... lol)

Keshi said...

Good on ya z000nie, I'm happy that ur happy :)

Junk_user we're not here to argue what's stated where as long as the quote helped us all to change in some small way it indicates so clearly, it hasnt helped u at sad.


Autumn Storm said...

Keshi, you are the nicest person!

One person could be a representative for a group and thereby help eradicate ignorance or prejudice, and it would certainly be better than none.

Justin Thyme said...

True (about the source, Kesh)... I merely quoted the text that I pulled this from, although as Junk has implied, it is certainly a part of pretty much every positively based religion or spiritual belief (it's one of those common themes we talked about earlier...). But you are right, Kesh, where exactly it was quoted first and by whom is really irrelevant - it is the message that is important.

Justin Thyme said...

And after really thinking about your post and the initial question that Autumn posed, I will just present this: if an alien came to this world and went to this library, borrowing you as representative of the human race, I am confident that you would show them all the best and the brightest that exists in us all.

Keshi said...

Autumn helloooo n thanks for the compliment :) same goes to ya hunny.

***it would certainly be better than none

Spot on!

Heyya Justin!
Yup source doesnt matter as long as we draw something from it. Otherwise we cud be fighting all day abt where it came from n really lose the message behind it.

**if an alien came to this world and went to this library, borrowing you as representative of the human race, I am confident that you would show them all the best and the brightest that exists in us all.

omahgoshhhh! That's the highest of honors I cud ever receive!! Thanks so much Justin, didnt expect it but it sure made my day...could say it made my week :) THANK U!

btw I'm afraid of aliens :( lol!


Justin Thyme said...

LOL... you don't have to be afraid of aliens, unless they are the butt-probing kind. Then you can just send them to me... I know how to deal with them (Justin says with a wry smile and a slight wicked twinkle in his eye)... :-)

Jim said...

, , heyyyyy Kesh,
if u need guidance on how to deal wid the creep above
, ,

visit here now

Jim said...

Autumn Storm said...
Keshi, you are the nicest person!

dats pure un-adulterated Bull shit!
the nicest person (irrespective of gender) is Saby, the creep

Jim said...

i must say M00nie is queer

he wants to borrow u
and all he wants to do is chat


Keshi said...

HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN to all my mates!

~~Takes her Rakhis n drives off in her stop wud be n000nie :)


Me said...

How could u do this to me ???
I dont want to be ur e-bro.....
u r my ..........

Me said...

I'm shocked......

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

loll avik bad luck mate

Keshi said...

~~attempts to cure Avik's shock...

lol dun be shocked Avik...even tho I tied Rakhis on u guys, I have my own rules for e-bros...I can still flirt ;-)


Pallavi said...

wat an interesting concept!!

jkhkhjkh said...

"Have a great time Kesh! Hope you find a hottie!!! (let me know if he has a brother... lol)"

Justin, I did not understand this. Could you explain? What's a hottie, and why do you wish to know if he has a brother?

Invincible said...

Hey Keshi,

me feeling psenti now ..

*stifling the emotions*
Hugzz my e-sis :) :)

n u dont have to tie me a rakhi for that. u know u have already made a difference.

-- v000nie

Me said...

Keshi u r my e-g/f.....
I've read this on Vandy's blog...

Agar aap
bus, train, plane ya kahin se bhi
aa jaa rahe hon
kisi mahila/ladki key haath míen
phool, dhaaga, chain yaa chamakti hui koi bhee vastu dekhein
toh turant wahan se bhaag jayein.
Yeh vastu RAKHI ho sakti hai.
Aapki zara si laaparwahi aapko BHAI bana sakti hai.

Bharat Sarkar dwaara purush-hit mein jaari !!

jkhkhjkh said...

Pallavi, welcome to Keshi's blog. You seem like you could do with some sleep though! I get 4 hours everyday. Is that enough?

jkhkhjkh said...

Saby! Was that you at my doorstep in the morning, with a knife!

Keshi said...

WC to mah blog Pallavi - great smile there!

v000nie aww huggggz n thanks!
**me feeling psenti now ..
hehehe cuttte!

Avik awwww e-gf :) woohoo btw which position in the list do I stand? lol!
Plzz translate the Hindi excerpt...wud luv to know wut it read.


Keshi said...

Pithaly why dun u just ans Qs directed to u only?


Vinu said...


A gud one or ok type post..First of all let me tell u the idea is gud..But its practical application seems to be very difficult to execute.

Somewhere i have read reading books is not effective like a debate because while reading we cant ask questions.

This LIVE-brary concept is innovative but......Its same as those debate session or talk shows. For such programs to be successful the person who we are borrowing shud be well knowledgabel perosn. Half knowledge is dangerous. So wtever it is i dont think this concept is gonna click in a major way....

In old times these passing of informations were only thru mouth.But they found it to be very circumscribed when the receiving end became large and more informative...So came books and other forms into picture..So a livebrary is hardly to cop up with those demands,i guess...

But lets see..always hope for the best

Lets see.

Vinu said...

And more thing keshi..

I wud like to thank Justin for that great words from Budha..Cheers..

saby said...

heyyyyy Pith-th00ly,
unlike these wierdos at IT i no

ur a football fanatic

do visit

saby said...

and Pith-th00ly,
give a deaf ear to Kesh
like i do

, , lets have funn in here
and not just thelogical/physocolgical/feel-o-so-physical crap
, ,

jkhkhjkh said...

Dear Justin,

(if I may use that salutation;)

I have been closely following your responses to Saby's comments. You
see, Saby is what is known as a Beta Tester, or more implicitly, a Blog Personality Beta Tester. The nature of the provocation is not
important. Its our response which is important. And he is here to test that. Or, at least, that is the best use one can make of him, because, no one in the world is a useless human being. No one.
Now, I have read a lot of books too, and finally kept them all aside. I dont remember what's in the Dhammapada said, but it seems as if you are a man of extreme violence, clad and coated in Wren and Martin like an armour, if you get what I mean. I have met many like you, great in quoting, but the first to get affronted so miserably and uncontrollably on what you see as a lesser human being. Your comments on Saby's post show it. Please, do not misunderstand me. Its only fair that you listen to all sides of the issue. It will only make us better human beings. I hope you do not take affront on this assessment, and its merely my
point of view, and for all I know, I may be totally wrong, though I am rarely so.

To see effective use of this Beta Tester known as Saby, I recommend
that you visit I learnt a lot from there. Its a blog by another maniac called Caraf.

And, btw, we all know that Saby, Jim, Bostious, etc, are all Saby. I had a lot of laughs at your announcing this, I must say, and probably, many must have also been giggling.

I would also recommend your attending the "Anger Management" concert by Eminem, and I think that would be a great help, and faster than wasting your life reading books, and tying yourself up in knots.

Yours Truly,

jkhkhjkh said...

Keshi, I'll make sure that I will do that in the future.

Keshi said...

Goodday Vinu!

***In old times these passing of informations were only thru mouth.But they found it to be very circumscribed....

that's a very interesting reminder of how books in a way we might be going back to the past...could it be?

Thanks for that Vinu...u always come up with a very interesting viewpoint...


Anonymous said...

Yo keshi, i have replied to the question u asked in my space.

Anonymous said...

Yo keshi, i have replied to the question u asked in my space.

Keshi said...

Saby, Pithaly n Justin:

I would like it if you three stop fighting. It's really not worth it putting each other down. 'Cos it defeats the soul purpose of being here as e-siblings and it dont do justice to all the posts we write abt loving one another and seeing everyone as equal.

I have read all of ur comments to one another and Saby u have to admit that u started it. Everyone is not going to be like u or respond to u the same way someone else did. If u can understand this u would stop testing people's patience and resilience.

Pithaly I don't think u should be involved at all. Justin did not mention u nor question u. Dont just take Saby's side 'cos he's ur friend. That's unfair isnt it? If I were u I wudn't judge someone by their vulnerability. And testing anyone's patience isnt fair, especially if they r not ur close friends.

Justin I'm sorry that u had to be subjected to this in my blog. I apologise on behalf of anyone who hurt ur feelings. But I'm glad ur handling it like a sport and I sincerely hope u will continue to visit me here as a true mate.

Thanks all n have a safe n sound weekend.

jkhkhjkh said...

Thank so much Keshi, for the e-rakhi. Its as precious as a real one. I really appreciate it. You may not know, how emotional this ritual is. And btw, the brother has to give a gift to his sister for tying a rakhee. I would need to think now,how to do it in text! Oh! I know! Foolish me!

jkhkhjkh said...

I would need to respond. I am not taking anyone's side. And I do know that Saby started it, as usual! And I dont like it either. And I have told him so many times. But after reading some of Justin's comments, they exceeded even the norms of Saby in terms of viciousness.

Surely, you need to condemn that also, not condone it, which you haven't.

No more comments on this issue from me! Promise!

word_smith said...

i cant believe it!!!!!

i hope the library and u will forgive me if i say that i find this whole idea ridiculous.its asinine and revolting to have people parade themselves the way this thing u say is being carried borrow a man.........

the idea of spreading knowledge is good;admirable.but why should the man about him the knowledge being seeked go to distribute his personal stats to anybody?is he supposed to peddle his dignity just to reform a few prejudiced idiots who in all probability would take the occasion as an oppertunity to even further vent their prejudices?

before implementing this scheme;did anyone ever think about the repurcussions this any incident may provoke?what if a gay-hater borrows a gay?what iof things go horribly wrong?or do the authorities of the library think they are living in the fable fairytale lands of hand christian anderson?

the idea;to me;i admit i might be being overly cynical,but isnt that a reflection of the times we live in?;the idea to me reeks strrongly of a hare-brained would be glad if it succeded.but it would be better if it were stopped right away.because no imam needs to advertise himself to clear any prejudices about himself.if such exercises workes;why do sikhs and muslims become targets of hate waves against jehadis?they;the people of this part of the world;have perhaps more reason to hate them than the west people.then why?

it sounds strongly like the truth expressed in the song THE AMERICAN IDIOT.

p.s.>i am sorry.i never was so stongly voiced on ur blog.perhaps i might have been too harsh;but the topic incensed;before u feel offended;let me offer my apologies.

tulipspeaks said...

aww in that case we wont be discussin anything...we will just catch the latest movie n go for a long harbor cruise n then yummy lunch n coffee n a long walk on the beach :)

oh btw any prejudices against me, since u wanted to borrow me? lol!

that would be great and surely something i am looking forward dear...

nope..nothing prejudice against you my sweety...


jkhkhjkh said...

Word Smith, for the benifit of all mankind, here are the lyrics of "The American Idiot". Nice too.

Don't wanna be an American idiot.
Don't want a nation under the new mania
And can you hear the sound of hysteria?
The subliminal mind f*** America.

Welcome to a new kind of tension.
All across the alienation
Where everything isn't meant to be okay.
Television dreams of tomorrow.
We're not the ones meant to follow
For that's enough to argue.

Well maybe I'm the faggot America.
I'm not a part of a redneck agenda.
Now everybody do the propaganda.
And sing along to the age of paranoia

Welcome to a new kind of tension.
All across the alienation.
Where everything isn't meant to be okay.

Television dreams of tomorrow.
We're not the ones meant to follow.
For that's enough to argue.

Don't wanna be an American idiot.
Under the nation controlled by the media.
Information age of hysteria.
Calling out to idiot America.

Welcome to a new kind of tension.
All across the alienation.
Where everything isn't meant to be okay.

Television dreams of tomorrow.
We're not the ones meant to follow.
For that's enough to argue.

Boldnbeautiful said...

gud one kookie. concept ain't bad. wish i had a Live- Brary for material science subject in college.
such a bore sub, whenever I opened to read went off to sleep he he he

saby said...

the American Idiot ??

Just.... ???

saby said...

Psssstttt !
keshi the secret to hitting 100 comments is controversy

u shud be tanking me for sparking dis stoopid debate

saby said...

and heyyy guys,
i just smoked the peace pipe wid Justine

i am through wid fighting
i am through wid sick jokes

i just started
counting the stars above

yesss guys,
, i am in LOVE,

musings (m000nie) said...

k00kie... one request... i want u to get a new post as soon as ur comments reach 50ish... awww its so difficult reading all of these... lol n then all r fighting out here just to be read...

oh n abt this rakhi thing... urghhh dont u know how its done??... ok let me explain... sis goes to meet her bro with sweets n rakhi... applies tika on forehead n ties rakhi... n thn gives him sweets... thn the best thing happens... he gives u a gift... dont u dare say no to it... its ur birthright... hehe... so imagine with ur one statement calling everyone ur e-bros u've got a birthright to loads of gifts...

ok guys... all k00kies e-bros... keep ur gifts ready me coming to pik them up tonite... :)

saby said...

saby said...

only 6 more to go
lets see who scores wid kesh dis time ....

saby said...


i sure hope its not Justine

Jim said...

fuut, maka chance dee

--pearl-- said...

~I prayed for ya last nite...~

that was soo touching.That was d sweetest thing eva.thank you soo much.
hugzzzzzz muah

n btw ur comments @ 95? wowww datz lyke awesum :)

julia said...

soggle dahle vochat
Kesh lesbian asa

te make mog korta

saby said...

Juliaaaaaaaa !
kidhe mhuntai go

tu maka mog kori nai ?

saby said...

, , OH SHEEET !, ,

Julia scored

Jim said...

any way dat was funnnn !

though some guys will say dat a 54 yo man must not act like a child

Dewdrop said...

Seems like your blog is a place for everyone to shout their minds out, be it politely, rudely, sarcastically or jokingly. Would you mind if I too use your space to shout out loudly ...
"Guys please stop associating me with a dictionary. I aint no lexiconist. I know you folks just tease me for the sake of fun, but I think its being streched a bit cos every new blogger I come across already has this in mind for me, wont name anybody but would appreciate if you can stop this furor, Thanks much!"

jkhkhjkh said...


saby said...

heyyyy Pith-th00ly,
wasnt me
i didnt tease DEWDY
i used to

but dat was a long time ago

saby said...

i bet these m00nies-roonies-shi00oes dont ever get off their fat asses to play HOCKEY- FOOTBAL, etc

they just on their butt and cheer Sachin Tendulkar

when they are not teasing poor DEWDY

Paul said...

Terrific. I was working in an elementary school in Arlington, VA, just outside DC, until a couple years ago. The diversity was so great that prejudice appeared not to exist. There was simply too much contact among people from around the world to foster it, and anyone in that environment who was bigoted pretty much had to keep their mouth shut!

jkhkhjkh said...

Hey Justin Thyme!

Just visited your blog, man! Those pictures....!! Man..! and Lisa Presley!!.... Whoo! Way to go man!

And that one, of you sitting on the tree......!! Too much....!!

btw, the next time I visit, I'll post a comment.

jkhkhjkh said...

Something I found very interesting on Justin Thyme's logsite:


"Recently, the inane and hurtful comments of someone online had started to bother me. At first, I could not understand what I had done to warrant such a harsh, rude and abusive outburst from someone I had never met and had never even conversed with. Immediately I recognized this as an insecurity within me - a basic human need and desire to be liked. Knowing that I cannot make everyone in the world like me, I can only be myself and be a person that I like... and then suddenly that person's opinion no longer mattered or affected me.

But then I realized that these rude and disrespectful remarks towards myself and to other people were, in a sense, equally as rude and disrespectful to someone I consider a friend. Albeit unintentional on the part of a narrow-minded nationalist, his disrespect to my friend angered me. I can take a lot tossed at me, but I don't tolerate it when someone is disrespectful towards a friend of mine."


jkhkhjkh said...

Hi Keshi!!...................!!!!!

strawy said...

aawwww i m last ???

PuNeEt said...

hey Keshi...
I guess u know by now whom I wanna meet at Li-VE-brary

What say ;-)

Arz000n said...

K000kie me reached home for da weekend...but now will not be hearing u for next 2 days...
will miss ya for sure....
Day 1 has already started :(

Me said...

114th comment : stop commenting now.

Me said...

115th : New Post...

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

wow really insightful keshi..

iw ud love to talk to sumone about any info i need. it'll be soo quick. no switchin pages. no gettin bookmarks, no spilin coffee on books. no late fees. i mean its all there for 45 mins. why not. wud love it completely

peace out
and oh yaah. go chek out ur crowny thingie on my blogy

saby said...

, , AVIK!
lets spam her blogg
and make another 100
, ,

i tink she will be very thrilled

saby said...

and wats PISS OUT supposed to mean ICEY ?

saby said...

u shud be saying PISS OFF , Dummy !

saby said...

i am just itching to make another wise crack on Justine,
but i wont

i promised him i wont
i tink i will take on Pith-th00ly

saby said...

no, Rohit is safer
he is only 21
and dont have much muscles

and PEARLY is in Goa
i am scared of Pearly

she dont hit back
but she just sits down and cries

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

saby darling..
its not PISS OUT
its called
PEACE OUT.. u know peace.. not piss. m pretty sure u know wat m talkin bout. rite sweety..



musings (m000nie) said...

new post new post...

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

where are ya keshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
mee miss yaaa.

saby said...

heyyyyy Guys,
we loosing sight of Keshi's post
di is turning into a tower of Babel

as Keshi was saying
if u had the choice of 3 books to take home
which wud u choose?

, ,The Art of Living

The Art of Bull-shitting, or

The Art of flirting
, ,

saby said...

ICEY, personally i prefer

, , Dafa ho jao yaha se
Kamine kutthe
, ,

hindi lang has the best cus words
i dont why desi guys prefer Amerikaan or British

like as in


saby said...

and frustration translates into

, , K.L.P.D., ,

saby said...

please expand dat

saby said...

, Psssstt! ,
guys keshi just posted dis

saby said...

today, i want to explore the limits of insanity

normal life is normally boring

saby said...

the best part of dis is

there aint no limits

saby said...

heyyyyyy !
i want to see some asses in here
i want to play football

saby said...

Main Pagal nahin hoo
banna chata

saby said...

, bad news for smokers ...,

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

shut up saby..
u be bloody phool all u want. i really dun care much..

keshiiiiiiiiiii where re yaa.. me miss yaaaaa..

icey leaves sobbin

saby said...

holds ICEY close in his ruff arms
dont cry baby

is dis about death and dying ??
, , Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again after a moment or lifetime is certain for those who are friends. , ,
-Richard David Bach (b. 1936), American author
Quote WorldFamous Quotes at

saby said...

, i sure hope ICEY marries RAM_SARAN BABU, then she will find her roots ,

saby said...

, and tank God for saturdays and sundays,

else we wud have gott 4 more new posts by now

saby said...

, That 79-year-old priest from St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City has resigned after allegations that he had an affair. He said he was stepping down to spend more time with his girlfriend.,
- Jay saby Leno

yess guys, its a new blogg
first guy to visit gets a prize

he will be interviewed by Shekar Suman

saby said...

, any Aamir Khan's fans here ?,

julia said...

watsa matter
evry body asleep ???

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...



i cudnt think of anything to comment only!!

jkhkhjkh said...

Ya! So why dont we copy-paste it into our blogs!

Jim said...

Great idea Pith-th00ly!

Anonymous said...
4u2nvau/Rohit said...
Saby do you have any self-respect at all? After getting humiliated and abused by me left, right and centre you come back asking for more.

I'll put it into simpler words for you...


I know you don’t like me and I’m not asking for you to like me, all I’m asking is for you to stay outa my blog. I’d really appreciate it if you would.

Thank you.

DAMN! hehe see this lotta guys hate you saby!

6:21 PM
Anonymous said...
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Jim said...

, Now Kesh u can see why i dont like dis kid ROHIT 4u2NOW and for ever more,

Jim said...

, Bee-Bop-a-Lulla
dont be crazy

like Keshi

Jim said...

, Daisy, Daisy
i am soo crazy

all for the love of u
coz i no ur crazy too

like Keshi

Jim said...

how many more we require to make 200 ?

i cant count
and all i have is 11 fingers

if i put my hands in my pocket

Jim said...

keep hitting Giys,
the pay off
, when we do 200,

we get to catch her by her hands and feet
and give her 100 bumps

Yeah , i said 100 !
coz she weighs a tonne
a metric tonne, which is heavier

Jim said...

, Relax guys,
time for a commercial break

Anonymous said...
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you get 6 comments

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Manish said...

Amazing concept really Keshi!

Keshi said...

Ok Guys Im bakkk :) Gosh I'm so touched by all of u missing me just for 2 sorry I kept u guys busy here trying to bring me bak to life lol! But yeah I'm here...weekend was full...Sat was my car-cleaning day...Sun was lunch for some of mum's friends, and then off to cuzn's to see the cutey pies...I cant spend one weekend w.o. seeing them...

Thanks guys for all the comments...shows how much u guys care for me...z000nie, Puneet, m000nie, Icy and Saby muahhhhhh!


Keshi said...

Deipsss hugggz that was a powerful argument mate! wowww! U r absolutely right abt someone who in all probability would take the occasion as an opportunity to even further vent their prejudices! That's why I stated in my post abt what if I didnt like the person and that might further my can happen and that's a drawback of this system.

I dun totally condone this concept...there r good n bad points but yeah it will work between 2 sane people - but if both r sane then there wouldnt have been any prejudices anyways lol! :):)

Good points there Deips, thanks! I love long and powerful arguments like that so no need to apologise matey :) Infact I thank u for enlightening us with ur wisdom...


Keshi said...

am000nie thanks :)

B&B lol wake up gurl...u need tp pass the subject na :) hehehe...I know how boring some subjects can be...I used to daydream in lectures lolllz!

m000niee muahhhhhhhhhh! Thanks for that well-covered explanation abt Raksha Bandhan - hehe thanks for telling me abt the gifts too lol now I'm gonna collect em...goshhh did u get em already for me sweety? We can share
~~Keshi rubs her palms together in glee... :)


Keshi said...

Pearly that was just a very small gesture from my side...I really hope ur coping alright n that ur keeping well...take care sweety.

Dewdy go for it gurl :) whoaaa some good whipping there d000die...serves the 'prejudiced' right hehe. hope they wont do this to u again.

Paul that's great...way to go! lol the bigoted had to shut their mouths - that was funny haha! Thanks mate.


Keshi said...

Puneet lolz u wanna borrow me ha...hehehe...well a li-ve-brary job wud be too boring for once u borrow me I'd like to stay 'missing' lolll!

z000nieeee huggggggggggggz! U ok today? Hopefully u had a wonderful weekend...aww u missed me - that's not fair...dun miss me too much...well I missed u all alot too...but weekends r so full I hardly get time to log in from home...well I hope ur happy now that I'm bak :) smilezzzzz...

Hugggz to mah sweet e-bros ;-)

Keshi said...

Avik matey dun u realise most of the comments r from no wonder it reaches 100s lol!

Manish yep new concept but dunno if it wud work :)

Icyyy muaaaaaaaaaaaaaah sweety! Dun u cry I'm here awww babez...
So u like the I have someone who likes it, that's great! I guess ur a sweet person u wud handle it well...but wut abt the baddies...they might actually come to annoy the other person more, like Deips stated...anyways glad to know u r one person who wud like to try it...I'm too :)

Cheesy hugggggz sweety!


Keshi said...

Saby n Pithaly ok u 2 sort it out with Justin...I'm out of this war :(


Keshi said...

m000nie aww lol new post will come soon...hang ten darlzzz...

k000kie-with-a-pencil :)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Hmm, wouldn't that be the same as a teacher or a tutor maybe?

Keshi said...

dun think so Kroopz...I think it takes special qualities to have a decent n intelligent convo with another, especially when u have conflicting ideas abt something...

Thanks Kroopz!

Me said...

new post !!! new post !!!

jkhkhjkh said...

Apologies in advance. Ignore, if it hurts your whatever gets hurt.

KrOOpa (if you dont mind, Keshi),

A teacher intends to convince you about what he thinks is right, ie., shove the crap which is in his brain into yours. And that too, mostly to a person who is innocent, say, like a child.

Now, once your basket is filled up, you are now no longer innocent, but full of crap (points of view). No matter whether the opinion is about religon or the flavour of Cola. Now, you go to the library and borrow a person who has opposing "views" or opposing crap filled in the brain. (If its the same viewsa s yours, then all that both of you will be doing, is nodding to each other, "yes", yes".

And then you "try" to understand the other's "point of view", i.e., the crap filled in his brain. And you keep doing this for a lifetime. And when your breath is about to leave you, you suddenly realise that you actually realised shit. (nothing). And you die in misery, not wantng to leave the "crap" (point of view). Or, you die peacefully, taken in by the illusion.

Opinions have absolutely no utility whatsoever.

btw, "you" and your" does not refer to KrOOpa here.

Now, KrOOPa's response will be, "Pithaly, I don't agree with your point of view". See?, its that predictible.

Come on guys! Got to make this 200! Its easy. Keshi, please dont post a new post. About Justine, I'll take care of him. Relax.

jkhkhjkh said...

And Saby, quit bugging Rohit. He's a nice guy, with a great sense of humour, and so also is Justine. Now, it looks like I'll have to be the one to undo the damage, since Keshi seems to have slithered away!

jkhkhjkh said...

Dear Justine,

I guess, by now, you may have caught on as to what's been going on. However, if you have not, I'll put it in black and white.

Keshi and Saby are great friends.

Saby is a nut.

Saby is a good friend of mine too.

Justine is good friend of Keshi.

Saby claims his liberty to post and comment whatever he feels like on blogs. Its his interpretation of the free world.

I responded for exactly the same reason you did. Saby is my friend. And now, Keshi is my sas too.

In due time, you would need to learn to either:

1. Ignore Saby.
2. Respond with wry smile on your face.
3. Continue the relationship as an altercation.

I would expect that with this simple and plain explanation, you will comment acknowledging that you have understood. If, however, you are still feeling a little uncomfortable or shy to respond immediately, please do so when Keshi posts her new post, by which time, this post would be history.

(Who reads yesterday's posts? Who wants yesterday's girls?) heh.

Now, lemme outta this madhouse.

Keshi said...

Pithaly thanks now u can

Saby n u r some real bullies...jeeeez!


Justin Thyme said...

Pith -

I only comment because you asked... but I have deliberately remained out of this conversation for the past several days. By the time you intervened, Saby and I had already made peace (in a more appropriate venue outside of Keshi's blog). He apologized to me, I apologized to him and we moved on - as Saby said, the peace pipe has been smoked. I simply let the conversation continue as it was because I did not feel the need to either respond or to be drawn back into the appearance of a battle.

And Pith - it's Justin, not Justine.

Love and light.

jkhkhjkh said...

Great Justin,

All's well that end's well - Shakes Pear

And its Pithaly, not Pith. You wouldn't want to know what Pith means in hindi.