Sunday, August 28

Recurring Broken

Every experience in life makes you either stronger or weaker. Every experience brings out a new side of you. Every experience leaves you either happier or sadder. The point I'm trying to get across is that every experience changes you forever - yes forever. You will never be the same once you have passed that experience. What you were yesterday will not be today - because you have touched, smelled, seen, felt, heard, tasted,read something new and that makes you a new person. Have you ever thought about how much we change everyday? You may not even realise that every little thing changes you - and I don't mean physically. Emotionally you become a new person with every experience. In other words, you dont always have 'you' with 'you'. Either you become a grown person or a broken dream. If you want to grow from it, then whatever it is that you face sleep over it - tomorrow you will see a different view, cos tomorrow you're going to be a new 'you'. If you feel broken, then know that you can mend it and you'll see another new 'you'. Just like how a tree that loses a leaf will always get new leaves...just like how Spring brings back life that was faded in Winter...every good thing comes back again and again if you give it a chance - and yes it will be in between broken dreams. Life is that.

Once I saw a beautiful soul I started to feel alive...once I heard a sad tune I realised my tormenting curse...once I read a sweetheart's note I knew I will be loved...once I smelled the Jasmines I sensed some peace of mind....once I felt the pangs of lust I sensed my real self...once I tasted a tiny dewdrop I befriended nature....once I read a powerful speech I reached the peaks of strength...and then once I touched Poison Ivy I started to wither away...and once I looked deep down my heart I knew I could live today...

~~Dedicated especially to my dearest and amazing blog-mate Autumn, and each and everyone who can relate to what I'm saying...

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tulipspeaks said...

me the first...awwww

Keshi said...

aww tulip babez first in tulip post na...good on ya yeyyy!

ok have a read sweety...I'm off now -published n out :)

Catch u all tomorrow...

tulipspeaks said...

Have you ever thought about how much we change everyday?
yes, i do dear..there are so many instances in our life which will teach us a lesson or we are moving on, we tend to bring it all together with us..this make us what we are today..

Either you become a grown person or a broken dream
if u go through my ancient posts, you will come across a 'wierd' amu..who will be so vulnerable at one point, and strong on the other day.. :)

If you feel broken, then know that you can mend it and you'll see another new 'you'.
i am still trying to mend it jovial as i may sound..i am aching inside..thats a truth..

with buddies like you and other blogmates..i really hoping for a new experience every day :)


PuNeEt said...

Not bad
Technically second...

Autumn Storm said...

"That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger".
I don't believe in regrets (most of the time - falter and think that way once in a while) - no use worrying about things that cannot be undone and so forth. Personally, I am grateful for all of the big experiences, good for bad. The one in particular, you are thinking of when you mention me (Thank you, sweetheart for thinking so of me), I can only be thankful for. I even have some love in my heart for him, since he did give me the two biggest gifts (one directly, one indirectly) of my lifetime. The first is Maria, the second is my self-esteem). I would not have had Maria, if it were not for him, and I doubt I would have had the strength to build the second, so...I love him eternally, or at least, shall never be sorry in the big picture sense for running into him.
Good comes from bad situations, usually in the form of what we learn from them. Granted, we may not always learn so-called positive behaviour - but the lessons learnt have a way of always being most useful.
Some are lucky in love - they marry their first. For the rest of us, we will probably have to kiss an awful lot of toads - but each time we do, we learn more about what we really want, and so when we find it, we will firstly be able to recognize it straight-off and also appreciate.
Life's experiences shape and mould, and just as with knowledge, there always seems to be a higher purpose for the lessons we learn.
Live and learn, and life is great, isn't it? Through good times and bad - there's always the quintessential beauty of life.
Great post, Keshi.

Me said...

Yeah ...u r right k000kie.... repeated defeats have made me weaker and sadder ... I've now decided not to take part in quizzes ...

Michelle said...

wooo hoooo i'm not last!!!!!!

cool m gettin a hold of this!!!

neway kesh...
yes...ppl do change...i know i have...dunno fo' da good o da bad tho :(

yet another awesome post gurl!!

i juz cant get nuff of ur posts!!

rock on !!!


Me said...

Many a man has finally succeeded only because he has failed after repeated efforts. If he had never met defeat he would never have known any great victory......

Learning by experience often is painful- and the more it hurts, the more you learn.

Trée said...

Keshi, you are so very right. Every moment literally millions of cells within our bodies die and millions more are born. They say, every seven years every cell in our bodies had been replaced.

The mind has what is call plasticity, it changes, grows or shrinks, our entire life. Every experience changes us. Each sight, smell, taste, sound, thought actually changes the makeup, the neurons in our brains. Literally, we are not the same from one moment to the next.

In a sense, we are like time, ever changing, ever something different. This is true for everything. Everything changes in every moment. We don't see it, but even the paper of the book we are reading is decaying in our hands.

In my mind today is keshi and autumn. They were not there a few weeks before, but they are there now. The memories in my brain contain them both and the thoughts they have brought. I have new and different nerual connections because of both of them and countless others too.

We change we every breath. When we exhale we give something of ourselves to the environment and with each inhale we take in and become part of our environment.

I think we are much like fish, only with air. Where does the air stop and we begin. Don't know. Good question.

Nothing stays the same--ever. Can't. Just the nature of the universe we live in. Maybe the next universe will be differnt, who knows these things.

Good news is, if you don't like your present situation, no worries. It will, like life, change.

Good post. I will stop rambling now. ;-)

Pallavi said...

"Just like how a tree that loses a leaf will always get new leaves..."
With life we lose friends and get new friends.... we lose opportunities and gain new ones..and much more.......for a reason!

Nice blog Keshi!

Arz000n said...

Since when u sarted blogging on weekends too??

Not fair....not fair :(

Z0000nie is angry on K000kie :(

Sonia said...

of course we relate. that's what we're all going thru isn't it?

strawy said...

"failure is the key to success"
do i need to say anything else ???

.......st000nie .......

--pearl-- said...

awww come u come up wit such great stuff?

yeh its true..every lil thing changes us...a smile of an innocent baby,d face of a beggar..everythin can stir emotions within us..dat can coz us to change our outlook towards things..

awesum post...!! tc ..luv ya...

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

lol avik I totally agree with you there.

Nice post Kesh and I understand everything your trying to point out.

saby said...

'What you were yesterday will not be today - because you have touched, smelled, seen, felt, heard, tasted,read something new and that makes you a new person.'

, and then i saw her face
Now i am a believer

cudnt .......
if i tried

saby said...

Trée said...
'Every moment literally millions of cells within our bodies die and millions more are born. They say, every seven years every cell in our bodies had been replaced.'


dis guy Tree is not human
must be made of wood as all trees are

he has a wooden heart too

saby said...

With life we lose friends and get new friends....

be my friend girl?
dis Kesh has too many suitors

i dont stand a chance

saby said...

, And AVIK is a loosa,

like me

saby said...

when u talk of change
u must read Bod Dylan Lyrics

, to change though
u need an open mind

am glad she and Janice dont go eeeewww as much as yesterday

soon u girls will be mothers
and the next gen will challenge all our age old beliefs

about virtue, good and evil
u cant be dogmatic about yr beliefs

u will have to do a re-tink about yr value systems

Nitika said...

nice post keshi
after reading your heart-touching thoughts i can only say "change is wounderful"
have a great time

musings (m000nie) said...

wonderful post k00kie...

n ur rite... little things in our life change us... we always remember the big changes in our life... little things r seldom noticed...

my post on 'unexpected smiles' just tried to convey what ur saying here... little things, little smiles we forget...

one more thing id like to say here is that... many a times we remember the bad things that have happened to us... worse things r never away from our minds... but what about the good ones??...what about the smiles that people have passed on to us... do we recollect them????

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

new post grrrr8!

in a yelling...will check out later...sorry! was here to comment! damn ma mom!


firacub said...
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The Gome said...

hey kesh,

Autumn Storm said...

Hi Keshi - left you a message back home (1st post of the day), read it when you get the chance.

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW....this post of urs has really touched!!!

beautiful & amazingly written dear...


Invincible said...

Is that life ?
Learning/Living Indiscriminately For Ever

Learning every moment,
till death,
changing !
Every moment offers a new element to learn, feel, perceive ..

The time .. it ticks over .. incessantly. Spawning a new moment every moment.

Keshi said...

am000nie it's Monday n I wanna give u a big huggggg!!

**as jovial as i may sound..i am aching inside..thats a truth...

u know amu I just know that many of mah blogmates have a broken heart...I just know it cos I've been there too...we all speak the same language cos we have all been there...but the best part is we all r willing to put em aside n smile, even for a while...I think that's amazing n it takes great strength to smile through tears...that resembles hope n courage...I wish u all the best in wuteva ur dealing with bay but know that I'm here for u anytime u wanna talk...u know mah email...and u can trust me for life...luv ya gal!


Keshi said...


**first is Maria, the second is my self-esteem...

wow u put it so nicely! This is why I admire u...u've gone thru wutnot but u dun dwell on em...u have grown so much from it all n ur a blessing to us too...cos u show us exactly what is imp to worry abt...n ur an emblem of courage n strength of a woman...i simply luv ya...


Keshi said...

lol Avik aww huggggs matey! Cheer up...:)

**and the more it hurts, the more you learn..

Couldnt have said it any better Avik, thanks!!

heyyy Ice Ice Baby ;-) U cant get enuff of mah posts? ok do one thing...get to Sydney n u can chat with me over coffee, lunch n dinner n then u'll have enuff of me for the year lol! Huggggz!

Pallavi hiiii sweety!
**we lose opportunities and gain new ones

Exactly! Something needs to be lost to realise it's value and work on it to gain it back in many other ways...ur wise beyond ur years Pallavi. When I lost 2 good friends last year, I was feeling awful (even tho they were at fault)...but later on I realised that I have to muster up some courage n move on cos I didnt do anything wrong...after abt 6months they both rang me n begged for forgiveness...I forgave em long time ago but I cant forget...and to be honest I think I can do with better opportunites...n I'll wait.


Keshi said...

Tre that was brilliant info! Gosh I was so glued to ur comment reading every bit of it so carefully...u seem to read alot n know alot Tre.

**In my mind today is keshi and autumn...

I could say that is the highest honor I could ever be in ur mind, that too a brilliant mind!

**Good news is, if you don't like your present situation, no worries. It will, like life, change...

Thanks for putting that so's exactly wut I intended to convey thru mah post...lovely msg thanks!!


Keshi said...

aww z000nie I was so bored Sun morning n I quickly posted this after visiting Autumn's bloggy...usually I write instantly...I never plan mah posts...within 15mins im I got the thought that I must write this for Autumn n for many who might relate to this...n I did :) How u been babester?

Sonia yes indeed! But some ppl dun think they 'change' easily...they do but the dun realise...thanks!

st000nie hugggz!!!
**failure is the key to success...
Spot on hunny that's it!

Pearly muahhh!
**how come u come up wit such great stuff...
hehe they r not great stuff...just usualy life stuff...besides knowing all of u has brought the best out of me...tell me w.o. u guys how will my passion be triggered?

n0000nie huggggz thanks matey!

Nitika heyyya...
**change is wounderful...
It sure is...if life is a bed of roses right throughout how emotionally dead we wud be na... thanks :)

lol Cheesy do ur mum's job first...take care sweety :)


Keshi said...


**and then i saw her face
Now i am a believer...cudnt if I tried..

lol Saby wut d u mean? n who d u mean? :)

**dis Kesh has too many suitors
n who r they? ;-)

**i dont stand a chance
hmm so u mean ur not my friend? :*(

**to change though u need an open mind...
I agree...but being open is pretty subjective isnt it...everyone cant be at the same level of has to be done gradually n if we can be a lil bit open, then that's better than be totally closed...

btw I still go 'ewwwww' at certain thing Saby lolllz!


Keshi said...

m000nie muahhhhhhhh baby!

yep I rem ur Unexpected Smiles post...that awesome post was an eye-opener for many...

**worse things r never away from our minds... but what about the good ones?...

SO TRUE! ppl always cling to something bad that's so hard for em to forget that but it's so easy for em to forget good's strange na?? I have a tendency to cling on to misdeeds too...I forgive but hard for me to forget...but ofcourse I move on...but at the same time when lovely things happen to me I dun cling on to em...u reminded me of how bad a habit I have m000nie...goshhhhh I'm learning so much from all of ya...I feel so blessed to have u lot giving me all these great thoughts...thank U!! Huggggz!


Keshi said...

Fira matey,

**U just gave up on me too soon girl....

When did I say this?

**but just think before you say that I am soo busy that I dont even have time to care about my friends.

**And this??

**but till date never got the reply that you promised

I DID reply with a few details abt me didnt I? Ok i didnt know u were expecting more emails from wut??

**I will not reply ONLY if I do not have access to the net, am sick, got hit by a tragedy or worst... DEAD.

goshhh Im not gonna say anything here...

Tho u say ur not angry u sound pissed off...I'll give u time to come bakk to normal...


Keshi said...

Gomess thanks!

Autumn I will check now thanks!

Dawn thanks hunny, the beautiful soul...


Keshi said...


**Every moment offers a new element to learn, feel, perceive ...

yes every moment is a new chapter in ur you...till death every moment makes a new you...isnt that amazing??

Thanks matey for that thought-provoking comment!

firacub said...
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tulipspeaks said...

k000kie..thanks for the encouraging don't even have to say it..i know you will be there.. :)

**am000nie gives a big hugggggg to k000kie

Keshi said...

aww Hugggi am000nie!


Keshi said...

Fira as far as I know I havent done anything wrong...
**Its just your comment in ur last post...

the comment I left for u n Pithaly? Well that stated that Im revealing the quiz results cos u n Pithaly seemed busy n I cant keep others waiting anymore...thats all - nothing more. Arent u glad that I thought of u that way?

**ya what I expect from you is just what one friend expects from another...

I dont 'expect' anything from anyone...neither do I want anyone to 'expect' anything from me cos Im human an I will I dun wanna break anyone's hearts. Even if my any of u good friends stop coming to my blog or stop writing to me, I wont expect nothing from them...cos they r entitled to believe what they want to believe.

if ur holding something against me cos I didnt send u a detail email then please know that I did reply to u. If ur rubbing it in that I didnt write a detailed one, well Im sorry I may have forgotten/been too busy just like u get busy sometimes.

**once a friend, always a friend.... till my last breath

Fira I guess first u have to know not to expect anything from anyone, even from friends...

Anyways I wont 'expect' u to reply to this immediately as u 'expected' me to...take ur time...


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

wat the hell..
a new post already.
wat is it mannnnnnnn
m never gonna come first on keshi's post
i must must use my chaakoo on her.. grrrrrrrrrrrrr..
n e way. lemme go read it now


PuNeEt said...

Hi Keshi…

Wow amazing post…

I’m not the same person after meeting u on blog world….
I’ve become more flirtatious ;-)

@ because you have touched, smelled, seen, felt, heard, tasted, read something new and that makes you a new person.
Well so far I’ve neither touched, smelled, seen (except photograph), felt or tasted ;-)…
Hahahahhaha only read ur blog n heard ur thoughts…

Truly a very beautiful post… I agree with you…
Take care,

Keshi said...

Puneet :) heyyy hows ya?

**I’ve become more flirtatious
hmm really, only after I met ya? Cant be...u were Prince of Flirtland way b4 I got to know ya lol!

**Well so far I’ve neither touched, smelled, seen (except photograph), felt or tasted ;-)…

LOLL omggggggg! hmm let me gather mah posture...
~~Keshi straingtens herself and pretends she's really ok...;-)

Alright Keshi is off for the day...cos she just got electrocuted by Puneet's!


Anonymous said...

Awesome post....from where do u come up with all these thoughts:):):)

Arz000n said...

Its a nature's learn from whtever you come across in ur life. If you dont, that means you are not worthy to call urself a human being.

every experience changes you forever - yes forever.
Its not new if I say, we learn from our mistkes and a successful person will never repeat wht mistakes he did again and again in his life. Yes....its very true that every experience that you come across, its has some efffect in ur life...its now depends on how much impact it has, and how serious you take that impact on youself.

Emotionally you become a new person with every experience.
This is so truly put down in words..I've experienced this just recently...infact, certain incident during hte past 10 days itself has emotionally affected me and Im trying to understand wht all needs to be undergo a change in my thinking...its not a phsysical change for sure...but something inside, maybe the understanding :)

This post is so brillianty put down in words...I mean there is nothing left to add for it...I konw every one goes thru this "change" process and evolve into a better human being as they continue living on this planet..

Awesome post K000kie pie
Hope you had a relaxing weekend.
Tkae care..have a nice day ahead...hugz

Keshi said...

Thanks South...I write instantly...whenever I feel something...:)

**infact, certain incident during hte past 10 days itself has emotionally affected me

wussup? wanna talk...? u know mah email na...plz take it easy, remember tomorrow u will have a new you na..

yes I had a very relaxing weekend hence the new post :) I didnt go out except last night to a friend's place for dinner...other than that I pretty much veged out at home n twas sooo good to do that after a long time...wut abt ur weekend?


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

hmm now i can sit and relax and read all the posts before skool starts.
and alos i got zillie's prize up so no tension either.

hmm expereinces.
well i so m wid ya kesh..
every experiences changes one sumhow. even if it is a small experience one will be changed regarding the experience. I myself m an example of this post. Have changed so much in the past two three years due to sum bitter or happy experiences. i think wid every bitter experiences there is sumthinn good behind it no matter how sufferin there is involved wid it. after the time has flied by and the person looks back in it, m pretty sure they will laff it out and say m glad. but den dats not all the ppl. sum might regret it, cuz sum experiences does have negative on the person.

oh i know we change so much everyday, even though our routine is just the same it was last week, but there is always a slight bit of change sumwhere which sumhow makes us think different way or act differently.

since we keep changing on and on we dun really realize it, but if we ask sumbody else close to us, they will surely define the changes in minutes.

peace out keshi
love ur post

Keshi said...

heyyy snow princess :)

**sum experiences does have negative on the person

Thats so true...we cant always say that all bad experiences have something good in em...some of em just break us down to no ends...n thats human to feel that way. good u raised that point.

**but if we ask sumbody else close to us, they will surely define the changes in minutes..

goshh Icy ur very smart...u think of each post in a different angle that brings new thoughts...yes u ask anyone else and they will know our 'change'...brilliant line there!

Im gonna check ur prizes out now ;-) wow I cant wait...


Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

thanx keshi..
no need to call me smart
its just the way this mind thinks.
just like everyone else thinks differently.
every topic strikes differently to me so i just let it all out of wats goin on dat brain of mine.
peace out

Arz000n said...

Thts so sweet
Nothing tht serious though...
Spoke to M000nie yesterday in the pretty chiled out

Think me growing with this "change" that I underwent...hehehe

Keshi said...

heeh Icy u R smart baby :)

z000nie thats great to hear ur 'growing' from it than being 'broken' :) hugggz!
aww m000nie is always an inspiration and an extremely loving friend...I know ur in good hands when u say u spoke to her...


Jay said...

“Every experience in life makes you either stronger or weaker. Every experience brings out a new side of you. Every experience leaves you either happier or sadder.”

Damn I agree with you and IT SUCKS!!

Keshi said...

aww Jay cheer can suck only for a while...u could feel good even after hang ten :)


KJ said...

heart touching, amazing post...

People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.

"watch ur dreams
they bcome thots
watch ur thots
they bcome words
watch ur words
they bcome actions
watch ur actions
they bcome habits
watch ur habits
they bcome ur character
watch ur character
It bcomes ur destiny..."

life is constantly changing one way or the other,priorities change, thots change...


Keshi said...

thanks KJ that was awesome - I have the same excerpt on mah's so beautiful and so true...everything is subject to change - nothing is as certain as change...

hugggz to ya too!

KJ said...

keshi regd the sardar joke that u did not understand.
Sardar has the answer to the most difficult ques: "what came first chicken or eggs?"
The sardar answers, " whatever u order first, that will come first. (obviously the sardar thinks that the ques is related to FOOD in a restaurant. So Simple)


sebia said...

hii keshi,
i am bak and thanx fr all the concern,missed u all
and yeah so true every new page in your life casts a new spell sometimes it casts happiness around sometimes only pain and suffering but u r definately a changed person after every new event.

Jim said...

Fira u ass hole,
, when u ask for symapathy
u get pity

i dont tink dats wat u and i want
is it ??

Jim said...

, oh my godd !
it's SEBIA

Jim said...

i tot she died of a brokem heart
after dat creep stopped visiting her

Vinu said...


Nice post..hmm.its becoming boring..So never am going to say its nice post..

Crafted well, you had written it fully in few words. Nothing more to add.

Just remembered a saying.."Nobody can disturb you without your permission"

So what you are is just because of what you are thinking you are..
Learn and live..


Vinu said...

hey i didnt mean the post or blog becoming boring..i said the usage of"nice post " is becoming boring..

So from next comment i wnt use..because ur posts are really...oh not again..

ba bye

Sonia said...

hey, i just wanted u to know that i've replied to ur comment on my prev post about choices, and somehow i really want u to read it.

De.vile said...

Checked your pic and hey! you are good looking an all. I dont have ne pics of mine online but soon as I get one, Ill be asking ur mail id!

Manish said...

superb post !
How beautifully u have expressed it Keshi!
Great stuff

Me said...

First you unveil the incomplete 'Great
Expectation' .....

Paul said...

Relating to this process of always-changing and severe depression:

"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem." Don't know who said it, but I found it memorable.

Anonymous said...

Ya, every experience does bring something... mostly weaker 4 me :-( But I still (try) stay strong ;-) PEACE & HOLLABACK

:) said...

every experience changes you forever - yes forever.
ye.. so true..

dont let the yesterday's disappointments overshadow tommorows dreams.. just learn a lesson n move on..

wonderful post gorgeous.. huggzz..


Vivhyd said...

keshi.. experience does change something in you every time.. I guess thats true but the magnitude of change depends on that of the experience itself..

Some experiences may be such that you may stop and take notice.. but over time its not significant enough to be changed and u tend to retort back to ur own self.. sometimes it does effect u in such way that u tend to like the change and accept it...

and also depending on the +ve or -ve aspect.. the life changes too..

good post as always

Justin Thyme said...

As always Kesh - excellent post and extremely moving!

Keshi said...

lol KJ good one n thanks!

Sebzzz muahh I missed ya!! Did u miss me? :( I'm so happy to see u here babezzz. Yep some experiences leave us I have been...but I wont let it diminish my positive outlook on life...there's always gonna be sunshine after rain na...

Vinu lol u dun have to say 'it's a nice post' blah blah blah..hehehe...just comment on it that's all I want :) Yep NOONE CAN DISTURB YA IF U DUN LET EM...that's a great quote matey, thanks!

Jim wut d u want? lol!

Sonia I checked n left a comment too :)

Manish thanks!

lol Avik ok...wut abt ur email then sweety?

Paul I agree...suicide is a perm solution to a temp we must accept the changes we face cos changes is as certain as the sunrise while nuttin else is. Thanks!

Quz awwwww weak or strong u must learn to smile...I know u have cos u have beauuuutiful smile - I saw it in ur blog! Huggggggggggz!

Thansk Pari for those lovely words, as usual...I usually dun let yday's disappointments hamper today's opportunities...but somethings shatter me to pieces...n these posts itself is a learning and coping process for me...I think with all of u here too, I have learnt to smile always, thanks n hugggz!

Thanks Justin! Where u been? I missed ya...

Vivhyd very well-analysed comment there, thanks! Yes it depends on the experience...n sometimes we 'think' we dun change by small experiences be it -ve or +ve...but I beleive it depends on the person too...some ppl r as tough as iron ans some poor sould like me r as soft as cotton...sniff sniff...:(


firacub said...

Hi Keshu,

Time to make ahem.. ahem.. ahem... amends :))))))

U've got mail gurll...


I cant be angry with u 4 long u see. ;))


firacub said...

n ya who said u're soft as cotton..

Muh jelly beans!!!!!!!!

U r one tough nut to crack.. :)))

(Fira sends truck loads of teddy bears to AUS)
*big toothy smile*


Keshi said...

Got ur email Fira...I wud like to keep silent on that one..


firacub said...

Keep silent???????

I wonder why :))))))))

Why do I feel as if I will be slapped left n right by you... lolz

ahem.. ahem.. ;)

P.S:Sometimes u DO need friends. :*

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Yo momma so dumb that she tripped over a cordless telephone

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

icey'sss bak from skoooooooool
hey keshhh
wazz upppppp girl

peace out
now icey goes and read

Keshi said...

Nv lollz :)

Icy WB sweety! ur so sweet...I always laff readin ur comments, thanks!

Fira sometimes it's best to be not to say anything than really say I'm in silence.


The Other Half said...

used to believe..not so much anymore...i'm very cynical and jaded now ;-)

Keshi said...

Goodday Wendi!

**cynical and jaded

hey why...I can relate to being pessimistic n tired of things ard me...but everyday is a new happenings, new challenges, new you...rem that sweety :)