Tuesday, August 2

Sultry you...

Ok guys since my latest posts have been too solemn and for Puneet's peace of mind :), I wanted to write an amusing and 'playful' post next. So dive in folks:
What exactly is flirting? The dictionary says to 'flirt' is 'to make playfully romantic or sexual overtures'. Is this what you do when you flirt with someone? But where do you draw the line before that 'playfully' becomes 'foreplay', pardon my bluntness hehe. I''ll tell you a story. Once I met one of my friends on the train and we were chatting during the trip. I know this guy is majorly attracted to me (I sensed it) :) but I have no such intentions towards him (yeah call me b##ch lol). Anyways he's a great friend and I always enjoy his 'handsome ' presence, that's about it though, I'm being honest. However he flirts with me as if his 'flirt' button gets pressed automatically when he sees me. I don't mind but on this day he crossed the limit...atleast I thought he did. That day I was suffering from a major hangover from the previous late night at my cousin's bday party. So he asked me 'how are you?' and I said 'oh I just want to sleep!'. He then asked me rather deftly and with a wicked smile, 'do you intend to sleep alone?'. I know some may see this as purely harmless flirting but I think that's checking someone out or you may call it a steamy pickup line. I mean what am I supposed to say when he asked me that? I felt like saying 'no I'd rather have my entire family in my bed' just to shut him up lol! Instead I said 'J, could you stop flirting with me like a maniac on s#x drugs'...well I really did say it and we both laughed it off - I'm glad he's a good friend I can say anything to hehehe. Don't get me wrong, I can be quite a flirt depending on the way I feel about the guy. He needs to know some magical chantings to contact that Ms.Sultry in me, till then she sleeps ;-)
So yeah back to the nitty-gritty subject of this post, what exactly is flirting and what are it's rules/limits or are there any rules/limits at all? Or does it entirely depend on the two people involved, their attraction to each other and the depth of the relationship between them? Tell me some stories where you were a victim of hillibillies flirting lol, or where you flirted with someone and put him/her in an embarassing situation...or even tell me about a situation where terrific flirting took place and it really was rewarding...

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Arz000n said...

Hey Sweetie,
How you doing??

*Z0000n was flirting above*

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

grrr zooon.
i wanted to be first to post.. i was so close too.. saw 0 comments on it. got soo happy. wen clicked on it.. booo ur here. n e how. u know kesh. i dunno really wat flirting is. every one flirts in their own unique way. sum get a lil bit nasty, sum stay as genuine as possible. and sum well. well sum just try too hard..
i dunno wat i mean. but i wrote wat cme in my head.
peace out..
oh yaa. .i got this great new idea for a new post. and all cuz of u.. aww ur soo helpful.. hugzyyyyy/muaaaaah kesh

Arz000n said...

Bad luck...I never had any "rewarding" flirting experience to write about. Offline flirting...hmmm...I never did that...No wonder being a nice-guy always sux :(

Online...Oooohhh..yeaaah...See above commment. Thats the proof lady ;)

Btw, Me beat M0000nie here...Are we still in the competition?? I havent saw her online yesterday...hope her net is not down or something

Keshi said...

I think that's perfectly alright kinda flirting z000nie...cho chweeeeeeeet! :)

~~I'm well hunkster...hows ya?
That was Ms.Sultry in me lol!

Oh I can get better, ooops I mean worse, na I mean hotter?? gosh I'm confused now :)


Keshi said...

Icy/r000nie true, thanks! lol now u n z000nie r in a war to comment! Good to hear u got some ideas for ur next post..cant wait to read it.

Hurry up girl :)

Arz000n said...

I too saw 0 comments and I knew someone was eyeing that 1st spot...so I used my Super-glow-in-dark-butt powers to think quickly. No wonder my first comment had only 9 words out of which "Sweetie", "How you doing??" and "Z000n" are customised keys on my keyboard....hehehe

Im fast..........UP, UP and AWAYYYYYY

Keshi said...

z000nie is this how far ur fliritng goes? hmmm...temme ;-)

k000kie with a whip lol!

Arz000n said...

Are you again angry?
Come on...its my b'day tomorw. Dont freak me out with your whip and all..

That's the only thing I can do..I dont wanna scare chicks :)

talldarkman said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....you need to ask that to my victims...:P

you may find quite a few of them on IT...and on this blog too...as commentators.

Heyy...keshi.....you have been one too...:)

AND....I have been your victim...at times...on indiatimes....;)


PS : Ado is likely to have more of them than I :)

Keshi said...

z000nie I can neva be angry with such an awesome guy like u...and a brilliant one too :) Yep I cant wait for tomorrow to dawn...woohoo!

Tallllyyyyyyyyy heyyyy wc in after a long time! How u been? lollz yep I rem those good old days on IT :) But I dun think I was eva a victim of ur's hehehe - u prolly have been one of mine lolllz - come to think of it many have been my victim (flirting or fighting) n that gave birth to ITCC likes haha...good job k000kie :)

Keshi said...

And Tally, yep Ado is a hopeless flirt, but I dun think he eva cud do it with me...hence the rataliation lol!


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Too many flirting incidents for me to remember, but harmless flirting at work keeps a smile on your face, otherwise i'de be bored to death. lolll.

I reckon there should be a limit, however, it does depend on who you are flirting with. For instance, if your flirting with your girlfriend in my opinion there are no limits whatsoever, but if you flirt non-stop crossing every limit there is to flirting with someone you hardly even know(except when your drunk) then i'de say your a bloody idiot.

Nice post K000kie, finally something humerous.

Keshi said...

hey n000nie good comment there wow! bloody precise :)

o well I hardly flirt at work...I dun have the time dayummm! online, yep I do with all of these wonderful guys hehehe...me harmless n I know mah limits na?lolz!

I think the biggest flirt(not always implying the best) in Aus is Hot Dogs from BB, lol wut say? I just hate that idiot!


Keshi said...

I just went to Tally's blog n realised he has put 'flirting' as his occupation...hmm no wonder we got a visit from the King of Flirtland lollllz!


Anonymous said...

Well at work, there is hardly any incidence of flirting, but in the gym, yes...the gals there hardly have anything to do with kick-boxing but still they would come and insist on showing them how to throw punches properly and whether their posture is perfect while doing the spinning heel-kick. The worst quest ever been asked was raj how do u cope up with ur hormunal outrage???

Keshi said...

gosh n000nie u sound like a real flirt-demon lol...ok so who r these work-flirt-mates n how far d u go with em? Is Pearly reading all this? :)

btw I have neva seen u flirting on IT even...I cant imagine u flirting. Maybe when I was ard u neva show it lol!


Keshi said...

hahaha South good one! Did some gal really ask that? omahgoshhhh!!! :):) n wut did u say?


Anonymous said...

lols...yes a gal asked me that and i had no other option but to give her the obvious answer...:):):)

julia said...

it happened dis way wid me?

she: 'how are you?'
me; 'i am good, but only when i am bed'

many more incidents to tell guys
but i gotta go now
am kinda tied up now

musings (m000nie) said...

k00kieeeeeeeee hello... lol i think i have a new rule for my 00nies...

thou shall flirt flirt n flirt... all 0nies have the right to flirt (harmless) with other 00nies n forget about their boyfriends, partners n husbands... heheh

oh n i think ITimes is the place where all of us get to hone our flirting skills... wat say???

Michelle said...

hee hee m000nie i agree
we shall flirt and flirt
i shall abide by these rules
i promise
flirting courtesy-IT

saby said...

Flirting is good esp. wid married females in ear shot of their hubby

and if she blushes when u do
dat indicates u hit the rite errogeneous spot

then her hubby who tot of her as old cheeez

looks on her wid renewed interest
and she sees the beauty in her which he did not see

, , 'Ghar ki murgi
Dal barobar'
, ,is wat most guys feel after 7 years or earlier in some cases

me too
dats why i flirt at 40 too

err sorry make dat 54

saby said...

it happened when i went to visit my shrink

i remember vividly the day
i walked into her office for the first time
she wasnt pretty
but she was beautiful i realized when we gott talking

she was all covered up from rist to neck
and heels to way up
dat made me curious

so i tried to flirt
told her i cudnt talk freely until i new the person i was talking to
so she told me a lott

i asked her does she hate men (she was 40-ish un married)

she said she had wanted to marry but all men wanted to see the goodies first

i laffed
hey Rita i am beginning to like u already

i told her ur beaitiful
i can see dat widout looking at skin ..

and the flirting went on and on getting heavier by the minute
i asked her fav colour said pale pink

i had come prepared
i fished out 4 colours of latex and asked her to choose
she smiled and made her pick

Caraf said...


Wish I could be sure about flirting! All the times I appreciate a guy people think I'm flirting. If I ignore him, Im flirting. If I say only 'Hi and Bye' I'm still flirting.

When I really try to flirt because I'm attracted to someone, I fail MISERABLY. Instead of saying anything witty, some soppy sincere words come out and well, end of game. Because the guy knows EXACTLY how i feel :(

About guys, I just assume he's flirting unless proved otherwise.

- the Miserable Caraf


PuNeEt said...

Ooohhhhh Keshi……. Ur a sweetheart ;-)
Thanks a million for considering my request….
And I’m not flirting here ;-)

‘He needs to know some magical chantings to contact that Ms.Sultry in me”
Would I be wrong in presuming that I know some ;-)
I guess u have tasted the “starters” of my flirting… he he he he
Whats gonna happen wen “main course” and “desserts” will be served….
ha ha ha ha ha

My close female friends say I’m good at it (I mean flirting)… but most of the time I avoid, as I have faced some situations where girls have gone crazyyyyy…

I carry a good track record of being successful while flirting…
Its about the 2 people involved, their attraction and at times the depth of relationship … all depends on what is the intention of flirting :-) :-)

“ But where do you draw the line before that 'playfully' becomes 'foreplay' ”… again it’s where u wanna draw a line… the ones involved in flirting are very good with words and eyes… so even a soft denial can give the vibes to the other that … “this is my limit”
Like I can presume where I can draw a line after reading your experience ;-)
He he he he he he he…

Thanks dear… I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post…
Some big Smiles back on my face… (Actually they come the moment I see ur name on my blog)….
And I’m flirting here ;-)

(I liked the quote given by Caraf)

Huggggzzzzzz n Smilllzzzzz

Keshi said...

ok wuts the obvious answer btw South? :)

lolllz Juless hahahaha!

lolllllllllllllll @thou shall flirt flirt n flirt... all 0nies have the right to flirt (harmless) with other 00nies n forget about their boyfriends, partners n...
btw u dun have to even tell me abt those rules, they existed in me way before I became an 000nie, actually even when I was just an embryo :) Ok abt forgetting husbands ahemmm....ahemmm...d u mean any specific 000nie u fancy here darling? lol!

hahahahaha good one ice_avrilllz @flirting courtesy-IT. I cudnt help cracking up reading u n m000nie!!

lol Saby u flirt with married women? awww so who do their husbands flirt with? Other married women? lol!

Saby ur story abt ur shrink...is that for real? omahgosh lolllz! That wud be a story where just 'playful' flirting ended up in 'foreplay'...lol!

Caraf dear I soooo u'stand ya! Thats the same story with me :( But the best u cud do is just do wut u feel like no matter wut others may say...who gives a damn wut they think :) After all flirting is healthy if done willingly n safely hahaha my own theory :)


strawy said...

even i need to know wat flirting excatly is ??
Keshi do let me know to if u get the right answere ..lolzz
hugzzzzz ,,, nice post babes

Keshi said...

Puneet a reply-comment just for ya ;-) wut d u call this? (shhhhhh flirting of course lol).

>Thanks a million for considering >my request….And I’m not flirting >here ;-)
Mah pleasure :)

>Would I be wrong in presuming >that I know some ;-)
Goshhh u r soooo right! Damnnnnn u know half of the chantings now...n learning the rest so fast lol!

>I guess u have tasted >he “starters” of my flirting… he> >he he he Whats gonna happen >wen “main course” and “desserts” >will be served….
Im sooo enjoying the starters of ur menu Puneet I can imagine how wonderful the rest wud be :) But can we go straight into that yummy dessert? lol!

>I carry a good track record of >being successful while flirting…
no doubt abt that! Here's one more award for Puneet, for excellent, decent n extremely sensual :) flirting - from Keshi.

>the ones involved in flirting are >very good with words and eyes
Worships Puneet as Keshi feels he's the flirt God who knows all the tricks :) Thats true, eyes say alot more than words...

>Like I can presume where I can >draw a line after reading your >experience
hehehe well but ur allowed to stretch the limit lol!

>Some big Smiles back on my face… >>(Actually they come the moment I >see ur name on my blog)….
>And I’m flirting here ;-)
aww wish I cud really see that smile...
And yes Keshi is heavily flirting now ;-)

Thanks n huggggggggggggz muahhhhzzzzz n smilezzzzzzz n kissesssss n wut-nots :)

Keshi said...

aww strawy...if u really really wanna know wut flirting is, just read Puneet's comment above n my reply-comment to him lol...we r flirting in caps there :)


Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

I think it depends upon both parties involved. What is flirting to one may be something more to another person.
Hmm, I've had one guy flirting with me like there was no tomorrow!! And he wouldn't take no for an answer. Sometimes it was hard to figure out if he was just flirting or.....

--pearl-- said...

lol kesh i din comment earlier coz i wanted to see rohit's reaction :)

hez a big tyme flirt kesh..lol now he hardly does tho..b4 he used to flirt wit each n everyone on IT.i think now he saves MOst of his flirtin skiils fo' me :)

as fo' me,i hardly flirt,lol,but too many guys try to flirt wimmie,n it annoys me most of the times.Obviously like d harmless flirting..but still lol...!! i hate it coz..lol well d last month,most of d guys who i thought were my good frnds ended askin me out..lol it kinda suxx.. !!! u can neva trust guys lol :P :P

Dewdrop said...

Keshiiii, I gotta catch up with your speedy posts. Nice one this.
I think when flirting clashes with ethics it gets bitter. Flirting just for the fun of it is pretty harmless as long as its guilt-free and you know where to draw a line.
My experiences with flirting has been sort of rewarding in the sense that I usually end up becoming great friends with the flirter :)

Paul said...

Keshi, seems like your example was a good one. I don't know how you translate that into any rule, but sounds like you sensed he was trying to take it to another level, and made good use of humor to maintain a positive relationship while drawing the line.

saby said...

i hadnt confessed all dis to padre
but i realize dat confessions is good for the mind and soul too

dis is specisl not many ppl no about dis one, not even Pithaly

it was a pound party at my bachelor's pad

i invited my ex g/f from Byculla
and dis girl who had ben trying to seduce me was also present

so i did the only ting a man cud do in dat situation i got sozzled and was out even b4 the party cud really take off

my pal a Parsi bhava had the hottz for my ex

and he was doing gr8
he had a polio left hand

and u gotta use both hands for ball room

his left hand kept slipping down from waist to butt

my cousin didnt no dat
he kept on getting hard stares

until he told her
then she understood and gott kinda dewdy eyed towards him

from then on they were dancing close

the party went on till wee hours of morning ... but i was dead to the world

Kersi bhava told me all dis

when i was up next morning

a whole lotta irate neighbours was at my door, the men folk

they were kinda mad at me
i tot it was the loud party music
but it was worse

one of my gang cudnt get a date so he picked up one of those ladies

as he didnt want to waste his money
he was getting his money's worth on the stairs

unfortunately my inmmediate neighbour's wife walked up the stairs and he was cot in the act

Chick said...

I flirted with someone who was in a different car on the same train recently. We had two windows between us. He made eyes...I made eyes back...he held up his cell phone...I gave him the ol' what are you trying to say?...look.
I'm guessing he wanted to call me...but unless he was a lip reader...how was he going to get my number?

Psycho said...

Hey Kesh !! thanx for d comment gurl. You right, it only took me a day to get over dat phase. Yeah life is d best teacher u knw ! And i luv ur posts. Gud goin. Peace !!

saby said...

to the wooman dat i love


saby said...

God gave me a gift like dat Midas king, evryting he touched turned to gold

evryone i flirted wid
gott attached to me

there was dis girl who used to stand by her balcony below

and she wud look up
and i gave her the glad look
dis wud go on

i was shocked to learn later dat she was mute
then i gott an invitation to a wedding

she married another mute guy
and they are very happy

the most happily married couple dat i have ever seen

Jay said...

Well, sweety, I am a good "flirter", that is how I see it.

But it only comes when I meet a girl that matches all the criteria I want to be my girlfriend.

My flirt technique used to begin from my eyes movement - the way I stare at her.. follows with a lil pick up lines, body movement and at no time she will end up in my bed. No joking hon!

I always take flirting seriously.

julia said...

dis guy flirts wid cats


julia said...

I guess we gotta move on, we moving on
Oh yehhhh....

Take it from me (take it from me)
Never gonna let nobody
Bring me down, that's my word (that's my word)
Keep on movin on

Take it from me (And I've moved on)
Never gonna let nobody (Just take it from me)
Bring me down,(take it now ) that's my word (that's my word)

In my life I've had regrets
But I've moved on, moved on
I can't help it if, if you're upset, you're just wasting your life away
move on (wasting your life)
In my life I've had regrets
But I've moved on, moved on
I can't help it if, if you're upset, you're just wasting your life away
move on
I guess we gotta move on, we moving on
Moved on, moved on
Stop wasting your life away, you're just wasting your life away
Just keep movin on, just take away...........(just take it from me) yeh
I can't help it if, if you're upset, you're just wasting your life away
move on
This the end....oh yehhhh
Move On

saby said...

how i hate dat Julia
making funn of poor Jay
i bet she has a pst like dat Julia movie

dumbass Caraf
was referring to the latest Julia movie not dat stoopid movie by dat Kamal Hassan

woomen are like cats
one moment they can be purring all over u

but step on her tail and she becomes a terror

and starts of wid , W T F !,

Keshi said...

lolz nice replies!

hahaha Kroopa @Hmm, I've had one guy flirting with me like there was no tomorrow!!
Well guess he didnt know where to stop..poor chap :)

hmm Pearly u dun even havta say abt n000nie...he's the FLIRT of the YEAR lol!

Dewdy me too...I become friends with these guys in the end...I think u flirt when u really like someone, it doesnt have to be the vulgar way always :)

Thanks Paul :)

Chick lollz join the train-flirting-chicks-club :) I do that too sometimes...especially when a cute guy who catches my eye stares at me lol...cant help it...n it's harmless n wonderful :)

Psycho thanks babezz :) Ur most WC to come here anytime!

Saby whoaaa u have flirted way too much lol! Well I gues that's why ur still young at heart even tho ur 54...way to go mate!

Thanxaton all!

jkhkhjkh said...

Since no one has, might as well: Dictionary meaning of flirting: Some crap, but the key word is "not seriously".

Since Ice Princess has decided to try to be the first to comment, I have decided to be the last to comment. So, Keshi, you cannot put up a new post, till I comment. And I dont want a reply to this, like "Screw you, this is my blog, and I will bloody well post when I want to". It should be more like, "Sure dear, whatever you say".

saby said...

heyyyyy !
i still gott lott more to tell
u and the IT gang just mite figure in one of these

hehehehe ...

Keshi said...

lols Pithaly take a hike hahaha!

Saby oh ok go ahead man...waiting :)

k000kies...z n cream :)

saby said...

atta boy Pithaly!
show her who is boss

females shud get married and restrict their movements to Kitchen and bedroom only

Keshi said...

Saby ahemmm...I guess Pithaly is already taking that hike lol!

k000kie monster :)

Keshi said...

ok Saby u two...take a hike while flying a kyte plzz...

k000kie_on_fire :)

saby said...

the pound party 2
requesting those guys under 19 to leave the room please

on the following saturady
Kersi was at my pad

he found a necklace belonging to dat girl who was trying to seduce me
and did

it happened dis way
his brother told me dat 'i told the girl, i wud be taking her out to dinner today and why havent i gone yet?

dat was too dumbfounding
i never took a girl out b4

anyway mebbe in my drum\nken state i did aske her out

so i went over to her place and asked her out
said i was broke and we got beers and went to my pad
and we got talking

now both of us were hott
i somehow managed to tell her dat it wud be cooler if she and i stripped to basics

and we did
then i made a move for her bra
DAMN ! nebver undid a bra b4

was fumbling at the front
when i shud be unclasping at the back

stoopid designners
imagine me having to take a pee
and having the zipper at the back!

was fumbling for some time and dis girl was giving me a queer look

then she showed me how it is done
and the rest was easy
i new how to remove panty

saby said...

i better finish dis b4 any ypung girls or Pitahly enters

anyway, i didnt do no harm to dat girl
we didnt go all the way

u dont go all the way on the first date
do u?

told her i wud call on her
the next day but i dint

reason: dat damn girl had left her gold chain necklace behind

and dat damn Kersi found it
made me feel uneasy

dis was a hush hush affair
i wanted it dat way

so i tot dis girl is trying to seduce me
its true she was being tooo nice to my mom

she was tinking matrimony
all my alarm geras went off

was glad we didnt go all the way
didnt want a shot gun mariiage or any marriage for dat matter

and dat is why i choose to pay for sexual favoues from then on

why buy the cow
when all u want is milk?

Thë Icè Þr¡ñce§§ said...

"Screw you, this is my blog, and I will bloody well post when I want to". It should be more like, "Sure dear, whatever you say"... hee hee love dat line.. way to go pithaly. well i tried to be the first, but zoonie here beat me to it..hee hee..
peace out

Vinu said...


Got a topic to blog...but later...

anyways to me flirting is like chatting with ur opposite sex with sexual intentions....in any level...

But i think the meaning of flirting is not properly understud by mass out there. I, being and extrovert, keeps on blabbering..Got a huge groups of friends throughout my life, some of my female counterparts call me flirt...The reason they giv me is i keep on talking to more girls than boys...naahh...one thing i never agree with them...

I got such huge number of friends and i keep talking with them whnever i get chance irrespective of a male or female....ok ..iffi talk to girls also more often wts there to b branded as a flirt...i Dont know..hmmmm...never had i overtured any sexual tone to any of my talks,i dare to say...

Anyways if a person loves to talk,talk and keep on talking is called a flirt...then yes am a flirt...


Cheers for ur post..

saby said...

'talk talk talk and talk
and no further progress
makes Jack a dull boy'

-say all the hott girls

Keshi said...

lolz Saby while we r all flirt graduates, I think u got a Doctorate in flirting.

elllooo Icy :)

Hey Vinu talkin alot cant be called flirting unless ur always talkin to girls n that too in a romantic/sexual way :) U cud be an innocent flirt am I right?


Invincible said...

comment no. 56 !!!!! (miss 1 day n u feel like missing an eon)

luved 2 see so many like minded people around

flirting ke bina
jeevan suna

flirting is the default state of my mind :)

so m free 2 flirt with all 000nies now :)
wow !!

Anonymous said...

Lols keshi...the reply i gave her was too crude and its better i don't mention that here...:):):)

Dawn....सेहर said...

hahaha keshi dear..nice post I must say..as every gal must be going through this..and you are right where to draw the line...for me many times flrting is mere use of words..that too in limits..but when u see the limit is being crossed then u have to mark that and in a smily manner just the way you did..;) I liked the one that actually came in ur mind hehehe whole family in bed hahaha lol...gosh cant stop on that one!!!!

But..yes..flirting healthy if u know the person well and you dont feel the sense of fear :)

Good one...cheers!

saby said...

no fears
i am healthy

i am clean
in my days there was no indian or foren AID(S)

we cud depend on Penicillin
but we used to call it STD then

and theyy had horrible names like Syphyllis and gonnorhea
but all u needed was a shot of pennicilin

but mostly the girls were clean
if u went to Juhu rather than foras road

but even then my doc made me do a test b4 marriage

i was clean
God loved me

coz i didnt fake love to get laid
as many of my pals did

the casanovas
and i dint ever havea shot of pennicillin

POINT is: God judges beyond the act
if your intentions are honest
and u dont hurt another to find yr happiness


saby said...

i remeber the time
we had a girl over

she was tired
but she was apparently forced to go wid us by her pimp

we let her sleep the whole night
dat act really touched her deep

she loved us guys
as God surely did

Keshi said...

aww v000nie cho cutte - deafult state of mind ha lol!

south I demand u to temme the answer since this post is all abt being bloody flirtish lol!

lollllllllz dawn glad I made u laugh! yep safe flirting is valuable :)

Saby to me ur sounding like one big flirt-o-rama season lol good on ya!

k000kie-the-s000kie bum :)

Anonymous said...

Lols...alright keshi there u go...
I just said cope up my hormunal outrage?since i don't gave any gf and i am not married either so i masturbate...lol(It was then, now i do have a gf:) )

saby said...

goody goody guys
or guys who pretend to be

wud call these girls RANDI
the weternrers call dem scum bags

these girls are of ttwo types

those who are matketed by pimps
and freelancers who are sophicticated and mmarket dem selves

the girls who are marketed by pimpms are just the same as office goers
just like u guys get in office
they too get bonus

office girls and boyz are occassionally called upon to entertain a customer

if she does not please the customer
she will be sacked

it happens wid her boss too
boss has the hottz for u

u gotta please him
or ur thrown out
under trumped up charges

i no, i am a consultant
i no wat happens behind the scenes

besides the height of heights
my couisinn had a real pretty wife
boss wanted to get laid

and u bastards here take the moral stand!
it disgusts me

the girls under pimps are bonded labour
but some pimps are good guys
give dem holidays and incentives too
they call her respectfully as Rita-ji or Rita behn

did uno dat even the top screen stars have to enter through the casting couch door?

dat guiy who was cot by a sting operation almost told all
(shakti kapoor)

but i new it much b4
i lived in Juhu

saby said...

the casting couch is for male stars too
if yr dealing wid a gay
ur lucky

if not u wiud have to surrender yr newly wedded wife to him
take it or leave it
he says

duis was depicted in PAGE 3, the movie
i no
it is true

a gigolo sort of guy, a friend
entered dis way

he made love to ageeing film stars
who had the pull to put him into films

PuNeEt said...

Wow Keshi… I feel priviliged to have a reply-comment

“Here's one more award for Puneet, for excellent, decent n extremely sensual :) flirting - from Keshi … & for ‘flirt God’…”
Lots of Huggzzzz and kisssssessssss for this Award…
Right now I’m flying in the seventh sky… ;-)

Keshi… by stretching the limit, u have let free my imagination to wander in ur dreams ;-)

“huggggggggggggz muahhhhzzzzz n smilezzzzzzz n kissesssss n wut-nots :)”
That wut-nots… is making the dreams wilder… ;-)>
he he he he

Well u seem to be so eager to rush thru the deserts… sometimes going by rules is fun sometimes breaking the rules is fun… I’m in big dilemma now ;-)
U have ignited that flirt spark in me… and now there is a fire burning inside ;-)

Puneet is Flirting Unlimited ;-)

:-)> Luvzzzz n Hugzzzzz

saby said...

u shud re-title dis post INNOCENCE LOST

i did it to warn the IT Crowd
dis world is not all sugar and candy

saby said...

and dont ever say
u cannot be bought!

evry man/wooman has a price
me too

saby said...

even Rajiv Gandhi was bought
but it was done wid class
by the man who rose to the heights
to build a biz empire

dat only recently collapsed and shook the Stock Market

becoz of an idiot son dat married a film star

jkhkhjkh said...

Now you've done it! creemy! Pithaly Never takes a hike! "I'll be back!"
(My damn PC has conked).

Friends, this is now the last comment on this post. Please rerain from further comments.

creemy, you may now kindly post a new post. (post a new post??? duh!)

I could suggest topics, since in about another 3,456 days you are going to run out of them, at this rate. So, here is the first one:

Horniness, 24/7: Is it worth it?

Now, girl, move!

Janice said...

@southie *BLUSH BLUSH* u must have embaressed the poor girl ... n granpa wow looks like sumbody hit a nerve u sure went on an on abt the COMMERCIAL WORKERS as they r now called ... funny things is u seem to side these people more than ur own poor wife an ended up hurting aunty ...now that GOD doesnt FORGIVE ... learn to practise at ur own house then go spread the good word out side

jkhkhjkh said...

Paul, take care. you seem to be tying yourself in knots!

Keshi said...

Puneet hunny ;-)

>Lots of Huggzzzz and >kisssssessssss for this Award…
>Right now I’m flying in the >seventh sky…
ok now Im already at the top of that 7th sky...where's the next stop? :)

>Keshi… by stretching the limit, u >have let free my imagination to >wander in ur dreams ;-)
can u write every single word describing that imagination plzz...hehehe...

>That wut-nots… is making the >dreams wilder
unnamed gestures r the most sensual ones ;-)

>sometimes going by rules is fun >sometimes breaking the rules is >fun… I’m in big dilemma now
u being in a dilemma itslef is dessert for me lol! breaking the rules sometimes can be magical...

>U have ignited that flirt spark >in me… and now there is a fire >burning inside
u too done the same for me :) ui guess this flame isnt something stoppable by the firebrigade even lolllz!

>Puneet is Flirting Unlimited
Keshi doesnt know any word called LIMIT anymore!
Keshi dreamily stares at the dark blue sky wondering if Puneet can see the same stars...


Keshi said...

Saby is a big fat love-bug :) goshhh u done so many naughty things mate! did uget grounded by Dad like a zillion times?

Pithaly how r u, especially after that hike I told u to take lol?

Saby new post will follow soon...I was so busy at work n now Im at home reasy to hit the sack...catch ya all tomorrow buddies!


De.vile said...

I seen my dad flirt right in front of my mom. I mean hes no goodlooker but hes smooth. A smile, a wink. You can see those middle aged blushes moistening their middle aged faces.

Zombie said...

I think only a few people know how to flirt without getting into a mess...most don't. In cases of intentional flirting, it becomes very important to know where and how to draw boundaries.

saby said...


saby said...

dumbass mangy!

they are called sex workers
watsa matter u still uneasy wid the F-word?

or u just plain dumb ?

saby said...

and heyyyyy Kesh,
i serve u notice
ur not to close dis damn post
until i finish wat i have to say

u made all dis happen
by choosing dis subject

saby said...

good to see u De Vile
do i qualify for yr kingdom?
sorry queen dom

saby said...

and Kesh,
dis saby was born again after he gott ragged in college

it wasnt physical
it was psychological

its worse
u emerge as a new man
or u kill yourself

i was a real baba saby
i hated the sight i saw in the mirror

dat was wat Pithaly saw me as
but i changed
i was born again

i was room mate wid an atheist one year
and another atheist the next year

it was only then i started re-living
i blasted a priest in the third year of college

i was cursed
i spent evry damn summer of Kanpur
completing the courses i failed in

his letter (curse) to me was
'hope u do well in yr exams'

i tot he was blessing me
but my atheist room mate told me it was a curse

my dad died in dis year
third yr of college

so my dad now has seen me from above
as i grew up from a baba into a man

i am sure he approves
coz he took took panga against a parish priest too

but dat is another story

saby said...

i just want tro correct the rong impressions
i mite have conveyed of Shri Rajiv Gandhi

he is Mr Clean
and he died Mr Clean

but the lady Sonia Gandhi
another reluctant guy whom fate propelled in to polly tics
is now master of polly tics

She cud thrash Mr Vajpayee
another guy i respect

i rejoice today
coz today we are ruled by states man not polly ticains

i refer to
Abdul Kalaam
Montek Singh Ahluwalia
the communists who put the brakes on

and dat sardar Manmohan Singh
tanks to the widow of Shri Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi didnt die in vain
learned the lessons

saby said...

and plese delete 'learned the lesssons'

saby said...

now requesting u to raed

and ADIOS !

Gaurav said...

me : can I have one of your kisses
(She laughs, gives me one)
She: hows it?
me : sweet
me : and chocolaty
me : Do u have the caramel one.
she: don't get geedy.

the above conversation was on Hersheys Kisses.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


Just a few days back...someone explained me the meaning of 'flirtin'!! i knew it alrdy though....but now am sure!

I dont think being called a flirt is somethin to be ashamed of...i wish i had some gr8 flirtin skills as well!

Last yr...in skool....one of ma classmates...was smsing me silly s*x jokes....i ignored 'em for a while.....but it really got on ma nerves....one evening it happened...i recd. an sms yet again frm him reading...some crap like...'having s*x is betta than having chocolates bla bla....so temme wen to come?' grr i called him back immediately....nd said 'hey chetan...am homealone...mind coming over RIGHT NOW??'

we laughed it off....bt he definitely got me!! nd tht's it!! i cud only think of this stupid incident at this moment.

P.S I hope u doin fine keshi..muuaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! And thnx Rohit...am feelin much better now.

Phantom_of_Blogpera said...

Lol ..good post keshi! me wanna flirt tooooo..where's mah next victim *looks around, sees cute lil alien hanging upside down from ceiling* hehehe *rubs hands in glee and grins wickedly* :D

PuNeEt said...

Keshi….. ur soooooooo sweet
And I’ve a sweet tooth ;-)

“ok now Im already at the top of that 7th sky...where's the next stop? :)”
Do u really wanna stop??? I just feel like flying with u… beyond the sky… in a diff world ;-) he he he he

“can u write every single word describing that imagination”
I wish I could… but imagination is like a bubble… beautiful, soft and flies beyond the boundaries… for me to describe it is like an attempt to touch that bubble, which makes it collapse in my hand… leaving behind only the illusion of possessing it ;-)

“breaking the rules sometimes can be magical”
would love to sense the Keshi’s magic… ;-)

“Keshi dreamily stares at the dark blue sky wondering if Puneet can see the same stars”
Ya Puneet can see the same stars… they are brighter than others coz they convey the glitter of your eyes :-)>

The “flirt” was speeding towards the “desserts”… attempted to divert it thru the “main course”… the more u wait … the more sensual it gets…

Hugggzzzzz n Smilllzzzzzzzzz

Keshi said...

devilllllllllle muahhh WB missed ya heaps!!! Where were ya babeh? :) OH well men r persistent flirts lol irrespective of their marital status...my dad was the same I remember...he appreciated beautiful women (no wonder he fell for my mum - she was one true beauty in her younger days). And even after marriage he would flirt with some of mum's good-looking friends...but it was harmless n I guess it's fine :)

Misty ur absolutely right when u say that...only few know the ART of flirting..others just make one big mess out of it lol!

lollz Saby how dus Rajiv Gandhi link with the flirting topic? He was one handsome dude tho ;-)

aww Gaurav that was such a sweet convo! Thanks so much lol!!

Cheesy lol u dangerous chikkkster :) so did he end up visiting ur place hehehe..?muahhhhhhhhhh babezzz I missed ya!

fm muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I missed ya tonzzz! Where were ya dudette?
**rubs hands in glee and grins wickedly...
lolllz so cuttte! I miss those days when u, Ash n I used to chat on IT like there was no tomorrow...:(

Puneet aww that was the sweetest flirting I was eva subjected to! Ur doing me justice than I really deserve...thanks so much!
**Ya Puneet can see the same stars… they are brighter than others coz they convey the glitter of your eye..
This line really made me feel extremely special Puneet...that was such a thoughtful n alluring thing to say to a girl..I must say u know the fine art of flirting n I admire the girls u know over there...n yep Im so jealous of them too lollz! Hugggggggz n yep I'm awaiting that WAIT lol to dig deeper n deeper into the land of sensuality ;-)

Thanks all!

talldarkman said...

:((( waaaaaaaaaaaah...keshi......

Hamaaaare siwaaa....tumhaare aur kitne deewaane hain?? ;)


Keshi said...

ok Tally (or shud I call ya tal000nie? lol) u know I dun get Hindi so plzz translate...thanx!


Invincible said...

new post comin soon :))
i have some requirements to meet b4 i bcome a certified 000nie !! workin on tht :)
- v00nie

The Gome said...

The only flirting I do is undressing a hotty with my eyes until she notices me staring at her lol!

Keshi said...

lolz Gomes I can picture ya with those hungry mongrel eyes!


Keshi said...

Southhhhh omahgoshhhhhhhhhhh she cud handle that ans? lol!


Anonymous said...

Lols keshi...ya she did handled it pretty well, infact initially i used to feel awkward with her stupid questions but now things r normal coz i have noticed that she always speaks her heart out instead of back-bitching, even recently she took the liberty to ask me whether my current gf was good on bed? though this time i didn't gave any crude answer instead i just laughed it off....

Keshi said...

lolz South okkkaaayyy! But dun u think she's asking for too much of personal info? I think asking if ur GF is good in bed isnt flirting...lol it's like asking can I be better? beware of such gals...lets continue this in my latest post(cheating) as that's where this story is going to fit I think...LOL!


PuNeEt said...

Thanx a ton Keshi...
You got the best out of me...
(actually no... the best is still yet to come)
but since u feel that u've got more than u deserved... then my best will have to wait further ;-)
ha ha hahaha
kidding... thanks so much for those kind appreciations...

Actually the girls over here will envy you on knowing that I'm flirting so heavily with u...
ha ha ha ha

BTW... ur special... and sweet
cheers... tk cr

Vivhyd said...

oohh so many comments..

Keshi.. Me thinks flirting is fun .. adds up some spice in life.. but as it is .. too much of anything is dangerous.. same goes for this too.. flirting can be harmless and a gr8 stress reliever and cud even bring down some temp.. but to go overboard cud be sick..

Again.. if flirting is in small doses .. thts probably good but if it itself becomes a disease.. then major prob.. esp wht ur frnd said it is bit overboard I thght.. esp if he is ur frnd.. 4 me.. its sounds disgusting.. ok.. a few flirt frm frnd is ok.. but this one really sucks!!

Gaurav said...


Gaurav said...

Century !! U did it ..or I did it


Dewdrop said...

Wow Keshi, Congrats for crossing the century :) you dont need 101 reasons to celebrate btw :)

Keshi said...

Vivhyd agree with ya totally! Anything in excess is dangerous. So yeah flirting should also have a limit b4 it takes over one's life. Which friend r u talkin abt btw?

lollz Gaurav u ranked 99 n the century ha! Cool! :) :)

heheh d000die thanks! But many comments here r mine too lol...I try to answer each n everyone who comments here...I luv interaction n I respect ppl who find time to comment in my blog...time is precious n it's a huge compliment that they actually make it a point to comment here :) Thanks n hugggz to u too!!

Luv to all..

PuNeEt said...

U didnt replied to my last comment... thats so mean


Keshi said...

LOLLLZ Puneet aww so sorry! I may have missed it :( So here I am, smile now sweety... :)

>Thanx a ton Keshi...
Thanx a ton x100000 Puneet for coming here :)

>You got the best out of me...
>(actually no... the best is still >yet to come)
>but since u feel that u've got >more than u deserved... then my >best will have to wait further ;-)
>ha ha hahaha
aww how cruel? Now ur being a real meany cat :(

>kidding... thanks so much for >those kind appreciations...
No need of thanking me...u deserve every bit of it :)

>Actually the girls over here will >envy you on knowing that I'm >flirting so heavily with u...
>ha ha ha ha
They're going to be against some very tough n mean gal...lol...

>BTW... ur special... and sweet
>cheers... tk cr
awww...awww....awww choooo chweet! U too mah friend, so very loving n caring...glad I met u n it was through Hagrid's blog...I betta thank that h000gie now :)


Lori said...

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